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This edition of The General Catalogue follows in the main the 
plan of the edition of 1891. It aims to present in Part I. the names 
of all Officers of the University from the organization of the first 
Board of Regents in 1837 to December 31, 1901 ; in Part II., the 
names of all graduates of the University down to the same date ; in 
Part III., the names of all students who matriculated before Sep- 
tember, 1897, and who have not taken a degree here ; and also names 
of deceased students who matriculated after that date. 

Part I. has been divided into appropriate groups, and each group 
arranged in chronological order according to date of original appoint- 
ment. The group entitled " Members of the Faculties,'* has been 
I subdivided according to rank, and each subdivision has been 

arranged according to the same plan; namely, seniority of appoint- 
ment The title in italics after each name is the one last held. Fol- 
lowing this, in smaller type, is a list in each case of titles previously 
held at this University. No names are inserted in this group below 
the rank of Instructor. 

Part II. is arranged alphabetically by Classes under each Depart- 
ment of the University. A list of Honorary Degrees, also arranged by 
years, follows the Departmental lists. In Departments where higher 
degrees are conferred for post-graduate study, the lists of such 
graduates will be found in each case at the end of the class lists of 
the Department. 

Part III. has been arranged under one alphabet rather than by 
Departments and Classes, for the obvious reason that no precise 
arrangement of that kind was possible. In the Literary Department 
a large part of these non-graduates entered as special students, and 
never became identified with any Class. Others were members of 
different Classes at different times. In the Professional Schools the 
same is true in lesser degree. Nor would it have been possible always 
to separate " special students " from those who were candidates for a 




In Parts II. and III. an attempt has been made to record addreei 
and occupation of the living, and date and place of death of those no 
living. In case of the Professional Schools it has* been assumed tha 
persons are following the occupations indicated by their professiona 
degrees unless otherwise indicated. Where a graduate appears ii 
more than one list, any subsequent recurrence of the name after th< 
first entry is followed only by a back reference and by the address whei 

Special pains have been taken to record, with dates, academic 
degrees received elsewhere by our students. With referelnce to aca^ 
demic and other official positions, the editor has been much embar- 
rassed in drawing the line of selection. County and municipal ofBcei 
(excepting judgeships), postmaaterships, membership in State legis- 
latures and on boards of control, membership in learned societies, etc. 
have been generally omitted. To have made record of all these 
would have added many hundreds of items, and would have swelled 
the volume to undue proportions. 

The necessity of making room for upwards of ten thousand nei» 
names in this edition has compelled the condensation of the records oi 
the earlier classes as found in the edition of 1891. This applies espe- 
cially to the military records. The new volume is therefore in some 
degree supplementary to the old one. Some copies of the former edi- 
tion are still to be had, should any one desire to possess both editions 

Service in the Civil War is indicated by a dagger (t) prefixec 
to the name, and in most cases the latest rank attained has been indi- 
cated. Service in the Spanish War has been registered whenever th( 
information was at hand, but no systematic effort was made to secun 
such information. 

To names of persons known to be deceased an asterisk (*) is pre 
fixed. Much care has been taken to make the4ecord complete in thii 
respect, but some blanks yet remain to be filled. 

The editor has proceeded on the principle of excluding all con 
jecture, no matter how plausible, when known to be conjecture 
Much information, more or less probable, but still lacking confirma 
tion, has been received, but not used. No doubt some matter hert 
recorded rested more or less on conjecture in the minds of those report 
ing it ; but all possible diligence has been exercised by the editor ii 
checking error. Official records have been constantly referred t< 
whenever accessible. In the case of medical students, Polk's " Medi 
cal and Surgical Register of the United States " has been found ai 



invaluable aid, and a considerable number of items are recorded on 
the authority of that alone. Whenever it has been found practicable^ 
however, the information has been verified by direct correspondence 
with the persons themselves. 

No small difficulty has been encountered in making up the lists 
of non-graduates. The lists of graduates and non-graduates here 
given aggregate nearly thirty thousand names. It is manifest that 
in so large a number identical or similar names would appear in the 
same Department, or different Departments, often in close proximity 
of time. Owing to the fact that back of 1864 no records of students 
have been found except the printed lists in the Annual Catalogues, 
that in many cases only initials are given in the lists, and that 
numerous misprints occur in them, the difficulty of determining the 
identity or non-identity of the persons represented has often been 
very great. The care bestowed upon this portion of the work has, 
we believe, reduced the number of duplications very nearly or quite to 
zero; and the lists as now settled may be taken as a substantially 
complete roster of all persons who have matriculated at the University 
in the years covered by this record. 

Owing to circumstances which need not here be related, the pub- 
lication of this edition has been delayed nearly a year beyond what 
was at first contemplated. Advantage has been taken of this delay to 
insert the class of 1901 entire, and to bring the roll of officers down 
to December, 1901. Much of the material of the book is from one 
to two years old, however; and doubtless some removals and changes 
have occurred meantime which have not come to the notice of the 

No one who has not had personal experience with this line of 
work can have any proper conception of the labor involved in the 
preparation of a book of this character and magnitude. The record 
liere presented is the result not only of patient inquiry, but also of 
much genuine historical research. The editor-in-chief has had the 
advice and co-operation throughout of Professor Pettee, to whose care- 
ful hand is due the preparation of Part I. and the Index of Officers. 
He has also checked through the entire Index of Graduates. The 
valuable summaries prepared by him for the edition of 1891 are 
missing here, on account of stress of other work which made revision 
impossible at this time ; but it is his intention to complete them during 
the coming summer. 


In taking final leave of a task that has coRsumed many years of 
his leisure, the editor may perhaps be pardoned a personal ixiferonco. 
Coming to the University as a student as early as the close of the 
Civil War, and having resided here almost continuously since that 
time, and having known personally a large number of the graduates of 
earlier date, the compiling and perfecting of this record of the great 
army of young people who with him have been "nursed upon the 
selfsame hill," has stirred in his heart many feelings of lively interest 
and satisfaction — mingled, alas, too often with sorrow for those 
untimely stricken down in the race. His only regret in laying aside 
the task is that a more complete record could not be preserved of the 
high endeavor and noble achievement of them all. 

Ann Arbor, March k, 1902. I. N. D. 




Regents 3 

Secretaries 5 

Treasurers 5 

Superintendents of Public Instruction 5 

Presidents 6 

Members of the Faculties 6 

Professors G 

Acting Professors 16 

Lecturers 16 

Junior Professors 18 

Assistant Professors 19 

Acting Assistant Professors 22 

Instructors 22 

Librarians 28 


Dei'artment of Literatdbb, Science, and the Arts 31 

Advanced Degrees 129 

fff Department of Engineering 141 

Advanced Degrees 169 

Department of Medicine and Surgery 160 

Department of Law 221 

Advanced Degriks 331 

School of Pharmacy 334 

Advanced Degrees 349 

homceopathic medical college 350 




College of Dental Subqeby 357 

Advanced Degrees 374 

Honorary Degrees 375 


Married Names of Non-Graduate Women 614 

Summary 624 


Index of Officers 627 

Index of Graduates 631 





From 1887 to 18S2 the Gorernor, the Lientenant-GoTernor, the Chancellor, and the Joatlcea 
of the Sapreme Court were ez-offldo members of the Board of Befenta. The Ooremor wai 
Preaident of the Board; In hla absence the Lientenant-GoTemor. In case of the absence of 
both, a President pro tern, waa chosen. Twelve Be^ents were also appointed by the Ooremor 
b7 and with the adrlce and consent of the Senate. Their term of office was four years. 


^Stevens Thomson Mason, 1837-40 

^William Woodbbidoe, 1840-41 

Vames Wbight Gordon, 1841-42 

*JoHN Stewabt Babbt, 1842-46 

^Alpheus Feloh, 


*£paphboditus Ransom, 
•John Stewabt Babbt, 



*Edwabd Mundt, 
*James Weight Gk>BDON, 
*Obigen D. Riohabdson, 

•Elon Pabnswobth, 
•Randolph Manning, 

1837-40 •William L. Gbeenlt, 1846-47 

1840-41 * William Matthew Fenton, 1848-52 


1837-42 ♦Elon Fabnswobth, 



•William A. Pletcheb, 
•Geobge Mobell, 
•Epaphboditus Ransom, 
•Chables W. Whipple, 
•Alpheus Pelch, 
•Daniel Goodwin, 

1837-42 •Wabneb Wing, 

1837-42 •Geobge Miles, 

1837-48 •Edwabd Mundt, 

1838-62 •Sanford Moon Gbebn, 

1842-45 'Abneb Pbatt, 

1843-46 •Geobge Mabtin, 


•Thomas Pttzgebald (re- 
signed June 1, 1837), 1837 

•RoBEBT McClelland (re- 
signed Dec. 1, 1837), 1837 

•John P. Pobteb, 1837-38 

•Miohael Hootman, 1837-38 

•John Nobyell, 

•Seba Mubpht, 

•John Jonathan Adam, 

•Samttel Denton, 

•Gideon 0. WHnTEMOBB, 

•ECenby Rows Sohoolcbaft, 

•Lnoius Lton, 

1837-39 •Ross Wilkins, 



*lBAAO BDwm Cbabt, 1837-44 

■ZlHA PiTOHKB, 1837-52 

•QTnDon O. Lekoh, 183S-40 

'Jonathan Kkabslet, 1838-52 

'Joseph W. Bbowit, 1830-40 

'Michael A. Fattebson, 1840-41 

'Fbakoib Jdhk HioamBon, 1840-41 

'Savukl Williak Dexteb, 1840-41 

■Dariel Hudson, 1S40-41 
•Charles Christopheb Tbow- 

bbukie, 1840-42 

•WnxiAit Dbaper, 1840-44 

'Oboboe DvwriELD, 1840-48 

■Gboboe Ooodhah, 1841-43 
'Outer Cbokwxll Coh- 

STOCK. 1841-43 

•Mabtim Kuhdiq, 1841-46 

•John Oweb, 1841-48 

■Ahdbew M. Pitch, 1842-46 

'Elisha Cbaite, 1842-16 

'William A. Fj-ctoheb, 1842-46 

DiviTT CuNTOif Walker, 
•Lewis Cass, 
•Marvin Alle5, 
•Robert Ransok Kelloog, 

•Edivarii Jlu.vDr, 
'Alexander Hem an Red- 

•Mi.NOT Tuayeb Lane, 
Aiisiix ENOcn Wiso, 


Elijah IIdljies Pilouer, 
■Elon Fabss worth, 
•JouTf Guest Aitebbiibt, 
•Jlistl's Ooodwin 
*Bt«jAMiri Franklin Haw- 
kiss Wit rebel L, 
•Edwin M. Cust, 
•Epapuboditus Ransok, 
'GuBTAvcs Lemxiel Foster, 
'Robert MoCLixi.A]ni, 









B 1801 to 1B63 tt 

bclnc elected ench m 
Id c» ~ 

le Gorenior jtupolDt*. 


'Edward S. Moori, 1862-68 

•Elok Farnswobth, 1862-58 

•Jakes KiNQBunr, 1862-68 

"Elmiia Ely, 1862-54 

'Charles Henbt Palueb, 1862-68 

•Andrew Parsons, 1862-54 

"William tlpjoair, 1862-58 

Hekrt HOBATio Nobthbop, 1864-68 

Benjamin Levi Baxter, 1868-64 

'J Ames Eastman Johnson, 1868-70 

•Levi Bishop, 1858-64 

■DoHAwi MclBTYBE, 1868-64 

'Ebenbzeb Lakin Brown, 1858-64 

*Heniit AVniTiNO, 1858-64 

'Luke H. Pabsohs, 1868-62 
•John Van Vleok (resigned 

September 2S. 1SS8), 1868 

Oliver Lyman Spaulding. 1858-64 

William SfoyrAoru Ferri, 1858-64 

*Oeoboe BttADLEY, 1868-64 

■Edwabd Gabet Walkeb, 186^2 

•George Whxard, 


•Thomas Dwioht Gilrkrt, 


, 1864-68 

'Henbt C. Knight, 


'Altah SwxrrzER, 


•James Albert Sweezet, 



•John Mahklm Berrt Sill, 




•Joseph Estabkook, 


Jonas IIabtzel McGowan, 


CLATJoros Buchanan Grant 

, 1872-80 

•C&ABixe Rtnd, 


'Andrew Climie, 


Btron M. CtrrcBEos (n 

signed January 883 ) , 


Samobl Snow Walkex. 



.i^-i.od Sppt. 24, 1877), 


•Geobob DnryiELD, 


Geoboe Lewis Maltz (n 

•igned Feb. 16. 1880), 

i«- so 





Jaoob J. Van Ripeb, 1880-86 

*jAiiES Sheabkb, 1880-88 

Ebenezeb Ouvkb Gbobvb- 

NOB, 1880-^ 

♦Austin Blair, 1881-90 

* James Fbedebick Jot (re- 
signed Dec. 21, 1886), 1882-87 
*Ltman Dkcatub Nobbis, 

Abthttb Merrhx Clabk, 

Chablbs Joseph Willett, 
*MosE8 Wheelook Field, 

Chables Rudolphus Whit 


*Chables Stuabt Dbapeb, 

RooEB Williams Bxttteb- 

FIELD, 1888- A 

Chables Hebabo, 1888-06 

Hebmann Ejefeb, 1889- 

•William Johnson Cockeb, 1890-1901 
Peteb Napoleon Cook, 1891-1900 
*Henby Howard, 1892-94 

Levi Lewis Barbour, 1892-98 

Frank Ward Fletcher, 1894- 
Henry Stuart Dean, 1894- 

George Alexander Farr, 1896- 
Charles DeWitt Lawton, 1898- 
1886-94 Eli Ransom Sutton, 1900- 

1887-92 Arthur Hnx, 1901- 



*Chables W. Whipple, 1837-39 

♦Anthony Ten Eyok, 1839-45 

*Jambs Valentine Camp- 

Edwabd Raymond Chase, 1863-54 
*Alezandeb Winohell, 1854-66 

•John Livingston Tappan, 185&-^ 

*Eben Nobth Wilcx>z, 
*Chables Henby Palmeb, 
*Oliveb Wabneb Moobe, 

*Chables C. Tbowbbidoe, 
♦John Norton, 
*Henby K. Sangeb, 
*Alexandeb H. Sibley, 
*JonN Jonathan Adam, 
♦DiGBY V. Bell, 
*JoHN Jonathan Adam, 

1846-46 Daniel Leonabd Wood, 1858-64 

1846-62 *JoHN HntAM Bubleson, 1864-69 

1852 ♦Henry DeWitt Bennett, 1869-83 

1862-63 James Henry Wade, 1883- 


1837-38 John Manly Chase, 1851-68 

1838-39 •]fiNRY WooLSEY Welles, 1868-60 

1839-41 •VOLNEY Chapin, 1860-64 

1841-44 *DoNALD MoIntyre, 1864-72 

1844-46 *JoHN Marshall Wheeleb, 1872-78 
1846-48 William Addison ToLOHABD, 1878-83 

1848-51 Habbison Soule, 1883- 



•John Davis Pieboe, 1837-41 

♦Franklin Sawyeb, Jb., 1841-43 
♦Oliveb Cbomwell Comstock. 


elected by 
♦Fbancis Willett Shearman, 185 1-55 
*Iba Mayhew, 1855-59 

♦John Milton Gbbooby, 1859-65 
♦Obamel Hobfobd, 1865-73 

♦Daniel Brown Briggs, 1873-77 

Horace Sumneb Tabbell, 1877-78 
Cobnelius Albebt Goweb, 1878-81 
♦VabnumBabstowCochban, 1881-83 

by govsbnobs. 

♦Ira Mayhew, 
♦Francis Willett 





pofulab vote. 

Herschel Robert Gass, 1883-85 
♦Theodore Nelson, 1885-87 

♦Joseph Estabrook, 1887-91 

Ferris Smith Fitch, 1891-93 

Henry Romaine Patten- 
gill, 1893-97 
Jason Elmer Hammond, 1897-1901 
Delos Fall, 1901- 


*Rev. Henbt Philip Tappan, D. D., LL.D., 1852-63. 

ProfeBaor of Philosophy, 18S2-63. Died at Vercy, Switzerland, Nor. 15, 1881. 

•Rev. Ebastus Otis Haven, D. D., LL. D., 1863-69. 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1863-05; of Logic and Political Economy, 
1866-68; of MenUl and Moral Philosophy. 1868-69. Resigned June 80, 1869, to accept the 
Presidency of the Northwestern Dnlreralty. Afterwards became Chancellor of Syracuse Dnl- 
rerslty. In May, 1880, was chosen Bishop of the M. E. Church. Died at Salem, Oregon, Aug. 
2, 1881. (See Members of the Tacultlea, page 7.) 

•Henbt Simmons Fboeze, LL.D., Acting 1869-71. 

Also Acting President during President Angell's absence as D. 8. Minister to China, 1880- 
82. (See Members of the Faculties, page 8.) 

James Buseill Anoell, LKD., 187 1-. 

Lecturer on Political Economy and International Law, 1871-80, and on International Law 
since 1882. 

Haebt Burns Hutchins, LL.D., Acting 1897-98. 

During President Angell's absence as U. S. Minister to Turkey. (See Faculties, p. 12.) 


Arranged In groups in the following order: Professors (including Associate Professors): 
Acting (Including Adjunct) Professors who had no higher rank; Lecturers who had no higher 
rank; Junior Professors who had no higher rank; Assistant Professors who had no higher rank: 
Acting Assistant Professors who had no higher rank; Instructors who had no higher rank; — 
each group In the order of original appointment to that rank. 


*AsA Gray, M. D., Professor of Botany and Zoology, 1838-42. 

Resigned to accept a position in Hanrard College, where he remained till his death, Jan. 
80, 1888. 

*DouGLASS Houghton, A. M., M. D., Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and 
Geology, 1839-45. 
Drowned in Lake Superior, Oct. 18, 1845. 

*Rev. Geobge Palmes Willliamb, LL. D., Professor of Physios, 1863-81. 

(EmeHtus, 1876-81.) 

Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1841-54; of Mathematics, 1854-68. Died at Ann Arbor, 
Sept. 4, 1881. 

*Rev. Joseph Whitino, A.M., Professor of Qreek and Latin Languages, 
Died at Ann Arbor, July 20, 1845. 

*Abram Sageb, a. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women 

and Children, 1860-75. {Emeritus, 1874-75.) 

Professor of Zoology and Botany, 1842-50; of Obstetrics, Diseases of Women and (Children, 
Botany, and Zoology, 1850-54; of Obstetrics, Physiology, Botany, and Zoology, 1854-55; of 
Obstetrics and Physiology, 1855-60. Died at Ann Arbor, Aug. 6, 1877. 

•Rev. Edwabd Thomson, A. M., M. D., Professor of Moral and Intellectual 
Philosophy, 1843-44. 

Resigned August, 1844, to become President of Ohio Wesleyan Unlrersity, which position he 
held tiU 1860: Editor of Christian Advocate, 1860.4H: Bishop M. B. Church from 1864 till 
his death at Wheeling, W. Va.. March 22, 1870. 

•Rev. Andrew Ten Brook, A. M., Professor of Moral and Intellectual PhUoso- 
phy, 1844-51. 

Librarian, 1860^1; 1864-77. Died at Detroit, Mich., Nor. 5, 1880. 



! *Rev. Daniel Dsnison Whedon, D. D., Profeaaor of Logic, Rhetoric, and His- 

tory, 1845-52. 

Editor of Methodiii Quarterly Review, 1866-84. Died at AUantic Hlffhlanda, N. J., 
Jane 9, 188B. 

*REy. John Holmes Agnew, A. M., Professor of Greek and Latin Languaget, 

f . Died 1865. 

*SiLAS Hamilton Douglas, A.M., M.D., Profeaaor of Metallurgy and Chemical 

Technology, 1875-77. • 
AnUtant to the ProfeMor of GhemlBtry, 1844-45; Lecturer on Chemlatry and Geologj, 
1845-46; Professor of Chemlatrjr, Mineralogy, and Geology, 1846-51; of Chemlstryt Pharmacy. 
Medlcal^^nrlsprndence, Geology, and Mineralogy, 1861-66; of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Phar- 
macy, and Toxicology, 1865-70; of Chemistry, 1870-75. Director of the Chemical Laboratory, 
1870-77. Died at Ann Arbor, Aog. SM, 1890. 

*Louis Fasquelle, LL. D., Profeaaor of Modem Languagea and Literature, 

Died at Ann Arbor, Get. 1, 1862. 
*Mo8ES GuNN, A. M., M. D., Profeaaor of Surgery, 1854-67. 

Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, 1849-62; Professor of Surgery, and Lecturer on Anat- 
omy, 1862-64. Resigned March, 1867, to accept the Chair of Surgery in Bush Medical College, 
Chicago. Died at Chicago, Nor. 8, 1887. 

*Samuel Denton, M. D., Profeaaor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and 
of Pathology, 1850-60. 

Regent 1837-40. Died at Ann Arbor, Aug. 17, 1860. 

'Jonathan Adams Allen, A.M., M.D., Profeaaor of Therapeutica, Materia 

Medica, and Phyaiology, 1850-54. 
Died at Chicago, ni., Aug. 15, 1890. 

\ •Rev. William Stanton Cubtis, A. M., Profeaaor of Moral and Intellectual 

Philoaophy, 1851-52. 
Died at Rockford, IlL, June 80, 1885. 
•ZiNA PrroHEB, M. D., Emeritua Profeaaor of the Inatitutea of Medicine and 

Ohatetrioa, 1851-72. 
Regent, 1837-52. Died at Detroit, April 5, 1872. 

•Alonzo Benjamin Palmer, M. D., LL. D., Profeaaor of Pathology and the 
Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, 1880-87. 
Professor of Anatomy, 1852-54 (not on duty); of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Dis- 
eases of Women and Children, 1854-60; of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, Pathology, 
and Materia Medica, 1860-61; of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, and of Pathology, 
1861-64; of Pathology, the Practice of Medicine, and of Hygiene, 1864-60; of Pathology and 
the Practice of Medicine, 1860-80. Died at Ann Arbor, Dec. 23, 1887. 

•Alvah Bradish, A.m., Profeaaor of Fine Arta, 1852-63. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., AprU 10, 1001. 

* James Robinson Boise, LL. D., Profeaaor of the Greek Language and Lit- 
erature, 1852-^8. 

Resigned January, 1868, to accept the Chair of Greek in the Unirersity of Chicago. Died 
at Chicago, 111., Feb. 9, 1886. 

i 'Rev. Ebastus Otis Haven, A.M., Profeaaor of Hiatory and Engliah Litera- 

ture, 1854-56. 
I Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 1862-54. President of the Unirersity, 

1863-60. (See Presidents, page 6.) 

'Alexander Winohell, LL. D., Profeaaor of Geology and Palaeontology, 

Professor of Physics and Clril Engineering, 1863-66; of Geology, Zoology, and Botany. 
1865-73. Resigned March, 1873, to become Chancellor of Syracuse Unlvorslty. Died at Ann 
Arbor, Feb. 10, 1801. 



t ■ . 


•COBYDON La Fobd, M.D.,LL.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, 1860-94. 

ProfeMor of Anatomy, 1854-80. Died at Ann Arbor, April 14, 1894. 
Edmund Andrews, A. M., M. D., Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Dem- 
onstrator of Uuman Anatomy, 1854-55. Chicago, 111. 

Demonstrator of Anatomji 1851-53; Demonatrator of Anatomy and Assistant Lecturer on 
Anatomy, 1853-54. Professor of Clinical Surgery in the Medical School of Northwestern Unl- 
Terslty (Chicago Medical College). 

•Rev. Charles Pox, A. M., Professor of Agriculture, 1854. 

Died Joly 24, 1864. 


•Francis BrOnnow, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the 
Observatory, 1854-63. 

Died at Heidelberg, Germany, Ang. 22, 1891. 

*Henrt Simmons Frieze, LL. D., Professor of the Latin Language and Litera- 
ture, 1854-89. 

Died at Ann Arbor, Dec. 7, 1889. (See Presidents, page 6.) 

•William Guy Peck, A.M., Professor of Physios and Civil Engineering, 


Resigned to become Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy in Columbia College. Died 
at New York, N. Y., Feb 7, 1892. 

•Benjamin Braman, A. M., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 

In place of Professor Frlexe, absent In Europe. Died at Norton, Mass., Jan. 20, 1889. 

•William Petit Trowbridge, A.M., Professor of Mathematics, 1856-57. 

Died at New Haren, Conn.. Aug. 12, 1892. 

Andrew Dickson White, A. M., Professor of History, 1863-67. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Professor of History and English Literature, 1867-63. Resigned to accept the Presidency 
of Cornell Unlrersity. 

•James Valentine Campbell, LL. D., Marshall Professor of Law, 1859-85. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., March 26, 1890. 

•Charles Irish Walker, LL. D,, Kent Professor of Law, 1859-76 ; 1886-87. 

Also filled this Chair during Professor Wells's absence, 1879-81. Died at Flint, Mich.. Feb. 
11, 1896. 

•Thomas McIntyre Cooley, LL. D., Professor of American History and Con- 
stitutional Law, 1885-98. 
Jay Professor of Law, 1869-84. Also Lecturer on Constitutional Law and Medical Juris- 
prudence, 1861-65. Died at Ann Arbor, Sept. 12, 1898. 

•De Volson Wood, A. M., Professor of Civil Engineering, 1860-72. 

Assistant Professor of CItII Engineering, 1857-59; Professor of Pliysict and CIyU Engineer- 
ing, 1859-60. Resigned to accept a Chair in Sterens Institute of Technology. Died at Hobo- 
ken. N. J., June 27, 1897. 

•James Craig Watson, LL. D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the 

Observatory, 1863-79. 
Assistant Obsorrer, 1858-59; Professor of Astronomy and Instructor in Mathematics, 1859- 
60; Professor of Physics, and Instructor in Mathematics, 1860-63. Resigned to become Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy and Director of Washburn Obscnratory, Unirersity of Wisconsin. Died at 
Madison, Wis., Nor. 28, 1880. 

•Samuel Glasgow Armor, A. M., M. D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine 
and Materia Medica, 1861-68. 
Died at Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1885. 

Edward Payson Evans, A.M., Professor of Modern Languages and Litera- 
ture, 1863-70. Nymphenburg, Munich, Bavaria. 
Instructor in Modem Languages, 1862-68. 


* *Rxv. Lucius Delison Chapin, D. D., Professor of Moral and Inielleotual 

Philosophy, 1869-68. 
Died at PhUlips, Fla.. Jane 18, 1802. 

*£dwabd Olnet, LL. D., Professor of Mathematics, 1863-87. 
Died at Ann Arbor, Januanr 16, 1887. 

^. Ashley Pond, A. M., Fletcher Professor of Law, 1866-68. Detroit, Mich. 

ProfeMor of Law, 186{MW. 

\ •WiLLLAM Wabben Gbeene, M. D., Profcssor of Civil and Military Surgery, 

Died at aea, Sept. 10, 1881, retoming from the International Medical Gongresa at London. 

•Adam Knight Spence, A. M., Professor of the French Language and Litera- 
I ture, 1867-70. 

Inatmctor in Greek, 1868-60; in Greek and Fn^nch, 1860-60; in Greek, Latin, and Frencb. 

1860-63; in Greek and Frencb, 1863-66; Asaistant Profeaaor of Greek and French, 1866-67. 

^ Bealgned to accept the Preaidency of Fisk Unlrerelty. Died at Nashville, Tenn., April 24, 


Chables Kendall Adams, LL. D., Professor of History, 1867-^5. 

Madison, Wis. 

Inatmctor in History, 1862-63; in History and Latin, 1863-65; Assistant Professor of Hts- 
'^ tory and Latin, 1866-67. Resigned, July 21, 1885, to accept the Preaidency of Cornell Uni- 

Terslty. President of the Unirersity of Wisconsin, 1802-1001. 

*MosES CoiT Ttleb, LL.D., Professor of the English Language and Literature, 


} Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1867-73. Resigned, June 2, 1881, to accept 

^ the Chair of American Hiatory in Cornell Unireralty. Died at Ithaca, N. T., Dec. 28, 1000. 

Charles Artemas Kent, A.M., Fletcher Professor of Law, 1868-86. 
\ Detroit, Mich. 

•Rev. Benjamin Franklin Cocker, D. D., LL.D., Professor of Psychology, 
Speculative Philosophy, and Philosophy of Religion, 1881-^3. 
ProfeMor of Moral and Mental Philosophy, 1860-81. Died at Ann Arbor, April 8, 1883. 

•Henry Syltbster Cheeveb, A. M., M. D., Professor of Therapeutics, Materia 
Medioa, and Physiology, 1872-76. 

Assistant in Chemistry, 1863-66; Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1867-68; Lectnrer on Thera- 
pentica and Materia Medlca, 1868-70; Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica, 1870-72. 
, Died at Ann Arbor, March 81, 1877. 

♦Alpheus Benning Crosbt, a. M., M. D., Professor of Surgery, 1870-71. 

Lecturer on Surgery, 1860-70. Died at Hanover, N. H.. Aug. J|, 1877. 

' Albert Benjamin Prescott, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Org<inic Chemistry, 


AsalBtant in Chemiatry, 1863-64; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Lecturer on Or- 
' ganlc Chemiatry and Metallurgy. 1866-70; Professor of Organic and Applied Chemistry and 

of Pharmacy, 1870-80; Professor of Organic Chemistry and of Pharmacy, 1880-00. Director 
of the Chemical Laboratory since 1884. 

Rev. Martin Lutueb D'Ooge, LL. D., Professor of the Greek Language and 
Literature, 1870-. 

Aaaistant Professor of Ancient Languages, 1867-68; Acting Professor of the Greek Lan- 
guage and Literature, 1868-70. 

•Gboboe Stlvesteb Mobbis, Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy, 1887-89. 

Professor of Modem Languages and Literature, 1870-70; of Ethlca, History of Philo■oph3^ 
and Logic, 1881-87. Died at Ann Arbor. March 23, 1880. 


•Gbobge Edwabd Frothinghak, M J>., Professor of Materia Medica, OphthcUmie 
wnd Aural Surgery, and Clinical Ophthalmology, 1880-89. 

Prosector of Sargerjr and Demonstrator of Anatomy. 1867-68; Demonstrator of Anatomy, 
1868-76; Lecturer on Ophthalmology, 1870-72; Professor of Ophthalmology and Anral Sargery, 
1872-76; Professor of Practical Anatomy and Ophthalmic snd Anral Sargery, 1876-76; of Ma- 
teria Medica and Ophthalmic and Anral Sargery, 1876-^. Died at Detroit, Mich., April 24. 

Chables Ezba Gbeene, A. M., 0. E., Professor of Civil Engineering, 1872-. 

Donald Maclean, A.M., M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, 

1880-89. Detroit, Mich. 

Lecturer on Surgery, 1872-78; Professor of Sargery, 1878-80. 

Eugene Woldemab Hilgabd, Ph. D., Professor of Mineralogy, Qeology, Zoology, 
and Botany, 1874-75. Berkeley, Cal. 

Professor of Geology, SkMlogy, and Botany, 1878-74. Professor of Agriculture and Agri- 
cultural Chemistry In the DnlTersity of California. 

Frederic Henbt Gerrish, A. M., M. D., Professor of Therapeutics, Materia 
Medica, and Physiology, 1874-76. 675 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

Lecturer on Therapeatics, Materia Medicm, and Physiology, 1878-74. 

*Edward Swut Dtjnbter^ A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of 
Women and Children, 1874-88. 
Lecturer on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 1878-74. Died at Ann Arbor, 
Mays, 1888. 

Samttel Arthur Jones, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and 

Experimental Pathogenesy in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1878-80. 

Ann Arbor. 
Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Homoeopathic Medical College. 

•John Coleman Morgan, M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine 
in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1875-77. 

Died at MlllTiUe, N. J., April 10, 1890. 

Jonathan Taft, M. D., D. D. S., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Oral 
Pathology and Surgery, 1891-. 
Professor of the Principles and Practice of OperatlTe Dentistry, 1876-01. 

WiLLLAM Henrt Pettee, A. M., Profcssor of Mineralogy, Economic Qeology, 
and Mining Engineering, 1881-. 
Professor of Mining Engineering, 1876-77; of Geology, In charge of Mining Engineerii\g, 
1877-70; of Mineralogy and Bconomie Geology, 1870-81. 

John Andrews Watlino, D. D. 8., Professor of Operative and Clinical Dentis- 
try, 1891-. 

Professor of Clinical and Mechanical Dentistry, 1876-01. 
John WnjJAMS Langlet, S. B., M. D., Professor of General Chemistry and 
Metallurgy, 1888-^9. Cleveland, O. 

Acting Professor of General Chemistry and Physics, 1876-76; Professor of General Chem- 
istry and Physics, 1876-77; of General Chemistry, 1877-88; non-resident Lecturer on the 
Metallurgy of Stool, 1880-92; Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Case School of Ap- 
plied Science. 

WnjJAM Le Baron Jenney, C.E., Professor of Architecture and Design, 1876- 

80. Chicago, 111. 

•WnjJAM Palmer Wells, A.M., Kent Professor of Law, 1876-85; 1887-91. 

Lecturer on LaW) 1874-76; Lecturer on American History and Constitutional Law, 1887. 
Died at Dotroit. Mich., March 4, 1801. 


Charles Gatghell, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Pntotioe of Medicine in 

the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1878-80; 1889-93. Chicago, HI. 

Lecturer on Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Honioeoi>athlc Medical Ck>llege, 1877-78. 

*£dwabd Cabboll Fsanklin, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery 

in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1880-83. 

Profeuor of Sargery in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1878-fiO. Died at St. Lonlt, 
Mo., Dec. 10, 1885. 

Mabk Walbod Habbinoton, a. M., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the 

Observatory, 1879-02. Seattle, Wash. 

Anlatant Curator of the Maieum, 1868-70; Inetmctor In Mathematlca, and Aailatant Cora- 
tor of the Moaenm, 1870-72; Inatmctor In Geology, Zoology, and Botany, 1872-73; Awlatant 
Profesaor of Geology, Zoology, and Botany, 1873-76. Beaigned to accept position of Chief ol 
the U. S. Weather Bnreaa. 

Joseph Beal Steebe, Ph. D., Professor of Zoology, 1881-94. Ann Arbor. 

AflsUtant Profeaeor of Palaeontology, 1876-77; of Zoolc^y and Palaeontology, 1877-79; Pro- 
feasor of Zoology, and Curator of the ilnaeum, 1879-81. 

*£dwabd Lobbaene Walteb, Ph. D., Professor of Romance Languages and Lit- 
eratures, 1887-98. 
Aaalatant Professor of Ancient Languages, 1868-60; of Latin, 1869-79; Professor of Modem 
Langnages and Literatures, 1879-87. Lost on La Bowooane, July 4, 1898. 

WnjJAM Habold Payne, A.M., Professor of the Science and the Art of Teach- 
ing, 1879-88, 1901-. Ann Arbor. 

Chancellor of Unlrersity of Nashrllle, and President of Peabo<ly Normal College. 1887-1901. 
•Alpheus Felch, LL. D., Tappan Professor of Law, 1879-83. 
Regent, 1842-45; 1846-47. Died at Ann Arbor, June 13, 1896. 

Thomas Pabdon Wilson, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice o/ 
Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Otology in the Homoeopathic Medical 
College, 1880-85. Detroit, Mich. 

Isaac Newton Demmon, LL. D., Professor of English and Rhetoric, 1881-. 

Instructor in Bfathematlcs, 1872-73; Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and History, 1876-79; 
of Rhetoric and Anglo-Saxon, 1879-81. 

William Henby Dobbance, D. D. S., Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry and 

Dental Metallurgy, 1881-. 
Demonstrator of Dentistry. 1877-79; Assistant in Mechanical Dentistry, 1879-81. 

*Elisha Jones, A. M., Associate Professor of Latin, 1881-88. 

Acting Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. 1870-72; Acting Assistant Profes 
sor of Latin, 187fr-77{ of Greek, 1877-78; AsslsUnt Professor of liStin, 1879-81. Died at 
Denrer, Colo., Aug. 16, 1888. 

Albebt Hendebson Pattengill, a. M., Professor of Qreek, 1889-. 

Assistant Professor of Greek and French, 1869-70; of Greek, 1870-81; Associate Profcssoi 
of Greek, 1881-89. ' 

MoBTiMEB Elwyn Cooley, M. E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1881- 

Hbnbt Sew all, A.M., MJ)., Professor of Physiology, 1882-89. Denver, Col 

Lecturer on Physiology, 1881-82. 

William James Hebdman, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Diseases of the Mind ana 

Nervous System, €Md Electrotherapeutics, 1898-. 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1876-90; Lecturer on Pathological Anatomj. 1879-80; Assistam 
Professor of Pathological Anatomy, 1880-82; Professor of Practical and Pathological Ahat 
omy, 1882-88; Professor of Practical Anatomy and Diseases of the Nervous System. 1888-00 
Professor of Nerrous Diseases and Klectrotherapeotics. 1800-98. 

WoosTEB WooDBUFF Beman, A. M., Professor of Mathematics, 1887-. 

Instructor in Mathematics, 1871-74; Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 1874-82; Assoc! 
ate Professor of Mathematics, 1882-87. 


HEinnr Wade Rogebs, A. M., Tappan Profetsor of Law, and Professor of Roman 
Law, 1885-90. New Haven, Conn. 

Tmppan ProfeBaor of Law, 1882-86; Leetarer on DomeBtlc Relations and Orlmlnal Law, 
1800-81 (iecond aemeater). Realgned September, 1890, to accept the Presidency of North- 
western UnlTersity. Professor In the Law School of Yale Unlrerslty. 

ViOTOB Clabence Vauohan, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Eygie^ and Physio- 

logical Chemistry, 1887-. 
Assistant In the Chemical Laboratory, 1876-88; Leetarer on Medical Chemistry, 1870-80; 
Assistant Professor of Medical Chemistry, 1880-83; Professor of Physiological and Pathological 
Chemistry, and Associate Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medics, 1883-87; Director of 
the Hygienic Laboratory since 1887. 

Chables Henbt Stowell, M. D., Professor of Histology and Microscopy, 1883- 

89. Lowell, Mass. 

Instructor In Physiological Laboratory, 1877-70; Lecturer on Physiology and Histology, 
1870-80; Assistant Professor of Physiology and Histology. 1880-81; of Histology snd Micro- 
scopy, 1881-83. 

Henby Lobenz Obetz, M.D., Professor of Surgery and piinical Surgery in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1883-96. Detroit, Mich. 

Habbt Burns Hutchins, LL. D., Professor of Law, 1894-. 

Instructor In History and Rhetoric, 1872-78; Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and History, 
1873-76; Jay Professor of Law, 1884-87; Acting President. 1807-88. 

Allen Corson Cowpebthwaite, Ph.D., M. D., Professor of Materia Medica, 
Pharmacology, and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 
1884-85. Chicago, ni. 

Charles Simeon Denison, M. S., C. E., Professor of Descriptive Geometry, 

Stereotomy, and Drawing, 1885-. 
Instructor In Engineering and Drawing, 1872-76; Instructor In Engineering and Drawing, 
and Assistant In Architecture, 1876-81; Acting Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Free 
Hand Drawing, 1881-82; Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Free Hand Drawing. 1882-86. 

Hugo Rudolph Arndt, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 
and CUnical Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System in the Homoe- 
opathic Medical College, 1888-^9. 330 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Professor of Materia Medica In the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1886-88. 

James Craven Wood, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women 
and Children in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1885-96. 

Cleveland, 0. 
Professor of Gynaecology in the Cleyeland Homoeopathic Medical College. 
*David F. McGuire, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1886-87. 
Died at Pasadena, Cal., Aug. 18, 1888. 

Otto Kirchner, A. M., Professor of Law, 1893-. Detroit, Mich. 

Kent Professor of Law, 1886-86. 

Daniel A. McLachlan, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, and Paed- 
ology in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1889-96. Detroit, Mich. 

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medldne In the Homoeopathic Medical College, 188&-89. 
Hknrt Smith Carhart, LL. D., Professor of Physics, 188&-. 

Director of the Physical Laboratory, 1880^ 

Levi Thomas Grdtin, A.M., Fletcher Professor of Law, 1886-97. 

Detroit, Mich. 

VOLNET MOROAN SPALDING, Ph. D., Profcssor of Botany, 188&-. 

Instructor In Zoology and Botany. 1878-79; Asslstsnt Professor of Botany, 1879-81; Acting 
Professor of BoUny, 1881-86. 


Henbt Cabteb Adams, LL. D., Professor of Political Economy and Finance, 

Lecturer on Political Economy, 1880-87. 
Calvin Thomas, A.M., Professor of Oermanic Languages and Literatures, 
1887-96. New York, N. Y. 

Instmctor in Modem Languages, 1878-81; Assistant Professor of German and Sanskrit, 
1881-87. PrQfessor of the Oermanic Languages and Literatures In Columbia Uniyersity. 

Chables Nelson Jones, A. B., Professor of Applied Mathematics, 1887-38. 

New York, N. Y. 
Instructor In Mathematics, 1874-78; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1878-87. 

Chables Fbedebick Steblxng, "MD., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology m 

the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1887-89. Detroit, Mich. 

Heneage Gibbes, M. D., Professor of Pathology, 1887-95. Detroit, Mich. 

*BnBKE Aabon Hinsdale, LXi. D., Professor of the Science and the Art of Teach- 
ing, 1888-1900. 

Died at AtlanU, Oa., Not. 29, 1900. 

•Henby Fbancis Lysteb, a. M., M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of 
Medicine and Clinical Medicine, 1888-90. 

Lecturer on Surgery, 1868-69. Died near Nlles, Mich., Oct. 3, 1894. 

RiCHABD Hudson, A. M., Professor of History, 1888-. 
Aaslstant Professor of History, 1870-^8. 

Bbadlet Mabtin Thompson, M. S., LL. B., Jay Professor of Law, 1888-. 

Lecturer on Beal Property, 1887-88. 

Albebt Augustus Stanley, A. M., Professor of Music, 1888-. 

John Dewey, Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy, 1889-94. Chicago, 111. 

Instructor In Philosophy, 1884-86; Assistant Professor of Philosophy. 1886-88. Professor of 
Philosophy In the Unlyersity of Chicago. 

Fbancis Whxey Kelsey, Ph. D., Professor of the Latin Language and Litera- 
ture, 1889-. 

Jebome Cybil Knowlton, a. B., LL. B., Marshall Professor of Lcajd, 1889-. 

Assistant Professor of Law, 188&-89. 

Chables Samuel Mack, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 
in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1889-96. La Porte, Ind. 

Chables Beylabd Nangbede, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Surgery •and Clinical 
Surgery, 1889-. 

Flemming Cabbow, M. D., Professor of Ophthalmic and Aural Surgery and 
Clinical Ophthalmology, 1889-. 

Otis Coe Johnson, Ph. C, A. M., Professor of Applied Chemistry, 1889-. 

Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory, 1873-80; Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry, 

Paul Caspab Pbeeb, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of General Chemistry, 1890-. 

Lecturer on General Chemistry, 1889-90. Director of the Laboratory of General Chemistry. 

William Henby Howell, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Histology and Physiology, 
1890-92. Baltimore, Md. 

Lecturer on Pliyslology and Histology, 1889-00. Professor of Physiology in Johns Hopkins 

James Nelson Mabtin, Ph.M., M. D., Bates Professor of the Diseases of 

Women and Children, 1899-1901. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant to the Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, 1888-86; Lecturer on Oral 


Pathology, and Awistant to the Profeaaor of Obstetrics, 1885--88; Lectnrer on Oral Pathology 
and Surgery, 1888-91; Acting Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. 
1888-91 ; Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, 1891-99. 

John Jacob Abel, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Materia Medioa and Therapeutics, 
1891-93. Baltimore, Md. 

Lecturer on Materia Medlca and Therapeutics, 1890-91. Professor of Pharmacology In 
Johns Hopkins Unlrerslty. 

Kelville Soul£ Hoff, D. D. S., Professor of Dental Materia Medioa and Dental 

Mechanism, 189 1-. 
Assistant Professor of Practical Dentistry, 1887-91. 

Geoboe Dock, A. M., M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, 
and of Pathology, 1895-. 
Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, 1891-90. 

Nathan Abbott, A. B., Tappan Professor of Law, 1891-92. 

Stanford University, Cal. 

Professor of Law In Leland Stanford, Junior, Uniyerslty. 

•John Wayne Champlin, LL. D., Professor of Lav), 1891-96. 

Died at Grand Rapids, Mich., July 24, 1901. 

Edwin Fobbest Conely, Professor of Law, 1891-93. Detroit, Mich. 

Andbew Cunningham McLaughlin, A. M., LL. B., Professor of American His- 
tory, 1891-. 

Instructor In Latin, 1886-87; In History, 1887-«8; Assistant Professor of History, 1888-91. 

Joseph Bakeb Davis, C. E., Professor of Geodesy and Surveying, 189 1-. 
Assistant Professor of CItII Engineering, 1872-4>1. 

Asaph Hall, Jb., Ph. D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Ohserva- 
tory, 1892-. 

Israel Cook Russell, C. E., LL. D., Professor of Geology, 1892-. 

Wabben Plimpton Lombabd, A. B., M. D., Professor of Physiology, 1898-. 

Professor of Physiology and Histology, 1892-98. 

Floyd Russell Mechem, A. M., Tappan Professor of Law, 1892-. 

Jaoob Ellswobth Reighabd^ Ph. B., Professor of Zoology and Director of the 

Zoological Laboratory, 1895-. 

Instructor in Zoology, 1886-87, 1888-^; Acting Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1887-88; 
Assistant Professor of Zoology* 1889-92; Professor of Animal Morphology, 1892-90. 

Thomas Clabkson Tbueblood, A. M., Professor of Elocution and Oratory, 
Teacher of Elocution. 1887-89; Assistant Professor of Elocution, 1889-92. 
James Alexandeb Cbaig, Ph. D., Professor of Semitic Languages and Litera- 
tures and Hellenistic Greek, 1894-. 
Professor of Oriental Languages, 189&-94. 

Alexis Caswell Angell, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law, 1893-98. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Arthur R. Cushny, A.M., MJ)., Professor of Materia Medioa and Therapeu- 
tics, 1893-. 
Maurice Patterson Hunt, M.D., Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1893-95. 208 E. State St., ColumbuB, O. 
Eugene Ransom Eggleston, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of 
Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1893-95. 

Mount Vernon, O. 




John Cabew Rolfe, Ph. D., Professor of Latin, 1894-. 

Acting ProfeMor of the Latin Langnage and Literature, 1892-83; Junior Profenor of Latin, 

James Platfaib McMubbich, Ph. D., Professor of Anatomy and Director of 
the Anatomical Laboratory, 1898-. 
Profeaaor of Anatomy* 1894-96. 

Thomas Ashfobd Boole, LL. B., Professor of Law in charge of the Practice 
Court, 1894-. 

WiLBEBT B. Hinsdale, A. M., M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of 
Medicine and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 189&-. 

Profeaaor of Materia Medica, Therapeotics, and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic 
Medical College* 1886-96. 

OsoAB Lb Seube, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in the Ho- 
moeopathic Medical College, 1895-1900. Detroit, Mich. 

RoTAL Samttel Copeland, a. M., M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, 
and Paedology in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 180&-. 

RoBEBT Mabk Wenley, Sc. D.. D. Phil., Professor of Philosophy, 1896-. 

Eliza Mabia Mosheb, M. D., Professor of Hygiene, and Women*s Dean in the 
Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts, 1896-. 

*Gbobge Allison Hench, Ph. D., Professor of Germanic Languages and Litera- 
tures, 1896-99. 

Inatructor in German, 1890-91; Aaslstant Profeaaor of German, 1891-95; Acting Profeaaor 
of German, 1896-96. Died at Boaton, Masa., Ang. 16, 1899. 

Willis Alonzo Dewet, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 

in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1896-. 
Geobge Hempl, Ph. D., Professor of English Philology and General Linguistics, 


Aaalatant Profeaaor of Engllah, 1889-93; Jonlor Profeaaor of English, 1893-97. 

ViCTOB Hugo Lane, C. E., LL. B., Fletcher Professor of Law, 1897-. 
Law Librarian, 1890 — 

James Henby Bbewsteb, Ph. B., LL. B., Professor of Conveyancing, 1897-. 
HoBACE LaFatettb Wilous, M. S., Professor of Law, 1897-. 
Acting Profeaaor of Law, 1886-97. 

EuAs FiNLEY Johnson, B.S., LL.M., Professor of Law, 1897-1901. Manila, P. I. 

Aaalatant in the Department of Law, 1890-91; Inatructor in Law, 1891-96; Aaalatant Pro- 
feaaor of Law, 1896-97; U. 8. Judge In Philipplnea, 1901-. 

Clabence Geobge Taylob, B. S., M. E., Professor of Mechanical Practice and 
Superintendent of Shops, 1897-99. Ann Arbor. 

Aaalatant In the Mechanical Laboratory. 1883-86; Superintendent of Shops, 1886-89; Super- 
intendent of Shops in the Engineering Laboratorj (with rank of Aaalatant Profeaaor), 1889-87. 

Claudius Blioh Kinyon, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the 

Homoeopathic Medical College, 1897-. 
Aabon Vance McAlvay, A. B., LL. B., Professor of Law, 1808-. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Abthub Gbayes Canfield, a. M., Professor of Romance Languages, 1900-. 
Reuben Petebson, A. B., M. D., Bates Professor of the Diseases of Women and 

Children in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, 1901-. 
Bban Ttub Smith, B. S., M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in 

the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1901-. 

Acting Profeaaor of Surgerj in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1900-1001. 




P?-'J"-? -. . 


Robert Emmet Bunkeb, A. M., LL. B., Professor of Law, 10O1-. 
Fred Newton Scxxtt, Ph. D., Professor of Rhetoric, 1901-. 

Instructor In Engliah, 1889-00; Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, 1800-90; Junior Profossor 
of Rhetoric, 1896-1901. 


George Benjamin Merriman, A.M., Adjunct Professor of Physics, 1871-75. 

Washington, D. C. 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1866-71. 

*PiERRE Leslie Irving, A. M., Acting Professor of the English Language and 
Literature, 1873-74. 
Died at New Brighton, N. Y., April 14. 1891. 

Charles Kasson Wead, A. M., Acting Professor of Physics, 1877-85. 

Washington, D. C. 

•Byron William Cheever, A. M., M. D., Acting Professor of Metallurgy, 

Assistant In Chemical Laboratorj, 1878-81. Died at Ann Arbor, March 6, 1888. 

Calvin Brain ard Cady, Acting Professor of Music, 1886-88. Chicago, III. 

Instructor In Music, 1880-86. 

Myron Holley Parmelee, M. D., Acting Professor of Gynaecology and Ob- 
stetrics in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1895-97. Toledo, Ohio. 

James Giftord Lynds, M. D., Acting Professor of Gynaecology, 1897-98. 

Ann Arbor. 

Assistant to the Acting Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 
1888-91; Assistant to the Professor of Obstetrics and Dlsi^ases of Women, 1801-92: Demon- 
strator of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, 1892-93, 1806-97, 1809-1901; Di>mon8trator of 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 1893-96. 1898-99. 

Max Winkler, Ph.D., Acting Professor of German, 1900-. 

Instractor in German, 1890-92; 1803-06; Assistant Professor of German, 1890-1900. 
Perry Wessel Cornue, M. D., Acting Professor of Surgery in the Homoeo- 
pathio Medical College, 1900-. Ypsilanti, Bfich. 


Thboimre Andrews McGraw, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on Surgery, 1871-72. 

Detroit, Mich. 
President of Detroit College of Medicine. 

Burt Green Wilder, B. S., M. D., Lecturer on Physiology, 1876-77. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Professor of Neurology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Physiology in Cornell University. 

Frank Augustus Rockwith, M.D., Lecturer on Obstetrical Therapeutics in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1876-77. Saginaw, Mich. 

James Grant Gilchrist, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on Surgical Therapeutics in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1876-78. Iowa City, la. 

Professor of Snrgery and Surgical Gynaecology In the State UnlTersity of Iowa. 

•Herbert Tuttlb, A. M., Lecturer on International Law, 1880-81. 

Died at Bingbampton, N. Y., June 21, 1804. 

Henry C. Allen, M. D., Lecturer on Materia Medica, Pharmacology, and Clini- 
oal Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1881-84. Chicago, 111. 

Lectnrtr on liaterla Medica and Clinical Medldna in tlie HomoeofMtthic Medical College, 


.George Holmes Howison, LL. D., Lecturer on Psychology, Logic, and Specu- 
lative Philosophy, 1883-84. Berkeley, Cal. 

Mills Profeuor of Intellectaal and Moral Philoaophy and OItII Polity In DnlTeralty of 

Newton Baldwin, M. D., Lecturer on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women o/nd 
Children in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 188aP^5. >Coldwater, Mich. 

James Franklin Brown, M. D., Lecturer on Principles and Practice of Medi- 
cine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1884-85. Riverside, Cal. 

Henrt Billings Brown, LL. D., Lecturer on Admiralty Law, 1887-90; 1891-03. 

Washington, D. C. 
Lecturer on Admiralty and Patmt Law, 188(X-81. 

Melville Madison Bigelow, Ph.D., Lecturer on Insurance, 1888-39; 1891-. 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Lecturer on Eqnlty, 1887-88; on Torts and Wills, 1880-81. Professor in the Boston Dni- 
rersity School of Law. 

*WiLLiAM Gardiner Hammond, LL.D., Lecturer on the History of Common 

Law, 1887-90; 1891-04. 
Died at St. Lools, Mo., AprU 12, 1884. 

Joseph Weatherhead Warren, A. B., M. D., Lecturer on Physiology, 1888-89. 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Associate Professor of Physiology in Bryn Mawr College. 

J^ARCLAT Tennyson Trueblood, Ph. D., M. D., Lecturer on Medical Chemistry, 

1888-89. (KNeill, Neb. 

Lucius Lincoln Van Slyke, Ph. D., Lecturer on General Chemistry, 1888-89. 

Greneva, N. Y. 

Assistant In the Chemical Laboratory. 1881-8S. 

Marshall Davis Ewell, LL. D., Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence, 1890-06. 

Chicago, HI. 
*Saml^el Maxweix, Lecturer on Code Pleading, 1893-94. 

Lecturer on Code Pleading and Practice, 1880-83. Died at Fremont, Neb.. Feb. 11, 1901. 

** James Lambert High, LL. D., Lecturer on Injunctions and Receivers, 1892-08. 

Lecturer on Equity Jurisprudence, 1890-82. Died at Chicago, IlL, Oct. 8, 1886. 

William Fleming Bbeaket, M. D., Lecturer on Dermatology, 1890-. 

Prosector of Surgery and Associate Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1868-08. 

Walter Shield Christopher, M. D., Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of 
Medicine and Clinical Medicine, 1890-91. 406 Center St., Chicago, IlL 

Carroll Davidson Wright, A. M., Lecturer on Political Economy, 1890-91. 

Washington, D. C. 
Edwin Robert Anderson Selioman, LL. B., Ph. D., Lecturer on Political Econ- 
omy, 1890-91. New York, N. Y. 
Professor of Political Economy and Finance in Columbia University. 

John Bertrand Clayberg, LL. B., Lecturer on Mining Law, 1890-. 

Helena, Mont. 
Oscar Russell Long, M. D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases in the Homoeopathic 
Medical College, 1890-91, 1894-96, 1899-. Ionia, Mich. 

Lecturer on Mental and Nerroua Dlsesses in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1896-88. 

*Georoe Howard Lothrop, Ph. B., Lecturer on Patent Law, 1891-95. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., Not. 21, 1886. 

Henry Harrison Swan, A. M., Lecturer on Admiralty Law, 189^. 

Detroit, Mich. 


Frank Fbemoitt Reed, A. B., Lecturer on Copyright Law, 1895--. Chicago, HI. 
Albebt Henby Walkeb, LL. B., Lecturer on Patent Law, 1895-. 

Park Row Building, New York, N. Y. 
William Milan Edwabds, M. J),, Lecturer on Mental Diseases, 1898-. 

/ Kalamazoo, Mich. 

EDifUND Adolph Chbistian, a. B., M. D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases, 1898-. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
James Decree Munbon, M. D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases, 1898-. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Samuel Bell, M. D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases, 1898-99. Detroit, Mich. 

Henbt Bbooks Bakeb, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on the Administration of Health 

Laws, 1898-. Lansing, Mich. 

William Austin Polglase, M. D., Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of 

Medicine, and on Nervous Diseases, in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 

1899-. Lapeer, Mich. 

Dallas Boudeman, M. S., Lecturer on Michigan Statutes, 1899-. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Ltman Edoab Cooley, C. E., Lecturer on the Industrial Significance of Ship 

Canals, 1900-1901. Chicago, 111. 

Robebt Thomas Hill, B. S., Lecturer on the Commercial Significance of the 

West Indies for the United States, 1900-1901. Washington, D. C. 

Oliveb MircHELL We:»twobth Spbague, Ph.D., Lecturer on International 

Division of Labor, 1900-1901. Cambridge, Mass. 

Thomas Lyman Gbeene^ Lecturer on the Function of Finance in Industrial 

Organization, 1900-1901. New York, N. Y. 

Geoboe Lafayettte Chambeblain, M. D., Lecturer on Insanity, 1900-1901. 

Newberry, Mich. 
Hablow Palmeb Davock, C. E., M. S., Lecturer on Practice under Bankruptcy 
Law, 1901-. Detroit, Mich. 

Cbessy Livingston Wilbeb, M. D., Lecturer on Vital Statistics^ 1901-. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Etjjah Mabk Houghton, Ph. C, M. D., Lecturer on the Manufacture and 

Preparation of Medicines, 1901-. Detroit, Mich. 

Fbedebick Geobge Novy, So. D., M. D., Junior Professor of Hygiene and Physio- 
logical Chemistry, 1893-. 
iDBtnictor in Hyf^ione and PhynioloRlcal Chemistry, 1887-89; in Hygiene. 1889-91; Assist- 
ant Professor of Hygiene and Physiological Chemistry, 1801-03. 

Edwabd DeMille Campbell, B. S., Junior Professor of Analytical Chemistry, 

\B8lBtant Professor of Metmllargy, 1800-83; Junior I'rofessor of Metallurgy and Metallur- 
gical Chemistry, 1803-06. 

Fbed Manville Taylob, Ph. D., Junior Professor of Political Economy and Fi- 
nance, 1893-. 
lecturer on Political Economy, 1800-01; Assistant Professor of Political Economy and 
Finnuce, 1802-03. 

James ii. Fitzgebald, M.D., Director of the Gymnasium (with rank of Junior 
Professor from 1895), 1894-98. Boston, M-is^. 


Alexander Ziwet, C. E., Junior Professor of Mathematics, 1896-. 

Instnictor in Mathematics, 1888-80; Acting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1890-81; 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1891-88. 

George Washington Patterson, PhJ)., Junior Professor of Physics, 1897-. 

Instructor In Electrical Engineering, 1889-90; in Physics, 1890-91; Assistant Professor of 
Physics, 1881-87. 

Frederick Charles Newgombe, Ph. D., Junior Professor of Botany, 1897-. 

Instructor In Botany, 1880-82; Acting Assistant Professor of Botany, 1883-95; Assistant 
Professor of Botany, 1886-87. 

Allen Sisson Whitney, A. B., Junior Professor of the Science and the Art of 

Teaching, 1899-. 
Gotthelp Carl Huber, M.D., Junior Professor of Anatomy, 1899-. 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1887-89; Instructor In Histology, 1888-82; Assistant 
Professor of Histology, 1882-88; Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 1898-99; Director of the 
Histological Laboratory. 1898-. 

John Oren Reed, Ph. D., Junior Professor of Physics, 1899-. 

Instructor in Phiysics, 1892-94; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1894-88. 

Alfred Henrt Llotd, Ph. D., Junior Professor of Philosophy, 1899-. 

Instructor in Philosophy, 1881-84; Acting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1884-96; 
Acting Professor of Philosophy, 1895-96; Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1896-99. 

Herbert Charles Sadler, B. S., Junior Professor of Naval Architecture, 1900-. 
Joseph Horace Drake, Ph. D., Junior Professor of Latin and Roman Laic, 

Instructor in Latin 1888-80; Assistant Professor of Latin, 1890-1900; Assistant Profesftor 
of Latin and Lecturer on Roman Law, 1900-1901. 


Alfred Du Bois, A. M., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1857-63. 

Graniteville, Cal. 

Assistant to the Professor of Chemistry, 1865-57. 
♦Datus Chase Brooks, A. M., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and English Lit- 
erature, 1857-63. 

Assistant in Greek and Rhetoric, 1856-57; Librarian, 1803-61. Died at Saranac, N. ¥., 
Aug. 1, 1801. 

John Emory Clark, A. B., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1857-59. 

New Haven, Conn. 
Professor of Mathematics in the Sheffield Scientific School since 1873. 

^Allen Jeremiah Curtis, A. M., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and English 
Literature, 1865-67. 

Instructor in Rhetoric and Mathematics, 1863-66. Died at Washington, Mich., Dec. 
28, 1871. 

Stillman Williams Robinson, C. E., Assistant Professor of Mining Engineer- 
ing and Geodesy, 1867-70. Columbus, Ohio. 

Assistant in CiTll Engineering, 186&-^. Resigned to accept the Chair of Mechanical Engi- 
neering in the Industrial University of Illinuls. Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
ing in the Ohio State University. 

Charles DeWitt Lawton, A. M., C. E., Assistant Professor of Engineering, 

1870-71. Lawton. Mich. 

Regent of the UnlTertlty, 1888-. 

Preston Benjamin Rose, A.M., M. D., Assistant Professor of Physiological 

Chemistry and Toxicology, and Lecturer on Renal Diseases, 1879-81. 

Ann Arbor. 

Assistant in Chemistry, 1861-63; 1866-76; Assintant Professor of PhysioloKlcal Chemistry. 


Benjamin Chapman Bubt, A. M., Aaaistant Professor of English and Rhetoric, 

1881-87. Superior, Neb. 

Theodore John Wrampelmeieb, A. B., Ph. C, Assistant Professor of Organic 

Chemistry and Pharmacy, 1885-86. San Francisco, Cal. 

Instructor In Analytical Chemistry, 1881-89. 

Dewitt Bristol BrXce, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Physics, 1880. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Professor of Phjslca In the Unirersltj of Nebraska. 

Charles Mills Gatlet, A. B., Assistant Professor of English and Rhetoric, 
1887-89. Berkeley, Cal. 

Instructor in Latln» 1881 -M; Acting Assistant Professor of Latin, 1884-86. Professor of 
the English Language and Literature in the UniTcrslty of California. 

Paul Rousseau de Pont, A. B., B. S., Assistant Professor of French, and Regis- 
trar of the Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts, 1888-. 

Instructor In French and Drawing. 1871-72; in French. 1872-88. 

Leo Dwioht Miner, U. S. N., Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Marine 
Engineering, 1889-90. Care of Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

Lieutenant in United State* Nary. 

Frank Nelson Cole, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1890-95. 

Columbia University, New York, N. Y". 

Instructor in Mathematics. 1888-89; Acting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1889-00. 
Professor of Mathematics in Columbia Unlreraity. 

Alyiso Bubdett Stevens, Ph. C, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, 1892-. 

Instructor in Pharmacy, 1880-90; Lecturer on Pharmacy, 1890-92. 

*Carl William Belser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Oriental Languages, 

Instructor in German and French, 1889-90; in German and Hebrew, 1890-91. Died at 
Boulder, Colo., Jan. 24, 1898. 

Frank Caspar Wagner, A. M., B. S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engi- 
neering, 1891-96. Terre Haute, Ind. 

Associate Professor of Steam and Electrical Engineering in the Rose Polytechnic In- 

George Herbert Mead, A. B., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1893-94. 

Chicago, 111. 

Instructor in Philosophy, 1891-93. Aaaistant Professor of Philosophy in the UnWersity 
of Chlcaf 0. 

William Aulls Campbell, B. S., M. D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 1894- 
97. Muskegon, Mich. 

Assistant in Microscopy and Histology, 1883-88; Assistant to the Professor of Anatomy and 
Physiology, 1888-89; Instructor in Anatomy, 1889-91; Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1801-94. 

Dean Conant Worcester, A. B., Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1895-1900. 

Manila, P. I. 

Assistant in Botany, 1880-90; Instructor in Animal Morphology, 1893-94; Assistant Profes- 
sor of Animal Morphology, 1804-06. Resigned to accept position on the E^lipplne Islands 

Joseph Lyrrand Markley, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1896-. 

Instructor In Mathematics, 1800-96. 

Moritz Levi, A. B., Asftistant Professor of French, 1896-. 
Instructor In French, 1890-96. 


Julius Otto Scjhlottbbbeck, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmaoognoay 

and Botany, 1896-. 
AMlstant in Pharmacognoij and Pharmacy, 1888-90; Assistant in Pharmacognosy* 1891-82; 
Instructor in Pharmacognosy and Botany, 1898-96. 

Emobt Baib Lease, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Latin, 1896-97. 

Middletown, Conn. 

Instructor In Latin in Wesleyan University. 
Ernst Heinbich Mensel, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of German, 1899-1901. 

Northampton, Mass. 

Instructor in German, 1892-99. Resigned to accept Professorship of German in Smith 

Earle Wilbur Dow, A. B., Assistant Professor of History, 1899-. 

Instructor in History, 1892-99. 

Charles Hobton Coolet, Ph. D., AssistcMt Professor of Sociology, 1899-. 

Assistant in Political Economy, 1892-96; Instructor in Sociology, 1896-99. 
Aldred Soott Warthin, Ph. D., M. D., Assistant Professor of Pathology, 1899-. 

Assistant to the Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine* 
1891-92; Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine, 1892-96; Instructor in Pathology, 1896-99. 

Louis Phillips Hall, D. D. 8., Assistcmt Professor of Dental Anatomy, Opemh 
tive Technique, and OUnioal Operative Dentistry, 1899-. 

Assistant to the Professor of Clinical and Mechanical Dentistry. 1889-91; to the Profflssor 
of OperstiTS and Clinical Dentistry, 1891-98; Instructor in Dental Anatomy and OperstiT* 
Dentistry, 1898-97; in Dental Anatomy, Operative Technique, and Clinical OperatiTe Doitlstiy. 

Moses Gombero, Sc. D., Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, 1899-. 

Assistant in Organic Chemistry, 1890-98; Instructor in Organic Chemistry, 1898-96; 1897-99. 

John Robins Allen, M. E., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering^ 
Instructor in Mechanical Bagineering, 189<l-99. 

Benjamin Parsons Bourland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French, 1899- 
1901. Cleveland, O. 

Instructor in French, 1892-96; 1898-99. Associate Professor of Romance Languages in 
Western Reserre UnlTersity, 1901-^ 

Karl Eugen Guthe, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Physios, 1900-. 
Instructor in Physics, 189a-1990. 

Gborob Rebec, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1900-. 

Instructor in BngUsh, 1891-98; In PhUosophy, 1894-1900. 

Waltkr Bowers Pillsbuby, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Di- 
rector of the Psychological Laboratory, 1900-. 
Instructor In Psychology, 1897-1900. 

John Archibald Faibub, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Administrative Law, 

Edwin Chablbs Goooabd, Ph. B., LL. B., Assistant Professor of Law, 1900-. 

Instructor in Mathematics, 1896-1900. 

John Robebt Etfingeb, Jr. Ph. D., Assistant Professor of French, 1901-. 

Instructor in French, 1892-1901. 
Bdwabd Datid Jones, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Commerce and Industry,. 


Lecturer on the Industrial Resources of the United States, 1900-1901. 

Hebbebt Spenceb Jennings, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1901-. 

Assistant In luTertehrate Morphology, 1898-94; Instructor in Zoolof^y. 1899-1901. 


Samuel Lawrence Bioelow, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of General Chemistry, 

Initnictor in Goneral Chemistir, 189S-1901. 


John Mabtin Schaebeble, C.E., Acting Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 

1885-BO. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant In the Obserratoir, 1878-^8S; Instractor in Astronomy, 1886-88. Left to accept a 
position in the Lick Obsenratory. 

Walter Miller, A. M., Acting Assistant Professor of Latin, 1888-89. 

Stanford University, Oal. 

Instructor in Greek, 1886-87; in Latin, 1887-<88. Professor of Classical Philology in Leland 
Stanford, Junior, Unlrersity. 

George Hatfield Harrower, Ph. D., Acting AssistcMt Professor of Latin, 1888. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Elmer Ellsworth Brown, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor of the Science 
and the Art of Teaching, 1891-92. Berkeley, Cal. 

Professor of the Theory and Practice of Education in the Unirersity of California. 

David Ellsworth Spencer, A. M., Acting Assistant Professor of History, 1892- 

93. Stanford University, CaL 

Associate Professor of History In Leland Stanford, Innior, Unirersity. 
William Muss-Arnolt, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor of Oriental Lan- 
guages, 1893. Chicago, HI. 
Instructor in the UnlTersity of Chicago. 

Herman Vandenrurq Ames, Ph. D., Acting Assistant Professor of American 
History, 1893-94. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Instructor in History, 1891>88. Instructor In American History in the UnlTersity of Penn- 

Frank Haioh Dixon, Ph. D., Acting Assistant Professor of Political Economy, 
1897-98. Hanover, N. H. 

Assistant In Political Economy, 1892-80; Instructor in History, 1896-07. Assistant Profes- 
sor of Economics in Dartmouth College, and Secretary of the Tuck School. 

♦Jonathan Beach, 1843-44. 

Accidentally killed near Nashrllle, Mich., lone 19, 1893. 

*Bi7RRiTT Augustus Smith, A. B., Qreek and Latin, 1844-46. 

Died at Worcester, Mass., June 16, 1899. 

Fitch Reed Williams, A. B., Latin, 1858-60. Elk Rapids, Mich. 

Cleveland Abb£, A. B., Physios and Civil Engineering, 1859-60. 

Washington, D. C. 
Elmore Horton Wells, B. S., C. E., Engineering, 1864. Meshoppen, Pa. 

William Butler Morgan, C.E., A. M., Mathematics and Civil Engineering, 
1865-66. Lowell, Kan. 

Augustus Maasrerg, Ph.D., German, 1870-71. 
Jules Marius Deloulme, A.B., French, 1870. 

Jules Frederick Billard, A. M., French, 1870-72. Laurel, Md. 

Edward Laurens Mark, A. B., Mathematics, 1871-72. Cambridge, Mass. 

Hersey Professor of Anatomy In Harraid Unirersity. 

Rodert Harbison, A.M., Modem La/nguages and Literature, 1871-73. 

CO State St., Boston, Mass. 


Francis Adelbebt Blackburn, A. M., Latin, 1871-75. Chicago, 111. 

Auociate Profesaor of the Enffllsh Languaffe in the Unirerslty of Chicago. 

Mabcus Baker, A. B., Mathematica, 1871-73. Washington, D. C. 

Alfred Hennequin, Ph. D., French, 1872-76; French and Oerman, 1875-88. 

Boston, Mass. 
Austin Scott, Ph. D., Oerman, 1873-75. New Brunswick, N. J. 

Presideot of Ratgen College. 

John Lord Gilpatrick, A. M., Mathematics, 1873-74. Granville, Ohio. 

Professor of Mathematics in Denlson Universltj since 1874. 
Seneca Haselton, A. B., Mathematics, 1873-74. Burlington, Vt. 

Henrt Fairfield Burton, A. M., Latin, 1874-75. Rochester, N. Y. 

Professor of Latin in the Unireraity of Rochester. 
John Jamison Mapel, A.M., Oerman and French, 1875-76. Milwaukee, Wis. 
*George a. Hendricks, M. D., Anatomy, 1882-88. 

Died at Minneapolis* Minn., Sept. 26, 1889. 

Benjamin Leonard D'Oooe, A. M., Latin, 1884-86. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Professor of the Latin and Greek Languages in Michigan State Normal College. 

Homer Hitchcock Kingslet, A. B., Mathematics, 1884-86. Evanston, HI. 

Superintendent of Schools, Branston, since 1886. 

Alrert Stanley Dolan, M. D., Pharmacology, 1884-85. Patton^ Cal. 

Arthur William Burnett, A.B., English and Oerman, 1885-87; English, 

1887-88. New York, N.Y. 

Howard Aters, Ph. D., Zoology, 1885-^6. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

President of the Univertlty of Cincinnati. 

Stedman Willard Clary, A. M., Modem Languages, 1887-88 ; OemuM, 1888- 

89. 110 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Frederic Leonard Washrurn, A. B., Zoology, 1887-88. Eugene, Ore. 

Professor of Biology in the UnlTersity of Oregon. 
*LuDOVio Estes, A.M., Mathematics, 1887-88. 

Died at Grand Forks, N. D.. March 11» 1808. 
Conrad Georo, M.D., Materia Medioa, 1887-89; Materia Medioa and Thera- 
peutics, 1889-90. Ann Arbor. 
Joseph Flayius McCulloch, A. B., Mathematics, 1887-88. Greensboro, N. C. 
WnxisTON Samuel Hough, Ph.M., Philosophy, 1888-89. New York, N. Y. 
Alexander Frederick Lange, A. M., English, 1888-89; Oerman and Anglo- 
tiaaoon, 1889-90. Berkeley, Cal. 

Associate Professor of Rngltsh and Scandinarlan Philology in the Unirerslty of California. 

William Wallace Camprell, B. S., Astronomy, 1888-91. 

Mount Hamilton, CaL 
Director of the Lick Obserratory. 

Charles Puryear, A. M., C. E., Mathematics, 1888-89. College Station, Tex. 

Professor of Mathematics In the Agricoltnral and Mechanical College of Texas. 
^Thomas McCare, Ph. D., French, 1888-89. 

Died at Bryn Mawr, Pa., Feb. 22, 1891. 

George Walton Whyte, B. S., Metallurgy, 1888-89 ; Metallurgy and Assaying, 
1889-90. Camden, N. J. 

David Henry Browne, Ph. B., Qualitative Analysis, 1888-89. Cleveland, Ohio. 
^Elmer Sanford, B. S., Physiology, 1888-89. 

Died at Ann Arbor, Feb. 15, 1880. 


Lewis Addison Rhoades, A. M., GemuM, 1888-90. Urbana, III. 

Professor of the German Langnmge and Literature in tlie Unlrerslty of Illinois. 

Philifpe Belknap Mabgou, Ph. D., French, 1889-90. Cambridge, Mass. 

Assistant Professor of Romance Lansnages in Harvard UnlTeralty. 

Charles Kino McGee, A.B., General Chemistry, 1889-91. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant in General Chemistry, 1882-89. 

Jahes Hatden Tufts, A. B., B. D., Philosophy, 1889-90. Chicago, 111. 

Professor of Philosophy in the UniTerslty of Chicago. 

Frank Clemes Smith, B. 8., Qualitative Analysis, 1889-90. Deadwood, S. D. 
Mkllen Woodman Haskkt.l, Ph. D., Mathematics, 1889-90. Berkeley, Cal. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Unlreraity of California. 

William Joseph Husset, B. S., Mathematics, 1889-91; Astronomy, 1891-92. 

Mount Hamilton, Cal. 
Acting Director of the Obserratory, 1891-82. Astronomer at the Lick Obserratorj. 

WnxARD Kimball Clement, Ph. D., Latin, 1890-93. Evanston, 111. 

Acting Professor of Latin In Northwestern Unirerslty. 

Edwin Whitfield Fat, Ph. D., Ancient Languages, 1890-91. Austin, Tex. 

Professor of Latin in the Unirerslty of Texas. 

Joseph Vhuebs Dennet, A. B., English, 1890-91. Columbus, Ohio. 

Professor of Rhetoric and the English Language in the Ohio State Unireralty. 

John Hanson Thomas MoPhebson, Ph. D., History, 1890-91. Athens, Ga. 

Professor of History and Political Science in the Uniyerslty of Georgia. 

Charles Carroll Marden, A. B., French, 1890-91. Baltimore, Md. 

Associate in Romance Languages in Johns Hopkins Unirerslty. 

Frederick Charles Hicks, Ph. D., Political Economy, 1890-91. 

Cincinnati, O. 

Assistant in Political Economy, 1888-M. Professor of Economics and Cirics in the Uni- 
▼enity of OinclimatL 

Feed Morlet, C. E., Descriptive Geometry and Drawing, 1890-94. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Assistant in Drawing and Surreylng, 1888-90. 

Glen Levin Swigoett, A. B., German and French, 1890-92. LaFayette, Ind. 

Professor of German and Spanish in Purdue UniTersity. 

Elmer Adelbert Lyman, A. B., Mathematics, 1890-98. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Professor of Mathematics in Michigan State Normal College. 

William Hittell Sherzer, M. S., Geology, 1891-92. Ypsilanti. Mich. 

Instructor In Geology and Palaeontology, lSOO-81 (second semester). Professor of Natural 
Sciences in Michigan State Normal CoUege. 

*HiRAM Allen Sorer, A. B., Greek and Latin, 1891-93. 

Assistant Professor in Unirerslty of Wisconsin. Died at Davenport, Iowa, Sopt. 10, 10a(». 

Frank Alsworth Waples, B. S., Histology, 1891-92. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Assistant in Physiology, 1889-81. 

George Oswm Hiolet, M. S., General Chemistry, 1891-. 

Arthxtr Graham Hall, B. S., Mathematics, 1891-93; 1894-. 

Ratmono Leslie Weeks, A. M., French, 1891-93. Columbia, Mo. 

Professor of Ronumce Languages in the Unirerslty of the State of Missouri. 

Jonathan Augustus Charles Hildner, Ph. D., German, 1891-97 ; 1899-. 
Louis Murbach, Ph. B., B. S., Morphology, 1891-92. Detroit, Mich. 


Simon Mknno Yutzy, M. D., Osteology, 1891-95; 1896-97; Anatomy, 1895-96; 

Ani«tant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1891-09; 1896-97; Assistant to the Professor of Anat- 
omy and Physiology, 1801-94: Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1897-. 

£bnst Kabl Johann Heinbich Voss, Oernum, 1891-93; 1895-96. 

Madison, Wis. 
Associate Professor of the German Language and Literature in the Unlrersitj of Wisconsin. 

David Mabtin Lichtt, M. S., General Chemistry, 1891-. 

George Herbebt Rowe, B. S., Electrical Engineering, 1892-93. Boulder, Colo. 

Assistant to the Professor of Physics, 1891-92. Professor of Electrical Engineering in the 
University of Colorado. 

Mabtin Lutheb Belseb, M. D., Pathology, 1892-95. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant to the Professor of Pathology, 1891-02; Demonstrator of Autopsies, 1894-96. 
*L0BENZ0 NiCKEBSON JoHNSON, A. M., Botony, 1892-96. 

Died at Boulder, Colo., Feb. 27, 1897. 

Herbebt Fletcheb DeCou, A. M., Greek and Sanskrit, 1892-93; 1894-05; 
Greek, 1893-94; 1899-1900. Athens, Greece. 

Secretary of the American School of Classical Studies. 

Elmeb Louis Allor, B.8., Astronomy, 1892-93. Detroit, Mich. 

Henby Baldwin Wabd, Ph. D., Morphology, 1892-93. Lincoln, Neb. 

Professor of Zoology in the UniTersity of Nebraska. 

Lawbencb McLouth, A. B., German, 1892-95. New York, N. Y. 

Professor of the German Language and Literature in New York Unirersity. 

Geobob Fbedebiok Metzleb, Ph. D., Mathematics, 1892-93. Toronto, Canada. 

student of Theology in Victoria College. 

PoMEBOY Ladue, B. S., Mathematics, 1893-94. New York, N. Y. 

Professor of Mathematics in New York Unirersity. 

Eugene Leseb, Ph. D., French, 1893-94. Bloomington, Ind. 

Assistant Professor of German in Indiana Unirersity. 

Gboboe Ellsworth Dawson, A. B., English, 1893-95. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Professor of Psychology in Bible Normal College. Springfield, Mass.. 1897-1901. 
Clabenge Gboboe Wbentmobe, M. S., Descriptive Geometry and Dnnoing, 

Tobias Diekhoff, Ph. D., German, 189^. 
Geoboe Abbam Milleb, Ph. D., Mathematics, 1893-95. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Instructor in Mathematics in Cornell Unirersity. 

Mabshall Stewabt Bbown, a. M., History, 1893-94. New York, N. Y. 

Professor of History and Political Economy in New York Unirersity. 

William Fbanklin Edwabds, B. S., Organic Chemistry, 1893-95. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Accountant in the Chemical Laboratory, 1888-9S. 

WiLUAM Blaib, M. D., Electrotherapeutics, 1893-94. Ann Arbor. 

Sidney Dean Townley, Sc. D., Astronomy, 1893-95; 1896-98. Berkeley, Gal. 

Instructor in Practical Astronomy in the Unirersity of California. 

Henby Abthub Sandebs, Ph. D., Latin, 1893-95 ; 1899-. 

Clabence Linton Meadeb, Ph.D., Latin, 1893-. 

Chablks Atwood Kofoh), Ph. D., Vertebrate Morphology, 1894-95. 

Urbana, Dl. 

Assistant Professor of Zoology In the Unirersity of Illinois. 

Wallace Stedman Eldex, A.M., French, 1894-96. Columbus, O. 

Assistant Professor in Ohio State Unirersity. 



John William Dwyeb, LL.M., L<iw, 1894-. 

QulsmaBter in Law, 1892-04. 

Thomas Welbubn Hughes, LL. M., Law, 1894-98. UrbaDa, HI. 

Quizmaster in Law, 1893-04. Profenor of Law in the Unireraity of Illlnola. 

♦Walter Denton Smith, LL. B., Lcmo, 1894-96. 

Died at Galesbarg, Mich.. Sept. 20. 1806. 

William Dawson Johnston, A. M., History, 1894-97. Providence, R. I. 

Instructor In History In Brown Unirersity. 

Fbank Rattbat Lillie, Ph. D., Zoology, 1894-99. Chicago, 111. 

Assistant Professor of Zoology In tlie Unireraity of Chicago. 

Daniel Benjamin Luten, B. S., Engineering, 1894-96. LaFayette, Ind. 

Instructor in Sanitary Engineering in Pnrdoe Unireraity. 
John Bigham, Ph. D., Philosophy, 1894-95. Ann Arbor. 

Keene Fitzpatrick, Instructor in Oymnasium, 1894-96. Ann Arbor. 

Acting Director of the Oymnaslom, 1808-00; Director of the Waterman Gymnasium, 1800-. 

William Henry Watt, Ph. D., Oreek and Sanskrit, 1896-96; Oreek, Latin, and 

Sanskrit, 1896-1901 ; German, 1901-. 
James Waterman Glover, Ph. D., Mathematics, 1896-. 
Louis A. Strauss, Ph. D., English, 1896-. 

Assistant in English, 1893-05. 

*Charles Robert Gillis, Ph. B., Astronomy, 1896-96. 

Died at Waahington, D. C, July 20, 1000. 

Edgar Ewing Brandon, A. M., French, 1896-96; 1897-98. Oxford, O. 

Professor of French in Miami Unireraity. 

Henry Frederick Lewis Reichlb, A. M., Latin, 1896-96; 1897-98. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Edgar Pierce, Ph. D., Philosophy, 1896-96. Boston, Mass. 

Herbert Jay Goulding, B. S., Desoriptii>e Geometry and Drawing, 1896-. 
Henry Livingston Coar, A. M., Mathematics, 1896-97. Urbana, 111. 

Instructor in Mathematics In the Unireraity of IlUnois. 

Victor Emmanuel Francois, French, 1896-. 

Perry Fox Trowbridge, Ph. B., Orgcmio Chemistry, 1896-1902. Croawell, Mich. 

Assistant in Qualitatire Chemistry, 1803-05; Accountant in the Chemical Laboratory, 1805- 

Pbnoyer Levi Sherman, Ph. D., General Chemistry, 1896-99. Manila, P. I. 

Assistant in General Chemistry. 1805-06. 

David Lake Davoll, Ph. 0., Organic Chemistry, 1896-97. Chicago, 111. 

Assistant in Qualitatire Analysis, 1803-04. Assistant Professor of Applied Pharmaceutical 
Chemistry in Northwestern Unireraity. 

Abthxtr Laohman, Ph.D., General Chemistry, 1896-97. Eugene, Ore. 

Assistant in General Chemistry, 1806. Professor of Chemistry In the Unireraity of Oregon. 

Charles Edward St. John, Ph. D., Physics, 1896-97. Oberlin, Ohio. 

Professor of Physics and Astronomy in Oberlln College. 

Otto Edward Lessing, A. B., German, 1896-98. Madison, Wis. 

Instructor in German in the Unireraity of Wisconsin. 

Herbert Harold Watte, A. B., Bacteriology, 1896-1901. Asheville, N. C. 

John Theodore Faig, M. E., Mechanical Engineering, 1896-98. 

Lexington, Ky. 
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the State College of Kentucky. 

Charles Armand Rabethge, M. D., Instructor in Gymnasium, 1896-99. 

Rainsford Island, Boston, Mass. 


Thsodobe Clabke Smith, Ph.D., History, 1897-98. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Initractor In Hlstorj in Vassar GoUege. 

Wabben Washburn Flobeb, Ph. D., Oermcm, 1897-. 

Albebt John Fabbah, LL. B., Law, 1897-1900. De Land, Fla. 

Dean of tbe Law Dei>artineiit of Stetson Unlyerslty. 

Edwin Gabl Roeddeb, Ph. D., Oerman, 1897-1900. Madison, Wis. 

Anlstant in German, 1895-86. Instructor in German in the UniTeralty of Wisconsin. 

Alfbed Holmes White, A. B., Chemical Technology, 1897-. 

Walteb Dennison, Ph. D., Latin, 1897-99. Oberlin, Ohio. 

Associate Professor of Latin in Oberlin College. 
*Cabbpll Dunham Jones, E. E., Electrical Engineering, 1897-1901. 

Died at Saranac Lake, N. Y., July 30, 1001. 

John Stbono Pebbt Tatlock, A. M., English, 1897-. 

•Fanny Elizabeth Lanooon, M. S., Botany, 1897-98 ; Zoology, 1898-99. 

Assistant in Botany, 1896-87. Died at Ann Arbor, Oct. 21, 1899. 
John Edwabd Lautneb, M. L., Oerman, 1897-99. St. Louis, Mo. 

John Black Johnston, Ph. B., Zoology, 1897-99. Morgantown, W. Va. 

Assistant in Inrertebrate Morphology, 1893-96; Zoological Assistant in General Biology, 
1895-97. Professor of Zoology in the University of West Virginia. 

Alice Gbay Snyder, M.D., Instructor m Barbour Oymnasium, 1897-. 
Wilbxtb Cobtez Abbott, B. Litt., History, 1897-99. Hanover, N. H. 

Assistant Professor of History tn Dartmouth College. 

Albebt Jebemiah Elliott, M.D., Pathology (in Homoeopathic Medical Coh 
lege), 1897-98. Ann Arbor. 

James Babkley Pollock, Sc. D., Botany, 1898-. 

Assistant in Botany, 1886-87. 
JSWALD Boucke, Ph. D., German, 1898-. 

Augustus Tbowbbidge, Ph. D., Physics, 1898-1900. Madison, Wis. 

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Physics in the Unlvurslty of Wisconsin. 
OoLMAN Dudley Frank, Ph. B., French, 1898-99; French and Spanish, 1901-. 

William Henby Butts, A. M., Mathematics, 1898-. 

Albebt Wubts Whitney, A. B., Mathematics, 1898-99. Berkeley, Cal. 

Instructor in Mathematics in the UnlTersity of California. 

Ebnst John Fluegel, Ph. D., Oerman, 1898-99. LaFayette, Ind. 

Professor of Oerman in Pnrdne Unireralty. 

Hamilton Gbeenwood Tembeblake, A. B., M. S., Botany, 1898-99. 

Madison, Wis. 
Instmctor in Botany in the Unirersity of Wisconsin. 
JuuA Wabneb Snow, Ph. D., Botany, 1898-1900. Rockford, 111. 

Head of the Dei>artment of Biology in Bockford College. 

Robebt Clabk Stevens, A. B., B. S., Mechanical Engineering, 1898-99. 

Rockford, III. 

Abohibald Campbell, Ph. M., Organic Chemistry, 1898-99. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Assistant in QoalltaBTe Chemistry, 1896-88. Accountant in the Chemical Laboratory, 

John Romain Rood, LL. B., Law, 1898-. 

Shibley Wheeleb Smith, A. M., English, 1898-1901. Ann Arbor. 

Hugo Paul Thieme, Ph. D., French, 1898-. 

Geobgk Lyman Gbimes, B. S., Mechanical Engineering, 1898-1901. 

Kewanee, 111. 
Cabl Vebnon Toweb, Ph. D., Philosophy, 1898-1900. Hingham, Mass. 

John Evenson Gbanbxtd, Ph. D., Latin, 1898-99. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Assistant in Latin, 1887-88. Instructor in Latin in the Unirersity of Minnesota. 

Hkbman Albebt Zettz, Music, 1899. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thomas Edwabd Oliveb, Ph. D., French, 1899-1900. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Instroetor in Romance Langaagss in Western Beserre Unirersity. 


Christian Frederick Gauss, A. M., French, 1899-1901. South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Instnictor In French in Lehigh UnlTenity. 

James Rae Asneill, A. B., M. D., Olinioal Medicine, 1899-. 

Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine, 1887-09. 

Benjamin Franklin Bailey, B. S., Eleotroiherapeutioa, 1899-. 
Robert Collyer Bourland, A. B., M. D., Anatomy, 1899-. 

AMdatant Demonatrator of Anatomy, 1897-88. 

Eugene Cornelius Sullivan, Ph. D., Analyiioal Chemistry, 1899-. 

Henry Clay Anderson, M. E., Mechanical Engineering, 1899-. 

Arthur Lyon Cross, Ph. D., History, 1899-. 

George Augustus Hulbtt, Ph. D., General Chemistry, 1899-. 

Samuel Jackson Holmes, Ph. D., Zoology, 1899-. 

John Dieterle, A.B., German, 1899-. 

Charles May Williams, Instructor in Gymnasium, 1899-1901. 

Karl Wilhelm Genthe, Ph.D., Zoology, 1900-1901. Hartford, Conn. 

Inatnictor in Zoology in Trinity College. 

Aijoe Louise Hunt, Drawing, 1899-. 

Aaaiatant in Drawing, 1888-88. 
DuANE Reed Stuart, A. B., Latin, 1900-1901. Ann Arbor. 

Frederick Levy Dunlap, Sc. D., General Chemistry, 1900-. 

Edward Brind Esoott, M.S., Mathema^tics, 1900-. 

William Marshall, M. S., Mathematics, 1900-. 

Herbert DeWitt Carrinoton, Ph. D., German, 1900-. 

George Kimball Burgess, B. S.. Physics, 1900-1901. Berkeley, CaU 

Inatmctor in Thyalca in the UnlTeralty of California. 

Carl Frederick Augustus Lange, A. M., German, 1900-. 
Fbed May Green, B. S., Civil Engineering, 1900-. 
Walter Burton Ford, A.M., Mathematics, 1900-. 
Vernon Justin Willey, B. S., Electrotherapeutics, 1901-. 
Edson Read Sunderland, A. M., LL. B., Law, 1901-. 
CHARI.BS Albert Davis, A. M., Forestry, 190 1-. 
Harrison McAllester Randall, Ph. M., Physics, 1901-. 
Joseph Morris Thomas, Ph. B., English, 1901-. 
William Edward Bohn, A. M., English, 1901-. 
Royal Albert Abbott, Ph. B., English, 1901-. 
WiNTHROP Holt Chenery, A. M., French, 1901-. 
Clarence Burton Morrill, B. L., English, 1901-. 
Carl Edgar Eggebt, Ph. D., German, 1901-. 
*Homer Jay Parker, M. E., Mechanical Engineering, 1901. 
Died at Ann Arbor, Not. 27, 1901. 

John William Scholl, A. B., German, 1901-. 

George Augustus May, M. D., Instructor in Gymnasium , 1901-. 

John Charles Thorpe, B. 8., Mechanical Engineering, 1901-. 


*Rsv. Henry Cololazer, 1837-45 *Joseph Hardcastls Vance, 1854-6d 

*Rsv. George Palmer Will- *John Livingston Tappait, 

iamb, LLJD., 1845-18 A.M., 1866-63 

*Abbam Sager, A.M., M.D. 1848-50 •Datus Chare Brooks. A.M., 1863-64 

*Rev. Andrew Ten Brook, *Rev. Andrew Ten Brook, 

AJil., 1850-51 A.M., 1864-7T 

•Rev. Daniel Denison Whe- Raymond Cazallis Davis, 

DON, DJ)., 1861 A.M., 1877- 

^Louis Fasquelle, LL.D., 1862-64 










^Chables Alexander Glabk, A.B., d. 

Freeport, III., 1864. 
•JuDSON DwioHT Collins, A.B., d. 

Lyndon, Mich., May, 1852. 
*Thoma8 Barnes Cummino, A.B., d. 

Omaha, Neb., March 23, 1858. 
Edmund Fish, A.B., A.M. '54. Sur- 
veyor and fruit-grower. 

Hillsboro, 111. 
'Merchant Huxford Goodrich, A.B., 

A.M. '49, d. Ann Arbor. Feb. 19, 

♦Edwin Apollo Lawrence, A.B., d. 

San Francisco, Cal., June 10, 1886. 
♦John D. McKay, A.B., AM, '61, d. 

St. Louis, Mo., 1874. 
♦Fletcher Osceola Marsh, A.B., 

A.M. '54, d. New Orleans, La., 

March 25, 1893. 
♦George Edgar Parmelee, A.B., A.M. 

'50, d. San Francisco, Cal., May 1, 

♦George Washington Pray, A.B., 

A.M. '63, M.D. (West. Res.) '48, d. 

Woodard Lake, Mich., Jan. 27, 1890. 
♦Paul Wideman Huntington 

Rawles, A.B., d. Farmington, 

Mich., 1849. 
♦William Bkigham Wesson, A.B. '73 

(nunc pro tunc), d. Detroit, Mich., 

June 18, 1890. 


George Pomeroy Androus, A.B. Law- 
yer. 19 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 

George Loomis Becker, A.B. Chair- 
man of State Board of railroad and 
warehouse commissioners. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Philander Goodrich Buchanan, 
A.B., A.M. '50. M. E. clergyman. 

Berkeley, Cal. 

♦Edwin Silas Dunham, A.B., A.M. 
'60, d. Lawton, Mich., Aug. 4, 1900. 

tCHARLES James Hunt, A.B. Capt. 
7th Mich. Inf. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•James Sheldon Mitchi-xl, A.B., d. 
Greenwich, O., 1848. 

♦fMARK Anthony Mosher, A.B., 
A.M. '66. Surg. 20th Wis. Inf., d. 
Austin, 111., Sept. 12, 1899. 

♦Charles Wing Noble, A.B., A.M. 
'61, d. Detroit, Mich., Apr. 18, 1891. 

♦William Walbridge Perry, A.B., 
A.M. '69, M.D. (Rush) '50, d. Han- 
cock, Mich., Dec. 29, 1877. 

♦William Wallace Phelps, A.B., 
A.M. '54. Rep. from Minnesota in 
35th Cong. (1857-59), d. Spring 
Lake, Mich., Aug. 4, 1873. 

•Homer French Schoff, A.B., A.M. 
'61, d. Chicago, III., May 25, 1877. 

Savillon Story Schoff, A.B., A.M. 

'61. Journalist. 849 Locust Street, 

Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 

•WiNFiELD Smith, A.B., A.M. '49, d. 
Weston, London, England, Nov. 8, 

•James Monroe Walker, A.B., A.M. 
'50, d. Chicago, 111., Jan. 22, 1881. 

♦Adonijah Strong Welch, A.B., A.M. 
'52, LL.D. '78, LL.D. (Univ. of 

*The Bachelors' degrees In this Department are, Bacholor of Arts (A.B.), Bachelor of 
Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Philosophy (Ph.B.), snd Bachelor of Letters (B.L.). Beginning 
with 1001, a single degree Is conferred — Bachelor of Arts. 

The names of graduates of other Institutions who have taken advanced degrees In this De- 

girtment of the Unlrerslty are Included In a special list of graduate students following the 
lass of 1901. 
An Italic letter with figures following Indicates matriculation In some other department of 
the Dnlyerslty; e denoting the Department of Engineering; m, the Department of Medicine and 
Bnrmerj; I, the Department of Law; p, the School of Pharmacy; h, the Homoeopathic Medical 
Oolleffe; tf, the College of Dental Surgery. 





Iowa) 73, U. S. Senator from Flor- 
ida, 1868-69, d. Pasadena, Cal., 
March 14, 1889. 

Natuandel West, A.B., A.M., *50, 
D.D. (Princeton) '60. Presb. cler- 
gyman. Clifton Springs, N. Y. 

•James Olin Whittemore, A.B., d. 
Ovid, Mich., June 7, 1889. 


•Chester Dayton Ilost Alexander, 
A.B., d. Adrian, Mich., Sept 5,1860. 

•Daniel Bishop Brown, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Nov. 24, 1901. 

♦Edmund Potts Christian, A.B., 
A.M. '54, M.D. ( Buffalo) '52, d. 
Wyandotte, Mich., Nov. 17, 1896. 

•Franklin Benjamin Collins, A.B., 
A.M., '51, d. Pittsfield, Mich., March 
13, 1857. 

Seneca Ewer, A.B. Vineyardist. 

St. Helena, Cal. 

•Eno Lesley Freeman, A.B.,d.North- 
ville, Tenn., Feb. 24, 1892. 

•Simon Shailoe Hall, A.B. 

♦John Bonaparte Mters, A.B. 

•John Stouohton Newberry, A.B., 
A.M. '54. Rep. from Michigan in the 
46th Cong. (1879-81), d. Detroit, 
Mich., Jan. 2, 1887. 


A.B., A.M. (Madison Uniy.) '57, 

D.D. (Franklin Coll.) '73. Lieut. 

Col. 13th Mich. Inf. 1863. Baptist 

clergyman. National City, Cal. 

^Fraihcun Lbonidas Pabkeb,* A.B., 

AJii. '50, d. Ann Arbor, Feb. 19, 

"Philander Chase S afford, A.B., d. 

Oberlin, 0., Nov. 8, 1850. 


David Maok Cooper, A.B., DJ). (Alma 

Coll.) '92. Presb. clergyman. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Alfred DuBois A.B., AM,, '54. ( See 

Faculties, p. 19.) Mining enj]jineer. 

Graniteville, Cal. 
•James Ariosto Duncan, A.B., d. San 

Antonio, Tex., 1850. 
•William Garwood, A.B., A.M. '51, 

M.D. '55, d. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 30, 

♦James Landreth, A.B., A.M. '51, d. 

Canisteo, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1894. 
♦Peter Erskine Latimer, A.B., d. 


•fWELLs Ransom Marsh, A.B., A.M. 

'58, Surg. 2d Iowa Inf., d. Crystal 

Falls, N. Y., 1870. 
Sidney David Miller, A.B., A.M. '54. 

Banker and lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
•fJoHN Cross Norton,A.B., A.M. '51. 

M.D. '52 ; Assist. Surg. U. S. A. 
•fBENJAMiN Franklin Parks, A.B., 

A.M. '60; Lieut. Col. 13th 111. Inf., 

d. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 11, 1899. 
tWYLLYS Cadwell Ransom, A.B., 

A.M. {hon.) '95. Maj. 6th Kan. 

Cav. St. Joseph, Mich. 

fHoRATio Watts Shaw, A.B., A.M., 

'54. Chaplain 29th Ind. Inf. Presb. 

clergyman. Worcester, N. Y. 

Joseph Rowe Smith, A.B., A.M. '52, 

LL.D. '01, M.D. (Buffalo) '53; Colo- 
nel and Assist. Surg. General U. S. 

A. 1890. Retired. 

2300 De Lancey St., Phila., Pa. 
* Edward Tenny, A.B., A.M. '54, d. 

Holly, Mich., June 23, 1900. 
•William Howard Wait, A.B., d. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., March 13, 1886. 
•f James B. Witheret.l, A .B.,drowned 

in the Rio Grande, March, 1861. 


fEDMUND Andrews, A.B., A.M. '52, 
M.D. '52, LL.D. '81. (See Faculties, 
p. 8.) Surg. 1st 111. Art. Physi- 
cian. Chicago, 111. 

♦Ephraim Baldwin A.B., d. Maybee, 
Mich., July 17, 1889. 

•Charles Beckwith, A.B., d. Buffalo, 
N. Y., March 9, 1895. 

James [Spencer] Cannon Beekman, 
A.B., A.M. '61. 

2255 S. Park Ave., Chicago, lU. 

•Thomas Selkirk Blackmar, A.B., 
A.M. '64, d. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 27, 

•Henry Chase, A.B., A.M. '53, d. De- 
troit, Mich., Sept. 30, 1858. 

♦Theodore Russell Chase, A.B., 
A.M. '52, d. Detroit, Mich., Feb, 9, 

♦Lyman Cochrane, A.B., A.M. '53, 
LL.B. (Ballston Law School) '52, d. 
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 5, 1879. 

♦Jerome Dexter, A.B., d. 1850. 

♦Park Shattuck Donelson, A.H., 
D.D. (Asbury Uniy.) '59, d. Dexter, 
Mich., May 6, 1882. 

♦Charles Patterson Felch, A.B., d. 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 1, 1892. 

♦Douglass Gibson, A.B., d. Jackson, 
Mich., June 6, 1886. 





•WnuAM G. Goodwin, A.B., A.M. 

'60, d. 1866. 
BABzn.T.Ai Gbat, A.B. Lawyer. 

Elansas City, Kan. 
HiRAic Hamiltdn, A.B., A.M. 77. 

Horticiilturist. Orange, Gal. 

'Gbobob Aabon Hinsdale, A.B., d. 

Pueblo, Colo., Jan. 15, 1874. 
^HosicEB Allen Johnson, A.B., A.M. 

'62, M.D. (Rush) '52, LL.D. 

(N. W. Univ.), d. Chicago, 111., Feb. 

26, 1891. 
•Calvin Schloatt Kinoslet, A.B., 

d. Idaho City, Idaho, Nov. 2, 1890. 
•fDwiBHT May, A.B.,A.M. '52. Brevet 

Brig.-Gen., 1865; Lieut.-Gov. of 

Mich., 1867-69; Atty.-Gen. of 

Mich., 1860-73, d. Kalamazoo, Mich., 

Jan. 28, 1880. 
Thomas Withgbell Palmer, A.B. '76 

(nunc pro tunc) . U. S. Senator from 

Michigan, 1883-89; U. S. Minister 

to Spain, 1889-90; Pres. World's 

Columbian Conmiission, 1890-08. 

Detroit, Mich. 
•Stephen Tillson, A.B., d. Onawa, 

Iowa, Nov., 1884. 
•Georob Phillips Tindall, A.B., 

A.M. '54, d. Sacramento, Cal., Sept. 

8, 1894. 
•fDAviD Davis Van Antwerp, A.B., 

A.M. '52, d. Idaho Springs, Colo. 

Dec. 20, 1887. 
•Daniel Wilkins, A.B., d. Chicago, 

111., Jan. 2, 1894. 


•fEDWARo Savage Bacon, A.B., Col. 
6th Mich. Inf. 1863, d. Niles, Mich., 
April 26, 1901. 

fGKRSHOM Morse Barber, A.B., A.M. 
'66. Brevet Brig.-Gen. U. S. Vols. 
1865. Cleveland, O. 

•Orlando Mack Barnes, A.B., A.M. 
'64, d. Lansing, ^ch.,Nov. 11, 1899. 

•William Cathcart, A.B., A.M. '53, 
d. Lima, Ind., May 16, 1870. 

•Lewis Ransom Fiske, A.B., A.M. '53, 
LLJ). '79, D.D. (Albion) '73. Presi- 
dent of Albion Coll., 1877-98, d. 
Denver, Colo., Feb. 14, 1901. 

•Samuel Harper, A.B., d. Orland, 
Ind., July 7, 1898. 

George Livinoston Leb, A.B. Re- 
tired lawyer. Glenwood, Cal. 

•John Watson McMath, A.B., Judge 
of Probate for Bay County, 1875-79, 
d. Bay City, Mich., June 21, 1900. 


William Austin Moore, A.B., AJf. 
'54. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Rich Pattison, A.B., AJiL 
'54. Baptist clergyman. 

Eustis, Fla. 

•Henry Harrison Powers, A.B., d. 
Ripley, Mis.s., June 20, 1868. 

•Charles John Wood, A.B., d. To- 
ledo, O., 1854. 


Joseph Webb Bancroft, A.B. P. E. 

clergyman. Hastings, Mich. 

•Chauncey Marvin Cady, A.B., A.M. 

'54, d. Asheville, N. C, June 16, 



d. Ann Arbor, Oct. 17, 18)9. 

♦Thomas Hathaway Hartwell, A.B., 
d. New York, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1900. 

•JosiAH Kellogg, A.B., d. Leaven- 
worth, Kan., Jan. 1, 1890. 

•fPHiLip McKernan, A.B., A.M. '60. 
Capt. 7th Mich. Inf., d. Camp Ben- 
ton, Maryland, Sept. 26, 1861. 

•George Willis Perry, A.B., d. Madi- 
son, Wis., Feb. 17, 1883. 

Frederick Bissell Porter, A.B., 
A.M. '54. Bookkeeper. 

186 Avery Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

•Arthur Draper Rich, A.B., A.M. 
'54, d. Chicago, 111., Oct. 22, 1900. 

♦Byron Gray Stout, A.B., A.M. '54, 
Rep. from Michigan in the 52d 
Cong. (1891-93), d. Pontiac, Mich., 
June 19, 1896. 


•fCHESTER Solon Armstrong, A.B., 
A.M. '57, D.D. (Hillsdale), Chap- 
lain 4th Mich. Cav., d. Battle Creek, 
Mich., Nov. 12, 1890. 

•fSETH Morse Barber,A.M.'71 {nunc 
pro tunc), A.M. (Denison) '52, Bre- 
vet Lieut.-Col. 1865, d. Norwalk, O., 
March 27, 1900. 

•fSiDNEY Alfred Bean, A.B. Lieut.- 
Col. 4th Wis. Inf. Killed in action 
at Port Hudson, La., May 29, 1863. 

•fWALKER Lindsley Bean, A.B. 
Lieut. 28th Wi). Inf., d. Columbus, 
Ky., Dec. 29, 1862. 

•Joseph Enos Bigelow, A. B., d. 
Memphis, Tenn., Jure 17, 1896. 

•Eenry tjPuY Dunning, A.B., d. 
Lodi, Mich., Sept. 18, 1852. 




Alfbxd Gideon Otis, A.B., LL.B., 

(Louisville) '54. Lawyer. 

Atchison, Kan. 
Bklyille Bobebts, A.B., A.M. '56. 

Preab. clergyman. Norristown, Pa. 
Edwin Watts Shaw, A.B., Cong. 

clergyman. Middleville, Men. 

♦Tillman Conklino Tbowbbidgb, 

A.B., LL.D. '80, d. Marash, Turkey, 

July 20, 1888. 


*JoHN FnxMOBB Beobxb, A.B., d. 

Superior, Wis., Aug. 22, 1855. 
♦Obrel Jackson Chapkl, A.B., d. 

Morrison, 111., Dec. 24, 1857. 
Henbt Mabttn Cheeveb, A.B., A.M. 

'56. Lawyer. Detroit, Mii?h. 


A.M. '56, d. Ypsilanti, Mich., Maich 
28, 1893. 

*tWALDO CxTBTis Daneels, A.B., MJ). 
(Buffalo) '54, d. Chicago, 111., Jan. 
26, 1882. 

*Jat Abel Hubbell, A.B., Rep. from 
Michigan in the 43d and four suc- 
ceeding Congresses (1873-83), d. 
Houpfhton, Mich., Oct. 13, 1900. 

tGEOBOE MiNOT Lane, A.B., A.M. '60. 
Brevet Maj. 1865. Retired. 

Detroit, Mich. 

^William B. McLbod, A.B., d. 1858. 

^Thoicas Spbnceb Ogden, A.B., A.M. 
'57. Went as missionary, under the 
Presb. Board, to the island of Cor* 
isco, where he d. about 1860. 

•Jabed Patchin, A.B., A.M. '6o, d. 
Detroit, Mich., Jan. 23, 1892. 

•UzziEL Putnam, A.B., A.M. '56, d. 
Pokagon, Mich., Feb. 10, 1879. 


Henbt Dekino Babteoloicew, A.B. 

Civil Engineer. Lansing, Mich. 

Harbison Wabd Bassett, A.B., A.M. 

'62. Farmer. Saline, Mich. 

^Lewis Bowden, A.B., d. Southamp- 
ton, N. Y., April 3, 1888. 
^Fbance Chandleb, A.B., d. St. loois. 

Mo., Aug. 21, 1894. 
•fWiLUAM Chandleb, A.B., A.M. '57, 

1st Lieut. 1st 111. Art., d. Cleveland, 

Ohio, 1868. 
Ceables Gbidlet Clabk, A.B., AJi. 

'57. 2830 Chicago Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Robinson Cook, A.B., A.M. '67, 
Lawyer. Washington, D. C. 


D.D. (Kansas) '73. Cong, clergy- 
man. Lawrence, Kan. 

Dabius James Davison, A.B. Clerk 
U. S. District Court. Detroit, Mich. 

Samuel Peabce Duffdeld, A.B., A.M. 
'57, Ph.D. (Giessen) '58, M.D. (De- 
troit Med. Coll.) '71. Physician 
and Chemist. Detroit, Mich. 

Edwabd Patson Evans, A.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 8.) 

Nymphenburg (near Munich) 


*tJ0HN QoMEB Evans, A.B. 2d 
Lieut. 4th Ohio Inf., d. Washington, 
D. C, Jan. 16, 1890. 

RoBEBT Cooper Gbieb, A.B. Secretary 
Board of Trade. Peoria, 111. 

Julius Stebling Mobton, A.B. '58 
{nunc pro tunc) , A.B. (Union) '56; 
LL.D. (Williams) '96. U. 8. Secre- 
tary of Agriculture, 1893-97. Farm- 
er and editor. Nebraska Citj, Neb. 

•RoswELL Davenport Pabkbr, A.B., 
A.M. '57, d. Manhattan, Elan., 
March 22, 1899. 

Nathaniel Pitcheb, A.B., A.M. '59. 
Accountant. Detroit, Mich. 

Asulet Pond, A.B. (See Faculties, 
p. 9. ) Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

*James Quick, A.B., d. Pomona, Cal., 
June 16, 1889. 

ILtman Richabdson, A.B. Capt. 1st 
Neb. Cav. Publisher. Omaha, Neb. 

•Chesteb Cobubn Wheeler, A.B., d. 
Northampton, Mass., June 7, 1890. 

Daniel Ltonabd Wood, A.B. (See 
Secretaries, p. 5. ) Indianapolis, Ind. 


Andbew Jackson Bioelow, A.B., 

A. M. '58. M. E. clergyman. 

Adrian, Mich. 
*tEDWABD Patson Clabk, A.B., A.M. 

'58, LL.B. '60. Sergt. 6th Mich. Inf. 

d. New Orleans, La., July 15, 1832. 
Charles Dunlap, A.B., A.M. *68. 

Presb. clergyman. 

Qrand Junction, Colo. 
*James Bioelow ELDBEDOE,A.B.,Judge 

of 16th Michigan Circuit, 1894-1900, 

d. Mt. Clemens, Mich., Feb. 18, 1901. 
Matthew Alonzo Gates, A.B., A.M. 

'61. Cong, clergyman. Dorset, Vt. 
Galucia Calvin Gibbs, A.B., A.M. *o8. 

Fanner. Big Beaver, Ifieh. 




Geobob Habteb, B.S. Teacher and 
fanner. Independence, Iowa. 

Matthias Habteb, B. S. Gardener. 

Halo, Summit Co., O. 

*tGHABLES Hkwitt, A.B., d. Knightt- 
town, Ind., Jan. 28, 1894. 

Mabcus LANS, A^., A.M. '62. P. E. 
clergyman. Freeport, 111. 

Augustus Mabsh, A.B., A.M. '58. 
Preeb. clergyman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Alexander Mabtin, A.B., A.M. '58, 
LL.B. (Harvard) '58, LL.D. (Mis- 
souri) 1890. Dean of the Law De- 
partment of the Univ. of Missouri. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Btbon Booth Nobthbop, A.B., A.M. 
'77. Cashier of Manufacturers' 
National Bank of Racine, since 
1871. Racine, Wis. 

*t Jasper Packard, A.B., Brevet Brig.- 
Gen., Rep. from Indiana in the 41st 
and two succeeding Congresses 
(1869-75), d. Indiana State Sol- 
diers' Home, Dec. 13, 1899. 

^Ehanuex Schmh), A.B., AM, '58, d. 
Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 28, 1896. 

Chables Toll, A.B., LL.B. (Albany) 
'58. Real estate. Monroe, Mich. 

♦Edwin Willits, A.B., A.M. '58, Rep. 
from Michigan in the 45th and two 
succeeding Congresses (1877-83); 
Princ.of Mich. State Normal School; 
President of Mich. Agr. Coll.; As- 
sistant Secretary of Agriculture, 
1889-95, d. Washington, D. C, Oct. 
23, 1896. 


♦fliEMON Barnes, A.B., A.M. '59, M.D. 
(Eel. Med. Inst.) '60, M.E. clergy- 
man, d. Tecumseh, Mich., Dec. 3, 

•Datus Chase Brooks, A.B., A.M. 
'59. (See Faculties, p. 19.) 

Van Buren Case, A.B., A.M. '60. 
Ranchman and stockraiser. 

Meadow Creek, Mon. 

Olivbr Newberry Chaffee, A.B.,A.M. 
'60. Insurance. Detroit, Mich. 

*Henbt Crane Champion, A.B., A.M. 
'60, d. Ypsilanti, Mich., March 
18, 1861. 

tJoHN Emort Clark, A.B., A.M. '59. 
Brevet Lieut. Col. 5th Mich. Cav., 
1865. (See Faculties, p. 19.) 

New Haven, Conn. 

tDuANE DOTT, A.B., AM. '69. Adjt. 

7th Mich. Cav. Civil Engineer of 

the Pullman Co. Pullman, 111. 

•Mason Gibes, A.B., A.M. '59, d. 

Homer, Mich., January 21, 1886. 
*Alvin S. Higoins, A.B., d. Chicago, 

111., Feb. 1, 1881. 
George Washington Hood, A.B., 

A.M. '59. Lansing, Mich. 

*t James Parnell Jones, A.B., AM. 

'60, Maj. 7th Maine Inf., was killed 

in action in front of Fort Stevens, 

Md., July 12, 1864. 
Marcus Albertus Osiris Packard, 

A.B., A.M. '59. Banker. 

39 Woodland Park, Chicago, 111. 
Francis Power, A.B., A.M. '59. Law- 
yer. Nevada City, Cal. 
*MiLT0N William Reynolds, A.B., 

A.M. '59, d. Edmond, Oki., Aug. 9, 

Frederic Rowe, A.B., A.M. '59. 

Farmer. Manchester, Mich. 

tJoHN QuiNCT Adams Se8sions,A.B., 

A.M. '59, 1st Lieut. 7th Mich. Cav. 

1862-65. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

•DwiQHT Delavan Stebbins, A.B., 

A.M. '60, M.D. '58, MJ). (Colum- 
bia) '60, d. Cairo, 111., July 18, 1862. 
^Ltman Addison Soule, A.B., <L 

Newark, N. J., Feb. 2, 1857. 
*tWiLLiAM WntT Wheeler, A.B., 

A.M. '60, LL.B. (Albany) '68. Col. 

28th Mich. Inf., d. Chicago, Ill.,Aug. 

29, 1874. 
*Samuel Holmes White, A.B., AM, 

'59, d. Peoria, 111., March 9, 1882. 


•John Barnard, A.B., A.M. '60, d. 

Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1863. 
*Henbt William Beeson, B.S., d. 

Detroit, Mich., Jan. 8, 1900. 
•Anson Brunson A.B., d. San Ber- 
nardino, Cal., Oct. 8, 1895. 
•Samuel Chapel, A.B., A.M. '76, d. 

Parma, Mich., May 16, 1895. 
•WiLLLAM F. Gushing, B.8., M.S. '60, 

d. South Bend, Ind., October 3, 1875. 
•fCusHMAN Kellogg Davis, A.B., 

LL.D. '86, 1st Lieut. 28th Wis. Inf., 

Governor of Minnesota, 1874-76; 

U. S. Senator from Minnesota 

1887-1900, d. St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 

27, 1900. 
Lorenzo Martel Gates, A.B., A.M. 

'60. Presb. clergyman. Lena, lU. 
James Alpheus Griffbs, A.B., AM. 

'60. Presb. clergyman. 

Braidentown, Fla. 




tLBVi Thomas Gmtfiw, A.B., AM. 
•60. Brevet Maj. 4th Mich. CaT. 
1865. Rep. from Michigan in the 
53d Congress ( 1893-95 ) . (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 12.) Lawyer. .^ ^. , 

Detroit, Mich. 

•tJosKPH M. Habbison, A.B., entered 

4th Mich. Cav. and d. Nashville, 

Tenn., Dec. 26, 1862. 
William Hnx, A.B. Agent of nursery 

stocks. 279 Plainfield Ave., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
•Tract Howe, A.B., d. Cambridge, 

Mass.. May 1, 1895. 


A.M. '65, 2d Lieut. 15th Ind. Inf., 
d. Nevada, Iowa, Oct 9, 1881. 

Lewis Whitney James, A.B., Presi- 
dent Saratoga Vichy Spring Co. 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

tOEORGE McQueen Landon, A.B., 
Judge of Probate for Monroe Co., 
1885-89. Capt. 4th Mich. Cavalry, 
1864. Lawyer. Monroe, Mich. 

GiLBEBT Randolph Lton, A.B. Law- 
yer. Owosso, Mich. 

Thomas Crawford McNeill, A.B., 
A.M, '61, w 57-58, M.D. (Univ. of 
Pa.) '60. Druggist and bookseller. 

Paris, Tenn. 

Theodore Dwight Marsh, A.B., 
A.M. '60. Presb. clergyman. 

Ludington, ^ch. 

•tHoDAKT Miller, A.B., A.M. '60, 
Adjt. 9th Mich. Cav., d. Sept. 7, 


Ervin Palmer, A.B., AM. '60. Law- 
yer. Buhl Block, Detroit, Mich. 

John Richards, A.B., A.M. '60. 

Flint, Mich. 

*Samitel Talbot Scott, A.B., A.M, 
'60, Princ. of Schools at Louisville, 
Ky., d. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 6, 1896. 

*Thoma8 Sherrard, A.B., d. Brook- 
lyn, Mich., Aug. 10, 1874. 

William V. Snyder, B.S. Merchant. 

Newark, N. J. 

^tAuGUSTUB Adolfhin Starr, B.S.y 
I 60-61, 1st Lieut. 4th Ind. Battery, 
d. Valparaiso, Ind., Aug. 11, 1873. 

•Noah Wellington Starr, B.S., d. 
Valparaiso, Ind., Nov. 23, 1859. 

•Pavid Houston Taylor, A.B., A.M. 
'60, Ph.D. '82, d. Ann Arbor, Sept. 
11, 1885. 

Edward Gerrish Thitrber, A.B.f 
A.M. '60. Presb. clergyman. Pas- 
tor of the American Church since 
1889. Paris, Franca. 

«Zelote8 Truesdel, B.S., M.S. '60, d. 

Ann Arbor, Feb. 26, 1882. 
*Samuel p. Vandoozer, A.B., AJC 

'60, d. Fullerton, Neb., Jan. 16, 


*Geoboe Wickham Waldron, A.B. 
A. M. '60, d. 1869. 

*James Craig Watson, A.B., A-M. 
'59, PhJ). (Leipzig) '70, LLJ). (Co- 
lumbia) 77. (See Faculties, p. 8.) 

*James Hott Wheeler, A.B., d. 
Bridgeton, Mo., Nov. 7, 1859. 


A.M., '60. Maj. 24th Mich. Inf. 
Retired. Pittsfield. Mass. 

•William Diah Williams, B.S., M.S. 
'66, d. Marquette, Mich., Nov. 27, 


fFRANK Askew, B.S. Brevet Brig. 
Gen., 1865. Merchant and Manu- 
facturer. Kansas CJity, Mo. 

•Luther Beckwith, B.S., d. Bay 
City, Mich., Aug. 10, lbJ5. 

•fHENRT Allen Buck, A.B., AM. '61. 
Lieut. 51 at 111. Inf. Killed in ac- 
tion at Chickamagua, Sept. 19, 1863. 

Hem AN Beij>ino Burgess, A.B., AM. 
'63. P. E. clergyman. 

Plattsmouth, Neb. 

Edward Bruce Chandler, A.B., AJiL 
'68. Electrician. 

2512 Indiana Ave., Chicago, HI. 

•George Morell Chester, A.B. '60 
{nunc pro tunc), A.M. 70, I 59-60, 
d. Detroit, Mich., June 7, 1891. 

•George Montgomery Danforth, 
B.S., M.S. '62, LL.B. '60, d. Jan. 9, 

•Hamilton James Dennis, A.B., 
LL.B. '61, d. Topeka, Kan., Oct. 12, 

•John Quincy Adams Fritchet, A.B., 
A.M. '64, d. Atlantic City, N. J., 
Sept. 3, 1897. 

•Thomas Gore Gavin, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Dec. 28, 1861. 

John Graves, A.B., A.M. '70, LL3. 
'60. U. S. Commissioner. 

Detroit, Mich. 

tWESLET A. Green, A.B., A.M. '61, 
LL.B. (Albany) '60. 1st Lieut. 4th 
Mich. Cav. 1862. Soldiers' Home. 

Grand Rapids, Mich 

Horace Halrert, B.S. Michigan Sen 
ate 1879-81. Farmer. 

Grandin, N. Dak 




LiBEBTT Emobt Holden, A.6., AM, 

'61. Gajpitalist. Oleveland, O. 

*tJoHN Weslet Hobneb, A.B., A.M. 

'62, Col. 18th Mich. Inf., d. Osawa- 

tomie, Kan., Aug. 16, 1874. 
*Mtbon Emobt Nimboo Howell, B.S., 

d. Washington, D. C, Feb. 17, 1888. 
•Henbt a. Hxjmphbet, A.B., AM. '61, 

d. Hudson Wis., Feb. 6, 1865. 
♦fRuEL Milton Johnson, B.S., >X.S. 

'65, d. Goshen, Ind., Nov. 12, 1901. 
Daniel ELloss, A.B., D.D. (Highland 

Univ.) '84. Lutheran minister. 

Tempe, Ariz. 


'61. Lawyer. Blue Rapids, Kan. 
•fHENRT Fbancis Lysteb, A.B., A.M. 

'61, M.D. '60. Surg. 5th Mich. Inf. 

(See Faculties, p. 13.) 
Lewis McLouth, A.B., A.M. '61. Ph.D. 

(Hillsdale) '82. President of S. 

Dakota Agr. Coll., 1886-96. 

TJniversi ty Hei^^hts, M ew York, N. Y. 
*Ons H. McOmbeb, A.B., d. Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., May 13, 1897. 
Geobge Albebt Mabk, B.S., M.S. '61. 

Surveyor. Hillsdale, Mich. 


'62, LL.B. '60. Capt. 18th Mich. 

Inf. Lawyer and capitalist. 

Adrian, Mich. 
fJoEL Moody, B.S., M.S. '72. Editor 

and proprietor of The Republican 

Idea. Abbeville, La. 

RoBEBT Stabb Moobe, A.B. Lawyer. 

Chillicothe, Mo. 
•fJuDD Mix Mott, A.B., Capt. 16th 

Mich. Inf., d. Washington, D. C, 

June 28, 1863. 
Chbistopheb Mykbantz, A.B. Law- 
yer. Ashland, O. 
AwRAiTAif Neff, A.B. Farmer. 

Cuba, III. 
fLTSTEB Mnj.EB C^Bbien, A.B. and 

B.S. Lieut. Col. U. S. Army. 

Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 
•John Welles Paine, B.S., was 

drowned at Brighton, Mich., June 

25, 1881. 
*Chable8 Stuabt Pattebson, B.S., d. 

New York, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1873. 
r bowse Tbist Pbentis, A.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
•fOscAB FrrzALLEN Pbice, A.B., A.M. 

'61, LL.B. '60, Quartermaster's 

Dept. of U. S. A. in Civil War, d. 

Kenosha, Wis., Aug. 7, 1897. 
Joseph E. Pbutzman, B.S., M.S. '68. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

William Emobt Quinby, A.B., AM. 
'61, LL.D. '96. U. S. Envoy Extra- 
ordinary and Minister Plenipoten- 
tiary to the Netherlands, 1893-S7. 
Editor-in-chief of The Detroit Free 
Press. Detroit, Mich. 

Alexandeb Richabd, B.S. Farmer 
and surveyor. Tecumseh, Mich. 


Lieut, and Adjt. 44th Ind. Inf., d. 

San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 6, 1888. 
*tJoHN Tbnbbook Snoddt, B.S., Maj. 

7th Kan. Cav., d. Mound City, Kan., 

April 21, 1864. 
*Adam Knight Spence, A.B., AM. 

'61. (See Faculties, p. 9.) 
James Wobthington Stabk, A.B., 

A.M. '68. Presb. clergyman. 

Bloomfield, Iowa. 
^fOzoBA PiEBSON Steabns, B.S., LL.B 

'60. Col. 39th U. S. Colored Inf. 

U. S. Senator from Minnesota, 1870- 

71, d. San Diego, Cal., June 2, 1896. 
Geobge Philandeb Sweet, B.S., M.S. 

'61, M.D. '65, I 60-01. Farmer. 

Eminence, Mo. 


M.S. '61, LL.B. '60. Brevet Lieut- 
Col. 7th Mich. Cav. 1865. ( See Fac- 
ulties, p. 13.) Ann Arbor. 

Geobge Willabo Wall, A.B., A.M. 
'62, LL.B. (ancinnati) '59. Juoge 
of Circuit and Appellate Courts, 
1877-97. Du Quoin, HI. 

David Buel Websteb, B.S., M.S. *64. 

Toledo, O. 

Fitch Reed Williams, A.B., AM. '69, 
I 59-60. (See Faculties, p. 22.) 
Lawyer. Elk Rapids, Mich. 


A.B. 1st Lieut. 1st Mich. Inf., d. 

June 28, 1864, of wounds received in 

action in front of Petersburg, Va., 

June 25, 1864. 

W iLLiAM James Beal, A.B., AM. '62, 

Ph.D. '80, S.B. (Harvard) '65, M.S. 

(Chicago) '76. Prof . of Botany and 

Horticulture, and Curator of the 

Botanical Museum of Mich. State 

Agr. Coll., since 1882. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 
•fRlCHABD Beabdslet, B.8., U.S. 

Consul-General to Egypt, d. Cairo, 

Feb. 21, 1876. 
*Aldbich Fbeeman [Butts] Butlxb, 

B.S. (After graduation, name was 

chansfed from Butts to Butler.) d. 

St. Thomas, Ont., March 10, 1884. 




Jamss Riohabdson Gaby, A.B. Edi- 
tor and publisher. Neligh, Neb. 

Alfred Henbt Castle, A.B., I 59-60. 
231 S. Central Ave., Chicago, IIL 

Augustus Alexander Chapin, A3. 
Judge of Superior Court of Allen 
Co., 1886-90. Lawyer. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

*Oeoboe Edwabd CxTiONO, B.S., M.S. 
'62, d. St. Louis Mo., April 25, 1896. 

*tJAME8 Madison Edmunds, A.B., 
AJd. '62, LL.B. 1863, 2nd Lieut. Ist 
Mich. Heavy Art., d. Mobile, Ala., 
Oct. 5, 1864. 

•fJoHN Gill Evebett, A.B., I 01-62, 
Q. M. U. 8. Navy, drowned in tiie 
Mississippi, 1863. 

^tGEOBOE Augustus Flandebs, A.B., 
LL.B. '66, Lieut-Col. 8th N. H, Inf., 
d. East Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 26, 

Robebt Emmet Fbazeb, B.S., LL.B. 
'61. Judge of the Third Judicial 
Circuit of Mich, since 1894. 

Detroit, lifich. 

tCLAUDius Buchanan Gbant, A.B., 
A.M. '62, I 66-66, LL.D. '91. (See 
Regents, p. 4.) Justice of the 
Supreme Court of Michigan since 
Jan. 1, 1890. Lansing, Mich. 


434 Dunham St., Cleveland, O. 
*Chables Bibd Hankinbon, B.S., 
M.8. '62, d. Woodstock, Ont., June 
4, 1867. 

tRoDNBY Jay Hathaway, A.B. Adjt. 
67th Ohio Inf. Fruit grower. 

Bedford, O. 
Fayette Hubd, A.B., AM, '62, PhJ>. 
1891. Cong, clergyman. 

Springfield, Mo. 
David M. Johnson, B.S. 
*Elisha Jones, A.B., A.M. '62. (See 
Faculties, p. 11.) 

*tCHABLES Bubleigh Lambobn, A.B., 
A.M. '06. Lieut.-Col. 15th Pa. Cav., 
1863, d. New York, N. Y., Jan. 2, 

•JuDsoN Clabk Lowell, A.B., AJtf. 

'62, d. Chicago, Dl., Sept. 12, 1892. 
Edwabd Walkeb McGbaw, A.B., A Jyi. 

'62, / 69-60. Lawyer. 

330 Pine St., San Francisco, Gal. 
tTHEODORB Andbews McGbaw, A.B., 

MJ). (Columbia) '63. Assist. Surg. 

U. S. Volft. (See Faculties, p. 16.) 

Physician. Detroit, Mich. 

•fWiLLLUi Mabhhalt., B.S., LL.B. 

'66, Lieut.-Col. 80th Ohio Inf., d. 
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 21, 1898. 

John Dempsteb Pabkeb, A.B., AJI. 
'62, BJ>. (Chicago Theo. Sem.) '66, 
Ph.D. (Illinois Coll.) '67. Chap- 
lain in U. S. Army (retired). 
Author and inventor. 

East Orange, N. J. 

fOBBiN Pabsons, A.B. Capt. 3d Mich. 
Cav. Lumber merchant. 

Saline, Mich. 

tAuGUSTUs Hebman Pettibone, A.B. 
Maj. 20th Wis. Inf. Rep. from Ten- 
nessee in the 48th and two succeed- 
ing Congresses ( 1881-87 ) . Lawyer. 

Bristol, Tenn. 

fBDWABD Powell Pitkin, A.B., A.M. 
'62, LL.B. '60. Brevet Lieut.-CoL 
Post office clerk. Denver, Colo. 

Lbonabd Pboudtit, B. S. U. P. dergy- 
mr:i. St. Charles, Iowa. 

*Bushbod Fletcher Rice, A.B., d. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1890. 

•fRicnABD Ghauncey Sabine, A.B., 
Brevet Lieut.-Col. 87th Ind. Inf. 
1865, d. La Porte, Ind., 1869. 

Daniel Sattebthwatte, A.B., AJf. 
'62. Teacher. 9 Woodruflf Ave., E., 

Toledo, O. 


• Twinsburg, O., March 30, 1872. 

t J AMES Donaldson Snoddy, B.S.,M.S. 
'67. 1st Lieut. 7th Kan. Cav. Law- 
yer. Pleasonton, Kan. 

John Pabkeb Stoddabd, A.B., AJii. 
'65, m 64-66, M.D. (Belleviie) T)7. 

Norwood, Mass. 

William Joseph Swift, B.S. M. E. 
clergyman. Lansing, Mich. 

Stephen Hooeboom Webb, B.S., I 59- 
60. State Hospital, Cleveland, O. 

fABTHUB Tappan Wiloox, A.B., LL.B 
'61. Col. 177th O. Inf., 1864. Con- 
tractor. 153 LaSalle St., 

Chicago, 111. 

Albebt Hamilton Wilkinson, A.B., 
A.M. '62, 1 59-60. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

JuLiEN Elisha Windeb, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Detroit, Mich. 


Almon Ltman Aldbich, B.S., M.S. 
'69. Publisher. FUnt,Mich. 

Edwabd Eugene Baldwin, A.B. Law- 
yer and Planter. Norrell, Miss. 

Geoboe Beck, B.S., M.S. '63. Prof, of 
Natural Sciences, Wisconsin State 




Normal School, 1870-93. Princ. of 

Jones Academy, Hartshorne, Ind. 

Ter. DNviprht, I. T. 

♦tLouis Fredebick Booth, B.8.,Capt. 

9th 111. Cav., d. GaUatin, Mo., Sept. 

21, 1893. 
♦tWnxiAM Jesse Buchanan, A.B. 

Adjt. 3d Mich. Cav., d. Washington, 

D. C, May 2, 1880. 
♦f Augustus Wabben Chapman, A.B., 

Capt. 6th Mich. Inf., d. Mansfield, 

La., April 28| 18C4. 
♦John Henby Conbad, A.B., d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Aug. 10, 1898. 


'61, / 65-66. Journalist. Retired. 
80 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 
•Mark Fbancis Fasquelle, A.B., 

A.M. '65, M.D. 72, d. Mt. Pleasant, 

Mich., Aug. 6, 1894. 
•Edwin Daniel Fiske, A.B., A.M. *63, 

d. Detroit, Mich., June 7, 1873. 
•Osgood Eaton Fulleb, A.B., A.M. 

'73, d. Caro, Mich., Oct. 5, 1900. 

8th Mich. Inf., was killed in action 

at James Island, S. C, June 16, 

•fHENBT Hudson Hubbabd, B.S.,M.S. 

'66, 2d Lieut. Mich. Engineers, d. 

Battle Creek, Mich., May 29, 1900. 
GoDFBET Edwin Knight, B.S., I 60-61. 

Farmer. Schoolcraft, Mich. 

tWnxiAM Newton Ladue, A.B., A.M. 

'63. Adjt. 6th Mich. Inf. Baal 

estate and insurance. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
tCHABLES Henbt MoCbeeby, A.B., 

A.M. '68. Brevet Maj. U. S. Vols., 

1865. Presb. clergyman. 

Northfield, ^Minn. 

Edwin Mansfield Mason, A.B., A.M. 

*67. Lawyer. Qirard, Kan. 

[Mabtin] LuTHEB Mendenhall, A.B., 

A.M. '65. Banker. Duluth, Minn. 
•James Lact Mitchell, B.S., d. 

Lima, Mich., July 17, 1888. 
Samuel Agassiz Mubphy, B.S., M.S. 

'66. Farmer. Pure Air, Mo. 

•Ebeb Wabd Owen, B.S., d. Marine 

City, Mich., Jan. 23, 1863. 
Caleb Pabkinson, A.B., A.M. '63, 

LL.B. (National Univ.) '77. Clerk. 

806 9th St. N. E., Washington, D. C. 
•Geoboe Woubms Pascal, B.S., d. 

Grand Mound, Iowa, Oct. 28, 1894. 
tGEOBOB Hnx Setmoub, B.S., C.E.'61. 

2d Lieut. 1st Mich. Engineers. Gar- 
dener. Grand Haven, Mich. 

James Fbankun Spalding, A.B., 
A.M. '63. Pres. of Spaldinp^s Com- 
mercial Coll. Kansas (Sly, Mo. 
Edwabd Alexandeb Spence, A.B.y 
A.M. '65. Cong, clergyman. 

Ann Arbor. 
Ctbus Backus Thomas, A.B., A.M. 
'63, I 62-63. Retired. 

Pasadena, Cal. 


A.M. '65, Capt. 19th Mich. Inf., d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., June 8, 1871. 


A.B., LL.B. '61, Capt. 16th U. S. 

Inf., d. Ann Arbor, Feb. 9, 1878. 
•fDAviD Hoffman White, B.S., M.S. 

'65, LL.B. '65, 2d Lieut. 74th Ind. 

Inf., d. Middlebury, Ind., Dec. 11, 

•fGEOBOB Alexandeb Whttb, B.S., d. 

Nashville, Tenn., 1862. 
•fEoGAB NoBVELL WiLOOX, B.S., Capt. 

18th U. S. Inf., d. Soldiers' Home, 

Dayton, O., March 13, 1887. 
•Jacob Capp Wobtley, A.B., d. Ypsl- 

lanti, Mich., Oct. 24, 1899. 
•tWnxiAM HowABD Allen Zacha- 

BiAS, A.B., Capt. 7th Mich. Inf., d. 

Dec. 31, 1862, of wounds received in 

action at Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862. 


•Obville Solomon Abbott, B.S., d. 

Niles, Mich., March 16, 1878. 
Chables Kendall Adams, A.B., A.M. 

'62, LL.D. (Chicago) 78, LL.D. 

(Harvard) '87. (See Faculties, p. 

9. ) Seeking health in California. 

Madison, Wis. 
•fFBEDEBiCK Abn, B.S. Maj. 31st Ind. 

Inf., was killed in action at Shiloh, 

Tenn., April 6, 1862. 
James Taylob Aulls, A.B., A.M. '64. 
1629 Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 
tWnjjAM Henbt Beadle, A.B., A.M. 

'64, LL.B. '67. Brevet Brig.-Gen. 

U. S. Vols. 1865. President of S. 

Dakota State Normal School since 

1889. Madison, S. Dak. 

♦Goodwin Stoddabd Beaver, A.B., d. 

June 28, 1865. 
•fSAMUEL Mead Billings, A.B., d. 

Marquette, Mich., Dec. 13, 1901. 
fBENJAMiN Franklin Blaib, A3. 

Capt. 123d O. Inf. Lawyer. 

195 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
fBYBON M. Cdtoheon, A.B., A.M. *66, 

LL.B. '66. Brevet Brig.-Gen. U. S. 




Vols. 1865. (See Regents, p. 4.) 
Repr. from Michigan in the 48th 
and three succeeding Congresses 
(1883-91). Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

•William Wirt Dedbick, A.B., A.M. 
'64, LL.B. '64, d. Washington, D. C, 
May 11, 1897. 

Charles Halbebt Denison, A.B., 
A.M. '65, LL.B. '64. 

28 Bond St., New Yoric, N. Y. 

Edward Dickinson, A.B. Presb. 
clergyman. Sidney, Iowa. 

tIsAAO Hughes Elliott, A.B. Bre- 
vet Brig.-Gen. U. S. Vols. 1865. 
Ranchman. Roswell, New Mex. 

♦Homer Asaph Flint, B.8., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Nov. 23, 1898. 

Peter Silas Gibson, B.S. and C.E., 
M.S. '64. Surveyor and Engineer. 

Willowdale, Ont. 

♦William Gillette, B.S., M.S. *64, 
LL.B. '63, d. East Saginaw, Mich., 
June 8, 1880. 

Charles Downing Gregory, A.B. 
Baptist clergyman. Perry, Mich. 

James John Hagebman, B.S., 1 61-^2. 
Railroads, mines, etc. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

*tEPHRAiM Gatlord Hall, A.B.,A.M. 
'66, Capt. 11th Mich. Inf., d. West 
Salamanca, N. Y., March 29, 1881. 

fEowARD Seymour Jackson, A.B. 
Bank cashier. Scranton, Pa. 

tJoHN Cybus Johnson, B.S., LL.B. 
'66. Capt. 149th Pa. Inf. Lawyer. 

Emporium, Pa. 

Ransfobd S. Johnston, B.S., M.S. '64, 
m 63-64. Nurseryman. 

Stockley, Del. 

John Kelland, A.B. Presb. clergy- 
man. Flushing, Mich. 

tHENBY Bishop Landon, A.B., A.M. 
'65, M.D. '65. Assist. Surg. 7th 
Mich.Inf. Physician. Bay City, Mich. 

Eben Langdon Little, A.B. Cler^- 
man (retired). Alpena, Mich. 

tJoHN Smith Lobd, A.B. Statisti- 
cian U. S. Census. Springfield, 111. 

*Samuel Bobbins Bbown Lobd, A.B., 
d. Chicago, 111., Dec. 22, 1886. 

•fCHABLES Edson McAlesteb, B.S., 
Capt. 1st U. S. Vet. Engineers, dL 
Flint, Mich., Feb. 20, 1901. 

^tWALTEB McCoLLUM, A.B., Capt. 
20th Mich. Inf., was killed in action 
at Spottsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864. 

tooNAs Hartzel McGowan, B.S., M.S. 
'65, LL.B. '68, LL.D. '01. Capt. 9th 
Mich. Cay. 1862-64. (See Regents, 

p. 4.) Repr. from Michigan in the 
451h and 46th Congresses (1877- 
81 ) . Lawyer. 1419 F St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C 

Samuel Andkbson Mo Williams, A.B.y 
A.M. '64, m 62-63, M.D. (N. W. 
Univ.)*66. Physician. Chicago, 111. 

*Chable8 Wesley Mesebve, A.B., d. 

fHiBAM RoLLiN Mills, A.B., A.M.'66, 
M.D. '66. Surg. 8th Mich. Cav. 1865. 
Health officer. Port Huron, Bfich. 

•fSiDNEY Goodman Mobse, A.B., was 
killed in action at the second battle 
of Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862. 

Geobge Washington Neihabdt, A.B., 
A.M. '64. Farmer. Orland, Ind. 

^Henby Obadiah Newoomb, A.B., 
A.M. '64, d. Hiram, O., Sept. 16, 

Stephen Joseph Nobthbop, A.B., 
A.M. '65, m 64-65. Printer. 

Montrose, Pa. 

♦Walteb Scott Pebby, A.B., A.M. '71, 
Supt. of Schools at Ann Arbor 1870- 
97, d. Ann Arbor, Dec. 15, 1897. 

HoYT Post, A.B., LL.B. '63. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

fjAMEs Alexis Post, B.S., MS. '65, 
M.D. '66. Surg. 28th Ky. Inf. Sec- 
retary Detroit Association of Char- 
ities since 1885. Detroit, Mich. 

Calvin Pebin Quick, A.B., A.M. '64. 
Presb. clergyman. Concord, Mich. 


M.S. '64, Brevet Lieut.-Col., d. Lan- 
sing, Mich., Jan. 14, 1894. 
*AsA Cabveb Saboent, A.B., A.M. '64, 

d. 1865. 
William Henby Saundebs, A.B., 

A.M. '64, MJ). '65. Physician. 

Kenosha, Wis. 
•Edwabd Seabing, A.B., A.M. '64, 

Pres. of State formal School, Man- 

kato, Minn., 1880-98, d. St. Paul, 

Minn., Oct. 22, 1898. 
William Soule, B.S., M.S. '62, Ph.D. 

(Mt. Union) '81. Professor of 

Chemistry and Physics in Mt. 

Union College since 1880. 

Alliance, O. 
*tCHABLES Henby Stocking, A.B., 

A.M. '65, M.D. '66, d. Freeport, HI., 

Jan. 24, 1881. 
RoswELi. Bayabd Taylob, B.S., M.S. 

'65, LL.B. '65. Writer. 

361 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
RoBEBT Hall Tbipp, A.B., A.M. *64. 

Prof, of History and Economics in 

Occidental Coll. Los Angeles, Cal. 




Henrt Munson Utley, A.B., A.M. 
70. City Librarian. Detroit, Mich. 
Samuel Snow Walkeb, B.S. (See 
Regents, p. 4.) Fruit grower. 

Old Mission, Mich. 

*tTHOicAS Bell Weib, A.B., lieut.- 

Col. 3d Mich. Cav., d. New York, 

N. Y., Dec. 9, 1876. 

Joseph Wabben Wood, B.S. and C.E. 

M.S. '62. Farmer. Sumner, Wash. 


Alden Allen, A.B., A.M. '66. Cong, 
clergyman (retired.) 

East Springfield, Pa. 

[William] Watson [England] Am- 

BBUSTEB, B.S., LL.B. '64. Editor. 

21 W. Philellena St., Phila., Pn. 

Samuel Ruthebfobd Anderson, A.B., 

A.M. '65. Presb. clergyman. 

Wichita, Kan. 
tRiENZi HiBAM Baeeb, A.B. 2d 
Lieut. 18th Mich. Inf. 1864. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Thomas Marshall Baxter, B.S., / 

62-63. Grain dealer. Evanston, 111. 

Chables Beckington, A.B., A.M. '65. 

Scituate, Mass. 
fOLiVEB La Fayette Bbowne, B.S., 
LL.B. (Albany) '67. Capt. 149th 
N. Y. Inf. Insurance. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
HiBAM Austin Burt, A.B., A.M. '65. 
(See Regents, p. 4.) Real estate. 

Marquette, Mien. 
*tRoswELL Parsons Cabpenter,A.B., 
Capt. 20ca Mich. Inf., was killed in 
action at Spottsylvania, Va., "Maj 
12, 1864. 
Chables Chandleb, A.B., A.M. '65, 
LL.B. '79. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Albert Jay Chapman, A.B., A.M. '65. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

James Henby Cooshall, B.S., M.S. 

'67. Book publisher. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
•John Ephbaim Colby, A.B., A.M. 
'65, I 65-66, d. Liverpool, England, 
Sept. 14, 1886. 
•Otis Adams Cbttchett, A.B., A.M. 
'65, LL.B. '64, d. Monroe, Mich., 
June 8, 1893. 
•INathan Crosby, A.B., A.M. '66, I 
65-66, Capt. 189th N. Y. Inf. d. 
Hart, Mich., Nov. 4, 1872. 
Martin Luther D'Ooge, A.B., A.M. 
'65, LL.D. '89, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '73, 
Litt.D. (Rutgers) 1901. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 9. ) Ann Arbor. 

•James Edwin Eastman, A.B., Grad- 
uate of West Point, 1866, Capt. 2d 
U. S. Artillery, d. Chase's Lake, 
near Glenfield, N. Y., Au^. 28, 1899, 
from disease contracted in the war 
with Spain. 

Edward Allen Fay, A.B., A.M. '66, 

Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) '81. Vioe- 

Pres. and Prof, of Languages in 

Gallaudet College, since 1885. 

Kendall Green, Washington, D. C. 

•Harmon Dewey Follbtt, A.B., A.M. 
'66, LL.B. '66, d. Brainerd, Minn., 
June 24, 1885. 

•fMABViN Augustine Gaylobd, A.B., 
d. Portsmouth, Va., Oct., 1862. 

Joseph Conneb Gkeenawalt, A.B., 
A.M. '67. Lawyer and stockraiser. 

Muscotah, Kan. 

•Samuet. Howard, A.B., A.M. '65, d. 
Milwaukee, Wis., April 16, 1900. 

Charles Hubd, A.B.,A.M.'65. Manu- 
facturer. Ann Arbor. 

•fTHEODOBE Hammond Hubd, A.B., d. 

June 14, 1863. 
♦fAABON Cone Jewett, A.B., m 58- 

59, was killed in action at Will- 

iamsport, Md., July 6, 1863. 
•Henry Arthur Latson, A.B., A.M., 

'65, d. Grass Lake, Mich., Sept. 2, 


Charles Henry Lewis, A.B., A.M. 
'65, M.D. '66. Physician and Sur- 
geon. Jackson, Mich. 

David Habmon Lovejoy, A.B., A.M. 
'63, M.D. '65. Physician and P. E. 
clergyman. Roslyn, Pa. 

George Anson Marb, B.S., C.E. '63, 
M.S. 67. U. S. Assist. Engineer 
since 1863. Houghton, Mich. 

•fWiLLiAM Eugene Nelson, A.B., d. 
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 3, 1863. 

fJoNATHAN W. Newman, B.S., M.S. 
'66, LL.B. '69. Ist Lieut. 147th Ind. 
Inf. Lawyer. Richmond, Ind. 

•fALBERT Nye, A.B., Capt. 9th Mich. 
Inf., d. Murfreesboro, Tenn., June 
23, 1862. 

Samuel Ebastus Pebby, A.B. 

Teacher. Limerick, Me. 

ILewis Stephen Fisk Pilcheb, A.B., 

A.M. '63, M.D. '66, LL.D. 1900, 

LL.D. (Dickinson) 1900. Surgeon. 

386 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


65-^6, Col. 7th U. S. Inf., d. Van- 
couver Barracks, Wash., Dec 8, 





M.S. '66, Brevet Brig.-Gen., 1866, <L 

San Mateo, Fla., April 14, 1873. 
•Moses Kellt Rosebrugh, A.B., I 

62-63, d. San l;iego, Gal., April 29, 

tHENBT Harbison Sloan, A.B., A.M. 

'65, M.D. (Chicago Med. Coll.) '69. 

Physician. 498 W. North Ave., 

Chicago, ni. 
•Edwin Puller Uhl, A.B., A.M. *65, 

Assist. Secr'y of State, Acting Sec- 

r'y of State, and Ambassador to 

Germany, 1893-97, d. Grand Rapids, 

Mich., May 17, 1901. 
James Ibvin Van Keuben, A.B., A.M. 

'66, LL.B. '64. Lawyer. 

Howell, Mich. 
*tMADisoN 0ns Walkeb, B.S., Sergt. 

6th Mich. Inf., was killed in action 

at Port Hudson, La., June 29, 1863. 
•Aaron Abmstrono Watkins, A.B., 

A.M. '66, d. Albany, N. Y., 1867. 
tCHABLES Leach Watbous, B.S. 

LL.B. '66. Capt. 76th N. Y. Inf. 

Pres. Am. Pomological Society since 

1897. Nurseryman and fniitgrower. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
tELMOBB HoBTON Wells, B.S. and 

C.E., M.D. (Bellevue) '67, A.M. 

(Lafayette) '69. Qm.-Sergt. 132d 

Pa. Inf. (See Faculties, p. 22.) 

Physician. Meshoppen, Pa. 

Chables Henbt Wheeleb, A.B., A.M. 

'66. Presb. clergyman (retired). 

Creston, HI. 
•fORLANDO Belina Wheeleb,A.B. and 

B.S., A.M. and M.S. '66, C.K '79, d. 

St. Louis, Mo., June 3, 1896. 
fCHARLES BeebsWood, A.B. Ist Lieut. 

and Quartermaster 4th Mich. Inf. 

Lawyer. Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 

I 1868. 

James Clement Ambbose, A.B., LL.B. 

'66, XX.M. (N. W. Univ.) '78. Ly- 

ceum lecturer. Evanston, 111. 

Levi Lewis Babboub, A.B., A.M. '76, 

LL.B. '66. (See Regents, p. 6.) 

Lawyer. Detroit, MiclL 

*JoHN Michael Bowers, A.P., d. St. 

John, Mo., Jan. 16, 189' 
•Levi Jay Bbown, A.B., LL.B. '66, d. 

Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 4, 1883. 
Miles Habbison Cablton, B.S., M.8. 

'65, LL.B. '66, m 64-66. Teacher. 

Broken Bow, Neb. 

*tWiLLiAM Allen Chandleb, A.B.9 
A.M. '71, M.D. '64, Act. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. Army, d. Philadelphia, 
Pa., Dec. 19, 1896. 

•Bybon William Cheeveb, A.B., A.M. 
'66, M.D. '67, LL.B. '76. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 16.) 

*Henbt Stlvesteb Cheeveb, A.B., 
A.M. '66, MJD. '66. (See Faculties, 
p. 9.) 

Noah Wood Cheeveb, A.B., A.M. '66, 
LL.B. '65. Judge of Probate, 1873- 
77. Author and lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Obville William Coolidge, A.B., 
LL.B. (Harvard) '66. Judge of 
Second Michigan Circuit, since 1894. 

Niles, Mich. 

^Chables Stuabt Dbapeb, A.B. (See 
Regents, p. 6), d. at sea, Aug. 6, 

Lincoln Tibbals Fabb, A.B. Secr'y 
W. M. Watson Co. Oakland, CaL 

*tGEOBOE Fletcheb Fish, A.B., AJi. 
'66, LL.B. '67, First Lieut. 4th 
Mich. Cav., d. August, 1874. 

Elisha Alexandeb Fbaseb, A.B., 
A.M. '66. Prof, in Detroit Coll. of 
Law since 1893. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

tWnxiAM Smith Habboun, A.B., 
M.D. ((Seorgetown) '65. Act. As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. A., 1866. Physi- 
cian. Santa Fe, N. Mez. 

Henbt Mills Hubo, A.B., A.M. '70, 
M.D. '66, LL.D. '96. Prof, of Psy- 
chiatry at Johns Hopkins Univ. and 
Superintendent of Hospital since 
1899; Editor American Journal of 
Insanity, 1897-1900. 

Baltimore, Md. 

*EzBA Denison Lay, A.B., d. ^pd- 
lanti, Mich., May 13, 1869. 

John Hablan McClube, A.p., A.M. 
'66. Clergyman (retired). 

66 Duffield St., Detroit, Mich. 

William Mendenhall, B.S. and C.E. 
Civil and Mining Engineer. 

Richmond, Ind. 

fCoNWAY Whittier Noble, A.B., A.M. 
'66, LL.B. (Ohio State and Union 
Law School) '64. Judge of Court 
of Conmion Pleas, Cleveland, 1887- 
97. Lawyer. Cleveland, O. 

Chables Henbt Palmeb, B.S. Min- 
ing. Boston, Mass. 

•fGEOBQE Pool Peck, A.B., A.M. '66, 
LL.B. (Albany) '66, d. Evansville, 
Ind., July 23, 1868. 




Fbaxk Riob Potteb, A. B. Lumber- 
man. Detroit, Mich. 

Stephen Powebs, A.B, Editor. 

Jack8onyille» Fla. 

*Edwabd Reed Slawson, A.B., A.M. 
'76, LL.B. '68, d. Bay City, Mich., 
Nov. 16, 1881. 

*Thsophilu8 Bbucb Smtth, B.S., d. 
Negaunee, Mich., June 10, 1865. 

James Landon Tatlob, A.B., A.M. 
'66, m 70-71, M.D. (Cincinnati) '72. 
Physician. Wheelersburg, O. 

Stanton Bbown Thomas, B.S., I 64- 
65. Merchant. Cassopolis, Mich. 

Benjamin Tbumbull, B.S. Farmer. 
(29) Jackson, Mich. 


*Geobob Sumneb Albee, A.B., Pres. 

Wis. State Normal School, d. Osh- 

kosh, Wis., Sept. 4, 1898. 
John Henbt Booth, B.S., M.S. '67. 

Lawyer. New PMladelphia, Ohio. 
William Jesse Booth, B.S. Banker. 

Ann Arbor. 
•William Stowe Bbewsteb, A.B., I 

64-65, d. Omaha, Neb., Aug. 19, 

*Amos Fbanklin Chaffee, A.B., d. 

Rock Island, 111., Aug. 29, 1874. 
Albebt Taylor Clark, A.B., A.M. 

'68. Pres. Business Coll. 

Abilene, Tex. 
•Abthub Everett, A.B., d. Oshkosh, 

Wis., July, 1872. 
Joseph Weir Ewino, A.B., A.M. *67. 

Prof, of Mathematics and Physics 

in Alma Coll. 1887-98; Prof, of 

Pedagogy, and Princ. of Alma 

Acad, since 1898. Alma, Mich. 

William Alexander Kwing, A.B., 

A.M. '68, m 67-68, M.D. (Bellevue) 

'G9. Physician and Surgeon. 
134 W. 58th St., New \ork, N. Y. 
Charles Leonard Eraser, A.B., A.M. 

Sohutler Grant, A.B. Retired. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Joseph Chittenden Hart, A.B., A.M. 

'68. Real Estate. 

117 Henry Street, Detroit, Mich. 
•William B. Hendrtx, A.B., d. 

Tecumseh, Mich., June 10, 1867. 
William Douglass Hitchcock, A.B. 

Insurance. Alpena, Mich. 

ZiNA Pitcher Kino, A.B., LL.B. '67. 

Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Edward DeWitt Kinne, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '66. Judge of 
the Twenty-second Michigan Cir- 
cuit since 1888. Ann Arbor. 

Herbert Augustus Lee, A.B. Com- 
mission merchc^nt. Lansing, Mich. 

Darius Royer Shoop, A.B., A.M. '67. 

William Armstrong Sim kins, A.B., 
A.M. '68. Cong, clergyman. 

Salina, Kan. 

Alvah Augustus Smith, A.B., A.M. 
'67. Broker. Boston, Mass. 

•ScovEL Consider Stacy, A.B., I 67- 
68, d. Tecumseh, Mich., Dec. 11, 1896. 

•Sidney Frank Walker, B.S., M.S. 
'67, LL.B. '67, d. Raleigh, Tenn., 
Sept. 22, 1878. 

•Benjamin Franklin Welles, A.B. 
d. Marquette, Mich., March 26, 

tSnuRAEL Fish White, A.B., LL.B. 
(Albany) '67. Capt. 28th Mich. 
Inf. 1804. Lawyer. Duluth, Minn. 

•Clarence Edward Wilbur, A.B., d. 
Detroit, Mich., April 1, 1885. 


Abram Joseph Aldrich, A.B., A.M. 
'09. Journalist. President of 
School Board. Coldwater, Mich. 

William Henry Barnes, A.B. Asso. 
Justice of the Supreme Court of 
Arizona, 1885-89. Lawyer. 

Tucson, Ariz. 

Oscar Perry Bills, A.B. Banker. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 

Pleasant Bond, B.S., M.S. '68. In- 
surance. Indianapolis, Ind. 

fGABRiEL Campbell, A.B., A.M. '68, 
B.D. (Chicago Theol. Sem.) '68, 
D.D. (Dartmouth) '86. Capt. 17th 
Mich. Inf. Professor of Phil- 
osophy in Dartmouth College since 
1883. Hanover, N. H. 

•Stephen Wilson Clark. A.H.. I 65- 

66, M.D. (Harvard) '73, d. Lynn, 
Mass., Oct. 29, 1897. 

James D. H. Cornelius, A.B., A.M. 
'68. Prof, of Latin in Adrian Col- 
lege since 1881. Adrian, Mich. 

*tORSON Blair Curtis, A.B., A.M. 
'({8, d. Detroit, Mich., Jan. 11. 1901. 

Charles Ashman Dudijey, A.B., I 66- 

67. Lawyer. Des Moines, Iowa. 
•William Henry Fifield, A.B., I 65- 

66, d. San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 12, 




Edwabd Patson Ckx>DBiOH,A.B., AJNL 
'68, B.D. ( Chicago Theo. Sem. ) 70. 
Stenographer. Ypsilanti, Mich. 


A.M. '68, d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 

1, 1888. 
Albert Jennings, B.S., LL.B. '68. 

Princ. of Union School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
David Keller, A.B., A.M. '68. Law- 
yer. Newark, Ohio. 
bANFORD BuRRiTT Ladd, A.B. Law- 
yer. Kansas City, Mo. 
James Claude McKebcher, B.S. 

Farmer. Kirkland, Wash. 

William James Matnard, A.B., 

A.M. '68, m 65-66, MJ>. (Rush) '68. 

Physician. Ann Arbor. 

Daniel Monroe, A.B., LL.B. (Albany) 

'67. Lawyer. HoUister, Cal. 

James Peter Nixon, B.S., / 65-66. 

Lawyer. Lebanon, Mo. 

•fDELos Phillips, A.B., A31 '69, 

Capt. 17th Mich. Inf., d. Kalamaxoo, 

Mich., Feb. 15, 1887. 
^tHoMER Caleb Powers, B.S.» d. 

Starkville, Miss., Feb. 19, 1896. 
*JoiiN Barnes Root, A.B., I 65-66, d. 

Rockford, 111., Nov. 28, 1876. 
Arthur Herbert Snow, A.B. Judge 

of the Third Judicial District of 

Minnesota since 1897. 

Winona, Minn. 
*JonN Thompson, A.B., d. South 

Abington, Mass., Oct. 31, 1876. 
^Francis Laruna Walker, A.B., BJ). 

(Kalamasoo Theol. Sem.) '68, d. 

Garnett, Kan., Jan. 24, 1896. 
^Charles Qilmore Williams, A.B.» 

d. Cartham, Ohio, Oct 2, 1871. 
fliMTiroRi) [Briscoe] Wilson, A.B. 

1901 {nutw pro tunc), Capt. 120th 

III. Inf. 1808. tJ. 8. Dist. Atty. 

1809-74; Solicitor of the Treasury, 

1874-70; Col. in Spanish-American 

War. Tiawyer. Springfield, 111. 



Krrdrrkik Walter Becker, A.B., I 
60-07. TiAwyer. 
17ft PearlKirn Street, Chicago, III. 

NirifVRT BnoKwrrn, A.B., B.D. (8«a- 
bury Hall ) '09. P. E. clergvman. 

Grand Rapids, Mioh. 

MsLTirxR MAntsoN Bioelow, A.B.» 
A.M. 71. Ph.D. and A.M. (Har- 
vard) 79. tJ..n. (NorthwMtern 
tftilv.) •90. Uwvfir. (HfK» Fao« 
iihtiiii, p. 17.) rambrlitiff*. Mass. 

James Kjvox Bush, A.B., A.M. 76. 

Lawyer and Banker. Kewanee, UL 
IDayid Botd, A.B., AM. '69. Capt. 

40th U. S. Colored Inf. Farmer. 

Ridgeway, Mich. 
Salem Town Chapin, B.S., M.S. 76. 

Assayer. Elmhurst, OU. 

fELEAZER Darrow, A.B., A.M. '69, d. 

Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 30, 1872. 
Oliver Partridob Dickinson, AJB,, 

AJNL 70. Credit manager of the 

Crane Co. 10 N. Jefferson St., 

Chicago, 111. 

Bdward Smith Elmer, A.B., AJL 
70. Art dealer. Winona, Minn. 

Carroll Sutherland Fraser, A.B.y 
A.M. '69. Real estate, insurance 
and loans. Port Huron, Mich. 

tWiLLiAM Clay Frew, B.S., MD. 
(Long Island) '69. Physician. 

Coshocton, Ohio. 

IEdward Garst, B.S. Corp. 71st HL 
Inf. Merchant. Coon Rapids, Iowa. 

Emort Levi Grant, A.B. Lumber 
Merchant. Kenosha, Wis. 

fWiLLiAM Brucob Hamilton, A.B., 
A.M. '69, MJ). 69. First Lieut. 22d 
Mich. Inf. Farmer. Almont, Mich. 

George Calvin Harris, A.B. Mem- 
ber Const. Convention of Ky. 1890- 
91. Lawyer. Franklin, Ky. 

Warren Ives Hicks, A.B., A.M. '69. 
Farmer. Wamego, Elan. 

tHENRT Wright Hubbard, B.S., M.S. 
'72, 1 67-68. Treasurer of Am. Mis- 
sionarv Association. 
287 fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

*Edwin Delmont Kellet, A.B. 
Went as Missionary to Burmah, 
where he was drowned, Jan. 1, 1873. 

Amos S. Lapham, A.B., LL.B. (Ohio 
State and Union Law School) '69. 
Lawyer. Chanute, Kan. 

John Fuller Lawrence, A.B., LL.B. 
'68. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Horace Wilson Lewis, B.S. and C.E. 

John IIlmorb McKkighan, A.B., 
A.M. 71. Lawyer. St. Louis, Mo. 

Alfred E^tgene Mudge, A3., A.M. 
'69, I 67-68. Lawyer. 
189 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tJosEPH Vert Quarlbs, A.B., I 
66-67. First Lieut, 39th Wis. Inf. 
U. S. Senator from l^sconsin since 
1899. Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Bradford Rsmick, A.B., 
LL.B. *68. I^awyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Edgar Rsxford. A.B. Merchant. 

Ypsilanti, Mic 




tCHASLBS Addison Sanfobd, A.B., 
A.M. '69. Agric\ilture and real es- 
tate. Courtenay, N. Dak. 

*James Mobrison Scott, A.B., m 66- 
67, Assist. Surg. U. S. N., 1868, d. 
Warren, Ohio, April 7, 1876. 

Hknbt Smith, A.B., A.M. '70. Law- 
yer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Hbbman Walteb Stevens, A.B.,LL.B. 
'68. Lawyer. Port Huron, Mich. 

John Abcheb Van Cleve, A.B. 
Kegent Univ. of Wis. since 1897. 
Banker. Marinette, Wis. 

James Alvin Van Fleet, A.B., A.M. 
'69. Fruit grower. 

Peach Ridge, Mch. 

William Wallace Washburn, AJB^ 
A.M. '69, D.D. (Ohio Wesl.) '82. 
M. E. clergyman. Mil ford, Mich. 

tOEOBOE Snow White, A.B., A.M. 
'69. Brevet Capt. U. S. Vols. Tru- 
ant Officer. Jackson, Mich. 

Newton Horace Winchell, A.B., 
A.M. '69. State Geologist of Min- 
nesota since 1872; Prof, of Geology 
and Mineralogy in the Univ. of 
Minn, since 1873. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alvah Bennett Wood, B.S., M.S. 
'71. M. E. clergyman (retired). 

Ann Arbor. 

fHuDsoN Adolphus Wood, A.B., A.M. 
'69, Ph.D. (New Windsor Coll.) 
'95. Sergt. 61st N. Y. Inf. Prof, 
of Mathematics in the Stevens 
School, 1888-98. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

*Chables Nathan Woolley, A.B., 
M.D. (Long Island) '68, d. New- 
burg, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1896. 


•John Oscab Andrews, B.S., d. II- 

liana. 111., Nov. 17, 1871. 
*tJoHN Hanson Beadle, A.B., I 63- 

64, d. Rockville, Ind., Jan. 15, 1897. 
James Bellangee, B.S., M.S. '70. 

Horticulture. Fairhope, Ala. 

William Mahlon Bbown, A.B., A.M. 

'74, 1 68-69. Lawyer. Angola, Ind. 
Wellington Carleton, A.B., A.M. 

'70, m 67-69, M.D. (Detroit Med. 

Coll. ) 71. Physician. Rochelle, 111. 
George Emery Chubch, A.B., A.M. 

'70. Lawyer. Fresno, Cal. 

Henrt p. Churchill, A.B., A.M '70, 

I 67-68. Broker. 

22 Rialto Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

John Monroe Darnell, B.S., M.S. '70. 

Farmer and Banker. Kushville, IllI 
HoRTON Hamilton Drury, A.B., A.M. 

'70. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
♦Isaac Newton Elwood, A.B., A.M. 

'70, d. Flint, Mich., Jan. 19, 1887. 
William John English, A.B., A.M. 

'69, LL.B. '69. Lawyer. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
♦George Adelbert Foster, A.B., 

A.M. '70, m 67-69, M.D. (Detroit 

Med. Coll.) '70, d. Ann Arbor, Sept. 

6, 1881. 
William Scott Fbackelton, B.8., 

M.S. '74, A.M. (hon.) '95, Ph.D. 

(Univ. of West. Pa.) '95. Presb. 


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 
IHenrt Nathaniel French, A.B., 

A.M. '70. Sergt. 2d Mich. Cav. 

Farmer. Homer, Mich. 

Lester Obestes Goddard, A.B., A.M. 

'70, / 69-70. Lawyer. 

2719 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Cornelius Albert Gower, A.B., 

A.M. '70, 1 67-68. ( See Superintend- 
ents of Public Instruction, p. 5.) 

Supt. of the Mich. State Reform 

School, 1881-92. Manufacturer. 

Lansing, Mich. 
♦George Sherwood Hastings, A.6., 

LL.B. '69, d. Quincy, Mich., Jan. 

28, 1871. 
Albert McKee Henry, B.S., M.S. '70, 

/ 68-69. Lawyer. 

158 Fort Street, W., Detroit, Mich. 
Milton Jackson, B.S., M.S. '70. Pres. 

of Miller Lock Co. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Elmore ELane, A.B., I 68-69. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Isaac Kersey, B.S. Merchant (re- 
tired). Bedford, Iowa. 
Peter Baldy Liohtner, A.B., A.M. 

'72. P. E. clergyman (retired). 

87 Moffat Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
DwiGHT Nelson Lowell, A.B. Law- 
yer. Romeo, Mien. 
George Lewis Maris, A.B., A.M. '74. 

Principal of George School. 

(Jeorge School P. O., Pa. 
Elbert Leroy Miller, A.B., A.M. '70, 

D.D. (Illinois Wesl.) '87. M. B. 

clergyman. Toledo, O. 

Jabez Montgomeby, B.S., M.S. '70, 

Ph.D. '81. Teacher. Ann Arbor. 
♦Isaac Newton Otis, A.B., d. Val- 

mont, Colo., Oct. 29, 1880. 
tTHOMAS MrrcHXLL Potter, A.B. 

Ranchman. Peabody, Kan. 




^Jonn HowABO Reid, A.B., AM, 

70, <L Vassar, Mich., Sept. 11, 1877. 

Akomab Bobbts, B.S. Architect. 

Normal, Neb. 

t^OBjr AoAics BoixiNS, A.B., A.M. 

no. I 6^-64, LL.B. (Albany) '68. 

First lieat. 45th IlL Inf. 

Vames Sakdebs, B.S., M.S. '78, d. 

Westfield, Ind., Nov. 6, 1800. 
*Jame8 Steel, A.B., and C.E., d. at 

eea, Aug. 16, 1860. 
Dayid Bbainerd Taylor, A.B., A.M. 
*70, LL.B. '60. Lawyer. 

Mason, Mich. 
Edwabo Willabd Wetmore, A.B., 
A.M. 70. Prof, of Natural Science 
in State Normal College. 

Albany, N. Y. 


A.B. P. E. Clergyman. 

(36) Benton Harbor, Mich. 


William Ktle Andebson, A.B., A.M. 
'71. U. S. Consul to Hanover, 
Ger., 1807-00. Detroit, Mich. 

WiCKLiFFE Wyllys Belville, A.B., 
A.M. '71. Lawyer. Dayton, O. 

tPEANCis Adelbebt Blackbubn, A.B., 
A.M. '71, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '02. (See 
Faculties, p. 23.) Chicago, 111. 

William Henbt Boardman, A.B., 
C. E. '60. Pres. of The Railroad Ga- 
gette Co. New York, N. Y. 

^AoosriBAM Cabteb, A.B., d. Chicago, 
III., March 10, 1885. 

*Jame8 Hatdek Chafin, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Feb. 16, 1873. 

Dakiel Websteb Cbouse, B.S., M.S. 
'73, MJ>. (Long Island) '60. Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 


61-62. First Lieut. 0th Mich. Cav. 

Banker. Rep. from Michigan in the 

67th Cong. ( 1001-.) St. Louis, Mich. 
JoHif James Davis, A.B., A.M. '77. 

Merchant. Aurora, 111. 

Qliveb Hats Dean, A.B., LL.B. '70. 

Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

tISAAO Newton Demmon, A.B., A.M. 

'71, LL.D. (Univ. of Nashville) '06. 

(See Faculties, page 11.) 

Ann Arbor. 
tJoHN Chables Fbeeman, A.B., A.M. 

'71, B.D. (Chicago Union Theol. 

Htm.) '71, LL.D. (Chicago Univ.) 

m. cmpi, 1st w, y, vtt, Cav. 

Prof, of English Literature in the 
Univ. of Wisconsin since 1879. U. 
S. Consul to Copenhaffen,1000. 

Madison, Wis. 

Geoboe Cook Fby, A.B., A.M. '71. 

Lawyer. 171 LaSalle St., 

Chicago, 111. 
Edmund Walleb Gale, A.B. Postal 

Clerk. Los Angeles, CaL 

Mabk Walbod Habbinoton, A.B. 

A.M. '71, LL.D. '04. (See Facul- 

ties, p. 11.) Chief of U. S. Weather 

Bureau, 1800-05. Seattle, Wash. 
Edwabd Louts Hessenmuelleb, A.B.y 

A.M. '74,LL.B. (Albany) '60, B.CX. 

(Heidelberg) '70. Lawyer. 
1080 Franklin Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Geobob Smith Hickey, A.B., A.M. '71, 

I 64-65, D.D. (Albion) '05. M. E. 

clergyman. Detroit, Mich. 

*Clabenc3b Niohol Howell, A.B., d. 

St. Louis, Mo., March 9, 1892. 
*Rosells Nichols Jenne, A.B., d. 

Keokuk, Iowa, Aug. 5, 1868. 
Henbt Smith Jewett, A.B., A.M. *76, 

Ph.C. and M.D. '70. Physician. 

Dayton, O. 
WiLLiABD Abno Kinosley, B.S., LL.B. 

'70. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
*Henby William Lobd, A.B., drowned 

in the Potomac River, near Wash- 
ington, July 16, 1883. 


'73, LL.B. '70, Capt. 153d 111. Inf. 
1865, County Judge of Kane County, 
111., 1882-00, d. Elgin, 111., Jan. 6, 

fFBANK Henbt Lyman, B.S., M.B. 
'76. Corporal 30th Wis. Inf. Mer- 
chant. Kenosha, Wis. 

Aabon Vance McAlvat, A.B. '81 
(nunc pro tunc), LL.B. '60. (See 
Faculties, p. 15.) Lawyer. Circuit 
Judge. Manistee, Mich. 

•John Curtis Maoill, A.B., A.M. 
'71, d. Clay Village, Ky., April 16, 

HuMPHBET Henbt Clat Milleb, A.B., 
A.M. *71. Lawyer. Evanston, 111. 


A.B. Brevet Maj. U. S. Vols. 1866. 
Lumber. Saginaw, Mich. 

Albebt Hendebson Pattenoill, A.B., 
A.M. '71. (See Faculties, p. 11.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Qalusha Pennell, A.B., I 68-60. 
U. S. Marshal for the Eastern Dis- 
trict of Michigan, 1886-00. Banker 

St. Johns, Bfic' 





and C.E., M.8. 73. Prof, of Civil 
Engineering in the Iowa State Uni- 
versity, 1873-87. Engineer. 

Lake Charles, La. 

LoBENZO Bbowne Potts, A.B. Farm- 
er. Whitehall, HI. 

Chables Quables, A.B. '98 (nunc pro 
tunc). Lawyer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thomas Cbaiohead Raynolds, A.B., 
A.M. '73. Journalist. Akron, O. 

Joseph Beal Steebe, A.B., LL.B. 70, 
Ph.D. (honj 76. (See Faculties, p. 
11.) Farmer. Ann Arbor. 

fRiLEY Clabk Stoby, A.B., I 66-67, 
LL.B. (Indianapolis) '69. Corp. 18th 
Ind. Inf. Teacher. Palo Alto, Cal. 

Joseph Mtbon Stoutt, A.B. Banker. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

William James Stuabt, A.B., A.M. 
76, LL.B. '72. Mayor of Grand 
Rapids, 1892-94. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*Edoab H. Tallman, A.B., d. Ogden, 
Utah, July 6, 1876. 

Llewellyn Pitt Tablton, B.8., LL.B. 
(Kentucky Univ.) *69. Lawyer. 

Frankfort, Ky. 

William Allen Undebwood, A.B. '94 
(nunc pro tunc), LL.B. (Albany) 
'69. Lawyer. 

25 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 


A.M. '71, Ph.D. (Leipzig) 77. (See 
Faculties, p. 11.) 


CoLMAN Bancbopt, B.8., M.S. '72. 

Professor of Math, and Astron. in 

Hiram Coll., 1875-79, and since 

1881. Hiram, O. 

Sidney Bbownsbebgeb, A.B., A.M. '76. 

Evangelist. Graysville, Tenn. 

William Addison Butleb, B.S. 

Banker. Detroit, Mich. 

•Henby Allen Chaney, A.B., A.M. 

'72, LL,B. '71, d. Detroit, Mich., 

June 14, 1894. 
Geoboe Manfred Claybebq, B.S. 

Princ. W. Div. High School. 

Chicago, ni. 
•William Johnson Cockeb, A.B., 

A.M. '72, (See Regents, p. 5,) d. 

Ann Arbor. May 19, 1901. 
Samuel FLrrcHEB Cook, A.B., A.M. 

'72. Writer. Lansing, Mich. 

William Johnson Dabby, A.B., A.M 

'72, B.D. (Cumberland Univ.) '71, 

A.M. {ibid.) '78, D.D. (Lincoln 

Univ.) '83. C. P. clergyman. 

Evansville, Ind. 
Fbanklin Smith Dewey, B.S., M.S. 

'72. Insurance. Detroit, Mich. 

*Fbedebick Anthony Dudgeon, A.B., 

was drowned near Grosae lale^ 

Mich., May 20, 1876. 
James Du Shane, B.S., M.S. '76. 

Lawyer. South Bend, Ind. 

Joseph Mills Gelston, A.B., B.D. 

(Union Theol. Sem.) '73. PresD. 

clergyman. Ann Arbor. 

fWiLLiAM Jay Gibson, A.B. Sergt. 

106th Ohio Inf. Writer. 

Grosse Isle, Mich. 
•fNATHAN Lewis Guthbie, A.B., 

A.M. '73, d. Wilcox, Ariz., April 1, 

Stephen Cogswell Hall, A.B., A.M. 

'72. Manufacturer. 

Waverly, N. Y. 
Fbanois Mabion Hamilton, A.B., 

A.M. '72. Real Estate. 

Ann Arbor. 
fSAMUEL Hayes, B.S., M.S. '76, LL.B. 

(Iowa) '91. Sergt. 146th 111. Inf. 

Prof, of Law in Iowa State Univ. 

since 1891. Iowa City, Iowa. 

♦John Eugene Hinman, A.B., A.M. 

'72, d. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1898. 


(Albany) '70. Lawyer. 

Decatur, HI. 
Mabmaduke Bubnell Kellogg, A.B., 
A.M. '76. Lawyer. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

Theodobe Fbelinghuysen Kebb, A.B., 

m 72-73, M.D. (Columbia) '74. 

Physician. Cooperstown, N. Dak. 

Henry Lamm, B.S. Lawyer. 

Sedalia, Mo. 
Benjamin Lombabd [Cook] Lothbop, 
A.B., A.M. '72, M.D, (Bellevue) 
'72. Physician. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chables Eugene Otis, A.B. Judge 
of District Court, 2d Judicial Dis- 
trict of Minn, since 1889. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Thomas Osborne Pebby, A.B., A.M., 
C.E., and M.E. '72. Mechanical 

1026 Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Albebt Alonzo Robinson, B.S. and 
C.E., M.S. '72, LL.D. 1900. Pres. 
Mexico Central Ry. Co. 

Boston, Mass. 

HoBAOE Gbeelet Snoveb, A.B., LL.B. 

'71. Rep. from Michigan in 64th 

and 66tn Congresses (1896-99). 

Lawyer. Port Austin, Mich. 




•Giles Ely Stillwell, A.B., d. Buf- 
falo, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1894. 

Thomas Chalmers Tatlob, A.B., 
A.M. '76. Lawyer. Almont, Mich. 

*Oliveb Simeon Vbeeland, A.B., 
A.M. '76, d. Salamanca, N. Y., May 
20, 1897. 

tALFBED Ernest Wilkinson, A.B., 
I 70-71. Reporter of Supreme Court 
of Texas since 1896. Lawyer. 

Austin, Tex. 

Charles Woodwobth, A.B., LL.B. 
'71. Lawyer and Surveyor. 

(32) Atchison, KaxL 


tABTHUR Clark Adams, A.B., A.M. 
'75, M.D. (Columbian Univ.) '73. 
Physician. Washington, D. C. 

Marcus Baker, A.B., A.M., '76, LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '96. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 23.) Greographer of the 
U. S. Geological Survey since 1886. 

Washington. D. C. 

John Albert Baldwin, A.B. Clergy- 
man. Los Gatos, Cal. 

'Charles Ballenoer, A.B., d. Indi- 
anapolis, Ind., March 13, 1881. 

Henry Hoyt Barlow, A.B. Lawyer. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

George William Bates, A.B., A.M. 
'73. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 


A.M '73. (See Faculties, p. 11.) 

Ann Arbor. 
'Julius Abibam Blackbubn, A.B., 

A.M. '73, d. Manchester, Mich., 

April 26, 1876. 
James Harbison Blanchabd, A.B., 

LL.B. '72. Lawyer. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Fbanklin Bbadlet, A.B., A.M. '73. 

M. E. clergyman. Orion, Mich. 

•Patbick Henbt Bumfus, A.B., M.D. 

'77, d. Devereaux, Mich., Feb. 18, 

Charles Francis Burton, A.B., A.M. 

'73, LL.B. '72. Patent Lawyer. 

Detroit, ^Hch. 
•Thomas Harper Bush, A.B., I 71-72, 

d. Chicago, 111., March 29, 1887. 
•George Throop Campau, A.B., d, 

Detroit, Mich., Feb. 6, 1879. 
Oscar James Campbell, A.B. and 

Ph.B., A.M. '77, LL.B. '73. Lawyer. 

Cleveland, O. 
Charles Simeon Carter, B.S., LL.B. 

(Columbia) '79. Lawyer. 

2730 Cedar St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

tTHOMAs Chalmers Christy, A.B., 
A.M. '76, m 72-73, M.D. (Bellevue) 
'74. Physician. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Eugene Frank Coolet, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Lansing, Mich. 

Harlow Palmer Davock, B.S. and 
C.E., M.S. '73. (See Faculties, p. 
18. ) Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

George Ellis Dawson, A.B., A.I.L 
*73. Lawyer. Chicago, IlL 

William Rutus Day, B.S., LL.D. '98, 
LL.D. (Univ. of aty of N. Y.) '99, 
{ 71-72. Assist. Secretary, and Sec- 
retary, of State, 1897-99 ; President 
of Peace Commission of Paris, 1898; 
U. S. Circuit Judge, Sixth Judicial 
Circuit, since 1899. Canton, O. 

Charles Keene Dodge, A.B. Lawyer. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Charles Stouton Edwards, A.B., 
A.M. 73. Teacher at York, Neb. 

Lacon, 111. 

•William Thomas Emerson, B.S., d. 
Kacine, Wis., Aug. 29, 18£7. 

Russell Errett, A.B. Publisher. 

Terrace Park, O, 

Robert Newton Fearon, A.B., A.M 
'73. Limiberman. Irocton, O. 

Achilles Finley, A.B. Lawyer. 

Fulton, Mo. 

Edwin Fleming, A.B., A.M. '75., I 
70-71. Secr'y Pan-American Expo- 
sition, 1900-01. Journalist. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

fMoRRis Bishop Foster, B.S. Farmer. 

Hector, Minn. 

Geoboe Jay French, A.B. Nursery- 
man. Homer, Mich. 

♦Otis Erastus Haven, A.B., A.M. 
'73, M.D. (Rush) '83, d. Evanston, 
111., Feb. 3, 1888. 

♦Frank Howard Howe, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '72, d. New 
\ork City, Dec. 29, 1897. 

John Collins Howland, B.S., M.S. 
'73, f 71-72. Lawyer. 

Washington, D. C. 

Washington Htde, Ph.B., LL.B. '72, 
Lawyer. Warren, O. 

Francis Wayland Jones, A.B., A.M. 
'71, I 7071, LL.B. (National Univ.) 
'74. Mines. Pasadena, Cal. 

Eugene Ketchum, B.S. Clergyman 
(retired). Epworth, Iowa. 

Owen Edgar LeFevre, Ph.B. Dist. 
Judge, 2d Judicial Dist. of Colo., 
since 1895. Denver, Colo. 

♦Vincent Smith Lovell, A.B., A.M. 
'73, d. Scranton, Pa., Dec. 7, 1892. 

John Scott Maltman, B.S., LL.B. 




71. Ist Lieut. 17th Mich. Inf. 
Lawyer. Los Angeles, Cal. 

HiLO Elijah Marsh, B.S., LL.B. 72. 
Editor. Lansing, Mich. 

WnxiAH Freeman Matthews, A.B., 
A.M. '73. Prof, of Hebrew in Zion 
Coll. 1306 Mich. Ave., Chicago, 111. 

WnxiAK Cotter Maybury, A.M. '80 
(nunc pro tunc), LL.B. 71. Rep. 
from Mich, in the 48th and 49th 
Congresses (1883-87). Mayor of 
Detroit since 1807. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Bernard Moses, Ph.B., Ph.D. (Hei- 
delberg). Prof, of History and Po- 
litical Economy in the Univ. of 
Cal.; U. S. Commissioner to the 
Philippine Islands. Berkeley, Cal. 

Clark Olds, B.S., M.S. 73, / 74-75. 
Lawyer. Erie, Pa. 

William Lorenzo Penfield, A.B., I 
70-71. U. S. Solicitor, Department 
of i:5uite, since 1897. Auburn, Ind. 


Horticulturist. Sacramento, Cal. 
Aaron Perry, B.S., M.S. 73, LL.B. 

75. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
Samuel Britton Price, A.B., LL.B. 

72. Lawyer. Scranton, Pa. 
William Henry Schock, B.S., M.D. 

(Chicago Hahn.) '81. Physician 

and Ranchman. Plateau, Utah. 

Walter Barlow Stevens, A.B., A.M 

73. Newspaper correspondent. 
Wyatt Bldg., Washington, D. C 

Lbonard Emiah Stocking, Ph.B, 
M.D. (St. Louis) '76. Physician to 
State Hospital since 1894. 

Afirnew«. Cal. 

fLucius BuRRiE Swirr, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

76. Lawyer. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Rurns Hildrbth Thayer, A.B., A.M 

74. LL,B. (Columbian Univ.) '73. 
Lawyer. Washington, D. C. 


72. Teacher. Clackamas, Ore. 
Orlando La Fayette Tindall, A.B., 

A.M. '73, B.D. (Garrett Bib, Inst.) 

73. Princ. of Ministerial Training 
School of Zion College. 

1306 Mich. Ave., Chicago. 111. 

James Fisher Tweedy, A.B. Broker. 

Wall Street, New York, N. Y. 

•Peter Voorheis, A.B., I 71-72, d. 

Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 17, 1890. 

Oliver Hart Wattles, B.S. Banker, 

Lapeer, Mich. 
♦Albert William Weisbrod, A.B., d. 
Oshkosh, Wis., April 18, 1892. 

tCHABLES Manley Wells, B.S., M.S. 
73, 1 72-73. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Charles Rudolphus Whitman, A.B., 
A.M. '75, LL.B. '7 J. (See Regents, 
p. 5.) Lawyer. 

Ist Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Robertson Winchell, A.B., 
A.M. '73. Editor and publisher, ana 
proprietor of educational and lec- 
ture bureau. Evanston, 111. 

Charles (Gordon Wing, Ph.B., LL.B. 
73. lawyer. Ludington. Mich. 

•Thomas Wylie, A.B., d. Martin, 
Mich., April 3, 1877. 


Edward Mills Adams, A.B., A.M. '75, 
LL.B. (Harvard) 73. Lawyer. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

tELROY McKendree Avery, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '75, Ph.D. (Hillsdale). Ohio 
Senate, 1802-96. Author. 

657 Woodland Hills Ave., 

Cleveland, O. 

Jonathan Edwards Bissell, A.B. 
B.D. (Yale) '77. Cong, clergyman. 

Granville, 111. 

John Drake Chambers, B.S., M.D. 
'74. Physician. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Charles Chandler, A.B., A.M. 74. 
Prof, of Latin, Univ. of Chicago, 
since 1892. Chicago, 111. 

Charles Edgar Conley, A.B., A.M. 
'76. Supt. of Baptist State Mis- 
sions since 1889. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Alonzo Cook, A.B. '84 
{nunc pro tunc). Princ. of the Jef- 
ferson High School since 1883. 

Irving Park, Chicago, HI. 

John Patterson Cornell, B.S., I 72- 
73. Lawyer. Monroeville, O. 

John Foster Eastwood, A.B., A.M. 
'72, Ph.C. '74, Ph.D. '87. Prof, of 
Chemistry and Biology in George- 
town College since 1888. 

Georgetown, Ky. 

Addison Joseph Edgerton, B.S., 
LL.B. '76. Contractor. 

Missoula, Mont. 

Theodore Alpheus Felch, Ph.B.. 
M.D. (Detroit Med. Coll.) '74. Phy- 
sician. Ishpeming, Mich. 

Byron Alfred Finney, A.B. *90 {nune 
pro tunc). Assistant in the Gen- 
eral Library of the University since 
1891. Ann Arbor. 

Pembrook Reeves Flitcraft, A.B., 
A.M. '74. Judge of the Circuit Court 




of St. Louis, 1894-1900. Lawyer. 

Laclede Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
*Geoboe Town send Fox, A.B., m 71- 

72, M.D. (Harvard) '76, d. Vienna, 

Austria, Jan. 13, 1877. 
'Joshua Lathrop Gillespie, Ph.B., 

C.E. 72, d. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 

22, 1890. 
Henbt Mabttn Goodell, A.B., LL.B. 

*70. Presb. clergyman. 

Eufaula, Ala. 
Charles Eugene Gobton, Ph.B. Supt. 

of Schools at Yonkers since 1884. 

Yonkers, N. Y. 
Henby Chapin Gbanoeb, A.B. P. E. 

clergyman. 1714 Barry Ave., 

Chicagfo, 111. 
Samuel Sharpless Gbeen, B.S., M.S. 

*74. Farmer. Bartow, Fla. 

Alexandeb White Hamilton, A.B., 

A.M. 74, I 71-72. Lawyer. 

153 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Walteb Suthebland Habsha, A.B.; 

A.M. 76. Clerk of the U. S. Circuit 

Court since 1882. Detroit, Mich. 
*tPBE8T0N Cbanb Hudson, A.B., AM, 

74, Adjt. 85th 111. Inf., d. Toledo, 

Ohio, Aug. 10, 1896. 
RiCHABD Hudson, A.B., A.M. 77, { 79- 

79, LL.D. (Univ. of Nashville) '01. 

(See Faculties, p. 13.) Dean of the 

Department of Literature, Science. 

and the Arts. Ann Arbor. 

Harry Burns Hutchins, Ph.B., 

LL.D. (Wisconsin) '97. Prof. 

of Law in Cornell Univ., 1887-04. 

(See Faculties, p. 12.) Dean of the 

Department of Law. Ann Arbor. 
Earle Johnson Knight, A.B., A.M. 

74. Manufacturer. Albion, Mich. 
Charles Kellooo Latham, A.B., 

A.M. 76, LL.B. 72. Lawyer. 

Detroit, lifich. 
•Morton Wilkinson Latson, A.B., 

d. Eaton Rapids, Mich., Feb. 14, 

Edward Laurens Mark, A.B., LL.D. 

'96, Ph.D. (Leipzig) 76. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 22. ) Cambridge, Mass. 
Joseph Aaron Merger, A.B. Princ. 

of Lincoln School at Peoria, since 

1882. Peoria, 111. 

William Merrill, Ph.B. Manufac- 
turer. Saginaw, Mien. 
Watson Btrchabd Millard, A.B., 

B.D. (Chicago Theol. Sem.) '71. 

Cong, clergyman. Geneva, HI. 

•Henry Watson Montrose, A.B., d. 

Galena, 111., March 18, 1897. 

Arthxtr Gray Ons, A.B., I 72-73. 
Lawyer. St. Paul, Minn. 

Horace Phillips, A.B., A.M. '74. 
Teacher. Kewanee, IlL 

•RuFUS Emebson Phinnet, A.B., d. 
Monroe, Mich., Feb. 23, 1884. 

Benjamin Tustin Killam Pbbston, 
A.B. Secretary Preston School of 
Industry. Waterman, CaL 

Pebby Anthony Randall, A.B., A.M. 
74, LL.B. 73. Lawyer. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

*Fbank Remiok, A.B., d. at his lum- 
ber camp. Lake Co., Mich., May 2, 

*Benjamin Gbenville Rice, A.B., 
A.M. 74, { 66-67, d. Grand Island, 
Neb., May 23, 1875. 

William Fbancis McKnioiit Rtfteb, 
A.B., A.M. 74. Assist. U. S, Naval 
Observatory and Nautical Almanae 
Office. Milton, Pa. 

Chables Amasa Rust, B.S. Lumber- 
man. Saginaw, Mich. 

•fGiDEON Webster Seavey, A.B., 
A.M. 74, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 
March 13, 1893. 

John Wesley Sleepeb, A.B.,A.M. 74. 
Lawyer. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Edwabd Blake Sumner, B.S., LL.B. 

73. Lawyer. Rockford, IlL 
James Aveby Satterlee Warden, 

A.B. Lawyer. Rockypoint, N. Y. 
Charles Melvin Wilkinson, B.S. 

Lawyer. Whitehall, Mon. 

•Harry Cole Willcox, B.S.. was 

drowned at L'Anse, Mich., May, 1874. 
Charles Joseph Willett, A.B., A.M. 

74. (See Regents, p. 5.) j^awyer. 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Floyd Baexr Wilson, A.B., A.M. 74, 
LL.B. (Ohio State and Union Law 
School) 73. Law and mining. 

30 Broad St., New York, N, Y. 
Robert Mullins Wright, A.B., A.M. 
74. Lawyer. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Gboroe Washington Allyn, A.B., 
A.Ai. 76, M.D. 78. Physician. 

615 Penn Ave., Pittsburirb, Pa. 
Frank Davis Andrus, A.B., A.M. 76, 
LL.B. 79. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
Edwin Irving Ayer, A.B., LL.B. 76 
B.D. (Chicago Theol. Sem.) '83 
Cong, clergyman. Manistee, Mich 
Charles Orrin Baker, A.B., A.M. 77 
MJ). 78. Physician. 

Fort Madison, Iowa 




Austin Babbib, A.B., A.M. 76. Mer- 
chant. Howard City, Mich. 

Charles Tuppeb Beattt, A.B., AM. 

Charles Gibson Bennett, A.B., PhJ>. 
(Leipzig) 77. Lawyer. 
University Club, New York, N. Y, 

Solomon Hdc Bethea, B.S. U. S. 
Diet. Att'y. Chicago, IlL 

Walter Augustus Brooks, A.B., D.D. 
(Lafayette) '93. Presb. clergyman. 

Trenton, N. J. 

[I'HOMAs] Archer [Huntington] 
Brown, A.B. Iron merchant. 

71 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Borebt Emmet Bunker, A.B., A.M. 
76, LL.B. '80. (See Faculties, p. 
16.) Ann Arbor. 

John M[arshall] H[atch] Burgett, 
Ph.B. Lawyer. 

116 Monroe Street, Chicago, HI. 

Henry Fairfield Burton, A.B., A.M. 

' 75. (See Faculties, p. 23.) Acting 
President Univ. of Rochester, 1898- 
1000. Rochester, N. Y. 

J/MES Christie, A.B. 

Horatio Nelson Chute, B.S., M.S. 

75. Instructor in Physical Science 
in the Ann Arbor High School since 
1873. Ann Arbor. 

Charlemagne Clark, A.B. Proprie- 
tor of the Phoenix >fVire Works. 

Detroit, Hfich. 
*Georoe Edward Cochran, A.B., A.M. 

76, d. Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 7, 

*Georoe Colt, A.B., d. Kalamazoo, 
Mich., July 29, 1878. 

Edgar Arthur Cooley, A.B., I 72-73. 
Lawyer. Bay City, Mich. 

Hamilton Det, Ph.B. Banker. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•fJoHN Frederick Dutton, A.B.,A.M., 
76, S. T. B. (Harvard) '80, d. 
Winslow, Ariz., May 19, 1898. 

Rilet Foster, B.S., p 72-73. Farmer. 

Hubbard, Minn. 

Frances Amelia Gage, B.S. (Mrs. 
Zar D. Scott.) Duluth, Minn. 

Frederick Ltman Geddes, A.B., A.M. 
76, { 74-75. Lawyer. Toledo, O. 

William Stone Haskell, A.B., A.M. 
75. Lawyer. Bowling Green, O. 

tWiLLiAM James Herdman, Ph.B., 
M.D. 75, LL,D. (Univ. of Nash- 
ville) '97. (See Faculties, p. 11.) 
Physician. Ann Arbor. 


4279 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, HI. 

tEBEN Leandeb Hill, A.B., BJ>. 
(Oberlin) 76. Prof . of Greek, Kan- 
sas City Univ., since 1897. 

Kansas City, Kan. 

Jeremiah Hillbgass, A.B., Ajif. 76, 1 
72-73. Huntertown, Ind. 

William Henrt Hinman, B.S., M.S. 
76. Mining. Denver, Colo. 

Warren Austin Hosmer, B.S. 

La Porte, Ind. 

Charles Lester Houseman, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. 76. Lumberman. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

*Georoe Frederic Hxtrd, A.B., da 
Union City, Mich., March 11, 1878. 

Louis Morris Iddings, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Columbia) *81. Secretary of Lega- 
tion, U. S. Embassy. Home, Italy. 

fLouis Henrt Jennings, A.B., I 67- 
68. Lawyer. 

304 Reaper Block, Chicago, 111. 

Clark Jones, A.B. Teacher. 

Beloit, Wis. 

•Joseph Comstock Jones, A,B., A.M. 
76, d. Chicago, 111., April 14, 1897. 

Hiram Morse Keeler, A.B., A.M. 76. 
Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

James Henry Kirkpatrick, A.B. 
Farmer and Stockman. Utica, O. 

William Roscoe Leigh, A.B., LL.B. 
(Cumberland Univ.) 74. I^awyer. 

Brownsville, Tenn. 

•Charles Bradley Lothrop, A.B., d. 
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 16, 1893. 

•Hersert Hess Lyons, A.B., M.D. 
(HomoBo. Hosp., Cleveland) 73, d. 
San Francisco, Cal., June 23, 1883. 

Joseph McDonald McGrath, A.B. 
A.M. 76. P. E. clergyman. 

46 Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

William Henry McKee, A.B., A.M. 
76, h 86-88, LL.B. (Columbia) 76. 
Writer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lester McLean, B.S., M.S. 76, LL.B. 
76. Lawyer. Denver, Colow 

James Herrert Maguire, A.B., A.M. 
76, / 76-77. Lawyer. 

Detroit. Mich. 

John Jamison Mapel, A.B., A.M. 76. 
(See Faculties, p. 23.) President 
of Wisconsin State Normal School, 
1886-92. Insurance. 

295 Ogden Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Samuel George Milner, A.B., A.M. 
76, M.D. '87. Physician. 

6 Adams Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 

•Addison Moffat, A.B., A.M. 76, d. 
Colorado Springs, June 8, 1884. 

Jackson Morrow, A.B. Civil Engi- 
neer. Kokomo, Ind. 




John Wellington Mobton, A.B.,A.M. 

'75, m 74-76, M.D. (Rush) 77. 

Physician. Ann Arbor. 

Hiram Mtebs, A.B. Orleans, Mass. 
Hectob Neuhoff, A.B. Lawyer, 

52 Laclede Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
David Luther Orr, A.B. Lawyer. 

Anson, Tex. 
Lewis Baldwin Parsons, A.B. '73 

{nunc pro tunc). Real estate and 

mining. Seattle, Wash. 

Edward Waldo Pendleton, A.B., 

A.M. '75, I 73-74. Lawyer. 
Union Trust Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
•John William Phelps, Ph.B., d. 

Santa Barbara, Cal., Oct. 22, 1887. 
Homer Reed, A.B. Lawyer. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
DwiGHT Carver Rexvord, A.B., LL.B. 

'74. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

John Barney Rosevelt, B.S., I 

67-68. Merchant. 

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. 
* Ernest William von Schreeb, 

A.B., A.M. '75, d. Ottawa, 111., May 

7, 1898. 
Frank Taylor Seeley, B.S., M.S. 

'75, MJ). '74, I 69-70. Physician. 

Algona, Iowa. 
Barton Smith, B.S., LL.B. '75. Law- 
yer. Toledo, Ohio. 
Monroe Benjamin Snyder, A.B., 

A.M. *75. Prof, of Astron. and 

Math, in the Philadelphia High 

School. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Madelon Louisa Stockwell, A.B., 

A.M. (Albion) '90. (Mrs. Charles 

K. Turner.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Hiram Buel Swartz, A.B., LL.B. '72. 

Lawyer. Wooster, Ohio. 

*Frank Herbert Tabor, A.B., d. Deni- 

son, Iowa, Jan. 22, 1879. 
Russell F Tinkham, A.B., A.M. '75. 

Ann Arbor. 
*tCHARLBS King Turner, Ph.B.,LL.B. 

'73, 1st Lieut. 30th Wis. Inf., d. 

Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 9, 1880. 
William Thomas Underwood, A.B., 

LL.D. (Heidelberg) '75. Lawyer. 

820 Reaper Block, Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Delorin Updike, A.B. Supt. 

of Schools. Belleville, 111. 

Howard H. Van Vranken, A.B., 

Presby. clergyman. Baraboo, Wis. 
Gbobgb Philemon Voorheis, A.B., 

LL.B. '74. Lawyer. Toledo, Ohio. 
Theodore Booth Wilson, A.B., A.M. 

'76, BJD. (Yale) 78. Cong, clergy- 
man. New Haven, Conn. 
Roland Woodhams, A.B., A.M. '76. 

M. E. clergyman. Caro, Mich. 

*Jame8 Alexander Woods, A.B., d. 

near Belfast, Tenn., Jan. 19, 189 1. 
Charles Carter Wobthington, B.S. 

Grain dealer. Homer, Mich. 



William Benson, A.B. Chemist. 

Munich, Bavaria. 

Arthxtr Giles Bishop, B.S. Banker. 

Flint, Mich. 

Alfred Erskine Brush, Ph.B. Real 
Estate. Detroit, Mich. 

•Eliot Hunt Brush, Ph.B., d. Santa 
Barbara, Cal., Jan. 6, 1877. 

DwiGHT Nathan Burritt, B.S. Hor- 
University Sta., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Clarence Monroe Burton, B.S. '91 
{nunc pro tunc), LL.B. '74. Ab- 
stractor of land titles. Detroit, Mich. 

Wilbur Buzzell, A.B., A.M. '76. 
D.D.S. '83. Dentist. 

Port Clinton, Ohio. 

William Mathews Carrier, A.B., 
A.M. '76, LL.B. (Boston Univ.) '76. 
Lawyer. Flint, Mich. 

William Flint Clarke, Ph.B. Cash- 
ier Antrim Furnace Co. 

Mancelona, Mich. 

Henrt Reed Cocker, B.S., I 76-77. 
Mine manager. St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles Henry Dane, A.B., LL.B. 
'75. Banker. LoQR Beach. Cal. 

Herbert Erastus Davis, A.B. Presb. 
clergyman. Homer, Mich. 

•WiLHELMUs Decker, B.S., M.S. '77, 
M.D. '78, was drowned in Lake St. 
Clair, April 27, 1881. 

Samuel townsend Douglas, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '76, Ph:C. '74. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Sidney Corning Eastman, A.B. 
Lawyer. Referee in Banicruptcy, 
since 1898. Chicago, 111. 

Henry William Elliott, A.B. 

Bentonville, Ark. 

Henry Waterman Fairbank, A.B., 

A.M. '76. Teacher and publisher. 

265 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

*Frank Ward Farr, A.B., d. Chicago, 
111., Sept. 23, 1873. 

•William Henry Fox, A.B., LL.B. 
(Harvard) '77, d. Detroit, Mich., 
Nov. 19, 1887. 

Elias Durfee Galloway, Ph.B. 
Lumber Merchant. Howell, Mich. 

Herschel Robert Gass, A.B., A.M. 
'76. (See Superintendents of PuD- 
lie Instruction, p. 6.) Real estate. 

MobUe, AU. 




>i fAitaiTATT. Thomas Gabs, A.B., A.M. 
'76. Supt. of Michigan School for 
the Education of the Deaf, 1883-92 ; 
Bupt. of Iowa Soldiers* Orphans' 
Home, since 1895. Davenport, Iowa. 

Henbt Wisewell Gelston, A.B. 
Presb. clergyman. Kalamazoo, Mich, 

Clark Hough Gleason, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'76. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

James Riddle Gofte, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'76, M.D. (Bellevue) '81. Physician. 

22 E. 35th St., New York, N. Y. 

WnxiAM Wallace Granoeb, Ph.B. 
Mining. Florence, Colo. 

*Bobebt Speab Gross, A.B., d. Eustis, 
Fla., Feb. 10, 1888. 

•Mary Frances Hapoood, Ph.B., d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 16, 1886. 

Richard I^Armond Harrison, B.S. 
Farmer and stockraiser. 

Princeton, 111. 

Henrt Marsh Haskell, A.B., A.M. 
'76, m 76-76, M.D. (Bellevue) '78. 
Physician. Hancock, Mich. 

Wayne Hayman, A.B., LL.B. '76. 
Lawyer. Denver, Colo. 

John Maynard Hemingway, Ph.B., 
LL.B. (Univ. of Iowa) '76. Law- 
yer. Hampton, Iowa. 

Albert Poole Jacobs, A.B., LL.B. '76. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Bxttler ELeeler, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Old Colony Bldpf., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Monroe Keenan, A.B. 
Lawyer. Denver, Colo. 

Joseph R. Keeney, B.S. Farmer and 
Stockraiser. Tecumneh, Mich. 

Charles Edward Kino, A.B. Grocer. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Loyal Edwin Knappen, A.B., A.M. 
*76. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

'Joseph Marvin Lewis, B.S., M.S. 
'76, M.D. '76, d. Jackson, Mich., 
March 31, 1883. 

Henry Howell Lockwood, B.S. Hor- 
ticulturist. Sunolglen, Cal. 

John Alexander McEldowney, A.B. 
Lawyer. Fargo, N. Dak. 

JuDSON Gregory Pattengill, A.B. 
Principal of the Ann Arbor High 
School since 1876. Ann Arbor. 

*Sherwood Raymond Peabody, A.B., 
A.M. '76, d. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
May 11, 1879. 

Harry Otis Perley, A.B., A.M. '76, 
M.D. (Detroit Med. Coll.) '76. Maj. 
and Surg, in U. S. A. 1896. 
Care of Surgeon General, 

Washington, D. C. 

Herbert Dwight Peters, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '76. Manufacturer. 

Monticello, HI. 

George Francis Robison, A.B., A.M. 

'76. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

*Marshall Key Ross, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

76, M.D. (Detroit Med, Coll.) '78, 

d. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 4, 1883. 
Henry Russell, A.B., A.M., '76, LL.B. 

'76. lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

George Rust, B.S. Real estate and 

mines. Denver, Colo. 

Zar Delavan Scott, B.S. Manufac- 
turer. Duluth, Minn. 
William Smith Sheeran, A.B., A.M. 

'77. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Volney Morgan Spalding, A.B., Ph.D. 

(Leipzig) '94. (See Faculties, p. 

lis.) Ann Arbor. 

Charles Cummings Stewart, A.B., 

A.M. '77, LL.B. '76. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Earnest Taylor Tappey, A.B., A.M. 
'76, MJ>. (Columbia) '79. Phy- 
sician. Detroit, Mich. 

*Edward Ernest I'hayer, A.B., ^. 
Flint, Mich., June 10, 1884. 

Albinus Levi Todd, A.B. Lumber- 
man. Carson City, Mich. 

Cyrus Obadiah Tower, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'76. Merchant. 

743 Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Charles McKinstry Van Cleve, 
A.B., A.M. '77. Assayer. 

El Paso, Tex. 

Franklin Hiram Walker, B.S. Dis- 
tiller and Railroad President. 
850 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Russell Wells, A.B. Man- 
ufacturer. Bay City, Mich. 

•John L. White, Ph.B., MJ). '78, d. 
at Williamsburg, Mich., Sept. 13, 

WnxiAic Brown Williams, A.B., 
A3L '76, LL.B. '77. Lawyer. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

Charles Lymah Wilson, A.B. 

Port Byron, N. Y. 

yer. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Edward White Wood, A.B., A.M. '77. 
Tobacco dealer. Owensboro, Ky. 

Eugene B. Woodruff, A.B., LL.B. *76. 
Lawyer. Glenwood, Iowa. 

Kimball Young, A.B., LL.B. (Union 
College of Law) '76. Lawyer. 

University Club, Chicago, 111. 




*Jame8 William Yxtle, B.S., M.S. '76, 
d. Alma, Wis., Aug. 30, 1881. 


IBAAO Adams, A.B. Lawrer. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Francis EuoKin: Arnold, A.B. Bap- 
tist clerygyman. Ypsilanti, MicL 

*Frank Lawton Axtell, A.B., LL.B. 
'75, d. Cooperstown, N. D., May, 

Eliza Benton, Ph.B. Teacher in 
Girls' Classical School. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

•Michael Brennan, A.B., I 74-76, d. 
Saginaw, Mich., May 6, 1885, 

OsHEA Stowell Brigham, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '77, m 76-76, MJ). (Long It- 
land) '76. Physician. Toledo, O. 

Delos Buzzell, B.S., M.S. '77. Princ. 
Irving Park School. Chicago, 111. 

Frederic Augustus Cadt, A.B., A.M1 
'77, m 75-70, M.D. (Mich. Coll. of 
Med.) '^6. Phvaician. Flint, Mich. 

Orrin Cadt, Ph.B., LXi.B. (Cincin- 
nati) '78, MD. (Cincinnati Coll. 
of Med.) '86. Cincinnati, O. 

Frank Austin Carle, B.S. Editor 
The Commercial Advertiser, 

New York, N. Y. 

DeWitt Clinton Challis, Ph.B. 
Miasionary to Bulgaria, 1875-92. 
M. E. clergyman. Laingsburg, Mich. 

Anna Minerva Chandler, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '77. Supt. of Schools at 
Marquette, 1888-1900; Princ. of 
High School, 1901-. 

Escanaba, Mich. 

Alpheus Whitnet Clark, A.B. 
Banker. Detroit, ^Qcn. 

•Robert Harris Come, A.B,, d. 1879. 

Charles Hall Cook, A.B., B.D. (Chi- 
cago Theol. Sem.), A.M. '97, Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Denver) '97. P. E. clergy- 
man. 1906 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

Josephine Agnes Day, Ph.B. '76 
(nunc pro tunc), Ph.M '77. (Mrs. 
Charles A. Robinson.) 

Hempstead, N. Y. 

John Edward Ensign, B.S., LL.B. 
(Ohio State and Union Law School) 
'76. Lawyer. East Cleveland, O. 

*Lyman Decatur Follett, A.B., d. 
Bay of Panama, Oct. 19, 1897. 

George Pincknet Glenn, A.3., A.M. 
'77. Sunt, of Schools at Jackson- 
ville since 1887. Jacksonville, Fla. 

James Henrt Glover, Ph.B. Capital- 
ist. Pasadena, CaL 

Annie Geanber, A.B. (Mrs. Orson 

H. Gillmore.) Woodstock, 111. 

George Fisk Gross, A.B. Merchant. 

Waterford, Mich. 
*EDMnND George Hall, A.B., d. Gib- 
raltar, Mich., Oct. 12, 1875. 
Emma Maria Hall, A.B., A.M. '75. 

M. E. missionary. 
12 Picolo del Basilico, Rome, Italy. 
•John Townsend Hall, A.B., A.M. 

'77 d. Shelbyville, 111., June 1, 1885. 
Sarah Ddc Hamlin, A.B., A.M. '75. 

Teacher. 1849 Jackson St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
George Lester Harding, A.B., A.M. 

'77. Princ. of Schools. 

Breckenridge, Colo. 
Frank Clark Hatman, A.B., I '72-7S. 

Houstonia, Mo. 
'Charles Coe Hibbard, B.S., M.D. 

(Detroit Med. Coll.) '76, d. North 

Branch, Mich., April 4, 1878. 
Edward Chauncey Hinman, B.S. 

Treas. and Mgr. Am. Steam Pump 

Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 

♦Almon Franklin Hoyt, A.B., A.M. 

'77, d. at Albuquerque, N. Mez., 

Oct., 1888. 
*Oboroe Hugh Jameson, A.B., d. 

Washington, D. C, Aug. 3, 1889. 
Theodore Hitchcock Johnston, A.B., 

A.M. '77, Ph.D. (Strassburg) '80. 

Princ. of West Side High School, 

Cleveland, O. 
Loins Buhl King, Ph.B. Merchant. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Chester Taylor Lane, A.B. Princ. 

of the Fort Wayne High School 

since 1879. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Don Alonzo Matthews, A.B., A.M. 

'77, I 75-76. Wholesale druggist. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Lawrence Maxwell, B.S., A.M. 

ihon.) '93, LL.B. (Cincinnati) 75. 

U. S. Solicitor General, 1893-95. 

Lawyer. Cincinnati, O. 

Charles Henrt Mat, B.S. Banker. 

Clio, Mich. 
Fred Augustus Matnard, A.B., A.M. 

'77, LL.B. '76. Att'y-Gen. of Mich. 

1895-99. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Vof^EPH Ronald Miller, A.B., d. 

Burgettstown, Pa., March 6, 1876. 
Henrt Romaine Pattengill, B.S. 
(See Superintendents of Public In- 
struction, p. 5.) Editor and pub- 
' lisher. Lansing, Mich. 

*James Farwell Potter, B.S.y d. 

Chicago, ni., Sept. 25, 1879. 




WiLBUB FiSK Reed, A.B., A.M. 77, 
M.l>. 7'' Physician. 

Cheboygan, Mich. 

John Sullivan Richardson, B.S. On 
the staff of The Chronicle, 

Chicago, III. 

Henbt Wade Rogebs, A.B., A.M. 77, 
I 76-77, LL.D. (Wesl. Univ.) '90. 
(See Faculties, p. 12.) 

New Haven, Conn. 

Setmoub McGlunb Sadler, B.S. 
Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

•Mary Downing Sheldon, A.B. (Mrs. 
Earl Barnes.) Professor of His- 
tory in Wellesley College, 1877-79, 
Author of " Studies in General His- 
tory/* d. London, Eng., Aug. 27, 

WiLBERT Wesley Smith, B.S. Lum- 
berman. Wagar, Ala. 

•Herbert Artemas Thayer, A.B., d. 
Flushing, Mich., Aug, 27, 1899. 

Calvin Thomas, A.B., A.M. 77. (See 
Faculties, p. 13.) 
501 W. 113th St., New York, N. Y. 

•Charles Joseph Thomas, Ph.B., m 
79-80. d. Chicago, 111., April, 1882. 

Henry Thomas Thurber, A.B. Law- 
yer. Secretary to the President, 
during the 2d Cleveland Adminis- 
tration, 1893-97. Detroit, Mich. 

William Henry Townsend, A.B., 
A.M. 77, LL.B. 79. Lawyer. 

Herman, Minn. 

John VanBuren Vorce, A.B. 

James Dickinson Warner, Ph.B. 
Mines. 20 Broad St., 

New York, N. Y. Ashley Warren, Ph.B. 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 

William Henry Wells, A.B., Ph.C. 
75, LL.B. 77. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Francis James West, Ph.B. Farmer. 
Bear Lake, Manistee Co., Mich. 

John Nr>vton Wiieatley, Ph.B. Tax 
Agt. C. C. C. A St. L. Ry. 

Cincinnati, O. 

Laura Rogers White, B.S. 

Ashland, Ky. 

Charles Royal Wing, Ph.B. Banker. 

Monroe, Mich. 

•Edward William Withey, A.B., 
A.M. 77, LL.B. 76, d. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., March 9, 1889. 


•Gbobge Hazelton Abbott, Ph.B., d. 
Colorado, May, 1888. 

Charles Henry Aldrioh, A.B., A.M. 
(hon.) '93. U. S. Solicitor General 
1892-93. Lawyer. 

225 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

•San Louie Anderson, A.B., was 
drowned in the Sacramento River, 
June 5, 188C. 

Emma Cornelia Andrews, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. George S. Baker.) 

Evanston, HI. 

Martha Angle, Ph.B. (Mrs. Charles 
W. Dorsett). Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank Webster Ball, Ph.B., m 
73-74, Editor. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Irving Willis Barnhaht, A.B. In- 
surance. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

James Madison Barrett, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

William Francis Bigelow, B.S. 
Lawyer. Des Plaines, llL 

David Alonzo Bixby, A.B; Manu- 
facturer. St. Louis, Mo. 

•George allen Briggs, Ph.B., d. 
Paw Paw, Mich., Dec. 13, 1881. 

Willard Irving Brotherton, B.S. 
Wliolesale grocer. Bay City, Mich. 

Charles Sumner Burch, A.B. Edi- 
tor and publisher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John Fletcher Burris, A.B. Law- 
yer, San Francisco, Cal. 

Benjamin Chapman Burt, A.B.,A.M. 
79, Ph.D. '94. (See Faculties, p. 
20.) Prof, of Philosophy and 
Pedagogy, Univ. of Colo., 1894-95. 
Author of Works on Philosophy. 
R. R., Expr. and Telegraph Agent. 

Superior, Neb. 

Angie Clara Chafin, A.B., A.M. 
(hon,) '95. Prof, of Greek in Wel- 
lesley Coll. since 1887. 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Charles WHirEFiELD Clark, B.S., 
M.D. (Hahn. Med. Coll., Chicago) 
'66, M.D. (HomoBO. Med. Coll. of 
Mo. ) *67. Physician. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

William Rice Clark, A. B. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

Emily Persis Cook, A.B., Philan- 
thropic and literary work. 

Lansing, Hfich. 

•Norman Philip Cook, A.B., d. Men- 
dota. 111., March 21, 1899. 

Frank H. Culver, Ph.B. Lawyer. 
7 Scott St., Chicago, IlL 





Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1878. 
•LoBBNZO Davis, A.B., d. Berkeley, 

Cal., May 1, 1889. 
Charles William Dorsett, Ph.B. 
Caterer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

William George Doty, A.B. Law- 
yer. Ann Arbor. 
Delos Fall, B.S., M.S. '83, Sc.D. 
(Albion) '98. Prof, of Chemistry 
in Albion Coll. (See Superinten- 
dents of Public Instruction, p. 5.) 

Albion, Mich. 

Charles Fred Field, A.B. Teacher 

in High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Ward Fletcher, Ph.B. (See 

Regents, p. 5.) Manufacturer. 

Alpena, Mich. 

Lorenzo Varnum Fletcher, A.B. 

Farmer. Linden, Mich. 

Horatio Clark Ford, B.S. • Lawyer 

and Banker. Cleveland, O. 

Charles Fox, A.B. Lumberman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
•George Ludlow Fox, B.S., d, De- 
troit, Mich., April 4, 1901. 
William Fanning Gelston, A.B. 
Manager Provident Loan Co. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Charles Pierce Gilchrist, A.B., 

LL.B. '77. Ship owner and broker. 

Cleveland, O. 
Thomas Frederick Graber, Ph.B. 
2037 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Adelbert George Gumaer, B.S., m 
81-82, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '83. Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. Biiffalo, N. Y. 
Henrt Harrison Hahn, A.B., m 
75-76, M.D. (Long Island) '76. Phy- 
sician. Youngstown, O. 
Charles Taylor Harris, A.B. Man- 
ufacturer of artistic roofing tiles. 
204 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
'Frederick Walter Harris, Ph.B., d. 
Battle Creek, Mich., April 5, 1877. 
Walter Jaoor Hetser, B.S. Lum- 
berman. Chattanooga, Tenn. 
George Stedman Hosmer, A.B. Judge 
of the 3d Michigan Circuit since 
Jan., 1888. Detroit, Mich. 
Caroline Irene Hurbard, B.8.. M.S. 
'76. (Mrs. Carl G. KleinstUck.) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Eugene Ralph Hutchins, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '78. Transportation and rail- 
road supplies. Chicago, 111. 
Charles Huntinoton Jacobs, A.B. 
Manager Buhl Stamping Co. 

D^oit, Mich. 

tBRONso^ C. Keeler, A.B. Journal- 
ist. St. Louis, Mo. 

Jerome Cyril Knowlton, A.B., LL.B. 
78. (See Faculties, p. 13.) Law- 
yer. Ann Arbor. 

♦Andrew Josiah McGowan, Ph.B., 
d. Hailey, Idaho, Jan. 28, 1891. 

*James Benoin McMahon, Ph.B., 
Judge of 10th Michigan Circuit, d. 
Ludington, Mich., March 15, 1901. 

Leslie Combs McPherson, A.B. 
Journalist. 24 Brighton Place, 

Allegheny, Pa. 

WnxouoHBY Dayton Miller, A.B., 
Ph.D. ihon.) '85, D.D.S. (Univ. of 
Pa.) 79, M.D. (Berlin) '88. Prof, 
in the Univ. of Berlin since 1885. 
Dentist. Berlin, Germany. 

•Edwin Lockwood Mills, B.S. Lost 
on the steamer Alpena, in Lake 
Michigan, Oct. 16, 1880. 

Irving Nelson Mitchell, Ph.B. 
Prof, of Biology in Wisconsin State 
Normal School, since 1896. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

•DeWitt Jay Oakley, Ph.B., d. 

Clyde, Ohio, March 18, 1898. 
Edwin Clarence Oakley, A.B., B.D. 

(Yale) '79. Cong, clergyman. 

London, Ont. 

Arthur Gordon Oven, A.B., A.M. 
'78, M.D. '83. Physician and Sur- 
geon. Petoskey, Mich. 

Jonathan Willis Parker, A.B. 
Lawyer. Olathe, Kan. 

Enos David Pderson, Ph.B. Mer- 
chant. Flint, Mich. 

Frederick A. Platt, A.B. Railway 
Supplies. Flint, Mich. 

Henry John Robeson, A.B. Min- 
ing. Detroit, Mich. 

Herman Merton Roys, B.S., Ph.C. 
'76. Druggist. Farweil, Mich. 

Alexander Hawks Seelye, B.S. 
Real estate. 

204 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

John Franklin Shafroth, B.S. 
Rep. from Colorado in the 54th 
and' three succeeding Congresses 
(1895-). Denver, Colo. 

James Henry Shepard, B.S. Prof, 
of Chemistry in the S. Dakota Agr. 
Coll. since 1888. Brookings, S. Dak. 

Oscar Pliny Shepardson, B.S. 
Commercial traveler. 

Merriam Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

Stewart Whedon Smith, A.B., 
Ph.C. '76, M.D. 77. Physician 
and Surgeon. Denison, Tex. 




Augustus John Charles Stellwa- 
OEN, A.B. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

John Alexander Stewart, A.B. 
Supt. of Schools at Port Huron, 
Mich., 1888-94; at Bay City, since 
1894. Bay City, Mich. 

John Joseph Stoddart, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Columbus, Ohio. 

JjElia Alice Taber, A.B. (Mrs. 
Benjamin C. Burt.) Superior, Neb. 

Thomas Elwood Taylor, A.B., M.D. 
79. Prof, of Obstetrics in Univ. 
of Colo, since 1892. Physician. 

Denver, Colo. 

Ella Thomas, Ph.B. 

Schoolcraft, Mich. 

William Thomas, B.S. Teacher and 
Farmer. Newton Falls, O. 

Will C Turner, A.B. Journalist and 
Broker. 120 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 

Horace Alonzo Jaques Upham, A.B., 
I 72-73. Lawyer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wnxis Lyon Watkins, A.B. Judge 
of Probate for Washtenaw Co. 
1901 — . Banker. 

Manchester, Mich. 

* James D wight Wells, A.B., d. Des 
Moines, Iowa, July 27, 1899. 

Welles Whitmore, A.B. Lawyer. 
1215 Jefferson St., Oakland, Cal. 

Percy Ripley Wilson, Ph.B., I 76-77. 
La^'yer. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Harriet Lavinia Winslow, B.S. 
Teacher. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Franklin Pierce Wood, B.S. Farm- 
er and capitalist. Ligonier, Ind. 

Abram Van Eps Young, Ph.B., Ph.C. 
*75. Prof, of Chemistry in North- 
western Univ. since 1885. 

(81) Evanstoii, 111. 


Henry Wixjons Alexander, A.B. 
Lawyer and real estate broker. 

Vincennes, Ind. 

Lucy Caroline Andrews, A.B. 

1340* Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Snell Baker, A.B., LL.B. 
(Cincinnati) '80. Lawyer. 

Evanston, III. 

Bdmxtnd Drinan Barry, A.B. Law- 
yer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ida M. Bellis, B.S. (Mrs. Albert 
W. Ryan.) Duluth, Minn. 

Charles Austin Blair, A.B. Law- 
yer. Jackson, Mich. 

Philip Riley Boone, Ph.B. Princ. 

University School. Berkeley, Cal. 
Clarence Shepard Brown, A.B. 

Lawyer. Toledo, O. 

•William Wadsworth Burt, A.B., 

d. Battle Creek, Mich., April 12, 

Ben Taylor Cable, B.S. Rep. from 

Illinois in the 52d Cong. (1891- 

93 ) . Capitalist. Rock Island, 111. 
•Burton Byron Campbell, B.S., d. 

El Dorado, Kan., Nov. 13, 1878. 
Henry Munroe Campbell, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '78. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
•Willis G. Campbell, Ph.B., Ph.C. 

79, I 73-74, d. Denver, Colo., Dec. 

24, 1897. 
George Clithero, B.S. Limiber 

merchant. Superior, Wis. 

Charles Conner, B.S., LL.B. *78. 

Judge of Probate for Mackinac Co. 

since 1894. St. Ignace, Mich. 

♦Albert Melvin Cooper, A.B., d. 

Highlands, N. C, Jan. 22, 1881. 
Archibald Lamont Daniels, A.B., 

ScD. (Princeton) '86. Prof, of 

Mathematics in the Univ. of Ver- 
mont since 1885. Burlington, Vt. 
Anson Peter DeWolf, A.B., A.M. 

'79. Fruit grower. 

Crescent City, Fla. 
Edward Donovan, B.S., LL.B. 78. 

With W. J. Gilmore & Co. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Henry Dopp, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Pitt Dubfee, A.B., Ph.D. 
(Johns Hopkins) *83. Prof, of 
Mathematics in Hobart College 
since 1884; Dean since 1888. 

Geneva, N. Y, 

Elizabeth Eaglesfield, A.B., LL.B. 
'78. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

♦Annie Warden Ekin, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Albert H. Pattengill), d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Nov. 4, 1879. 

Helen Marie Farrand, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Hermann T. Naumann.) Teacher. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Frank Lawrence. Felch, A.B. 
Banker. Sandusky, Ohit/. 

John Charles Floyd B.S., D.D. (Al- 
bion) '90. M. E. clergyman. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Feed Lee Forman, Ph.B. Insurance. 

425 Cooper Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

•Vine Colby Foster, Ph.B., m 

76-77, M.D. (Keokuk) 77, (Mrs. 




Sidney H. Foster,) d. Moira, N. Y., 

March 6/ 1878. 

s^ Alice Elvira Freeman, A.B., PhJ). 

(hon) '82, L.HJ). (Ck)lumbia) '87, 

LL.D. (Union) *96. (Mrs. George 

H. Palmer. ) President of Wellesley 

College, 1881-87; Woman's Dean, 

Univ. of Chicago, 1892-95. 

^s.«J^' Cambridge, Mass. 

Edward Aloitzo Gott, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'77. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Fred Esays Gustin, A.B. Lawyer. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Abram Sager Hall, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'77, PhJ>. '78. Prof, of Natural 
Science in Washington College, 
Md., 1896-1900. SaUne, Mich. 

Hemry Sheldon Harris, Ph.B. Man- 
ufacturer of roofing tiles. 
1776 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Ul. 
Denison J HiGLEY, A.B., A.M. '78, 
M.D. '82. Physician. 

Grand View, Iowa. 
James Ilsley, A.B. Banker. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
James Henry McDonald, A.B., LL.B. 
'78. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

James Hoyt MoFarlan, B.S. Law- 
yer. Flint, Mich. 
Gertrude Helen Mason, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '88, Teacher. San Jo8§, Cal. 
*JosiAH Benjamin Newton, B.S., 
/ 79-80, d. Alpena, Mich., April 10, 
Albert Chesterfield Pearson, B.S. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Charles Walter Howard Potter, 

A.B., I 76-77. Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Hitchoock Ranney, A.B.y 

I 77-78. Merchant. 

Kalamazoo, Hfich. 
Louisa Maria Reed, B.S., M.S. '77. 
(Mrs. Charles H. Stowell.) 

Lowell, Mass. 
John Henry Reynolds, A.B,. LL.B. 
(Coliunbia) '78. Lawyer. 

346 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. 
Ben Safley, A.B. Lawyer. 

55 King Block, Denver, Colo. 
Lucy Maynard Salmon, A.B., A.M. 
'83. Prof, of History in Vassar 
College since 1889. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
David Adolphus Sawdey, Ph.B., I 
77-78. Lawyer. Erie, Pa. 

Frank D. Shaver, A.B. Life Insur- 
ance. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Howard Burnham Smith, A.B.y 
LL.B. '78. Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

Louis Crandall Stanley, A.B. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Hall Steere, A.B. Judge 

of the 11th Michigan Circuit since 

Jan., 1882. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
*Emma Sophia Stockbridqe, A.B., 

(Mrs. Thomas E. Ellison), d. 

Fort Wayne, Ind., March 26, 1884. 
Edward Cassius Swift, Ph.B. Law- 
yer and banker. Ottawa, III. 
Charles Ijce VanPelt, A.B., M.D. 

(Buffalo) 78. Physician. 

Toledo, Ohio. 
Charles Barent VanSlyke, A.B. 

Life Insurance. DesMoines, Iowa. 
•Olaf Varlo, A.B., d. 1883. 
Albert Jacob Volland, A.B. Prine. 

Central High School since 1896. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Bryant Walker, A.B., LL.B. '79. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

♦Wnxis Shotwell Walker, A.B., 

LL.B. '78, d. Spokane Falls, Wash., 

Jan. 10, 1890. 
•William Jay Warner, B.S., d. 

Geneva Lake, Wis., Dec. 11, 1883. 
James Anderson Watterson, B.S. 

Farmer. Gallup, Ky. 

Thomas Rawlins Wilooxson, A.B., 

I 76-77. With Ginn & Co., Pub- 
lishers. Chicago, 111. 
[Mary] Alice Witliams, A.B. 

Teacher. Weedsport, N. Y. 

Charles William Wooldridge, B.S., 

M.D. '77. Physician. Cleveland, O. 
Robert Justice Young, A.B. Cong. 

clergyman. Pittsburgh, Pa. 



•Joseph Sutton Ayres, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Jan. 29, 1891. 

fGEORGE Barnes, A.B., A.M '85. Edi- 
tor and publisher. Howell, Mich. 

Oct a VIA Williams Bates, A.B.,LXi.B. 
^ '96, LL.M. '97. 

-.^ 63 Bagg Street, Detroit, Mich. 

*^Alfred Allen Bennett, B.S., M.8. 

(Iowa Agr. Coll.) '88. Prof, of 

Chemistry in Iowa Agr. Coll. since 

1886. Ames, Iowa. 

George Stephen Bishop, A.B. Lum- 
berman. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Albert Nelson Bliss, A.B., A.M. '84. 
Farmer. Marshfield, Vt. 

Frederick Leroy Bliss, A.B., A.M. 
(hon.) '01. Princ. of the Detroit 
High School, 1887-99 ; of the Detroit 
Univ. School since 1899. 

Detroit, me 




Charles Ankent Bosworth, A.B. 
Lawyer. Assist. Treas. U. S. since 
1898. Cincinnati, O. 

Geobge Preston Brown, A.B. Edi- 
tor. 635 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Geanyiluc Williams Browning, B.S. 
Lawyer. Master in Chancery since 
1808. Chicago, 111. 

George Alonzo Cadt, A.B. Lawyer. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

William Carpenter, Ph,B., LL.B. 

'80. Muskegon, Mich. 

Herrebt Elwood Cart, A.B., MJ). 

'82. Assoc. Prof, of Gynecology in 

Hamline Univ. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lemuel Watson Clark, B.S. City 

Clerk. Redlands, Cal. 

Carlos Bingham Cochran, A.B., A.M. 

'88, m 78-79. Teacher of Physical 

Sciences in the West Chester State 

Normal School since 1879. 

West Chester, Pa. 

Branch Harris Colhy, B.S. Civil 
Engineer. St. Louis, Mo. 

Clara M. Colman, A.B. (Mrs. Deni- 
son B. Smith.) Duluth, Minn. 

George Cary Comstock, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Univ. of Wis.) '83. Director of 
the Washburn Observatory. 

Madison, Wis. 

Percy Tyler Cook, Ph.B. Seaman U. 
S. S. Yoaemite, 1898. Farmer. 

Brooklvn, Mich. 

*JoHN Samuel CR0MRiE,A.B.,d. Mon- 
ticello, N. Y., April 16, 1893. 

Thomas Jefferson Eaman, Ph.B. 
Live stock broker. Kansas City, Mo. 

Mary Emma Farrand, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'78. (Mrs. Joel C. Tyler.) 1115 
W. Clinch Ave., Knozville, Tenn. 

•Ogden Winner Ferdon, Ph.B., I 11- 
78. d. Ann Arbor, March 9, 1881. 

Frank Clark Ferguson, A.B. Law- 
yer. Buffalo, N. Y. 

*WiLLiAM Barton Ferris, B.S., d. 
Black River, Mich., Nov. 14, 1879. 

Joseph Henry Fiske, A.B. Hard- 
ware merchant. Leadville, Colo. 

Ferris Smith Fitch, A.B. (See Su- 
perintendents of Public Instruction, 
p. 6.) Pontiac, Mich. 

Carlton Cassius Frederick, B.S., 
M.D. (Buffalo) 'dl. Prof, of Gyne- 
cology in Univ. of Buffalo. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Edward Ashley Gilbert, A.B. Jobber 
in building materials. 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 

John Baxter Glasgow, A.B. Mer- 
chant. Jackson, Mich. 

Lulu Goodrich, Ph.B. (Mrs. Oliver 
N. Downs.) Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

William John Gray, A.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Holmes Guyer, A.B., LL.B. 
'79. Lawyer. Rock Island, IlL 

Mary Louise Hall, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles H. Walker.) Ann Arbor. 

Edward Anderson Halsey, A.B. 
Secry. and Treas. Park Fire Proof 
Storage Co. 757 N. Clark St., 

Cliicago, 111. 

Aldert William Hard, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ellen Clara Hogeroom, B.S., M.S. 
'96. Teacher at Shelbyville, Ky., 
since 1896. Saginaw, W. S., l^iich. 

Harriet Amanda Holm an, A.B. ( Mrs. 
George S. Bishop.) Eau Claire, Wis. 


Henry B. Hoyt,) d. San Diego, Cal., 
Feb. 13, 1900. 

Louise Hughes, Ph.B. Teacher in the 
High School. Decorah, Iowa. 

Lawrence Cameron Hull, A.B., 
A.M. (hon.) *97. Latin Master in 
Lawrenceville School (N. J.) 1887- 
99; Princ. of Academic Depart- 
ment Brooklyn Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, since 1899. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

•Henry Towne Kent, A.B., d. St. 
Louis, Mo., Nov. 4, 1883. 

Frank Henry Kimrall, B.S., M.D. 
(Chicago Med. Coll.) '80. Physician 
and Surgeon. Rockford, HI. 

♦Hein Lankheet, B.S., d. Austin, 
Texas, June 2, 1894. 

Ortive Latham, Ph.B., h 80-81, M.D. 
(Chicago Hahn.) '82. Supt. of 
Schools. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

MiLO Lewis, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Greenville, Hfich. 

William Hurley Ligutner, A.B. 
Lawyer. St. Paul, Minn. 

*Charles Emmet Lowrey, A.B., A.M. 
'82, Ph.D. '84, d. Boulder, Colo., 
Aug. 19, 1894. 

William McCarroll, A.B., M.D. '81. 
Physician. Pontiac, Mich. 

Ann Elizareth McDonald, A.B. 
(Mrs. Edward B. Gibson.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Henry Clay McDouoall, A.B. Uni- 
tarian minister. Franklin, N. H. 

Joseph Rogers McLaughlin, B.S., 
LL.B. 79. Real estate. 

Detroit, Mich. 




Maby Olive Mabston, A.B. (Mrs. 
Horace B. Walmsley.) 

Eau Claire, Wis. 

Ebastus Fletcher Mearklb, A.B., 
LL.B. 77. Lawyer and banker. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

*WiLLLAM Jakes Milleb, A.B., { 
72-73, d. Port Huron, Mich., Aug. 
12, 1878. 

Geobob Nathan Obcutt, A.B. Law- 
yer. HomelUville, N, Y. 

Milo Milton Potter, B.S. Hotel 
proprietor. Los Angeles, Cal. 

*£mha Mabgabet Pugsley, Ph.B., 
(Mrs. Samuel C. Andrews) d. Ann 
Arbor, July 14, 1887. 

Willis Read Robebts, Ph.B. Pub- 
lisher. Norristown, Pa. 

William Abel Satterlee, Ph.B. 
8upt. of Metropolitan Street Ry. 
Co. Kansas City, Mo. 

Hkbbebt Mines Slauson, Ph.B. Supt. 
of Schqpls. Ann ^rbor. 

Ebnest Franklin Smith, Ph.B. 
Grain elevators. 

Board of Trade, Chicago, 111. 

Lyndon Sanfobd Smith, A.B. Law- 
yer. Denver, Colo. 

Edward Augustus Stevens, A.B. 
Farmer and district cler^. 

Council Grove, Kan. 

Margaret Stewart, A.B., A.M. '87. 
Teacher. 363 Thrall Ave., Clifton, 

Cincinnati, 0. 

*Vebnob Jebome Tefft, A.B., d. Al- 
bion, Mich., Oct. 21, 1895. 

•John Geobge VanWinkle, A.B., d. 
Washington, D. C, March 15, 1901. 

Fbank French Williams, A.B. Law- 
yer. 64 Irving Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 

♦Affia Jennie Wilson, A.B. (Mrs. 
Mallory N. Stickney.) d. Lapeer, 
Mich., Oct. 28, 1883. 

Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey, Ph.B. 
P. E. clergyman. Vergennes, Vt. 


Daniel Aybes Allen, Ph.B. Booksel- 
ler. 106 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Dl. 

♦Mabion Benjamin Allen, Ph.B., d. 
Colorado Springs, Colo., July 6, 

Alexis Caswell Anoell, A.B., LL.B. 
'80. (See Faculties, p. 14.) Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Walteb Wheaton Auoub, A.B.,LL.B. 
'81. Lawyer. Tacoma Building, 

Chicago, ni. 

Flobus Alonzo Babboub, A.B. Prof, 
of English Literature in the Midi. 
State Normal College since 1886. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Minnie Baby, A.B. (Mrs. Branch H. 
Colby.) St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Emebson Beeches, B.S.» 
Ph.D. (Yale) '89. Prof, of ffistori- 
cal Geology and curator of the Geo- 
logical collection of Yale Univer- 
sity. New Haven, Coniu 

CoBA Agnes Bbnneson, A.B., A.M. 

'83, LL.B. '80. Counsellor-at-Law. 

4 Mason St., Cambridge, Mass. 

William Henby Butts, A.B., AJd. 
79. ( See Faculties, p. 27. ) 

Ann Arbor. 

Maby Emma Bybd, A.B. Director of 
Smith College Observatory since 
1887. Northampton, Mass. 

Eva Chandleb, A.B. Assoc. Prof, of 
Mathematics in Wellesley Coll. 
since 1888. Wellesley, Mass. 

June Rose Colby, A.B., A.M. '86, 
Ph.D. '86. Preceptress and Prof, 
of Literature in the State Normal 
Univ. since 1892. Normal, 111. 

Webster Cook, A.B., A.M., '86, PhJD. 
'87. Princ. of High School. 

Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 

Chables Malcolm Cooley, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Michael Buchanan Danaheb, A.B. 
Lawyer. Ludington, Mich. 

Chables M. Daughebty, A.B. Civil 
Service. Washington, D. C. 

•David Noble DeTab, A.B., M.D. '80, 
d. Boone, Iowa, Jan. 31, 1901. 

John Hebbebt Edwabds, Ph.B. P. E. 
clergyman. 700 Fullerton Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Randall [Palmeb] Wade Fleming, 
A.B. Assayer. Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Chables Edwin Gabneb, Ph.B. In- 
surance. Lansing, Mich. 

•Fbanklin Garrison, A.B., d. Al- 
bany, N. Y., April 7, 1879. 

Charles Mills (tayley, A.B., Litt.D. 
(Kenyon) 1900. (See Faculties, 
p. 20.) Berkeley, Cal. 

Clarence Griggs, A.B. Lawyer. 

Ottawa, IlL 

Paul Henby Hanus, B.S. Assist. 
Prof .*of Pedagogy in Harvard Univ. 
since 1891. Author. 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Geobge Hattiblo Habboweb, A.B., 
Ph.D. (Halle) '87. (See Faculties, 
p. 22. ) Iron merchant. 

36 Court St., Buffalo, N. ^ 




Watson Dexter Hinckley, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Warren, Pa. 

Oboboe Hobtoit, A.B. U. S. Consul 
to Athens, Greece, 1893-97. On 
Editorial Staff of The Uecord-Her- 
old. Chicago, 111. 

*Edwabd King Hubbard, A.B., was 
drowned in Lake St. Clair, Aug. 16, 

Jeremiah Whipple Jenks, A.B., 
A.M. 79, Ph.D. (Halle) '85. Prof, 
of Social Science and Economics in 
Indiana Univ. 1889-91; of Polit- 
ical Science in Cornell Univ. since 
1891. Expert Agent U. S. Indus- 
trial Commission; consulting Agent 
U. S. Department of Labor. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

WiLLiAic Lee Jenks, A.B. Lawyer. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

WnxiAM Claflin Johnson, Ph.B. 
Timber lands and real estate. 

Detroit, Mich. 

TniOTHT JosENHANS, A.B. Architect. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Qbobge Wells Knight, A.B., A.M. 
'83, PhJ). '84, I 78-79. Prof, of 
History and Political Science in 
Ohio State Univ., 1887-98; of 
Amercan History and Political 
Science, since 1898. Columbus, O. 

Howell Chappell Moore, A.B. Law- 
yer. San Jos6, Cal. 

William Van Moore, A.B., LL.B. 
(Boston) '80. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Horace Greeley Myers, B.S. 

Asylum, Jamestown, N. D. 

Harry Pierce Myrick, A.B., I 78-79. 
Editor. Aifilwaukee, Wis. 

Albert James Norton, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Stock Exch. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Annie Smith Peck, A.B., A.M. '81. 
Lecturer. 48 Princeton Ave., 

Providence, R. I. 

Charles Ejcndall Perrine, A.B., 
A.M. '81. Lawyer. Jackson, Mich. 

James Hervey Raymond,A.B.,{ 80-81. 
Real estate and loans. Austin, Tex. 

Jat Junius Read, B.S., LL.B. (N. 
W. Univ.) '78. Real estate and 
mortgage banker. Rogers Park, 111. 

Albert William Ryan, A.B., B.D. 
(Seabury Hall) '82, Ph.D. (111. 
Wesl.) '83, Sc.D. (Wooster) '86, 
LL.D. (Victoria Univ., Toronto) 
'90. P. E. clergyman. Duluth, Minn. 

Obr Schurtz, A.B. Supt. of Schools. 

Negaunee, Mich. 

James Truman Shaw, A.B. Grain 
merchant. Detroit, Mich. 

Douglass Houghton Stringham, 
A.B. I 78-79. Teacher. 

St. Ignace, Mich. 

Sarah Elizabeth Swift, A.B. (Mrs. 

Will Lathers.) Dearborn, Mich. 

Cora Ilione Townsend, A.B. Teacher. 

dJoldwater, Mich. 

Stuart Douglas Walling, A.B. 

Lawyer. Denver, Colo. 

Horace Bailey Walmsley, A.]^ 

Lawyer. Eau Claire, Wia. 

Louis K[ossuth] Webb,B.S., I lZ-1^, 

A.M. (Stanford) '98. Teacher. 

Croi-kett. Cal. 
Andrew Whitehead, A.B., I 78-79. 
Real estate and mines. 

Tabor HIk.. Donvrr. Col'^. 
Ross WiLKiNS, Ph.B., Ph.D. (Heidel- 
berg) '82. Chemist. Detroit, Mich. 
*Geoboe Spencer Wnxrrs, A^B., d. 
San Juan, Porto Rico, Nov. 26, 1898. 
Theodore John Wrampelmeieb,A.B.9 
Ph.C. *78. (See Faculties, p. 20.) 
Consulting chemist. 

340 California St, 
(55) San Francisco, Cal. 




Edward Platfaib Anderson, A.M., 

Ph.D. '86, m 81-82. Assist. Prof. 

of English Philology in Leland 

Stanford, Jr., Univ. 

Stanford University, Cal. 
Henrt Winfield Ashley, A.B'. (Gen- 
eral Manager of the Ann Arbor R. 

R. Co. Toledo, O. 

•WnxiAM Livingston Axford, Ph.B., 

M.D. '81, d. Chicago, 111., Jan. 17, 

Erastus Alrert Barnes, Ph.B.,Ph.M. 

'80. Princ. of Webster School. 

Chicago, 111. 
Frederic Somers Bell, Ph.B. Lum1)er. 

Winona, Minn. 
*Maria Lavinia Blood, A.B., d. Wal- 

tham Mass., Nov. 3, 1880. 
Michael Henrt Brennan, Ph.B., I 

79-80. Lawyer. Devil's Lake, N. D. 
Hubert William Brown, A.B. and 

A.M. Missionary in Mexico since 

1884. Prof, in the Presb. Theo. 

Seminary there. Clergyman. 

Mexico City, Mex. 
James Padelford Brown, Ph.B. Real 

Estate. Milwaukee, \^b. 




WnxiAM FosTEB Bbtan, A.B. Farmer. 

La Fayette, IncL 

* James Dayid Callahan, A.B.,S.T.B., 
and A.M. (Harvard) '83, d. Well- 
ington, Kan., 1884. 

Carina Bulklet Campbell, A.B. 
(Mrs. James T. Eaglesfield.) 
Writer. Indianapolis, Ind. 

*Richabd Tubneb Chandlee, 6.S., d. 
Monterey, Mex., May 26, 1898. 

John Chase, A.B., MJ). '81. Prof, of 
Ophthalmology and Otology in 
Univ. of Colorado since 1891. 

Denver, Colo. 

Edmund Adolph Chbistian, A.B., 
M.D. '82. Medical Supt. of the 
Eastern Michigan Asylimi since 
1894. (See Faculties, p. 18.) 


Frantz Hunt Coe, A.B., M.D. '88. 
Physician. Seattle, Wash. 

Ghauncey Febbis Cook, A.B., LL.B. 
'82. Banker. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Richard Gay DePut, A.B., M.D. '81. 
Physician. Jamestown, N. D. 

Laura Donnan, A.B., A.M. '87. Teach- 
er. Indianapolis, Ind« 

Oren Dunham, Ph.B. Editor on The 
Toledo Blade, Toledo, O. 

Thomas Randolph Edwards, Ph.B. 

Fanny Clinton Farrand, A.B. (Mrs. 
John F. Boynton.) Saginaw, Mich. 

Marion Sara Gerls, Ph.B. T^i^cher 
in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Howard Greathouse, A.B., 
A.M. '80. Editorial clerk. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, since 1897. 

Washington, D. C. 

William Albert Greeson, A.B. and 
A.M. Dean of Lewis Institute since 
1896. Chicago, 111. 

Le Roy Halsey. A.B. and A.M. With 
Ginn & Co., publishers. Chicago, IlL 

Francis Dwioht Haskell. A. H.,A.M- 
( Kalamazoo) '82. Secr^ to Kal- 
amazoo Paper Co. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Gboros Hempl, A.B., Ph.D. (Jena) 
'89. (See Faculties, p. 15.) Pres. 
of Am. Dialect Soc. 1900-01. 

Ann Arbor. 

•William Gary Hill, A.B., d. Chd- 
sea, Mich., May 28, 1881. 

•Edwin Walter Jenney, A.B., d. 
Irvington. Ind., Feb. 9, 1897. 

Fred Parker Jordan, A.B. Assisi- 
ant in the General Library of the 
University. Ann Arbor. 

•Maya Violet Lee, Ph.B., (Mrs. 
Frank R. Osborn, ) d. De Land, Fla., 
March 2, 1893. 

Lorenzo John Locy, B.S., M.D. '81. 
Physician. Davison, IfidL 

James Wilfred MoKinley,B.S. Judge 
of the Superior Court of Los An- 
geles Co. 1889-97. Lawyer. 

Los Angeles, CaL 

Newton McMillan, A.B., I 79-80, 
82-83. Journalist. Oswego, N. T. 

Frank Day Mead, A.B. Lawyer. 

Escanaba, Mich. 

Jesse Fonda Millspaugh, A.B., m 
81-82, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '88. 
Supt. of Schools of Salt Lake City, 
Utah, 1890-99; Pres. Minn. State 
Normal School since 1899. 

Winona, Minn. 

Mark Norris, Ph.B., LL.B. '82. Law- 
yer. Grand Rapids, Ifich. 

Albert Samuel Pettit, A.B. Beal 
estate and insurance. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

James Eluah Pilgher, A.B., MJ). 
(Long Island) '80, Ph.D. (111. 
Wesl.) '87. Capt. and Surg., U. 8. 
A.; Maj. and Brigade Surg. U. S. 
Vols., 1898. 

Surgeon-General's Office, 

Washington, D. C. 

Cyrus Augustus 1:*omeroy, A.B. Real 
estate. 9931 Ewing Ave., 

Ohicafiro, m. 

John Ross Russel, A.B., M.D. '82. 
Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Charlotte Maria Smith, B.S. (Mrs. 
Oscar E. Angstman.) Writer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Spencer Ramsey Smith, A.B. Prine. 
of South Division High School. 

Chicago, IlL 

Kenneth Russell Smoot, A.B.,LL.B. 
'82. Lawyer. Highland Park, IlL 

John Hubrard Tweedy, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lucius Lincoln Van Slyke, A.B.9 
A.M. '81, Ph.D. '82. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 17.) Chief Chemist at the 
N. Y. Experiment Station rinee 
1890. Geneva, N. Y. 

Charles Gilbert Van Wert, Ph.B., I 
79-80. Lawyer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Dow Washburn, A.B., I 
81-82. Lawyer. 

Monadnock Block. Chicago, 111. 

Elmer Randolph Webster, A.B. 
LL.B. '80. Lawyer. Pontiac, Mich 

Enoch Clark White, A.B. Lawyer. 

Lapeer, Ificb 




George Dekino Wbioht, A.B., BJ>, 
(General Theol. Bern., N. Y.) '86. 
P. E. clergTman. Chaplain to St. 
Luke's Hoep. Chicago, DL 



JosiAH Little Ambrose, Ph.B., m 
80-81, M.D. (Rush) '83. Physi- 
cian. Bay City, Mich. 

Martha Elizabeth Arnold, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Willis Boughton.) 

82 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Orlando Fleming Barnes, A.B. 
Mining. Cripple Creek, Colo. 

George Webster Borden, A.B. 
Presb. clergyman. Auburn, Neb. 

John Marion Brewer, A.B. Real 
estate. Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Miles Brown, Ph.B., A.M. 
and Ph.D. (Giittingen) '91. Prof, 
of Modern Languages and Litera- 
tures in the Univ. of Cincinnati, 
1890-92 ; of the English Language 
and Literature, since 1892. 

Cincinnati, O. 

•Isaac Howard Bullock, A.B., d. 
Ann Arbor, Feb. 11, 1880. 

Arthur William Burnett, A.M. (See 
Faculties, p. 22.) With Henry 
Holt & Co. 29 W. 23d St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Charles Hotchkiss Campbell, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Ellen Lucy Clothier, B.L. Teacher. 
26 Rowley St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Katharine Ellis CoMAN,Ph.B. Prof, 
of History and Economics in Wel- 
lesley Coll. since 1886. 

Wellesley, Mass. 

William Wilson (Dook, A.B., LL.B. 

'82, LL.D. (Hillsdale) '99. Lawyer. 

44 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

ISMENA Cramer, Ph.B. (Mrs. Byron 
S. Waite.) Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis Franklin Culver, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Harvey, 111. 

Charles Levi Dubuar, A.B. Lum- 
ber dealer. Northville, Mich. 

John Thomas Ewing, A.B., A.M. 
(Wooster) '90. Prof, of Greek in 
Alma Coll. since 1890. Alma, Mich. 

Jay Fuller, Ph.B., LL.B. '81. Law- 
yer. 48 Buhl Block, Detroit, Mich. 

*Mart Henrietta Graham, Ph.B., 
(Mrs. F. L. Barnett,) d. Chicago, 
HI., Jan. 2, 1890. 

Vohn Alexander Green, A.B.,LL.B. 
(Cumberland Univ.) '82, d. San 
Antonio, Tez., Jan. 11, 1899. 

*Thomas C. Green, Ph.B., d. South 
Haven, Mich., Nov. 4, 1894. 

Frederick James Gurnet, A.B., B.D. 
(Morgan Park, 111.) '83. Assistant 
to the Recorder, Univ. of Chicago. 

Chicago, 111. 

Norman Washington Haire, A.B., 
LL.B. '85. Judge 32d Michigan Cir- 
cuit since 1894. Ironwood, Mich. 

William Washington Hannan,A.B., 
LL.B. '83. Real estate. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas Lorenzo Heaton,B.L.,LL.B., 
'80. Assistant in Pedagogy, Univ. 
of California. Berkeley, Cal. 

William Helmle, A.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Springfield, 111. 

Charles Wellman Hitchcock, A.M., 
M.D. (Detroit Med. Coll.) '85. 
Physician and Surgeon. 

132 Henry St., Detroit, Mich. 

William Henrt Honey, A.B., I 
94-96. Lawyer. Hartford City, Ind. 

* J AMES Edward Hunt, A.B., I 81-82, 
d. Toledo, Ohio, Aug. 15, 1888. 

Ledru Rollin Hunter, A.B. Fanner. 

South Lyon, Mich. 

•William Kemper Jones, A.B.; d. 
Crystal Falls, Mich., Feb. 3, 1883. 

*James R Laino, B.S., LL.B. '76, 
d. Flint, Mich., July 1, 1896. 

Peier Burr Loomis, A.B. Banker. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Charles Kino McGee, A.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 24.) Manufacturer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Charles Sumner Mitchell, Ph.B. 
Editor. Alexandria, Minn. 

Leroy Stephen Norton, Ph.B., I 74- 
75. Supt. of Schools at Alpena, 
1886-96; at Jackson, since 1896. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Joseph Wilson Parker, A.B., A.B. 
(Earlham Coll.) '79. Bookkeeper. 

Marion, Ind. 

Carolyn Cook Parrish, A.B. Teacher 
of Latin in the Lake View High 
School since 1898. Chicago, 111. 

Allen Bartltt Pond, A.B., I 85-86. 
Architect. Chicago, 111. 

Albert Jay Potter, A.B. Farmer. 

Stamford, Conn. 

Stella Prince, A.B. (Mrs. Samuel 
M. Stocker.) Music teacher. Care 
of Musical Courier y New York, N. Y. 

Frank Fremont Reed, A.B. Lawyer. 
(See Faculties, p. 17.) Riverside, 111. 

Harry Slade Richards, Ph.B. In- 
surance. 162 Crescent Ave., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 




OsMAN CooLET Seelye, A.B. In- 
surance. Detroit, Mich. 

Edwin Stanton Shebrill, A.B., M.D. 
(Columbia) '86. Physician. 
270 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Warren Smith, A.M. Law- 

611 Temple St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Samuel Marston Stocker, Ph.B., m 
81-82, M.D. (N. Y. Univ.) '85. 
Physician. Duluth, Minn. 

•Jefferson Rat Thomas, B.S., d. 
Delta, CJolo., May 22, 1892. 

Malcolm Parker Thomas, A.B. 
Farmer. Schoolcraft, Mich. 

Charles Wellington Tufts, A.M., 
A.B. *91 (nunc pro tunc). Real 
estate. Detroit, Mich. 

Joel Claverly Tyler, A.M. Manu- 
facturer. Knoxville, Tenn. 

Alice Van Hoosen, A.B., m 87-89. 
(Mrs. Joseph C. Jones.) 

489 E. 42d St., Chicago, 111. 

Lydia J. VanHousen, A.B., A.M. 
(Columbia) '90. (Mrs. Albert J. 
Potter.) Stamford, Conn. 

Byron Sylvester Watte, B.L. Judge 
of 3d Michigan Circuit, 1899-1900. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Chase Whitacrb, Ph.B. 

42 Poultry, E. C, London, Eng. 

Edwin Kirby Whitehead, A.B. Real 
estate and mines. Denver, Colo. 

John Haven Willard, Ph.B. Stocks 
and bonds. 2942 Indiana Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

, Ella Cornelia Williams, A.M. 

Teacher. Burdett, N. Y. 

Charles Moseman Wilson, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '83. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Max Zinkeisen, A.B. 

42 W. 93d St., New York, N. Y. 


Frank Gates Allen, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Moline, 111. 

Sarah Elizabeth Banos, A.B. Teach- 
er. Avon Park, Fla. 

Guy Maynard Bioelow, A.B. M. E. 
clergyman. Independence, Cal. 

Frank Pardee Bouohton, A.B. Bank- 
er. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Willis Bouohton, A.B., A.M. (Dick- 
inson) *91,Ph.D. (Ohio Univ.) 
1900. Teacher of English, Erasmus 
Hall High School. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*Edward Harvey Bowman, A.B., was 

drowned at Sea View, Mass., Aug. 
26, 1889. 

Charles Taylor Brace, A.B. Hard- 
ware merchant. St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas Bertrand Bronson, A.B., 
A.M. '86. Prof, of Modern Lan- 
guages in the Lawrenceville School. 
Author. Lawrenceville, N. J. 

Claude Bobinson Buchanan, A.B. 
Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Henry James Butler, A.B. 

George Noble Carman, A.B. Direc- 
tor of Lewis Institute since 1895. 

Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Chandler, A.B. Manufact- 
urer. Chicago, 111. 

Festus Clarke Cole, Ph.B. Lum- 
ber dealer. Iron Mountain, Mich. 

NEI.LIE May Colman, A.B. (Mrs. J. 
D. Mersereau.) Pasadena, Cal. 

•John Corkhill Waterson Cowley, 
A.B., d. Cronk Urleigh, Michael, 
Isle of Man, June 20, 1900. 

Isaiah Heed Crossette, A.B. Lum- 
ber dealer. Muskegon, Mich. 

George Brown Daniels, A.B. Liim- 
ber dealer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Benjamin Leonard D'(>oge, A.B., 
A.M. '84. (See Faculties, p. 23.) 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Jane Eyer, A.B. (Mrs. Kenneth R. 
Smoot.) Highland Park, 111. 

David Felmley, A.B. Prof, of Mathe- 
matics in Normal Univ., 1890-1900; 
President, 1900-. Normal, 111. 

William Edward Fen wick, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

George Henry Fletcher, A.B. Law- 
yer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

DuANB Edwin Fox, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '83, LL.M. 
(ibid.ySA. Lawyer. WashinG:ton,D.C. 

Allan Howard Frazer, Ph.B. Pros. 
Att*y for Wayne Co., 1892-1900. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Don Alonzo Garwood, A.B. Law- 
yer and banker. Auburn, Ind. 

Anna Bordwell Gelston, Ph.B., 
A. M. 1900. Ann Arbor. 

Frederick Harris Goff, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Cleveland, O. 

Charles Watson Goodrich, A.B. 
Coffee planter. Jalapa, Mex. 

*Arthur Gillespie Hall, A.M., d. 
Cazenovia, N. Y., March 31, 1883. 

William Simon Hill, A.B., I 81-82. 
Lawyer. Marquette, Mich. 

•Harold Etherlino Hilton, A.B., d. 
Washington, D. C, July 22, 1890. 




Maurice Major Houseman, Ph.B. 

Lawyer. Marquette Bldg.. 

Chicago, II!. 
Abbie Eubihta Howe, A.B. (Mrs. 

Henry J. Curran.) Teacher. 

Fresno, Cal. 
Orhond Fremont Hunt, A.B., LL.B. 

'82. Pros. Att'y for Wayne Co., 

1900-. Detroit, Mich. 

Wetmore Hunt, Ph.B. Assist. Land 

Commissioner A. M. & M. R. R. Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Hutchinson, Ph.B., Ph.M 

'83, LL.B. '90. Farmer. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
*£dward Israel, A.B. Astronomer 

of the Greely Expedition. Perisheil 

at Camp Clay, near Cape Sabine, 

Smith Sound, May 27, 1884. 
Frank Arthur Johnson, A.B., M.D. 

Collins Hicket Johnston, A.B., 

M.D. '83. Physician and Surgeon. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
tJoHN Kelly, A.B., M.D. '84. Phy- 
sician. Fishkill on the Hudf^on, N. Y. 
Homer Hitchcock Kingslet, A.B. 

(See Faculties, p. 2'A. ) Kvjinston. HI. 
Charles Hannibal Kumler, A.B. 

Lawyer. Dayton, O. 

•W Leigh Liggett, A.B., d. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1889. 
Weluam Albert Locy, B.S., M.S. 

'84. Ph.D. (Chicago) '94. Prof, of 

Zoology in N. W. Univ. since 189«. 

Author. Evanston, 111. 

David Mackenzie, A.M. Supt. of 

Schools since 1892. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Frank McNamara, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Frank Chittenden Mandell, A.B. 

Mining engineer. Hailey, Idaho. 
Alma Mansfield, A.B., A.M. '83. 

(Mrs. Daniel D. Cunningham.) 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Qborgb Hart Miner, B.S., D.D.S. 

'87. Dentist. Hutchinson, Kan. 
*Maogib Morton, A.B., (Mrs. Charles 

E. Mitchell,) d. Ludington, Mich., 

Feb. 4, 1888. 
BuQKNE Charles Nardin, Ph.B. Supt. 

of Schools. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
M. EsTELLA Norton, A.M. (Mrs. 

William B. Woods.) Maumee, O. 
Horace Mann Oren, A.B., LL.B. '83. 

Atfy General of Michigan since 

1899. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Delos Leonard Parker, Ph.B., M.D. 

'83. Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1898. 
Physician. Detroit, Mich. 

Frederick Pynsent Partridge, A.B., 
LL.B. '93. Teacher and farmer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Isaac Newton Payne, A.B., I 81-82. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Herbert Maurt Pelham, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Iron Mountain, Mich. 

Moss Kent Perkins, A.B. Journal- 
ist. 1831 7th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Charles John Reed, A.B. Electro- 
chemical research. 
3313 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rowland Henry Rebick, B.S. 

I^ Grange, Ind. 

* Harry Chace Richardson, A.B., d. 
Eau Claire, Wis., Oct. 23, 1883. 

Arthur Raymond Rood, Ph.M., LL.B. 
*83. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Louis Sax, A.B. Accountant. 

172 Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Stuaiit Niulo Schermebhorn, A.B., 
d. on his way home from Arizona 
to Grand Rapids, Mich., April, 1896. 

John Giles Scuurtz, A.M. Banker. 

White Pigeon, Mich. 

Job Hart Scott, A.B., B.D. (Morgan 
Park, 111.) '87. Baptist missionary. 

Osaka, Japan. 

♦John W. Sowden, B.L., I 81-82, 
LL.B. (Columbian Univ.) '83, d. 
Washington, D. C, May 5, 1892. 

Nellie Abby Stanley, A.B. (Mrs. 
Isaac N. Payne.) 
31 Mlwaukee Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

•Thomas Carlyle Tate, B.S., d. 
Keokuk, Iowa, June 9, 1891. 

Harriet Beech er Taylor, A.B. 

59 N. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Frank Tayix)R Terry, A.B. Real es- 
tate and loans. Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Mann Thompson, Ph.B. 
Banker. Jackson, Mich. 

Charles Abnette Towne, Ph. B. Rep. 
from Minnesota in the 54th Cong. 
(1895-l>7); U. S. Senator, 1900- 
1901. Lawyer. Duluth,Minn. 

Fred Martin Townsend, A.B., A.M. 
(Coll. of St. Francis Xavier) *92. 
Supt. of Schools, Newark, O., since 
1899. Coldwater, Mich. 

Jean Augustus Wetmore, B.S., M.S. 
'82. Engineer. 

120 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 

William Turner Whedon, Ph.B. 
Manufacturer. Norwood, Mass. 

Asa Devillo Whipple, A.M. Banker. 

Owoeso, Mich. 




Joseph Mandeville White, A.B., 
A.M. {hon.) '01. Supt. of Schools 
at Carthage, Mo., 1885-95; Exam- 
iner of Schools for Univ. of Missouri, 
1895-99; Prof, of Pedagogy, since 
1899. Columbia, Mo. 

Everett Jerome Whitehead, A.B., 
M.D. '90. Physician. 

Columbiana, O. 

Loins Davenport Wight, B.L. Clerk 
U. S. Signal Corps. Detroit, Mich. 

Samuel Laino Williams, A.B.,LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '84, LL.M. 
(ihid.) '85. Lawyer. 

113 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

Sheldon Alva Wood, A.B. Patent 
lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 



Edgar John Adams, M.L. Book- 
keeper. Batavia, N. Y. 

Franklin Corydon Bailet, B.L., B.T. 
(Union Theo. Sem.) '86. Presb. 
clergyman. Preston, Minn. 

Julian William Baird, A.B., A.M. 
'83, Ph.C. '83, M.D. (Harvard) '90. 
Dean, and Prof, of Analytical and 
Organic Chemistry in the Massa- 
chusetts Coll. of Pharmacy. 

Boston, Mass. 

Francis Elisha Baker, A.B. Jus- 
tice of Supreme Court of Indiana 
1899-1902; U. S. Court of Appeals, 
1902-. Goshen, Ind. 

Carrie J. Barker, Ph.B. 

Highlands, N. C. 

Junius Emert Beal, B.L. Publisher. 

Ann Arbor. 

•Carl William Belser, AB., A.M. 
'83, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '89. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 20.) 

John W. Bennett, A.B., LL.B. '85. 
Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Fred Betts, A.B. Lawyer. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Benjamin PrrcnER Brodie, A.B., 
M.D. (Mich. Coll. of Med.) '84. 
Physician and Surgeon. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Seymour Brown, B.S., M.D. 
'85. Physician. Dorrance, Kan. 

William Bybon Cadt, Ph.B., / 82-83. 
Banker. Detroit, Mich. 

Douglas Houghton Campbell, 

^ Ph.M., Ph.D. '86. Prof, of Botany 

" . in Indiana Univ. 1888-91 ; in Leland 
Stanford Jr. Univ. since 1891. 

Stanford University, Cal. 

Willard Edgar Chandler, A.B. Edi- 
tor. West Superior, Wis. 

Clarence Herbert Childs, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Lawrence Clements, B.S. 
Pres. Industrial Works. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Charles Lewis Coffin, B.S., Ph.C. 
'84. Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Fred G. Coldren, A.B., LL.B. (Co- 
lumbian Univ.) '84. Lawyer. 
422 5th St., N. W., Washington, D.C. 

Charles Henry Cole, A.B., A.M. '97. 
Supt. of Schools. 

Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Edwin Looks Cole, B.S., M.S. '83. 
Importer of linens and fancy needle- 
work. Passaic, N. J. 

James Sumner Collins, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Roger William Cooley, B.L. Edi- 
tor. West Publishing Co., 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles Albert Crampton, B.L., 
Ph.C. '82, A.C. (Purdue) '82, M.D. 
((Ik)lumbian Univ.) '84. Chemist 
in the Internal Revenue Office. 

Washington, D. C. 

George Oliveb Curme, A.B., A.M. 
(De Pauw) '84. Prof, of Germanic 
Philology in N. W. Univ., since 
1897. Evanston, 111. 

Mary Melissa Curtis, A.B., A.M. '83. 
(Mrs. Charles H. Greathouse.) 

Washington, D. C. 

Eliza Darling, Ph.B. (Mrs. Law- 
rence C. Hull. ) 

29 Schermerhom St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

•Frank William Davenpokt, Ph.B., 
d. Bloomington, 111., Oct. 6, 1883. 

John Philander Delphey, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Toledo, O. 

Charles Howard Durham, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Ravenna, O. 

James Frederic Gallaher,A.B. Law- 
yer. Michigan City, Ind. 

William Galpin, A.B. P. E. clergy- 
man. Elkhart, Ind. 

Arthur Mills Gelston, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Bay City, Mich. 

Marcia Gilmore, Ph.B., M.D. '84. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

William Herbert Graham, A.B. 

Asylum, Kankakee, HI. 

John Henry Grant, A.B., LL.B. '83. 
Judge of Probate for Manistee Co. 
since 1894. Manistee, Mich. 




BoBEBT Toms Gbat, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Albebt Bablow Hale, A.B., h 83-84, 
M.D. (Chicago Med. CJoll.) '86. 
Clinical Instructor in Univ. of Il- 
linois, since 1897. Physician. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 

Mabt Lucy Habding, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Mabt Heoeleb, B.S. (Mrs. Paul 
Cams.) La Salle, 111. 

James Bbyan Hebbick, A.B., M.D. 
(Rush) '88. Associate Prof, of 
Medicine in Rush Med. Coll. since 
1895. 751 Warren Ave., C'hicago, 111. 

Lauba Kills, Ph.B. ( Mrs. James H. 
Norton.) Teacher in Lake View 
High School. Chicago, 111. 

Hebbebt Augustus Hodge, B.L., 
LL.B. '85. Manufacturer. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Louis Howabd Hyde, Ph.B. Milling. 

Pipestone, Minn. 

Fbank Bbuce Leland, A.B., LL.B. 
*84. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

John Jacob Lentz, A.B., LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia) '83. Rep. from Ohio in 
55th and 56th Congresses (1897- 
1901). Lawyer. Columbus, O. 

William Leonabd Loveland, B.L. 
Mining engineer. 

650 Easton Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Andbew Cunningham McLaughlin, 
A.B., LL.B. *85, A.M. (honj '96. 
(See Faculties, p. 14.) Ann Arbor. 

Henby Symes Mahon, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'84. Lawyer. Duluth, Minn. 

William L'Estbange Mahon, Ph.B. 
Mechanical engineer. With the 
Brown Hoisting Machine Co. 

Cleveland, O. 

William Elmobe Mabtin, Ph.B. 
Lumber merchant. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

William James Milleb, Ph.B. Min- 
ing. Durango, Colo. 

Maby Lovicy Mineb, Ph.B. Teacher 
of Latin in the Detroit High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•William Hosmeb Mitchell, A.B., 
d. Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 3, 1893. 

John Joseph Alonzo Mubphey, A.B., 
/ 80-81. Lawyer. La Grange, 111. 

*James Hill Norton, B.L., d. South- 
ampton, England, June 26, 1900. 

Annie Adaib Ockford, A.B. (Mrs. 
Edward Van de Vanter.) Teacher. 

O'Brien, Wash. 

Henby Shebbing Pbatt, A.B., Ph.D. 

(Leipzig) '93. Prof, of Biology in 
Haverford Coll. Haverford, Pa\ 

Jacob Ellswobth Reighabd, Ph.B.^ 
m 85-86. (See Faculties, p. 14.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Fbederick Austin Robinson, A.B., 
LL.B. '83. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

*Edwabd Adolphus Rosenthal,A.B., 
A.M. '85, LL.B. '85, d. Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., March 24, 1900. 

Thobnton William Saboent, A.B., 
LL.M. (Columbian Univ.) *86. Law- 
yer. Wichita, Kan. 

Habby Gbay Shebbabo, A.B. Teach- 
er of Greek in the Detroit High 
School 1882-99; Asso. Princ. of De- 
troit University School since 1899. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Hinton Ellswobth Spalding, A.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Hall Spenceb, A.B., Ph.C. 
'85. Druggist. Morenci, Mich. 

Geobge Walteb Staple, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Meridian, Miss. 


Thomas L. Heaton,) d. Fresno, Cal., 
April 3, 1892. 

William Stbeeteb, A.B. State Agent 
of Board of State Charities of In- 
diana since 1897. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Jennie Sweetzeb, A.B. (Mrs. Fred- 
erick D. Sanborn.) 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Chables Watson Tinsman, A.B. 
Real estate and insurance. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

RuFUs Waples, A.B. Banker. 

505 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fbancis Day Weeks, A.B. Real 
estate. North Chicago, Lake Co., 111. 

Robebt Gbeen West, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Austin, Tex. 

Fbedebick William Whiting, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Habold [Beckwith] Wilson, B.S., 
M.D. '86. Physician. 
32 W. Adams Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Fbancis Lodowick Yobk, A.B., A.M. 
'83. Music Teacher. Detroit, Mich. 


John Jacob Abet., Ph.B., M.D. (Stniss* 
burg) '88. (See Faculties, p. 14.) 

Baltimore, Md. 
Habbiet E Ailes, Ph.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam L'E. Mahon.) 

558 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O. 




Habby Stoddaed Ames, A.B., LL.B. 
'85. Lawyer. Orange, Mass. 

Frederick Walter Aeburt, A.B. 
With Silver, Burdett & Co. 
170 Lafayette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Fanny Danforth Ball, A.B. Teach- 
er at Petaluma, Cal., 1890-1000. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Edward Arthur Barnes, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mi<h. 

Julia Randolph Bell, A.B. (Mrs. 
John J. Gomstock. ) La Grange, 111. 

•Emily Augusta Benn, A.B., M.D. 
'92, d. Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 2, 1902. 

Lillian Margaret Berkey, A.B. 
(Mrs. J. C. Rickenbaiigh. ) 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lafayette Seavey Berry, Ph.B. 
Manufacturer of furs. 
121 Michigan Boulvd., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Hoge Black, A.B. Hard- 
ware Merchant. Detroit, Mich. 

Arthur Albert Boyer,A.B., m 85-86, 

M.D. (Columbia), '87. Physician. 

27 W. 24th St, New York, N. Y. 

William Clarence Braisted, Ph.B., 
M.D. (Columbia) '80. Surg. U. S. 
Navy. Care of Navy Department, 

Washington, D. C. 

Addison Makepeace Brown, A.B. 
Farmer. Schoolcraft, Mich. 

Edwin Newton Brown, A.B., A.M. 
'84, LL.B. '87. Student in Ger- 
many. Jonesville, Mich. 

Annette Esther Burton, B.L. Teach- 
er. Florence, Mass. 

Caroline Clements, A.B. Teacher. 

Spokane, Wash. 

John Josiah C]k)MSTOCK, A.B. 

La Grange, 111. 

Grace Darling, Ph.B. (Mrs. John 
Madden.) Milwaukee, Wis. 

BsriiUNE Duffield, A.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edmund West Eedb, B.8., M.D. 
(Columbia) '86. Physician. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edmund Elwood Fall, A.B., m 83-84, 
M.D. (Columbia) '87. Capitalist. 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

Henry Allen Fitzsimmons, A.B. 
General Agent Am. Exp. Co. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Walter Brown Garvin, A.B. Law- 
yer. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

James Chestdi Gibes, A.B., h 83-85, 
M.D. (Chicago Homoeo.) '86. Phy- 
sician. Crown Point, Ind. 

*CnARLES Emerson Goodrich, Ph.B., 

d. Kansas City, Mo., March 16, 

Ralph Gray, A.B. Lumber merchant. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

Norman Dwight Hinsdale, A.B. 
Loans and real estate. 

Pueblo, Colo. 

Frank Heywood Hodder, Ph.M. Prof, 
of American History, Univ. of Kan- 
sas, since 1801. Lawrence Kan. 

Mary Euzabeth Hunt, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Ann Arbor. 

John Henry Jennings, A.B. Editor. 

Fenton, Mich. 

Frank Joseph Jennison, A.B. Ban- 
ker. Marquette, Mich. 

Anna \Lirie Kimball, A.B. ( Mrs. 
George H. Fletcher.) 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Theodore H[ickle] Lasley, A.B. 
Contractor. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Jeptha Elmer Lemon, A.B. Supt. of 
Schools. Blue Island, 111. 

Clarence Ashley Lightner, A.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Flora McDonald, A.B. (Mrs. David 
Pierce.) McKeesport, Pa. 

WnxiAM Harrison Mace, M.L., A.M. 
(Indiana) '89, Ph.D. (Jena) '97. 
Professor of History in De Pauw 
Univ. Normal School. 1885-90; of 
History and Political Science, Syra- 
cuse Univ., since 1891. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Edwin Frederick Mack, A.B. Cash- 
ier of Royal Trust Co. Chicago, 111. 

•John Alexander McLennan, A.B., 
d. -Chicago, 111., April 16, 1899. 

Hakry McNeal, B.L., M.D. 1900. 

Ann Arbor. 

Henry Addison Mandell, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Leavitt King Merrill. A.B. Pub- 
lisher. New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Ralph Metcalp, A.B., m 81-82. 
Lumberman. Tacoma, Wash. 

Albert Edward Miller, A.B. Law- 
yer. Marquette, Mich. 

Julian Coats Moore, A.B. Lawyer. 
59 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

John Morris, A.B. Lawyer. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Robert Graves Morrow, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Portland, Oregon. 

Henry Elmer Moseijey,A.B., p 81-82. 
Wholesale Merchant. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Thomas Azro Noptzger, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Anthony, Kan. 




Henbt Gabnset Ohls, Ph.B., M.D. 
(Rush) '87. Physician. 

34 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

William James Olcott, Ph.B., M.S. 
'84. Mining Engineer. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Frank Lincoln Osborne, A.M. M. E. 
clergyman. Manistique, Mich. 

Abtiiur Thomas Packabd, A.B. Man- 
ufacturer. 1847 Arlington Place, 

Chicago, 111. 

•Henry Putnam Page, A.B., d. De- 
catur, 111., June 30, 1895. 

TuEODORE Wing Peers, Ph.B., M.D. 
'85. Physician. Topeka, Kan. 

Samuel J Platt, A.B., LL.B. '85. 
Lawyer. Saginaw, Mich. 

Alice Porter, Ph.B. Teacher in the 
nigh School. Ann Arbor. 

Carrie Ellen PrestoxV, A.B. (Mrs. 
Joseph O. Hudnutt.) 

6121 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Morse Rohnert, A.B. Judge of 3rd 
Judicial District of Michigan since 
Jan. 1900. Detroit, Mich. 

Theodore Royer, A.B., Ph.C. '82. 
Manufacturer. Piqua, O. 

Samuel Balkam Schoyer, A.B. Law- 
yer. Times Bldg., Pittaburfj^h, Pn. 

Carman Newcomb Smith, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edwin Norton Smith, A.B. With 
W. J. Dyer & Bro. St. Paul, Minn. 

Bmma Smith, B.S. 

287 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. 

Walter Louis Steering s, A.B. Ci\il 

Monadnock Block, Chicago, 111. 

David Gray Taylor, A.B., Assist. City 
Attorney. Denver, Colo. 

Homer Ellswoiith Tinsman, A.B. 

84 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Samuix Cooley Tutiiill, A.B., m 
83-84. I^aiindry. Omaha, Neb. 

Katherine Va.v Harlinokn, Ph.B. 

108 Eighth St., Oakland, Cal. 

Christine Ix)uise Voigt, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Herman Kreit.) Detroit, Mich. 


Teacher. Taunton, ^lass. 

Clara Wehs, Ph.B. (Mrs. Darwin 
R. Stockley.) Evanston, 111. 

Edwin Ewer White, A.M. Insurance. 
Pabst BUlg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles Tiiowbridge Wilkin s, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Dwigiit Willard, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. Ix)s Angeles. Cal. 

Calvin Scott Williams, A.B. Presb. 

missionary. San Luis Potosi, Mes- 

John Thomas Winshd', A.B. Editor. 

(78) - Siiginaw, Mich. 


Mary Elizabeth Allen, A.B. Dean 
of Woman's Department, Pomona 
Coll., since 1899. Claremont, Cal. 

('iiARLES Sumner Ashley, A.B., I 
84-85. Lawyer. Toledo, O. 

Willis Baldwin, A.B. Lawyer. 

Monroe, Mich. 

Elmer Ellsworth Beach, A.B. Law- 
yer. 1140 Lunt Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Harry Bitner, A.B. Lawyer. 

220 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Eugene Boyce, B.L. Deputy 
Coll. of Customs. Port Huron, Mich. 

Merle Amos Breed, A.B.. B.D. (Ohcr- 
lin) *93. Cong, clergyman. 

Westboro, Mass. 

Fred Ernest Britten, A.B. Baptist 

949 Third Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Hugh Brown, A.B., I 90-91. Supt. of 
Pontiac, Mich., Schools, 1897-1900. 
Publisher. Ann Arbor. 

Edmund Buckley, A.M., Ph.D. (Chi- 
cago) '94. Teacher. 

301 E. 56th St., Chicago, 111. 

Eugene Alexander Byrnes, A.B., 
LL.B. (Columbian Univ.) '87, LL.M. 
(ibid.) '88, Ph.D. (ihid.) 1000. Law- 
yer. 018 F St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 

Kmile Claude Caleyron, A.B. 

James Albert Case, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.) '87. Assist. 
Statistician to Inter-State Conmierce 
(Commission, 1888-93. Railway busi- 
ness. 30 W. 26th St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Mary Sophia Case, A.B. Asso. Prof. 
of Philosophy in Welleslcy Coll. 

Wellcsley, Mass. 
WiNTHROP Burr Chamherlaix, A.B. 
Managing Editor of The Journal. 

^linnoapolis, Minn. 

Eugene Stephen Clarkson, A.B. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

•Elizabeth Gray CoRNr:LL.B.L.,(Mrs. 

Walter L. Stebbings,) d.Hvde Park, 

111., May 11, 1800. 

John Evans Cornell, A.B., LL.B. 
(X. W. Univ.) '80. Manager of 
llydo Park Hotel. Chicago, 111. 




Elmeb Sutherland Crawford, A.B. 
Journalist. 89 Centre St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Charles Printt Drummond, B.L. 
Lawyer. Plymouth, Ind. 

Elmer Dwiggins, B.L. Merchant. 
Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic. 

Jane Emerson, A.B. (Mrs. Walter 
Miller. ) Stanford University, Cal. 

John Glasgow Fttzpatrick, A.B., I 
84-86. Lawyer. Louisville, Ky. 

William Chester Foote, A.B. Supt. 
of Schools, since 1889. 

South Norwalk, Conn. 

Harry Faris Forbes, B.S. Manufac- 
turer. Rockford, 111. 

Thomas W Gelmore, Ph.B. Fixture 
business. Chicago, 111. 

Francis William Gregory, A.B. 
Teacher in the New Orleans High 
School. Pass Christian, La. 

Delbert James Haff, A.B., LL.B. '8G. 
Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Avon Stacy Hall, A.B. Princ. oif the 
Calumet High School since 1889. 

Morgan Park, 111. 

Leslie Benton Hanchett, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Saginaw, Mich. 

K D Haroer, B.S., LL.B. (Kent 
Coll. of Law) '95. Lawyer. 

Lakeview, Cal. 

Henry William Hawley, Ph.B. Jour- 
nalist. Berkeley, Cal. 

WiLLisTON Samuel Hough, Ph.M. 
(See Faculties, p. 23.) Author. 
47 W. 43d St., New York, N. Y. 

'Clementine Lord Houghton, B.K, 
M.D. '88, (Mrs. Hugo Lupinski,) d. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., May 27, 1890. 

John Hamilton Howell, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Washington, D. C. 

Isabella Harriet Hull, A.B. Teacher 
in the Detroit High School. 

Hamburg, Mich. 

Bessie Perry Hunt, A.B. Music. 

1945 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Spencer Jerome, Ph.B., I 
84-85, A.M. (Harvard) '87. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Elbert Leland Johnson, Ph.B. Bank- 
er. Waterloo, Iowa. 

•Jennie L Jones, Ph.B., d. Redlands, 
Cal., Aug. 6, 1890. 

Frances Kusel, A.B. Teacher. 

Ashland, HI. 

Otto Landmann, Ph.B., M.D. '87. 
Physician. Toledo, O. 

Sbth Dwight Lathrop. A.B. 

Richmond, Mich. 

Eugene Frank Lohr, A.B. Supt. of 
Schools. Marshall, Mich. 

Ai.MiRA F Lovell, A.B. Notions and 
fancy goods. Ann Arbor. 

Frank Nathaniel Lufkin, A.B., 
LL.B. '86. Coal and coke. 

American Club, Mexico City, Mex. 

Edwin Howard Lyon, Ph.B. Lawer. 

St. Johns, &uch. 

William Lane McDonald, Ph.B. 

1357 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Janette King Mackenzie, A.B. Princ. 
of the Field School. Detroit, Mich. 

James Charles Maiitin, A.B., LL.B. 
'86. Lawyer. 

159 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Calvin Dexter May, Ph.B., LIi.B. 
'86. Banker. Clinton, Iowa. 

Stephen Arnold Douglas May, BX. 
Lawyer. 79 Dearborn St., 

Chicago, 111. 

Walter Miller, A.M. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 22.) Assoc. Prof, of Latin 
in Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. 1892- 
94; Prof. of Classical Philology since 
1894. Stanford University, Cal. 

Edmond [Haney] Palmer, A.B. Bank- 
er. N. Y. Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Daniel Russell Phillips, A.B., M J). 
(Columbia) '87. Physician. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 

Myra [Elizabeth] Pollard, A.B., 
A.M. '88. Teacher in Englewood 
High School. Chicago, 111. 

Charles Hovey Puckett, B.L. Real 
estate, loans, and live stock. 

Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

Lewis Addison Rhoades, A.B., A.M. 
'86, Ph.D. (Gmttingen) '92. (See 
Faculties, p. 24.) Prof, of German, 
Univ. of Illinois, since 1896. 

Urbana, 111. 

Eugene Van Valkenburoh Riker, 
A.B., M.D. '87. Physician. 

6 Adams St., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Atherton Ross, Ph.B. Engi- 
neer. Rensselaer, Ind« 

William Savidge, A.B. State Sena- 
tor, 1897-99. Lumber manufac- 
turer. Spring Lake, Mich. 

Fred Newton Scott, A.B., A.M. '88, 
Ph.D. '89. (See Faculties, p. 10.) 
Author. Ann Arbor. 

•Jennie Elizabeth Scranton, A.B., 
d. near Grand Rapids, Mich., March 
21, 1886. 

Charles Jacob Scroggs, A.M., LL.B. 
(Cincinnati) '86. Lawyer. 

Bucyrufl, Ohio. 




LiLLiE Maria Shaw, A.B. Teacher. 

GOO Holland Ave., Sa*7ina\v, Mich. 
Fremont Elderkin Shurtleff, A.B. 

La>*'yer. U. S. Commissioner, since 

1891. Concord, N. H. 

Arthur William Stalker, A.6. M. 

E. clergyman. Madison, Wis. 

•Albert. Cushman Stanard, B.L., 

M.D. (Harvard) '89, d. New York. 

N. Y., March 19, 1894. 
Albert Boynton Storms, A.B., A.M. 

*93. M. E. clergyman. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

Clarence Quimbt Tappan, B.L. Man- 
ufacturer. Niles, Mich. 

Mary Grace Tayix)r, A.B. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 

IsADORE Thompson, A. B. (Mrs. Fred 
N. Scott. ) Ann Arbor. 

Martin Bryant Trainob, A.B. Law- 
yer. Greenville, O. 

Julian Howard Tyler, A.B. Lawyer. 

Toledo, O. 

Weller Van Hook, A.B., M.D. ( Univ. 
of Illinois) *85. Prof, of Surgery in 
N. W. Univ. 103 State St., 

Chicago, 111. 

Bertha Van Hoosen, A.B., M.D. *88. 
Physician. 489 42d St., Chicago, 111. 

Arba S Van Valkenburgu, A.B. As- 
sist. U. S. Atty. Kansas City, Mo. 

Edward Reed Wagner, A.M., M.D. 
'87. Physician. San Jos^, Cal. 

Frank Casper Wagner, A.M., B.S. 
(Mech. Eng.) '85. (See Faculties, 
p. 20.) Assoc. Prof, of Steam and 
Electrical Engineering in Rose Poly- 
technic Institute, since 1896. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Claudius Wallich, Ph.B. Foreman 
U. S. Fish Commission. 

Baird, Cal. 

Agnes Clara Weaver, Ph.B., M.D. 

'90. Physician. Chicago, 111. 

Eli Cone Williams, A.B., M.D. '89. 

Physician. Hot Springs, Va. 

Carrie Isa Wilmot, B.L. ( Mrs. Avon 

S. Hall. ) Chicago, 111. 

John Maxcy Zane, A.B. Lawyer. 
1500 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 



CoRALYNN Allen. A.B. Teacher in 
the Bay City High School 1886-98. 

Cassopolis, Mich. 

May Ella Barnes, B.L. Teacher in 
the Bay City High School. 

Rochester, ^fich. 

Jessie Kate Beals, B.L. 

81 Worcester St., Boston, Mass. 
Caroline Phere Bell, A.B. (Mrs. 
Bertram T. Stevens. ) 

Minneapolis, MiniL 
Keno Kandolph Billington, A.B., 
LL.B. (Columbia) *89. Lawyer. 

20 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 
Franklin Pierce Blackman, A.B., 
LL.B. '87. Lawyer. 

386 N. State St., Chicajro, 111. 
Nellie Borland, Ph.B. 

Imlay City, Mich. 
Arthur Lebell Bresleii, A.B. Brig. 
Gen. Army of Venezuela. 

617 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Henry Zachary Brock, B.S. Supt. 

of Schools. Hancock, Mich. 

David Henry Browne, Ph.B. (See 

Faculties, p. 23.) Chief Chemist 

Canadian Copper Co. since 1891. 

William Elmer Brown lee, A.B. 
Lumberman. Detroit, Mich. 

Robert Newton Burnett, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. 31 Cambridge Place, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Platt Bush, B.L., I 82-83. 

Paymaster and Purchasing Agt. L., 

H., & St. Louis Ry. Louisville, Ky. 

Mary Elizabeth Clark, B.L., M.D. 

'87. (Mrs. Fred Morley.) 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Don Carlos Corbett, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Clarion, Pa. 
Herbert Henry Crisp, B.S. Ice, coal, 
and real estate. Pontiac, Mich. 

Frank Warner M. Cutcheon, Ph.B. 
'97 (nunc pro tunc), I 84-85. Law- 
yer. 40 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
George Emanuei. Cltler, A.B. Com- 
mission merchant. 
874 Washington St., New York, N.Y. 
John Patterson Davis, A.B., A.M. 
'93, Ph.D. '94. Literary work. 

Nampa, Idaho. 
Joseph Villiers Denney, A.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 24.) Columbus, O. 

Louis Monroe Dennis, Ph.B., B.S. 
( Chem. ) '86. Assist. Prof, of Chem- 
istry in Cornell Univ. 1891-95; 
Assoc. Prof. 1895-1900; Prof. 1900-. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Joseph Horace Drake, A.B., Ph.D. 
1900. (See Faculties, p. 10.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Robert Fitch Eldkedoe, B.S. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Henry Harvey Frost, A.B. Teacher. 

Detroit, Mich. 




IjOUIS Gascoione, A.B. Electrician. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Elliott Oliver Gbosvenor, A.B. State 
Dairy and Food Commissioner since 
1897. Monroe, Mich. 

Chakles Hknby Habvet, A.B. Sec*y. 
Knoxville Traction Co. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

♦Samuei. Frederick Hawley, Ph.B., 
d. St. Louis, Mo.. Jan. 16, 1902. 

Shelley Euqene Higgins, A.B. Trav- 
eling salesman. Ann Arbor. 

Abbie Little Hitchcock, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
A. C. Bartlett.) 

2720 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Myrtie Celia Hudson, B.L. (Mrs. 
Edward R. Wagner.) San Jos^, Cal. 

George Alfred Hunt, A.B. Supt. of 
Schools since 1895. Alpena, Mich. 

Fred William Job, Ph.B., LL.B. *87. 
Lawyer. Marquette Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 

•Alice Rufie Jordan, B.S., LL.B. 
(Yale) '86, (Mrs. George D. Blake,) 
d. Chicago, 111., Nov. 29, 1893. 

Charles Cenica Keen, Ph.B. 

George Washington Lacea, B.L., 
M.D. '87. With Parke, Davis & Co. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Alexander Frederick Lange, A.M., 
Ph.D. *92. (See Faculties, p. 23.) 

Berkeley, Cal. 

Eugene Le Roy Lockwood,A.B.,LL.B. 
(Columbia) '87. Lawyer. 

5 Bcekman St., New York, N. Y. 

•Henry Rood Loveland, A.B., d. 
Warren, Ohio, Sept. 16, 1892. 

Charles McClellan, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Auburn, Ind. 

Mary McNeal, B.L., Ph.C. '82. (Mrs. 
John O. Reed.) Ann Arbor. 

Tom Henky McNed., A.B., LL.B. '80. 
Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Ernestine Antonie Mergleik, Ph.B., 
D.D.S. (Pennsylvanii.) '88. (Mrs. 
John W. Schell.) 

3013 Norris St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

PiJNY MooRE MooDiE, A.B. Lawyer. 

West Point. Neb. 

Ida Ann Morrtsu, M.L. (Mrs. W. G. 
Beals. ) Tierra Blanca, N. Mex. 

Edwin Lincoln Moseley, A.M. Teach- 
er. Sandusky, Ohio. 

Samuel Conant Parks, A.B., l»h.D. 
(Halle) '88. Banker. Lander, Wvo. 

Thomas J Peach, B.S., LL.B. '87. 
Jeweller. Laurium, Mich. 

Edward Jerome Phillips. Ph.B. Law- 
yer. 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. 111. 

Thomas Charles Phillips, B.S., 
M.D. '87. Physician. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alvah Grenelle Pitts, A.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Elmer Els worth Powell, A.B., 
S.T.B. (Boston Univ.) '90, Ph.D. 
(Bonn) '99. M. E. clergyman. Prof, 
of Modern Langages in Franklin 
and Marshall Coll. 1900 — . 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Horace G Pretiyman, A.B., m 85-8(J. 

Ann Arbor. 

Mary Burnham Putnam, Ph.B. 
Teacher in State Normal College. 

Ypailanti, Mich. 

John Oren Keed, Ph.B., Ph.M. '93, 
Ph.D. (Jena) '97. (See Faculties, 
p. 19.) Ann Arbor. 

Charles Howland Richmond, Ph.B. 

422 Huron St., Ann Arbor. 

Andrew Cooper Robeson, Ph.B.,LL.B. 
'81. Lawyer. Greenville, O. 

George Curibtoph Schemm, A.B.. 
M.D. (Jefferson) '87. Physician. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Marie Euzabeth ScHMERMUND,Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School at Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa. Greenville, O. 

BowEN WisNER Schumacher, A.B. 
Lawyer. 107 Dearborn St., 

Chicago, 111. 

James B Sheean, A.B. Lawyer. 

Omaha, Neb. 

George Beatty Sheehy, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Effie Almira South worth, B.S. 
(Mrs. Volney M. Spalding.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Alice May Spencer, B.L. (Mrs. Her- 
bert A. Hodge.) Jackson, Mich. 

George Bishop Sudworth, A.B. Den- 
drologist in the Department of Ag- 
riculture. Washington, D. C. 

Gertrude Mary Sudwouth, A.B. 
Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Delos Thompson, B.L. Live stock 
dealer. Rensselaer, Ind. 

Mary Ella Tuo^[psoN, A.B.. M.D. '88. 
(Mrs. Rollin H. Stevens.) 

Detroit, ^lich. 

Ora Thompson, B.L. (Mrs. Frank A. 
Ross.) Rensselaer, Ind. 

•LuRA Wallace Tozer, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'97, d. Los Angele>», Cal., Julv 15, 

Allen Sisson Whitney, A.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 10.) Ann Arbor. 




Levi Peet Wilcox, B.L., LL.B. '87. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Marqabet Lyons Wilcx)x, A.B., LL.B. 
*87. (Mrs. Levi P Wilcox.) Teacher. 

Chicago, 111. 

Abtuub Henbt Williams, A.B. Law- 
yer. 221 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Foster Word, A.B. Mining 
Engineer. Helena, Mon. 



♦Franklin Augustus Ainsworth, 
Ph.B., d. Sheldon, Iowa, March 20, 

Charles Lincoln Andrews, A.B. 
Publisher. 208 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 

Albert Levi Abner, B.L. With Page 
Woven Wire Fence Co. 

Monessen, Pa. 

Martin Darrelle Atkins,A.B. Assist. 
Prof, of Physics and Electrical En- 
gineering in the Mich. Agr. Coll. 
since 1809. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 

Monroe D Baker, A.B. Civil En- 
gineer and surveyor. 

Mt. Morris, N. Y. 

Nellie Elizabeiii Bancroft, Ph.B., 
A.M. ( Chicago ) '08. Teacher in West- 
ern High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Bond Bliss, A.B. Sales- 
man. Chamb. of Commerce, 

Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Eugene Boynton, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Sdson Pratt Bradley, A.B. Princ. 
of the High School since 1890. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

Cbables Ebwin Bruce, B.S. Com- 
mission merchant. Detroit, Mich. 

Bdwabd Caldwell, A.B., Mech.E. 
(Cornell) '88. Piibliahing and Ad- 
vertising. Plaintiekl, N. J. 

Kdwabd DeMille Campbell, B.S. 
(Chem.). (See Faculties, p. 18.) 

Ann Arbor. 

William Whiting Ciiapin,A.B. Judge 
of the Recorder's Court, 1804-1000. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Harriet Aijce Chifman, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
John Dewey.) Univ. of Chicago, 

Chicago, 111. 

Fbank Alfred Clary, A.B. Lawyer. 
71 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Claus Siem Claussen, Ph.B. Manu- 

facturer. Western Ave. and 52d St., 

Chicago, 111. 

*Mary Climie, B.S., d. Battle Creek, 
Mich., April 27, 1802. 

Minnie Louise Converse, A.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Saginaw, W. 8., Mich. 

Nathan Davis Corbin, B.S., M.S. '00. 
Journalist. Detroit, Mich. 

Ira George Curby, A.B. Hardware 
merchant. Owosso, Mich. 

Nettie Culoe Daniels, A.B. Teacher 
in the California State Normal 
School. San Jos^, Cal. 

Nat Earl Dbgen, A.B. Traffic Mana- 
ger E. & S. E. R. R. 

Empire, Mich. 

Elwood Frank Demmon, A.B. Teach- 
er in Union School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

RoBEBT Neil Dickman, A.B. Mining 

1104 The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Charles Wbigut Dodge, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.S. '80. Prof, of Biology in Univ. 
of Rochester since 1800. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Ada [Electa] Febouson, B.L. (Mrs. 
John H. Prout.) Howard City, Mich. 

George Piulip Fleisheb, A.B. Man- 
ufacturer. Kendallville, Ind. 

LuELLA Belle Foss, B.S. 

Joseph Ganahl, A.B. Lawyer. 

Augusta, Ga. 

William Mabshall Gilleb, A.B. 
Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

Elizabeth Pobtia Goodson, A.B. 
(Mrs. Homer P. Lewis.) 

Worcester, Mass. 

Mi-BON OscAB Gbaves, A.B., A.M. '88. 
Teacher. Petoskey, Mich. 

WII3EB James Gregory, A.B. Banker. 

Manistee, Mich. 

Albebt Cotton Gbieb, B.S. Univer- 
salist minister. Racine, Wis. 

Claba Viets Gboveb, A.B. (Mrs. 
Clarence Q. Tappan.) Niles. Mich. 

Elisha Monroe Hartman, B.L., M.L. 
'80. Teacher. South Bend, Ind. 

James Grant Hays. A.B., LL.H. 87. 
Lawyer. Swissvale, Pa. 

Jonathan Heaton, A.B. Tax Agent 
N. W. & P. Hypotheekbank. 

Spokane, Wash. 

Frederick Chables Hicks, A.B., 
Ph.D. '00. (See Facultie-^, p. 24.) 

Cincinnati, O. 

FnKD Bru(T5 Hollenbeck, A.B. Real 
estate. Seattle, Wash. 




Welbeb Fisk Jackman, B.S., Ph.C. 
'87. Aaaist. Prof, of Pharmacy in 
Univ. of Maine since 1895. 

Orono, Maine. 

George Fraitcis Jaices, A.B., A.M. 
'87, Ph.D. (Halle) *94. Prof, of 
Pedagogy in State Normal School, 
1899-. Los Angeles, Cal. 

John Nelson James, A.B. Studying 
in Europe. Care of Prof. Edward J. 
James, Univ. of Chicago. 

Chicago, 111. 

Fannie G Kahn, Ph.B. Teacher. 

145 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Andrew Stewart Lobinoier, A.B., 
M.D. '89. Prof, of Surgery and 
Clinical Surgery, Univ. of Colo., 
since 1895; Prof, of Oral and Clini- 
cal Surgery in Colorado Dental 
Coll. since 189fi. Denver, Colo. 

Caroline E Lorman, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Ira N. Hollis.) Cambridge, Mass. 

Elmer Adelbebt Lyman, A.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 24.) Princ. of State 
Normal College. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

William Andrew McAndrew, A.B. 
Princ. of High School. 72 Columbia 
Heights. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William McCracken, A.B. Prof, of 
Science, Northern Mich. Normal 
School. Marquette, Mich. 

Alexander Frazer MoEwan, B.Ij. 
Lumberman. Seattle, Wash. 

JosiAH McRoberts, Ph.B., LL.B. (Na- 
tional Univ.) '90, LL.M. (ibid) '92. 
Patent lawyer. Chicago, 111. 

Ross Le Hunte Mahon, Ph.B., B.S. 
(Mech. Eng.) '88. Broker. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Frederick Gkobgk Nont, H.S (Cbem.) . 
M.S. '87, ScD. '90, M.D. '91. (See 
Faculties, p. 18.) Ann Arbor. 

William Morgan Odell, Ph.B. Man- 
ufacturer. Wilmington, 111. 

Kate Orr, Ph.B. (Mrs. Edward L. 
Dom.) Teacher. San Diego, Cal. 

Helen Luct Osgood, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
William F. Waite.) 

Menominee, Mich. 

Alice Parks, A.B. (Mrs. Arch Hin- 
shilwood. ) Teacher. 

East Cleveland, O. 

Edward Lerot Parmenter, B.L. Lum- 
berman. Iron Mountain, Mich. 

Edwin Deppen Peifer, A.B., LL.B. 
'87. Supreme Secr'y, Order of Co- 
lumbian Knights. Masonic Temple, 

dlhicago, m. 

Herman Joseph Powell, A.B., B.D. 

(Morgan Park, 111.) '90. Baptist 
clergyman. Carlsbad, N. Mex. 

George Lampherb Price, A.B. Law- 
yer. Galesbu^, HL 

Henrt Abbott Reynolds, A.B. Farm- 
er. Walla Walla, Wash. 

Sarah Elizabeth Sattebthwaitk, 
A.B. (Mrs. Francis A. Leslie.) 

Toledo, O. 

Edwin Frank Saunders, Ph.B. With 
Pere Marquette R. R. Co. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Clyde [William] Smith, A.B. Law- 
yer. Dixon, 111. 

Ebwin F Smith, B.S. (Bio.), Sc.D. 
'89. Pathologist in the Department 
of Agriculture. Washington, D. O. 

*HiRAM Allen Sober, A.B., (see Fac- 
ulties, p. 24.) 

Frederick Wiley Stevens, B.S., m 
87-88. Prof, of Physics in Lake 
Forest Univ. Lalce Forest, HL 

Grant Byron Swisher, A.B. Book- 
keeper. Oil City, Pa. 

Orla Benedict Taylor, A.B., LL.B. 
'87. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Silas Tibbits, A.B. Princ. of 
the Spry School. C^cago, 111. 

Samuel Brown Todd, A.B., A.M. 
(Univ. of Nashville) '89. School- 
books. Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Eliza Putnam Underwood, A.B., d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 11, 1890. 

Belmont Waples, A.B., LL.B. '91. 
Lawyer. Ironwood, Mich. 

Francis Louis Weaver, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'87. Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

Frank Day Wells, A.B. Writer and 
farmer. Rochester, Mich. 

Chauncey Alvan Wheeler, A.B., 
A.M. '92. (Government service. 

Wilmette, 111. 

*Fred Bishop Wixson, A.B., d. Albu- 
querque, N. Mex., Nov. 27, 1890. 

Frederick Thompson Wright, A.B., 
M.D. '99. Physician. 

Calumet, Mich. 


Ephraim Douolass ADAMS,A.B.,Ph.D. 

'90. Prof, of European History in 

Univ. of Kansas, since 189G. 

Lawrence, Kan. 
*WrBT McGregor Austin, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'94, d. Vassar, Mich., Sept. 20, 1898. 
James Everett Ball, A.B., LL.B. '90. 

Lawyer. Marquette, Mich. 




•Thomas Jack Ballinoer, Ph.B., d. 

Galveston, Tex., Oct. 27, 1899. 
*Kathebine Eloise Babnes, 6.S., 

(Mrs. Augustus W. Tate,) d. Ck)l- 

linsville, Ala., Dec. 17, 1890. 
Charles Potwin Beckwith, B.S., h 

88-89, p 89-90. With Parke, Davis 

A, Co. Detroit, Mich. 
Frank Euclh) Beeman, A.B. '88 

(nunc pro tunc) . Lawyer. 

Kearney, Neb. 

Emma E Beers, Ph.B. (Mrs. Frank 
Schmermund. ) Greenville, O. 

A[bthur] L[incoln] Benedictt, A.B., 
A.M. (Ohio Wesl.) '91, M.D. (Buf- 
falo) '88, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '89. 
Prof, of Physiology of Digestive 
Diseases, Univ. of Buffalo, since 
1895. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Addie Deett Bird, B.S. (Mrs. Charles 

B. Bcott.) Matron of American 
Missionary School. 

Santurce, San Juan, Porto Rico. 

Elma Mart Blackman, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Ann Arbor. 

Aoelajde Mat Bradford, A.B. ( Mrs. 
James McConnell.) Evanston, 111. 

ANTOtNETTE Brown, B.L. (Mrs. Cles- 
son S. Kinney.) 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

RoBERTT CoRWiN Brtant, A.B., B.D. 
(Morgan Park, 111.) '91. Baptist 
clergyman. Moline, 111. 

Frank Forrest Bumps, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence Btrnes, A.B. Patent Law- 
yer. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Anna Louise Campbell, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Arthur J. Covell.) Lynn, Mass. 

Gboroe Peter Cart, Ph.B. Lawyer. 
100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Martin Cavanauoh, A.B. Lawyer. 

Ann Arbor. 

William Wallace Chalmers, A.B., 
A.M. (Eureka Coll.) '89. Supt. of 
Schools at Grand Rapids, 1890-98; 
at Toledo, since 1898. Toledo, 0. 

Celia Esther Chamberlain, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. James T. Cooley.) 

DeSmet, S. Dak. 

Fred Converse Clark, A.B., A.M. '88, 
Ph.D. '91, Assist. Prof, of Political 
Science Leland Stanford Jr. Univ., 
1892-93; of Economics, 1893-94; of 
History and Economics, Ohio State 
Univ., 1895-96; of Economics and 
Sociology, 1896-98; Assoc. Prof. 
1898-1900; Professor, 1900-. 

Columbus, O. 

Minnie Oltve Florence Clark, A.B. 

(Mrs. Louis M. Dennis.) 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Leonidas Connell, B.L. Editor and 

publisher of The Sentinel. 

1700 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Isabella Cook, A.B. Teacher in the 

High School. Tacoma, Wash. 

Charles Horton Coolet, A.B., Ph.D. 

'94. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Arthur John Covell, A.B., A.M. 

(Harvard) '97, B.D. (Andover) '98. 

Cong. clerg3n[nan. Lynn, Mass. 

George Ellsworth Dawson, A.B., 

Ph.D. (Clark) '97. (See Faculties, 

p. 26.) Instructor in History in 

Pratt Institute, 1901- 

388 Ijafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
George Edward Fairbairn, Ph.B. 

U. S. Inspector of Steam Vessels. 

71 Harper Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Elizabeth Sargent Gastman, A.B. 

(Mrs. John H. Powell.) 

Seattle, Wash. 
Charles Edwards Grove, A.B., h 87- 

88, M.D. (Hahn. Med. Coll., Phila.) 

'89. Physician. Spokane, Wash. 
Maria Ruth Guppt, B.L. Teacher. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
Helen Bartlett Haire, A.B. (Mrs. 

Salmon O. Levinson.) 

4049 Lake Avenue, Chicago, 111. 
Arthur Graham Hall, B.S. (See 

Faculties, p. 24. ) Ann Arbor. 

William Henrt Hawkes, A.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
David Emil Heineman, Ph.B., 1 88-89. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

George Matthews Hewet. B.L. 

Teacher. Wilmette, 111. 

Satia Jewett Htde, A.B. (Mrs. Leo- 
nard A. Jenkins.) Portland, Maine. 
Violet DeLillb Jatnb, A.B.j A.M. *96. 

Dean of Woman's Department, and 

Assoc. Prof, of Eng. Lit. in Univ. of 

Illinois, since 1897. Urbana, 111. 
Louis Parker Jocelyn, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. Ann Arbor. 

Frederica Florence Jones, A.B. 

Teacher. 717 Brooklyn St. W., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dora Ella Kennedy, B.L. (Mrs. 

John W. Matthews.) 

64 Park Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Guy Lincoln Kiefer, A.B., A.M. '91, 

M.D. '91. Lecturer on Hygiene in 

Detroit Coll. of Med. Physician and 

Surgeon. Detroit, Mich. 





1900. Teacher. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

C LESSON Selwyne Kinnet, A.B. Law- 
yer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Lleweixyn Cart Lawrence, A.B. 
Presb. clergyman. Vassar, Mich. 

MoRiTZ Levi, A.B. (See Faculties, p. 
20.) Ann Arbor. 

Helen Louisa Lovell, A.B. (Mrs. 
John W. Million.) Prof, of the 
Greek Language and Literature in 
Hardin Coll. since 1806. Mexico, Mo. 

Maria McDonald, B.L. (Mrs. K D 
Harger.) Lakcview, Cal. 

Michael Edward McEnant, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '88. Mining. Tenana, Alaska. 

Lawrence Amos McLoutii, A.B. ( See 
Faculties, p. 25.) 
University Heights, New York, N. Y. 

Myron Williams Mills, B.L. Lum- 
ber and vessels. Marysville, Mich. 


Charles W. Belser. ) Boulder, Colo. 

Stafford Thomas Mitchell, B.L., I 
88-80, M.D. (Hering Med. Coll.) '05. 
Physician. Chicago, 111. 

Robert Webber Moore, Ph.B. Prof, 
of German in Colgate Univ. since 
1800. Hamilton, N. Y. 

Thomas Francis Mouax, A.B.. Ph.D. 
(Johns Hopkins) '05. Prof, of His- 
tory and Economics in Purdue Univ. 
since 1805. LaFayette, Ind. 

Alphonso Gerald Newcomer, A.B., 
A.M. (Cornell) '88. Assist. Prof, 
and Assoc. Prof, of English in Le- 
land Stanford Jr. Univ., since 1801. 
Author. Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Clair Avery Orr, A.B. J.«cturer in 
Latin, Univ. of Chicago (Exten- 
sion Department), since 1802; 
Teacher in Chicago High School, 
since 1804. 0233 Kimbark Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Robert Ezra Park, Ph.B., A.M. (Har- 
vard) '00. Student in Germany. 
Care of Edward Cahill, Lansing, 

Samuel Kemp Pittman. Ph.B. Man- 
ager of American Radiator Co. 

44 Oliver St., Boston. Mass. 

Anna Bei.le Purmort, A.B. (Mrs. 
George Hempl.) Ann Arbor. 

•John Charles Ranacher, A.B., d. 
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 8, 1880. 

Webster S Ruckman, B.S. Assist. 
Examiner in U. S. Patent Office 
since 1803. Washington, D. C. 

•Elmer Sanford. B.S. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 23.) 

Jesse Cornell Shattuck, Ph.B. Mer- 
chant. Owosso, Mich. 

"Edmund Jeremiah Shaw, A.B., d. 
San Jose, Cal., March 31, 1800. 

Frederick David Sherman, A.B., 
Ph.D. (Leipzig) '07. Teacher in 
Erasmus Hall High School. 

1240 Pacific St., Brooiclyn, N. V. 

Mark Roger Sherman, A.B., LL.B. 
*80. Lawyer and banker. 

70 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

James Lincoln Skinner, B.S. Book- 
binder and Stationer. Ann Arbor. 

Frances Adelia Slaght, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Jay L. McLaren.) Saginaw, Mich. 

Walter Teis Smith, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbia) '88. Manufacturer. 

Pekin, 111. 

K Gertrude Stevens, B.S. (Mrs. 
William C. Lewis.) Niles, Mich. 

(iEouoe Edward Taylor, Ph.B. 

Asylum, Pontiac. Mich, 

Jerome Beers Thomas. A.B., M.D. 
(Long Island) '92. Act. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. A. Manila, P. I. 

Edwin Pritchard Tuueblood, B.L., 
B.S. (Earlham) '85, A.M. (ibid.) 
'00. Prof, of Elocution and Oratory 
in Earlham Coll. since 1888. 

Richmond, Ind. 

Franklin LuppEn Velde, A.B., LL.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) '80. Lawyer. 

Pekin, 111. 

William Henry Wai.ker, A.B., B.D. 
(Andover) '02, Ph.D. (Strassburg) 
'04. Cong, clergyman. Wilmctte, HI, 

James A. Wardlow, A.B. 

*JoHN Charles Warmbier, Ph.B., d. 
W>andotte, Mich., April 21, 1801. 

Frank Enos Welch, A.B., A.M. 
(Tulaue) ^07. Toucher in Philip- 
pines. Four Towns, Mich. 

Francis James Woolley, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. 84 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 


Mary Emma Ashley, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
ward R. Hewitt.) 

Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 

('arrie Ayers, B.L. (Mrs. Henry H. 
Hoover. ) Fort Smith, Ark. 

Ida Ayers, B.L. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Laverne Bassett, Ph.B., LL.B. '00. 
Lawyer. Dallas. Tex. 

James Harvey Beazell, A.B. Prinr. 
of High School, Port Huron, Mich.. 
1888-04 ; Supt. of Schools, 1804-90 ; 




Princ. of Detroit Central High 
School since 1899. Detroit, Mich. 
John Noble Blair, A.B. Lawyer. 

32 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 
Edwabd Boyle, A.B. Princ. of High 
School, Michigan City, Ind., 1888- 
93; Supt. of Schools, 1893-99. Law 
student. 45 35th St., Chicago, 111. 
Edgab Ewing Brandon, A.B., A.M. 
(Univ. of Mo.) '97. (See Faculties, 
p. 26. ) Oxford, 0. 

Oebtbude Tamora Breed, A.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. Ann Arbor. 
Caroline Ellen Britten, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Jackson, Mich. 
George Arthur Brown, B.S., B.D. 
(Garrett) '92. M. E. clergyman. 

Evart, Mich. 
*Henry Herbert Brown, A.B., d. Los 

Angeles, Cal., April 2, 1892. 
Joseph Beatty Burtt, A.B., LL.B. 
'89. Lawyer. 

70 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Harvey Safford Bush, A.B., B.D. 
(Yale) '91, Ph.D. (Tubingen) '94. 
Cong, clergyman. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Clarence Gale.v Campbell, Ph.B., 
M.D. (BcUevue) '90. Physician. 

34 E. 49th St., New York, N. Y. 
Louella Chapin, Ph.B., M.S. (C'hi- 
cago) '97. Teacher in tlie South 
Division High School since 1888. 

Chicago, 111. 
Cora May Chapman, B.L. (Mrs. Ed- 
win H. Babcock.) La Plata, Mo. 
Elizabeth Rebecca Clark, A.B. Li- 
brarian and Teacher of Art in Pea- 
body Normal Coll., 1800-1901. (Mrs. 
William H. Payne.) Ann Arbor. 
David Kipling Cochran E.Ph.B. Law- 
yer. 3530 Ellis Ave., (Chicago, ill. 
RossETTER Gleason Cole, Ph.B. Di- 
rector of School of Music in Ripon 
Coll. 1892-94; in Iowa Coll. since 
1894. Grinnell, Iowa. 

Louis Kossuth Com stock, Ph.B. 
Electrical Engineer. 

Hyde Park Hotel, Chicago, 111. 
Frank Elmer Cona^rse, B.L. Supt. 
of Schools. Beloit, Wis. 

Anson Bartie Curtis, A.B., A.M. 
(Allegheny) '89, B.D. (Meadville) 
'89, Ph.D. (Allegheny) '90. Prof, 
of Hebrew in Tufts Coll. 1890-96; 
Cong, clergyman. 

Greenville, Mich. 
Chables Henry Cushino, A.B. Farm- 
er. Tropico, Cal. 

Rachel Ella Dawson, Ph.B, A.M. 

1900. Teacher. Pontiac, Mich. 

Herbert Fletcher DeCou, A.B., A.M. 

'90. (See Faculties, p. 25.) 

Athens, Greece. 

Ellsworth Thomas Derr, A.B. 

104 VV. 89th St., New York, N. Y. 

John Leander Duity, A.B., LL.B. 
'93. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Soi>OMON Eisenstaedt, B.S., M.D. 
(Rush) '90. Physician. 

5504 Monroe Ave., Chicago, III. 

DanielEphraimEwald,A.B. Teacher. 
51 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Francis Chipman Ford, A.B., M.D. 
'90. Prof, of Anatomy, Dunham 
Med. Coll. Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Hart Gale, B.L., LL.B. (Chi- 
cago) '98; LL.M. (ibid.) '99. Real 
estate and loans. Oak Park, III. 

Albert Eugene Gebhakdt,A.B.,LL.B. 
'90. Lawyer. Portland, Ore. 

Caroline Louise Gelston,A.B. (Mrs. 
James A. Woodburn.) 

Bloomington, Ind. 

Katy Hei.en Gower, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles H. Hatch.) Detroit, Mich. 

W1LI.IAM A MAS A Grace, A.B., A.M. 
'91; LL.B. '90. Merchant. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

John Hubert Greusel, B.L. Journal- 
ist. Detroit, Mich. 

Carrie Haigh, A.B. (Mrs. Charles J. 
Holman.) Toronto, Ont. 

Walter Jones Hamilton, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. and LL.B. (Cornell) '90. 
Lawj'er. Cleveland, O. 

Charles Harrison Hatch, B.S. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 

Preston Manasseh Hickey, A.B., 
M.D. (Detroit Coll. of Med.) '92. 
Physician. 32 Adams Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

•Hermann Charles William Hild- 
NER, A.B., d. Detroit, Mich., Oct. 
21, 1888. 

Alice Minerva Hosmer, A.B. (Mrs. 
Robert B. Preble.) Chicago, 111. 

Elmer Ellsworth Hubbard, A.B. 
Supt. of Industrial Home for Cuban 
Orphans. Mantanzas, Cuba. 

William Alfred Hutzel,B.S. Farmer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Richard Greene Inwood, B.L., LL.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) '92. Photographer. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Elsie Jones, A.B. (Mrs. Charles H. 
Cooley.) Ann Arbor. 




Franklin Harvey Kinney, A.B., 
LL.6. (Giiiciimati)/90. Lawyer. 
519 Main St., Cincinnati, O. 

Ehobt Davis Eibby, A.B. Teacher 
in Am. Missionary College. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Alexander Campbell Kiskadden, 
B.L. Lawyer. Tiffin, O. 

Leveroe Knapp, Ph.B., M.D. *94. Phy- 
sician. Ouleout, N. Y. 

Marietta Lauohridge Knowles,B.S. 
(Bio.). Teacher of Sciences in the 
High School. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Ray Dee Lampson, Ph.B. Clerk in 
Office of Secretary of State. 

Columbus, O^ 

Jed Hannibal Lee, B.L. Agent N. Y. 
Life Ins. Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Franklin Frees Lehman, A.B., M.D. 
'91. Physician. Sandusky, O. 

Armin Otto Leuschner, A.B., Ph.D. 
(Berlin) '96. Instructor in Math- 
ematics, Univ. of Cal., 1890-92; 
Assist. Prof., 1892-94; Assist. Prof, 
of Astronomy and Greodesy, 1894-98; 
Assoc. Prof, since 1898. 

Berkeley, Cal. 

LnoiAN Hezekiah Emmett Lowry, 
A.B. Lawyer. Youngstown, O. 

James Nathan McBride, B.L. Cop- 
per mining. Cashin, Colo. 

Frank Daniel McDonell, B.S. Mer- 
chant. Bay City, Mich. 

Robert Douolas MacLeod, A.B., I 
89-90. County Judge of Lake Co., 
Colo., 1900-. Leadville, Colo. 

Morgan McMorries ^Llnn, Ph.B. 
Judge of Probate of Galveston Co., 
Texas, 1896-1900. 

80 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Martha Prentice Merwin, A.B. 
Care of Mrs. Grenville Smith, 

Cassopolis, Mich. 

Charles Tyler Miller, Ph.B. Seci'y 
and Treas. Ray Chemical Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Georoe Elmer Milliman, A.B. Law- 
yer. Rochester, N. Y. 

George Ralph Mitchell, A.B., LL.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) '90. Lawyer. 

107 Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. 

Selby Albert Moran, B.L. Teacher 
and publisher. Ann Arbor. 

•Frank Irwin Muir, A.B., d. Ann Ar- 
bor, June 8, 1892. 

•Fanny Talcott Mulliken, Ph.B., 

(Mrs. Samuel L. Thompson,) d. 

Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 17, 1892. 

Lizzie Herson Northup, B.L. (Mrs. 
Lincoln Avery.) Port Huron, Mich. 

Caroline Louise Paine, B.L. Teacher. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
AcHSA S Parker, A.B. Teacher in 
the State Normal School, Mankato, 
Minn., since 1889. Norwalk, O. 

Sterling Parks, A.B., LL.B. (Colum- 
bian Univ.) '94. Lawyer. 

Cleveland, O. 
Paul Victor Perry, A.B., I 89-90. 
Journalist. 82 Dearborn Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Frank George Plain, A.B., LL.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) *93. Lawyer. 

Aurora, 111. 
Ebastus Francis Potter, A.B.,Princ. 
of the High School. 

Santa Ynez, Cal. 

Flora Mabel Potter, A.B., A.M. '90. 

(Mrs. Selby A. Moran.) Ann Arbor. 

John Havard Powell, A.B. Lawyer. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Clayton Albert Read, B.L. Hard- 
ware and lumber. Richland, Mich. 

Harold Remington, A.B., I 88-89. 
Lawyer. Cleveland, O. 

John David RiKER,B.S.(Chem.),MJ). 
'90. Physician. Pontiac, Mich. 

MoRiTz Rosenthal, B.L. Lawyer. 

Dixon, 111. 

Chester Harvey Rowell, Ph.B. Edi- 
tor. Fresno, Cal. 

WiLLARD Clark Sanpord, B.S. 
(Chem.), m 88-89, M.D. (N. W. 
Univ.) '90. Physician. 

163 Eugenie St., Chicago, 111. 

Francis Morton Sessions, Ph.B. 
Banker. Columbus, O. 

Fred Fraley Sharpless,B.S. ( Chem. ) . 
Mining. Westbury, N. Y. 

Edwin Spencer Shaw, A.B. Cong, 
clergyman. Wahpeton, N. Dak. 

Henry Fish Shier, Ph.B. M. E. 
clergyman. East Tawas, Miclu 

Clyde Slone, A.B. Carroll ton. 111. 

HoNTA Belle Smalley, A.B. Teacher 
in North Division High Scliool of 
Chicago 1894-1901. (Mrs. Elias A. 
Bredin. ) Madison, Wis. 

Reuben Sherman Smith, A.B. Presb. 
clergyman. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Francis Leslie Stevenson, B.L. En- 
gineer for Deering Harvester Co. 

Chicago, 111. 

John Edward Stillwell, B.L. Law- 
yer and banker. Seneca, Kan. 

Julia Ruth Tolman, A.B. Teacher 
in Lake High School. Chicago, HI. 

Charles Orrin Townsend, B.S., M.S. 
'91, Ph.D. (Leipzig) *97. Prof, of 




Botany, Maryland Agr. Coll., since 
1898. College Park, Md. 

Lauba Oliver Tuppeb, B.L. 

17 Brushton Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Bebt John Vos, A.B., Ph.D. (Johns 
Hopkins) '92. Assoc. Prof, of Ger- 
man in Johns Hopkins Univ. since 
1898. Baltimore, Md. 

Geoboe Joseph Waggoner, A.B., M.D. 
(N. Y. Univ.) '90. Physician. 

Ravenna, O. 

Edwin Eluah Washburn, Ph.B. 

Chester Wetmore, B.S. Teacher. 

Allegan, Mich. 

Henry Kirk White, Ph.B. Editor 
and publisher. Owosso, Mich. 

Laura E Whitley, A.B. ( Mrs. Frank 
B. Moore.) Elk Rapids, Mich. 

George Walton Whyte,B.S. (Chem.). 
(See Faculties, p. 23.) Chemist. 

Camden, N. J. 

Elmer Grant Willyoung, B.S. Man- 
ufacturer of Scientific Instruments. 
82 Fulton St., New York, N. Y. 

Bertha Hammond Wright, A.B. 
( Mrs. Henry C. Adams. ) Ann Arbor. 


Fred Hull Abbott, A.B., LL.B., 

*91. Lawyer. Crystal Falls, Mich. 

James Ware Adams, B.L. Prof, of 

English in the Univ. of Nebraska, 

1892-97. Fruit grower. 

Normal, 111. 
Isabella Montgomery Andrews,A.B. 
(Mrs. James E. Talley.) 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henry Towne Bannon, B.L. Lawyer. 

Portsmouth, O. 
Fannie Barker, Ph.B. (Mrs. Jos- 
eph B. Whinery.) 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Blanche Kingsbury Barney, B.L., 

M.L. *93. Teacher in the Western 

High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Virginia Beauchamp, A.B., A.M. *94. 

Teacher in the High School. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Willis John Beckley, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Ravenna, Ohio. 
Louis Begemann, B.S.,M.S. '97. Prof, 
of Physics in State Normal School. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Eugene Nimmons Best, A.B. Law- 
yer. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Clarissa Sophia Bigelow, Ph.B., 
M.D. *94. Physician. Chicago, 111. 

Horace Van Birdsell, B.L. Manu- 
facturer. South Bend, Ind. 

Thaddeus Lincoln Bolton, A.B., 
Ph.D. (Clark) '95. Instructor in 
Psychology in Univ. of Nebraska. 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Willis Elmer Bond, A.B. Prof, of 
Mathematics and Geology in Pots- 
dam State Normal School since 
1893. Potsdam, N. Y. 

Benjamin Parsons Bourland, A.B., 
A.M. '90, Ph.D. (Vienna) '97. (See 
Faculties, p. 21.) Cleveland, O. 

John Edward Boyer, A.B., A.B. 
(Whitman Coll.) '87, LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia) '91. Capt. 1st Wash. Inf. 
1898-99. Lawyer. Seattle, Wash. 

Hollie Broughton Bracewell, Ph.B. 
Banker. Allerton, Iowa. 

Andrew McCormack Brown, B.S. 
Bank Teller. Los Angeles. Cal. 

Elmer Ellsworth Brown, A.B., Ph.D. 
(Halle) '90. (See Faculties, p. 22.) 

Berkeley, Cal. 

Allen Lysander Colton, Ph.B., A.B. 
*90, A.M. '98. Assist. Astronomer 
at the Lick Observatory, 1892-97. 
Student. Ann Arbor. 

William Herman Deh'wyler, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Somerville, Mass. 

•William Worth Eagan, Ph.B., d. 
New Orleans, La., Jan. 8, 1901. 

•Charles Kirke Eddy, Ph.B., d. Sag- 
inaw, Mich., Nov. 10, 1900. 

Charles Edward Everett, B.L., M.S. 
*97. Farmer. Lansing, Mich. 

Ellen Elizabeth Garrigues, A.B., 
A.M. '93. Prof, of Eng. Lit., Buch- 
tel Coll., 1893-97 ; Teacher of Eng- 
lish in Boys' High School, N. Y. 
City, since 1897. 

60 W. 13th St., New York, N. Y. 

Effie Matilda Gaylord, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Harry V. Huston.) 

Ludington, Mick. 

Edwin Charles Goddard, Ph.B., 
LL.B., '99. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Charles Alexander Green, Ph.B. 
Mining and mining machincrv. 

El Pa.«o. Tox. 

•John Greenshields, A.B., M.D. '91, 
d. Romeo, Mich., May 9, 1900. 

•Julian Dana Harmo.v. A.H.. M.D. 
(Univ. of Pa.) '92, d. Warren, Ohio, 
Sept. 8, 1898. 

William Welton Harris, Ph.B. Edi- 
tor, on The New York Journal. 
177 Woodruff Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Fbank Winchester Hawks, Ph.B. 
Manufacturer. Nccnah, Wis. 

Belva Mary Herbon, B.L. Instructor 
in Political Economy, Univ. of Ne- 
braska, since 1898. Mexico, Mo. 

Walter Simpson Holden, A.B., LL.B. 
(Lake Forest) *90. Lawyer. 

426 Forest Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Pbkbe Anne Isadore Howell, A.B. 
Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Abthur Mekeel Husset, A.B. Farm- 
er. North Borwick, Mo. 

Charles Sumner Hyde, Ph.B., A.M. 
(Columbiau Univ.) U8. In U. 8. 
Treasury Department since 1891. 

Washington, D. C. 

George Preston Hyde. Vh.h. Assist. 
Supt. K. C. S. & R. Co. 

El Paso, Tex. 

Alfred Eugene Jennings, A.B. Man- 
ufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Hattie Crosby Jennings, A.B. (Mrs. 
Alfred E. Jennings.) Detroit, Mich. 

Kate Lincoln Johnson, B.L. Teacher. 

Goshen, Ind. 

Nellie Minerva Johnson, B.L. (Mrs. 
Arthur S. Kocrcrs. i Saginaw. Mich. 

Anna Susan Jones, A.B. Teacher in 
the High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

i^EWis Ralph Jones, Ph.B. Instruc- 
tor in Natural History in Univ. of 
Vermont, 1889-91; Assoc. Prof. 
1891-93; Prof, of Botany since 
1893. Burlington, Vt. 

Bertha Joslyn, B.L. (Mrs. George 
L. Burrows.) Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Frances Charlotte Lennox, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Herman J. Powell.) 

Carlsbad, N. Mex. 

Freo Sibley Loomis, A.B., LL.B. (N. 
W. Univ. ) '90. Lawyer. 

Evanston, III. 

liOUis MuRBAcn, Ph.B., B.S. (Bio.) 
'90, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '94. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 24.) Teacher of Biology 
in the Central High School since 
1897. Detroit, Mich. 

Clyde Vallandioham Nafe, A.B., { 
89-90. Lawyer and grain mer- 
chant. Danville, 111. 

Minnie Howe Newby, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
George M. Ricketts.) 

220 W. 71st St., Chicago, III. 

Carrie Marian Pai.mer, B.L. Teach- 
er. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Lewis Wallace Parker, B.L., LL.B. 
'90. Lawyer. 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Bruce Preble, A.B., m 89-90, 

M.D. (N. W. Univ.) '91. Physician. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Leroy Prentiss, A.B. 

Journalist. Cleveland, O. 

Charles Everett Rockwood, Ph.B. 

Live stock. Union Stock Yards, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gertrude Beixe Rose, A.B. (Mrs. 

Louis C. Hill.) Golden, Colo. 

Lillian Emma Rosewarne, Ph.B. 

(Mrs. Edwin C. Goddard.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Arthur Eli Rowley, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Norwaik, O. 
George Frederick Rush, A.B., A.M. 
'93, LI^.B. (Lake Forest) '91. Law- 
yer. Master in Chancery since 1895. 
100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Harmon Chamberlin St. Clair, B.L., 
LL.B. '91, A.M. (N. Y. Univ.) 1900. 
P. E. clergyman. 

300 E. 4th St., New York, N. Y. 
Oscar Frederick Sciimid, Ph.B., 
Ph.C. '90. Pharmacist. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Thomas Chalkley Severance, A.B., 
A.M. '93. Furniture. 

Rochester, Mich. 
Albert Morton Shaw, B.S., m 87-88, 
M.D. (Med. Coll. of Ohio) '90. 
Physician. Ottawa, III. 

Albert Laverne Shepard, Ph.B. 
Jj&yrycT. Rochester, N. Y. 

William Hittell Sherzeb, B.S., 
M.S. '90, Ph.D. '01. (See Faculties, 
p. 24.) Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Lizzie Ids Shiell, A.B. (Mrs. Elmer 
B. Hause.) St. Paul, Minn. 

Warren Hadley Smith, Ph.B. Princ. 
of High School. Flint, Mich. 

Josephine Eliza Sondericker, A.B., 
A.M. '96. Teacher in Oxford (Ohio) 
CJollege. Woodstock, HI. 

Fred Bernard Spaxtldino, A.B. Man- 
ager of the Fisk Teachers' Agency 
since 1897. Chicago, 111. 

(IJlement Richelieu Stickney, A.B. 
Lawyer. Chicago, 111. 

Albert Brodie Stone, A.B., LL.B. 
(Yale) '91. Lawyer. 

Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Eliza Read Sunderland, Ph.B., Ph J). 
'92. (Mrs. Jabez T. Sunderland.) 

Toronto, Ont. 
Jakes Ely Talley, A.B., M.D.(Univ. 
of Pa.) '92. Physician. 

5G02 Lansdowne Ave., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 




Charles Piiilendeb Taylor, Ph.B. 

Banker. Ottawa, 111. 

Alva Beech Thompson-, B.S., A.M. 

(Stanford) '92. Mining. 

Parrott Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

May Turner, B.L. Teacher. 926 

Bonnie Brae St., Loa Angeles, Cal. 

Frank Alsworth Waples, B.S. 

(Bio.), M.D. '93. (See Faculties, 

p. 24.) Physician. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
•Katherine Mary West, A.B., d. 

Osawatomie, Kan., Aug. 6, 1900. 
Sara Whedon, A.B., A.M. '01. Teacher 

in the High School. Ann Arbor. 

Florence Ella Whitcomb, B.L. (Mrs. 

John H. Welch.) Nicholasville, Ky. 
Zada J Wilson, Ph.B. 

74 Marion St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Horace Vaughn Winchell, B.S. 

Copper mining. Butte, Mont. 

James Burris Wood, B.S., M.D. (West 

Pa. Med. Coll.) '92. Physician. 

Oalcland, Cal. 
Dean Con ant Worcester, A.B. (See 

Faculties, p. 20.) Manila, P. I. 

Arlisle Margaret Young, A.6., A.M. 

'90. 36 W. 17th St., New York, N. Y. 
Lewis Smith Young, B.L. Lawyer. 
(86) Boulder, Colo. 


Anna Howard Adams, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Clifton Springs, N. Y. 
Charles Town Alexander, B.L., I 
90-91. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

John Burns Alexander, B.S. Travel- 
ing salesman. 

331 Nasby Bldg., Toledo, O. 

James Rowland Angell, A.B., A.M. 

'91, A.M. (Harvard) '92. Assist. 

Prof, of Experimental Psychology 

in Univ. of (Chicago since 1895. 

Chicago, 111. 
Franc Arnold, Ph.B. (Mrs. William 
H. Chaddock.) Allegan, Mich. 

' Edith Emma Atkins, A.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Lansing, Mich. 
Arthur Hurd Bannon, Ph.B. law- 
yer. Portsmouth, O. 
Mary Sophie Baitry, A.B. Clerk. 

Galena, 111. 
Henry Moore Bates. Pli.B., LL.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) '92. Lawyer. 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Dora Orinda Bennett, A.B. Teacher. 

2231 E. 3d St., Dayton, O. 

Flora Bennett. A.B. (Mrs. James 

W. Moore.) 

2231 E. 3d St., Dayton, O. 

Frank Swift Bourns, B.S., M.D. '96. 

Maj. and Surg., U. S. Volunteers, 

1898. Physician. Manila, P. I. 

Mary Blanche Brigos, B.L. (Mrs. 

Abraham L. Knisely. ) 

Corvallis, Ore. 
Mary Barbour Brown, B.L. Teacher. 

St. Matthews, Ky. 
Sally Brown, B.L. (Mrs. James C. 
Fuller. ) Kansas City, Mo. 

Mary Victoria Cady, A.B. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Katherine Campbell, A.B. Teachei 
in the South Bend (Ind.) High 
School. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Martha Anna Catton, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Daniel Rich. ) South Bend, Ind. 

Stanton Walter Clarke, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 
Wabren John Clough, A.B. Insur- 
ance. 240 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Benjamin Cluff, B.S., M.S. '94. 
Teacher. Provo City, Utah. 
William Gibson Cockburn, A.B. 
Supt. of Schools since 1895. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Loretta Crissman, Ph.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
lard Sweeney.) 

West Bay City, Mich. 

Alice Harper Damon, A.B. Teacher 

of the deaf. (Uncord, Mass. 

Cora Armenia Deake, A.B. Teacher. 

South Lyon, Mich. 

Henry Bingham Dewey, A.B. Supt. 

of Schools. Tacoma, Wash. 

Edgar Millard Doughty, A.B., A.M. 

*91. Lawyer. 

16 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mary Edna Dowdigan, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Oliver H. Carson.) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

James Eugene Duffy, B.L., LL.B. 

*92. Lawyer. Bay City, Mich. 

Robin Ernest Dunbar, Ph.B.. LL.B. 

(Notre Dame) *91. Lawyer. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Guy Dale Duncan, Ph.B., LL.B. '91. 

Lawyer. Boulder, CJolo. 

William Franklin Edwards, B.S. 

(See Faculties, p. 25.) 

Traverse City, Mich. 

Harold Weixman Fairbanks. B.S., 

Ph.D. (California) '97. Geologist. 

Berkeley. Cal. 
Nelson Curtis Field, A.B. Editor. 

G Ion wood, Iowa. 
George Mygatt Fisk, A.B.. Ph.D. 
(Munich) '96. 2d Secr'y of U. S. 
Embassy at Berlin, 1897-1900. 

Ashtabula. 0. 




Gbant Martin Ford, A.B. Lawyer. 

1000 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 

*Hebb£RT Martin Frost, A.B., d. 

Saginaw, Mich., March 19, 1891. 
Charles Btron Garrison, A.B. Sec'y 
of Crystal Water Co., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Edwin Francis Gat, A.B. 

Berlin, Germany. 
Ruth Gentry, Ph.B., Ph.D. (Bryn 
Mawr) '94. Instructor in Mathe- 
matics in Vassar Coll. 1894-1900; 
Assoc. Prof. 1900-. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

John Evans Gernand, B.L., M.D. '94. 

Physician. Rossville, 111. 

WnxiAH Ellis Goddard, A.B. With 

Ginn & Co. Madison, Wis. 

Moses Gk)MBERO, B.S. (Chem.), M.S. 

*92, ScD. '94. (See Faculties, p. 

21.) Ann Arbor. 

Louis Edward Gossman, B.L., LL.B. 

'87. Lawyer. Crookston, Minn. 

Hugh Andrew Graham, A.B., A.B. 

(Albion) '87, AM.(ibid.)*92. Supt. 

of Schools. Grayling, Mich. 

Paul Robert Gray, A.B. With Gray, 

Toynton & Fox. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Jason Greenstreet, B.S. 

(Chem.). Manufacturing Chemist. 

Indianapolis, Tnd. 

Jacob Leonard Haner, A.B., LL.B. 

'91. Judge of Probate for Madison 

Co. 1894-1900. Lawyer. London, O. 

Grace Ella Harrah, B.L. Teacher 

in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Midi. 
William Pickett Harris, B.L. Man- 
ufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 
Faith Helmer. Ph.B. (Mrs. Samuel 
C. Parks. ) Lander, Wyo. 
David Bill Hempstead, A.B., LL.B. 
(Harvard) '93. Lawyer. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
•Perot Benjamin Herr, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Kent Coll. of Law) '93, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Jan. 10, 1901. 
Jonathan August Charles Hildner. 
A.B., A.M. '93, Ph.D. (I^ipzig) '90. 
(See Faculties, p. 24.) Ann Arbor. 
Frances Hinkley, B.S., M.S. '99. 
(Mrs. Frank Moore.) 

Benton Harlwr, Midi. 
Margaret Millicent Hunt, A.B. 
(Mrs. James S. Heaton.) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Henry James Kennedy, A.B., M.D. 
'93. Physician. 

4306 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Genevieve Kinne, A.B. (Mrs. Charles 

J. Bartlett.) New Haven, Conn. 
Lydia Eleanor Kniss, B.L. (Mrs. 

John J. Kniss.) Teacher. 

Berkeley, Cal. 
PoMEROY Ladue, B.S., I 90-91. (See 

Faculties, p. 25.) 

University Heights, New York, N.Y. 
Francis Alexander Leslie, Ph.B., 

M.D. (Bellevue) '94. Physician. 

Toledo, 0. 
Ella Alferetta Ludwig, A.B. Pres. 

of Butler Coll. Butler, Mo. 

•Qrmond Oscar Lyons, Ph.B., A.B., 

(Acadia Coll.) '89, d. Chicago, 111. 

Sept. 3, 1891. 
Irving George McColl, B.L. Writer. 

New York, N. Y. 
George Edward MacIlwain, A.B. 

Unitarian minister. Houl ton, Maine. 
Arthur MacNeal, A.B., M.D. ( Rush ) 

'92. Physician. Berwyn, 111. 

Edgar Withrow MacPherran, A.B. 

Lawyer, and Land Commissioner D.. 

S. S. & A. Ry. Marquette, Mich, 

Walter Leeman Mann, Ph.B. Ship- 
ping Merchant. Galveston, Tex. 
William Kilpatrick Maxwell, A.B., 

IJL1.B. (Cincinnati) '91. Lawyer. 

105 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Eloise Mayham, A.B.. A.M. (Chi- 
cago) '93. (Mrs. Lincoln HuUey.) 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Frank Thomson Merry, B.L., M.L. 

'95. Stenographer. Honolulu, H. I. 
Aura Maud Miller, B.L.. A.M. '97. 

Student. Ann Arbor. 

Edwin Lillie Miller, A.B., A.M. '91. 

Teacher in the Englewood High 

School. Chicago, 111. 

Owen Lambe Miller, A.B. Princ. 

Tp. High School. Sterling, 111. 

JiOREN Douglas Milliman, A.B. Mer- 
chant. 100 Kenwood Ave.. 

Rochester, N. Y. 
•Warren French Mills, B.L., LL.B. 

'88, LL.M. '90, d. San Francisco, 

Cal., Nov. 17, 1890. 
Oscar Wood Moyle, Ph.B., LL.B. '92. 

Lawyer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Frederick Charles Newcombe. B.S., 

Ph.D. (Leipzig) '93. (See Facul- 

ties, p. 19.) Ann Arbor. 

William Loyd Page. A.B. Teacher 

in the Lake View High School. 

Chicago, 111. 
Caroline Crosby Penny, A.B. (Mrs. 

Alexander F. Lange.) 

Berkelev. Cal. 




Habbt Nelson Quiolet, A.B., LL.B. 
'91. Lawyer. Marion, O. 


LL.B. '91, (1. Washington C. H., 
Ohio, Oct. 7, 1891. 

Fanny K Read, B.L. Teacher. 

Richland, Mich. 

*RoBERT Kennicott Reiixy, Ph.B., d. 
Chicago, 111., Nov. 24, 1899. 

Leon Josiah Ri0HABDS0N,A.B.A88i8t. 
Prof, of Latin in Univ. of California 
since 1898. Berkeley, Cal. 

Jacob Rinoeb, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Fort Dearborn Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Edward Van Dyke Robinson, A.B., 
A.M.'91, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '95. Princ. 
Central High School. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

John Randolph Rogers,B.S. ( Cbem. ) , 
M.D. '96. Physician. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

FiLiBEBT Roth, B.S. Assist. Prof, of 
Forestry in Cornell Univ. 1898- 
1901. In U. S. Land Office. 

Washington, D. C. 

Cora Maria Rowell, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Fresno, Cal. 

Meeib Susan Rowley, A.B. (Mrs. 
George W. Patterson. ) Ann Arbor. 

Henry Arthur Sanders, A.B., A.M. 
'94, Ph.D. (Munich) '97. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 25.) Ann Arbor. 

Henry Rogers Seager, Ph.B., Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Pa.) '94. Assist. Prof, of 
Political Economy in Univ. of Pa. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

•Evelyn Amanda Smith, A.B., d. Ann 
Arbor, Aug. 3, 1892. 

Frederic Latta Smith, Ph.B. Secr'y 
& Treas. Olds Motor Works. 

Detroit, Mich. 

George Herbert Snow, Ph.B. Jour- 
nalist. Tribune Office, Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Porter Stearns, B.S., I 92-93. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Walter Savage Stillman, A.B. Law- 
yer. Coun9il Bluffs, Iowa. 

Forest Glenwood Sweet, Ph.B. Jour- 
nalist. 1022 Milton Place, 

Baltimore, Md. 

Ada Knight Terrell, B.L., Ph.B. 

(Iowa) '81, A.M. (ibid,) '84. (Mrs. 

George M. Terrell.) Teacher and 

writer. Winthrop, Iowa. 

John Howard Todd, A.B. Journalist. 

Springfield, 111. 

•Oswald Daniel Vandersluis, A.B., 
d. Grand Rapids, Mich., March 10, 

Horace VanDeventer, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Harvard) '93. Capt. 6th U. S. V. 
Inf. 1898-99. Lawyer. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Harry Widest Wakelee, B.L. Law- 
yer. Wheaton, 111. 

Frank Banghart Walker, Ph.B., 
M.D. (Detroit Coll. of Med.) '92. 
Physician. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Alrert Wheat, B.L. Princ. 
of the High School. Alhambra, Cal. 

Ruth Anna Wdlloughby, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Detroit, IMich. 

Florence Edna Wilson, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Brinton F. Hall.) Belding, Mich. 

Jenny Louise Wire, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Winslow, 111. 

RoRERT Henry Woloott, B.L., B.S. 
(Bio.) '92, M.D. '93, A.M. (Ne- 
braska) '96. Adjunct Prof, of 
Zoology in the Univ. of Nebraska. 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Nathan Putnam Wood, B.L. Chem- 
ist and assayer. Helvetia, Ariz. 

Edwin Abraham Zumbro, A.B. Teach, 
er. Riverside, Cal. 



HiLAH Lock wood Allen, B.L. Teacher. 

Aberdeen, Wash. 
Frank Riley Ashley, B.S. (Chem.). 
Pres. Western Flint Glass Co. 

Denver, Colo. 
Emma McAllan Ballentine, A.B. 
(Mrs. Theodore H. Hinchman.) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Mary Clark Bancker, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'92. Teacher. Jackson, Mich. 

Qrant S Barber, B.S. Mining. 

Bessemer, Mich. 
Dirk Lawrence Betten, A.B. Min- 
ister of Reformed Church. 

Brighton, N. Y. 
Charles Luther Blodgett, A.B. 

95 Delaware Place, Chicago, 111. 
Albert Sidney Brown, A.B., I 91-02. 

0719 Wentworth Ave., Chicago, 111.. 
William Simon Brown, B.S., M.D. 
( Univ. of 111. ) '86. Surgeon. 

Elgin, Iir. 
Minnie Thornton Buick, B. L. (Mrs. 
Charles B. Van Dusen. ) 
112 Charlotte Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


teacher. Ann Arbor. 




WoLCOTT Hackley Butleb, Ph.B., 
LL.6. '87. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Henbt Magnus Butzel, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'92. Lawyer. Detroit, Midi. 

•Fred George Cadwell, A.B., B.D. 
(McCormick Theo. 8eni.) '94. Presb. 
clergyman, d. Bay View, Mich., 
Aug. 27, 1001. 

EuzABEnu Alma Campbell, Ph.B. 
Vocal teacher. Ann Arbor. 

William Clabk Campbell B.S., 
LL.B. '91, A.B. (Trinity Univ.) *89, 
A.M. (ibid) '91. 

Theodore Lincoln Chadbourne B.S., 
M.D. '94. Physician. Vinton, Iowa. 

Eda May Claijk, B.L., B.S. '97. (Mrs. 
Julius 0. Schlotterbeck. ) 

Ann Arbor. 

Lucy Durfee Clark, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam C. Albertson.) Lakeville, N. Y. 

George Pierre Codd, A.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

James Melville Coleman, A.B.,A.M. 
'92, A.B. (Geneva Coll.) '87. Prof, 
of Political Science in Geneva Coll. 
since 1892. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Marguerite B AM MEL Cook, B.L. (Mrs. 
Earl Vinton Beals.) Boston, Mass. 

Thomas Benton Cooley, A.B., M.D. 
'95. Physician. Ann Arbor. 

Lucy Coolidoe, Ph.B. (Mrs. Frank 
Hamsher. ) Decatur, 111. 

George Sears Curtis s, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. Athens, Pa. 

Elizabeth Whetten Dean, B.S. 

Ann Arbor. 

Louis Vincent DeFoe, B.L. Dra- 
matic Editor of The World. 

New York, N. Y. 

Daniel Layman Dorsey, A.B., B.M.E. 
(Purdue) '90. Manufacturer. 

Beech Grove, Ind. 

Eari^ Wn.BUR Dow, A.B. (See Fac- 
ulticH, p. 21.) Ann Arbor. 

John Robert Effinger, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'94, Ph.D. '98. (See Faculties, p. 
21.) Ann Arbor. 

Albert Chauncey Eycleshymeb,B.S. 

(Bio.). Instructor in Anatomy, 

Univ. of Chicago. Chicago, 111. 

Charles Edmund Filkins, B.L., A.M. 
1900. Teacher. Burton, Mich. 

Marie Fleming, A.B. (Mrs. Fred M. 
Sullivan. ) 

737 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ethel Fountain, Ph.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam J. Hussey.) 

Mt. Hamilton, Cal. 

Frederick Sherburne Gaigb, Ph.B., 
B.S. (Hillsdale) '81, M.S. (ibid.) 
'84. Insurance. Ann Arbor. 

Mertie Leora Goodell, Ph.B. Artist. 

Ann Arbor. 

William Edgar Griffin, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'93 Lawver 

171 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Matthew Brown Hammond, Ph.B., 
M.L. (Wisconsin) '93, Ph.D. (Co- 
lumbia) '98. Assist. Prof, of Eco- 
nomics in the Univ. of Illinois. 

Urbana, lU. 

Orville Richard Hardy, B.S. With 
Prang Educational Co. Chicago, 111. 

James Hugh Harris, A.B. Princ. 
Bay City High School 1897 1900; 
Princ. Michigan Military Academy 
1900-. Orchard Lake, Mich. 

Grace Hastings, B.S. (Mrs. Dallas 
Y. Sharp.) 

12 Somerset St., Boston, Mass. 

Helen Louise Hatch, B.L., M.L. '93. 

63 Pitcher St., Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Edward Healy, A.B. Law- 
yer. Slgin, 111. 

Ida Z. Hibbard, B.L. (Mrs. Arthur F. 
Evenson. ) St. Peter, Minn. 

George Oswin Higley, B.S. (Chem.), 
M.S. '93. (See Faculties, p. 24.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Charles Hill, B.S. (Bio.), M.S. '92, 
Ph.D. (N. W. Univ.) '99. Instruc- 
tor in Zoftlogy in N. W. Univ. since 
1899. Evanston, 111. 

Theodore Henry Hinchman, A.B., 
B.S. (Mech.E.) '93. Machinist U 
S. S. Yoaemite, 1898. Consulting 

Majestic Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

George Steadman Holden, A.B., m 
91-93. Financial Manager of 
Woolen Mills. Palmer. Mass. 

Lydia Day Holmes, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Bay City, Mich. 

♦William Fra'^k Hubbard, A.B., d. 
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 29, 1898. 

John Alexander Jameson, A.B., 

LL.B. (N. W. Univ.) '93. Lawyer. 

5316 Cornell Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Mary Adelaide Jay, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
gar H. Ballard.) Richmond, Ind. 

Stillman George Jenks,B.S. (Chem. ) . 
Prof, of Physical Science in Kal- 
amazoo (I!oll. since 1891. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 




Lillian Wyckoff Johnson, A.B. In- 
structor in History in Vassar Coll., 
1893-97; Graduate student at Cor- 
nell Univ. 
First Natl. Bank, Memphis, Tenn. 

Ltman Frederic Kebler,B.S. ( Chem. ) , 
M.8. '92, Ph.C. *90. Druggist. 
Canal & Poplar Sts.,Phili^elphia,Pa. 

WiLLiAic Byron Kelly, B.L., LL.B. 
(Cincinnati) *94. Lawyer. 
505 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Kerl, A.B., LL.B. (0[>lum« 
bian Univ.) '94. Lawyer. 

Spokane, Wash. 

John Pease Keyes, Ph.B., B.S. 
(Mech.£.) '92. Lumberman. 

Cloquet, Minn. 

Edna Alexine Kino, A.B. (Mrs. 
fiarry £. King.) Missionary to 
China. Peking, China. 

Harry Edwin Kino, B.L. Missionary 
to China. Peking, China. 

QusTAV Adolphus Kleene, A.B. 
Ph.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '96. Assistant 
in Economics, Univ. of Wisconsin, 
1900-. Madison, Wis. 

Abraham Lincoln Knisely, B.S. 
(Chem.), M.S. '93. Prof, of Chem- 
istry in the Oregon State Agr. Coll.» 
1900-. Corvallis, Ore- 

Day Krolik, Ph.B. Merchant. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Ruth Winifred Lane, A.B. Teacher. 
182 Harper Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Alfred Courtney Lewerenz, A.B., 
B.S. (C.E.) '92. Civil Engineer U. 
S. Navy. New London, Conn. 

Edward Robert Lewis, B.L. Banker. 

Arkansas City, Kan. 

•Harriet Anges Jx)vell, A.B., d. at 
Marash, Turkey, Dec. 27, 1894. 

Jesse Lowenhaupt, B.L. Lawyer. 
Ft. Dearborn Bldg , Chicago, 111. 

•Marion McDonald, A.B., A.B. (Al- 
bion) '80, d. Shelby ville, Mich., Feb. 
3, 1892. 

Harrison Beecher McGraw, A.B. 
Lawyer. Williamson Bldg., 

Cleveland, O. 

John Aloysius McLaughlin, B.L. 
Lawyer. Muskegon, Mich. 

Amelia Elizabeth McSweeney, A.B. 
Teacher in the Union School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Grant Mahan, B.L. Editor. 

Elgin, 111. 

•WnxARo Lorraine Maris, B.S., m 
91-92., B.S. (Swarthmore) '90., d. 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 1 1, 1895. 

Clarence Linton MEADER,A.B.,Ph.D. 
1900. (See Faculties, p. 25.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Clara Marie Msism, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Joseph K. Freitag.) 

Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Samuel Alexander Sterrett Meth- 
ENY, A.B., A.B. (Geneva Ck)ll.), 
M.D. (Jefferson) '94. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ida Mighell, Ph.B. Princ. of Bryant 
School since 1894. Chicago, lU. 

Jennie Maud Miller, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles C. Cutting.) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Reuden Rice Moore, A.B. Salt Man- 
ufacturer. St. Clair, Mich. 

Bertrand Paul Mossman, Ph.B. 
Hardware merchant. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Loyal Levi Munn, A.B. Manufac- 
turer. Freeport, HI. 

Walter Hammond Nichols, B.S. 
(Chem.), A.M. (Columbia) '01. 
Secr'y of Teachers' Coll., Columbia 
Univ., 1898-1900; Prof, of History 
and Political Science, Univ. of 
Colo., 1900-. Boulder, Colo. 

Flora Oakley, A.B. (Mrs. Leroy L. 
Janes. ) Palo Alto, Cal. 

LoRAN David Osborn, A.B., PhJ). 
(Chicago) 1900. Baptist clergy- 
man. Centralia, 111. 

Benjamin Eldridoe Page,A.B. Teach- 
er. 69 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Truman Palmer, A.B. Teach- 
er. Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Eleanor Brooks Pearson, A.B. In- 
structor in Rhetoric, Leland Stan- 
ford Jr. Univ., since 1898. 

Stanford University, Cal. 

Nellie Genevieve Phillips, Ph.B. 
Teacher. 237 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

William David Plant, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Lorain, O. 

Bertha Edna Pritchard, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles R. Wilkes.) Allegan, Mich. 

George Rerec, Ph.B., Ph.D. '97. (See 
Faculties, p. 21.) Ann Arbor. 

Rorert Minard Red), A.B. Engineer. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

•Alrert Dykeman Rich, Ph.B., d. at 
sea, Jan. 22, 1896. 

Eugene Herrert Rorertson, Ph.B. 
Ph.M. '93, M.D. '95. Prof, of Path- 
ology and Bacteriology, Univ. of 
Colorado, since 1897. Boulder, Colo. 

James Rorertson, B.S. In Nautical 
Almanac Office. Washington, D. C. 




Opal Kobeson, Ph.B. (Mrs. Edward 
Sigerfoos. ) Fort Sheridan, 111. 

Emma Wuvnbb Rogers, B.L. (Mrs. 
Henry Wade Rogers.) 

New Haven, Conn. 
Mabt Eliza Sanborn, Ph.B. (Mrs. S. 
Irving Richardson.) 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Julius Otto Schlotterbeck, B.S. 
(Chem.), Ph.C. *87, Ph.D. (Berne) 
'96. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Qustavus Adolpuus Shartau, Ph.B. 

1128 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Hudson Sheldon, A.B., A.M. '99. 
Teacher in High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Samuel Stevens Sherman, B.S. On 
the staff of The Inter-Ocean. 

Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Bradish Shoemaker, A.B., 
LL.B. '92. Lawyer. 

71 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Darius Parsons Shxtler,B.S. ( Chem. ) , 
Ph.C. '87. Chemist, Canadian Cop- 
per Co. Sudbury, Ont. 

*Edward Hurd Smith, Ph.B., d. 
Eddy, N. Mex., March 20, 1896. 

Herbert Soott Smith, A.B., A.B. 
(Harvard), '92, S.T.B. (Cam- 
bridge), '96. P. E. clergyman. 

Washii^ton, D. C. 

Kate Laura Spraoue, Ph.B. Teacher 
of Mathematics in the State Nor- 
mal School. Winona, Minn. 

Laura Eunice Sprague, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. 38 Clarkson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Annette Stayt, B.L. Teacher. 

Harvey, 111. 

Grace Adele Stayt, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Davenport, Iowa. 

Paul Ed\vin Stillman, A.B. Pub- 
lisher. Jefferson, Iowa. 

Katharine Eliza Sumner, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '96. (Mrs. William A. Cut- 
ler.) 428 Prescott St., Toledo, O. 

RuFus Calvix Thayer, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Edgar Miller Thorpe, Ph.B. Pub- 
lisher. Lansing, Mich. 

Albert Willis Tressler, A.B. In- 
spector of High Schools to the Univ. 
of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Lyman Benjamin Trumbull, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Jackson, Mich. 

William Hall Turnbull, A.B. Lum- 
berman. Manistee, Mich. 

John Arthur Van Arsdale, A.B., 
LL.B. '92. Lawyer. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Esther Boise Van Deman, A.B., 
A.M. '92, PhJ). (Chicago) '98. 
Assist. Prof, of Latin in Mt. Holy- 
oke Coll., 1898-1901. Studying in 
Rome, Italy. 1420 Florida Ave., 

Washington, D. C. 

Raymond Elmoine Van Sygkle, B.S., 
M.S. '95, LL.B. '95. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Dodge Warner, B.L. Treas. 
Parish Signal Co. Jackson, Mich. 

Charles Beecher Warren, Ph.B., 
LL.B. (Detroit) '93. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Eugene Clarence Warriner, A.B. 
Princ. of Saginaw (E. S.) High 
School 1895-99; Supt. of Schools, 
1899-. Saginaw, Mich. 

Marion Isabel Watrous, B.L. (Mrs. 
James R. Angell.) Chicago, HI. 

Ellen Wheeler, A.B. (Mrs. Eugene 
C. Warriner.) Saginaw, Mich. 

William Wilhartz, B.L., LL.B. (Chi- 
cago Coll. of Law) '92. Lawyer. 
Fort Dearborn Bldg., Chicago, Ul. 

Leslie Henry Wood, A.B. Princ. of 
the High School. Owosso, Mich. 

Edward James Woodwobth, A.B. 
Lawyer. Fort Wayne, Ind. 



Lee Earl Amidon, A.B., A.M. (Har- 
vard) '98. Supt. of Schools since 
1898. Iron Mountain, Mich. 

Helen Agnes Atkins, Ph.B. (Mrs. C. 
Leslie Harwood.) 

233 Stuyvesant Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Helen Estelle Bacon, Ph.B. Teacher. 
146 Grand St., New York, N. Y. 
Fanny Estella Barnett, A.B. 
1412 Staughton St., 

Washincfton, D. C. 
Charles James Barb, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Albany, N. Y. 

*Jennie Louise Bement, B.L., d. 

Maple Rapids, Mich., May 31, 1893. 

Charles Coleman Benedict, A.B., 

LL.B. (Cincinnati) '93. Lawyer. 

Cincinnati, O. 
William Warner Bishop, A.B., A.M. 
'93. Teacher in the Polytechnic In- 
stitute. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mamah Bouton Bortiiwick, A.B., 
A.M. '93. (Mrs. Edwin H. Cheney.) 

Oak Park, 111. 

Charles Ambrose Bowen, A.B.. A.M. 

'93, S.T.B. ( Boston Univ. ) '95. M. 

E. clergyman. Columbus, O. 




Mybn Brockett, B.L. Teacher in the 
Elgin, 111., High School. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Ella Buck, B.S. (Bio.). (Mrs. John 
J. Schlicher.) Terre Haute, Ind. 

Harry Con ant Bulkley A.B., LL.B. 
'95. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Gertrude Mary Bundy, A.B. (Mrs. 
Lewis W. Parker.) Evanston, 111. 

FiTZHUOH Burns, A.B., LL.B. (Min- 
nesota) '94. Lawyer. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Mary Elizabeth Butler, A.B. (Mrs. 
Joseph L. Markley.) Ann Arbor. 

Mattie Eudora Ormsby Campbell, 
B.S. (Mrs. William A. Campbell.) 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Henry Ernest Candler, B.S., LL.B. 
'94. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis Clinton Carson, A.B., A.M. 
'99. A.B. (Harvard) '93, A.M. (ibid) 
1900. 181 W. Alexandrine Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Glenn La Verne Cuapkan, B.L. 

Journalist. Detroit, Mich. 

George Parkhubst Cheney, B.L. 

Journalist. Sioux City, Iowa. 

James Edward Church, A.B. Prof. 

of Latin in Univ. of Nevada. 

Reno, Nev. 

Abda Marian Clark, B.S. (Bio.). 
( Mrs. Laverne Bassett. ) Dallas, Tex. 

Gertrude Clark, B.S. (Mrs. Hiram 
A. Sober.) Princ. of High School. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 

Edwin Raymond Cole, B.S., M.S. '94. 
Teacher in the High School. 

La Grange, 111. 

Lawrence Thomas Cole, A.B., A.M. 
'96, B.D. (Gen. Theol. Sem.) '96, 
Ph.D. (Columbia) '98. P. E. cler- 
gyman. Annandale, N. Y. 

Katherine Cramer, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
George S. Holden.) Palmer, Mass. 

Hebeb Doust Cubtis, A.B., A.M. '93. 
Prof, of Mathematics and Astron- 
omy, Univ. of Pacific, 1896-1900. 

290 25th St., Detroit, Mich. 

Stlvanus Wright Cubtiss, Ph.B., I 
92-93. Manager of Legal Neioa. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Walteb Adams Cutleb, A.B., B.D. 
(Chicago Theo. Sem.) '95. Cong, 
clergyman. Toledo, O. 

Edwin DeBabb, Ph.B., Ph.D. '99, B.S. 
(AOch. Agr. Coll.) '91, M.S. (ibid) 
•93. Prof, of Chemistry and Phar- 
macy in the Univ. of Oklahoma since 
1892. Norman, Okl. 

William Henby Dellenback, B.L., 
LL.B. '93. Lawyer. 

612 Reaper Blk., Chicago, HI. 
Fbank Haigh Dixon, Ph.B., PhJ>. 
'95. (See Faculties, p. 22.) 

Hanover, N. H. 
Robebt Woodin Doughty, A.B. Law- 
yer. Matteawan, N. Y. 
FMa)EBicK Levy Dunlap,B.S. ( Chem. ) , 
Sc.D, (Harvard) '95. Instructor in 
Industrial Chemistry in Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute, 1896-1900. 
(See Faculties, p. 28.) 

ChilUcothe, O. 
Mabtha Flobence Eddy, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Kewanee, 111. 
Edwin Hugh Edwabds, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher in the Western High School. 

Cleveland, O. 

Virginia Davis Farmer, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Clarence L. Meader.) Ann Arbor. 

Eugene Gerald Fassett, B.S., LL.B. 

(N. W. Univ.) '95. Lawyer. 

Marquette BIdg., Chicago, 111. 

Ida Bertha Paulina Fleischer, 

Ph.B., Ph.M. '94, Ph.D.(G6ttingen) 

1900. Ludington, Mich. 

Maude Forhan, B.L. Teacher. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Herbebt Fox, Ph.B. Manufacturer. 

La Porte, Ind. 

Eugenia Helen Galloo, B.L., A.M. 
(Kansas) '95. Assoc. Prof, of 
French and Spanish in Univ. of 
Kansas, 1897-1900; Prof., 1900-. 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Ralph Stillman Gabwood, A.B. 
Supt. of Schools. Marshall, Mich. 

James Watebman Glover, B.L., A.B. 
(Harvard) '93, A.M. (ibid) '94, 
Ph.D. (ibid) '95. (See Faculties, 
p. 26.) Ann Arbor. 

Jennie Gbace Gobi^, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Robert W. Doughty.) 

Matteawan, N. Y. 

Fbances Kathebine Gould, B.L., 
A.M. '01. Teacher. 

Chesanin;;, Mich. 

Maby Jeanette Gbace, B.L. Teacher. 
887 16th St., Detroit, Mich. 
Fbederic Dexteb Green, A.B. Teacher 
in the Detroit University School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Enoch Horton Harriman, B.L. 
Teacher in High School. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Howard Davis Haskins, A.B., M.D. 
(West Res.) '95. Physician. 

2040 Detroit St., Cleveland, O. 




Mtbtie Mat Hash ins, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

Alice Emma Hatcu, B.L. (Mrs. Clay- 
ton R. Taylor.) 

6033 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111 

Horace Walter Hawkins, B.S. Bank- 
er. Elgin* 111. 

Cahrie Rosepua Heaton, B.L. Teach- 
er. Charlotte, Mich. 

Julia Herrick, A.B. Teacher. 
307 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Charles Wardell Heywood, A.B., 
M.D. (N. W. Univ.) '96. Physi- 
cian. RiverRide, 111. 

Ernest Oscar Holland, B.L. Grocer. 

Winona, Minn. 

Robert Turner Holland, Ph.B. Chief 
Yeoman U. S. S. YoarmitCf 1898. 
Lawyer. Seattle. Wa«h. 

Anderson Hoyt Hopkins, Ph.B. As- 
sist. Librarian of the John Crerar 
Library. Chicago, 111. 

Marietta Hubbard, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Hinckley, 111. 

Katharine Vioijl Iloenfritz, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Monroe, Mich. 

James Hamilton Barcroft Kate, 
A.B. Supt. of Schools since 1896. 

Cadillac, Mich. 

William Alfred Kickland, B.S. 
(Bio.), M.D. '95. Physician. 

Fort Collins, Colo. 

Mary Ernestine Krolik, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Albert Kahn.) 

25 Adelaide Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

William John LeHunte Lyster, 
Ph.B., M.D. (Detroit Coll. of Med.) 
'94. Act. Assist. Surg. U. S. A. at 
Manila, P. I., 1899- Detroit, Mich. 

Fred James McElwee, Ph.B. I-aw- 
yer. Paducah, Ky. 

Maude McGregor, A.B. (Mrs. Joseph 
VanDeventer. ) I shpeming, Mich. 

William John McKnigut, A.B., A.B. 
(Geneva Coll.) '88. R. P. clergy- 
man. Mercer, Pa. 

David Williams McMorran, B.S. 
Grain merchant. Port Huron, Mich. 

Ralph Stewart ^LkcPHERRAN, B.S. 
(Chem.). Chemist. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Newton D Mereness, A.B., A.M. '94, 
Student. Sharon, Wis. 

WiLiJAM Henry Merner, A.B., A.M. 
'94. LL.B. '94. Lawyer. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Richard D wight Merriix, B.L. Lum- 
herman. Hoquiam, Wash. 

Lee Ezekiel Miohell, B.L. Lawyer. 

Aurora, 111. 

WiuiELM Miller, A.B., A.M. (Cor- 
nell) '97, Ph.D. (ibid.J '00. Editor. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Frank Marion Morrison, A.B. Teach- 
er. Greenville, O. 

Jacob Worley Morrison, A.B. Teach- 
er. Greenville, O. 

Gborqe Fred Mulliken, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. St. Joseph, Mich. 

William Robbins Murray, Ph.B., 
M.D. (Rush) '97. Physician. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank Wesley Nagler, B.S., M.D. 
1900. Physician. Atlanta, Ga. 

Edward Crampton Nichols, B.L., 
LL.B. (Chicago Coll. of Law) '94. 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Hugo Pam, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Edwin Spencer Peck, A.B. Teacher. 
729 Republic St., Cleveland, O. 

Jessica Vaughan Penny, A.B. (Mrs. 
Lewis G. Harrier. ) Vallejo, Cal. 

Carl Dio Perry, A.B. Princ. of the 
High School since 1896. Etna, Cal. 

John Arthur Peters, A.B., A.M. 
(Harvard) '97. Teacher in the Cen- 
tral High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Frederick Sherman Porter, A.B., 
A.M. (West. Res.) '93, LL.B. (Har- 
vard) '97. Lawyer. 

72 Cornell St., Cleveland, O. 

George Griffin Prentis, B.L., LL.B. 
'93. Broker. 

Medinah Temple, Chicago, 111. 

ZuELL Preston, B.L. (Mrs. William 
I. Tyler. ) Niles, Mich. 

William Charles Quarles, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Louise Fitz Randolph, A.B. (Mrs. 
Edwin F. Gay.) Berlin* Germany. 

Alfred Day Rathbone, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

George Robert Ray, B.L. Teacher. 

Manistee, Mich. 

George Campbell Rew, B.S. (Chem.). 

38 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Maria Emma Ridley, Ph.B., A.M. 
(RadclitTe) '96. (Mrs. Chauncey 
P. Colgrove.) Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

(Lake Forest) '94. Lawyer. 
4088 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, III. 

Pete Wikoff Ross. A.B. Real estate 
and loans. Morris, Minn. 

Homer Erwin Safford, Ph.B., M.D. 
'96. Physician. Detroit, Mich. 




Kate Sagendorph, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
ward L. Mason.) 

Colorado Springs, Ck>lo. 

Edmono Lindsay Sandebson, A.B. 

Journalist. Detroit, Mich. 

Henby Edwabo Saueb, B.S. (Chem.), 

M.D. (N. W. Univ.), '96. Surgeon. 

1208 Sheridan Road, Chicago, III. 

l^lARY Anna Sawtelle, Ph.B. Dean 

of Women, Colby Coll., 1896-99. 

Teacher. Waterville, Maine. 

Carl Schlenkeb, A.B. Assist. Prof. 

of German, Univ. of Minnesota. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Louis Ernst Schmidt, B.S. (Chem.), 

Ph.G. (Chicago), '89, M.D. (N. W. 

Univ), *95. Physician. 

424 N. State St., Chicago, 111. 
Alfred William Scobey, B.L., M.D. 

(Rush) '95. Physician. 

Kankakee, 111. 
Lewis Severance, A.B., I 89-90. 

Lawyer. St. Johns, Mich. 

Paul Henry Seymour, B.S. (Chem.), 

M.S. '93. Chemist. 

215 E. 61st St., Chicago, 111. 
Genevieve Martha Sheehan, B.L. 

Teacher in the Muskegon High 

School. Niles, Mich. 

Frederic Lano Shebwin, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. N. Y. life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Fulton Slocum, Ph.B. Princ. 
of Hyde Park Branch High School. 

Chicago, 111. 

Edward Sell Smith, A.B. Chemist. 

Warren, O. 

Frank Carpenter Smith, A.B., LL.B. 
'93. Credits. 

West Pullman Sta., Chicago, 111. 
Harry Tyler Smith, A.B., LL.B. 
(Harvard) '95. Lawyer. 

824 Exch. Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
*George David Sones, B.S. (Bio.), 

d. Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 5, 1895. 

Charles Carl Spencer, B.L. Lawyer. 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Miranda Belize Sperry, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the Blue Island, 111., High School 

since 1890. Ann Arbor. 

SoPHRONiA Leland Stevens, A.B. 

Clerk in U. S. Pension Office. 

1208 E. Ixynrr St., Columbus, O. 
Ella Seass Stkwakt, A.B.. A.B. 
(Eureka) '90, A.M. (ibid, J '93, 
(Mrs. Oliver W. Stewart.) Na- 
tional Lecturer, W. C. T. U. 

Manhattan Bldg., Chicago, III. 
*George Henry Stone, A.B., d. De- 
troit. Mich., Sept. 15, 1893. 

Therese Study, B.S. ( Mrs. Albert B. 
Porter. ) Evanston, 111. 

Frederic Bernard Sturm, A.B. In- 
structor in German in the Univ. of 
Iowa. Iowa City, Iowa. 

Eli Ransom Sutton, B.S., LL.B. '91, 
LL.M. '92. (See Regents, p. 5.) 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

•Aline Sallie Szold, Ph.B., d. 
Peoria, 111., Nov. 1, 1895. 

Lucien Sterling Taylor, B.L. Jour- 
nalist. Elgin, lU. 

Ada Thomas, A.B. (Mrs. Wynn C. 
Mighell.) Sugar Grove, 111. 

William Collett Tichenor, A.B., 
LL.B. (Cincinnati) '93. Lawyer. 

Leelan, O. 

Charles Henry Towle, B.L., LL.B. 
'94. Mining. 

Mapimi, Durango, Mex. 

Pitt Town send, A.B. Salesman. 

Cleveland, O. 

Perry Fox Trowbridge, Ph.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 26.) Manager of Beet 
Sugar Factory. Croswell, Mich. 

Mary Margaret Turner, A.B. 

285 Ontario St., Chicago, 111. 

Arthur J Tuttle, Ph.B., LL.B. '96. 
Pros. Att'y of Ingham Co. since 
1899. Banker. Leslie, Mich. 

Paul John Ullrich, Ph.B. Banker. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Charlotte Whipple Underwood,A.B. 
Instructor in English, Lewis Insti- 
tute, Chicago, since 1897. 

Waukegan, 111. 

William Edwin Walter, A.B. Music 
critic on The Commercial Adver- 
tiser. 187 Broadway, 

New \ork, N. Y. 

Minnie Amelia Walton, A.B. (Mrs. 
Franklin H. Hendrick. ) 

Lansing, Mich. 

Carl Clechorn Warden, Ph.B , M.D. 
'95, M.D. (Nashville) '97. Prof, of 
Operative Surgery and Anatomy, 
Univ. of Nashville, since 1899. 

Nash\ille, Tenn. 

Benjamin Riddle Whipple, A.B. 
Assist. Postmaster. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Frank Bates Whipple, A.B. Collec- 
tions. Port Huron, Mich. 

Pauline Elisabeth Wies, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '94. Teacher in the State 
Normal School. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herbert Edwin Wilpord, A.B. Princ^ 
of High School. Andes, N. Y. 

Viola May Williams, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
William Blair.) Ann Arbor. 




*Fbederic Elias Wood, A.B., d. Pala- 
tine, 111., Oct. 6, 1897. 

Grace Dablene Woi^ball, A.B.,(Mr8. 
B^ijamin W. Burleigh.) 

Yankton, S. Dak. 

Ada Zarbell, A.B., A.M. (Chicago) 
'94. Teacher in the Hyde Park 
High School. Chicago, 111. 



Qebbtt Henry Albebs, A.B., LIi.B. 
'93, A.B. (Hope) '91, A.M. (ibid J 
'94. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bertha Montague Alger, Ph.B. ( Mrs. 
Francis M. Sessions.) Columbus, O. 

Charles Brunson Allen, A.B.,8.T.B. 
(Boston Univ.) M. E. clergyman. 

Wyandotte, Mich. 

Josephine Allen, B.L. (Mrs. Harry 
W. Birkmier.) Fremont, O. 

Katharine Sprague Alvord, A.B. 
Teacher in the Oshkosh, Wis., Nor- 
mal School since 1896. Sandusky, O. 

LoowiNA Hattie Amberg, B.L. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Duncan Anderson, B.S. (Chem.). 
Chemist. Roanoke, Va. 

•Lucy Sadie Andrews, B.L., d. Du- 
rango, Colo., Feb. 7, 1894. 

Earl D Babst, Ph.B., LL.B. '94. Law- 
yer. 80 Griswold St., Detroit. Mich. 

Ruth Gektbude Bagley, A.B. Teach- 
er in the Western High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

.4nna May Bailey. B.L. Teacher. 

Burlington, Vt. 

Verdie Jane Baker, B.L., M.L. '97. 
(Mrs. James J. McKee.) Teacher. 

Mt. Gilead, O. 

Warren Dwight Baker, A.B., A.M. 
'94. Teacher. Buchanan, Mich. 

Blanche Beatrice Banta, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Henri Newton Barber, A.B. Com- 
mission business. 

912 Chase Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Claribel Ruth Barnett, Ph.B. Li- 
brary cataloguer in Dept. of Agri- 
culture. Washington, D. C. 

•Maude Augusta Barrett, A.B., d. 
Mt. Clemens, Mich., May 27, 1895. 

William Frederick Baur, Ph.B. Stu- 
dent. Hastings, Mich. 

Edward Scott Beck, A.B. Journal- 
ist. University Club, Chicago, 111. 

Maude Benjamin Bedell, A.B. (Mrs. 
Myron J. Sherwood.) 

Marquette, Mich. 

Fern Amelia Beebe, Ph.B. 

20 Delaware Place, Chicago, 111. 
Ira Charles Belden, Ph.B., I 93-94. 
Lawyer. 22 5th Ave., Chicago, 111. 
James Pyper Bird, A.B. Prof, of 
Latin and Greek in the S. W. Bap- 
tist Univ. Jackson, Tenn. 
Frederic Fant Briggs, A.B. Student, 
Univ. of Chicago. Chicago, 111. 
John Jerome Brinckerhoff, Ph.B., 
M.D. (Univ. of 111.) '97. Physician. 

Minooka, III. 
Nina Edith Bristol, A.B. 

Mason, Mich. 

Christine Frederica Bronson, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Lansing, Mich. 

£mma Judith Broomell, B.S., B.S. 
(Swarthmore) '90. Teacher. 

2128 Bolton St., Baltimore, Md. 
Benjamin Franklin Buck, A.B. 
Princ. of the High School. 

Lake View, 111. 

Cameron Clarke Burns, A.B. Min- 
ing. Nome, Alaska. 

William Aulls Campbell, B.S. ( Bio. ) , 
M.D. '92. (See Faculties, p. 20.) 
Physician. Muskegon, Mich. 

May Cabpenter, Ph.B. (Mrs. John 
Wright Taylor. ) Port Huron, Mich. 

Mary Ella Carter, B.L. Teacher. 

Andover, Mass. 

Martha Holway Chadpourne, Ph.B. 

Vinton, Iowa. 

•William Sylvester Cheever, B.L., 
d. Ann Arbor, Aug. 14, 1896. 

Holbrook Gilson Cleaveland, A.B., 
LL.B. '94. Lawyer. 

Chemical Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Mary Clara Colver, B.L. (Mrs. 
George C. West.) Sandusky, O. 

Thomas Louis Comparette, A.B. 
Teacher. Hicksville, O. 

Lola Helen Conrad, B.S. ( Mrs. John 
R. Allen.) Ann Arbor. 

Elizabeth Cooke, B.S., Ph.D. (Chi- 
cago) '96. Teacher in the Lewis 
Institute. Chicago, 111. 

Arthur Howe Covert, A.B., LL.B. 
'95. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Mabel Crabbe, B.L., M.L. '94. (Mrs. 
Oreon E. Scott.) 

817 Chestnut St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Alice Doris Cramer, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Willard K. Clement.) Director of 
music in State Normal School. 

Stevens Point, Wis. 

Harrison Parker Creoo, A.B. Bap- 
tist clergyman. Cedar Vale, Kan. 




Henby LeRoy Crummeb, B.S., m 
93-94, M,D. (N. W. Univ.) '96. Phy- 
sician. Omaha, Neb. 

William Ernest Cullen, A.B. Law- 
yer. Helena, Mon. 

EowABD Page Cummings, Ph.B. Supt. 
of Sohools. Grand Haven, Mich. 

Edwabd Robert Cunningham, B.S., 
Ph.B. (Albion) '90. Supt. St. Ry. 
Ck). Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

•Paul Marley Day, Ph.B., m 93-94, 
M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '95, d. Detroit, 
Mich., Aug. 1, 1900. 

•Frank Henry Decke, B.L., d. Chi- 
cago, HI., March 5, 1899. 

Henry Henderson Denham, B.S. 
(Chem.). Teacher in Central High 
School. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Charles Azra Denison, B.L., LL.B. 
'94, LL.M. (HI. Coll. of Law) '99. 

134 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

BiARTHA LuELLA Denman, A.B. (Mrs. 
Albert S. Hanna. ) Milton, Mass. 

Ernest Joseph Dennen, A.B. P. E. 
clergyman. Newport, R. I. 

Walter Dennison, A.B., A.M. '94, 
Ph.D. '98. (See Faculties, p. 27.) 

Oberlin, O. 

Tobias [Johann Casjen] Diekhoff, 
A.B., Ph.D. (Leipzig) '99. (See 
Faculties, p. 25.) Ann Arbor. 

Elspa Millicent Dopp, B.L., M.L. '94. 
Teacher at St. Cloud, Minn. 

Towne, Wis. 

Katharine Elizabeth Dopp, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the Oshkosh Normal 
School. Towne, Wis. 

Charles Drake, Ph.B. With M. D. 
Wells & Co. Chicago, 111. 

Genevieve Katharine Duffy, A.B., 
A.M. '94. Teacher in the Detroit 
Central High School. Ann Arbor. 

Nellie Phoebe Dunham, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
James M. Fletcher.) Wayne, 111. 

Augusta Hall Durfee A.B. (Mrs. 
Rudolph Flinterman.) 

Deadwood, S. Dak. 

George Burlingame Dyqert, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '95. Lawyer. Butte, Mon. 

Hattde Eddy, B.L. Michigan City, Ind. 

Jennie Eddy, Ph.B. 

Michigan City, Ind. 

James Edward Ferris, Ph.B. Iron 
Merchant. Cleveland, O. 

Mary Emily Fish, B.L. Teacher in 
the High School. Greenville, Mich. 

Henby Abthub Fbiedman, Ph.B. 
Cor. 8th & Lucas Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Isaac Kahn FBiEDMAN,Ph.B. Writer. 
1 Van Buren St., Chicago, HI. 
Minnie Frost, Ph.B. Teacher. 

334 Center St., Chicago, 111. 

Edgar Owen Galloway, A.B. Law- 

yer. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Ransom Gardner George, A.B., LL.B. 

'97. Landsman U. S. S. Yoaemite, 

1898. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Vladimib August Geringer, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '94. Lawyer. 

160 W. 12th St., Chicago, 111. 
*Ellen Champney Gibson, A.B., d. 

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 17, 1897. 
Dirk Gleysteen, A.B., M.D. *96. Phy- 
sician. Holdrege, Neb. 
Henry Newell GoDDARD,Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the Normal School. 

Oshkosh, Wis. 

Frank Pliny Graves, A.B., LL.B. '96. 


Ist Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Humphrey Snell Gray, A.B., A.M. 

'96, LL.B. '94. Mich. Legislature, 

1899-1901. Lawyer. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Willard Wilmer Griffin, Ph.B., I 

94-95. Life insurance. Wenona, 111. 

Samuel Bates Grubbs, A.B. U. S. 

Marine Hosp. Corps. 

Washington, D. C. 
Clemenoe Hamilton, A.B., m 97-98, 
A.M. (Radcliffe) '01. Instructor in 
Latin in Vassar Coll., 1901-. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Walter John Hammill, B.L., M.L. 
'94. Teacher. Rockford, 111. 

Samuel Smith Harris, A.B. Gun- 
ner's mate, U. S. S. Yoaemitef 1898. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Clemma Belle Hayes, A.B., A.M. '90. 
(Mrs. Benjamin F. Chase.) 

Asheville, N. C. 
Clarence Wright Heath, B.L., M.D. 
(Univ. of 111.) 1900. Physician. 

103 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

Meyer L Heidingsfeld, Ph.B., M.D. 

(Med. Coll. of Ohio) '95. Physi- 

cian. 22 W. 7th St., Cincinnati, O. 

Bernhard Conrad Hesse, B.S. 

(Chem.), Ph.C. '89. Manufacturer. 

Ludwigshaven, Germany. 

Lewis Hill, B.L. Teacher in Tp. 

High School. Ottawa, 111. 

James Steedman Holland, A.B.,M.D. 

(Wash. Univ.) '96. Physician. 

709 N. Sarah St., St. Louis,Mo. 

Thomas Bond Holland, A.B., M.D. 

(Wash. Univ.) '96. Physician. 

709 N. Sarah St., St. Louis, Mo. 




Artuub Harold Holmes, B.L. Teach- 
er in the Central High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Jesse Burroughs Hornung, A.B. 

Lumber, grain, etc. 

121 Ferry Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Frank William Howe, A.B. Princ. 

of High School. Petoskey, Mich. 
•Timothy Dwight Hunt, A.B., d. 

Parker, Colo., March 8, 1901. 
John Stanley Hubd, A.B., LL.B. 

*94. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Herbert Spencer Jennings, B.S. 

(Bio.), A.M. (Harvard) '95, Ph.D. 

(ibid.) '90. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Lucy Johnson, Ph.B. Instructor in 

Kalamazoo Coll. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
John Black Johnston, Ph.B., Ph.D. 

'99. ( See Faculties, p. 27. ) 

Morgantown, W. \ a. 
Thomas Marion Kilbride, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Springfield, 111. 

George Edward Kollen, A.B., LL.B. 

'93, A.B. (Hope) '92, A.M. (ibid) 

*94. lawyer. Holland, Mich. 

Franz Christlan Kuhn, B.S., LL.B. 

*94. Lawyer. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
Inez Matilda Ladd, B.L. Teacher. 

1719 Belmont Ave., Chicago, 111. 
RuFus Gillett Lathrop, A.B., LL.B. 

'95. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Mary Frances Leach, B.S. (Chem.). 


74 Pitcher St., Detroit, Mich. 
Frank Waterman Lightner, Ph.B. 

With C. & G. W. Ry. 

250 W. 5th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Jacob William Loeb, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Fort Dearborn Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Anne Mae Lutz, B.S. (Bio.), B.S. 

(Purdue) '90, M.S. (ibid) '91. Pre- 

Sarator in Zoological Laboratory of 
blumbia Univ. Lafayette, Ind. 

Archibald Rowan McCracken, A.B. 
Prof, of Science in Greneva Coll., 
Pa. Birmingham, Mich. 

Hugh Farber McGaughey, B.S.,M.D. 
(Columbia) '96. Physician. 

Winona, Minn. 
William Henry McLAucHLAN,Ph.B., 
M.S. (Princeton) '97. Instructor 
in Chemistry, Princeton Univ., 
since 1896. Princeton, N. J. 

Eva Idel Mains, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School at Norfolk, Neb. 

Dexter, Mich. 

Frank Addison Manny, A.B., A.M. 

'96. Princ. of Workingman's School. 

109 W. 54th St., New York, N. Y. 

Edward Luther Mason, A.K Princ. 
of High School. 

Colorado SpringB, Colo. 
Edward Gottlieb Maul, B.S. Teacher. 

Rock Island, 111. 
David Porteu Mayhew, Ph.B., A.M. 
'96, M.D. '96. Physician. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Joseph Francis Merrill, B.S., Ph.D. 

(Johns Hopkins) '99. Prof, of 

Physics and Electrical Engineering 

in Univ. of Utah. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Maud Elizabeth Merrttt, B.L. (Mrs. 

Joseph H. Drake.) Ann Arbor. 

Joseph Lbggett Miller, B.S. (Bio.), 

m 93-94, M.D. (N. W. Univ.) '95. 

100 State St., Chicago, 111. 
William Smith Miller, B.S. Banker. 

Rockford, III. 

Lennette Gertrude Milliman, A.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

100 Kenwood Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Edith Irene Moser, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Charlotte. Mich. 
Julius Moses, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

4139 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Ida May Muma, A.B. (Mrs. Harrison 
McA. Randall.) Ann Arbor. 

Cyrenius Adelbebt Newcomb, B.L. 
Merchant. Detroit, Mich. 

Louise Marie Obenauer, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. St. Paul, Minn. 
*Edith May Orr, B.L., d. Manistique, 

Mich., Dec. 21, 1894. 
Jesse Francis Orton, A.B., LL.B. 
'07, A.M. (Cornell) '95. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Samuel Osborn, B.S. (Chem.). 

Medical Student. Grass Lake, Mich. 

Marietta Parker, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Thomas E. Parker.) Teacher. 

Plainfield, Ind. 
Maude Parsons, A.B. Teacher. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Earle Clifford Peters, Ph.B. Bank- 
er. Columbus, O. 
Florence Harriett Pope, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Irving M. Wolverton.) 

Mt. Vernon, O. 

Melvin Park Porter, A.B., A.M. '94. 

Life insurance. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Jane Bliss Potter, A.B., A.M. 

(Minnesota) '94. (Mrs. Alden H. 

Potter.) Berkeley, Cal. 

Mary Fairman Power, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Dan Lace Quirk, Ph.B. Banker. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 




Harbison McAllesteb Randall, 
Ph.B., Ph.M. '94. (See Faculties, p. 
28.) Ann Arbor. 

[HEiotY Fredebick] Lewis Keichle, 
A.B., A.M. '94, A.M. (Harvard) '99. 
(See Faculties, p. 2G.) Student at 
Harvard. Sajjinaw, Mich. 

Rena Addie Richards, A.B., B.L. 

(Olivet) *90. (Mrs. Loran D. Os- 

born. ) Centralia, III. 

Hedlet Vicars Richardson, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '94. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Josephine Louise Roberts, A.B. 
(Mrs. Harry A. Bent.) Oglesby, 111. 

Edwin Carl Roedder, A.B., A.M. '94, 
Ph.D. '98. ( See Faculties, p. 27. ) 

Madison, Wis. 

Katharine Bbadley Ross, B.S. Teach- 
er in the Commercial High School. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Habvey Rush, B.S. (Bio.), 
A.B. (Harvard) '94, A.M. fihid) 
'95. Instructor in Botany in Wash- 
ington Univ. 1895-99. 

3634 Russell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

HoBTON Casparis Rtan, B.L. Busi- 
ness. Century Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Oboboe Whiting Sanbobn, Ph.B. 

Hamilton, Ont. 

Bebtha Barbaba Sciubus, B.L. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Juliette Sessions, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Columbus, O. 

John Benjamin Shanks, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Fairmont, Minn. 

Jane Belle Shebzeb, Ph.B. Study- 
ing at Berlin Univ., Germany. 

Franklin, O. 

Riohabd Asbuby Shipp, B.L., LL.B. 
'93, A.M. (Harvard) '94. Lawyer. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Geoboia Smeallie, B.L., B.S. '94, 
M.D. '97. (Mrs. Charles H. Nims.) 
Physician. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Agnes Hannay Smith, A.B. (Mrs. 
Francis A. Ide.) Creston, Iowa. 

Fbank Hubbabd Smith, B.S., LL.B. 
'95. Lawyer. Muskegon, Mich. 

LuLA Babtlit Southmayd, A.B. 
Teacher in High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Wilson South worth, A.B., 
M.D. (Buffalo) '98. Physician. 

Forestville, N. Y. 

Chables Lyle Spain, A.B. Princ. of 
the Washington Normal School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Carbis May Spebby, A.B., A.M. 1900. 
Teacher in the Fort Wayne, Ind., 
High School. Ann Arbor. 

Sherman Clark Spitzer, B.L., LL.B. 
'94. Lawyer. Oak Park, III. 

Fannie Lucinda Stearn*, B.S. ( Bio. ) . 
Teacher. Adrian, Mich. 

Elmer Benedict Steiner, A.B. Law- 
yer. Kenton, O. 

Charles William Stratton, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '96. Lawyer. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Louis A Strauss, B.L., Ph.M. '94, 
Ph.D. 1900. (See Faculties, p. 26.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Mary Mathews Sturoes, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.S. (Chicago) '96. 

56 Central Ave., Oak Park, HI. 

Brown Fred Swift, B.S.,M.D.(Rush) 
'95. Physician. 
5132 Washington Ave., Chicago, III. 

Amy Eliza Tanner, A.B., Ph.D. (Chi- 
cago) '98. Teacher, Univ. of CMcago. 

Chicago, 111. 

Edward Everett Taylor, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Whittier, Cal. 

Mary Braley Thompson, A.B. (Mrs. 
Edward S. Reid.) Detroit, Mich. 

•George Thomas Towl. B.S., d. Col- 
orado Springs, (Dolo., Dec. 8, 1895. 

Edward Hamilton Vail, B.L. Presb. 
clergyman. Blissfield, Mich. 

Anna Marie Van Housen, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. William M. Wagner.) 

Savona, N. Y. 

Arthur Henry Veysey, A.B. Author. 

New York, N. Y. 

Ellis David Walker, B.S., h 99-00. 

Student. Ann Arbor. 

Henry Hammersley Walker, A.B., 

B.D. (Andover) '96, Ph.D. (Halle) 

'98. Cong, clergyman. 

Boulder, Colo. 

Mary Eix)ise Walker, A.B., M.D. '96. 

Physician. Hudson, N. Y. 

Margaret Evelyn Waples, B.L. 

Editor of The Children. 

Cincinnati, O. 
Carrie May Watson, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. Dundee, 111. 
Alfred Holmes White, A.B. (See 

Faculties, p. 27.) Ann Arbor. 

Marion Ballantyne White, Ph.B. 

Instructor in University of Illinois. 

Champaijrn, 111. 

Louis Grant Whitehead, A.B., A.M. 

'94. Lawyer. Butte, Mon. 

Edwin Conklin Wilkinson, Ph.B. 

Real estate and insurance. 

Marquette, Mich. 

William Henry Wilson, B.S. (Bio.). 
1425 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. 




£dwabd Clark Winans, A.B., M.D. 
Univ. of 111.) '99. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Bebtha Wolf, Ph.B. (Mrs. Moritz 

Levi.) Ann Arbor. 

Habby Dale Wright, A.B., A.M. '94. 

Teacher in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Mattbice Calvin Wright, A.B. With 
Carnegie Steel Co. Berlee, Pa. 



Charles Wallace Adams, A.B., A.M. 
'97, LL.B. '98. Lawyer. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

John Quinot Adams, B.L., LL.B. '98. 

l^acher. State College, Pa. 

Frederick Alexander, A.B. Teacher 

of organ and piano. Detroit, Mich. 

Delia Sophia Bailey, A.B. (Mrs. 

Frank I. Cobb.) Detroit, Mich. 

Hattie May Bailey, B.L. (Mrs. 

Adrian J. Pieters. ) 

2219 15th St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 

LissA Florence Bailey, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
George H. Bailey.) 

Red Lodge, Mon. 

Nellie Prescott Barrett, B.S. Teach- 
er. 4513 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Archie Ernest Bartlett, A.B., A.M. 
'95. Teacher. ' Detroit, Mich. 

Jamie Maud Blanchard, B.L. Teach- 
er in the Hi^h School. 
976 Court Circle, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Carl Evans Boyd, Ph.B., Ph.D. (Chi- 
cago) *97. Prof, of History and 
Economics in the Kansas State Agr. 
Coll. Manhattan, Kan. 

Marcus Calvin Boylan, B. S. Teach- 
er. Ann Arbor. 

Thomas Parks Bradfield, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '95. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Clare Briggs, B.S. (Chem.). Teacher. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

IjElia Brouillette, B.L. ( Mrs. Charles 
H. Sloan.) Compton, Cal. 

Gertrude Buck, B.S., M.S. '95, Ph.D. 
'98. Instructor in English in Vassar 
CoU. since 1897. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Ernest Nelson Bullock, A.B., B.D. 

(Cambridge) '98. P. E. clergyman. 

Fall River, Mass. 
Leo Martin Butzel, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'96. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Gboboe Jason Cadwell, Ph.B. With 

Gen. Electric Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Jeanneite E^liza Caldwell, A.B. 

(Mrs. Charles L. Mix.) 

3134 S. Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Kathebine Babkeb Camp, B.S. Princ. 

Univ. of Chicago Elementary School. 

5412 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Claib Campbell, B.S. Farmer. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
William Bbadford Canfield, Ph.B. 

With Parke, Davis &<>>. 

Detroit, Mich. 
June Carpenter, Ph.B. (Mrs. Allen 

Greeley. ) Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lauren Duane Carr, B.S. (I'hem.). 

Real estate and insurance. 

Ann Arbor. 
Henry Oltn-er Chapoton, B.S. Bank 

clerk. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

William Herbebt Chabnlet, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '95. Lawyer. Goshen, Ind. 
Laura Eoline Clemens, Ph.B. 

Teacher. 1694 Cedar Ave., 

Cleveland, O. 
Alfbed Beethoven Connable, B.L., 

LL.B. (N. W. Univ.) '96. Lawyer. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Katharine Andrew Crane, BX. 

Teacher in the High School. 

La Porte, Ind. 
Albert Robinson Crittenden, A.B. 

Princ. of High School, Moline, 111., 

1898-1900. Frankfort, Mich. 

Galen Greenfield Crozier, B.S. 

(Bio.), M.D. '99. Baptist mission- 
ary. Tura, Assam, India. 
Alexander Gumming, Ph.B., I 97-98. 

Oil City, Pa. 
George Lawrence Davison, B.S. 

(Chem.). Chemist. With 111. 

Steel Co., Chicago. Joliet, 111. 

JosiAH Dearbobn A.B., A.M. (Gal- 

laudet Coll.) '95, LL.B. (Boston 

Univ.) '99. Private 1st Mass. 

Heavy Art. 1898. Boston, Mass. 
Saba den Bleykeb, B.S. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam H. Van Deman.) Toledo, O. 
James Henry Dickson, A.B., B.S. 

(E. E.) '95. Missionary of Am. 

Board, 1900-. 

Tillipally, Jaffa, Ceylon. 
Walter Wendell Dbew, A.B., LL.B. 

'96. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Mary Ellen Duffy, Ph.B. Teacher 

in Toledo High School. Ann Arbor. 
John Dudley Dunham, A.B., M.D. 

(Ohio Med. Univ.) '97. Lecturer 

on Bacteriology in Starling Med. 

Coll. Columbus, O. 




WnxiAM LeRot Dunn, B.S. (Bio.) 
Ph.C. '89, MJ). '91. Physidan-in- 
charge of Winyah Sanitarium. 

Asherille, N. C. 
Fannie Mabel Elliott, Ph. li. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
DoBA Deett Elmer, A.B. 

Mason, Mich. 
Habby Oliveb Evans, A.B., LL.B. 
*96. Lawyer. 460 Rebecca St., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

RiCHABD FiscHEB, B.S. (Ghem.), 

Ph.C. '92. Instructor in Pharmacy, 

Univ. of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Ella Virginia Fitch, A.B. Teacher 

in Lake High School, Chicago. 

Joliet, 111. 
Rudolph Fbedebick Flintebman, 
A.B., A.M. *96. Chemist. 

Deadwood, S. Dak. 
Hally Fbank Frederickson, A.B. 

1161 W. Grace St., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Vicjtob Fbiedman, Ph.B. 

Manufacturer. St. Louis, Mo. 

NEI.LIE Estiieb Goldth watte, B.S. 

(Chem.). Prof, of Chemistry in 

Mt. Holyoke Coll. since 1897. 

South Hadley, Mass. 
Henbietta Isman Goodrich, B.L., 
M.S. (Chicago) *98. Director of 
the School of Housekeeping. 

45 Botolph St., Boston, Mass. 
WiLLARD Clark Gore, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'96. Princ. of Riverside, 111., High 
School, 1896-99; Prof, of English 
in Armour Institute, 1899-1900. 
5329 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
JacobGkoboeHalaplian,A.B. Teach- 
er. Toledo, O. 
Benjamin Fbanklin Hall, B.L. 
1345 Penn Ave., Washinrrton. D. C. 
Ebnest Freeman Hall, A.B. Presb. 
clergyman. South Amboy, N. J. 
Robert Foote Hall, A.B., LL.B. '95. 

205 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Walteb Monroe Hamilton, A.B . 
A.M. '96. Teacher in State School 
of Mines. Golden, Colo. 

Jessie Gertrude Harris, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the State Normal School, Val- 
ley City, N. Dak., 1895-1900. 

Ann Arbor. 
Ray Hart, B.L., LL.B. '95. I^wj^er. 

Midland, Mich. 
Ber.^icb Lena Haug, B.S. Teacher 
in the Detroit High School, 1900-. 

Battle Creek. Mich. 

Susan Heffebnan, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the High School. Marquette, Mich. 
Winifred Ava Higbee, A.B. (Mrs. 

Carlton R. Rose.) Ann Arbor. 

Kate Almiba Hoppeb, B.L. Kinder- 


657 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Sabah May Howabd, Ph.B. Teacher 

in High School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Abthub Lucius Hubbabd, A.B., LL.B. 

(Harvard) *98. Lawyer. 

South Bend, Ind 
Gebtbude Hull, A.B. Teacher in 

West bide High School. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
W. Wallace Hubd, Ph.B. Clio, Mich. 
William Lewis Ikenberry, B.S. 

Teacher. Mt. Morris, 111. 

George Ingersoll, A.B., LL.B. '95. 

Lawyer. Monadnock Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Robert Emmons Jones, A.B. Banker. 

Webster City, Iowa. 
Taka Kawada, Ph.B. With Japan 

Mail Steamship Co. Tokyo, Japan. 
Georgietta Kennedy, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Fred Charles Kent, B.S. Supt. of 

Schools since 1898. Eyota, Minn. 
Walteb James Kent, B. S. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
Helen Beeciieb King, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Flint, Mich. 
Carrie Emma Kirtland, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Oscar B. Conant.) Glenville, O. 

Barend Herman Kroeze, A.B., B.D. 

(McCormick Theo. Sem.) '98. Presb. 

clergyman. Lewiston, Minn. 

•Herman Bertram Krogman, B.L., 

d. Negaunee, Mich., Dec. 18, 1900. 
Adoniram Judson Ladd, A.B., A.M. 

1900. Prof, of Pedagogy in Hope 

Coll. Holland, Mich. 

Carl Frederick Augustus Lange, 

A.B., A.M. (Harvard) '90. (See 

Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Lou Ella LaTourette, Ph.B. 

Fenton, Mich. 
Warren Harmon Lewis, B.S. (Bio.), 

M.D. (Johns Hopkins) 1000. Assist. 

in Anatomy, Johns Hopkins Univ. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Daniel Franklin Lyons. B.L., LL.B. 

*05. Traveling salesman. 

Fenton. Mich. 
Sarah Elizabeth Vooriiees McComb. 

B.L. Preceptress in McCabc Coll. 

Skagway, Alaska. 
Amanda McCombs, Ph.B. Teacher in 

the High School. South Bend. Ind. 




Anna Martua MacCbacken, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Xenia, O. 

Jessica Maude MacIntyre, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Philip D. Bourland.) 

Lake Linden, Mich. 

Isabella McRae, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the Higli School. Alpena, Mich. 

Samuel Denis Maoers, B.S. (Bio.). 
Princ.of Hi^h School. Houftton, Tex. 

Edward Marsh, A.B. Princ. of High 
School. Jackson, ^lich. 

Walter Park Mabtindale, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '96. Lawyer. Quincy, 111. 

DwioiiT Otis Miller, B.L. Banker. 

Greenfield, O. 

Emerson Romeo Miller, B.S. 
(Chem.), Ph.C. '92, Phar. M. '93, 
M.S. '95. Prof. Pharmacy In the 
Alabama Polytechnic Institute since 
1896. Auburn, Ala. 

John Ezra Miller, A.B. Instructor 
in Latin and Greek in Univ. of Illi- 
nois. Champaign, 111. 

Wiley Wbioht Mills, A.B., LL.B. 
'95, A.B. (Hope) '93. Lawyer. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, HI. 

Jesse Cameron Moore, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'94. La^^yer. Indianapolis. Ind. 

Edoab Mabtin Mobsman, Ph.B., LL.B. 
*95. Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

Joseph Raleigh Nelson, A.B. In- 
structor in Latin in the Lewis In- 
stitute. Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Whittlesey Newton, A.B., 
LL.B. '95. Lawyer. Saginaw, Mich. 

Esther Blanche Connor Nichols, 
B.S. (Mrs. Walter H. Nichols.) 

Boulder, Colo. 

Ruth Amelia Noble, A,B. (Mrs. 
Cyrus C. Warren.) Laurel, Miss. 

Sara Genevieve O'Brien, B.L., M.L. 
'95. Teacher in the High School. 

Ann Arbor. 

Frederic Leigh Osenburg, B.L. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Elmer James Ottaway, B.L. Jour- 
nalist. Port Huron, Mich. 

James Bertram Overton, Ph.B., 
Ph.D. (Chicago) '01. Professor of 
Biology in Illinois College, 1901- 

Jacksonville, 111. 

WnxiAM Collins Parsal. Ph.B.. 
With Allyn & Bacon. 

378 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Marion Patton, A.B. Court Steno- 
grapher. Olympia, Wash. 

Alvick Alfonso Pearson, B.L. Jour- 
nalist. Ann Arbor. 

Herbert Edmund Pbckham, A.B., I 

94-95, m 96-00. 

51 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Anna May Pembebton, Ph.B., B.L. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '93. Health reform 

lecturer. West Milton, O. 

Cabbie Eleanob Penfield, B.L. (Mrs. 

George W. Harvey.) 

711 W. Erie St., Chicago, DL 
Stuabt Hoffman Pebby, A.B., LL.B. 

'96. I-Awyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Jessie Phelps, B.S., M.S. '98. In- 
structor in Zoology in State Normal 

Coll. since 1898. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Adbian John Pietebs, B.S. (Bio.). 

Botanist in Dept. of Agr. 

2219 15th St., Washington, D. C. 
Fbank Woodworth Pine,'A.B., MA. 

(N. Y. Univ.) '97. English Master 

in the Hill School. Pottstown, Pa. 
Almiba Ann Pbentice, A.B. Teacher. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
NoBMAN Wellington Pbice, B.8., 

M.B. (Toronto) '96. Physician. 
2238 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Andbew Johnson Pubdy, B.L., Ph.B. 

(Alfred Univ.) '92, LL.B. (Buffalo) 

'95, S.T.B. (Boston Theo. San.) 

1900. Clergyman. 

28 Townsend St., Boston, Mass. 
WiLLABD R Pyle, B.S. (Chem.). 

Teacher in the Cooper High School. 

3080 3d Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Helen Annetta Rice, B.L. Teacher. 

6019 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Saba May Rigos, B.L. Teacher in 

the Iowa Normal School. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Chables Andbew Robinson, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Albebt John Rooks, A.B., A.B. 

(Hope) *93, A.M. (ihid.) *96. 

Teacher. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Annie Laubie Rooney, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the High School since 1894. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Carlton Raymond Rose, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'96. Instructor in Chemistry in the 

Univ. of Illinois. Ann Arbor. 

James Archibald Ross, B.S. Bank 

teller. Toledo, O. 

Lewis Gboveb Seeley, A.B. Banker. 

Caro, Mich. 
Bebnabd Benjamin Selling, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '95. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
RooEB Shebman, A.B., LL.B. (N. W. 

Univ.) '95. Lawyer. 

4634 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Edmund Claude Shields, B.L., LL.B. 

'96. Lawyer. Howell, Mich. 




[Ella] Gertrude Shorb, Ph.B., Ph.D. 

(Cornell) 1900. (Mrs. Clarence A. 

Martin.) Ithaca, N. Y. 

Charles Beecheb Smeltzer, Ph.B. 
Banking. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Almeron Warren Smith, B.L. Teach- 
er in the DeWitt Clinton High School. 
301 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y. 

Dietrich Conbad Smith, A.B. Bank 
clerk. Pekin, 111. 

Samuel Archibald Smith, A.B. Mas- 
ter in English in the Pingry 
School. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Annah May Soule, B.L., M.L. '95. 
Prof, of History in Mt. Holyoke 
Coll. South Hadley, Mass. 

Henry Arthur Spalding, A.B. Jour- 

6529 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fred Henry Staudt, B.S. (Chem.) 
'05 (nunc pro tunc). Chemist. 

Aurora, 111. 

Robert Clark Stevens, A.B., B.S. 
(Mech. E.) '95. Engineer. 

Rockford, 111. 

Irene Stewart, A.B. Cataloguer in 
the Free Public Library. 

Worcester, Mass. 

Marian Una Strong, A.B. (Mrs. 
Marcus Baker.) 

1905 16th St., Washington, D. C. 

Eugene Cornelius Sullivan, B.S. 
(Chem.), Ph.D. (Leipzig) '99. (See 
Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arlx)r. 

Bertrand Stager Summers, B.S. 
(Chem.). With McCormick Har- 
vesting Machine Co. Fox Lake, 111. 

John Burnham Taylor, A.B. Editor. 

St. Albans, Vt. 

Mahtha Dickinson Taylor, A.B. Kin- 
dergartner. Ann Arbor. 

Lucy Elizabeth Textor, Ph.B., A.M. 
(Stanford), '95. Teacher in Hill- 
house High School. 

New Haven. Conn. 

Anna Trainor, Ph.B. 

George T Tremble, Ph.B. Banker. 

Ellsworth, Kan. 

Louise Helmuth Uren, B.L. (Mrs. 
Andrew Uren.) Hurley, Wis. 

Harry Isaac Van Tuyl, B.S., m 94- 
96, M.D. (N. W. Univ.) '98. Physi- 
cian. 435 E. 6l8t St., Chicago, HI. 

•Waiter George Wallace, B.S. 
(Chem.), d. Cincinnati, Ohio, 
March 9, 1895. 

William Bullock Ward, A.B./LL.B. 
(Kent Coll. of Law) '98. lawyer. 

Winnetka, IlL 

•Ernest Haven Warren, B.L., d. 
Vosburg, Miss., May 11, U'OO. 

Edward Lacey Watrous, B.L. Nur- 
seryman. Des Moines, Iowa. 

William Walter Wedemeyer, B.L., 
L.L.B. '95. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

John Wesley Welch, A.B. Princ. of 
the High School since 1898. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Charles Frederick Welles, Ph.B., 
Secr'y of Bureau of Charities. 
811 G St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Lloyd Justin Wentworth, B.L. 
Lumberman. Bay City, Mich. 

Frederick McKeb White, A.B. Bap- 
tist clergyman. Amherst, Mass. 

Ross Chauncey Whitman, A.B., 
M. D. *99. Physician to Oakwood 
Sanitarium. Lake Geneva, Wis. 

William Lincoln Whitney, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the Saginaw (E.S.) 
High School. Saginaw, Mich. 

John Arthur Whitworth, A.B. 
Manufacturer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Delos Franklin Wilcox, A.B., A.M. 
'95., Ph. D. (Columbia), '96. Far- 
mer and Writer. Elk Rapids, Mich. 

Annie Mumford Wiley, A.B. Teach- 
er in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frederick Doolittle Wilkerson, 
A.B. With the National Steel Co. 

Youngstown, Ohio. 

Howe Allen Williams, A.B. Artist. 
102 Fulton St., New York, N. Y. 

Cora May Willsey, A.B. 

Saginaw, W. ?f, !Mich. 

Earl Farwell Wilson, B.L. Pulp- 
wood. Harrison, Mich. 

Eugene Cyrus Woodruff, B.S., M.S. 
'96. Ph.D. 1900. Teacher. 

(108) LaGranire, 111. 


Inez Louise Adbott, A.B., A.M. '98. 

Teacher. Holt, Mich. 

Frank DeForest Adams, A.B., LL.B. 

'95. Lawyer. Duluth, Minn. 

Sadie Maria Alley, Ph.B. Teacher. 

356 W. Fort St., Detroit, Mich. 

Rosetta Anderson, A.B. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
William Holmes Andrews, B.S. 
( Chem. ) . Assist. Chemist ,N. Y. Ex- 
periment Sta. Geneva, N. Y. 
Elliott Talbot Austin, B.L. Supt. 
of Schools. Owosso, Mich. 
Robert Oliver Austin, B. L. Instruc- 
tor in St John's Military Academy. 

Delafield, Wis. 




AjiifA Bailet, A.B. Teacher in the 
High School. Toledo, Ohio. 

CHAKLE8 Baird, A.B., LL.B. '95. Ath- 
letic Dirwrtor. Ann Arbor. 

Florence Emma Barnabd, A.B. Prioc. 
Mt. Clemens, Mich., High School, 
1898-1900. Teacher. Saginaw, Mich. 

Abbt Louihe Barney, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Muskegon, Mich., High 
School. Schoolcraft, Mich. 

William Guy Bauer, B.S., Princ. of 
the High School. 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

Frank Ambrohe Beach, B. L. Manu- 
facturer. Medina, N. Y. 

Lester Hayes Beals, A.B., M.D. '99. 
Medical Missionary. Madras, India. 

Ira Alanson Bkddow, Ph.B. Princ. 
of High School. 

West Bay City, Mich. 

EliseCiienault Bennett ,Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Thomas J. Smith.) Richmond, Ky. 

Mary Ella Bennett, Ph.B. Stu- 
dent. Ann Arbor. 

Alice Biester, A.B. (Mrs. Kenneth 
C. Fitch.) Chicago, 111. 

Edmond Block, A.B., LL.B. '90. Q. 
M. Dept. U.S.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Abthur Collier Bloomfield, A.B., 
LL.B. '96. Banker. Jackson, Mich. 

Mary Putnam Blount, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher. Byron, 111. 

Norman Treniiolme Bourland, B.L., 
I 97-98. Lawyer. Peoria, 111. 

Philip Daggett Bourland, B.8., 
(Chem.), M.D. '99. Physician. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 

Joseph Brennemann, Ph.B., m 96-97, 
M.D. (N. W. Univ.) 1900. Phy- 
sician. Peru, 111. 

Frank Briscoe, A.B. Musical Critic. 
Presbyterian Bldg., New York, N. Y. 

John Birt Brooks, A.B., LL.B. '96. 
Lawyer. Erie, Pa. 

Ella May Bullard, A.B. leacher. 

Geneva, N. Y. 

Caboline Maria Butterfield, A.B. 
(Mrs. Rupert O. Butterfield.) 

2828 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo. 

John Fletcher Byington, A.B., M.D. 
*97. Physician. 

Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Elizabeth Francis Camp, Ph.B. 
Teacher. • 

843 Fairmount St., Cleveland, O. 

Charles Cisco Campbex, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Rochester, Fnd. 

Iris Carr, B.L. Teacher in the Glad- 
stone, Mich., High School. 

Ann Arbor. 

George Edward Carroll, B.S. 

Addison Clarke, A.B. Teacher. 

Waco, Texas. 

Pearl Leone Colry, B.S. (Mrs. Ar- 
mand R. Miller. ) Kansas City, Mo. 

*Mabel Colton, A.B., d. Asheyille, 
N. C:., Dec. 10, 1896. 

Lettde Lenore Conover, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher in the Detroit (Antral High 
School. Coldwater, Midi. 

Charles Henry Conrad, B.L. Coffee 

3940 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Richard C^ook, B.S., M.S. '97, 
A.M. (Nebraska) '98. Prof, of 
Physical Science in Washburn Coll. 

Topeka, Kan. 

John Corbin, Ph.B. In Congressional 
Library. Washington, D. C. 

Charles Herbert Covell, A.B. 
Teacher in Philippines. Manila, P. I. 

Winifred Roos Ckaine, B.L. Teacher. 
309 4th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Shepherd Crane, A.B. Teacher. 
320 61 St Place, Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Allan Dancer, B.L., LL.B. 
'97. Lawyer. Duluth, Minn. 

Francis Potter Daniels, A.B., A.M. 
(Minnesota) *97. Unitarian min- 
ister. Manistee, Mich. 

Calvin Olin Davis, A.B. Teacher in 
the High School. South Bend, Ind. 

Belle Donaldson, A.B. Teacher in 
the Central High School since 1895. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Myron LaFayette Downs, A.B., m 
95-98, M.D. (Jefferson) '99 Phy- 
sician. Evan^ton, 111. 

Miriam Dunbar, B.S. (Bio.). Teacher 
in the High School. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Charles Henry Duncan, Ph.B. Farm- 
ing. Spokane, Wash. 

Annie Dinx Dunster, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Toledo, O. 

Peter William Dykema, B.L., M.L. 
'96. Teacher at Indianapolis, Ind. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lucy Nash Fames, B.S. (Bio.), m 
95-90. Teacher in the High School. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Edward Brind Escott, B.S., M.S. 
(Chicago) '96. (See Faculties, p. 
28.) Ann Arbor. 

Lena Elizabeth Faulds, A.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Wilkes Barre. Pa. 

Alva Howard Felger, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the North Side High School. 

Denver, Cola 




Thomas Henrt Ferguson, Ph.B., B.S. 
(C. E.) '96, LL.B. (Detroit) '97, 
Master Patent Law (Columbian 
Univ.) '99. 

Patent Office., Washington, D. C. 

Kenneth Chauncey Fitcu, A.B. 
Teacher in Lake High School since 
1897. Chicago, 111. 

Mart Eva Foley, B.L. ( Mrs. Edmund 
C. Shields.) Howell, Mich. 

Charles Woodworth Foster, B.L., 
LL.B. '96. Lawyer. Lansing, Mich. 

•Walter Carver Fritze, B.L., d. Chi- 
cago., 111., Feb. 20, 1897. 

Maude Ethel Fuller, A.B., A.M. 
1900. Teacher, Saginaw (W.S.) 
Mich., High School. 

Charlotte, Mich. 

Henry Bennett Gammon, A.B., M.D. 
'98. Private 34th Mich. Inf. 1898. 
Physician. Hastings, Mich. 

Eugene Horace Garnett, B.L. Law- 
yer. Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Abigail Stuart Gaudern, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Pioneer, Ohio. 

•Charles Robert Gillis, Ph.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 26.) 

LiNA Kate Gjems, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Willmar, Minn. 

Marie Louise Goodman, Ph.B. Stu- 
dent. Kansas City, Mo. 

Louis James Goodyear, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the Grand Rapids Hign School. 

Hastings, Mich. 

Annie Morris Goshen, B.L. Supt. 
of Training Dept.of Nebraska State 
Normal School since 1899. 

Lafayette Hill, Pa. 

Charles Henry Gray, B.L., M.L. *96. 
Instructor in Oberlin Coll. 1898- 
1900. 245 E. 61st St., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Edwin Gray, A.B. Princ. of 
High School since 1895. 

Carthage, Mo. 

Albert Emerson Greene, Ph.B., B.S. 
(C. E.) '96. Civil En^necr. 

928 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Edna Ernest Grimes, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Elkhart, Ind. 

George Depue Hadzsits, A.B., A.M. 
*96. Student. 
18 Montcalm St., E., Detroit, Mich. 

Ibma Hadzsits, B.L. Teacher of piano. 
18 Montcalm St., E., Detroit, Mich. 

Netta Wiliielmine Haffner, B.S. 
Student. Sturgis, Mich. 

James Sumner Handy, A.B., LL.B. 
*97. Lawyer. Chicago, 111. 

Louise Mather Harris, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
John B. Thielen. ) Charleroiz, Mich. 

Frances Elvira Hartley, Ph.B. 

1528 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Edith Aohsah Hartshorn, B.L. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Owosso, Mich. 

Ralph Waijk) Emerson Hayes, Ph.B. 
Manufacturer. Galva, 111. 

William Albert Heartt, Ph.B., 

LL.B. (Lake Forest) '97. Lawyer. 

Stock Exch. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Elizabeth C Hencii, Ph.B. Teacher 
in High School. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Etta Hersghberoer, A.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Peoria, 111. 

Lin A Hesse, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Josiah Edwin Hickman, B.L. Prof, 
of Physics in Brigham Young Acad- 
emy. Provo City, Utah. 

Eliza M. Hill, B.S. (Mrs. Roy K. 
Moulton. ) Teacher. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Edwin Smith Hinckley, B.L. Prof, 
of Natural Science, Brigham Young 
Academy. Provo City, Utah. 

Bertha Katherine Hine, Ph.B. 

Bay Citv, Mich. 

Mildred Hinsdale, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the Detroit Central High School. 

Ann Arbor. 

Herman Franklin Hoch, Ph.B., p 
90-91. Teacher in the High School. 

Joliet, 111. 

Ninah May Holden, A.B. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur G. Cummer. ) Jacksonville, Fla. 

Bessie Lee Hopkins, Ph.B. 

Petoskey, Mich. 

Minnie Pearl Howell, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the Kankakee, 111., High 
School. Flint, Mich. 

Alfred Hatch Hunt, A.B., LL.B. '96. 
Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Willard Hunter Hutchings, B.L., 
M.D. '99. Assistant in Sur]h;ery. 

Ann Arbor. 

Frederick Charles Irwin, B.S. 
Teacher in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•Harriet Eliza Ives, Ph.B., d. Lan- 
caster, Wis., Dec. 7, 1900. 

Lynn Myrton Johnston, A.B , LL.B. 
'96. Teacher. Romoo, Mich. 

Benjamin Franklin Kastl, B.L. 
Grocer. Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Ralph Kellogg, B.L. 1902 
(nunc pro tunc). Journalism. 

Detroit. Mich. 

Lucia Kieve, Ph.B. (Mrs. William L. 
Tower. ) Westdale, Mass. 




Btbon Claudius Kihes, A.B. Insur- 
ance. Grand Rapids, ^ch. 

Julia Isabelle Kimlin, B.S. Teach- 
er. Quincy, 111. 

•Wilson Klinoleb, B.L., Ph.D. ( Jena ) 
'98, was drowned at Ithaca, N. Y., 
Nov. 27, 1898. 

Mark Stevens Knapp, B.S., M.D. *98. 
Physician. Flint, Mich. 

Claude Sheldon Labzelere, B.L. 
Teacher. Quinc^, Mich. 

John Edward Lautneb, B.L., M.L. 
'96. (See Faculties, p. 27.) Teacher 
of German in the Normal and High 
School. St. Louis, Mo. 

•George King Lawton, A.B., A.M. 
'97, Computer, U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory, d. Washington, D. C\. Jnlv 25. 

Otto Edward Lessing, A.B., Ph.D. 
'01. (See Faculties, p. 26.) 

Madison, Wis. 

Walteb Ferguson Lewis, B.S. Supt. 

of Schools. Port Huron, Mich. 

Herman Adolf Liebio, A.B. Teacher 

in the Central High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Erasmus Christopher Lindley, B.L., 
LL.B. '96. Lawyer. 

184 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Jacob Lingabd Lorie, B.L., LL.B. *96. 
Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Alice Elizabeth Lynch, B.L. Teach- 
er. 74 W. High St., Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Laurence LeHunte Lybteb, 
A.B., LL.B. '96. Seaman U. S. S. 
Yoaemilr. 1898. Lawyer. 

Detroit. ^lich. 

Emma Gennette McAllaster, B.L. 

Music Teacher. Seattle, Wash. 

Ina McBurney, B.S. Teacher. 

Flint, Mich. 
Allan Campbell MacDonald, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '96. lawyer. Seattle, Wash. 
Clara May McOmber, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the Houghton, Mich,, High 

School. Ann Arbor. 

Helen Josephine Malarkey, B.S. 
(Mrs. Albert W. Jeflferis.) 

2512 Caldwell St., Omaha, Neb. 

James Halsey Mallory, A.B. Chem- 
ist, with Georgia Cotton Oil Co. 

Austell Bld{»., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hans I^Iannhardt, B.S. (Chem.). As- 
sayer. 399 Orchard St., Chicago, HI. 

Wilfred Hamilton Manwartng, B.S. 
Teacher of Physical and Biological 
Sciences in the State Normal School 
since 1899. Winona, Minn. 

Charles Edward Marshall, Ph.B. 
Assist. Bacteriologist. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 
Abner Jackson LeClaib MABTUf, 
Ph.B., LL.B. '96, Ph.B. (Cornell 
Coll.) '94. Lawyer. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
•David Franklin Mebtz, Ph.B., d. 

New York, N. Y., Aug. 31, 1900. 
Edna Mettleb, Ph.B. (Mrs. Albert 
D. Stowell.) Hannibal, Mo. 

Cascen Rich Montague, B.L. (Mrs. 
CJeorge R. Ray.) Teacher. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
William Horace Morley, Ph.B., M.D. 
'01. Assist, in Gyncpcology. 

Ann Arbor. 
Albert Charles Muma, B.L. Clerk 
in U. S. Engineer's Office. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

James Orin Murfin, B.L., LL.B. '96. 

Lawj-er. Detroit, Mich. 

Miron W^illiams Neal, A.B., LL.B. 

'96. Lawyer. 

115 Broadway. New York, N. Y. 

Helen Nelles, Ph.B. Bay City, Mich. 

Harry Thomas Nightingale, Ph.B. 

Teacher in South Di\ision High 

School. Chicago, 111. 

CharijOTTe Genevieve Noble, H.S. 

(Mrs. George yi. MacGrogor.) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Alfred Berthier Olsen, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '94, M.S. '96. 

68 Beversbrook Road, 

London, England. 
•Martha Elisabeth Orr, B.L., d. 
Upper Sandiiskv, Ohio, Oct. 15, 

Marna Ruth Osband, A.B. Journal- 
ist. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Martha Drake Owen, A.B. 

Marjorie Rebecca Paine, B.L. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

James Willis Parker. A.B., MJ). '98. 

Physician. Parshallville, Mich 

Phebe Parker, A.B. Librarian of 

Sage Library. 

West Bay City, Mich. 

Abigail Pearce, Ph.B. Teacher of 
English in the State Normal Col- 
lege. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

George Wilcox Peavy, B.L. 

Flint, Mich. 

Clayton Amos Peters, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.S. '97. Teacher of Natural Science 
in Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst., 
1901-. " Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Cablotta EiiMA Pope, Ph.B., A.M. 

1900. Teacher. Allegan, Mich. 

Myba McPhebson Post, B.L. Teacher 

in the University School. 

342 Cadillac Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Anthony Pratt, A.B. Teacher in the 

High School. Manistee, Mich. 

•Nancy Edith Purdum, B.L., Teacher 

in the Ann Arbor High School, d. 

Chillicothe, O., Aug. 23, 1901. 
Richard Rideb Putnam,B.S. (Chem. ) . 

Teacher in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Elizabeth Soroe Rebeo, A.B. (Mrs. 

George Rebec.) Ann Arbor. 

James Calvin Reed, B.L., LL.B. 

(Kansas City) '98. Legal Editor, 

with West. Pub. Co. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

•Cora Fbances Reilly, B.L., (Mrs. 
Edward S. Beck,) d. Chicago, HI., 
Oct. 12, 1899. 

Ann Loomis Richards, A.B. (Mrs. 

Harry Coleman.) Pontiac, Mich. 
Frederic Boyd Richardson, B.L. 

Life Insurance. Caro, Mich. 

Effie Lois Roberts, A.B. (Mrs. Otto 

E. Luedders.) Cold water, Mich. 
Menz Israel Rosenbaum, Ph.B., 

LL.B. *96. Lawyer. 
Adams Express Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
William Benjamin Rubin, B.L., 

LL.B. '9G. Lawyer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Jessie Fremont Ritry, B.S., M.D. 
'97, (Mra. Harry McNeal,) was lost 
at sea, Nov. 24,*1901. 

George Bago Russel, A.B. Mining 
in Arizona. Detroit, Mich. 

May Cecil Ryan, A.B., A.M. '99. 
Teacher in the Toledo, O., High 
School. Ann Arbor. 

Fannie Sarin, Ph.B., A.M. '90. 
Teacher. Hinsdale, 111. 

Esther Lakin Sanborn, A.B., A.M. 
'96. Teacher. West Roxbury, Mass. 

Frederick Lyle Searing, A.B. Teach- 
er in State Normal School. 

Mankato, >finn. 

Charles Wilber SENCENRAUGU,Ph.B. 
Manufacturer. Aurora, 111. 

Lurene Seymoitr, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Decatur, 111. 

Samuel Bentox Siiiley, B.L. Teach- 
er. Shannon, 111. 

Harry Simons. A.B., LL.B. (N. W. 
Univ.) *97. I-.awyer. 

160 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Henry Horace Smith, A.B. Lawyer. 

Ionia, Mich. 

OuvEu Lyman Spaulding,A.B.,LL.B. 
'96. 2d Lieut. 3d U. S. Art. 

Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 

Franklin Bennett Spear, Ph.B. Coal 

dealer. Marquette, Mich. 

Philip Bennett Spear, Ph.B. Coal 

dealer. Marquette, Mich. 

William Albert Spitzley, A.B., 

M.D. '97. Physician and Surgeon. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Lena Elizabeth Spraoue, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Gertrude Sunderland, A.B. (Mrs. 

Homer E. Safford.) 

22 Warren Ave. W., Detrwt, Mich. 

James Marcus Swut, A.B. Lawyer. 

Fall River, Mass. 
Wade Warren Thayer, A.B., LL.B. 
'96. Lawyer. Honolulu, H. I. 

Herman Pennock Thomas, A.B. 
Merchant. Cassopolis, Mich. 

Annie Sayre Thompson, A.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Flushing, N. Y. 
Orrin Edward Tiffany, A.B., A.M. 
'96. Dean of Greenville Coll. 

Greenville, 111. 
John Walter Verdier, Ph.B., m 
97-00. Student. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Alice Emily Wadsworth, B.L. Stu- 
dent. Ann Arbor. 
Ella Louise Wagner, A.B. 

Ann Arbor, 
Cassius Edward Wakefield, B.S. 
Banker. Morenci, Mich. 

Elba Emanuel Watson, B.L. Stu- 
dent in Germany. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Edward Chester Weeks, Ph.B. Man- 

102 Wooster St., New York, N. Y. 
Stewart Edward White, Ph.B. 
Writer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

William Marion Whitten, B.S. 
(Chem.),M.S. (Kansas) '97. Chem- 
ist, with Pittsburg Reduction Co. 

Pittsbiirj^h, Pa. 

Etta Rhoda Wilblti, B.S., A.M. 1900. 

Teacher. Lansing, Mich. 

Mary Giimore Williams, A.B , Ph.D. 

'97. Prof, of Greek in Mt. Holyoke 

Coll. South Hadley, Mass. 

•Frederick Hosler Willits, B.L., 

was drowned near Michigan City, 

Ind., July 4, 1898. 

Rosa Viot.a Winterburn. B.L. (Mrs. 

George T. Winterburn.) Teacher. 

Stockton, Cal. 




Jambs Rupert Wolfenden, B.S. 
(Bio.), M.D. *97. Physician. 

749 Evanston Ave., Chicago, III. 
LouRA. Bayne Woodruff, A.B., A.M. 
'99. Teacher in the High School. 

Riverside, 111. 
Jane E. Work, B.L. Prof, of Eng. 
Lit. in Oxford Coll. since 1895. 
( 197 ) Oxford, O. 


Mart Joice Adams, Ph.B., Ph.M. '97. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Bloomington, HI. 

Robert Sumner Albee, B.S., LL.B. 

(Cornell) '98. U. S. Engineer's 

Office. Galveston, Texas. 

Ktbkland Barker Alexander, Ph.B. 

Journalist. Grosse Isle, Mich. 

Susie Helen Allen, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Kate Oretta Arnold, A.B. Teacher. 

Ypsilanii, Mich. 

Annie Louise Bacorn, B.L., M.L. 

'98. Instructor in English in Vassar 

Coll. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Samuel Herman Baer, B.S. ( Chem. ) , 

Ph.D (Leipzig) '98. Chemist. 

158 Chambers St., New York, N. Y. 

Bertha Cabmelia Barney, B.L. 

Teacher in the Western High 

School. Detroit, Mich. 

Maby Luella Batchelder, Ph.B. 

(Mrs. James F. Watkins.) 

Decatur, 111. 
John Watson Beach, A.B. Student 
in Rome, Italy. Lexington, Mich. 
Howard Bement, Ph.B. Manufac- 
turer. Lansini]^, Mich. 
EJlton Pope Billings, a.B. Teacher. 
• Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Harriet Elizabeth Bingham, B.L. 
Art work. 528 W. 123d St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Georoiana Cleis Blunt, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
'97. Assist. Prof, of English in the 
Mich. Agr. Coll. since 1898. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 

Henry Edward Bodman, Ph.B., I 90- 

97. Lawyer. Toledo, O. 

Henry William Charles Bo decker, 

B.S. (Bio.), D.D.S. '97, m 94-96. 

Berlin, Germany. 
Stratton Duluth Brooks, A.B. 
Assist. Prof, of Pedagogy in the 
Univ. of Illinois, 1899-. 

Champaign, 111. 
Alice Brown, A.B., A.M. '97. Teacher 
in the Oak Park High School. 

2416 N. 42d Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Herman Elisha Brown, B.S. ( Chem. ) . 

Chemist. Coldwater, Mich. 

William Gordon Bryant, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 
Mary Frances Camp, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the High School. 

Musk^on, Mich. 
Archibald Campbell, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'98. (See Faculties, p. 27.) Chem- 
ist. Globe Soap Co., Cincinnati, O. 
Charles Knapp Carpenter, Ph.B. 

M. E. clergyman. Pecatonica, IlL 
Ada Malvina Cabty^right, B.S. 

Oregon, lU. 
Abtena Mary Chapin, A.B. Assist. 

State Librarian. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Elaine Childs, B.L. (Mrs. Frederick 


1109 Yale St., Washington, D. C. 
Clarence Day Clark, Ph.B. Clerk. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Bessie Maud Colby, B.L. (Mrs. 

Charles W. Adams.) 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Oscar Phipps Colk, A.B., I 96-98. 

Accountant. Berlin, N. H. 

Bupus Ivory Cole, B.S. (Bio.), m 

92-93, 95-96, M.D. (Johns Hopkins) 

'99. Physician. 

Johns Hopkins Hosp.,Baltimore,Md. 
Frederick William Backus (Joub- 

MAN, A.B., LL.B. '99. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Grace Louise Collins, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

James F. Breakey.) Ann Arbor. 

Charles Goldsmith Cook, A.B. 

LL.B. '98. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
Frances Clare Cook, B.L. Princ. 

of High School since 1896. 

Corunna, Mich. 
Anna Elizabeth Cool, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

William J. Parks.) 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
Maud Irene Cooley, A.B. (Mrs. 

Lewis G. Seeley.) Caro, Mich. 

Clarence Argyle Coolidge, Ph.B., I 

96-97. Lawyer. 

3760 Langley Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Amaziah Donald Davis, A.B. Sales- 
man. Sharon, Mass. 
Charles Pugh Davis, B.L., LL.B. '99. 

Lawyer. The Temple, Chicago, 111. 
Edna Daisy Day, B.S. (Bio.), M.S. 

'97. Teacher. East Orange, N. J. 
•William Bellows Decker, A.B., m 

97-98, d. Battle Creek, Mich., May 

23, 1899. 
•Rose Demmon, A.B. (Mrs. Daniel 

B. Ninde), d. Colorado Springs, 

Colo., Nov. 12, 1897. 




Gebtbude Adelaide Divine, B.L. 
(Mrs. William M. Ritter.) 

Columbus, 0. 
Fay N Donaldson, A.B. M. E. 
clergynmn. Oakland, Cal. 

Nina May Doty, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
Helen Louise Douglas, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Helen Eliza Deyee, A.B. ( Mrs. Louis 

A. Woodard.) Youngstown, O. 

Sheridan Williams Ehbman, B.L. 

Princ. of High School. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Matilda Louise Faibman, Ph.B. 

4744 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Chables Albert Fabnam, A.B., A.M. 

'97. Princ. of Peru Tp. High School. 

LaSalle, 111. 
Jane Estelle Field, A.B. 

Peekskill, N. Y. 
Adelbebt Howabd Finney, Ph.B., 
LL.B. and A.M. (Columbia) '99. 

46 W. 36th St., New York, N. Y. 
Obleana Amanda Fisheb, B.L. (Mrs. 
George B. McClellan.) 

Honolulu,, H. I. 
Leah Isabel Fowleb, B.L. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
James Joseph Fbanc, Ph.B., A.M. 
(Columbia) '97. Lawyer. 

43 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 
Stuabt Eugene Galbbatth, B.L., 
M.D. '99. Physician. Pontiac, Mich. 
' CoNBAD Geobo, A.B., M.D. '99. Phy- 
sician. Ann Arbor. 
Jessie Bebtha Gibbes, B.L. Music 

92 Edmund Place, Detroit, Mich. 
Neil Alexandeb Gilchbist, A.B., 
B.D. (Union Theo. Sem.) '01. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Gaylobd Wilson Gillis, B.L. Mer- 
chant. 69 Alfred St., Detroit, Mich. 
Cablotta Goldstone, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
ward W. Glynn.) Saginaw, Mich. 
Luman Websteb (tOodenough, B.L., 
LL.B. '98. Lawjer. Detroit, Mich. 
Thebesa Alvina Gbube, B.L. Teach- 
er in the Charlotte, Mich., High 
School. Ann Arbor. 

Walteb Chables Haioht, B.L., M.L. 
'98, I 96-97. Teacher. Aurora, 111. 
Flobence Mabelle Hallecv, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '98. Teacher in the High 
School. Calumet, Mich. 

Cabbie Adelaide Habdy, B.S. Stu- 
dent. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Emily Augustine Harpeb, Ph.B. 
733 St. Antoine St., Detroit, Mich. 
Jennie May Habvey, B.L. U. S. 
Pension Agency, Des Moines, Iowa. 
lONE Haydon, B.L. Decatur, Mich. 
Leslie Grant Hayes, A.B. Sec'y 
Y. M. C. A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Earle Raymond Hedbick, A.B., A.M. 
(Harvard) '98, Ph.D. (Gttttingen) 
1901. Instructor in Yale Univer- 
sity. New Haven, Conn. 
Joanna King Hempsted, B.L. Teach- 
er in the Western High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
TuBNEB Paul Hickey, A.B. Teacher. 
67 King Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Mathildb Hine, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Edwabd Mobton Holland, A.B. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Maboabetha Elise Cathebine Hobn, 
B.S. (Bio.) Teacher. 

335 Hubbard Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
EuBETTA Amelia Hoyles, A.B. Teach- 
er in Philippines. Manila, P. I. 


'98. La¥^er. Detroit, Mich. 

Mabion Cobnell Hunteb, B.L. Teach- 
er. White Plains, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Island, Ph.B. (Mrs. Ira 
A. Beddow. ) West Bay City, Mich. 
Ogden Jewell, A.B. 3d U. 8. V. En- 
gineer, 1898. Engineer. 

69 Medbury Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Edith Clemence Jones, B.L. (Mrs. 
Joseph M. Dietrich.) Racine, Wis. 
Helen Adeline Kelley, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Cadillac, Mich. 
Nell Kempf, Ph.B. (Mrs. Elmer H. 
Close.) Bronson Place, Toledo, 0. 
Ellen Ann Kennan, A.B., A.M. '97. 
Teacher in High School. 

Denver, Colo. 

Agnes Monica Kenny, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. Manistee, Mich. 

Edith May Kimball, Ph.B. Teacher. 

346 Islington St., Toledo, 0. 

Annie Sales Kibtland, B.L. (Mrs. 

James E. Kirtland.) Teacher. 

Ballard, Wash. 
James Ellswobth KiitTLAND, B.L. 
Princ. of High School. 

Ballard, Wash. 
Reinhold Knauth, A.B. 
•Fanny Elizabeth Langdon, B.S. 
(Bio.) M.S. '97. (See Faculties, p. 
EuBENB LaKowe, A.B., A.M. '98. 
Princ. of High School. 

Hancock, Mich. 




Bessie Barber Larrabee, A.B. Teach- 
er in Iowa State Coll. 

McGregor, Iowa. 

KiRKE Lathrop, B.L., I 96-97. 

190 La Fayette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Clare James LeRoy, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Petoskey, Mich. 
James Alfred LeRot, A.B. Sec*y 
of Philippine Commission. 

Manila, P. L 

William Adams Lewis, B.S., M.S. 
'97. Teacher in the High School. 

Rockford, 111. 
Dale Livingstone, A.B. Teacher. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Medor EwiNG IjOUISell, B.L., LL.B. 
'96. Lavi-yer. Frankfort, Mich. 

Walter Gill McCullouoii, B.L. 
lawyer. Troy, O. 

Margaret Katharine McGregor, 
Ph.B. (Mrs. William C. Manches- 
ter. ) 657 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

William DEXTtJi McKenzil\ A.B. 
Teacher. Austin, 111. 

Harriett Elvira McKinstry, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '97. Teacher in Lake Erie 
Coll. Painesville, O. 

•Lois Azubah McMahon, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '97, d. Ann Arbor, Sept. 3, 

Emma Josephine McMorran, Ph.B. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Charles Albert Manning, B.L. Jour- 
nalist. Saginaw, Mich. 
Agnes May Mason, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Streator, 111. 
William Maurice Mertz, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Georgien Emma Mogford, A.B. Teach- 
er. Jackson, Mich. 
Ida Belle Moore, A.B. Teacher in 
State Normal School. 

Mayville, N. Dak. 

Benjamin Lindley Murray, B.S. 

(Chem.), Ph.C. '91, B.S. (Phar.) 

'97. Chemist. With ]^ferr-k * Co. 

Univ. Place, New York, N. Y. 

Maidie Newton, Ph.B. Teacher in the 

High School. St. Johns, Mich. 

Charles Chesterfiei.d Nicola, B.S. 

(Bio.), M.D. '97. Physician. 

South Lancaster, Mass. 

Harry Davidson Nutt, A.B. Princ. 
of the High School. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Lauretta May O'Meara, B.L. Teach- 
er at Marinette, Wis. 

Marquette, Mich. 

Almerene M. Obsborn, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Alexander T. Montgomery.) 

Ionia, Mich. 
Frederick Arthur Osborn, Ph.B. 
i*rof. of Phvsics in Olivet C/oll. 

Olivet, Mich. 
Nina Howartu Paddock, B.L. Teach- 
er in Philippines. Manila, P. I. 


er in the High School. 

Romeo, Mich. 
Carl Copelaxd Parsons, A.B. 

Tacoma Bldg.. Chicacjo, 111. 
Bessie Chase Peek, B.L. Teacher. 

Oregon, 111. 
Mary McCreary Peters. Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Clayton A. Peters.) Edinboro, Pa* 
Frank Henry Petrie, A.B. Manu- 
facturer of copper products. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

CiiARix)TTE Elizabeth Pickett, B.S. 

(Bio.). Teacher. Davenport, Iowa. 

Jessie Chesebrough Porter, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

Marshall, Mich. 
Alice Maude Pound, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Western High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Ix)uis AI.BERT Pratt, B.L.. I 96-97. 
Publisher. Ann Arbor. 

James Hendry Prentiss, B.L. Secr^ 
of Alumni Asso., 1897-190L In- 
surance. Ann Arbor. 
Katharine Elizabeth Puncheon, 
B.L. Teacher. 
218 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Joseph Henry Quarles, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Artemas Wilson Riggs, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Louisiana, Mo. 
Pearl Ernestine Robinson, B.L. 
Teacher in the Kookford, 111.. High 
School. Liinsin^r, Mich. 
Allen Frank Rockwei.l, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Leslie, Mich. 
Alice Elbonore Roth man, Ph.B.. 
A.M. '01. Teacher in the High 
School. Ann ArlK>r. 
John Hiram Ruck man, B.S. Ex- 
aminer U. S. Patent Office. 

Washington. D. C. 
Frank Prather Sadler, A.B., LL.B. 
'98. La^\Ter. 

Ft. Dearborn Bldg.. Chicago, 111. 
George Howe St. Clair, B.S., LL.B. 
(Minnesota) '98. Lawyer. 

Duluth, Minn. 
J. Sterling St. John, B.L., LL.B. '98. 

9 W. 8th St., New York, N. Y. 




Adah Sanders, B.S. (Chem.) 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Harry Garr Schock, A.B., LL.B. '99. 

Lawyer. South Bend, Ind. 

James Herbert Scott, A.B. Teacher. 

St. £x)uis, Mich. 
Fanny May Seaver, B.L. Teacher. 

Harriaon, Mich. 
AiXEN Joshua Seney, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Ohio State) '99. Lavryer. 

Toledo, O. 
Sadie Eleanore Sheeuan, A.B. 
Teacher. Nilen, Mich. 

Charles Everett Skinner, B.L. 
Princ. of High School. DeKalb, 111. 
Lewis Conrad Sleeper, Ph.B. Pub- 
lisher. Elm City, N. C. 
Chilton Rupert Stearns, A.B., A.M. 
(Trinity Univ.) '97. P. E. clcrg>- 
man. Lebanon, Mo. 
Bessie Bingham Stevens, A.B., A.M. 
'97. (Mrs. Ed\i'in S. Bartlett.) 

Sharon, Pa. 

Ada Stewart, A.B. Teacher in the 

High School. Peoria, 111. 

Duane Rked STUAirr, A.B., Ph.D. '01. 

(See Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

•Susan Lavinia Stoner, B.L., d. 

Denver, Colo., Nov. 4, 1898. 
Grace Delafield Stubges, Ph.B. 
( Mrs. Reginald G. R. Came. ) 

246 N. 64th Ave., Oak Park, HI. 

James Wellinqs Stubgis, A.B., A.M. 

'97. Teacher in Univ. of Oklahoma. 

Norman, Okl. 
William Warren Taylor, B.S., M.D. 
(Minnesota) 1900. Physician. 
Asbury Hosp., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Darling Zena Thompson, B.L. Teach- 
er and bookkeeper. 

Lake Charles, La. 
WILLLA.M Harold Thompson, Ph.B., 
LL.B. *95. Lawyer. 

Alexandria, Minn. 
Walter Hannibal Thorp, Ph.B. 
Manufacturer. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lizzie Tbebilcox, A.B. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
George Tupper, B.S. (Bio.), m 90-98, 
M.D. (N. W. Univ.) '99. Physician. 
Passavant Hosp., Chicago, 111. 
Alonzo Hubebt Tuttle, A.B. In- 
structor in American History in 
Ohio State Univ. Columbus, 0. 

Ruth Moorhead Tuttle, Ph.B. 

Niles, Mich. 
Horace Hill Van Tutl, Ph.B. Sta- 
tioner. Detroit, Mich. 
Claude Halsteao Van Tyne, A.B. 
'97 (nunc pro tunc), Ph.D. (Univ. 

of Pa.) 1900. Fellow in Am. Hist. 

1737 Aberdeen St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Irving Vincent, B.L. Civil 

Engineer. Yale. Mich. 

•Lillian May Volland, B.L., d. Ann 

Arbor, Aug. 27, 1900. 
Herbert Sebring Vooruees, A.B. 

Princ. of Schools. 

Schoolcraft, Mich. 
Hadley Horton Walcii, A.B., LL.B. 

'9G. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
*Emma Frances Wald, Ph.B., d. Bay 

City, Mich., Jan. 9, 1899. 
Louis Carlisle Walker, B.S. Manu- 
facturer. Muskegon, Ifich. 
•Agnes Mary Warren, Ph.B., d. Ann 

Arbor, Aug. 20, 1897. 
Christian Frederich Weiser, A.B. 

Teacher in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Francis Henry Wkssels, A.B., m 

93-95. Physician. 

Claremont Sanitarium, 
Cape Town, S. Africa. 
Bessie May Whitehead, B.L. (Mrs. 

Charles H. Buck.) Winona, Minn. 
Lloyd Charles Whitman, A.B., 

LL.B. '98. Lawyer. 

95 W^aahington St., Chicago, 111. 
Jesse Elon Whitsit, B.S. Teacher 

in Chicago High School. Ann Arbor. 
Robert Harvey Whitten, B.L., Ph.D. 

(Columbia) *98. Assist. State Li- 
brarian. Albany, N. Y. 
Eva Amelia Wier, A.B. 

Carrin^^on, N. Dak. 

Willis Hamel Wilcox, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'98. Teacher. Elva, Mch. 

Katherine D. Wiltsie, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the W^estern High School. 

(179) Detroit, Mich. 


KoMANZo Colfax Adams, Ph.B., 
Ph.M. '98. Teacher. 

Bloomingdale, Wis. 

Lewis Bubton Alger, Ph.B. Teacher. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Bayard Hoyt Ames, A.B., LL.B. (N. 

Y. Law School ) *99. Lawyer. 

141 W. 118th St., New York, N, Y. 

Mary Josephine Anderson, B.L. 

Teacher in the State Normal School. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Nellie Florence Anderson, Ph.B. 

Vincent. Iowa. 

Stephen Cone Babcock, B.S. ( Chem. ) . 
Chemist. Peru, Ind. 




Geoboia FABBAin) Baoon, B.S. (Bio.)* 

Princ. Ijniv. Elementary School, 

Chicago. Pontiac, Mich. 

Frederick Charles Ballard, A.B., 

LL.B. *99. Lawyer. 

Sanilac Centre, Mich. 
Grace Fran auer Bammel, B.L. Teach- 
er. 1133 3d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Martha White Bancker, A.B. Teach- 
er. Jackson, Mich. 
Rush Banks, B.L., M.D. '01. 

Uniontown, Wash. 

Bertha Emilt Barber, A.B. Teacher 

in Wyandotte, Mich., High School. 

Norwalk, O. 
Ida Lbora Barber, A.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

BiART Bartol, A.B., A.B. (Bticknell) 

'94, A.M. (iUd) '95, Ph.D. (Univ. 

of Pa.) *99. Instructor in Greek 

and Latin in Rockford Coll. 

Rockford, 111. 

Elmer Sereno Bassett, B.S. Private 

34th Mich. Inf. 1898. Saline, Mich. 

Edgar Bates, B.S. (Bio.), M.D. 1900, 

Physician in Indian Service. 

Nettle Lake, O. 
Edwin Jenison Bement, Ph.B. Man- 
ufacturer. Lansing, Mich. 
Boyd Bode, A.B., A.B. (Penn) '96, 
Ph.D. (Cornell) 1900. Teacher. 

Parkersburg, Iowa. 
Ivaleta Boice, Ph.B. (Mrs. Boone 
Gross. ) 

Hotel del Prado, Chicago, 111. 
Maurice Buford Bonta, B.S. (Bio.), 
A.B. (Ky. Wesl.) '94. Medical Stu- 
dent. Harrodsburg, Ky. 
Mabel Bosworth, A.B. (Mrs. Galen 
G. Crozier.) Missionary. 

Tura, Assam, India. 
Robert Collyer Bourland, A.B., 
M.D. '99. (See Faculties, p. 28.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Eva May Bowen, B.S. ( Bio. ) . Teach- 
er. Marathon, O. 
Charles Daniel Brandriff, B.L. 
Bookkeeper, C. & N. W. Ry. 

Chicago, 111. 

Louise Marks Breitenbacii, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the Home and Day 

School. Detroit, Mich. 

Ima Gould Briggs, Ph.B. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Edward Thomas Brown, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Wolcott, N. Y. 
James Lehi Brown, B.S. Teacher. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah. 

Sara Spencer Browne, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Shirley W. Smith.) Ann Arbor. 

Myrtle May Bruner, B.L. 

Wabash, Ind. 

Ray Haddock Burrell, B.L., MJ>. 
1900. Physician. Ashland, Neb. 

Juliet Morton Butler, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.S. '98. (Mrs. John B. Johnston.) 

Morgantown, W. Va. 

May Morton Butler, B.S. Teacher 
in the High School. Riverside, 111. 

Orma Fitch Butler, A.B., A.M. '01. 
Princ. of High School. 

Harvard, 111. 

Frederick Magnus Butzel, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Alrert Alexis Campbell, A.B. Teach- 
er in the Peru, Ind., High School. 

Leiters Ford, Ind. 

Roy Bishop Canfield, A.B., M.D. '99. 
Surg. Mass. Charity Eye and Ear 
Infirmary.. Boston, Mass. 

Laura Augusta Carpenter, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Charles Frisbie Chubb, Ph.B. Real 
estate and insurance. Sewickley, Pa. 

Harry Arthur Cole, B.L. With 
Lyon & Healy. 

4623 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Willis Gurdon Cook, B.S., M.D. '99. 
Physician. Fort Worth, Tex. 

Paul A. CowGiLL, B.S. (Bio.). Supt. 
of Schools. Michigan City, Ind. 

John Robert Crouse, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Electric Bldg., 

Cleveland, O. 

Karl Gustave Dahlstrom, B.L. 
Stock-broker. Ishpeming, Mich. 

Henrietta Marian D alley, Ph.B., 
Ph.B. (McKendree) '95. M.S. (ibid) 
'96. Teacher in N. W. High School 

Chicago, 111. 

Effie Lynch Danforth, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in New York City. Ann Arbor. 

Horace Warren Danforth, B.L., 
LL.B. 1900. Lawyer. Denver, Colo. 

Robert Louis Dean, B.L., LL.B. (111. 
Coll. of Law) '99. Lumberman. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Samuel Hanson Dowden, Ph.B. Law 
student. Greensburg, Ind. 

Anne Stuart Duncan, B.L. Teacher. 

Au Sable, Mich. 

Harold Hunter Emmons, A.B., LL.B. 
'99. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich 

Mary Louise Engelhard, B.L. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Amelia Tertia Farnsworth, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Omaha, Neb. 




GusTAVE Herman Febbebt, Ph.B., I 
97-09. 315 Starkweather St., 

Cleveland, 0. 
Oceana Febbey, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Lansing, Mich. 
*Bebtha May Fish, Ph.B., d. Thorn- 
ton, Mich., Dec. 30, 1899. 
Dora Clementine Fishes, Ph.B. 
Kindergartener. Durango, Mexico. 
Ella May Fitch, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Aberdeen, S. Dak. 
James Harmon Flinn, B.L., e 92-93, 
LL.B. (Detroit) '99. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frances Alma Fosteb, B.L. Teacher 
in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Homes Reofield Fosteb, Ph.B., M.S. 
*98. Prof, of Botany in the Univ. 
of Washington, 1898-. 

Seattle, Wash. 
CoLMAN Dudley Fbank, Ph.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 27.) Instructor in 
French and Spanish in Normal and 
High School at St. Louis, Mo., 1899- 
1901. Ann Arbor. 

Gboboe Ebnest Fbazeb, A.B. Manu- 
facturer. Flint, Mich. 
Bdwabd Fbancis Gee, Ph.B. Supt. of 
Schools. Reed City, Mich. 
Faith Holt Gilbebt, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Franklin C. Parker.) Ann Arbor. 
William Henby Gleysteen, A.B. 
Theological student. Alton, Iowa. 
Fbank Hamsheb, A.B. Princ. of 
High School. Decatur, 111. 
Edwin Bbet Hast, B.S. (Chem.). 
Chemist at Experimental Sta. 

Geneva, N. Y. 
Nellie Myba Hayes, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher in the High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
DosoAS Hedden, B.L. Teacher. 

Charlton, N. Y. 

Gboboe Fbedebick Heffei^oweb, 
A.B., A.M. '98. Student in Paris, 
France. Delta, O. 

James Heggie, B.S. (Chem.). Chem- 
ist to Am. Smelting and Refining 
Co. Pueblo, Colo. 

Annie Louise Hill, A.B., A.M. 1898. 
(Mrs. Edward D. Wisely.) 

Port Richmond, N. Y. 
Is ADOBE Leon Hill, A.B., M.D. (De- 
troit Coll. of Med. ) '99. Physician. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Ida Mabel Hododon, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Kansas City, Kan. 

Julia Mott Hodqe, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Ajuburn, Ind. 

Edna Mabie Holbbook, B.S. Prine. 
of High School. South Haven, Mich. 

Bebton James Howabd, B.S. Dept. 
of Agr. Washington, D. C. 

Leonidas Hubbabd, B.L. Journalist. 

Wurtsboro, N. Y. 

Chables Pabkyn Hulos, A.B., A.B. 
(Hillsadel) '95. County Commis- 
sioner of Schools. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Edwin Haynes Humphbey, B.L. Pub- 
lisher. Detroit, Mich. 

DeWitt Clinton Huntoon, B.L., 
1900 (nunc pro tunc), B.S. *98, m 
98-00. Waterford, Mich. 

*Habbison Clabke Jackson, B.L., d. 
Chicago, 111., July 22, 1899. 

Lambebt Lincoln Jackson, A3., 
A.M. '99. Teacher. Brockport, N. Y. 

Geoboe Dabwin Jennings, B.8. 
(Bio.), M.D. (N. W. Univ.) *99. 
Physician. Texas City, Tex. 

Gbace Wheeleb Jennings, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School at Tiffin, 
0. Toledo, O. 

John Blaine Keating, B.S. (Chem.), 
e 95-96. Chemist. Helena, Mon. 
Jessie Keith, A.B. Teacher. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Edna Baldwin Kenton, A.B. Teach- 
er. Jacksonville, 111. 

Annie Dorcas Kimlin, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles K. Carpenter.) 

Pecatonica, 111. 

William Abchie Kishpaugh, A.B. 

Clergyman. Seymour Lake, Mich. 
Belle Kbolik, Ph.B. (Mrs. David 


513 Brush St., Detroit, Mich. 
Gbace Lobd Lamb, B.L., M.L. '98. 

Erie, Pa. 
Clabence Haskell Landeb, B.S. 

(Bio.). Teacher in the Central 

High School. Cleveland, O. 

Max Barth Levitt, A.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapida, Mich. 
Alva Eden Lyon, B.L. Farmer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Theodobb Chables Lyster, Ph.B., 
M.D. *99. ActingAssist. Surg. U. 
S. A. Washington, D. C. 

John Hancock McClellan, A.B., 
A.M. *99. Instructor in ZoSlogy in 
the Univ. of Illinois, 1899-1900. 

Lexington, Ky. 

John Bboweb McCbeeby, A.B. Theo- 
logical student. Northfield, Minn. 




\L McElbot, B.S. (Chem.), 

BS. Mi/h. Agr. Coll.i '93. Supt. 

f/l ^rhffA**, Tlirf^ Rivers, Mich. 

Katir KiJZABmi McFadzean, Ph.B. 

T«:a/;h#;r in the High School. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
^VHAS Lai;ra McKee, A.B. (Mrs. 
H/.Urt W. Hyde.) 

37H r'h«-!»tniJt St., Chicago, HI. 
A.Y.*iA Thomr McLauciilan, A.B. 
fMrt. VVilmer S. Lehman.) Mi»- 
ni'/fja ry. 

Bflitanga, Kanieriin, VV. Africa. 

UrHttKta lifMiKRH Marlatt, A.B., 

LL.H. 'im. lawyer. 

LincjAn Trurtt Hldg., St. £x)uiH, Mo. 

WiujASf .Makhiiall, B.S., M.S. '98. 

/.*•*!*• FacuItitTH, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Auj^.s lUwii .Martin, B.S. Teacher. 

iiiverhide, Cal. 

KuvAM) Hiram Storm h Martin, 
I'h. B., LL.B. (N. W. Univ.) W. 
Ijawyor. Tai'oma Blii;^.. (■liica;ro. HI. 

AiiTiLPii Marx, A.B., A.M. 
(Cincinnati) 1000. Supt. of the 
Council of the Educational Alli- 

300 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Ralph Clark Mason, B.L. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Stanley M Matthews, B.L., LL.B. 
'99. Lawyer. 
N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Grace Grieve Millard, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in Oak Park, 111., High School. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Arm AND Rudolph Miller, B.S. 
(Chem.). Instructor in VVestem 
Dent. Coll. Kansas City, Mo. 

Norman J Miixer, B.S. ( Bio. ) . Princ. 
of Schools. Carleton, Neb. 

William August Mogk, A.B., M.D. 
'98. Physician. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Hi'nraiT Mooney, B.L. 

($057 Yale Avo., ChicasTO, 111. 

Julia Louise Morey, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Central High School. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Benjamin Carl Morse, B.L. Lum- 
berman. Winthrop, Ark. 

Victor Alphonso George Murrell, 
B.L., LL.B. '96, LL.M. '97. Law- 
yer. Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 

Wn.i.iAM WiLMON Newcomb, B.S. 
(Bio.), M.D. 1900. Physician at 
Worcester Insane Hosp. 

Worcester, Mass. 

Martin William Numbers, Ph.B.. 
Princ. of Schools. Defiance, 0. 

Clinton Samuel Osbobn, A.B. Teach- 
er. 62 Grand Are,, 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Belle Lucinda Otis, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Clarence C. Middleswart.) 

Marietta, O. 

Marion Adelia Otis, A.B. (Mrs. Mel- 

Wn P. Porter.) Buffalo, N.Y. 

CiiARixs Brainerd Paddock, B.S., 

LL.B. *01. Lawyer. Wichita, Kan. 

Edna Littlefield Paddock, B.S. 

Teacher. Coldwater, Mich. 

Milton Ray Parmelek, B.L. Supt. 

of Schools. Charlotte, Mich. 

Alice Cary Patten, Ph.B. Teacher 

in Northern State Normal School. 

DeKalb. 111. 
Habrt G. Palx, A.B. Princ. of Hiffb 
School. Escanaba, Mich. 

Inez Christ abel Pebbin, A.B. 

493 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John H Petrie, B.L. Teacher in the 
Academy of N. W. Univ. 

Evanston, 111. 
.fULiA Pike, Ph.B. 

Grand Rapids. Mich. 
Lewis Clark Plant, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Bradley Polytechnic Inst. 

Peoria, 111. 
Klaas Poppen, Ph.B., B.D. (Prince- 
ton) 1900. Clergyman. 

Englewood, N. J. 
Dorothy Belle Poppy, A.B. Teacher. 

Kendallville, Ind. 
William Gilbert Po>'ey, B.L., M.D. 
'99. Physician. 

324 \W. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Jennie May Price, Ph.B. Teacher. 

709 Washington St., Jackson, Mich. 
Floyd Hamilton Randall, B.S. 
(Bio.), M.D. '99. Physician. 

W. Bay City. Mich. 
Orlando Sciiairer Reimold, A.B. 
Teacher in Philippines. 

Manila, P. I. 
Minerva Bei.le Khines, B.L. Teacher 
in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Herbert Mattesox Rich. B.L., M.D. 
'01. Lake Geneva. Wis. 

William Baiuiett Rich, Ph.B. 

6510 Harvard Ave., Chicago, Hi. 

John Frederick Riemax, B.S. Supt. 

of Schools. Goshen, Ind. 

Charlotte Jeannette Roberts, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Louise Lunsford Lovixo Roberts, 
Ph.B. (Mrs. Arthur C. Roberts.) 

Galesburg, 111. 




Ellen Chapin Rogebs, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Columbus, O., High School. 
327 Lyon St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Curt Rosenow, B.S. ( Chem. ) . Chem- 
ist with Cudahy Packing Co. 

Peoria, 111. 
Bbuno Ltonel Schusteb., B.S., m 
94-96, M.D. (Jefferson) '98. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Murray Matwood Sears, B.S., M.D. 
'96, M.D. (h) '97. Physician. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Henrt Ormal Severance, A.B., A.M. 
'99. Assistant in the General 
Library of the University. 

Ann Arbor. 

JoBN Rawlins Sheean, Ph.B., LL.B. 
(Georgetown, D. C.) '99. liaw and 
Alining. Nome, Alaska. 

Bertha Marion Sherwood, B.S. 
( Bio. ) . ( Mrs. Charles E. Lahman. ) 

Stillwater, Okl. 

Joseph Sill, A.B., M.D. '99. Phy- 

870 Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
EIathartne Griffith Sleneau, A.B., 
A.M. '98. Jackson, Mich. 

Arthur Maurice Smith, Ph.B. Jour- 
nalist. Chamber of Commerce, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Hervet Montgomery Smith, A.B., 
LL.B. '99. Lawyer. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Jessie Hunter Smith, A.B. (Mrs. 
William R. Bagley.) Duluth, \linn. 

Shirley Wheeler Smith, B.L., A.M. 
1900. (See Faculties, p. 27.) 

Ann Arbor. 

John Cecil Spauldino, A.B., I 97-08, 
LL.B. (Columbian Univ.) '99, 
LL.M. {ibid) 1900. Clerk in Treas- 
ury Department. Washington, D.C. 

Clinton George Stewart, A.B. Teach- 
er. Newark, O. 

Frank Adams Stivers, B.L., LL.B. 
'95. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Albert Henry Stoneman, A.B., B.D. 
(Andover) 1900. Cong, clergyman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Martha Theresa Sturois, B.L. Princ. 
of High School at St. Clair, Mich. 

124 35th St., Chicago, 111. 

Edson Read Sunderland, A.6., A.M. 
'98, LL.B. '01. (See Facultie«, p. 
28.) Ann Arlwr. 

Richard Huss Sutphen, A.B., LL.B. 
1900. Lawyer. Defiance, O. 

Qboroe Robert Swain, A.B. Princ. 
of High School. Bay City, Mich. 

Frederick Tyndall Swan, A.B., A.M. 
'98. Classical Instructor in Tome 
School at Pt. Deposit, Md., 1898- 
1901. Student. I'otadam, N. Y. 

Ralph Cone Taggart, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Lewis Institute. 

Chicago, 111. 
Wesley Ewing Taylor, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '99. Physician. 

Wheele'rsbur^, O. 
Ida Bell Tenney, A.B., A.M. (Den- 
ver) '99. Teacher. Troy, 0. 
Firman Thompson, B.S. (Chem.). 
Chemist at Sugar Station. 

Honolulu, H. I. 
Mary Maclean Thompson. B.L., 
A.M. 1900. Teacher at Iron Moun- 
tain, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. 
Lillian Medora Tompkins, A.B. ( Mrs. 
Willard P. Parsons.) 

27 William St., New York, N. Y. 
Sidney Beach Tremble, B.L. Banker. 

Chicago, 111. 
Frederick Max Tschirner, B.S., 
Ph.D. (Munich) '99. Chemist. 
3 George St., Manchester, England. 
MoNNA Julia Tucker, B.L. 

59 Croxted Road, Heme Hill, S. E., 

London, England. 
Paul Haiiold Vernor, AAi. Princ. of 
High School. Marsliall. Mich. 

Grace Bunting Wallace, A.B. Teach- 
er. Port Huron, Mich. 
NEI.LIE Margaret Walters, B.L. 
(Mrs. Herman B. Krogman.) 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
Charles Lee Watson, A.B., LL.B. 
1900. Lawyer. Telluride, Colo. 

Stella Westcott, A.B. Teacher. 

May wood. 111. 

Sa&a Louise Wheeler, A.B. Teacher. 

832 Reed St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Jennie Patterson White, Ph.B., 

A.M. '01. Teacher in Pueblo. Colo., 

High School. 112 Roanoke St., 

Peoria, 111. 

Roland Dare Whitman, A.B., LL.B. 

'99. Lawyer. 

Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 

Frances Sarah Wilcox, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

John B. Keating.) Winthrop, Cal. 

Benjamin George Wilkinson, A.B. 

Teacher. College View, Neb. 

Theresa Gertrude Williamson. B.S., 

A.M. '01. Teacher in St. Mary's 

School. 8 E. 4fith St., 

New York. N. Y. 
Jean Watson Wilson, B.L. Teacher 
in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 




Mae Woldt, B.S. Teacher. 

829 Fletcher Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

John David Wombacheb, B.S. 
(Chem.). With the Illinois Steel 
Ck). Joliet, 111. 


Lawyer. Clinton, Wis. 

Jedediah Fobs Woolley, B.L. Teach- 
er. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Daniel Hubbabd Wright, B.L. Teach- 
er. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Elizabeth Zahner, B.S. Teacher 
in the High School. 

(193) Saginaw, Mich. 


George Henbt Allen A.B., A.M. '99. 
Student in Home, Italy. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Mart Irene Amidon, B.L. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Julia Morehouse Angell,B.L. Teach- 
er. 3615 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Benton Arbaugu, A.B., 
A.B. (Scio Coll.) '96. Princ. of 
High School. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

John Auer, B.S. (Bio.). Medical 

4546 Vincennes Ave., CJhicago, 111. 
Frederick Clark Averill, Ph.B. 
A.M. (Columbia) 1900. Law Stu- 
dent. Toledo, Ohio. 
Lois LeBaron Avery, B.L. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Standish Backus, A.B., I 98-99. 

51 Ferry Ave., Detroit, Midi. 

Theodore Bacmeister, A.B., M.D. 

1900. Physician. Chicagfo, 111. 

Naomi Ashley Bailey, A.B. Teacher. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Anna Mary Baker, B.L., M.L. *99. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Ida Lavinia Baker, A.B. Teacher 

in the High School. Sandusky, O. 

Edna Lenore Ballard, A.B., A.M. 

1900. 835 Tappan St., Ann Arbor. 

Caroline Bary, Ph.B. (Mrs. William 

W. Wood.) 131 Greenwood Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Sophie Estelle Batchelder, Ph.B. 

Teacher. The Champ, Cleveland, 0. 

Harriet Elizabeth Beard, A.B. 

Teacher in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Lillian Marion Bioham, A.B., m 
98-99. Literary work. 
6807 Wellesley Ave., Pitteburgh, Pa. 

Irene Martha Blanchabd, A.B. 
Teacher in the State Normal Uniy. 

Normal, 111. 

Egbert Boone, A.B., A.B. (Hope) 

'97. Farmer. Holland, Mich. 

Eva Bothe, B.L. Teacher in the High 

School. West Bay City, Midi. 

Clara Louisa Botsford, B.L. Social 

settlement work at 140 N. Union. 

St., Chicago. Plainwell, Mich. 

Alice May Boutell, Ph.B. 

423 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Gertrude Adei.e Boynton, B.L. 

Teacher at LaGrange, HL 

447 Lake Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bert John Bradner, B.L., LL.B. '99. 

Lawyer. The Temple, Chicago, III. 

Bertha Brainerd, B.L. Teacher in 

the High School. Pueblo, Colo. 

Esther Braley, A.B. Student. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 
Laura Baker Broomall, B.S. Teach- 
er. Cheyney, Pa. 
Katherine Holland Brown, B.L. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Quincy, 111. 
Julian Eugene Buchanan, B.S. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Delia Edith Bullock, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Howell, Mich. 
Charles William Burrows, A.B., 
A.M. '01. 1080 Warren Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Ward Burton, B.L. Ab- 
stractor. Detroit, Mich. 
Harriet Edwina Bushnell, B.L. 
(Mrs. H. Montgomery Smith.) 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

John Edward Butler, B.L. Supt. of 
Schools. Bessemer, Mich. 

Allan Campbell, A.B. Teacher in 
the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Francis Carey, A.B. Theo- 
logical student. LaGrange, 111. 

William Ransom Carpenter, Ph.B. 
With Western Electric Co. 

Chicago, IIL 

KmiE Anna Clarke, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Harvey N. Peck.) Leslie, Mich. 

George Frank Clukey, B.L. Teacher. 

Spokane, Wash. 

Byron Henry Coon, Ph.B., LL.B. 
1900. Lawyer. Joplin, Mo. 

Adriel Alanson Crawford, Ph.B. 
Private 31st Mich Inf. 1898. Jour- 
nalist. Owosso, Mich. 




Fraitk ELifEB Creaset, B.L. Teach- 
er. Three Rivers, Mich. 

Robert Southgate Danforth, A.B. 
Bookkeeper. Palmer, Mich. 

Albertus Darnell, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Datio Lake Davoll, B.S. (Ghem.), 
Ph.G. '93. Chemist to Peninsular 
Sugar Refining Co. Caro, Mich. 

Ralph Benedict Dean, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Pontiac, Mich. 

Mart Elise DeVent, B.L. Teacher. 
2642 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Julian Geoboe Dickinson, Ph.B., 
LL.B. (Univ. Colo.) '99. Lawyer. 

Denver, Colo. 

John Dieterle, A.B., A.M. '01. (See 
Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Fred Leslie Divine, B.L. Law Stu- 
dent. 866 Walnut St., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Jacob Dovel, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'01. Lawyer. Manistee, Mich. 

Elizabeth Webster Eaton, Ph.B. 
Teacher in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Palmyra, N. Y. 

Howard Edwin Enders, B.S. Teach- 
er. Elizabethville, Pa. 

Charles Henrt Farrell, Ph.B. Supt. 
of Schools. NashWlle, Mich. 

Fannie Jessie Felver, Ph.B. 

Williamsburg, Iowa. 

Rebecca Elizabeth Finch, A.B. 
(Mrs. Elbert S. Boughton.) 

N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Emilib Agnes Flintermann, Ph.B. 
Instructor in German at Mt. Holy- 
oke Coll. South Hadley, Mass. 

Archibald Alexander Forshee, B.L. 
Theological student. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Jacob Lincoln Freud, B.L. Travel- 
ing Salesman. 80 High St., E., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Eliza Ellen Fyan, A.B. Teacher in 
the High School. 

Port Huron, lUch 

Christian Frederick Gauss, A.B. 
A.M. '99. (See Faculties, p. 28.) 

South Betbleheni. Pa. 
Harriet Louise George, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles J. Humphrey.) 

Wellington,Kan . 

Julia Emma Geitemy, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. Mohne. 111. 

Grace Fanny Goodman, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Paul A. Simonds.) 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Alice Mary Graham, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. I^ake Linden, Mich. 

Jessie Scotf Gregg, B.L. Ann Arbor. 

Augustus Ernest Guenther, B.S. 
( Bio. ) , e 95-96, m 98-99. 

Ann Arbor. 

Walter David Had^its, A.B., A.M. 
'99. Teacher. 
18 Montcalm St., E., Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence Robert Hanes, A.B. Farm- 
er. Schoolcraft, Mich. 

Hanna Hansen, A.B. Teacher in the 
High School. Elgin, 111. 

Charles LeRoy Harlan, Ph.B. Jour- 
nalist. Atlantic, Iowa. 

HARRiinTE Ellen Harlan, A.B. 
(Mrs. Albert H. Stoneman.) 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Matilda Agnes Harrington, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 

Julian Hartwell Harris, A.B. Law- 
yer. Detroit,Mich. 

William Everett Hartman, B.S. 
( Chem. ) . Supt. of Gas Co. 

Elalamazoo, Mich. 

Minnie Mae Hathaway, A.B. Teach- 
er. Binghampton, N. Y. 

Henry Thomas Heald, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Harry Helfman, A.B., LL.B. 1900. 
Lavryer. Detroit, Mich. 

Mary Caroline Henderson, A.B. 
Teacher. Benson, Minn. 

Grace Asenath Hendrickson, B.L. 
(Mrs. Homer R. Foster.) 

Seattle, Wash. 

George David Kerr Hendry, B.S. 
( Bio. ) , m 93-94. Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Dwioiit Herrick,A.B.,LL.B. 
(Detroit) 1900. Lawver. 

Oak Park, 111. 

Henry William Hess, B.S., M.S. '99. 

Chemist with Toledo Gas Li^ht & 

Coke Co. Toledo, O. 

Rose May Cranston Hess, Ph.B. 

(Mrs. Frank H. Hess.) 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
WnxiAM Hugh Hess, B.S. (Cliem.), 
M.S. '99, Chemist. 

Jonesville, Mich. 
Eva Jane Hnx, A.B. Teacher in Mil- 
waukee-Downer Coll., Milwaukee, 
Wis. 3520 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Mary Etta Uipple, A.B. Teacher. 

St. Charles, 111. 
Dohsey Reno Hoppe, B.L., LL.B. *01. 

Chelsea, Mich. 

Arthur Miller Hovey, B.L. Map 
publisher. 116 Adams St., 

Chicago, 111. 




Helen Grace Hunter, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Williaraston, Mich. 
Fritz C'arletox Hyde, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. 1900. Physician. 

(rrand Rapids, Mich. 
Paul Phelps Tnuiiam, A.B. With 
Mitchen-McCluro Lhr. Co. 

Diiliith, Minn. 
Helen Amelia Irland, I'h.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

West Bay City, Mich. 
Harriet Edith Jenkinson. Ph.B. *99 
(nunc pro tunc). (Mrs. William F. 
Bull.) 509 Waller St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 


of High School at LewiHtown, 111. 

Petersburg, Mich. 

Hannah Emily Keith, B.L., M.L. 
'99. Teacher. Terre Haute, Ind. 

Carl Sears Kennedy, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. 1000. Private 3l8t Mich. Inf., 
1898. Physician. 

710 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Kennedy, B.L. 
Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Ann Eliza Kimball. Ph.B. Toju-her. 
U22 John R St., Detroit, Midi. 

Linus Edwin Kimmel, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School at Coldwater, 
Mich. Kendallville, Ind. 

Thad Johnson Knapp, Ph.B. Stu- 
dent in Teacher.-*' (V)llc<:o. Columbia 
Univ. Arlinjrton, X. J. 

Stuart Edwin Knappen, A.B. Law 
Student. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

•Emma Frances Knight, A.B., d. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., May 20, 1900. 

IjOUIs Alvin Kreis. B.L., LL.B. '01. 
Price Hill, Cincinnati, O. 

Franklin Heady Lamb, B.S., m 
98-99. Medical Student. 

Glendale, O. 

Stephen Herbert Langdon, A.B., 
A.M. '90. County School Commis- 
sioner. Monroe, Mich. 

Robert Voitng Larned, Ph.B. Mer- 
chant. Lansing, Mich. 

John Edward Lawless, B.L. Mer- 
chant. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Erie Maude Layton, A.B. Teacher. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Burton Edward Livingston, B.S. 
(Bio.). Teacher. 310 Sheldon St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Mabel Gertrude Loder, B.S. Teacher 
in Birmingham, Mich., High School. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

Henry Kimball Loud, A.B. Seaman. 

U. S. S. Yoaemite, 1898. Lumber- 
man. Au Sable, Mich. 
GEOitoE Bruckner Lowbib,B.S. ( Bio. ) , 

M.D. (Detroit) 1900. PhysidaiL 

Detrmt, Mich. 
C'ARL Emil McAlvay, Ph.' B. Teacher 

in High School. Manistee, Mich. 
Susan NE Onins Macaxtlet, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lewis Wilson McCandixbs. A.B., 

JjLM. '01. N. Y. Life Bldg., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Emily Mabel McCune, A.B. (Mrs. 

Herlx^rt J. Goulding. ) Ann Arbor. 
Herbert McCutchbon, B.L. Supt. of 

Scliools. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Pearl McDonald, A.B. Teacher in 

Houghton, Mich., High School. 

Ashland, O. 
Norman King McInnis, A.B., A.M. 

'99. Student. Saginaw, Midi. 

.1 ESSIE Marion Mack, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Guy V. Hardy.) Canon City, Colo. 
Robert Parker McMaster, Ph.B. 

Mining in Alu.<ika. Dowagiac, Mich. 
Elizabeth Mac Neil, B.L. 1901 fiwno 

pro tunc). Pontioc, Mich. 

Irving Alvin Maltby, A.B. Cedar 

luml>cr. Bay City, Mich. 

Helen ^Iarquakdt, B.L. Teacher at 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
Esther Hewitt Marsh, A.B., A.B. 

(Alma) '94. Teacher in the Hi^h 

School. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

George Franklin Mead, Ph.B., LL.B. 

(Detroit) 1900. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
James Leonard Mee, B.S. (Chem.). 

Chemist with National Metal Co. 

Guadalajara, Mex. 

Frances Harvey Merrill, Ph.B. 
Teacher at William.ston, Mich. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Guy Alonzo Miller, A.B., LL.B. 
1900. La^\Tcr. 

40 Pitcher St., Detroit, Mich. 

Vincent CrTiiBEirr Mooney, B.L., 
LL.B. (Chicago Coll. of I^w) 1900. 
4820 Forrestville Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Minnie May Moore, Ph.B. Teacher 
at Santa Ana, Cal. Rockford, Iowa. 

Warren Pearl Morrill, Ph.B. Pri- 
vate 32d Mich. inf. 189S. Fruit- 
grower. Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Earl Herbert Morris, Ph.B. Medi- 
cal student. Bellbrcok, O. 




OscAB Reut Mtebs, Ph.B., Ph.M. '99. 
Instructor in English and Modem 
Languages in Mt. Morris Coll. 

Mt. Morris, 111. 
Aucx Nash, B.L. Teacher. 

80 Howard St., Detroit, Mich. 
Ralph Eells Newton, B.S., C,E. *01. 
Civil engineer. P. O. Box 1098, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bdla Maud Nilbs, Ph.B. Teacher in 

the High School at Petoskey, Mich. 

Ann Arbor. 
Walton Edwabd Nims, A.B. Clerk. 

Harbor Beach, Mich. 
Albest Noobdewieb, B.S., M.I). '01. 
Physician. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
SoHUYLEB Seaoab Olds, Ph.B., { 
98-99. Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 
Albebt Oscab Olson, B.L. Law Stu- 
dent. 1482 Wellington Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

AwitATTAv^ LiNOOLN Osgood, A.B. 

Teacher. Pittsfiel d, N. H. 

Henbt Hall Pabks, B.L., M.S. 1900. 

Teacher. Sycamore, 111. 

John Leon Pabkeb, B.S., M.D. '99. 

Physician. Charles City, Iowa. 

John Mabshall Pabkeb, B.L., LL.B. 

1900. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

Susan Fbanoes Pattebson, A.B. 

Teacher. 308 4th St., Detroit, Mich. 

M ABO ABET Van Ness Phelps, B.L. 

Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Paul Monboe Pilcheb, B.S. (Bio.), 

A.M. (Columbia) 1900. M.D. (ibid) 

1900. Physician. 

145 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Flobengb Helen Pomebot, B.L. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Gbacb Tbowbbidge Potteb, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Rockford, 111. 
Nathan S Potteb, B.S. Private 31st 
Mich. Inf. 1898. Chemist with Pe- 
ninsular Portland Cement Co. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Josephine Pebbt Powell, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Harry J. Hornbogen.) 

Marquette, Mich. 
Floba Pbowdlet, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Dowagiac, Mich. 
Matthew (^uinlan, Ph.B. Clerk C. 
A N. W. Ry. 
319 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Thomas Ebnest Rankin, A.B. 
Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Chablbs Fish Rathfon, B.L. Lum- 
berman. Port Huron, Mich. 


Kathebine Reh), Ph.B. Teacher of 
English in Western High School. 

Washington, D. C. 

Chablbs Jacob Rice, B.S. (Chem.). 
Chemist. C!olumbia, Mich. 

Edith Louise Rice, A.B. (Mrs. 
George R. Swain. ) Bay City, Mich. 

Flobence Lobing Richabds, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the Three Rivers High 
School. Pontiac, Mich. 

Nellie Eveline Richest, B.L. Teach- 
er. Elgin, 111. 

Harbt Chables Robinson, A.B. 
Divinity Student. 

251 Hubbard St., Detroit, Mich. 

Peabl Osbeabn Robinson, B.L. Teach- 
er in the St. Louis, Mo., High 
School. Plain City, O. 

CoBA Adell Robison, B.S. Teacher in 
the High School. Ann Arbor. 

AuGUSTiN VanDtke Rousseau, A.B., 
I 99-00. Student. Peoria, 111. 

Russell Sturgis Rowland, B.S. 
( Bio. ) , M.D. '0 1 . Physician. 

City Hosp., Boston, Mass. 

Clabence D. Rowlet, Ph.B. Banker. 

Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Hebman Russell, B.S., M.S. 1900. 
Student. Manistee, Mich. 

Leland Howabd Sabin, A.B., LL.B. 
'96. Lawyer. Battle Creek, Mich. 

William Sanoeb, Ph.B. Teacher in 
Central High School. Toledo, O. 

Gebtbude Savage, A.B. Teacher at 
Sault Ste. Marie. Cassopolis, Ifioh. 

Chbistabel Hobtense Sawteb, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Cadillac, Mich. 

Thebon Malcolm Sawyeb, Ph.B., 
LL.B. '01. Ludington, Mich. 

Edmund Schoetzow, B.S., B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '83. Supt. of Schools. 

Maroellus, Mich. 

Loins Dow Scisoo, B.L., B.S. (Cor- 
neU) '88. Writer. 

361 W. 116th St., New York, N. Y. 

RoDA Sellbok, A.B. Teacher. 

Spokane, Wash. 

Ida Ellen Shaw, B.S. (Mrs. Charles 
A. Frederick. ) Craftonville, Cal. 

LuciLE Abigail Shellet, A.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Bebnath Pabdeb Shebwood, B.L. 
Merchant. Allegan, Mich. 

Gbobob Cubtis Shibts, Ph.B. Sales- 
man. 42 S. Morris Ave. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Floba Ann Sioel, Ph.B. Student. 

Hamburg, N. Y. 




Charles Simows, B.L., LL.B. 1900. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Stanton Simons, A.B., LL.B. 
1900. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Archibald Whittier Smalley, A.B. 
Teacher in Lewis Institute. 

Chicago, 111. 

Angus Smith, Ph.B. With Walton 
Salt Association. 
1013 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Stevens Smith, B.S. Photo- 
engraver. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Jeanneite Smith, B.L. (Mrs. War- 
ren W. Florer. ) Ann Arbor. 

Winnifred Smith, A.B. (Mrs. Lester 
E. Maher. ) Cassopolis, Mich. 

Harrt Montraville Snow, A.B. Pri- 
vate 32d Mich. Inf. 1898. Supt. of 
Schools. Watervliet, Mich. 

DraK Steqenoa, B.S. Teacher at 
Fargo, N. Dak, Brighton, Mich. 

Herbert Philip Stellwaoen, B.S. 
Supt. of Schools. Lapeer, Mich. 

Sara Stephan, Ph.B. Teacher in 
Cleveland, O. Gracey, O. 

Kart. Krenkell Stevens, B.S. 
(Chem.). Chemist. Saginaw, Mich, 

Kathrine Mitchell Stewart, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 

Louise Burnett Sticknet, B.L. 
Teacher in the Detroit Home and 
Day School. Grand Haven, Mich. 

George Chickerino Stone, B.L. With 
P. A. Patrick & Co. Duluth, Minn. 

Oscar Strauss, Ph.B., LL.B. (Univ. 
of Iowa) '99. Lawyer. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

Don David Sturgis, B.L. Instructor 
in French in Miami Univ. 

Oxford, O. 

Andrew Lester Swinton, B.S., M.D. 
'99. Physician. Ontonagon, Mich. 

John Frederick Thomas, B.L. Supt. 
of Schools. Lowell, Mich. 

Joseph Morris Thomas, Ph.B. (See 
Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Louise S. Thompson, A.B. Teacher. 

Madison, N. J. 

Charles Ernest Tompkins, B.S. 
(Bio.), M.D. 1900. Sec'y Univ. Y. 
M. C. A., Ann Arbor. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Die Hector Trowbridge, B.S., e 95-96. 
Teacher of Chemistry in Lewis In- 
stitute. Chicago, 111. 

Marvin Walter Turner, B.L. Bank 
clerk. Grand Haven, Mich. 

Nellie Mat Turner, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles H. Mooney.) 

6667 Yale Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Robert Brainard Vaile, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in State Normal School. 

New Whatcom, Wash. 

CoNDiT Brewer Van Arsdall, A.B., 
A.B. (Ky. Wesl.) *94, A.M. (ihid) 
'98. Medical student. 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Lawrence Hoffman van den Bebo, 
B.L. Teacher in the High School. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 

Jacob Gradens Van den Bosch, A.B., 
A.B. (Hope) '97, A.M. (ihid) 1900. 
Teacher. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Arthur Henrt Van Horn, A.B. 
Teacher. Charlotte, Mich. 

John Frank Van Slooten, A.B., A.B. 
(Hope) '97, A.M. (iUd) '98. Teach- 
er at Media, 111. Holland, Mich. 

Abraham Van Zwaluwenburg. B.S., 
Ph.C. '87, B.S,(Pharm.) '98, Teach- 
er. 156 6th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg, 
B.S. Chemist. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Paul Warren Voorhies, B.L., LL.B. 
1900. Lawyer. Plymouth, Mich. 

Charles Curtis Wallin, A.B., m 
98-01. Private 32d Mich. Inf. 1898. 
Student. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Matthew John Walsh, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. Monroe, Mich. 

Minnie E. Walter, A.B. Teacher at 
Prescott, Ariz. AU^an, Mich. 

Winnie Caroline Warning, B.L. 
Teacher at Calumet, Mich. 

Elkhorn, Wis. 

Samuel Hills Wabriner, A.B. Clerk. 
15 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

John Clinton Watson, Ph.B. Law 
student. Breckenridge, Mich. 

Charles Sherman Weaver, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Cass City, Mich. 

Louise Pauline Weinmann, A.B. 
Teacher. Ann Arbor. 

Harriet M Welchli, B.L. Teacher 
in the Tecumseh, Mich., High 
School. Bay City, Mich. 

Frederick Henry Weng* Ph.B., A.M. 
1900. Teacher in the High School. 

Leadvillc, Colo. 

William Mackey Wherry, B.S. Law- 
yer. 44 W. 44th St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Charles Grosvenor White, B.L. 
4610 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IlL 




Herbert William Whitten, A.B., 

A.M. '01. Teacher. Winfield, Kan. 
MoNTiE Lyons Wiers, A.B. Princ. 

of Schools at Platteville, Colo. 

Davis, Mich. 
Nina Allene Wilber, A.B. Teacher 

in State Univ. Moscow, Idaho. 

EuzABETH Lee Wilcox, A.B. Teacher 

in the High School. Hancock, Mich. 
Ella Goodenow Willcox, B.L., A.M. 

(Radcliffe) '99. Maiden, Mass. 

Henry Elmore Wilkinson, B.L., e 

95-96. Law student. Austin, Tex. 
Arlo Ray Williams, B.S., M.D. '01. 

Physician. Brookfield, Mich. 

Ida Bthelwyn Wing, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. 

Ludington, Mich. 
Bertha Helen Wise, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Thomas Robert Woodrow, A.B., 

LL.B. 1900. La^i-yer. Denver, Colo. 
Arthur Roy Wren, B.S. (Chem.), 

m 98-99. Chemist with Am. Smelt- 
ing and Refining Co. Pueblo, Colo. 
Blanche Martha Young, A.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

Marquette, Mich. 
Mary Estelle Young, Ph.B. Teacher 

in Erasmus Hall High School, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. Danville, 111. 



Mary Ella Abbey, A.B. Teacher. 

Lowell, Mich. 

Florence Lavinia Abbott, Ph.B. 
Teacher in Blue Island, 111., High 
School. Ann Arbor. 

Cuthbebt Clarke Adams, Ph.B. Bank 
teller. Kenilworth, 111. 

Guy Henry Albright, Ph.B., A.B. 
(Harvard) 1900! Teacher in Brook- 
lyn Polytechnic Inst. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mary Anderson, B.L. Teacher in 
the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Jones Arbuckle, B.L. With 
the Arbuckle- Ryan Co. Toledo, O. 

Mabouerite Rose Ascher, A.B. 
Teacher. Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Abthxtb Frederick Ashbacker, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School at Es- 
canaba, Mich. Ludington, Mich. 

Eliza Jane Austin, A.B. Teacher 
in the Central High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Isabel Adelatoe Ballou, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Bay City, Mich. 
James William Bannon, Ph.B. Cred- 
it-man. Portsmouth, O. 
Anna Morrell Barnard, A.B. Teach- 
er in the State Normal School at 
Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 
Francis Leon Bauer, B.S. Teacher. 

Hastings, Mich. 
Thomas Beath, Ph.B, 
Winifred Ernestine Beman, A.B., 
A.M. *01. Teacher in Milwaukee- 
Downer College. Ann Arbor. 
Arthur Harold Benefiel, B.S. ( Bio. ) 
Philip Albert Bennett, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Clare, Mich. 
John Chester Bills, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Allegan, Mich. 
RoswELL Fairchild Bishop, Ph.B. 
Assistant in Congressional Library, 
Washington, D. C. Ludington, Mich. 
George Neil Blatt, Ph.B., LL.B. *01. 
Lawyer. Joliet, 111. 
Cora Louise Bod well, A.B. Teacher 
in the Pontiac, Mich., High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Jennie Bogner, B.L. Ann Arbor. 

Charles John BoRCHARDT, B.L. Teach- 
er. Menominee, Mich. 
Josephine Bowen, A.B. 

Pleasanton, Tex. 
BiARY Arvilla Brewer, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Romeo, Mich. 
Earijc Mason Brown, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '01. Battle Creek, Mich. 
Mabel Mary Brown, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam E. Hartman.) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Frank Egbert Bryant, B.L.,A.M.'01. 
Student at Yale. 51 Caledonia St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Bertha Grinnell Buell, B.L. Teach- 
er in the State Normal College. 

Mary Louise Bunker, Ph.B. Teacher 
at Del ray, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Alice Gertrude Burdsal, B.L. Teach- 
er in Three Rivers, Mich., High 
School. Evanston, 111. 

Stewart Henry Burnham, B.S. 
Botanist. Vaughns, N. Y. 

Mary Aones Burton, Ph.B. 

27 Brainard St., Detroit, Mich. 
Amelia Louise Carey, A.B. Stu- 
dent. La Grange, 111. 
Margaret Spraoue Carhart, Ph.B., 
A.M. '01. Teaching at Evanston, 
111. Ann Arbor. 




Mabtin Henbt Cabmodt, Ph.B., I1L.B. 
'01. Grand Rapids, ^Gch. 

LuTHEB Clabsndon Gabpenteb, B.S. 
(Ghem.) Ghemist to Mich. Sujgar 
Co. Bay City, Mich. 

Mabt Ruth Butts Gabson, B.L. 
(Mrs. Lewis G. Carson.) 

181 W. Alexandrine Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Grace Chloe Gabtw&ight, B.S. 

Oregon, III. 
Edmund Claude Champion, B.S. 
(Ghem.), M.S. 1900. Chemist to 
Portland Cement Co. Tola, Kan. 
Lelia Merrilla Childs, B.S. Teacher 
in High School. Michigan City, Ind. 
Alphonso Mobton Clovbb, B.S. Stu- 
dent. Ann Arbor. 
Helen Frances Clute, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Montezuma, Iowa. 
Bessie Isabella Cole, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Albion, Mich. 
William Alfred Comstock, Ph.B. 
With Comstock Construction Co. 

Campau Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

RuiE Ann Connor, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the Rensselaer, Ind., High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Charles Dean Cool, A.B., A.M. 
(Harvard) 1900. Student. 

Decatur, 111. 
Harold Dunbar Corbusier, B.S., 
M.D. *99. Assist. Surg. U. S. A. 

Washington, D. C. 
Henrt Hobabt Cobwin, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Geobob William Cottbell, B.L. Law- 
yer. Detroit, Mich. 
Walteb Galpin Cubtis, B.S. Farmer. 

Salem, Mich. 

HiBAM Chables Daley, Ph.B. Supt. 

of Schools. Plainwell, Mich. 

Howabd Richabd Daniels, Ph.B. 

Princ. of High School. 

Billings, Mon. 
Edwin Alfbed Davis, A.B. 
Levi Obville Davis, B.L. Princ. of 
New Philadelphia, 0., High School. 

Macomb, Mich. 
Chables Fisheb Delbbidoe, B.L., 
LL.'B. '01. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
Ltdia Mabia Adams DeWttt, B.S., h 
95-96, M.D. '98. (Mrs. Alton D. 
DeWitt. ) Physician. Ann Arbor. 
Alice Mabel Donnelly, A.B. Teach- 
er. 61 James St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Stephen Arnold Douolass, B.S. 
Teacher in the High School. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Ida Mae Durkee, B.S. . 

Orchard Lake, Mich. 

John Henrt Ehldus, A.B. Princ 

of High School. Holland, Mich. 

Mart Margaret Ehrhorn, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the Battle Creek High 

School. Rock Island, lUL 

George Edwards Fat, B.S. (Bio.), 

M.D. '01. Physician. 

616 W. Congress St., Chicago, 111. 

William Richard Fdeldhouse, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the High School. 

All^^n, Mich. 
Grace ^arah Flago, A.B. Ann Arbor. 
Helen Daist Fortaine, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
G^rge J. Dreiske.) 

694 Cortland St., Chicago, IlL 
Wills Alvin Forward, A.B. 
EsTELLE Helen Fox, B.S. Teacher. 

Hinsdale, 111. 
James Leslie French, A.B., A.M. 
1900. Theological student. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

George Washington Furret, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Mt. Morris, HI. 

Mabel Caroline Gale, B.S. Teacher 

in the Western High School. 

Detroit, l^ch. 
Louise Rosseel Gibbs, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Hinsdale, HI. 
Herbert Charles Gore, B.S. 

Preeport, 111. 
William Joseph Guthrie, A.B. 
Teacher in High School. 

W. Des Moines, Iowa. 
Lillian Ellen Hadlet, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the State Normal School at 
Marquette, Mich. Madrid, N. T. 
Florence Slocum Hall, A.B. Teach- 
er. 444 S. Lafayette St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Ida Christine Harbeck, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. 1 16 Mullet St., Detroit, Ifich. 
John Wistar Harris, B.S. Chemist. 
349 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Benson Harrison, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Elizabeth Sheldon Hawlet, A.B. 
Princ. of Schools at Milee City, 
Mon. Northumberland, Pa. 

Kate Healt, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
Ibma Ann Heath, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 




Henbt Hettkann, Ph.B. Private 31 si 
Mich. Inf. 1898. Student. 

New Bremen, Ohio. 
Harbt Patterson Herdman, Ph.B., 
LL.B. *01. Lawyer. Zanesville, O. 
Alice Jovita Hicket, B.L. Teacher. 

Michigamme, Mich. 
Flora Elsie Hill, B.L. Teacher in 
the State Normal School. 

Marquette, Mich. 
Percy Albert Hikes, B.L., e 99-00. 
Mechanical engineer. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eugenia Hobbs, Ph.B. (Mrs. Edward 

T. Taggart.) Portland, Ore. 

Charles Benjamin Hole, B.L. Real 

estate and loans. Denver, Colo. 

Lbonabd Counsellob Honesty, A.B., 

m 99-00. Student. Memphis, Tenn. 

Royal Babnhabt Hovey, B.S. 

6211 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
WiNiFBED Alice Hx7Bbell,A.B. Teach- 
er at Schoolcraft, Mich. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Abthxtb Scott Hudson, A.B. Supt. of 

Schools. Middleville, Mich. 

Habby Rogebs Hublbut, A.B. Law 

student. 320 LaSalle Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Abthxtb Mastick Hyde, A.B., LL.B. 
(Univ. of Iowa) 1900. Lawyer. 

Princeton, Mo. 
Cabl Henby Ibebshoff, B.L. Teacher 
in the University School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Feed Lewis Inobaham, B.L., LL.B. 
*96. Lawyer. 

134 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

Cecil McKee Jack, Ph.B., m 99-01. 

Student. Decatur, 111. 

May Selma Jaehnig, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. Hancock, Mich. 

Burton Branch Johnson, A.B. (Jen. 

Sec*y Y. M. C. A. Ann Arbor. 

Fred Joseph Johnson, B.S. Teacher 

at Flint, Mich. Mundy, Mich. 

Pi»0Y Wall Jones, B.L. Clerk M. C. 

R. R. 

6109 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Dekiter Kalinofp, B.S., M.D. '01. 
Shiroka-Luka, Roupcheskaok, 

Albert Henby Keith, B.L. Bank 
clerk. 450 Elm St., Chicago, 111. 
Kehh Kennedy, B.S. Teacher. 

Monroe, Mich. 
Chables Woloott Kent, B.S., e 
95-96. Teacher. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Helen LoxnsE KLimlin, Ph.B. Teach- 
er at Charleston, 111. Quincy, 111. 

Elsa King, B.L. Ann Arbor. 

HoBACE KrrcHEL, B.L. Journalist. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Rae Habman Kiteley, A.B., A.M. '01. 
Princ. of High School. 

Longmont, Colo. 
James Lawrence Kocheb, B.L. Book- 
keeper. Montpelier, Ind. 
Evangeline Lodge Land, B.S. ( Mrs. 
Charles A. Lindbergh.) 

Little Falls, AGnn. 
John Stuabt Lathers, B.L., I 97-98. 
Teacher in State Normal College. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Chablotte Mendell Leavitt, Ph.B. 
Instructor in English and Dean of 
Women at Washburn Coll. 

Topeka, Kan. 

LiLABEL Adda Lemon, Ph.B. Teacher. 

1231 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

BiABY Eleanob Lennon, B.L. Teacher. 

Lennon, Mich. 
Ellen Habt Ltttlefield, B.S. 

Farwell, Mich. 

Eva May Locke, A.B., M.D. 1900. 

Physician. Nashua, N. H. 

John Loetfleb, B.L. Supt. Schools. 

Northville, Mich. 
Henbt Habbison Lovell, B.S. In- 
surance. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Ray James McColl, B.L. Cong, 
clergyman. Harrison, Mich. 
Leila Kniokebbockeb McCotter, 
B.S. Princ. of High School. 

Champion, Mich. 

Herbebt Jay McCbeaby, B.S. Secy. 

Y. M. C. A. Cleveland, O. 

James Galbbatth McHenby, Ph.B., { 

99-00. Student. Lansing, Midi. 

William Lyman Mack, B.L. 

Canon City, Colo. 

Nellie McKay, Ph.B. Teacher in Ish- 

peming High School. Caro, Mich. 

Abchibald HAlBOld McMillan, A.B., 

LL.B. *01. Bay City, Mich. 

Agnes MacNaughton, B.L. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Sebern Sylvester McVay, Ph.B., 
A.M. '01, A.M. (Penn Coll.) '99. 
Teacher in Philippines. 

Aryat, Luzon, P. I. 
Maud McVoy, B.L. 

1421 Adams St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Effib Clare Mann, B.L. Elgin, 111. 
Andr£ George Marion, A.B. Stu- 
dent. Elgin, 111. 
Mary Estelle Marshall, Ph.B. 

679 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
LiDA Chenoweth Martin, B.L. Teach- 
er in the High School. Decatur, 111. 




Samuel Ottm ab Mast, B.S. Prof, of 
Biology in Hope Coll. 

Holland, Mich. 

Charles William Mickens, B.L. 
Supt. of Schools. Moorhead, Minn. 

Jessie Curbt Miouell, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Aurora, 111. 

Fbances Winifred Miller, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Kenosha, Wis. 

Louallen Frederick Miller, B.S., 
A.M. 1900. Teacher. Aurora, 111. 

Albert Taylor Mills, Ph.B. Instruc- 
tor in N. Dak. Agr. Coll. 1899-. 

Fargo, N. Dak. 

Genevieve Elizabeth Mills, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Ann Arbor. 

Howard Daniel Minchin, B.S. Teach- 
er in the Detroit Central High 
School. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Palt. Broadley Moody, A.B., LL.B. 
*01. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Laura Moore, A.B. Assist, in the 
Congressional Library at Washing- 
ton. St. Clair, Mich. 

Charles Rufus Morey, A.B., A.M. 
1900. Student at Rome, Italy. 

Charlotte, Mich. 

Charles Clements Morris, Ph.B. 
Teacher at Mt. Hermon, Mass. 

Bellbrook, O. 

PAix Adolph Moses, Ph.B. Law stu- 
dent. 4130 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Alvin Neal, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '01. Seaman U. S. S. Harvard, 
1898. Ann Arbor. 

Fanny Theresa Nichols, B.L. 

Lansing, Mich. 

CiJFFORD Lyman Niles, Ph.B. Bank- 
er. Anamosa, Iowa. 

Marion Relief Nims, A.B. 

Harbor Beacli, Mich. 

John Noordewier, A.B. Theolo^cal 
Htudent. Jenison, Mich. 

Mary Elizabeth O'Connor, Ph.B. 
Literary editor of the Record-Her^ 
aid, Chicago, 111. 

GusTAVUS Adolphus Ohlinger, A.B., 
i 99-01. Student. Ann Arbor. 

Paul Oliver, B.S. (Bio.), M.D. 
(Rush) '01. Physician. 

514 W. Congress St., Chicago, 111. 

Joe Carlos Osburn, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the High School. Owosso, Mich. 

Ralph Hugh Page, B.S. (Chem.), 
e 95-96. Chemist with Solway 
Process Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Flora Estelle Parker, B.L. Teacher. 
504 Grand River Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

GaoBOE Fred Paul, A.6. Teacher. 

Peoria, 111. 

Grace Darling Peels, B.S. 

35 Astor Place, Jersey City, N. J. 

Harlow Stafford Person, Ph.B., 
A.M. 1900. Student. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Frances Lillian Petit, A.B. Teach- 
er at Buchanan, Mich. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Nancy Seymour Phelps, A.B. Teach- 
er. Ann Arbor. 

Olive Blanche Philups, B.L. 

Kalamaxoo, Mich. 

Frank Ira Post, B.S. Chemist to 
Portland Cement Co. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

Mary Lyle Reid, B.L. (Mrs. Charles 
Seibert.) Elkhart, Ind. 

RoDOLPHE Ransom Reilly, B.L. Pub- 
lisher. 137 Pine St., Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Eugene Rheinfrank, B.L., 
LL.B. '01. Toledo, O. 

Nellie Fuller Rice, A.B. (Mrs. 
John L. Boer. ) Grand Rapids, Mch. 

Charles Augustus Ribqelman, A3. 
Law student. 

70 W. 94th St., New York, N. Y. 

Irving Washington Ribgelman, B.L. 

70 W. 94th St., New York, N. Y. 

Joseph Wright Robinson, A.B. Teach- 
er. North Adams, ^fich. 

WiNNiFBED Josephine Robinson, B.S. 
Instructor in Biology in Vassar 
Coll. Pou^keepsie, N. Y. 

Clifford Griffith Roe, B.L., I 99-01. 
Student. Ann Arbor. 

George E. Rogers, B.S. (Chem.). 
Supt. of Schools. Jefferson, O. 

•Sadie P. Ryan, A.B., was drowned 
at Whitmore Lake, Mich., Aug. 21, 

Helen May St. John, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Petoskey High School, 1900- 
01. Student. Ann Arbor. 

Habley Halsted Seeley, B.L. Manu- 
facturer. Ann Arbor. 

Louise Shepabd, Ph.B. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Lucie Abigail Sill, A.B. Teacher in 
the Calumet High School. 

Chicago, 111. 

Mabtha Anne Slates, Ph.B. Teacher 
at La Salle, III. Ann Arbor. 

Evelyn Maby Smith, Ph.B., B.L. 
(Hillsdale) *92. Teacher. Toledo, O. 

Roy Bubnett Smith, B.S. (Chem.). 
Instructor in Colgate Univ. 

Hamilton, N. Y. 




Ruth Louise Smith, B.S. Teacher at 
Iowa Falls, Iowa. Marshall, Mich. 
Abthub Dickey Stansell, B.L., / 
543 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Francis Morlet Stead, A.B. Theo- 
logical student. 

1060 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 111. 

Wellikgton D. Sterling, B.L. Supt. 

Schools. Uowell, Mich. 

WiLLARD John Stone, B.S., M.D. '01. 

Physician. Jennings, Mich. 

Anna Zita Sullivan, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. Ann Arbor. 

Carl Sundstrom, B.S. (Cheni.). 

Chemist with Solway Process Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
In A Pamella Taylor, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
James Stuart Taylor, B.L. Teacher. 

Almont, Mich. 
Maude Hayes Thayer, A.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Nelson Walter Thompson, B.S., 
M.D. '01. Physician. 

928 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Nellie Thomson, B.L. Teacher. 

Huntington, Ind. 
T. Letitia Thompson, Ph.B. Teacher 
in State Normal Coll. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Jefferson Gaqe Thurber, Ph.B. Bank 

28 Lincoln Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Harry Conrad Thurnau, A.B. Teach- 
er. 1900 Oakdale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Carrie L. Tower, B.L. Teacher. 

Durand, Mich. 
Henry Tupper, B.L. Supt. Schools. 

Algonquin, III. 
Clara Turner, Ph.B. Student. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Lila Turner, A.B., A.M. 1900. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
La Rue Van Hook, A.B. Student. 

4043 Grand Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Edith Augusta Van Klebck, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Bay City, Mich. 

Mabel Rebecca Van Kleek, A.B. 

Ann Arbor. 
Henry Van Slooten, A.B., A.B. 
(Hope) '98. Teacher. 

Holland, Mich. 

Lisla Alice Van Valkenburo, A.B. 
(Mrs. Albert R. Crittenden.) 

Frankfort, Mich. 
Gertrude Elizabeth Vaughn, A.B. 

Ann Arbor. 

Leonard D'Ooge Verdier, A.B., LL.B. 

'01. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Bertha Idell Vincent, A.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
William Vouoht, Ph.B. Travelling 

269 S. nth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frederick Rice Waldron, Ph.B., 
M.D. '01. Assistant in Surgery. 

Ann Arbor. 
May Walmsley, Ph.B., A.M. 1900. 

LaGrange, 111. 

Grace Belle Ward, B.S. Teacher in 

the High School. Jacksonville, 111. 

Clyde Irvin Webster, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'01. 848 4th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Beulah Stone Weeks, A.B. Teacher 

in South Haven High School. 

Decatur, Mich. 
Hugh White, Ph.B., I 1900-01. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

Jennie Mabel Whittemore, A.B. 

Teacher in Saginaw (E. S.) High 

School. Reading, Mass. 

Matthew Bealb Whittlesey, Ph.B., 

I 99-00. Student. 

194 Charlotte Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Herbert Orlando Wilcox, Ph.B. 

Teacher. Jackson, Mich. 

Nellie Wilcox, Ph.B. Teacher. 

JackHon, Mich. 
Ethelberta Williams, B.L. Teacher. 

Reed City, Mich. 
Ida May Wimeb, B.L. Teacher. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Milton W Wimer, B.S. (Commissioner 
of Schools. Coldwater, Mich. 

Arthur Robert Wistrand, B.L. Pri- 
vate 31st Mich. Inf. 1898. Mining. 

Menominee, Mich. 
Roscoe Mark Wood, A.B. Stock- 
dealer. Saline, Mich. 
Martha Elizabeth Wyant, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Sigourney, Iowa. 
Greta Belle Young, A.B. Teacher. 

Nashville, Mich. 
Theodore Zbinden, A.B., M.D. '01. 

431 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, O. 


Emma Catherine Ackermann, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Bay City, Mich. 

Frank Eugene Andrews, B.S. Teach- 
er in the Eastern High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Ralph Clark Apted, B.S. Hosp. 
Steward 35th Mich. Inf. 1898. Medi- 
cal student. Grand Rapids, Mich. 




Frank Staflxs Bacheldeb, B.S., 
m 1900-01. St. Charles, Minn. 

Joseph Hebshey Baib, Ph.B., Ph.B. 
(Grove City Coll.) *99, A.M. '01. 

Hall, Pa. 
IBENS Stoddabd Bakeb, A.B. 

952 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
George Edward Baldwin, B.L. With 
Tallahalla Lumber Ca 

EUisville, Miss. 

Meta Alice Bancroft, B.L. Teacher 

in High School. Middleville, Mich. 

Clara Elizabeth Barclay, A.B. 

Teacher in the Petoskey High 

School. Peoria, 111. 

Louisa Elizabeth Barker, A.B. 

Davenport, Iowa. 
Edna Hope Barr, Ph.B. Teacher in 
State Normal College. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Cora Jipson Bbokwith, B.S. Teacher 
in Vassar Coll. 

174 N. Ionia St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Elm^ Nelson Beebe, Ph.B. 

Ann Arbor. 
Julia Henrietta Beese, B.S. Teacher 
in Hudson, Mich., High School. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Grace Grdttth Beqle, Ph.B., A.M. 

'01. Ann Arbor. 

Howell Llewellyn Beqle, B.S. 

Princ. of High School. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Julia Pee^t Benson, Ph.B. Student 
at Rome, Italy. Gambler, O. 

George Nelson Bentley, B.L. Teach- 
er in High School. Golden, Colo. 
Nancy Malana Bentley, A.B. 

Marshall, Mich. 
Howard Berkey Bishop, B.S. 

Ann Arbor. 

Annie Bock, Ph.B. Akron, O. 

Winifred Bogle, A.B., A.M. *01. 

Teacher in Pontiae, Mich., High 

School. Ann Arbor. 

Otto Herman Bollman, B.S. Teacher 

in Philippines. Owosso, Mich. 

Elizabeth Boulsom, Ph.B. 

Marquette, Mich. 
Nathan Hayden Bowen, Ph.B. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Wilbur Pardon Bowen, B.S., M.S. 

'01. Ann Arbor. 

Harold Martin Bowman, B.L., A.M. 

'01, LL.B. '99. Des Moines, Iowa. 

John William Bradshaw, A.B. 

Student at Harvard. Oberlin, O. 

Anna Eloise Bristol, Ph.B. Teacher 

at Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Frdderick Joseph Brooen, A.B. 

Battle Credc, Mich. 

Helena Aloysia Brown, B.S. (Mrs. 

Edmund C. Champion.) lola, Kan. 

Victor Ernest Brown, B.L. Teacher 

at Mich. Agr. Coll. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 

IvA Bruce, Ph.B. Birmingham, Mich. 

Evelyn Hope Bryant, A.B. Teacher 

in Northville, Mich., High School. 

408 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Ruth Hayward Bxtrinoton, Ph.B. 

Conneaut, O. 
Ellen Perry Burnham, Ph.B. 

Malone, N. T. 
Vernon Eli Bush, Ph.B. Student. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
AoNES Ophelia Cady, B.L. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Edward Lincoln Campbell, Ph.B. 
Princ. of High School. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Ira Alexander Campbell, B.L. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 

Annie Emeunb Cabpenteb, Ph.B. 

Teacher in Three Rivers Hisrh 

School. Saginaw, Mien. 

Maby Trowbbidge Cabson, B.L. 

Teacher in Sault Ste. Marie High 

School. Ann Arbor. 

Elisha Warner Case, B.b., A.M. '01*. 

266 N. Central Pk. Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Minnie Cecilia Cassidy, B.S. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Rose Mary Cassidy, B.S. Teacher. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Edward Burns Caxtlkins, B.L. 
Dental Supplies. 

74 Edmund PL, Detroit, Mich. 
Vera Chamberlin, Ph.B., A.M. *01. 
Teacher in Monroe, Mich., High 
School. Montpelier, O. 

Edmund Hall Chaney, A.B. Stu- 
dent. 35 Edmund PL, Detroit, Mich. 
Francis LeGrand Church, A.B. 
Baptist clergyman. Holly, Mich. 
Frances Elizabeth Clarke, B.L. 
Teacher. Glover sville, N. Y. 

Ernest Cleverdon, B.S., m 00-01. 

Austin, 111. 
Morse Moses Cohen, B.S. Chemist. 
With Parke, Davis & Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frederick Standish Colburn, A.B. 

1293 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Seymour Beach Conger, A.B. Corp. 
32d Mich. Inf. 1898. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Alice Helena Cook, A.B. 

Forestville, N. Y. 




Mabt Beatrice Ckx)LET, Ph.B. 

Ann Arbor. 
Fbank Lawrence Cooper, B.S. Teach- 
er in the Aurora, 111., High School. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Edward Samuel CoRwii7,Ph.B. Teach- 
er in Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Clara Adell Curtiss, A.B. 

Lyons, N. Y. 
Haryet Lincoln Curtis, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Decorah, Iowa. 
Winifred Camprell Daboll, A.B. 
Student. St. Johns, Mich. 
Morgan Llotd Davies, B.L. Student. 

Dixon, 111. 
Lucy Corbett Davis, Ph.B. Study- 
ing in Germany. Lansing, Mich. 
Robert Peter DeBrxtyn, A.B., A.B. 
(Hope) '98. Teacher. 

Holland, Mich. 
Minna Caroline Denton, B.S., A.M. 
*01. Teacher in Milwaiikee-Downer 
College. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Genevieve Ledyard Derby, B.S. Teach- 
er in the Battle Creek High School. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Maud Mary DeWitt, B.S. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 

Frank Diehl, Ph.B. Theological 
student. Holt, Mich. 

Florence May Diver, A.B. Medical 
student. South Norwalk, Conn. 

Harry Clifpord Doane, B.S. Teacher 
in Manual Training School. 

Weston, Ore. 

Elsie Grace Downer, Ph.B. Teacher 
in High School. Hancock, Mich. 

Clara E Dunn, A.B. Student at Chi- 
cago Normal School. 

Pinckney, Mich. 

Marion Ida Durand, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the High School at Two Rivers, 
Wis. Ann Arbor. 

Minnie Veronica Dwyer, B.L. Teach- 
er at Dexter, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Francis Dwight Eaman, B.L., I 
98-99, 00-01. Detroit, Mich. 

Allen Jay Easton, B.S. Princ. of 
the High School. Port Huron, Mich. 

James Allison Evans, B.S. Erie, Pa. 

Benjamin George Ewald, A.B. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Edith Gertrude Fales, Ph.B. 

144 Canfield W., Detroit, Mich. 
Mabel Wilson Filkins, A.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Howell, Mich. 
Belle Fogo, A.B. Teacher. 

Rochester, Mich. 

Victoria Margaret Fohey, Ph.B., 
A.M. '01. Ann Arbor. 

Walter Seymour Foster, B.L. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Inoeboro Sophia Fredlund, B.S. 

Ann Arbor. 
Elmer Leslie Freeman, A.B. Teacher 
in the University School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Lavinia Catherine Freuchtel, B.L. 

Teacher. Saginaw, Mich. 

Henry Mills Gelston, A.B. Teacher 

in W. Bay City High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Marguerite Gibson, B.L. Teacher at 
New Bedford, Mass. 

25 Walton Place, Chicago, 111. 
Mary Alice Goddard, B.S. Teacher 
in the State Normal Coll. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Flora Luella Goeschel, B.S. Teach- 
er in the South Haven, Mich., High 
School. Bay City, Mich. 

Frederick Russell Gorton, B.S., 
A.M. '01. Teacher. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Philip EmanxtelGraber, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. Akron, O. 
Walter Gradle, B.L. Refrigera- 
tion machinery. 

1939 Deming Place, Chicago, 111. 
Burton Otto Greening, Ph.B. Supt. 
of Schools. Negaunee, Mich. 

Marie Greiderer, B.L. Artist. 

Munich, Germany. 

Martha Nathalie Greiner, Ph.B., 

A.M. '01. Teacher in Mattoon, 111., 

High School. Sparta, Mich. 

Leonard Dixon Haigh, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Elbert Edgar Haioht, B.L. 

Sycamore, 111. 
Florence Mooers Hall, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 
Jennie Evalyn Hassett, B.L. 

Negaunee, Mich. 
Charles Frederic Hately, B.S. 

Leechburg, Pa. 

CoNSTANS Alexis Hembobo, Ph.B., 

A.B. (Augustana Coll.) '99, A.M. 

*01. Moline, 111. 

Ada Grace Hemingway, B.S. 

Hadley, Mich. 

Alta Mary Hilliard, B.L. Teacher 
in Alton, 111., High School. 

Mason, Mich. 

Frederic William Hillyer, A.B. 

Grand Hapids, Mich. 




Abthtr Joseph Hoare, A.B. 

Elk Rapids, Mich. 
Lemuel Gxty Holbbook, Ph.B. Supt. 
of Schools. Sturgis, Mich. 

Abram James Holland, A.B. Theo- 
logical student. 

619 Grand River Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Walteb Hebbebt Holsingeb, A.B. 
Law student at Harvard. 

Kendallville, Ind. 
Robebt Milton Hopkins, A.B. Evan- 

2461 Catalpa St., Louisville, Ky. 
Ida May Hopson, B.S. 

1273 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Juliet Gbace Hobton, Ph.B. 

6047 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 
IIabbiett Hlxl, Ph.B. Teacher in 
the Paw Paw High School. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Ohables DuBois Hubbet, B.S. Gen'l. 

Sec*y Y. M. C. A. at Indiana Univ. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
Clabence Babzillai Hubbey, B.L. 
Private 31st Mich. Inf. 1898. 
Clerk in Census Bureau. 

Washington, D. C. 
Henby Francis Jacob, Ph.B., I 00-01. 

Watrourtville, Mich. 
OwEE Peabl Jenney, B.L. Teacher 
at Provo City, Utah. Ann Arbor. 
Clyde Watkins Jump, B.S. Stu- 
dent. Plainfield, 111. 
Mabian Clara Kanouse, B.L. Teach- 
er in High School at Sault Ste. 
Marie, Mich. Manistee, Mich. 
Walteb Edwabd Kapp, A.B. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Max Emanuel Kaufman, Ph.B. 

6008 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. 
Louis Wabd Keeleb, Ph.B. Teacher 
in the Michigan City High School. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Mildred Hannah Keitii. A.B., A.M. 

*01. Teacher in Rensselaer, Ind., 

High School. Pontiac, Mich. 

Kathebine Margabet Kellas, Ph.B. 

Malone, N. Y. 
Gebtbude Blanche Kennedy, B.L. 

Ann Arbor. 
Edwabd Bassett Khxian, Ph.B. 

Allegan, Mich. 
Zachabiah Kinne, A.B. Teacher. 

Three Oaks, Mich. 

Richard Henby Kibtland, A.B. 1901 

(nunc pro tunc). Supt. of Schools. 

Flint, Mich. 
Ida Elizabeth Kittbedge, Ph.B. 
Teacher in the High School at' 
Pljrmouth, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Kaboline Klageb, B.L. Teacher in 

the High School. LaPorte, Ind. 

Albebt Henby Knapp, B.S. Princ. of 

High School. Niles, Mich. 

Daisy Alice Kuoel, B.L. ' Student. 

Sandusky, O. 
Kabl Fbanz Fbedduck Kubth, A.B. 
Teacher at Port Huron, Mich. 

23 18th St., Detroit, Mich. 

Helen Rose Lang, B.L. Teacher in 

the High School. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mybtle Ellen Labe, Ph.B. Teacher 

in the High School at Republic, 

Mich. Howell, Mich. 

Adelbebt Eugene Lathebs, B.L. 

Ann Arbor. 

Mabg ABET Rachel Layton,A.B. (Mrs. 

William G. Law.) Flint, Mich. 

RoBEBT Owen LeBabon, B.S., m 00- 

01. Pontiac, Mich. 

Abthub Mayeb Lindaueb, B.S. 

3312 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Abb Lowenhaupt, Ph.B. 

Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
William Abnold Ludwig, B.S. Supt. 
of Schools. Union City, Mich. 

Lulu Vebonica Lusby, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Ann Arbor. 
Cabolyn Blount Lynd, A.B. Teacher. 

Lockport, 111. 

Elias Pabke Lyons, A.B. M. K 

clergyman. Salem, Mich. 

Maby Eveline Lyons, Ph.B. Teacher 

in High School. Ludington, Mich. 

Rose Cook McClubkin, B.L. Teacher. 

Racine, Wis. 
Bbatty Zentz McCollouoh, A.B. 

Kirkville, Iowa. 
Minnie McCobmick, B.S. 

Owoeso, Mich. 
Lesteb Angus McDiabmid, B.S. Sea- 
man U. S. S. Yosemite, 1898. Chem- 
ist to Beet Sugar Co. 

Bay City, Mich. 

John Seymoub McElligott, Ph.B. 

A.M. '01. Teacher in High School. 

Marinette, Wis. 

Flobence Mahgabet McHugh, Ph.B. 

Teacher in the Omaha, Neb., High 

School. Galena, 111. 

ROBEBT CuTLEB McELeighan, Ph.B. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Saba Loxhse McKenzie, A.B. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Webster City, Iowa. 
John Fbedebick McLean, B.L. Teach- 
er in Knox College. Galesburg, 111. 
Mabel Macqueen, B.L. Perry, Mich. 
Thomas Maitland Mabshall, B.L. 
With Swift & Co. Chicago, 111. 




Ck)RA Oliveb Martin, B.L. 

Decatur, 111. 
Maroabet Delia Mason, B.L. (Mrs. 
Clarence W. Whitney.) 

1440 Edgecomb Ct., Chicago, 111. 
BuiCHi Mayehatake, B.L. 

Okayama, Japan. 
Elisabetha Meyebl, Ph.B. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Kathabine Cook Milleb, B.L. 
Teacher in High School. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Nellie Dustan Mingay, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Chelsea, Mich. 
Mabel Agnes Mitts, Ph.B. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Leslie Johnston Montgomebt, Ph.B. 

Southfield, Mich. 

Clabence Bubton Morrill. (See 

Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

LuciLE Crane Morris, B.L. Teacher 

in the Escanaba High School. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 
Roger Stlvbsteb Mobris, A.B., m 00- 
01. Student. Ann Arbor. 

Eloisb Morton, Ph.B. Chelsea, Mich. 
Cabbie Bliss Mowbt, A.B. Teacher 
in the High School. Saginaw, Mich. 
Eva Lulu Niles, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
MBBBnj. Joseph Obeb, B.L. 

Sandy Hill, N. Y. 
Bebnabd Joseph O'Neill, B.S. Medi- 
cal student. Dubuque, Iowa. 
Henriette Paoelsen, B.S. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 
Jessie Mabel Palmeb, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School at Marshall, 
Mich. Duluth, Minn. 

Mabel Esther Palmeb, B.L. (Mrs. 
Clarence W. Noble.) 

2036 5th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
CoBA Josephine Pabkhubst, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 
Linus Scott Pabmelee, B.S. Princ. 
of Hiffh School. Flint, Mich. 

Cabl ^meb Pelton, A.B. 

Oakwood, Mich. 
Walteb Soott Penfield, A.B. Law 
student. Auburn, Ind. 

Ellen Louise Piel, B.L. B.L. (Earl- 
ham) '94. Teacher of German in 
Penn Coll. Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Sadie Auqusta Platt, Ph.B. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Lettie Jeannette Poe, B.L., A.M. '01. 

Teacher. Ashland, O. 

William Pbakken, Ph.B., A.B. 
(Hope) '98. Holland, Mich. 

John Harcourt Prentis, B.L. 

12 Willis St., W., Detroit, Mich. 
Irving Tomlinson Raab, A.B. 

Flint, Mich. 

Rat Arah Randall, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. Goehen, Ind. 

Alonzo Heubert Raymond, A.B. Law 


123 Hancock Ave., E., Detroit, Mich. 
Rena Bowne Raymond, A.B. Teacher 
in the High School. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Ruby Ella Righabdson, Ph.B. 

147 WilUs Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Walteb John Risley, B.S. Teacher 

in the High School. Joliet, 111. 

Ida Estelle Roberts, B.L. Teacher 

in the High School. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 
Christine Grace Robertson, A.B. 
Teacher in the High School. 

Lake Forest, 111. 
Jessie May Rorertson, Ph.B., A.M. 
'01. Petoskey, Mich. 

Harry Milton Robins, A.B. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Thomas Linton Robinson, Ph.B. 
Law student. Ravenna, O. 

Ralph Loveland Roys, Ph.B. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Lucy Hayes Russell, B.L. 

Hart, Mich. 
Guy Bubton ScHiLLEB,Ph.B., e 96-08. 
Teacher in Philippines. Nilea, Mich. 
Veba Zoe Schubtz, A.B. Teacher. 

Howell, Mich. 
Sophie Maboabet Schwabz, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Owosso, Mich. 

Clara Marie Scott, B.L. (Mrs. Al- 
bert E. Hill.) Lake Forest, 111. 
Elizabeth Lobett Shebman, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Muskegon, Mich. 
Fbedebic Babnett Shoaff, Ph.B. 
Law student. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Thomas Tbufant Shoemaker, Ph.B. 
Manufacturing Chemist. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
Chables Henby Slates, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in the High School. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Habbison Standish Smalley, A.B. 
Student. Chicago, 111. 

Edwabd Dumont Smith, B.S. 

Nashville, Mich. 
Maby Moody Smith, Ph.B. Teacher. 
1085 Millard Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lilian Anna Steele, A.B. 

Maywood, 111. 




Mabt Salome Steinmetz, 6.L. 

3335 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Herman LeRoy Stevens, B.S. Law 

student. Port Huron, Mich. 

Clara Dorothy Stonebraker, Ph.B. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Orno Dale Stronq, Ph.B. Editor. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Gborol/l Surer, B.S. 

1015 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Norman Sweat, Ph.B. Supt. of 

Schools. St. Ignace, Mich. 

Elizabeth Blanche Swift, A.B. 

Teacher in the High School at 

Bessemer, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Grace Isabel Swindler, A.B. Teacher 

in the High School. Niles, Mich. 

Parthenia Syke8,A.B. (Mrs. Charles 

W. Johnson.) Ann Arbor. 

Maude Faith Tabor, Ph.B. Teacher 

at Farmington, 111. Lawton, Mich. 

Thomas Arthur Taper, B.S. Princ. 

of High School. Point Mills, Mich. 

John Backus Taylor, B.S. 

Wheelersburg, O. 
John Henry TerAvest, A.B., A.B. 
(Hope) '99. Teacher. 

Zeeland, Mich. 
Ida Margaret Thain, B.L. Teacher 
in Detroit University School. 

210 Home Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Edward Avery Thompson, B.L. 

Belvidere, 111. 
Alice Margaret Thorne, B.L. 

504 LaGrange St., Toledo, O. 
Frances Ethel Tripp, B.L. Teacher 
in the High School. Pontiac, Mich. 
Leigh Martin Turner, A.B. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Frank Vandeburg, Ph.B., d 99-00. 

Student. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Victor Clarence Vauohan, Jr., A.B. 

Medical student. Ann Arbor. 

Ada Maude Vickers, A.B. 

Paola, Kan. 
Sylvia Sanders Videtto, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
John L. Videtto.) Teacher. 
53 Centre St., Northampton, Mass. 
Evelyn C. Vyn, A.B. Teacher in the 
High School. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Charlotte Hall Walker, A.B. Teach- 
er. Ann Arbor. 
Florence Walker, Ph.B. Teacher. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

Max Walther, Ph.B. Saginaw, Mich. 

Lyford Wilson Warfield, B.L. Law 

student. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Selah Brown Warren, B.S. Teacher 

in St. Joseph, Mich., High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Harry Isaac Weinstein, B.L., ) 
98-00. Seattle, Wash. 

Leo Weiss, B.L. 

92 Merrick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Maud Apollona Wellman, Ph.B. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Welcome L Wells, B.S. Student. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Florence Kathebyn Wetmore, A.B. 
Tet^her in the High School at Plym- 
outh, Mich. Ann Arbor. 
WiNFRED Foster Whttcomb, A.B. 
Journalist. 741 62d St., 

Englewood, 111. 
Ethel May Williams, Ph.B. Teacher 
at Armada, Mich. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Levi Philip Ray Willouohby, A.B. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Andrew Hollister Wood, Ph.B. 

Ann Arbor. 
Junius Boyd Wood, Ph.B. On The 
Inter-Ocean. Chicago, HI. 

Bertha May Woodin, B.S., d 96-97. 

Ann Arbor. 
Jennie Morgan Woods, A.B. 

Ann Arbor. 
Roy Church Woodworth, B.L. 

1115 Garfield Ave., ELansas City, Mo. 

Elizabeth Wylie, Ph.B. ( Mrs. John 

E. Ferris.) St. Louis, Mo. 

Elizabeth Young, B.L. Teacher in 

Western High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Lafayette Young, Ph.B. 

(253) Des Moines, Iowa. 


Mary Belijc Adams. Ann Arbor. 
Helen Josephine Ahnefeldt. 
Teacher. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Karujiro Akamatsu. Tokyo, Japan. 
Flora Larned Anderson. Princ. of 
High School at Nashua, Iowa. 

Midland, Mich. 
Henry Herbert Armstrong. 

Ann Arbor. 
Ellen Botsford Bach. Ann Arbor. 
Jennie Grace Badenhausen. Teacher. 

Decatur, 111. 
Grace Jeannettb Bartelme. 

318 Baird Avenue, Austin, 111. 
Anna May Lamb Bates. Teacher. 

Charlotte, Mich. 

Julia Florentyne Bateski. Teacher. 

South Lake Linden, Mich. 

Minnie Martha Beal. Teacher in 

Menominee High School. 

Northville, Mich. 




Jat Mitchell Beck. Supt. of Schools. 

Maumee, O. 
Ns) Charles Beqle. Teacher in High 
School. Escanaba, Mich. 

John Knight Munbo Beekby. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Ebenezeb Oeobgb Beuret, m' 00-01. 

Flint, Mich. 
Milton Valentine Bigkel. Busi- 
ness. McGregor, Iowa. 
Jbannette Blanchabd. Teacher in 
High School. Bloomington, 111. 
Lesta Edith Bookwalter. Teacher 
in Michigan Normal College. 

Greenville, O. 
Horace Samuel Boutell. Princ. of 
St. Clair, Mich., High School. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Florence Bowen. Teacher in High 
School. St. Louis, Mich. 

Mabtn Bowen. 

33 Forest Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 
Blanche Christine Botle. Medical 

648 Champlain St., Detroit, Mich. 
Louise Brayton. Teacher in Albion, 
Mich., High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Harold Prell Brettenbach. Stu- 
99 E. Elizabeth St., Detroit, Mich. 
Anna Adetja Bright. Teacher. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
Don Owen Brillhabt. Princ. of 
Buchanan, Mich., High School. 

Kendallville, Ind. 
Gbace Marie Brinkerhoff. 

Upper Sandusky, O. 
Arthur Dutton Brookfield. Teacher. 

Englewood, 111. 
Frances Josephinb Brown. Teacher 
in Champion, Mich., High School. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Nelue Adalesa Brown. 

West Bay City, Mich. 
Austin Frederick Burdick. Medical 
student. Lansing, Mich. 

Nellie McDonald Burk. Teacher in 
The Western College. Oxford, O. 
Clifton Harvey Bushnell. Whole- 
sale lumber. Kansas City, Mo. 
Roger Champlin Butterfdcld. Law 
student. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Lawrence Magnus Butzel. 

406 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Eva Maye Byebly. Anamosa, Iowa. 
William Callan. 

1056 14th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Herbebt John Campbell. Law stu- 
dent. Riverside, 111. 

James Andbew Campbell. Teacher 
in High School. Pueblo, Colo. 

ZiLPHA Jane Campbell. Teacher in 
High School. Birmingham, Mich. 
Clement Fobsythe Chandleb. Jour- 
nalist. Cleveland, 0. 
Elma Chandler. Teacher in Elgin, 
111., High School. Greenville, Mich. 
Andrew B Chbistenson. 

Gunnison, Utah. 
EIathabine Mabgabet Chbistopueb. 
Teacher in Saginaw High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Gebtbude May Chute. Ann Arbor. 
Charles Beed Clabk. Teacher. 

Ann Arbor. 
Gebtbude Lydia Clabk. Teacher in 
High School. Howell, Mich. 

Sebeno Bubton Clabk. Teacher. 

Union City, Mich. 
Ina Van Liew Clawson. 

94 Miami Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Earl Amos Clemans. Teacher in 

High School. Bay City, Mich. 

Ebnest Alva Coddington, I 91-92, 

B.S. (Olivet) *98. Teacher. 

Capiz, Island of Panay, P. I. 
Walteb Fbancis Colby. Ann Arbor. 
Habrtb Newton Cole. Teacher in 
Philippines. Ann Arbor. 

Leon Jacob Cole. Assistant in 
Zodlogy. Ann Arbor. 

Amy Fi^bence Congeb. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Joseph Henby Cobns. Teacher. 

646 3rd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Mabgabet Helen Cousin. Teacher. 
47 Baltimore Ave. E., Detroit, Mich. 
Habby Kent Cbafts. Lawyer. 

5433 Wash. Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Hebbebt Eugene Cbawfobd. News- 
paper work. Des Moines, Iowa. 
Michael Hugh Cbissman. 

Romeo, Mich. 
Charles Edwabd Cullen. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Flobence Mabelle Cuminos. Princ 
of High School. Clare, Mich. 

Maude Lobeita Daley. Teacher. 

Menominee, Mich. 
Edwabd Evan Davies, I 96-97. Law- 
yer. Dixon, 111. 
Claba Marie Davis. Medical stu- 
dent. Lansing, Mich. 
Emerson Davis. Chemist. 

615 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Nellie Gbace Densmore. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Lula J Dickinson. Newspaper work. 

Stockbridge. Mich. 




Louis Kirke Douglass. Clerk. 

52 Plum St., Detroit, Mich. 

Irene Anna Duffy. Ann Arbor. 

Helen Dunham. Teacher at Delray, 

Mich. West Bay City, Mich. 

Charles Edward Dvorak. 

1145 Lawndale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
LiDA Belle Earhart. Teacher in 
State Normal School. 

Whitewater, Wis. 
Mart Newell Eaton. Teacher in 
Lansing High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Alpha Caroline Edmand. Teacher. 

Pella, Iowa. 
Frederic Engelhard. 

Rising City, Neb. 
John Phelps EvEREarr. Princ of 
Pontiac, Mich., High School. 

Chelsea, Mich. 
Walter Anthony Eversman. Law 

132 Prescott St., Toledo, O. 
Charles Jefferson Ewald. Sec'y 
Y. M. C. A. Ann Arbor. 

John Frederick Feddersen. 

Camanche, Iowa. 
Clara Sophie Feick. Teacher in Bay 
City High School. Sandusky, O. 

Herbert Louis Ferrand. 

South Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Mary Goodrich Field. Teacher. 

180 Charlotte Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Robert Burroughs Fields. Medical 
student. Rochelle, 111. 

Charlotte Augusta Forbes. Stu- 
dent. Greenfield, Mass. 
Dorothy Fowler. Des Moines, Iowa. 
Lena May Frost. Riverside, 111. 
Maude Alice Gamon, B.S. (Wheaton 
Coll. ) '95. Teacher. Wheaton, III. 
Lloyd Edward Gandy. Law student. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Loins Merwin Gelston. Ann Arbor. 
Mary Morris Godfrey. Teacher. 

626 Piatt St., Toledo, O. 
Reuel Raymond Neil Gould. Princ. 
of High School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
William Grayson. Manufacturer. 

1115 S. Grand Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Otto Henrt Hans, LL.B. 1900. 

Ann Arbor. 
Harriet Harkness. 

628 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Maude Caroline Hathaway. Teach- 
er. Blissfield, Mich. 
Gertrude Haun. Teacher. 

Dollar Bay, liiGch. 
William Sylvester Hazelton. 

Ann Arbor. 

Laswis Henry Hector. Medical stu- 
dent. Allegheny, Pa. 
Florence Hedges. Lansing Mich. 
William Christel Helmers. Law 
student. Leavenworth, Kan. 
Dora Davis Henderson. Princ. of 
Ovid High School. Jackson, Mich. 
Nathalia Henne. Teacher in Akron, 
O., High School. Springfield, 111. 
John Lawrence Hidrard. Law stu- 
dent. Detroit, Mich. 
Arthur Pomeroy Hicks. Law stu- 
dent. Ann Arbor. 
Cary LeRoy Hill. Teacher in Owosso 
High School. Chelsea, Mich. 
Katharine Genevieve Hine. Teacher 
in the Western College. Oxford, O. 
Fannie Violet Holcomre. 

810 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Alice Maude Hollister. Teacher in 
the Philippines. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
Jessie Margaret Horton. Medical 

10206 Longwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Janetta Eveline Howard. 

Ionia, Mich. 
Nina May Howlett. (Mrs. Charles 
B. Hole.) Denver, Colo. 

Maude Hudson. Teacher in Delray, 
Mich., High School. Saginaw, Mich. 
Carolyn Alserta Humphrey. Teach- 
er. Adrian, Mich. 
Irving Benjamin Hunter. Teacher. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Frederick Eugene Hutchins. Buyer. 
7504 Castlewood Terrace, 

Chicago, 111. 
Roy Igou. Journalism. 

Grove City, 111. 
Clara Octavia Jamibson. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Jessie Gertrude Jennings. Student. 

Troy, Mich. 
Margaret Jones. Teacher in Port- 
land, Mich., High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Marel Augusta Joy. Teacher. 

Albion, Mich. 
Frank Cameron Kinsey. Medical 
student. Ann Arbor. 

Adele Louise Klein. Teacher in 
High School. Howard City, Mich. 
Marguerite Knowlton. Ann Arbor. 
Ineson James Kohleb. Law clerk. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Sanford Webb Ladd. Law student. 

Milford, Mich. 
Annie Williams Langley. 

77 Cornell St., Cleveland, O. 




John IAbskit. 

1496 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111. 
ICabion Aonbs Lawton. Teacher. 

Malolas, Luzon, P. I. 
Habmon Lee Lawteb, A.B. (Olivet) 
'95. Teacher. Burton, O. 

Clyde Leavitt. Teacher. 

Bellaire, Mich. 
William Jacob Lehman. Law stu- 
dent. Adrian, Mich. 
Milton Louis Livingston. Travel- 
ing salesman. 

148 W. Wash. St., Chicago, 111. 
Abthub Adolph Loeb. Insurance. 

3622 Grand Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Mabea Daisy Longwell. Teacher. 

Paw Paw, Aach. 
Maby Lowell. Teacher in State Nor- 
mal School. Winona, Minn. 
Fbedebic Low LowBiE. Insurance. 

901 2nd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Blanche Lubton. Teacher in Phil- 
ippines. Bloomington, 111. 
Lizzie May McCbacken. Teacher. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Fbancis Joseph McCue. Medical 

student. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Edwin McGinnis. Medical student. 

618 66th St., Chicago, Dl. 

Walteb Lee McLauchlan. Bank 


2421 X. Paulina St., Chicago, 111. 

Gbace Redpath McLean. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Ward J MacNeal. Medical student. 

Fenton, Mich. 
AucE Caby Manwabino. Teacher in 
Helena, Mont., High School. 

Ann Arbor. 
Otto Chables Mabckwabdt. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Estheb Peabl Matcheht. Teacher in 
Houghton, Mich., High School. 

Greenville, O. 
Jacob Scott Matthews. Law stu- 

6509 Drezel Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Walteb Royal Matthews. Teacher. 
Laguimanoc, Luzon, P. I. 
Cabl Fbancis Mehlhop. Importer. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Emilie Cathebine Mebtz. Teacher. 

Rock Island, 111. 
Anna Wykes Milleb. 

106 Neuham Ave., 

Grand Rapida, Mich. 
Jessie Fbedbeka Muxeb. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Scott Albebt Milleb. Prof, of Matu- 
ematics in Lenox Coll. 

Hopkinton, Iowa. 
David Williams Mills. 

Marysville, Mich. 

William Comer Mitchell. Law 

student. Martinsville, Ind. 

Barbara Alexandbina Mobbison. 

Teacher. Hancock, Mich. 

Seymoub Tenny Mobse, C.E. '78. 

Ann Arbor. 
Fbank Shabp Mobsman. With Pa- 
cific Express Co. Omaha, Neb. 
Philip Wildeb Mothersill. Law 
student. Ann Arbor. 
Genevieve Delony O'Neill. Teacher. 

Macatawa Park, Mich. 
Alice Moseley Paddock. OflRce work. 

Moline, 111. 
Mary Adelaide Pabkeb. 

Ypsilanti, Afich. 
Caboline Estheb Pattengill. 

Ann Arbor. 
Annie Abletta Pearce. Teacher. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 


Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Frank Peshick. Teacner in Philip- 
pines. 409 N. 11th St.. 

Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 

Sybil Math.da Pettee. Ann Arbor. 

Adonibam Judson Pettis. Medical 

student. Flint, Mich. 

Maud Philips. Teacher. 

Idyllwild, Riverside Co., Cal. 
Julia Maqbudeb Phillips. Student. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
John Lamond Piebce. Real estate. 

Flint, Mich. 
Maby Plant. Assistant in English. 

Ann Arbor. 
Jane Viola Pollack. 

Ravenswood, 111. 
Beatbice Pomeboy. Teacher. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Maby Rebecca Powers. Teacher in 
Marquette High School. 

Hastings, liGch. 
Lindley Pyle. Student. 

Kennett Square, Pa. 
Anna Mae Quello. Teacher. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Hannah Dell Read. 

Shenandoah, Iowa. 
James Monroe Reasoner. Law stu- 
dent. Ijansing, Mich. 
Cabbie Adelaide Reynolds. Teacher. 

Springport, Mich. 




Jessie Mae Retnoldb. Teacher. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 
Anna Louise Rhodes. Student. 

Ada, Mich. 
HowABD RiOHABDSON. Law student. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Jesse Jat Rigks. Law student. 

Taylorville, 111. 
William Rinok, A.B. (Hope) 1900. 
Student. Holland, Mich. 

Florence Edith Rinole. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Edwin Shepherd Ripley. Ry. clerk. 

Hinsdale, 111. 
Georgia Oriana Robertson, m 94- 

Hotel Washington, Kansas City, Mo. 
Euzabeth Cotter Ronan. Teacher 
in High School. Lansing, Mich. 
Charlotte Hale Sargeant. 

1322 John R St., Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Martin Sattler, B.S. (Oli- 
vet) 1900. Supt of Schools. 

Grass Lake, Mich. 
Wirt Ira Savert. Teacher in Phil- 
ippines. Plymouth, Mich. 
Maroarei Agnes Soallon. 

Hancock, Mich. 
Ida Marie Sghaible. Student. 

Ann Arbor. 
Otto Sorg Sohairee. Engineering 
student. Valine, Mich. 

John William Scholl. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 28. ) Ann Arbor. 
Clark William Shipman. Teacher 
in Manistee High School. 

Corunna, Mich. 
Genevieve Sloan. Teacher. 

61 Humboldt Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Leslie Gifford Smith. 

Schoolcraft, Mich. 
John Henry Snook. Theological stu- 
dent. Rochester, Mich. 
Mart Justina Spottswood. Teacher 
in Rockford, III., High School. 

Winnebago, III. 
LaVerne Ward Spring, p 96-97. 

243 E. 76th St., Chicago, HI. 
Herman Camprell Stevens. Student. 

Elyria, O. 

John Edward Stoffer, D.D.S. 1900. 

Dentist. Lansing, Mich. 

Carroll Lawrence Storey. Medical 

student. Oberlin, O. 

Grace Alma Strang. Teacher. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Howard Streeter. Law student. 

Calumet, Mich. 

Maodalena Stuket. Student. 

Bryan, O. 
Euzabeth Sundstrom. Teacher in 
High School. Trenton, Mich. 

William Matnaro Swan. Lawyer. 

664 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Edith Emeline Swinton. Teacher. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Alfred Henry Syverson. Teacher. 

Water Valley, Miss. 
Harry Harvey Talcott. Student. 

Des Plaines, 111. 
William Wilson Taloott. Teacher. 
558 61st Place, Chicago, HI. 
Katharine Taylor. Teacher. 

Ionia, Mich. 
Leslie Joseph Tefft. Engineering 

student. ^^'^ ^^^* 

Edgar Campbell Thompson. Teacher 
in University School. 

600 3d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John Edmund Thompson. Law stu- 
dent. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Alice Emeline Thurston. 

Rockford, 111. 
Mabel Trask. Teacher in Elkhart, 
Ind., schools. Ann Arbor. 

George Nelson Trempex. Teacher in 
Philippines. Pontiac, Mich. 

Ralph Houston Van Cleve. Jour- 
nalism. Marinette, Wis. 
Ren A Rae Van Fossen. Princ. of 
Colon, Mich., High School. 

Paw Paw, Mich. 
William Henby Veenboeb. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Lillian Vivian Wallace. Teacher 
in Madison Institute. 

Richmond, Ky. 
Eloise Waring. Teacher Jackson- 
ville, 111., Academy. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
DwiGHT Everett Watkins. Princ 
Union City, Mich., High School. 

Brighton, Mich. 
Helen Mary Wattles. Teacher. 

Birmingham, Mich. 
May Wheeler. Student. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Jennie Belle Wilcox. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Harrison Gaylord Williams. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
William Kirkwood Williams. Law 
student. Lapeer, lifich. 

Mabel Willison. Teacher in Mat- 
toon. 111., High School. 

Decatur, Mich. 




Clara Mn.DRia> Wnxns. Teacher in 
Alpena High School. Midland, Mich. 
Henbt Wineman. Furniture. 

451 2nd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Mabel Gundbum Wing. Ionia, Mich. 
Mabel Louise Wood. Teacher. 

274 Kirby Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Kael Hinman Youno. Student. 

6 Foxcroft House, Cambridge, Mass. 
Theo John Ztmijbbman. Student. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Habold Eabl Zook. Manufacturer. 

(241) Nappanee, Ind. 



•James Craio Watson, A.M., A.B. '67. 
•DeVolson Wood, M.S., C.E. (Renns. 
Pol. Inst.) '57, A.M. (Hamilton) 
'59. (See Faculties, p. 8.) 


•Allen Jebemiah Cubtis, A.M., A.B. 

(Kalamazoo) '60. (See Faculties, 

page 19.) 

Silas Wbioht Dunning, A.M., A.B. 

'60. New York, N. Y. 



Chables Kendall Adams, A.M., A.B. 
'61. Madison, Wis. 

William Soule, M.S., B.S. *61. 

Alliance, O. 
Joseph Wabben Wood, M.S., B.S. '61. 
(3) Sumner, Wash. 


ABTHtiB Bbown, A.M., LL.B. '64, A.B. 
(Antioch) '62. U. S. Senator from 
Utah, 1896-97. Lawyer. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

David Habmon Lovejoy, A.M., A.B. 

'62. Rosiyn, Pa. 

Lewis Stephen Fisk Piloheb, A.M., 

A.B. '62. Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Qeoboe Benjamin Mcrbiman, A.M., 
A.B. (Ohio Wesl.) '63. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 16.) Assistant on Nauti- 
cal Almanac, U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory. Washington, D. C. 




Miles Harbison Cablton, M.S., B.S. 
'63. Broken Bow, Neb. 



Amos Emebson Dolbeab, A.M., M.E., 
A.B. (Ohio Wesl.) '66, A.M. (ibid.) 
'69. Prof, of Physics in Tufts Col- 
lege since 1874. Author. 

( 1 ) TufU College, Mass. 


William John English, A.M., A.B. 
'67. Chicago, Dl. 



[Fbank] Austin Scxwt, A.M., A.B. 
(Yale) '69, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '72. 
(See Faculties, p. 23.) 
( 1 ) New Brunswick, N. J. 


Fbancis Watland Jones, A.M., A.B. 
'70. Pasadena, Cal. 



John Fosteb Eastwood, A.M., A.B. 
'71, Ph.D. '87. Georgetown, Ky. 



tWnxiAM Henby Smith, A.M., Ph.D. 
'76, M.D. '79, A.B. (Kalamazoo) '71. 
Physician. St. Clair, Mich. 







BX7RN, A.M., A.B. (U. S. Grant 
Univ.) 71. Lawyer. 

Greeneville, Tenn. 

Inez Blanche Slocxjic, A.M., A.B. 

(Hiram) 71. (Mrs. Bliss Black.) 

Writer. 241 Tremont St., 

(2) Boston, Mass. 


fMABCELLUS Wabneb Dablino, A.M., 

A.B. (Albion) 70, A.M. (ihidj 78. 

Cong, clergyman. Glencoe, HL 

Emma Mabia Hall, A.M., A.B. 74. 

Home, Italy. 
Sabah Dix Hamlin, A.M., A.B. 74. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
ViCTOB Clabence Vaughan, M.S., 
Ph.D. 76, M.D. 78, LL.D. 1900, B.S. 
(Mt. Pleasant Coll., Mo.) 72. (See 
Faculties, p. 12.) Maj. and Surg. 
U. S. Vols., 1898. Ann Arbor. 



Caboline Ibene Hxtbbabd, M.S., B.S. 

76. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
WILLLA.M Henbt Smith, Ph.D., A.M. 

73 (post-grad.), bt. Clair, Mich. 
ViCTOB Clarence Vaughan, Ph.D., 
M.S. 75 (post-grad.). Ann Arbor. 


♦LuDOVic Estes, a.m., Ph.D. '88, A.B. 

(Haverford) '69. (See Faculties, 

p. 23.) 
Abbam Sager Hall, Ph.M., Ph.D. 78, 

Ph.B. 76. Chesterton, Md. 

Absalom Winfield Jones, A.M., M.D. 

78, A.B. (Otterbein) 72, A.M. 

(ibidj 75. Physician. 

Westerville, O. 
Louisa Mabia Reed, M.S., B.S. 76. 
(4) Lowell, Mass. 


Mart Emma Farrand, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

77. Knoxville, Tenn. 
Abbam Sager Hall, Ph.D., Ph.B. 76. 

Ph.M. 77. Chesterton, Md. 

Denison J HiGLEY, A.M., A.B. 76. 

Grand View, Iowa. 

Abthub Gordon Oven, A.M., A.B. 75. 

( 4 ) Petoskey, Mich. 


Benjamin Chapman Bubt A.M., A.B. 
76, PhJD. '94. Superior, Neb. 

WnxiAM Henby Butts, A.M., A.B. 
78. Ann Arbor. 

Anson Peteb DeWolf, A.M., A.B. 
'76. Crescent City, Fla. 

WnxiAM Tatlob Jackson, Ph.D., 
A.B. (Western Coll.) '64, BJ>. 
(Yale) '75. P. E. clergyman. 

Emmetsburg, Iowa. 

Jebemiah Whipple Jenks, A.M.» 
A.B. '78. Ithaca, N.Y. 

FBEDoacK William Nichols, Ph.M., 
Ph.B. (Hillsdale) '78. Supt. of 
Schools, Dist. No. 2, since 1895. 

Evanston, 111. 

Babclat Tennyson Trueblood, M.S., 
Ph.D. '80, B.S. (Whittier Coll.) 
'71, M.D. (Iowa) '85. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 17.) Physician. 

(7) O'Neill, Neb 


Erastus Albebt Babnes, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

'79. Chicago, 111. 

*Joseph Ivimet Bates, Ph.M., A.B. 

(Toronto) '79, d. Woodstock, Ont., 

Aug. 5, 1896. 
Chables Howabd Gbeathouse, A.M., 

A.B. '79. Washington, D. C. 

Babclay Tennyson TBUEBL00D,PhJ).9 

M.S. '79 (poet-grad.) 

(4) O'Neill, Neb. 


Gbobge Franklin Kenaston, A.M.» 
A.B. (Dartmouth) '78. Superinten- 
dent of Schools since 1897. 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Jabez Montgomery, Ph.D., B.S. '67. 

Ann Arbor. 
Annie Smith Peck, A.M., A.B., '78. 

Providence, R. I. 

Charles Kendall Perrine, AM,, 

A.B. '78. Jackson, Mich. 

Lucius Lincoln Van Slyke, A.M., 

Ph.D. '82, A.B. '79. Geneva, N. Y. 



Gabriel Arskott Jacobs, M.S., B.S. 
(Ridgeville Coll.) '80. Princ. of 
High School. Carthage, N. Y. 

*Chables Emmet Lowbey, A.M., Ph.D. 
'84, A.B. '77. 




William John MoMubtby, A.M., 
A.B. (Olivet) *81. Prof, of Greek 
in Yankton Coll. since 1887. 

Yankton, S. Dak. 

GxnLFORD Lawson Spenceb, M.S., 
B.S. and A.C. (Purdue) '79. In 
the Department of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 

Oauin Eastman Swabthout, A.M., 
A.B. (Alhion) '81. Supt. of Schools. 

Moyock, N. C. 

♦David Houston Taylor, Ph.D., A.B. 

Lucius Lincoln Van Slyke, Ph.D., 
A.B. '79, A.M. '81. Geneva, N. Y. 

Jean Augustus WirrMOBE, M.S., B.8. 
'81. New York, N.Y. 

♦Gbobdie Zeno Whitney, A.M., LL.B. 
'80, A.B. (Oberlin) '78, d. San Ber- 
nardino, Cal., April 29, 1889. 



Julian William Baibd, A.M., A.B. 

'82. Boston, Mass. 

•Carl William Belser, A.M., A.B. 

Cora Agnes Benneson, A.M., A.B. 

*7S, LL.B. Cambridge, Mass. 

Edwin Locke Cole, M.S., B.S. '82. 

Passaic, N. J. 
Mary Melissa Curtis, A.M., A.B. '82. 

Washington, D. C. 
Delos Fall, M.S., B.S. '7S^ 

Albion, Mich. 
Charles Hutchinson, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

'81. Battle Creek, Mich. 

George Wells Knight, A.M., Ph.D. 

'84, A.B. '78. Columbus, O. 

Alma Mansfield, A.M., A.B. '81. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Lucy Maynard Salmon, A.M., A.B. 

'76. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

♦Alice Meyer Schryver, M.L., B.S. 

(Knox) '80, M.S. (ibid) '83 (Mrs. 

William R. Sawyers), d. Fort 

Worth, Tex., April 23, 1893. 
Edgar Hunter Scott, M.S., B.S. 

(Cornell Coll.) '81. Lawyer. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Francis Lodowick York, A.M., A.B. 

'82. Detroit, Mich. 



Albert Nelson Bliss, A.M., A.B. '77. 

Marshfield, Vt. 
Frank Vincent Broadbent, M.S., 
B.S. (Purdue) '83. 

Edwin Newton Brown, A.M., A.B. 

'83. Jonesville, Mich. 

Augusta Jane Chapin, A.M., A.M. 

(Lombard) '69, D.D. (ibid) '93. 

Clergyman. Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge, A.M., 

A.B. '81. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

George Wells Knight, PhJ)., A.B. 

'78. Columbus, O. 

William Albert Locy, M.S., B.S. '81. 

Evanston, 111. 
*Charles Emmet Lowrey,Pii.D.,A.B. 

Samuel Wilbur Norton, A.M., Ph.D. 

'92, A.B. (Hillsdale) '82. Lawyer. 

4305 Drezel Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

William James Olcott, M.S., Ph.B. 

'83. Duluth, Minn. 

Charles Smith Powell, A.M., A.B. 

(Vanderbilt) '83, LL.B. (Colum- 
bian Univ.) '85. Lawyer. 

Richmond, Ky. 
*Marcellus John Thompson, A.M. 

A.B. ( Butler Univ. ) '82, d. Morris- 
town, O., Dec. 17, 1890. 
Helen Sophronia Wyllis, A.M., A.B. 

(Hillsdale) '76, A.M. (ihidj '77. 

(Mrs. Robert H. Snell.) 
(13) Kansas City, Kan. 


George Barnes, A.M., A.B. '77. 

Howell, Mich. 

June Rose Colby, A.M., Ph.D. '86, 
A.B. '78. Normal, 111. 

*Arthur Alger Crozier, M.S., B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '79, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Jan. 29, 1890. 

Horace Spencer Fiske, A.M., A.B. 
(Beloit) '82, A.M. (ibid) '85. Lec- 
turer on Enelish Literature in the 
Univ. of Chicago (Extension Divi- 
sion) since 1894. Chicago, 111. 

* Edward Adolphus Rosenthal, A.M., 
A.B. '82. 


Edward Playfair Anderson, Ph.D., 

A.M. '79. San Jo8<i, Cal. 

Thomas Bertrand Bronson, A.M., 

A.B. '81. Lawrenceville, N. J. 

Douglas Houghton Campbell, Ph.D., 

Ph.M. '82. Stanford University, Cal. 
June Rose C^lby, Ph.D., A.B. '78, 

A.M. '82. Normal, 111. 

Webster Cook, A.M., Ph.D. '87, A.B. 

'78. Saginaw, Mich 




Mart Emilt Holmes, A.M., PhJ). 
'88, A.6. (Bockford Sem.) '82. 
See'y of North West, for Woman's 
Home Missionary B6ard of Presb. 
Church. Bockford, 111. 

Lewis Addison Rhoades, A.M., A.B. 
'84. Urbana, 111. 



Shioehidb Abakawa, M.S., IiL.B. 

(Cumberland Univ.) '88, PhJ). 

{ilrid) '98. President of the Osaka 

Marine Court. Tokyo, Japan. 

Webstis Cook, PhJ)., A.B. '78, AJd. 

'86. Saginaw, l^ch. 

Lauba Donnan, A.M., A.B. 79. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Foster Eastwood, Ph.D., A.B. 

'71, A.M. '72. Georjgetown, Ky. 

EsTELLE Lois GUPPT, A.Mr, A.B. (Pa- 
cific) '86. San Jos«, Cal. 
Geoboe Fbanois James, A.M., A.B. 

'86. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gbobge Citllet Manly, A.M., LL.B. 

'87,A.B. (Denver Univ.) '86. Prof. 

of Law, Univ. of Denver, since 1892. 

Denver, Colo. 
Fbedduok Gbobge Novt, M.S., ScD. 

'90, B.S. (Chem.) '86, MJ>. '91. 

Ann Arbor. 
Hannah Bobie Sewall, A.M., A.B. 

(Minnesota) '84, Ph.D. (ibid) '99. 

Assist, in Political Science, Univ. 

of Ifinn. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Maboabet Stewabt, A.M., A.B. '77. 

Cincinnati, O. 
Elvin Swabthout, Ph.M., LL.B. '87, 

Ph.B. (Albion) '86. Lawyer. 
(11) Grand Bapids, Mich. 


Henbietta Ash Banoboft, Ph.M., 
Ph.B. (Cornell Coll.) '86. Prof, of 
English in Albion (College, since 
1893. 426 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Feed Convebse Clabk, A.M., A.B. 
'87, Ph.D. '91. Columbus, O. 

Cablos Bingham Coohban, A.M., 
A.B. '77. West Chester, Pa. 

•LuDOVic-' EsTBS, Ph.D., A.M. '77 

Mtbon Oscab Gbaves, A.M., A.B. '86. 

Petoskey, Mich. 

Susan Bachel Habbison, A.M., A.B. 
(Earlham) '83. (Mrs. Allen C. 
John»on. ) Prof, of Latin and Greek 
in Whittier Coll. since 1896. 

Whittier, Cal. 

Mabt Emilie Holmes, PhJ)., A.M. 

'86 (post-grad.). Bockford, 111. 

Gebtbude Helen Mason, Ph.M.,Ph.B. 

'76. SanJoe6,Cal. 

Mtba [Elizabeth] Pollabd, A.M., 

A.B. '84. Chicago, 111. 

Feed Newton Soott, A.M., Ph£. '89, 

A.B. '84. Ann Arbor. 

Feed Manville Tatlob, Ph.D., A.B. 

(N. W. Univ.) '76, A.M. {iUdJ '78. 

( See Faculties, p. 18. ) Ann Arbor. 


Ebnest Alanson Baloh, A.M., A.B. 
(Kalamazoo) '88, Ph.D. (Chicago) 
'98. Insurance. 
614 Hammond Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

*Henbt Benneb, M.S., B.S. (West 
Chester Normal School) '86, MS. 
(ibid J '87, Ph.D. (Erlangen) '97, 
Prof, of Mathematics in Albion 
Coll., 1897-1901, was drowned in 
Lake Orion, Mich., Aug. 12, 1901. 

Chables Weight Dodoe, M.S., B.S. 
(Bio.) '86. Bochester, N. T. 

Elisha Monboe Habtman, M.L., B.L. 
'86. South Bend, Ind. 

Mabt Loxhse Jones, A.M.,A.M.( Mich. 
Female Coll.) '69. Teacher of Eng- 
lish in the ELansas State Normal 
School since 1890. Emporia, Kan. 

Yeltibo Ono, PhJ)., Ph.B. (Oberlin) 
'87. Banker. Tokyo, Japan. 

Feed Newton Soott, Ph.D., A.B. '84. 

Ann Arbor. 

Ebwin F. Smith, Sc.D., B.S. (Bio.) 
'86. Washingtcn, D. C. 

Ida Mabia Stbeet, A.M., A.B. (Vas- 
sar) '80. Teacher in the East Divi- 
sion High School. Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Michael Zxtmbbo, A.M.,A.B. 
(Western Coll.) '88. Missionary. 
(10) Pasumalai, India. 


Haoop Habutune Actebian, Ph.D., 

A.B. (Bates) '74. With the Chicago 

University Association. 

North Anron, Me. 
Ephbaim Douglass Adams, Ph.D., 

A.B. '87. Lawrence, Kan. 

Benjamin Pabsons Boubland, A.M., 

A.B. '89. Ann Arbor. 

Nathan Davis Cobbin, M.S., B.S. '86. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Hebbebt Fletcheb DbCou, AJM., A.B. 

'88. Athens, Greece. 




Elsib Hadlet, M.S., B.S. (Earlham) 
'86. (Mrs. Frank White.) 

Valley City, N. Dak. 

Fbedebick Chabixs Hioks, PhJ).> 
A.B. '86. Cincinnati, O. 

Mabt Louisa Hinsdals, A.M., A.B. 
(Adelbert) '85. Student and writer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Ella Adelaide Kitapp, A.M., PhJ). 
'99, A.B. (Kalamazoo) '88. Prof, 
of English Literature in Mt. Hoi- 
yoke (%11. 1890-97; in the Pennsyl- 
vania Coll. for Women, 1900-. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Clabence MgCollough, 
A.M., A.B. (Butler) '88. Supt. of 
Schools since 1896. Sullivan, Ind. 

LuoT Castint McGee, Ph.M., B.S. 
( Iowa Wesl. ) '80. Teacher and lec- 
turer. 7047 Yale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Caroline Miles, A.M., Ph.D. '92, A.B. 
(Earlham) '87. (Mrs. William 
HiU.) 5728 Madison Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Fbedebick Gboboe Novt, ScJD., B.S. 
(Chem.) '86. Ann Arbor. 

William Francis Palmeb, A.M., A.B. 
(Baldwin) '87, Ph.D. (Lake For- 
est) '93. Teacher in West High 
School, Cleveland, O., since 1896. 

Berea, 0. 

Henbt Alvin Pabkeb, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
(Hillsdale) '87. Literary work. 

New York, N. Y. 

Flora Mabel Potteb, A.M., A.B. '88. 
(Mrs. Selby A. Moran.) Ann Arbor. 

William HirrELL Shebzer, M.S., B.S. 
'89. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Aldred Scott Warthin, A.M., M.D. 
'91, Ph.D. '03, A.B. (Indiana) '88. 
(See Faculties, p. 21.) Ann Arbor. 

Arlislb Margaret Young, A.M., A.B. 
'89. New York, N. Y. 



James Rowland Angell, A.M., A.B. 

'90. Chicago, HI. 

*Ella Howison Carnall, Ph.M., 

A.B. (Ark. Indust. Univ.), d. Fort 

Smith, Ark., March 30, 1894. 
Fred Converse Clark, Ph.D., A.M. 

'88, A.B. '87. Columbus, O. 

Samuel Medart Dick, Ph.D., A.B. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '87, A.M. (ibid J '90. 

M. E. clergyman. Providence, R. I. 
Edoab Millard Douohtt, A.M., A.B. 

'90. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Amasa Grace, A.M., A.B. 

'88, LL.B. '90. Kansas City, Mo. 
Frederick Augustus Henrt, A.M., 

LL.B. '91, A.B. (Hiram) '88. Prof. 

of Law in West. Res. Univ., 1894-99. 

Lawyer. Williamson Bldg., 

Cleveland, 0. 
Ruth Estella Hoppin, A.M., B.L. 

(Oberlin) '66, A.M. (ibid. J '78. 

Prof of Botany, Smith Coll., 1881- 

83; Prof, of English, Univ. of N. 

Dak., 1891-92. Teacher. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 
Fatette Hubd, Ph.D., A.B. '69, A.M. 

'62. Sprii^eld, Mo. 

Guy Lincoln Kiefer, A.M., A.B. '87, 

M.D. '91. Detroit, Mich. 

•Marietta Kies, Ph.M., Ph.D. '91, d. 

Pueblo, Colo., July 20, 1899. 
David Martin Lichty, M.S., B.S. 

(West Chester Normal) '87. (See 

Faculties, p. 26. ) Ann Arbor. 

Edwin Lillie Miller, A.M., A.B. 

'90. Chicago, 111. 

Henrt Close Montgomery, A.M., 

A.B. (Hanover) '80, A.M. (ibid J 

'86. Supt of Schools. 

Seymour, Ind. 
Harvey Newton Ott, Ph.M. Ph.B. 

(Albion) '89. Traveling salesman. 

1612 Garfield Bvld., Chicago, 111. 

James Rood Robertson, A.M., A.B. 

(Beloit) '86. Prof, of History and 

Political Science, Pacific Univ., 

1895- Forest Grove, Ore. 

Edward Van Dyke Robinson, A.M., 

A.B. '90. St. Paul, Minn. 

John Adams Shelton, M.S., B.S. 
(Iowa Agr. Coll.) '89. Lawyer. 

Butte, Mon. 
Charles Orrin Townsend, M.S., 

B.S. '88. College Park, Md. 

Edgar Jerome Townsend, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. (Albion) '90, Ph.D. (G«ttin- 

gen) 1900. Assoc. Prof, of Mathe- 
matics, Univ. of 111., 1895-. 

(20) Champaign, 111. 


Arletta Maria Abbott, A.M., A.B. 
(Vassar) '81. Prof, of German in 
Oberlin Coll. Oberlin, O. 

Mary Clark Bancker, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
'91. Jackson, Mich. 

Lemuel Chxtrchill, M.S, MJ). '92, 
B.S. (Mich. Agr. Ck>ll.) '89. Man- 
ager of Newbro Drug Co. 

Butte, Mon. 




WiLLABD Kimball Clement, Ph.D., 
A.B. (Colby) '84, A.M. (ibid J '88. 
(See Faculties, p. 24.) 

Evanston, 111. 

James Melville Coleman, A.M., 

A.B. *9I. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Moses Gombero, M.8., B.S. (Chem.) 

'90, Sc.D., 1894. Ann Arbor. 

Charles Hill, M.S., B.S. (Bio.) '91. 

Evanston, 111. 

Lyman Fbeoeeick Kebleb, M.S., B.S. 

'91, Ph.C. '90. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alexander Frederick Lange, PhJ)., 

A.M. '86. Berkeley, Cal. 

Charles Thomas McClintock, Ph.D., 

M.D. '94, A.B. (Ky. Wesl.) '81, 

A.M. (ibid.) '84. Physician. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Raymond MgCrary, A.M, A.B. 
(Trinity, N. C.) '91. Lawyer. 

Lexington, N. C. 

Caroline Miles, Ph.D., A.M. '90, 

A.B. (Earlham) '87. Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Wilber Norton, Ph.D., 

A.M. '84, A.B. (Hillsdale) '82. 

Chicago, 111. 
Alice May Schoff, Ph.M., B.L. 
(Cincinnati) '91. (Mrs. Harry A. 
Millis. G532 Ellis Ave., 

Chica^, 111. 
Eliza Read Sunderland, Ph.D., 
Ph.B. '89. Toronto, Ont. 

Esther Boise Van Deman, A.M., 
A.B. '91. Washington, D. C. 

Chauncey Alvan Wheeler, A.M. 
A.B. '86. Wilmette, HI. 

Max Winkler, Ph.D., A.B. (Har- 
vard) '89. (See Faculties, p. 16.) 
(18) Ann Arbor. 


Allison Wix Augir, A.M., A.B. 
(Hillsdale) '90. Teacher of Phys- 
ics in Lake View High School. 

Chicago, 111. 

Blanche Kingsbury Barney, M.L., 
B.L. '89. Detroit, Mich. 

William Warner Bishop, A.M., A.B. 
'92. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mamah Bouton Borthwick, A.m., 
A.B. '92. Oak Park, III. 

Charles Ambrose Bowen, A.M., A.B. 
»92. Columbus, 0. 

Ida May (IJlendentn, M.S., B.S. 
(Missouri) '86, M.S. fihid.) '89. 
Teacher of Botany in Girls' High 
School, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mexico, Mo. 

Heber Doust Curtis, A.M, A.B. '92. 

Detroit, Mich. 

John Patterson Davis, A.M., A.B. 

'85, Ph.D. '94. Nampa, Idaho. 

Ellen Elizabeth Gabbioues, A.M., 

A.B. '89. New York, N. Y. 

Augusta Lee Giddings, Ph.M., B.L. 
(Wisconsin) '90, M.L. (ibid,) '93. 
(Mrs. Charles Giddings.) 

Madison, Wis. 
Helen Louise Hatch, M.L., B.L. '91. 

Detroit, Mich. 

George Oswin Hioley, M.S., B.S. 

(Chem.) '91. Ann Arbor. 

Jonathan August Charles Hildneb, 

A.M., A.B. '90. Ann Arbor. 

Ellen Clarinda Hinsdale, A.M., A.B. 

(Aflelbert) '86, Ph.D. (G«ttingen) 

'97. Prof, of German in Mt. Holy- 

oke Coll. South Hadley, Mass. 

Abraham Lincoln Knisei^y, M.S., 

B.S. (Chem.) '91. Corvallis, Ore. 

Economics and Finance in School 

of Political Science. Tokyo, Japan. 
John Oren Keeo, Ph.M., Ph.B. '86. 

Ann Arbor. 
Eugene Herbert Robebtson, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. '91, M.D. '96. Boulder, Colo. 
George Frederick Rush, A.M., A.B. 

'89. Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Chalkley Severance, A.M. 

A.B. '89. Rochester, Mich. 

Paul Henry Seymour, M.S., B.S. 

(Chem.) '92. Chicago, HI. 

Albert Boynton Storms, A.M., A.B. 

'84. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Aldred Scott Wabthin, PhJ)., A.M. 

'90, M.D. '91. Ann Arbor. 

Marilla Caroline Wooster, Ph.M., 

B.S. (Hillsdale) '76. Teacher in 

Boston, Mass. Revere, Masa. 



♦Wirt McGregor Austin, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. '87. 
Warren Dwight Baker, A.M., A.B. 

'93. Buchanan, Ihfich. 

Flora Gale Babnes, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

(Albion) '90. (Mrs. John C. 

Monger.) Toledo, O. 

Elmer Ellsworth Bartlett, M.S., 

B.S. (Iowa Coll.) '87. Banker. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Virginia Beauchamp, A.M., A.B. '89. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Kennedy Brooks, Ph.D., A.B. 

(Wooster) '78, A.M. (ibid.) '81. 

Mining. Zincite, Mo. 

Benjamin Chapman Bxtrt, Ph.D., 

A.M. '79, A.B. '75. Superior, Neb. 




Benjaion Cluft, M.S., B.S. '90. 

Provo aty, Utah. 

Edwin Raymond Cole, M.S., B.S. '92. 

La Grange, 111. 

Ghables Hobton Coolet, Ph.D., A.B. 
'87. Ann Arbor. 

Mabel Cbabbe, M.L., B.L. '93. 

St. Ijoiiis, Mo. 

John Pattebson Davis, Ph.D., A.M. 
'93, A.B. '85. Nampa, Idaho. 

Walteb Dennison, A.M., A.B. '93, 
Ph.D. '98. Oberlin, O. 

Elspa MnxiCENT Dopp, M.L., B.L. 
'93. Towne, Wis. 

Genevieve EIatuabine Dubty, A.M., 
A.B. '93. Ann Arbor. 

John Robebt Effinger, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
91, Ph.D. '98. Ann Arbor. 

Ida Bertha Paulina Fleischer, 
Ph.M., Ph.B. '92. Ludington, Mich. 

Moses Gombebg, ScD., M.8. '92, B.S. 
(Chem.) '90. Ann Arbor. 

James C Gbaves, M.S., B.S. (Albion) 
'93 Supt. of Dow Chemical Co. 

Midland, Mich. 

Walter John Hammux, M.L., B.L. 
'93. Rockford, 111. 

Ceylon Samuel Kingston, A.M., A.B. 
(St. Lawrence Univ.) '92. Princ. 
of the High School. Spokane, Wash. 

Newton D Mereness, A.M., A.B. *92. 

Sharon, Wis. 

William Henry Merneb, A.M., A.B. 
'92, LL. B. '94. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

John Augustus Munson, A.M., A.B. 
(Central Univ., Iowa) '91. 

Melvin Park Porter, A.M., A.B. '93. 

Buffalo, N Y. 

Harbison McAllester Randall, 
Ph.M., Ph.B. '93. Ann Arbor. 

[Henby Fbedebick] Lewis Reichle, 
A.M., A.B. '93. Saginaw, Mich. 

Edwin Cabl Roedder, A.M., A.B. *93, 
Ph.D. '98. Madison, Wis. 

Henry Abthub Sanders, A.M., A.B. 
'90. Ann Arbor. 

John Henry Schaffner, A.M.. A.B. 
(Baker Univ.) '93, M.S. (ihid.) '96. 
Assist. Prof, of Botany in Ohio 
State Univ. Columbus, 0. 

James Allen Smith, Ph.D., A.B. 
(Missouri) '86, LL.B. (ihid.) '87. 
Prof, of Economics and Sociology, 
Marietta Coll., 1895-97; of Eco- 
nomics, Univ. of Washington, 
1897-. Seattle, Wash. 

Clara Frances Ste\t:ns, Ph.M. 
(Mt. Holyoke) '81. Prof, of Eng- 
lish in Mt. Holyoke Coll. since 
1894. South Hadlev, Mass. 

Louis A Strauss, Ph.M., B.L. '93, 
Ph.D. 1900. Ann Arbor. 

Ira Dudley Tbavis, Ph.M., I 89-90, 
Ph.B. (Albion) '89. Teacher in 
High School. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Jessie Louise Van Vliet, A.M., A.B. 
(Wellesley) '85. Teacher. 

34 W. 12th St., New York, N. Y. 

Louis Grant Whitehead, A.M., A.B. 
'93. Butte, Mon. 

Pauline Elisabeth Wies, Ph.M., 
Ph.B. '92. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harry Dale Wright, A.M., A.B. '93. 
(38) Detroit, Mich. 


Archie Ernest Babtlett, A.M., A.B. 

'94. Detroit, Mich. 

Lyman James Brioos, M.S., B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '93. Physidflt, 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 
Gertrude Buck, M.S., B.S. '94, Ph.D. 

'98. Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 

Frank Haigh Dixon, Ph.D., Ph.B. 

'92. Hanover, N. H. 

Charles Franklin Emerick, Ph.M., 

A.B. (Wittenberg) '89, M.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '91, Ph.D. (Columbia) 

'97. Prof, of Political Economy in 

Smith Coll. Northampton, Mass. 
Rudolph Frederick Flinterman, 

A.M., A.B. '94. Deadwood, S. Dak. 
Willard Clark Gore, Ph.^L, Ph.B. 

'94. Chicago, 111. 

Wilbur Olin Hedbick, M.S., B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '91. Assist. 

Prof, of Hiatorv and Economics in 

Mich. Agr. Coll! 1893-. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 
Ellen Clara Hooeboom, M.S., B.S. 

'77. Saginaw, Mich. 

Frank Thomson Misry, M.L., B.L. 

'90. Honolulu, H. I. 

Emerson Romeo Miller, M.S., Phar. 

M. '93, B.S. (Chem.) '94, Ph.C. '92. 

Auburn, Ala. 
*Clabencb Mobtimer Mulholland, 

Ph.M., Ph.B. (Albion) '94, d. Port 

Huron, Mich., Aug. 7, 1898. 
Cyrus B. Newcomer, A.M., A.B. (Car- 
thage) '89. Teacher. Carthage. 111. 
Sara Genevieve O'Brien, M.L., B.L. 

*94. Ann Arbor. 

William Walter Parker, M.S., 

B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) '93. Teacher 

in the Hicrh School. Jackson, Mich. 
Josephine Eliza Sondebickeb, A.M., 

A.B. '89. Woodstock, 111. 




AiTiTAH Mat Soule, M.L., B.L. '94. 

South Hadley, Mass. 
Oabrie Taylor Stewart, A.M., A.B. 

(Kansas) *92, PhJ). (BerUn) '01. 

Teacher. 64 Lee St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
BATMom) Elmoinb VanStgkub, M.S., 

B.S. *91, LL.B. '95. Detroit, Mich. 
Delob Franklin Wilcox, A.M., A.B. 

'94. Elk Rapids, Mich. 

Neil Hooker Williams, M.S., B.S. 

(E. £.) '93. DetrcHt, Mich. 



Lawrence Thomas Cole, A.M., A.B. 

'92. Annandale, N. Y. 

William Eli Davis, SL^,, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Ooll.) '89. Teacher in the 

Lakeyiew High School. 

Chicago, III. 
Peter William Dtkema, M.L., B.L. 

'95. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Charles Henrt Gray, M.L., B.L. '95. 

Chicago, 111. 
HxTMPHRET Snell Grat, A.M., A.B. 

'93, LL.B. '94. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
George Depue Hadzsits, A.M., A.B. 

'95. Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Monroe Hamilton, A.M., 

A.B. '94 Ann Arbor. 

Glkmma Belle Hates, AM,, A.B. 

'93. Asheville, N. C. 

Violet DeLillb Jatne, A.M., A.B. 

'87. Urbana, 111. 

John Edward Lautner, M.L., B.L. 

'95. St. Louis, Mo. 

Frank Addison Mannt, A.M., A.B. 

'93. New York, N. Y. 

David Porter Mathew, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

'93, M.D. '96. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Ernst Heinrioh Mensel, Ph.D., 

A.B. (Carthage) '87, A.M. (iUdJ 

'90. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Northampton, Mass. 
Alfred Berthier Olsen, M.S., M.D. 

'94, B.S. (Bio.) '95. 

London, England. 
Walter Thomson Peircie, A3i., A.B. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '94. Instructor in 

French and Spanish, Case Sdiool 

of Applied Science. Cleveland, O. 
Carlton Raymond Rose, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. '94. Ann Arbor. 

Fannie Ellis Sarin, A.M., Ph.B. 

'95. Hinsdale, 111. 

Esther Lakin Sanborn, A.M., A.B. 

'95. West Ro^bury, Mass. 

Katharine Eliza Sumnei^ PhJL, 

Ph.B. '91. Toledo, O. 

Orein Edward Tdtany, A.M,. A.B. 

'95. Greenville, IlL 

Mary Esther TRi7EBL00D,PhJil,Ph.B. 

(Earlham)'93. Studying in Europe. 

47 Botolph St., Bo«ton, Mass. 

Royal Brunson Way, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

(Albion) '94. Princ of West Side 

Hig^ School. Saginaw, Mich. 

Howard White, M.S., B.S. (Swarth- 

more ColL) '95, CJB. (ibid.) 1900. 

Engineer. Lansdowne, Pa. 

Eugene Cyrus Woodruff, M.S., B.S. 

'94, Ph.D. 1900. LaGrange, III. 



Charles Wallace Adams, A.M., 
A.B. '94, LL.B. '98. 

Port Huron, lifich. 

Mart Joigi Adams, Ph3C., Ph.B. 

'96. Bloomington, 111. 

Jennie Claire Anderson, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. (Oberlin) '94. Teacher. 

Easton, Cal. 
Louis Beqemann, M.S., B.S. '89. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Gboroiana Cleib Blxtnt, Fh.M.y 

Ph.B.'96. Agricultural College, Mich. 

Ella Bourns, PhJl, Ph.B. (DePauw) 

'93. Teacher in the Evansville, 

Ind., High School. Greenfield, Ind. 

Alice Brown, A.M, A.B. '96. 

Chicago, m. 
Emma Jane Chbsney, A.M., A.B. 
(Kalamazoo) '92. Teacher. 

Wooster, O. 

Charles Henry Cole, AM,, ^B. 

'82. Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Charles Hall Cook, A.M., A.B. ^4. 

D^ver, Colo. 

Samuel Richard (Dook, M.S., B.S. 

'95. Topeka, Kan. 

Carl Herbert Cooper, A.M., PhJD. 

'01, A.B. ( Upper Iowa) '95. Teacher. 

In^anapolis, Ind. 
Edna Daisy Day, M.S., B.d. '96. 

East Orange, N. J. 

Charles Edward Everett, M.S., 

B.L. '89. Lansing. Mich. 

Charles Albert Farnam, M.S., A.B. 

'96. La SaUe, IlL 

Samuel Allen Jeffess, A.M., PhJ). 

1900, A.B. (Central Wesl. Coll.) 

'92. Instructor in Greek and Latin 

in Central Univ. of Ky. 

Richmond, Ky. 
Ellen Ann Kennan, A.M., A.B. '96. 

Denver, Colo. 




Frank Pattengill Knowlton, A.M., 
A.B. (Hamilton) '96, M.D. (Syra- 
cuse) 1900. Instructor in Physi- 
ology and Embryology, Syracuse 
Univ., 1897- Syracuse, N. Y. 

*Fanny Elizabeth Lanodon, M.S., 
B.8. '96. 

*George Kino Lawton, A.M., A.B. *9o. 

William Adams Lewis, M.S., B.S. 
'96. Rockford, III. 

AiTNA WnxABD Locke, A.M., MJ). '97. 
A.B. (Wellesley) '92. Teacher and 
Physician. Nashua, N. H. 

ViBDiE Jane Bakes McKee, M.L., 
BX. '93. Mt. Gilead, O. 

Habriett Elvira McKinstbt, Ph.M., 
Ph.B. '96. Painesville, O. 

*Lois AzuBAH McMahon, PhM.,Ph.B. 

AxTRA Maud Miller, A.M., B.L. '90. 

Ann Arbor. 

Erastus Devillo Palmer, A.M., A.6. 
(Hillsdale) '89, A.M. (ibid J '94. 
Supt. of Schools. MiEU3on, Mich. 

Clatton Amos Peters, M.S., B.S. 
(Bio.) '95. Edinboro, Pa. 

James Barklet Pollock, Sc.D., B.S. 
(Wisconsin) '93, M.S. (ihidj '96. 
(See Faculties, p. 27.) Ann Arbor. 

George Rebec, Ph.I)., Ph.B. '91. 

Ann Arbor. 

Bessie Bingham Stevens, A.M., 
A.B. '96. Sharon, Pa. 

James Welling s Sturois, A.M., 
A.B. '96. Norman, Okl. 

Louise Bradford Swift, A.M., A.B. 
(Wellesley) '90. Teacher in Detroit 
Universi^ School. 

102 Home Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

SiDNET Dean Townlet, Sc.D., B.S. 
(Wisconsin) '90, M.S. (ibid J '92. 
(See Faculties, p. 25.) 

Berkeley, Cal. 

*LuRA Wallace Tozer, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

Ira Dudley Travis, Ph.D., Ph.M. 
'94, Ph.B. (Albion) '89. 

Salt Lake aty, Utah. 

Mart Gilmore Williams, Ph.D., 
A.B. '95. South Hadley, Mass. 

Elbert Wood, A.M., A.B. (Olivet) 
'88. Teacher. St. Louis, Mich. 


IifEZ LoxnsB Abbott, A.M., A.B. '95. 

Holt, Mich. 

RoMANzo Colfax Adams, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. '97. Bloomingdale, Wis. 

Mart Emma Armstrong, A.M., A.B. 

(Olivet) '94. Princ. of High 

School at Tracy, Minn. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Annie Louise Bacorn, M.L., B.L. 

'96. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Glifton Henrt Briogs, M.S., B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '96. Chemist, 

with Parke, Davis & Co. 

William Morgan Case Brtan, M.S., 

A.B. (Washington Univ.) '97. 

Medical student. 

3746 Windsor PL, St. Louis, Mo. 
Gertrude Buck, Ph.D., M.S. '95, 

B.S. '94. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Juliet Morton Butler, M.S., B.S. 

( Bio. ) '97. Morgantown, W. Va. 
Archibald Campbell, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

*96. Cincinnati, O. 

Allen Ltsander Colton, A.M., A.B. 

'90, Ph.B. '89. Ann Arbor. 

Walter Dennison, Ph.D., A.M. '94, 

A.B. '93. Oberlin, 0. 

John Robert Effinger, Ph.D., Ph.M. 

'94, Ph.B. 91. Ann Arbor. 

Homer Redfield Foster, M.S., Ph.B. 

'97. Seattle, WasD. 

Oliver D. Frederick, M.S., B.S. 

(West Chester Normal) '95. 

North Wales, Pa. 
Frederick Samuel Goodrich, A.M., 

A.B. (Wesleyan Univ.) '90. Prof. 

of Greek in Albion Coll. 

Albion, Mch. 
Walter Charles Haioht, M.L., BX. 

'96. Aurora, HI. 

Florence Mabelle Halleck, Ph.M., 

Ph.B. '96. Calumet, Mich. 

Sophie Chantal Hart, A.M., A.B. 

(Radcliffe) '92. Assoc. Prof, of 

Rhetoric in Wellesley Coll. 

Wellesley, Mass. 
George Frederick Heetelboweb, 

A.M., A.B. '97. Delta, O. 

Annie Louise Hill, A.M., A.B. '97. 

Port Richmond, N. Y. 
RiOTARO KoDAMA, Ph.D. Newspaper 


Kokawa-Cho, Wakayama, Japan. 
Grace Lord I^mb, M.L., B.L. '97. 

Erie, Pa. 
Eugene LaRowe, A.M., A.B. '96. 

Hancock, Mich. 
William Marshall, M.S., B.S. '97. 

Ann Arbor. 
Bert William Pebt, M.S., B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '92. Instructor in 

Chemistry in State Normal College, 

1898-. Ypsilanti, Mich. 



Jessie Phelps, M.S., B.S. '04. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Edwin Cabl Roeddeb, PhJ)., A.M. 
'94, A.B. '93. Madison, Wis. 

Kathabtne Geiffith Sleneau, A.m. 
A.B. '97. Jackson, Mich. 

Edson Read Sundeeland, A.M., A.B. 
'97. Ann Arbor. 

RuBT Winifbed Sundebliiv, A.m., 
A.B. (Olivet) '97. Teacher in the 
Wayne, Mich., High School. 

09 Winder St., Detroit, Mich. 

Frederick Tyndall Swan, A.M., 
A.B. '97. Potsdam, N. Y. 

Hamilton Greenwood Timberlake, 
M.S., A.B. (Lake Forest) '97. (See 
Faculties p. 27.) Madison, Wis. 

Charles Edwin Van Obstrand, M.S., 
B.S. (C. E.) (Univ. of 111.) '96, 
B.S. (ihidj '97. In Nautical Al- 
manac Office. Washington, D. C. 

Hluh Elmer Ward, M.S., B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '95. Instructor in Bac- 
teriology, Coll. of Agriculture, 
Univ. of III. Urbana, 111. 

Arletta Leoba Warren, Ph.D., Ph.B. 
(Wooster) '89. Student at Rome, 
Italy. Wooster, O. 

Willis Hamel Wiloox, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
'96. Elva, Mich. 

Jeremiah Simeon Youno, A.M., A.B. 

(Kan. Coll.) '90, A.M. (ibid,) '94. 

Supt. of Schools, Fostoria, O., 

1898-1900. Student at Chicago 

Univ. Chicago, 111. 



George Henrt Allen, A.M., A.B. '98. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Lewis Oliver Atherton, M.S., B.S. 
(Albion) '95. Assistant in Anatomy, 
Univ. of Wisconsin. 

Madison, Wis. 
Anna Mart Baker, M.L., B.L. '98. 

Mt. Vernon, O. 
Lewis Clinton Carson, A.M., A.B. 
'92. Detroit, Mich. 

Edwin DeBarr, Ph.D., Ph.B. '92. 

Norman, Okl. 

Christian Frederick Gauss, A.M., 

A.B. '98. South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Walter David Hadzsits, A.M., A.B. 

'98. Detroit, Mich. 

Parker Sedgwick Hallsck, A.M., 

A.B. (Colorado Coll.) '82. Princ. 

of the Spicer School. Akron, 0. 

Henry William Hess, M.S., B.S. '98. 

Toledo, 0. 

William Hugh Hess, M.S., B.S. '98. 

Jonesville, Mich. 
Frances Hinkley, M.S., B.S. '90. 

Boiton Harbor, Mich. 
Alice Sarah Husset, A.M., A.B. 
(Vassar) '94. Assist, in English, 
Univ. of Mich., 1899-00. Instructor 
in Vassar Coll. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Lambert Lincoln Jackson, A.M., 
A.B. '97. Teacher. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

John Black Johnston, Ph.D., Ph.B. 

'93. Morgantown, W. Va. 

Hannah Emilt Keith, M.L., B.L. 98. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Ella Adelaide Knapp, Ph.D., A.M. 
'90, A.B. (Kalamazoo) '88. 

PiUsL>urgh. Pa. 

Stephen Herbert Langdon, A.M., 

A.B. '98. Monroe, Mich. 

Clement Charles Lemon, A.M., A.B. 

(Indiana) '94. Teacher in Detroit 

Xormal School. Detroit, Mich. 

John Hancock McClellan, A.M., 

A.B. '97. Lexington, Kj, 

Norman Kino McInnis, A.M., A.B. 

'98. Sa^ginaw, Mich. 

Paul Inoold Murrill, Ph.D., M.S. 

( State Coll. of Ky. ) '96. Chemist. 

Hickory, N. C. 
Oscar Reitp Myers, Ph.M., Ph.B. '98. 

Mt. Morris, III. 
May Cecil Ryan, A.M., A.B. '95. 

Ann Arbor. 
Henry Ormal Severance, A.M., A.B. 
'97. Ann Arbor. 

Hudson Sheldon, A.M., A.B. '91. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Loura Bayne Woodruff, A.M., A.B. 
'95. Riverside, HI. 



Benjamin Franklin Bailey, A.M., 
B.S. (E. E.) '98. (See Faculties, 
p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Edna Lenore Ballard, A.M., A.B. 
■ '98. Ann Arbor. 

Kendall Page Brooks, A.M., A.B. 
(Alma) '97. Teacher in the High 
School. Marquette, Mich. 

Edmund Claude Champion, M.S., 
B.S. '99. lola, Kans. 

Alfred LaRue Davenport, A.M., B.S. 
(Pomona Coll.) '97. Pomona, Cal. 

Rachel Ella Dawson» A.M., Ph.B. 
'88. Pontiac, Mch. 

Joseph Horace Drake, Ph.D., A.B. 
'85. Ann Arbor. 




Wallaob Stedman Elden, Ph.D.» 

A.B. (Bowdoin) '89, A.M. (ibid J 

'92. (See FacultieB, p. 25.) 

Columbus, O. 
Charles EDMUin> Filkins, A.M., B.L. 

'91. Burton, Mich. 

James Leslie Fbenoh, A.M., A.B. 

'99. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Maude Ethel Fulleb, A.M., A.B. '95. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
AlfNA BOBDWELL Gelston, A.M.,Ph.B. 

'81. Ann Arbor. 

Samuel Allen Jeffebs, PhJ)., A.M. 

'97. Richmond, Ky. 

Alice Clarissa Jot, A.M., Ph.B. (Al- 
bion) *98. Princ. of Belding, Mich., 

High School. Albion, Mich. 

Florence Bingham Kinne,A.M.,A.B. 

'87. Ypsilanti Mich. 

Adonibam Jui>son Ladd, A.M., A.B. 

'94. Holland, Mich. 

Ruth Albebta Ludlow, A.M., A.B. 

(Albion) '98. Teacher in the Ack- 

ley, Iowa, High School, 1900-01. 

Albion, Mich. 
Edward Clark Marsh, A.M., A.B. 

(Alma) '96. Music Critic. 
Presbyterian Bldg., New York, N. Y. 
Clarence Linton Meadeb, Ph.D., 

A.B. *91. Ann Arbor. 

LouALLEN Frederick Miller, A.M., 

B.8. '99. Aurora, HI. 

Charles Rufus Morey, A.M., A.B. 

'99. Charlotte Mich. 

Marquis Joseph Newell, A.M., A.B. 

(Kalamazoo) '96, A.B. (Chica^) 

'99. Teacher in the Evanston High 

1639 Orrington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Henrt Hall Parke, M.S., B.L. '98. 

Sycamore, 111. 
Harlow Stafford Person, A.M., 

Ph.B. '99. Lansing, Mich. 

Carlotta Emma Pope, A.M., Ph.B. 

'95. Allegan, Mich. 

George Fijetcher Richmond, M.S., 

B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) *98. Assist. 

in Chemistry, Univ. of Mich. 

Ann Arbor. 
Herman Russell, M.S., B.S. '98. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Helen Frances Saoe, A.M., B.L. 

(Cincinnati) '99. Student. 

262. Albion Place, anoinnati, O. 
Martin Simpson, A.M., B.S. (Olivet) 

'99. Teacher. i>eckerville, Mich. 
Shirlet Wheeler Smith, A.M., B.L. 

'97. Ann Arbor. 

Carrie Mat Sperrt, A.M., A.B. '93. 

Ann Arbor. 

Louis A. Strauss, Ph.D., Ph.M. *94, 

B.L. '93. Ann Arbor. 

Ralph Wendell Tatlor, A.M., A.B. 

(Albion) '96. Teacher in PhiUp- 

pines. Care of F. M. Taylor, 

Ann Axbor. 
Mart Maclean Thompson, A.M., 
B.L. '97. Pontiac, Mich. 

Itsuo Tokunaoa, Ph.D. 

Yanagawa, Chikugo, Japan. 
LiLA Tl^ner, A.m., A.B. *99. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Mat Walmslet, A.M., Ph.B. '99. 

La Grange, 111. 

Frederick Henrt Weno, A.M., Ph.B. 

'98. Leadville, Colo. 

Etta Rhoda Wilbur, A.M., B.S. '95. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Eugene Ctrus Woodruff, Ph.D., 
M.S. '96, B.S. '94. LaGrange, 111. 


Joseph Ellet Antram, A.M., A.B. 

(Mt. Union) '97. Teacher in N. W. 

Military Acad. Highland Park, 111. 
Joseph Hershet Bair, A.M., Ph.B. 

1900. Hall, Pa. 

URACE Griffith Beole, A.M., Ph.B. 

1900. Ann Arbor. 

Winifred Ernestine Beman, A.M. 

A.B. '99. Ann Arbor. 

Winifred Boole, A.M., A.B. 1900. 

Ann Arbor. 
WiLRUR Pardon Bowen, M.S., B.S. 

1900. Ann Arbor. 

Harold Martin Bowman, A.M., B.L. 

1900, LL.B. '99. Des Moines, Iowa. 
Frank Egbert Brtant, A.M., B.L. 

'99. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Charles William Burrows, A.M., 

A.B. '98. Detroit, Mich. 

Orma Fitch Butler, A.M., A.B. '97. 

Harvard, 111. 
Margaret Sprague Carhart, A.M., 

Ph. B. '99. Ann Arbor. 

Elisha Warner Case, A.M., B.S. 

1900. Chicago, 111. 

Clarence Ltther Catherman, A.M. 

Ph.B. (Hillsdale) '97, Ph.M. (ibid.) 

'01. Teacher. Jones, Mich. 

Vera Chamberlin, A.M., Ph.B. 1900. 

Montpelier, O. 
Carl Herbert Cooper, Ph.D., A.M. 

'97. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Minna Caroline Denton, A.M., B.S. 

1000. Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Dictkrle, A.M., A.B. '98. 

Ann Arbor. 




Obcn Samuel Flakbqan, A.M., A.B. 

(Kalamazoo) '92. Supt. of Schools. 

Douglas, Mich. 
Victoria Margaret Fohet, AM., 

Ph. B. 1900. Ann Arbor. 

Clarence James Foreman, A.M., B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '94, M.S. (ibid.) 

'96. Teacher. Harbor Springs, Mich. 
Frederick Russell Gobton, A.M., 

B.S. 1900. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Frances Kathebine Gould, A.M., 

B.L. '92. Cheaaning, Mich. 

Martha Nathalie Grjeiner, A.M., 

Ph.B. 1900. Sparta, Mich. 

CoNSTANS Alexis Hembobo, A.M., 

A. B. 1900. Moline, 111. 

MnjDRKD Hannah Keith, A.M., A.B. 

1900. Pontiac, Mich. 

Rae Harman KmcLET, A3f., A.B. '99. 

Longmont, Colo. 
Elan A GtOddabd Knott, A.M., A.B. 

(Cincinnati) '00. Teacher in Man- 

istique, Mich., High School. 

Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 
Otto Edward Lessino, Ph.D., A.B. 

'95. Madison, Wis. 

WnxT Lehnabtz, A.M., B.S. (Mech. 

E.) 1900. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John Seymour McElligott, A.M., 

Ph.B. 1900. Marinette, Wis. 

Sebern Stlybsteb MoVat, A.M., 

Ph.B. '99. Aryat, Luzon, P. I. 

ELristine Mann, A.M., A.B. (Smith) 

'95. Instructor in Vassar College. 

Orange, N. J. 
John Jat Marshall, A.M., Ph.B. 

(Albion) '93. Supt. of Schools. 

Romeo, Mich. 

Lettie Jeanettb Pob, A.M., BX. 

1900. Teacher. Ashland, O. 

Gilbert Jebemiah R(»ebts, A.M., 

A.B. (Penn) '92, A.M. (ibid.) '99. 

Princ. of High School. 

Menomonie, Wis. 
Jessie Mat Robertson, A.M., Ph.B. 

1900. Petoskey, Mich. 

Alice Elbonore Rothmann, A.M., 

Ph.B. '96. Ann Arbor. 

Daniel Ck>RNELius Schaftneb, A.M., 

A.B. (Emporia) '98. 

Morganville, Kan. 
Thomas Hall Shastid, A.M., A.B. 

(Harvard) '93, M J). (Vermont) '88. 

Law student. Battle Credc, Mich. 
William Hittell Sherzer, Ph.D., 

B.S. '89, M.S. '90. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
John Willis Slaughter, Ph.D., A.B. 

(Lombard) '98, B.D. (ibid.) '98. 
Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass. 
DuANE Reed Stuart, PhJ)., A.B. '96. 

Ann Arbor. 
LaMonte Taylor, AM., A.B. (Kan- 
sas) '99. Teacher. 

1220 Euclid Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Saba Whedon, A.M., A.B. '89. 

Ann Arbor. 
Jennie PATnotsoN White, A.M., 

Ph.B. '97. Peoria, HI. 

Herbert William Whtttkn, A.M., 

A.B. '98. Winfield, Kan. 

Ernest Paul Wiles, A.M., A.B. (In- 
diana) '98. Instructor in Bible 

Chairs. Ann Arbor. 

Theresa Gertrude Williamson, 

A.M., B.S. '97. New York, N. Y. 



Frank Kbausb, C.E. Cleveland, O. 
WnxiAM MiNTO, C.E. Orinda, Cal. 



Peteb Silas Gibson, C.E., B.S. *61. 

Willowdale, Ont. 
Gex)boe Hill Setmoub, C.E., B.S. '60. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 
Joseph Wabben Wood, C.E., B.S. *61, 
M.S. '62. Sumner, Wash. 



tELMOBE HoBTON Wells, C.E., B.S. 
'62. Meshoppen, Pa. 



tiBA Smith Dunning, C.E. 

Aurora, 111. 

Gboboe Anson Mabb, C.E., B.S. '62, 

M.S. '67. Houghton, Mich. 

William Mendenhall, C.E., B.S. '63. 

Richmond, Ind. 
William Butld Mobqan, C.E., A.B. 
(Haverford) '63, A.M. (ibid.) '67. 
(See Faculties, p. 22.) Prof, of 
Mathematics and Astronomy in 
Earlham College, 1883-98. Farmer. 

Lowell, Kan. 
Stillman Williams Robinson, C.E., 
Sc.D. (Ohio State) '96. (See 
Faculties, p. 19.) 

1353 Highland St., Columbus, O. 


Chablbs Fitzbot Bellows, C.E., 
A.M. '69. Gardening. 

( 1 ) Ypsilanti, Mich. 


tWiLLiAM Bouton, C.E., A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '61. 

2909 Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

William Donovan, C.E. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Abthub Hill, C.E., I 65-86. Capital- 
ist. (See Regents, p. 5.) 

Saginaw, Mich. 
♦David McKenzie, C.E., B.S. (Ro- 
chester) '60, d. Evansville, Ind., 
June 17, 1897. 
Achilles William Unthank, C.E. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Geobgb Young Wisneb, C.E. Sani- 
tary Engineer. Detroit, Mich. 


*Abel Robinson Flint, C.E., d. De- 
troit, Mich., May 31, 1884. 

Lewis Foote, C.E. Retired. 

Worthington, Minn. 

♦Archibald Johnson, C.E., M.S. '72, 
d. St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 3, 1899. 

Hobace Wilson Lewis, CJ.E., B.S. 

John Wesley Remington, C.E. 

Mason, Wis. 

•Cassius Marcellus Clay Snoveb, 
C.E., d. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 18, 

Abthur P Wood, C.E. Omaha, Neb. 



George Henby Benzenbebo, C.E. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Amos Emerson Dolbeab, M.E. and 

A.M., Ph.D. (hon.) '83, A.B. (Ohio 

Wesl. ) '66, A.M. (iUdJ '69. 

Tufts College, Mass. 
IjOwell Alonzo Goodman, C.E. Sec- 

r'y Missouri State Horticultural 

Society. Kansas City, Mo. 

Louis Philandeb Judson, C.E. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 
Willard Bradley Rising, M.E., m 

65-66, A.B. (Hamilton) '64, A.M. 

(ibid J '66, Ph.D. (Heidelberg) '71. 

Professor of Chemistry in the Univ. 

of California. Berkeley, Cal. 

' The Department of Enginoerlnfr was organised aa a separate Department of the Unlreralty 
In 1895. Prior to that date the coursen leading to the various degrees In Engineering were 
glTen in the Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts. 

Beginning with 1882 the degree of Engineer has been glTen only as an advanced degree. 

The names of graduates of other institutions who have talccn advanced degrees in this De- 
partment of the University are included in a special list of graduate students following the 
Class of 1901. 





*Jame8 Steel, C.E. A.B. '67, d. at 

sea, Aug. 16, 1869. 
AuxAiTDEB Thompson, C.E. 

Lake Charles, La. 

Ebenezeb Smith Wheeleb, C.E., 

M.S. (honj '97. Chief Engineer 

Nicaragua Canal Commission, 1897- 

99. Detroit, Mich. 



Fbahgis Mabion Bain, C.E. Laborer. 

Ann Arbor. 

Edwabd Cook Burns, C.E. 

Jamestown, N. Y. 

*Bt]ion R. Chaffee, M.E., d. Mar- 
cellus, N. Y., May 7, 1870. 

Bbtttus Junius Clay, C.E. Farmer. 
U. S. Commissioner to Paris Ex- 
position, 1900. Richmond, Ky. 

Joseph Bakeb Davis, C.E. (See 
Faculties, p. 14.) Ann Arbor. 

Henbt Rogers Durkee, M.E. Pig 
iron and coal. 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

*ToRBEBT Entrekin, M.E., d. Inde- 
pendence, Mo., Oct. 7, 1877. 

♦Mux) Kinney Havens, C.E., d. St. 
Louis, Mo., 1885. 

Edward Spencer Jenison, C.E. and 

M.E., M.S. '72. Hydraulic engineer. 

4356 Ellis Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Edgar S Johnston, C.E., MJ). 79. 
Physician. Gibsonburg, O. 

William Storrs MacHarg, M.E. 
Hydraulic work. 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Pheletus Harvey Phildrick, C.E., 
B.S. '68. Lake Charles, La. 

Charles Poore, C.E. 

Western Springs, 111. 

RoLLiN Joseph Reeves, C.E. Real 
estate. U. S. Commissioner. 

Wilbur. Wash. 

FnxMORE Morey Smith, M.E. Gren. 
Sec'y of Syracuse Society for Pre- 
vention of Cruelty to Children, and 
of the Bureau of Labor and Chari- 
ties. Syracuse, N. Y. 

MiLFORD Norman WellIs, C.E. Resi- 
dent Engineer A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co. 
(16) Chanute, Kan. 


Hugh Byron Alexander, C.E. and 
M.E. Geneva, 111. 

William Henry Boardman, C.E., 
A.B. '68. New York, N. Y. 

Charles Francis Brush, M.E., M.S. 
(hon.) '99, PhJ). (Weet. Res.) '80, 
LLJ). (ibid.) 1900. (Cross of the 
Legion of Honor by French (Gov- 
ernment, 1 88 1.) Inventor of the 
Brush Electric Light. Retired. 

Cleveland, O. 
Orson Oscar Fox, C.E. Real estate. 

Pleasant Praine, Wis. 
Charles Hadley Hamilton, M.E. 

Pabst Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
*James Campbell Holliday, M.E., d. 

Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1898. 
*Gborge Bubt Lake, C.E., d. Topeka» 

Kan., April 27, 1884. 
IDaniel marker Rhodes, C.E. 

Joplin, Mo. 

ilLBEBT Alonzo Robinson, C.E., B.S. 

'69. Boston, Mass. 

*Thomas Jennings Seely, CE. and 

M.E., d. Kansas, Oct. 2, 1883. 
LuciAN SwDT, M.E. Manager of The 
Journal. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Eluah Trbadwell, C.E. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
♦John Whitino, C.E., d. St. Clair, 

Mich., Aug. 2, 1870. 
Benezkttb Williams, C.E. and M.E. 
Association Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


*JuDSON Slatford Bird, C.E., d. 
Washington Co., Kan., March 19, 

Clarence Morton Boss, M.E. Min- 
ing Supt. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

•John Loveland Culley, CK, Civil 
and Landscape engineer, d. Cleve- 
land, 0., Feb. 4. 1902. 

Harlow Palmer Davock, C.E., B.S. 
70. Detroit, Mich. 

Luther Elliott Ferguson, C.E. 
Farmer. White Pigeon, Mich. 

Charles Phelps Gilbert, C.E and 
M.E. Gen. Manager Standard 
Electrical Co. San Francisco, Cal. 

♦James Alfred Hayward, C.E., waa 
drowned near the Texas Coast, Aug. 
12, 1880. 

Charles Jacob Kintner, C.E. Patent 

45 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Michael Alexander Adolph Meyen- 
DORFF, C.E. Special Agent, U. S. 
Land Office. Duluth, Minn. 

George Washington Mickle, C.E., f 
70-71. Broker. Leavenworth, Kan. 




tALFBED Noble, C.E., LLJ). '95. 
Member of U. S. Isthmian Canal 

302 Belden Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hknby Clat Riplet, C.E. 

Corcoran Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
William James Waters, M.E. 
•Wabben Chaffee Willits, C.E., d. 
Denver, Colo., Oct. 30, 1901. 


Albert Evebton Baldwin, C.E. 

Newton, Kan- 

Allen Philip Boyeb, C.E. Manu- 
facturer. Goshen, Ind. 

* James Dewbt Bubb, C.E., d. To- 
peka, Kan., May 4, 1886. 

John Eisenmann, C.E. Architect. 

Cleveland, 0. 

John Addison Fulton, C.E. 

787 N. Leavitt Ave., Chicago, III. 

JosiAH LooMis Littlefield, C.E. 
Lumberman. Farwell, Mich. 

•Lyman Mason, C.E., B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '69, M.S. (ibid.) '71, d. 
Gaylord, Mich., July 16, 1881. 

Adbian Jeffebson Parshaix, C.E. 
Resident Hydrographer U. S. Geo- 
logical Survey. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

♦Babon Humboldt Pennington, C.E., 
d. Maoon, Mich., Feb. 17, 1896. 

Elliott Davis Febbt, C.E. 

Chables Pbatt, C.E., A.M. (Madi- 
son Univ.) '79, M.D. (Jefferson) 
'81. Horticulturist. 

Fall Brook, Cal. 

tHENBT GosLEE Prout, C.E. *79(nuno 
pro tunc J. Editor of The Railroad 
Ometie. New York, N. Y. 

Alexandeb Bunkeb Raymond, C.E. 
Sanitary Engineer. Detroit, Mich. 

♦Cubtis Culross Smith, C.E. and 
M.R, d. Pomeroy, Ohio, Sept. 15, 

Samuel Wolcott Walker, C.E. 

380 Bag(T St., Detroit, Mich. 

John Bubkitt Webb, C.E. Prof, of 
Mathematics and Mechanics in the 
Stevens Institute of Technology. 
(16) Hoboken, N. J. 


Horace Gbeelet Burt, C.E. 1900 
(nunc pro tunc). President Union 
Pacific R. R, Co. Omaha, Neb. 

Assist. Engineer. Port Eads, La. 

John Henbt Flaog, C.E., M J>. 74. 

94 Goethe St., Chicago, III. 
*Joshua Lathbop Gillespie, C.E., 

Ph.B. 71. 
Otto Julius Klotz, C.E. Astronomer 
for the Department of the Interior, 
Canada. Ottawa, Ont. 

John Augustus MircnELL, C.E. 
Contractor and manufacturer. 

Ludington, Mich. 
Thomas Osbobne Perrt, C.E., and 
M.E., A.B. *69. Chicago, 111. 

Edmund Martelle Spalding, C.E. 

820 Racine St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Marvin Fox Temple, C.E. 

Temple, Tex* 
Matthew Tschibgi, C.E. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Robert Simpson Woodward, CJi.,- 
Ph.D. (Hon.) '92. Prof, of Mechan- 
ics and Mathematical Physics in 
Columbia Univ. New York, N. Y.. 



Frank Eugene Bliss, C.E., LL.B» 

*79. loLwyer. Cleveland, 0. 

John Henbt Dabling, CJE. U.S. 

Assistant Engineer. Duluth, Minn» 

rnoMA^ Emebt, C.E. Manufacturer. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
•Edwin Jacob Ferdon, C.E., I 75-76^ 

d. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 10, 1881. 
Frank Ward Guernsey, C.E. Banker. 

Dayton, Wash. 
William John Head. C.E. Malster. 
332 Illinois St., Chicago, HI. 
Joseph William Perkins, C.E. Ar- 
chitect. Mexico City, Mex. 
Clarence Moore Stephens, C.E. 

Alpena, Mich. 
WnxiAM VoiGT, C.E. 

661 St. Aubin Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

tJosiAH Wyatt Willis, C.E. Teacher. 

47 12th St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

tCHARLES McAllister Winchell,. 

C.E. Washington, Ind. 



Horace Barnard, C. E. Farmer. 

Frederick, S. Dak. 
Clarence Orrin Bean, C.E. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Charles Leander DooLrrrLE, C.E.,. 
Sc.D. (Hon.) *97. Prof, of Astron- 
omy in Univ. of Pa. since 1895. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 




James Habous Eyebett, C.E., MJ). 
(Rush) '77. Physician. 

De Kalb, 111. 
HoBAOB Holmes, C.E. 

Sterling, Kan. 
Julian Switzeb Hull, C.E. 

5443 Drexel Ave., Chicago, III. 
Henbt Bean Jaokson, C.E. 

412 Collins St, Joliet, 111. 
ViOTOB Hugo Lane, C.E., LL.B. 78. 
Judge of the First Michigan Circuit 
Jan. 1888-Oct. 1897. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 15.) Ann Arbor. 
Chables Mabhhall Lungben, C.E. 

72 6th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
James Llewellyn Rumset, C.E. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Levi Lockwood Wheeleb, C.E. 

Sterling, 111. 


A.B. (Yale) 71, d. 1887. 

♦Obbin Smith Wilson, C.E., d. Buf- 
falo, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1899. 

Levi Douglas Wines, C.E. Teacher 
in the Ann Arbor High School 
since 1879. Ann Arbor. 



Albebt Llewellyn Abey, C.E. Head- 
master of Scientific Dept.^Rochester 
High School, since 1885. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Lucius Bakeb, C.E. Horticulturist. 

Fresno, Cal. 

*Chables Cutleb Baldwin, C.E., d. 
Leadville, Colo., Nov. 1886. 

•Henby David Bates, C.E., d. Weiser, 
Idaho, Dec. 29, 1899. 

*Ben Bibdsall, C.E., d. Montreal, 
P. Q., Oct. 22, 1895. 

Chables Luman Buckingham, C.E., 
LL.B. ( Columbian Univ. ) '80. Law- 
yer. 195 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Fbedebick Gboendyckb Bulkley, 
C.E. 1900 (nunc pro tunoj 

Equitable Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

^Chables Alexandeb CABNilrfx, 
C.E., d. Rock City, 111., June 6, 

RoLLA Clinton Cabpenteb, C.E., B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 73, M.S. (ihidj 
76, M.M.E. (Cornell Univ.) '88. 
Prof, of Experimental Engineering 
in Cornell Univ. since 1890. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Leman Lee Dickinson, C.E. Fruit 
Grower. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*J. Clement Eaton, C.E., d. Tecum- 

seh, Mich., Feb, 1, 1881. 
Emebson Wabben Gbant, C.E. With 
A. T. & S. F. Ry. 

E. Las Vegas, N. Mez. 

Joseph Wabben Hooveb, C.E. Bri<k;e 

Engineer. Kansas City, Mo. 

*JoHN Henby Mobbison, C.E., d. 

Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 7, 1897. 
Mabtin Lutheb Newton, C.E. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
*Gboboe Evebt Pantlind, C.E., LL.B. 
78, d. Chicago, 111., March 23, 1896. 
Edwabd Iba Pabsons, C.E. 

332 Bay St., San Francisco, Cal. 
William Hobabt Potteb, C.E. Pres. 
Cherry Valley Iron Works. 

Toledo, O. 
Edgab Dean Root, C.K 

Medinah Bldg,, Chicago, 111. 

Walteb S Russel, C.E. Manufac- 

turer. Detroit, Mich. 

Mabcus Jonathan Wells, C.E. 

Farmer. Woodston, Kan. 



DeWitt Clinton Allen, C.E. Farmer 
and surveyor. Cattaraugus, N. Y. 

James Oscab Caldwell, C.E. 

South Salem, O. 

•Fbank Paul Davis, C.E., B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '68, M.S. (ibid.) 72, d. 
Posoya, Ecuador, May 3, 1900. 

*Lewis Cass Donaldson, C.E., d. 
Macon, 111., April 1, 1877. 

*Chables Alfbed Mabshall, C.E., 
was drowned at Johnstown, Pa., 
May 31, 1889. 

Joseph Ripley, C.E. U. S. Assist. 
Engineer. Sault Ste. Marie, Mic^ 

John Dana Sandebs, C.E. 

107 Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

John Mabtin Schaebeble, C.E., 
M.S. (hon.J '93, LL.D. (Univ of 
California) '98. (See Faculties, p. 
22.) Astronomer. Ann Arbor. 

Jonathan C Shepabd, C.E. 

San Bernardino, Cal. 

Lestbb Hebbebt Stbawn, C.E. Law- 
yer. Ottawa, 111. 

Alonzo J TuLLOCK, C.E. Proprietor 
of Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron 
Works. Leavenworth, Kan. 



OsKEB Henby Aikine, C.E. U. S. 
Min. Surveyor. Gunnison, Colo. 




Holland Williams Bakeb, C.E. 

Kirk wood, Mo. 
William Bluton, C.E.. A.B. (Iowa 
CoU.) 76, A.M. (ibid J '78. 

Kelaey, Cal. 

Benjamin Chester Richards* C.E. 

Building Stone. Kerrville, Pa. 


Banker. Detroit, Mich. 

James Edoak Turtle, C.E. U. S. 

Assist. Engineer. Warrington, Fla. 



♦Walter Scott Abell, M.p]., d. San 

Francisco, Cal., May 23, 1887. 
George Franklij? Allmendixger, 
C.E. Manufacturer. Ann Arbor. 
•Clarence Oliver A key. C.E., M.D. 
(Univ. of Pa.) '94, d. Cleveland. 
Ohio, Aug. 11, 1890. 
James Dick DuSiiane, C'.E. U. S. 
Assist. Engineer. St. Paul, Minn. 
William Van Grove, C.E., tn 74-75, 
D.D.S. (Ohio) 'SI. Dontisl. 

BulTalo. X. Y. 
John E Hanson, C.E. Farmer. 

Con<'ord, Neb. 
John Butlku Johnson, C.E. Dean 
of the College of Mechanics and 
Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin. 

Madi-^on, Wis. 
IIenry Wick Judd, M.E. Broker. 

490 E. Prospect St., Cleveland, O. 
Eugene Georgk Mann, M.K. Drug- 
gist. Ann Arbor. 
Seymour Tenny Morse, (\K.. A.B. 
01. Ann Arbor. 
Charles Fkrnando Owen, C.E. 

0517 Jackson Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•James Sanderson, (\E., d. Bav City, 

Mich., Sept. 18, 188;-). 
OssiAN Cole Simonds, C.K. Land- 
scape gardening. 

1431 Montrose Ave., Chicaf/o, 111. 
Frank Leonard Sizkr, C.K. Mining 
Engineer. Bnlle, Mon. 

Hiram Everett Terry, C.E. City 
Engineer. Saginaw, Mich. 

Evert Van Pelt, ('.E. 
Andrew J. Wenzell, C.E. 

Butterfield, Minn. 
Sydney Buckminstek Wioiit, M.E. 
Purchasing Agt. ^L C. U. R. 
780 Congress St., E., Detroit, Mich. 

1S7J> . 

Charles Spencer Bkadi.i:, C.E. Real 
estate and publisliing. 

Sault Ste. Mario, Mich. 


Charles Carroll Brown, C.E. Prof, 
of Civil Engineering in Union Coll. 
1880-93. Consulting Engineer. 

Bloomiugton, 111. 
Charles Sumner Henitino, C.E. 

Tobica, 111. 
•Brayton Daniel King, C.E., d. 

Morgan Park, 111., April 2, 1894. 

Horatio Throop Morley, M.E. Busi- 

nes.**. Detroit, Mich. 

Irving Kane Pond, C.E. Architect. 

21 Van Buren St., Chicago, 111. 

John Charles Quintus, M.E. U.S. 

Assist. Engineer. Buffalo, N. Y. 

E Fred Wood, M.E. Assist. Supt. 

Homestead Steel Works. 

(8) Munhall,Pa. 


John Ayers, M.E. Hardware mer- 
chant. Fort Smith, Ark. 
•Joseph Allen Beaumont. C.E., d. 
Armourdale, Kan., March 10, 1885. 
Samuel Floyd Beaumont, M.E. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Edward Sweatt Davis, C.E. 

Hillsl)oro, Tex. 
George Lee Fisher, C.E. Architect. 

Omaha, Xeb. 
Cicero DENfERrr Hill, C.E. Chief 
Engineer in Bureau of Sewers. 

Chicago, III. 

Frank Peck Sattkulek, M.K., M.D. 

(San Francisco Coll. of P. and S.) 

1000. Phvsician. Dean, Neb. 



GKOP.GE Alfred Brown, C.E. Pub- 
lisher. Bloomington, 111. 

Randolph Willis Brown, C.E. Stock- 
raisinjT in Montana. Waseca, Minn. 

John William Dorst, C.E. Rubber 
stamps and stencil?*. 
803 Columbus Ave.. New York. N. Y. 

William W Folleft, (\E. U. S. 
Assist. Engineer. Denver, Colo. 

John Evangelus Hathaway, C.E. 
Contractor. Milwaukee, Wis. 

David Emery Hoovei:, C.E. 

Keuka, N. Y. 

George Anthony LrnrnLF. C.K. 

171 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

George Washington Lilly, C.E.. 
A.B. (Ohio Wosl.) 70. 

2M'. T:. llMi \vc.. C(>lT]:>ibv . o. 

Willi \m Clayton Miller, C.E. Min 
ing. Spokane, W'.wli. 






Malcolm Woodwobth Edgar, B.S. 
( C.E. ) . Manufacturer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Hunteb McEwan, B.S. 
( C.E. ) . Lumberman. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Samuel G Weiskopf, B.S. (C.E.). 

24 State St., Mew York, N. Y. 


WiLUAM Henry Brenton,B.S. (G.E. ) . 
1430 Colorado Ave., 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
LooMis Eaton Chapin, B.S. (C.E.). 

Canton, O. 
Qeoroe Harlan Chipman,B.S.(C.E.). 

Childress, Tex. 
Frank Merrill Dunlap, B.S. (Mech. 
E.),Mech.E. '85. 

57 Selden Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John William Payne, B.S. (C.E.). 
City Engineer. Akron, O. 

Job Tuthill, B.S. (CJ!.). 

149 Horton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
ISAAO Osborne Walker, B.S. (C.E.). 
With N. C. & St. Louis Kv. 

1231 S. 6th St., Paducah, Ky. 


Henry Darling Burnett, B.S. (C.E.), 
Supt. of Incandescent Lamp Works. 

Peterborough, Ont. 

James Luscombe Callard, B.S. 

(C.E.), Ph.B. (Hillsdale) '80, Ph.M. 

(ibid,) '83. Kenosha, Wis. 

William George Clark, B.S. (G.E.). 

2024 School Place, Toledo. O. 

Robert Campbell Gemmell, B.S. 

(G.E.), G.E. '95. Mining Engineer. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

John Christian Streng, B.S. (C.E.). 

Mechanical Engineer, VulcAn Iron 

Works. Chicago, III. 



Emil Bauer, B.S. (C.E.), Merchant. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Edward Decius Clary, B.S. (G.E.). 
Manager Gas Co. Burlington, Iowa. 

Alexander Edward Kastl, B.S. 
(C.E.), G.E. '01. Division Engi- 
neer, Metropolitan Water Works. 
State of Mass. Clinton, Mass. 

Charles Harmon Lane, B.S. (C.E.), 
LL.B. (National Univ.) '88. Prin- 

cipal Examiner in the Patent Office. 

Washington, D. 0. 
Egbert Theodore Loeffler, B.S. 
(G.E.), D.D.S. '88. Dentist. 

Saginaw, MiclL 
George Frederick Samuel, B.S. 
( G.E. ) . Dept. of Public Works. 

Chicago, 111. 
Frank Caspar Wagner, B.S. (Mech. 
E.), A.M. '84. Terre Haute, Ind. 


Raymond Walter Beaoh, B.S. ( G.E. ) , 
LL.B. '89. Lawyer. 

Ashland Block, Chicago, IlL 
William Wallace Campbell, B.S. 
(C.E.), M.S. r^on.; '99, Sc.D.(We8t. 
Univ. of Pa.) 1900. ( See Faculties, 
p. 23.) Mt. Hamilton, CaL 

Lin^s Ezra Dunham, B.S. (Min.E.). 
Manager of Steel Go. 

Ashland, Wis. 

Fred Goodrich Frink, B.S. (C.E.). 

Prof, of Civil Engineering, Univ. 

of Idaho, 1897-1900. 

3242 Groveland Ave., Chica^, 111. 

Leslie Warren Goddard, B.S.(C.E.). 

Assist. U. S. Engineer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Howard George Hetzler, B.S.(C.E.). 

Supt. of Terminals, C. B. & Q. R. R. 

Chicago, III. 

Louis Clarence Hill, B.S. (C.E.), 

B.S. (E.E.) '90. Prof, of Physics, 

and Electrical Engineering,Colorado 

State School of Mines, since 1890. 

Golden, Colo. 

William Clarence King, B.S (C.E.). 

City Hall, Detroit, Mich. 

Burt McDonald, B.S. (M.E. ) . Builder 

and Contractor. Austin, Tex. 

Feed Morley, B.S. (C.E.), C.E. '90. 

(SeeFaculties, p. 24.) 

Lapeer, Mich. 
George Rosen Simpson, B.S. (C.E.), 
LL.B. (National Univ.) '88. Ex- 
aminer in the Patent Office. 

Washington, D. C. 
Clifford Chester Smith, B.S. (Mech. 
E. ) . With the Wellman Seaver En- 
gineering Co. Cleveland, O. 
Ernest Stenger, B.S. (C.E.). Divi- 
sion Engineer, U. P. R. R. 

(13) Denver, Colo. 


Francis Joseph Baker, B.S. (Mech. 
E.),LL.B. (N. W. Univ.) '97. Law- 
yer. Chamb. of Commerce, 

Chicago, 111. 




^Benjamin Butleb Bowen, B.S. (C. 
E.), d. Cleveland, Ohio, April 22, 

Sewabd Cramer, B.S. (C.E.), LiL.B. 
'91. Journalist. Ann Arbor. 

Charles Young Dixon, B.S. (C.E.). 
U. S. Engineer. Jones Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Halsted, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

490 Belden Ave., Chicago, 111. 

•William Roy Hand, B.S. (C.E.), 
d. Denver, Colo., Oct. 17, 1895. 

Kendal Woodward Hess, B.S. ( Mech. 
E. ) . Manufacturer. 

New Orleans, La. 

John Denison Hibbard, B.S. (Mecn. 
E.). Vice President of the John 
Davis Company (Steam Engineer- 
ing). 75 Michigan St., Chicago, 111. 

George B Hodge. B.S. (C.E.). Secr'y 
of Educational Department, Y. M. 
C. A. H \V. 2<)tli St.. NVu > (nk. X. Y. 

John McIntyre Jaycox, B.S. (M.E.). 
Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Loughnane, B.S. (C.E.). 
Civil Engineer. Lapeer, Mich. 

John Crancii Moses, B.S. (C.E.), 
B.S. (Urbana Univ.) *85. Chief 
Draftsman, Boston Bridge Works. 

Cambridge, Mass. 

♦Fred Blackburn Pelham, B.S. 
(C.E.), d. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 2, 

George Ernest Eoehm, B.S. (C.E.). 
301 25th St., Detroit, Mich. 

Benno Rohnert, B.S. (C.E.). U. S. 
Assist. Engineer. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

James Alfred Sinclair, B.S. (Mei^-li. 
E.). With Bancroft, Ross & Sin- 
clair. New Orleans, IjSl. 

Earl Porter Wetmore, B.S. (Mech. 
E. ) . Electrical Engineer. 
20 Bucklersburv, Ix)ndon, E.C., Eng. 


Albert Burnstine, B.S. (C.E.). 
Graduate of U. S. N. Acad., *85. 

89 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Frederick Calvin DAvns, B.S.(C.E.), 
B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) '89. Drafts- 
man. Lincoln, Cal. 

Edwin Hart Eubm an, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Manufacturer. Oak Park, 111. 

John Eugene Hodge, B.S. (C.E.). 
Insurance. Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Allen Lewis, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '93, M.S. (Kan. Agr. Coll.) '88. 
718 10th St., N. W., 

Washinii^n, D. C. 

Ross Le Hunte Mahon, B.S. (Mech. 

E.), Ph.B. *86. Duluth, Minn. 

William Howie Muir,B.S.( Mech.E.). 

Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Robert Parker, B.S. (Mech. 

E.), m 88-89, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) 

'91. Ensign U. S. S. Yoaemite, 1898. 

Pliysician. Detroit, Mich. 

WnxiAM Henry Peasj, f.S. (C.E.). 

With Bridge and Iron Works, 

Detroit, Mich. 
WiLLARD Pope, B.S. (C.E.). 

Jefferson Flats, Detroit, Mich. 
Percy Hunt Richardson, B.S. (C.E.) , 

C.E. '91. Portland. Me. 

Charles Edward Roehl, B.S, (Mech. 

E.). Elect. Engineer, Brooklyn 

Heights R. R. Co. 

168 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Joseph Ruschb, B.S. (C.E.). 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
♦Edgar Ryan, B.S. (C.E.), d. Grand 

Island, Neb., June 5, 1892. 
Ralph Martin Shankland, B.S. 


The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 
John Ward Shotwell, B. S. (C.E.). 

Richmond, Mo. 
Ernest Marshall Spraoue, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Am. Bridge Co., of N. 

Y. Jackson Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Herbert Joseph Stull, B.S. (M.E.). 

Lawyer. Rochester, N. Y. 

Ebenezer Franklin Walbridge, B.S. 

(C.E.). Lumber. Toledo, O. 

Henry Edward Whitaker, B.S. 


301 Forest Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 
Harry John Williams, B.S. (Mech. 

E. ) . Mining. Danville, P. Q. 

^^^^ 1889. 

Flavius Morse Crocker, B.S.(C.E.). 

2157 Grand St., Cincinnati, O. 

Herbert Samuel Crocker, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 

Monadnock Bldg., (.-hioago. 111. 

Julius Weisbach Heoeler, B.S. 

(C.K.). LaSalle, 111. 

VV^flliam Joseph Hussey, B.S.(C.E.). 

(See Faculties, p. 24.) Astronomer. 

Mt. Hamilton, Cal. 
Richard Khuen, B.S. (C.E.). 

Pencoyd, Pa. 
William Allan Livingstone, B.S. 
(Mech. E.). Manufacturer. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frederic*^ Homan Loveridqe, B.S. 
(Mech. E.). 

With Western Electric Co., 

Chicago, 111. 




Eugene I^binq McAllasteb, B.S. 
(Mech. E.). Naval Architect. 

Seattle, Wash. 
William Vauohan Moses, B.S. 
(Mech. E.). 

31 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Ernest Blackman Perky, B.S. ( Mech. 

E. ) , Mech.E. '96. Bay City, Mich. 

•William Philander Rounds, B.S. 

(C.E.), d. Austin, 111., Nov. 12, 


Homer Mason Sackett, B.S.(M.E.). 

Telliiride, Colo. 
Louis Henry Shoemaker, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '97. 

45 i Ellison St., Paterson, N. J. 
Frank Clemes Smitii, B.S. ( M.E. ) . 
M.E. '90. (See Faculties, p. 24.) 

Deadwood, S. Dak. 
Gordon Edward Stannard, B.S. 

Otho Sibley Stull, B.S. (M.E.), h 
89-90. Lawyer and farmer. 

.509 West Ave., Roclie&ter, N. Y. 

Miner Cole Taft, B.S. (C.E.), A.B. 

(Kalamazoo) '85, A.M. (ibid.) '89. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Philip Robert Whitman, B.S. (M.E.). 

Glendora, Cal. 

Gardner Stewart Williams, B.S. 

(C.E.), C.E. '99. Prof, of Expert- 

mental Hydraulics in Cornell Univ. 

(19) Ithaca, N.Y. 

1 800. 

Frank Anderson, B.S. (C.E.). Min- 
ing Engineer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

FiiANK Seymour Bahjje, B.S. (C.E.). 
Mining. Sumpter, Ore. 

Walter John Batj)win, B.S. (M.E.), 
M.E. '94. Teacher in Manual Train- 
ing High School. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Dearborn Ball, B.S. ( E.E. ) , 
E.E. '95. The Rookery, Chicago, lU. 

Andrew Rexick Benson, B.S. (C.E.). 
Assist. Examiner in Patent Office. 

WnshinfrtoTi. D. (\ 

Ernest Ben Conrad, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Bayonnc, N. J. 

Henry Woolsey Douglas, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). Ann Arbor. 

CuARLES Adam Fisher, B.S. (C.E.). 

Pontiac, Mich. 

JosEPn Kendall Freitao, B.S. ( C.E. ) , 
C.E. 94. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

•WiNTiiROP Enoch Gastman, B.S. 
(E.E.), d. Pueblo, Colo., July 24, 

Willis Boyd Hayes, B.S. (C.E.). 

Springfield, 111. 

Louis Clarence Hill, B.S. (EJi!.), 

B.S. (C.E.) '><fi. Golden, Colo. 

John Reuben Kempe, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Rollo Glenroy MAimiNO, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 

With American Bridge Co. 

1303 Utah St., Toledo, O. 

Edmund Schuyler Colfax May, B.S. 

( C.E. ) . Id Dey St., New York. N. Y. 

Elmer Hartson Nkff, B.S. ( Mech.E. ) . 

Me(?h.E. '01. 

136 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 

James Burton Nelson, B.S. (C.E.). 

County Surveyor. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Louis Carlton Sarin. B.S. (C.E.), 

C.E. '94. U. S. Assist. Engineer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

George Bowditcu Sprikgee, B.S. 

(C.E.). 139 ^dams St.. Chicaoro. HI. 

Irving Mason VVolverton,B.S.(C.E.). 

(20) Mt. Vernon, O. 


George Russel Brandon, B.S. (Mech. 


6226 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Alfred Stone Calkins. B.S. (C.E.). 

Joliet, 111. 

DwiouT BissELL Cheever, B.S. (Mech. 

E. ) , LL.B. *96. Patent Lawyer. 

1()12 Monadnork Bld^., Chioajro. Til. 

James Moseley Croshy, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 

Insurance and real estate. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Clarence Elhert DePty. B.S. CMecli. 
E.). Asat. Prof, of Mechanical En- 
gineering in Lewis Institute. 

Chicago, 111. 
Bernard Lincoln Green, B.S. (C.E.) . 
Secr'y of Osborn Engineering Co. 

Cleveland, 0. 
Harry James Hatch, B.S. (C.E.). 
Lieut, of Art.. L\ S. A., 1898. 
Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. ('. 

*WTr.TJAM James Htnksox, B.S. 

(C.E.),B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) '88, 

d. Detroit, ^lich., Oct. 20. 1891. 

John T. Noye Hoyt, B.S. (C.E.), a 


349 Madison Ave., New Y'ork. N. Y. 
William Tiiaddeus Keating, B.S. 

677 S. Albany Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Patterson Lamont, B.S. 

(C.E.). 217 E. r)2d St.. Chioafro, 111. 

Edward Joseph Murphy, B.S. (C.E.) . 

52 Broadway. New York. N. \. 

Frederic Stephen Richmond, B.S. 


Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 




George Uebbebt Rowe, B.S. (E.E.). 
(See Faculties, p. 2r).) 

Boulder, Colo. 
RoBEBT Lemuel Sackett, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '96. Prof, of Applied Mathe- 
matics and Astronomy in Earlliara 
College. Richmond, Ind. 

Gabbiel Cooley Tdthux, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 
107 Horton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
George Mobton Wai.ker, B.S. (C.E.) . 
3508 Windsor Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Thomas Lee Wilkinson, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). Boston Bldg.. Denver, Colo. 

John Robins Allen, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
Mech.E. '96. (See Faculties, p. 21.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Elmeb Louis Allor, B.S. (C.E.), 

LL.B. '95. (See Facnlli.'s, p. 2.'). ) 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas Edson Barnum, B.S. (E.E.). 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
William Bassett, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Dunkirj;, N. Y. 
Irving Daixas Carpentek, B.S. 
(C.E.), D.D.S. '01. Dentist. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Edwin Henry Cheney, B.S. (E.E.). 
Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
EiJCAZAR Darrow, B.S. (E.E.). Di- 
rector of Mech. Eng. in Washington 
State Coll. Pullman, Wash. 

Arthur Frantze.n, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Klectrical contractor. 

22.5 Dearborn St., Chicairo, III. 
James Noble Hatch, B.S. (C.E.) . 

140 Melvin St., Cleveland, O. 
Charles Arthur Howeli., B.S. (M. 
E.), LL.B. '93, LL.B. (Detroit) '93. 
Seaman U. S. S. YofuwHc 1«1>S. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

'Wrr.MAM MiNTo .Joiinstonk, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), d. Hamilton, 111., Sept. 
3, 1898. 
John Pease Keye.s, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
Ph.B. '91. St. Paul, Minn. 

William Beekman Larrabkk. B.S. 
(E.E.). With Knickerbocker Tele- 
phone Co. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Alftied CouirrNEY Lkwfuenz, B.S. 
(C.E.), A.B.'91. New I^ndon, Conn. 
AlCTHUR DouGiJiss MoTT. B.S. (C.E.). 

Miiywood, 111. 
Adnah Clifton Newkll, B.S. (E.E.). 
Teacher of Manual Training. 

Dos Moines, Iowa. 

Walter Werstf^i Skymotir, B.S. 

((^K.). Witb American Bridge Co. 

Chicago, 111. 

Albert Henry Smith, B.S. (C.E.). 

1309 Utah St., Toledo, 0. 
Kdwin Merrill Smith, B.S. (C.E.). 

Marine Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Hugh Flournoy Van Deventeb, B.S. 

( M.E. ) . Knoxville, Tenn. 

George Monroe Wisner, B.S. (C.E.). 

Security Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


Chables Gillmak Atelins, B.S. 

(E.E.). Tiffm, O. 

Hadley Baldwin, B.S. (C.E.). 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Yerkes Blackwood, B.S. (Mech. 

E. ) . With Osborne Engineering Co. 

Cleveland, O. 
Will Hazen Bouqhton, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '98. Instructor in Mathemat- 
ics and Engineering in Denison 
Univ. Granville, O. 

Hakry Oliver Channon, B.S. (E.E.). 

Quincy, 111. 
Albert Loring Clark, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). Teacher in High School. 

Calumet, Mich. 
William John Cubrer, B.S. (C.E.). 

171 Duane St., New York, N. Y^. 
Jasper Case Davis, B.S. (C.E.). 

Lansing, Mich. 

William Henry Dorr.vnce, B.S. 

( Mech.E. ) . Akron, O. 

John Denlson Evarts Duncan, B.S. 

(E.E.), M.M.E. (Cornell) '94. 

31 Nassau St., New York, N. Y'. 

Grant Henry Dunning, B.S. (C.E.). 

Teacher. Dowagiac, Mich. 

Henry George Field, B.S. (E.E.). 

Majestic Bldg., Dv^.troit, Mich. 

Will John Fisher, B.S. (E.E.). 

Pontiac, Mich. 

PiiiLii* Stimson Gardiner,B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Lumberman. Laurel, Miss. 

George Irving Gavpttt, B.S. (C.E.). 

Prof, of Mathematics and Physics 

in Fair mount Coll. Wichita, Kan. 

Frank Rust Gilchrist, B.S. (C.E.). 

Lumber. Cleveland, O. 

Herijert Jay Goulding, B.S. (Mech. 

S.). (See Fiu-Jillio^. ]\ 'H\.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Leon Murdock (tRok.sbeck, B.S. 
( M.E. ) . Lawver. 

3738 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Leonard Frederick William Hild- 

NKK, B.S. ( Mech.E. ) . Allegheny, Pa. 

Theodore Henry Hinchman, B.S. 

(Mech.E.) , A.B. '01. Detroit, Mich. 

.losEPH Sarin E Hurhert Holmes, 

B.S. (Mech.E.). Grand Udge, Mich. 




Alfred William Hookwat, B.S. 
(E.E.). Merchant. Owosso, Mich. 

*HiBAM HowDEN, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
d. Silver Springs, N. Y., Oct. 31, 

Clarence William Hubbell, B.S. 
(C.E.). Water Office, Detroit, Mich. 

Melburn Walter Hull, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). Teacher. Pueblo, Colo. 

Valentine Seaman Ives, B.S. (C.E.). 
52 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

•Carroll Dunham Jones, B.S. ( L.E. ) , 
E.E. '07. (See Faculties, p. 27.) 

Fred Logkwood Keeler, B.S. (E.E.). 
Teacher of Science in Central Mich. 
Normal School. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Alfred Cookman Marshall, B.S. 
(E.E.). 621 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

George Henrt Miller, B.S. (E.E.). 
Teacher in the High School. 

Blue Island, 111. 

Joseph Jenrt Morsman, B.S. (C.E.). 
Secy. Carter White Lead Co. 
2724 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Llewellyn Sherrill Pomerot, B.S. 
(C.E.). U. S. Inspector. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

MiNOTT Eugene Porter, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '08. Computer at Naval Ob- 
servatory. Washington, D. C. 

Howard Monroe Raymond, B.S. 
(E.E.). Teacher of Physics in Ar- 
mour Institute. Chicago, 111. 

Edward Snover Reid, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). 2 Chene St., Detroit, Mich. 

Hugh Rodman, B.S. (E.E.). 

Frankfort, Ky. 

Edwin John Rosencrans,B.S.(C.E.), 
C.E. 1000. 

110 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Willard Taylor, B.S. (M. 
£.). Blast furnace Supt. 

Iron Gate, Va. 

Otto Louis Edgar Weber. B.S. ( Mech. 
E.). Mgr. Michigan Sulphite Fibre 
Co. Port Huron, Mich. 

Edward Dana Wickes, B.S. (E.E.). 
417 W. 150th St., New York, N. Y. 

Neil Hooker Williams, B.S. (E.E.), 
M.S. *05. Teacher in Central High 
School. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Arneb Windes, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). Winnetka, IlL 

Clarence George Wrentmore, B.S. 
(C.E.), M.S. '08. (See Faculties, 
p. 25. ) Ann Arbor. 



Abraham Kohn Adleb, B.S. (Mech. 
E. ) . Architect. 

Auditorium Bldg., Chicago, IlL 
Robert Lewis Ames, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
LL.B. (Columbian Univ.) '07, LL.M. 
(National Univ.) *08. Patent Law- 
yer. 206 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Archibald Laohlan Becker, B.S. 
(Mech.E.) Montague, Mich. 

John Charles Bird, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Designer. West Hoboken, N. J. 

James Blair, B.S. (Mech.E.), a 
87-80. Santa Marta, 

U. S. of Columbia, S. A. 
Howard Everett Chickering, B.S. 

1217 Union Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Harry Walter Clark, B.S. (Mwh. 

E. ) . Ann Arbor. 

William (Dole (Don ant, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Oak Park. 111. 

Clarence Sidney CJooke, B.S.(E.E.). 

Teacher in the Detroit Central High 

School. Flat Rock, Mich. 

Almon Henry Demrick, B.S. (E.E.). 

Rose\'ille, Mich. 
Herman Henry Eymer, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). County Road (Commissioner. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Herrert Ephraim French, B.S. 
( C.E. ) Reedsburg, Wis. 

Oscar Greulich, B.S. (C.E.). 

176 S. Bay St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Churchill Hammond, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), M.S. (Chicago) '07. 
Computer in Naval Observatory. 

Washington, D. C. 
Harrie D. Hamper, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Aurora, 111. 

Charles Jacorson Harmon, B.S. 

(E.E.). With L. H. Stafford & Co. 

373 Ontario St., Chicago, HI. 

Gboroe Hayler, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Van Wert, O. 
Max Lichtenstein, B.S. (C.E.). 
Shoe business. 

3358 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Daniel Benjamin Luten, B.S. ( C.E. ) 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Ralph Winthrop Newton, B.S. 
(C.E.). 7631 Susquehanna St.. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Frederick Charles Norlb, B.S. (C. 
E.). 04 Hamilton PI., 

New York, N. Y. 

Robert Ejendrick Palmer, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Hamilton Bridge 

Works. 134 Duke St., Hamilton, Ont. 




WnxiAM Pool Parker, B.S. (C.E.). 
Bergt. let U. S. Vol. Engineers, 
1898. With Cambria Steel Co. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
BlOHARD QuiNN, B.S. (C.E.). U. S. 
Assist. Engineer. New Orleans, La. 
OsoAR Roberts, B.S. (C.E.). 

Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Fred Rogers, B.S. (E.E.). Teacher 

in Lewis Institute. Chicago, 111. 

Fred Anson Sager, B.S. (E.E.). 

Assist. Prof, of Physics in Univ. of 

111. Urbana, 111. 

William Stewart Smith, B.S.(Mech. 

E. ) . Aurora, 111. 

GoLDWiN Starrett, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Secr'y Thompson-Starrctt Co. 

51 Wall St., New York, N. V. 
George Cabot Weare, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

240 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Weare, B.S. (C.E.). 

240 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Louis Warner Anderson, B.S. ( C.E. ) , 
B.S. (Albion) '92. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Walter Merville Austin, B.S. ( E.E. ) 

Harrison, N. J. 
William Gray Billings, B.S. (E.E.), 
a 88-89. Bank cashier. 

Davison, Mich. 

August Blaess, B.S. (C.E.). Assist. 

Enprinecr I. C. R. R. Carbondalo, 111. 

Abraham Lincoln Burgan, B.S. 

(E.E.), M.S. '96. Supt. of Stamp 

Mill. Houghton, Mich. 

•Platt Richard Bush, B.S. (C.E.), 

d. Detroit, Mich., Oct. 4, 1898. 

William Richard Caldwell, B.S. 

(C.E.). Traverse City, Mich. 

Wallace Wiley Chickering, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Beloit, Wis. 

Howard Malcom Cox, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Solicitor of Patents. 

108 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

George Alfred Damon, B.S. (E.E.). 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

James Henry Dickson, B.S. (E.E.), 

A.B. '04. Jaffa, Ceylon. 

James Horace Dunbar, B.S. (C.E.). 

La Salle, 111. 
John Henry Dye, B.S. (C.E.) . Prof, 
of Civ. Eng. in Univ. of Cal. 

Borkelcy. Cal. 

Harvey Gould Gilkerson.B.S. (C.E.) . 

U. S. Min. Engineer. Telluride, Colo. 

R Prosper Gustin, B.S. ( Mech.E. ) . 

13 Park Row, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Alexander Michael Haubrich, B.S. 

( E.E.) . Asliland Blk., Chicago, III. 
Bryson Dexter Horton, B.S. (E.E.). 

Gunner's mate, U. S. S. Yosemite, 

1898. Morenci, Ariz. 

John Hulst, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Milton Byron Huntoon, B.S.(E.E.). 
Clarence Thomas Johnston, B.S. 

(C.E.), C.E. '99. Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Horace Williams King, B.S. (C.E.). 

Supervisor of the Province of Bahol. 

Tagbilaran, P. 1. 
Harry Valentine Knight, B.S. 

(E.E.). Teacher in the High 

School. Alpena, Mich. 

David LeFavour, B.S. (C.E.). 

Bay City, Mich. 
Hem AN Burr Leonard, B.S. (E.E.). 

Teacher. Blooniington, 111. 

Richard Roswell Lyman, B.S. 

(C.E.). Assoc. Prof, of Engineering 

in Univ. of Utah. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Thomas Knight Mathewson, B.S. 

(C.E.). Muscatine, Iowa. 

William Julius Melcuers, B.S. 

E.E. ). Sau'inaw. Mich. 

Charles Augustine Miner, B.S. 

(C.E.). Ist Lieut. U. S. Vol. En- 
gineers, 1898. Cold water, Mich. 
Charles Hosmer Morse, B.S. (Mech. 

E.), Mech.E. '97. 

4804 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
John Francis Nichols, B.S. (Mech. 


613 Jackson St., Bay City, Mich. 
Marian Sara Parker, B'.S. (C.E.). 

78 6th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Albert Andrew Passolt, B.S.(E.E.). 

Columbus, Miss. 
•Clarence Herbert Perry, B.S. 

(C.E.), d. Chicago, III., March 11, 

Seth Erastus Roberts, B.S. (C.E.). 

With Bridge and Iron Works. 

Detroit, ^fich. 
Edward Marsh St. John, B.S* 

(C.E.). Ann Arbor. 

Wilbur George Salter, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). 6557 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Schaake, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

572 Van Buren St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Emmet Scott, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

La Porte, Ind. 
Frederick Gardiner Skinner, B.S. 

(C.E.). Structural Draftsman. 

629 6th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lesteh Abbott Stanley, B.S. (E.E.). 

Teacher. Salt Lake City, Utah. 




Isaac Farber Steiu^, B.S. (C.E.). 

With C. & N. W. Ry. Chicago, 111. 

Robert Clark Stevens, B.S. (Mech. 

E.), A.B. '94. Rockford, 111. 

Wellington Clute Tate, B.S.(E.E.). 

Munising, Mich. 

Nelson John Tubes, B.S. (C.E.). 

Farmer. Ann Arbor. 

Frank Foster Van Tuyl, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 

136 Selden Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Vance Patterson Wilkins, B.S. 

(C.E.). Texarkana, Tex. 

George Bingham Willcox, B.S. 

(Mccb.l':.),Mech.E. '01. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Homer Wilson Wyckoff,B.S.(E.E.). 
Assist. Engineer, Central Union Tel- 
ephone Co. Chicago, 111. 
(48) 1896. 

Mortimer Grant Barne.s, B.S. (Clii.), 

C.E. '01. Loretto, Neb. 

William Chalmers Borst, B.S. 

(E.E.). Teacher in the High School. 

Denver, Colo. 
Harry Copley Buell, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Draughtsman with Chicago Tele- 
phone Co. Ann Arbor. 
Walter John Cahill, B.S. (C.E.). 

18 Gilpin Place, Chicago, 111. 

William Anderson Cai.dwell, B.S. 

(E.E.). The Rookery, Chicago. 111. 

Philip Russell Coats, B.S. (E.E.). 

31 Dutton St., Lowell, Mass. 

BuRNHAM Standtsh CoI3URN, B.S. 


1293 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John Ciiassell Condon, B.S. (E.E.). 
Bank Clerk. Hancock, Mich. 

Jesse I. Conklin, B.S. (C.E.). 

Plaquemine, La. 
Merrttt Scott Conner, B.S. (E.E.). 
18 Rue Boudewyns. 

Antwerp, Belgium. 

William ('layton Coryell, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Fred Richahd Cutcheon, B.S. (E.E.) . 

568 Selby Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Frederick Albert Eckert. B.S. 

(Mech.E.). -Supt. of Shops of 

Xorthovn Kiiirinoorinjr Works. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Morton Eddy, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). The Nasby, Toledo, Ohio. 

Jay D. Edmonds. B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Prea. Edmonds, Metzel & Cole Mfg. 

Co. Chicago, 111. 

Charles Wn.UAM Ellis, B.S. (E.E.) . 

Snpt. of Trimont Mfg. Co. 

Roxhurv. Mass. 

Richard Demino Ewing, B.S. (C.E.). 

Supt. of Schools. Eseanaba, Mich. 

Thomas Henry Ferguson,B.S. (C.E. ) , 

Ph.B. '95, LL.B. (Detroit) *97, 

M.P.L. ( Columbian Univ. ) »99. 

Washington, D. C. 

.John Watson FitzGerald, B.S. 

(Mech.E.) San Juan, Porto Rico. 

Burt Lewis Foster, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Seroius Paul Grace, B.S. (E.E.). 

255 N. Pearl St., Dallas, Texas. 

Albert Emerson Greene, B.S. 

(C.E.), Ph.B. -95. Detroit, Mich. 

DwiOHT May Guillotte, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Mapimi, Durango, Mex. 

Paul Hamilton, B.S. (C.E.). 

Kingston, Ind. 

George Herbert Harrington, B.S. 
( C.E. ) . Sisterviile, W. Va. 

John Selden Hoaoley, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 

Bryan, O. 

Edward Bishop House. B.S. (E.E.). 

Prof, of Mathematics in Colorado 

Agr. Coll. Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Edwin Deix)s Hoyt, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Princ. Ist Ward Manual Training 

School. Allegheny, Pa. 

John Wilijam Irwin, B.S. (C.E.). 

City Engineer. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Hugh Calvin Jackson, B.S. (C.E.). 

145 W. 84th St., New York. N. Y. 

Julius Kahn, B.S. (C.E.), C.E. '99. 

Chief Engr. Futayamo Shokai, 

Tokyo, Japan. 
302 Frederick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Albert Benjamin Kalmbach, B.S. 


122 Clinton St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Hugh Braley Kelly. B.S. (C.E.). 

34 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Guy Thompson Lamont, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Bay City, Mich. 

Thomas Bassnett Lee, B.S.'(C.E.). 

180 Rodger 8 Ave., Bellcvuc, Pa. 

Thomas Durand McColl. B.S. f E.K. K 

B.S. (Mech.E.). 

The Nasby, Toledo, 0. 
George Thomas McGee, B.S. (C.E.) 

With Great Boulder Pcrsorverance 

(toM Mining Co. 

Kalgoorlio. W. Australia. 

George Karr McMult.en\ B.S. (E.E. K 
310 Fountain St., 

Grand Rapids. Mich 

Carl Richard Marquardt, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Rath. Maine. 

Clyde Shei.ton Mason, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Jackson, Mich. 





(Mech.E.). Saginaw, Mich. 

JIarry DeYoe Millh. Jt.S. (C.E.). 
Division Engineer, U. P. R. R. 

Onialia. Neb. 

Guy Dorick Newton, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

5173 Cypress St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

J.KE LuKC Newton. B.S. (CM:. i . With 

Oliver Iron Mininj^ Co. 

Mount Iron. Minn. 

Arthx:r Patrick O'Brien, B.S. (C.E.). 
IflO 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Walter Howard 0*Brien,B.S. ( E.E.) . 
General Salesman. 

160 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Henry Bailey Otis, 1^8. (E.E.). 
With Western Electric Co. 

Chicago, 111. 
Charles Gilbert Palmi:r, B.S. 

;18S0 Euclid Ave, Clovolund, O. 
Lewis Merton Parrott, B.S. (E.E.). 
Teacher in E. S. High School. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
James Merton Raikes, B.S. (C.E.). 

1020 N. 6th St., Burlington, Iowa. 
Ben Cornelius Rich, B.S. (C.E.). 

6510 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Waltkp. HoRinNs. W.S. lE.K.) Witli 

Western Electric Co. Chicago, HI. 

Edward .Ta-mics IIyan, B.S. (E.E. ). 

Machinist U. S. S. Yoscfyiitc. 1H9H. 

Clerk to Board of Asses.sors. 

211 W. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Richard Edward Sack. B.S. (E.E.). 

88 Preston St., Detroit, Mich. 

Oboboe Rollins Sno>ter, B.S. (M.E.). 

San Juancito, Honduras, C. A. 

Frank Clement Soper, B.S. (E.E.). 

With Western Electric Co. 

Chicago, 111. 

Charles Henry Spkncer, B.S. (C.E.). 

Zanesville, O. 

Will Tiieodork Smnnixs, B.S. ( E.E. ^ . 
With Carnegie Steel Works. 

HomcHtrad. Pa. 

Adrian Delano Stextsnson. B.S. 
(E.E.), LL.B. (N. Y. l^niv.) '98. 

18 Wall St., New York. N. Y. 

Franklin Van Veciiten Swan, B.S. 
(E.E.). Teacher of Manual Train- 
ing. Flint. Mich. 

George Welles Tanner, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 
Teacher in N. W^. Divi.^ion Hiirh 
School. Chicago, 111. 

Warren Hamilton Tiiompso.n, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). With P.rown H(>istin<jr 
Co. Cleveland, O. 

CiiARi.ES Herbert Vaichan, B.S. 

(C.E.), Ph.B. (Hillsdale) '94. 

With Pcnn Bridge Co., Bejiver 

Falls, Pa. Springville, Mich. 

Harry Cabot Weare, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

240 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Lavergn Levi Wheeler, B.S. (E.E.). 

Farmer. Sandstone, Mich. 

Frank Scx)tt Whitman, B.S. (C.E.). 

Buchanan, Mich. 
Carl Benezette Williams, B.S. 

155 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Victor Roy Willouqiiby, B.S. (Mech. 

E.) . Ov.osso, Mir«h. 

Louis Albeiit Woodard, B.S. (Mech. 

E.I. With William Tod Co. 

Youngstown, O. 
Silas Hiram Woodard, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. '99. 

Corcoran Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
•Edwin Francis Woodrubt, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), d. Ludington, Mich., 
June 3, 1898. 
Grover Henry Woods, B.S. (E.E.). 
Teacher in N. Y. State Industrial 

281 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Henry Lumsden Wooi.fenden, B.S. 
(E.E.),M.S. '97, a94-95. 

25 Coronado Bldg.. Denver, Colo. 


Fred Louis Baker, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Witli Pressed Steel Car Co. 

Pitts])ursrh. Pa. 
Mark Bary, B.S. ( E.E. ) . With H. H. 

Humphrey. St. Louis, Mo. 

Arthvr Woodward Bii:dsall, B.S. 

(E.E.). Lansing, Mich. 

Deward Augustus Britten, B.S. 

E.E.). 709 4th Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 
Frederick Henry Burdick, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Peter Conloy Mfg. 

Co. Allegheny, Pa. 

Melanctho.v Campau, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). W^atcr Tender, U. S. S. 

Yofirnntr. ISOS. Dot roil. Alicli. 

Ralph ("ollamore. B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Drlrnil. Mic'i. 
Emmons Collins, B.S. (E.E.), B.S. 

f Mech.E.). 

115 Monroe St., (.-hicago. 111. 

WlLIJFliT SlIKPFHlD DrEW, B.S. ( Mcch. 

E.). Teacher in Chicago Manual 

Training? School. Chicago. 111. 

Er.MEU Myron Ellsworth, B.S. 

(('.E.». On St. Clair Flats Survey. 

Drvf'pn. Mie'i 




Thaodrus Loomis Fabnham, B.S. 
(Mech.E.) With Ford Glass Wka. 

Rossf ord, O. 
Henbt Geismer, B.S. (C.E.). 

Coalburg, Ala. 

Melyin Albebtus Gilbert, B.S. 

(C.E.). Ems worth, Pa. 

H^BT Thomas Habbi8on,B.S.(E.E.). 

68 Belvidere Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Fbedebick William Henningeb, B.S. 

(E.E.). Barberton, O. 


Seaman, U. 8. S. Yosemite, 1898. 

Ceresco, Mich. 


69 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

John Gurdon Lewis, B.S. (E.E,). 
424 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, lU. 

Elmeb Daniel Lton, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Dexter, Mich. 

Thomas Fbancis McCbickett, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). With Riiss^el Wheel & 
Foundry Co. Detroit, Mich. 

William Fbeeman Martin, B.S. 
749 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

John Harold Montgomery, B.S. 
( E.E. ) , M.S. *98. Ann Arbor. 

Henbt Evans Moore, B.S. (C.E.). 

903 Cherry St., Saginaw, Mich. 

Lyman Foote Mobehouse,B.S. (E.E.) . 
Instructor in Physics. Washington 
Univ. St. Louis, Mo. 

Chables John Holland Moritz, B.S. 
(E.E.). .Seaman U. S. S. Yosemitey 
1898. With Pittsburgh Reduction 
Co. Niajrara Falls, N. Y. 

William Frederick Valentine Neu- 
mann, B.S. ( E.E. ) . U. S. Inspector. 

Borneo, Mich. 

Joseph Perbien, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) '93. 

440 Brush St., Detroit, Mich. 
George Charles Pratt, B.S. (E.E.). 
With Western Electric Co. 

LaGrange, 111. 

William Harbison Rippey, B.S. 

(C.E.). Aspinwall, Pa. 

Fbederig Coleman Robebts, B.S. 

(C.E.),B.S.(Earlham)'94. Teacher. 

West Elkton, O. 

Fbancis Joseph Seabolt, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). 533 Penn St., Camden, N. J. 

Chables Gilchbist Simonds, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Indianapolis, Ind. 

Weston Small, B.S. (C.E.). 

Sioux Falls, Iowa. 

Emil G. Stbuckman, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

9246 Kedzie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Abthub Chables Taoge, B.S. (E.E.). 

Woodslock, Mich. 
Melyin Sutphin Tbevidick, B.S. 

617 S. Warren Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 
Alexandeb Gbobgb Unsold, B.S. 

143 Concord Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Fbedebick Elwood Vickebs, B.S. 

Four Hills Mine, Beverly, Cal. 
Thbodobe Vlademtboff, B.S. (E.E.). 

In U. S. Navy. 
Chables Delmab Websteb, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). Teacher. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Roy Rodney Wiley, B.S. (E.E.),E.E. 

(Wisconsin) '98. Peoria, 111. 

Walteb Hem an Woods, B.S. (E.E.). 

6510 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ibvino Chables Woodwabd, B.S. 


The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 


Chables Wiley Baooott, B.S.(C.E.). 

Ludington, Mich. 

Benjamin Fbanklin Bailey, B.S. 

(E.E.), A.M. 1900. Ann Arbor. 

Fbederig Cbossobovb Babb, B.S. 

(E.E.). Denver, Colo. 

Fbedebick Paul Beach, B.S. (E.E.). 

Lexington, Mich. 
MuBBAY Blanchabd, B.S. (C.E.). 
Recorder U. S. Lake Survey. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Fbedebick Kino Boomhoweb, B.S. 

( E.E. ) . 13.5 State St., Auburn, N. Y. 

Fbedebick Chittenden Bobst, B.S. 


1900 Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 
Thomas Alfbed Bbaog, B.S. (Mech. 
517 Jeanette St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ibvino J. Bbown, B.S. (E.E.). 

Eicher Blk., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Roy Wilcox Bbown, B.S. (E.E.), 
B.S. (Mech.E.). With Cutler Ham- 
mer Mfg. Co., Milwaukee. 

Geneseo, 111. 

John Winfobd Byebs, B.S. (E.E.), 

S.B. (Harvard) '99. 

227 4th St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Chables Olney Cook, B.S. {E.E.), 

B.S. (Mech.E.). 

30 Bagrg St.. Detroit, Mich. 
*Edwabd Bliss Coolidge, B.S.(E.E.), 
d. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 25, 1900. 




SoLLACK Burroughs Coolidge, B.S. 
(E.E.). Ck>al dealer. 

43 E. Alexandrine Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Leonard Poster Coulter, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 
654 Washington Ave., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Shepherd Cowgill, B.S.(E.E.). 

620 Mildred Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Faust Franklin Crampton, B.S. 

(E.E.),LL.B. (National Univ.) *99, 

E.E. (Columbia) 1000. 

Monroe, Mich. 
Henry Winter Daniels, B.S. (C.E.). 
Supt. of Schools. St. Louis, Mich. 
Isaac De Young, B.S. (C.E.). 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Amos Floyd Everett, B.S. (C.E.). 
U. S. Inspector. Lansing, Mich. 

Howard FELVER,B.S.(Mech.E.). Man- 
ager of Creamery. Victor, Iowa. 
Robert Myron Fox, B.S.(C.E.). With 
M. C. R. R. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Anton Fucik, B.S.(Mech.E.). 
Director of Manual Traiiiin;? in 
Chicago Manual Traininnr Soliool. 

(Miionuo, 111. 
Francis Fair Gillen, B.S. (C.E.). 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Leon Goldsmith, B.S. (E.E.). 

1919 Dodge St., Omaha, Neb. 
Ernkst Payson GooDiiicii, B.R., 
(C.E.), C.E. »01. Navy Yard. 

Brooklyn. X. Y. 

Fred ALiy Green, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

( See Faculties, p. 28. ) Ann Arhor. 

Harry Eli Harrington, B.S. (E.E.). 

With Mich. Telephone Co. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Archie Lee Harris, B.S. (C.E.). 
1351 U St., N. W., 

Washinifton. D. C. 
LeRoy Morton Harvey, B.S. (E.E.). 
With Northern Electrical Manufac- 
turing Co. Chicago, 111. 
Percy Melvin Holdswortii, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). Florence, 8.C. 
Edward Potter Marsh, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). In Car Dept. C. & N. W. Ry. 

Chicago, 111. 
WnxiAM Jonathan Marsh, B.S. 
(E.E.). Pittsford, N. Y. 

Howard B Merrick, B.S. (C.E. . 

a 96-97. Wrightatown, Pa. 

Herbert Aldion Moody, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Witn Union Bag 6i Paper Co. 

Chicago, HI. 
Fred Werster Newell, B.S. (E.E.), 
A.B. (Bates) '89, A.M. (ibid.) '92. 
1024 Morrison Ave.» Allegheny, Pa. 

Claude George Newton, B.S. (C.E.). 

5173 Cypress St., Pitteburgh, Pa. 

Joseph Herman Pettersch, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Otto Pruessman, B.S. (E.E.) . With 

Western Electric Co. Chicago, IlL 

Edward Hawks Ravenscroft, B.S. 


2708 Winchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Clarence Werster Raynor, B.S. 
(C.E.). U. S. Surveyor. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Herbert Lafayehte Russell, B.S. 
(C E ) 

1018 4th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

James Thorpe St. Claiis, Ji.S. (K.E.), 

B.S. (Mech.E.) '99. With Am. Car 

& Foundry Co. 

225 Vinewood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Noble Savage, B.S. (C.E.), 

M.S. '99. 

1377 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 111. 
Lloyd Bown Smith, B.S. (C.E.). 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
Clarence William Squier, B.S. 
( E.E. ) . With Gen'l Electric Co. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Robert Steck, B.S. (E.E. ). 

1520 Wolfram St., (Uiicago, HI. 

John Fredekick Streib, I^.S. (C.E.). 

With Steel Car Co. Allegheny, Pa. 

Claudius Horatio Thomas, B.S. 


(520 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Howard Platt Treadway, B.S. 
(C.K.). Paxton Blk., Omnha, Neb. 
Sutton Van Pelt, B.S. (C.E.). 

Tusoaloosa. Ala. 

Albert Andrew Weber, B.S. (Mech. 

K.), m 98-01. Jju'kson, Mich. 

MoREY Aldrich Wood, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Teacher. Burlington, Iowa. 

Fay W00D.MAN8EE, B.S. (E.E.). 

With Genu Electric Co. 

( 54 ) Schenectady, N. Y. 


Emanuel Anderson, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
1067 Tlorndon St., Chicago, 111. 
James Chivis Armstrong, B.S. 
(E.E.), B.S. (Mech.E.). 

472 High St. W., Detroit, Mich, 

Frederic Everart Arnold, B.S. 

Mcoh.E.). Salt Lake (^ity. T'lah. 

Norwood Brayman Ayers^BS. ( E.E. ) . 

Colorado Spring'*. Colo. 
WnjJAM Porter Baker, B.S. (E.E.). 
With Gen'l Electric Co. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 




John Walter Fbink Bennett, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Thompson-Starrett 

CJo. New York, N. Y. 

James Rowland Bibbins, B.S.(E.E.). 

Edison Illuminating Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Joseph Aldbigh Bubslet, B.S. ( Mech. 
E. ) , With Pa. R, R. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
David Fernando Castilla, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). With Foundry Co. 

Monterey, Mex. 


B.S. (Mech.E.). 

174 Jos. Campau Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

James Walter Clut, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

With Bay City Industrial Wks. 

1434 Chapin St., Washington, D. C. 

Edwin Wabben Con able, B.S.(C.E.), 

a 95-96. 

6211 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Lee Cooper, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Walteb Tubney Curtis, B.S. (C.E.). 

290 25th St., Detroit, Mich. 

Burt J. Denman, B.S. (E.E.). 

Teacher in Toledo Manual Training 

School. Toledo, O. 

Babtlett Chase Dickinson, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Thompson-Starrett 

Co. New York, N. Y, 

John Hathaway Dressel, B.S. 

(E.E.),a95-96. Kane, 111. 

George Herbebt Gibson, B.S. (E.E.). 

266 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Habmon Augustus Harbis, B.S. 

( E.E. ) . The Rookery, Chicago, III. 

Sanfobd Fbank Harris, B.S. (E.E.). 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Milton Hartman, B.S. 


3422 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Orra Emmet Heffelbower, B.S. 

( C.E. ) . Sault Ste. T^Iarie, Mich. 

Clinton Jerome Hixson, B.S. (E.E.) . 

With Gen'l Electric Co. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Frederick Ruthmaufi-' Hoover, B.S. 

(C E ) 

N. Y.Life Bldg., Kansas aty. Mo. 

James LeGband Horth, B.S. (Mech. 


292 Junction Ave,, Detroit, Mich. 
Lewis Glasgow Howt.ett, B.S. ( E.E. ) , 
B.S. (Mech.E.) '01. With Indus- 
trial Works. Bay City, Mich. 
Edwin Adolphus Hughes, B.S. 
(E.E.). Elkhart, Ind. 
WnxiAM Leasube Kimmel, B.S. 
(E.E.). Grangeville, Idaho. 

Chables Augustus LaFeveb, B.S. 
(E.E.). With Advance Thresher 
Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Ebnest Lunn, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 

29 Miami Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

William Meek MgKee, B.S. (E.E.). 

ChilUcothe, O. 

*^ Augustus Joseph Maywobm, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), d. Alpena, Mich., July 
i:^, 1901. 

William Lincoln Miggett, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). Supt. of University 
Shops. Ann Arbor. 

.John Theodore Mountain, B.S. 



409 E. Huron St., Chicago, 111. 

Clabence Wabben Noble, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 

2036 6th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Abd Ezra Richabdson, B.S. (E.E.), 

B.S. (Mech.E.) 1900. Saginaw, Mich. 

Wellington Roberts. B.S. (C.E.). 

Rosedale, Mich. 

David Nathaniel Rosen, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Muskegon, Mich. 

James Thobpe St. Claiu, B.S. (Mech. 

K. ) , B.S. ( E.E. ) M)8. Detroit, Mich. 

Abthub Gilbebt St. JonN,B.S.(C.E.) . 

With Heyl and Patterson. 

Pittsburprh, Pa. 
Cary Davis Teiuiet.l, B.S. ( E.E. ) . 

Jackson, Miss. 
Frank Trott, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Charles Herman Weideman, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). With Sharon (Pa.) 

Steel Co. W. Bay City, Mich. 

William Roe Weidma.n. B.S. (Mooli. 

E.). With Sherzor Bridge Co. 

4402 Berkley Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Clarence Wright Whitney, B.S. 
( Mech.E. ) . Assoc. Editor of West- 
em Electrician. 

510 Marquette Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Bertram DeWitt Wilbeb, B.S. 

(E.E.). Peoria, 111. 

*Abthur Bryant Wood, B.S. (E.E.K 

d. Albany, N. Y., April 21, 1901. 



Mark Brewer Beattie, B.S. (E.E.). 

Ann Arbor. 
Elias Hyrum Beckstrand, B.S. 

( E.E. ) . Meadow, Utah. 

Clattde Kixgsley Bentley, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Harvey, 111. 

Frederic Adrian Bergbom, B.S. 


1508 N. Talman Ave., Chicago, 111. 




Fbederick Nobman Bbadlky, B.S. 
(C.E.). With C. & N. W. Ry. 

Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Wallace Busch, B.S. (E.E.). 

Marquette, Mich. 
Paul Cheevth:. B.S. ( Mech.E. ) . With 
Field & Hinchman, Detroit. 

Ann Arbor. 

Cablos Cableton CL£yEia)ON, B.S. 

(Mech.R.). With Pearson Machine 

Co., Chicago. Austin, 111. 

Jenaro Da VILA, B.S. (C.E.). 

42 Hidalgo St., Monterey, Mex. 
Habbt Hammond Dickinson, B.S. 
(E.E.). With Erner & Co., Colum- 
bus, O. Xa^livillo, ^lich. 
Paul Andrew Dratz, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). With Krner&Co. ('(^iMmbus. O. 
David Gebould Fisuek, li.S. (C.E.). 
With Toledo (O.) Brid^re Co. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Andrew Grabenstein, B.S. (C.E.). 

Lake Linden, Midi. 
Harry D. Harting, B.S. (C.K.). 

Grand Rapid."*, Mich. 
EB.Ni>r lliUAM Jacors, B.S. fE.E. ). 
With (^en'l Electric Co. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Lee Farrar Johnston, B.S. (('.E.), 
B.S. (Purdue) '09. 

Sault Ste. Nlarie, Mich. 

Oscar Graham Josepji, B.S. (C.E.). 

With Toledo (O.) Bridge Work.A. 

329 E. Jair St., L<juisvillo, Ky. 

Alfi;ed Hendkrson KNKim, B.S. 

= \!odi.i:.i. Studeiil. FliTtt. Midi. 

Otto Adolph Krausk, B.S. ( .NFodi.E.) . 

Traveling salepman. 

Grand Hapi*!-. Mich. 
Robert Ebenezkr Krhmii:;, B.S. 
(C.E.). A.B. (Hope) '9S. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Willy Lehnaih/. B.S. (Mech.E.^. 

A.M. '01. Crar.d Ra].i N, Afi.-b. 

Ora Miner Leland, B.S. K'.K.). On 

U. S. Coast Survey. 

Wa siting on, I). ('. 
Alfred Emanuel Lindax:. B.S ^Mech. 

Ill Hudson Ave.. r],i,:i,r,>. ]|1. 
Chester Brown Loomls, I>.s. < Mrcli. 
E.). With Western ElcMlvic ^\^. 

Chicatro, HI. 
Fbederic Hale 1a)vd, B.S. f(\E.), a 
fn; 07. rbo'iiiv. Midi. 

iiv\ Wervster Lt'nn. H.S. (E.E.). 

Groenvillo, Mich. 

Henry Archhjald ^Tcr.K.v:;, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Assist. Snpl. for the 

F. Bissell Co. J oledo. 0. 

Royal John Mansfield, B.S. (C.E.). 

1203 5th Ave., Bay City, Mich. 

Harry Stone ^Llrsh, B.S. (E.E.). 

With Fort City (Pa.) Glasa Works. 

121 Harper Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

SiiiQERU Matsuyama. B.S. (Mech.E. i . 

Tokyo, Japan. 
Walter B^xxlard Maurice, B.S. 

1285 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Ezra Burton Mead, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
On staff of Construction News, Chi- 

5(5 Packard St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
William Cook Miller, B.S. (E.E.). 
With Edison Illuminating Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frederick Nelson Xeli.e.^:, B.S. 
(C.E.). With Cambria Steel Co. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Arthur Willcox Norton, B.S. ( Mech. 
E.) . 2 K. 4r)th St., New York, N. V. 
hYoYD J. Page, B.S. (Medi.E.). 

llarvcy. 111. 
Clarence J Rannells, B.S. (C.E.). 
With Cambria Steel Co. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Ard Ezra Richardson, B.S. (Mech. 
E.),B.S. (E.E.) '99. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Anton SciiKKr, Bostnc;, B S. rC.E.i. 

OoO LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

Ricitai:d William Ruxge, B.S. (Mech. 

v.). With Fairbanks. Mor.«-c & Co., 

Heloit, Wis. W^inona, Afinn. 

Harry Mix Sedgwick, J?. S. (Mech.E.). 

4524 Ellis Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Alva b'REDERiCK Traver, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Student. Jackson. Mich. 

Joseph Jacob Walser, B.S. (C.E.). 

\\ ith C,n^< Printing Press Co. 

Chicaeo. 111. 
Charle.s ^I. Water-s, B.S. (C.E.I. 

Lawton. Mich. 
Frederick J. Wilrur, B.S. (C.E.). 

Dowagiac, Mich. 

Joseph Walter Wood, B.S. (R.E.). 

Manufacturer. Niles, Mich. 

Georgt: Daniel Wuerful. l^.S. (Mech. 

E.). 823 Erie St., Toledo. O. 

Jacor George Young, B.S. (C.E.). 

With Chicago Bridge Co. 

(48) Chicago. HI. 

Li:si F»-: Dorci-Ass Anderson, B.S. 
(Mech. E.). Milwaukee. Wis. 

Emilio Artzpe. B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Saltillo, Coah, Mex. 




Wareham Strong Baldwin, B.S. 

(Chem.E.). Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Edwabd Lewis Benedict, B.S. (Mech. 

E. ) . With Brown Hoisting & Mach. 

Co. Cleveland, O. 

Hubert Ward Carpenteb, B.S. ( Mech. 

E.). Harvey, 111. 

Washington Hobest Chapman, B.S. 

(Mech.E.) Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Clarence Howard Clark, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). 12 Howard St., Detroit, Mich. 

Stephen Prentis Cobb, B.S. (C.E.) 

236 Mathilda St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Charles Baker Davis, B.S. ( C.E. ) . 

Ann Arbor. 
GusTAV Bernhard Eggert, B.S. 
( Mech. E. ) . 823 Willson Ave., 

Cleveland, 0. 
Lewis Merritt Gram, B.S. (C.E.). 

Toledo, O. 
Guy Potter Henry, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Cleveland, 0. 

George Samuel Hill, B.S. (C.E.). 

With Am. Bridge Co., Toledo. 

3038 Groveland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Alpheus Elton Holcomb, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Fenton, Mich. 

William Christan Hornberger, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Detroit, Mich. 

Raymond Fuller Horton, B.S. 

(C.E.). 763 Campbell Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Lewis Glasgow Howlett, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), B.S. (E.E.) '99. 

Bay City, Mich. 
George Demino Hudnutt, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), a 90-98. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Edgar Weber Kiefer, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Claire View P. O., Mich. 

William Wick Kittleman, B.S. 

(E.E.). 616 14th Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
1«*bederigk Ewbank Leefe, B.S. 
(C.E.), a 94-95. U. S. Inspector. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Charles Gillette Leeson, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Manchester, Mich. 

Bernard Haack Liskow, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). 291 Greenbush St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Thomas Lee Brent Lyster, B.S. 
(E.E.). 687 Jefferson Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Andrew Horace McDougall, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). South Bend, Ind. 

Walter MacGrboor, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

236 Warren Ave., E., 

Detroit, Mich. 
George D McNaughton, B.S. (C.E.). 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Ralph Macomber Myers, B.S. ( Mech. 

E.). Prof. Mech. Eng. Univ. of 8. 

Dak. Vermillion, S. Dak. 

Alfred Latimer Newton, B.S. ( C.E. ) , 

a 95-96. With Wisconsin Bridge & 

Iron Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Castelar Parker, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Student. Detroit, Mich. 

Arthur Howard Richardson, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Jackson, Mich. 

Eugene Albert Rummler, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Solicitor of Patents. 

McVicker*s Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Louis Ernest Seas, B.S. (C.E.), a 

94-96. New York, N. Y. 

Leonard Shaw, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

179 Koch Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Harry J Sproat, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Student. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ernst Steck, B.S. (E.E.). 

1620 Wolfram St., 

Chicago, 111. 
William Whitney Talman, B.S. 
( Mech.E. ) . 122 Dubois St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
James McMillan Wetmore, B.S. 
(E.E.). 541 Jefferson Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Bert Starr York, B.S. (E.E.). 

612 Orchard St., Chicago, 111. 
Claude Earl Young, B.S. (C.E.). 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Theodore Frederick Holmes Zea- 
land, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
305 W. Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. 







Frank Mebbill Dunlap, Mech.E., 
B.S. (Mech.E.) '83. Detroit, Mich. 



Fbed Mobley, C.E., B.S. (C.E.) '86. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Frank Gleices Smith, M.E., B.S. 
(M.E.) '89. Deadwood, S. Dak. 



Percy Hunt Richardson, C.E., B.6. 
(C.E.) '88. Portland, Maine. 

David Wendel Spenge, C.E., B.S. 
(Univ. Texas) '89. Prof. Physics 
in Agr. and Mech. Coll. of Texas. 
(2) College Station, Texas. 


James Allen Lewis, C.E., B.S. (C.E.) 
'88. Chicago, 111. 



Walter John Baldwin, M.E., B.S. 

(M.E.) '90. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Joseph Kendall Frettag, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '90. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Louis Carlton Sarin, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '90. Detroit, Mich. 



William Dearrorn Ball, E.E., B.S. 
(E.E.) '90. 

The Rookery, Chicago, HI. 
RoREBT Camprell Gemmell, C.E., 
B.8. (C.E.) '84. 

(2) Salt Lake City, Utah. 


John Rorins Allen, Mech.E., B.S. 

(Mech.E.) '92. Ann Arbor. 

Arraham Lincoln Buroan, M.S.9 

B.S. (E.E.) '95. Houghton, Mich. 
Ernest Blackman Perry, Mech.E., 

B.S. (Mech.E.) '89. Bay City, Mich. 
RoRERT Lemuel Sackett, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '91. Richmond. Ind. 



Charles Cottingham, C.E., B.C.E. 

(Purdue) '92. Danville, 111. 

•Cahroll Dunham Jones, E.E., B.S. 

(E.E.) '93. 
Charles Hosmer Morse, Mech.E., 

Ji.S. (Mcdi.K.) 95. Chicago, III. 
Louis Henry Shoemaker, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '89. Paterson, N. J. 

Henry Lumsden Woolfenden, M.S., 

B.S. (E.E.) '96. Detroit, Mich. 



Will Hazen Bouohton, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '93. Granville, O. 

John Harold Montgomery, M.S., 

B.S. (E.E.) '97. Ann Arbor. 

Minott Eugene Porter, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '93. Washington, D.C. 

Clarence George Wrentmore, M.S., 

B.S. (C.E.) '93. Ann Arbor. 



Clarence Thomas Johnston, C.E., 

B.S. (C.E.) '95. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Julius Kahn, C.E., B.S. (C.E.) '96. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Norle Savage, M.S., B.S. 

(C.E.) '98. Chicago, 111. 

Gardner Stewart Williams, C.E., 

B.S. (C.E.) '89. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Silas Hiram Woodard, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) '96. Washington, D. 0. 


Edwin John Rosenorans, C.E., 
B.S. (C.E.) '93. Buffalo, N. Y. 



Mortimer Grant Barnes, C.E., B.S. 
(C.E.) '96. Loretto, Neb. 

Ernest Payson Goodrich, C.E., B.S. 
(C.E.) '98. Navy Yard, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Alexander Edward Kastl, C.E., B.S. 

(C.E.) »85. Clinton, Mass. 

Elmer Hartson Neff, Mech.E., B.S. 

(Mech.E.) '90. 136 Libertv St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Ralph Eells Newton, C.E., B.S. *98. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Bingham Willoox, Mech.E., 
B.S. (Mech.E.) '95. 

( 6 ) Bay City, Mich. 



•James Davidson Alexander, d. 

Wayne, Mich., May 20, 1861. 
•AiJTiED HuBBASD Bayles, d. Nov. 12, 

•Henry Clay Huntsman, d. Oska- 

loosa, Iowa, Jan. 14, 1887. 
tRoBEBT Clark Kedzie, LL.D. 1900, 

A.B. (Obcrlin) '47, A.M. (Oberlin) 

'64. SuTfr. r2th Mich. Inf., 1862. 

Prof, of Chemistry in the Michigan 

Agr. Coll. since 1863. 

Agricultural College, Mich. 
•John O'Brien, d. at Leavenworth, 

Kan., Dec. 2, 1868. 
•David Ward, d. Orchard Lake, Mich., 

May 29, 1900. 


•John Milton Alden, d. 1870. 
tEDMUND Andrews, A.B. *49. 

6 16th St., Chicago, 111. 
•fWiLLiAM Brownell, Surg. 2d Mich. 
Cav. 1801, d. Utica, T^lich., May 22, 
Frederick Charles Castleitun. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

Benjamin Franklin Cessna, A.M. 

(OhioWesl.) '67, M.D. (Jefierson) 

'58. Kenton, O. 

Daniel Haiirison Cole. 

Memphis, Mich. 
•James Nelson Cole, d. Washington, 

Mich., Aug. 1860. 
'William Wadkins Collins. 

Albion, Mich. 
•George Lucien Cornell, a 49-50, d. 

St. Clair, Mich., May 8, 1877. 
Rosevelt Hamilton Davis. 

Jackson, Mich. 

tNcwTON Gilbert Eno. Assist. Surg. 

U. S. Vols. 1803. Keosauqua, Iowa. 

•John Barnum Gordon, d. Olivet, 

Mich., June, 1858. 
tJosEPH BowDiSH Hull. Act. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. Vols. 1864. 

Lansing, Mich. 

tJoHN Stearns Jamison. Surg. 86th 

N. Y. Inf. Hornellsville, N. Y. 

•Edward McGee, d. Parma, Mich., 

June 9, 1858. 
•Charles Pm Marsh, d. Kalamazoo, 

Mich., about 1867. 
•Dexter Franklin Mitchell, d.Lad- 

donia. Mo., April 17, 1892. 
•fJoHN Cross Norton, A.B. '48. 
•Edward Ross Paine, d. Milwaukee, 

Wis., June 9, 1895. 
tEuQENE Kingleb. Surg. 106th Ohio 

Inf. 1804. Saginaw, Mich. 

•fLuMAN Seely Stevens, Surg. U.S. 

Vols., d. Alma, Mich., Feb. 4, 1899. 
•Joseph Hall Stevenson, d. Somer- 

ville, N. J., about 1865. 
tMARTYN Taylor, Assist. Surg. U. S. 

Vols. 1863. Sciotoville, Ohio. 

•fMoRSE Kent Taylor, Surg. 26th 111. 

Inf., d. San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 20, 

John Ambler Wheeler, a 47-49. 

Irving Park, Chicago, HI. 


943 W. 35th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
fHoRACE Perkins Woodward. 

(27) San Diego, Cal. 


*Orrin Arnold, d. Three Rivers, 
Mich., May 30, 1883. 

•Austin Alonzo Baker, d. Howard. 
N. Y., May 19, 1866. 

•Franklin Richard Barross, d. At- 
tica, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1806. 

•Ira Hawley Bartholomew, d. Lan- 
sing, Mich., Oct. 18, 1889. 

tMiCHAET. Beshoar, M.D. (Miami) 
74. Trinidad, Colo. 

•George (-ory Briggs, d. Burlinjrton. 
Vt., Fol). 11. 1898. 

•fFRANKLiN Towner Bryson. Surg. 
48th Tad. Inf., d. Middlebury, Ind., 
Nov. 2, 1865. 

tSYLVEsTER Smith Burrows. Surg. 
177th Ohio Inf. 1864. Geneva, O. 

George Washington Carpendeb. 

228 nth St., San Francisco, Cal. 

^ Gradaatos from this Department receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 



*Benjamin W. Carpenter, d. Port 

Jervis, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1863. 
tQEORGB William Carter. Surg. 3d 

Iowa Cav. 1863. Greneva, O. 

•Edwin Hobart Draper, d. Wolcott, 

N. Y., July 15, 1900. 
*CiiAUNCEy Earl, d. Pontiac, Mich., 

May 15, 1901. 
•John Hamilton Farmer, d. Detroit, 

Mich., Sept. 30, 1892. 
Banford Goss. 

Oscar Sheldino Hall. Alma, Mich. 
IDeLos LeRoy Heath. Surg. 23d 

Mich. Inf. 1863. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 
tHENRY Clay Hendrick. Surg. 157th 

N. Y. Inf. 1861. McGraw, N. Y. 

♦Dexter Clark Holley, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Feb. 13, 1902. 
tWiLLiAM Fitch Hovey. Act. Assist. 

Surg. U. S. Vols. Bay C^ty, Mich. 
*Edwin Phillips Jennings, d. Mid- 
land, Mich., April 7, 1890. 
•Joseph Cook Johnson, d. Sisseton, 

S. D., Nov. 27, 1898. 
•James Lamb, d. Aurora, Ind., March 

1, 1894. 
•Sylvester Lanino, d. Kingman, 

Kan., March 4, 1898. 
tALFRED Brunson McChesney, A.M. 

(Knox) '58, M.D. (Phila. Med. 

Coll.) '57, M.D. (Pa. Homoe.) '66. 

Surg. U. S. Vols. 1862-65. 

742 W. Harrison St., Chicago, 111. 
*tJoEL Morse, Surg. U. S. A., d. 

Brownsville, Tex., May 27, 1866. 
tJoHN Heaton Rerick. Surg. 44th 

Ind. Inf. 1863. Editor and publisher. 

La (Jrange, Ind. 
•Isaac Milton Rhodes, d. Hancock, 

Mich., June 23, 1897. 


isville) '76, Surg. 21st Mo. Inf. 

1863, d. Fort Madison, Iowa, July 
26. 1901. 

•Daniel D. Slacsox, Surg. 4th U. S. 
Colored Cav., d. Port Hudson, La., 
Aug. 1878. 

•Chancellor Hoyt Smith, d. Pal- 
ermo, N. Y., June 20, 1857. 

SiDMON Elisha Smith. 

tDAViD Wilkins. Assist. Surg. 130th 
111. Inf. 1863. Greenville, 111. 

William Motier Woodworth. 

(34) Grayling, l^ch. 


tJoHN Read Bailey. Surg. 8th Mo. 
Inf. 1861. U. S. Exam. Surg, since 

1864. Mackinac Island, Mich. 

tCnARLES Thomas Baker. Contract 

Surg. U. S. A. 1865. Decatur, Mich. 
*tBoLrv'AR Barnum, Surg. 25th Mich. 

Inf. 1862, d. Schoolcraft, Mich., 

Nov. 6, 1881. 
•Orson Bates, d. Reading, Mich., 

Nov. 22, 1871. 
Nathaniel Stover Boyce. 

Guildhall, Vt. 

Orrin Frank Burroughs. 

Galesburg, Mich. 

•Joseph Miller Chapman, d. New 

Baltimore, Mich., Sept.^, 1884. 
Samuel Parker Cole. 
*tBuEL Samuel Derby, d. New York, 

N. Y., March 8, 1892. 
•Elias Thomas Dorland, d. Buffalo, 

N. Y., Feb. 20, 1900. 
George Ferguson. Coldwater, Mich. 
*Amos Lawrence Flint, d. Gusse, 

Iowa, March 23, 1900. 
*IsAiAH GooDNO, d. Cohoctah Tp., 

Livingston Co., Mich., June 17, 

*Daniel Hall, d. Saline, Mich., 

March 5, 1887. 
*tORSON Quincy Herrick, Surg. 34th 

111. Inf., d. Kansas, 111., Aug. 19, 


•Charles Amos Howland, d. Thayer, 

Kan., Nov. 22, 1885. 
•George Nelson King, was drowned 

at Oramel, N. Y., July 19, 1854. 
Philip Atwood Knight. Utica, Mich. 
Elisha Leach. Galveston, Tex. 

* William Richardson Marsh, d. 

West Bay City, Mich., Aug. 11, 

•f Willi AM Jenning Moody, a 47-49, 

Sergt. 8th 111. Cav., d. Plainfield, 

Iowa, Oct. 9, 1895. 
tORiN Peak. Surg. 20th Wis. Inf. 

1864. Oak Park, 111. 

t William Allen Peck, Surg. 104th 
Pa. Inf. 1861-62, d. Towanda, Pa., 
July 24, 1875. 
John Moody Peebles. 
William Wheeler Powell. 

Coal Hill, Pa. 

•Alonzo Joseph Pratt, d. Crown 
Point, Ind., Nov, 21, 1893. 

•Ooden Mosbs Randel, d. Oneida, 
N. Y., Aug. 15, 1895. 

Oliver Washington Rice. 

tEwiNG Welch Robertson. Act. As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1802. 

50 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, O. 

•William Henry Rouse, d. Sioux 
Falls, S. D., Sept. 25, 1893. 





•f Addison Ray Stone, Assist. Surg. 
5th Mich. Cav. 1862, d. Almont, 
Mich., Feb. 11, 1888. 

•Edward Stouck, d. Buffalo, N. Y., 
July 26, 1897. 

•Robert Moncrieff Strong, d. Hes- 
per, Iowa, May 14, 1891. 

Edward Chandler Taylor. 

•George Washington Topping, d. 
Dewitt, Mich., Jan. 14, 1895. 

•Fayette Montrose Weller, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Sept. 1, 1895. 

•James Wbstfall, d. Minerva, Ohio, 
Nov. 22, 1879. 

Moses Devoe Willson. 

Edgar Winchester. 

•Isaac Woodard, d. Springfield, Vt., 
Jan. 15, 1855. 

•Stephen Ballard Yeoman, d. Low- 
ell, Ind., Feb. 17, 1865. 


•Harvey Scott Baker, d. Bradford, 

Pa., Aug. 17, 1898. 
•fZENAs Elliott Bliss, Surg. 3d 

Mich. Inf. 1861-66, d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., April 23, 1877. 
•Addison Brawn, d. Biddeford, Me., 

March 9, 1893. 
•James Adna Brown, d. Manitowoc, 

Wis., Nov. 27, 1893. 
•Henry Hopkins Brownell, d. in 

Mexico, about 1862. 
•William Bullock, d. Pontlac, Mich., 

Dec. 15, 1893. 
•John Currie Clements, d. Detroit, 

Mich., Sept. 1867. 
Gilbert Eli Corbin, D.D.S. '87. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
•Reuben CROWELL,d. Carrollton,Mich., 

June, 1871. 
Samuel DuBois. Unadilla, Mich. 

•Charles P. Fanner, d. Ann Arbor, 

•fLouis William Whiddon Fas- 

QUELLE, Surg. 23d Mich. Inf. 1862, 

d. St. Johns, Mich., Nov. 29, 1889. 
•WnxiAM Garwood, A.B. *48. 
•William Warren Greene. (See 

Faculties, p. 9.) 
Miner Comstock Hazen. 

Haddam, Conn. 
•fCLARK Kendbick Hendee, o 46-48, 

Assist. Surg. 155th 111. Inf., 1865, 

d. La Clede, 111., Oct. 20, 1894. 
•Charles Willson Leonard, d. Oak- 
land, Cal., 1879. 
Joseph Miller Loop. 

Port Sanilac, Mich. 

tANDREW Taylor McCurdy. 

•Charles Austin Meruitt, d. Char- 
lotte, Mich., Dec. 26, 1898. 

•Henry Taylor, d. Mt. Clemens, 
Mich., March 9, 1889. 

•Horace Crandall TuRNER,d. Orange- 
ville Mills, Mich., Dec. 5, 1884. 

tJosEPH Thatcher Woods. Surg. 
60th Ohio Inf., 1862. 
459 P St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
. (23) 


John Henry Baird. 

Thomas Rowland Bruce. Festus, Mo. 

•fRoBERT Charlton. Surg. 79th Ind. 

Inf. 1862, d. Pleasant, Ind., April 

21, 1865. 
•William Henry Dean, d. Rochester, 

Minn., 1859. 
•fFREDERicK C. Denison, Surg. 14l8t 

Pa. Inf., d. Mehoopany, Pa., June 

6, 1890. 
Thomas Tipton Steele Harrison, 

M.D. (Queen's) '65. Selkirk, Ont. 
•fBENJAMiN Jacob Hershey, d. Hy- 

attstown, Md., June 18, 1872. 
Ellas McKay Jenkins. 

Addison, Mich. 
William Swallow Johnston. 

Corning, Iowa. 
•Beers DeVoo Keator, d. Dalton, 

Mo., June 30, 1880. 
tEoGAR Richard Knapp. Assist. Surg. 

U. S. Vols. Saginaw, Mich. 

•fOLiVER Laning, Assist. Surg. 10th 

N. Y. Cav., d. McLean, N. Y., Sept. 

19, 1876. 
Hiram Green Mace. Branchport,N.Y. 
•fHENRY Clay May, Surg. 6th N. Y. 

Inf., d. Washington, D. C, Jan. 27, 

•Elisha Smith Merriman, d. Lake- 
wood, N. J., 1887. 
Charles C Miller, A.B. (Union) '63. 

Editor. Marengo, 111. 

t Alfred Nash. Surg. 9th Mich. Cav. 

1862. Joliet, 111. 

•fFRANCis Marion Oakley, Assist. 

Surg. 25th Mich. Inf. 1862, d. Yp- 

silanti, Mich., March 16, 1891. 
•Augustus Owen Potter, Assist. 

Surg. 6th Minn. Inf., d. Helena, 

Ark., Sept. 13, 1864. 
•Charles H. Sackbideb, d. Mason, 

Mich., Nov. 8, 1881. 
•fTHADDEUS Pomeroy Seeley, A.B. 
(Union) '52, A.M. (ihid) '65, As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. Vols., 1861, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., May 16, 1898. 



•Robert Skelton Spilman, d. 1859. 

•fALMON Alonzo Thompson, A.B. 
(Oberlin) '54, A.M. (ibid) '56, As- 
sist. Surg. 12th Mich. Inf. 1862, d. 
Flint, Mich., Aug. 23, 1892. 

*JoHN T. TuBNER, d. Dallas, Tex., 
May 9, 1880. 

Asa Kino Warrex, A.B. (Oberlin) 
'53, A.M. (ihid) '56. Olivet, Mich. 

♦fABViN FiTZHuoH Whelan, Surg. 
Ist Mich. Sharpshooters, 1863, d. 
HiUsdale, Mich., Jan. 17, 1890. 

Ellwood Thomas White. Farmer. 

Tccumseh, Mich. 

♦N. Stabruck Whiton, d. Troy, N. 
Y., 1858. 

tCHARLES WiXNE. Surg. 77th 111. 
Inf. 1862. Sandwich, 111. 

George Frankun Witter. 

(30) San Jos6, Cal. 


RoBEBT Evens Barnes. 

Galesburg, 111. 
Robert Bruce. 
Timothy T. Coleman. 
•Thomas Dawes, d. Arkona, Ont. 

May 7, 1884. 
Jesemiah Wadleioh Dearborn. 

Maplewood, Me. 
Washington Alvord Enole, A.B. 

(Alfred Univ.) '53. Hartford, Mich. 
Joel H. Fisk. 
•Charles Augustus Fletcher, d. 

San Francisco, Cal., April 6, 1887. 
•James Bradley Ford. A.B. (Am- 
herst) '54, A.M. (ihid) '57, d. Nor- 

walk, Ohio, June 27, 1896. 
•George F. Hand, d. Enterprise, 

Miss., Nov., 1863. 
fWiLLiAM Wallace Hipolite. Surg. 

11th and 113th U. S. Colored 

Troops. Devall's Bluff, Ark. 

•Robert Clement Hutton, d. Detroit, 

Mich., Sept. 23, 1890. 
•fJAMES Rodger KAY,B.S.(8hurtleff) 

'62, Surg. 124th 111. Inf. 1864, d. 

Denver, Colo., Oct. 25, 1892. 
•fHENRY Martin Lilly, A.B.(Beloit) 

'53, Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols., d. 

Fond du Lac, Wis., Nov. 27, 1870. 
•Solomon Fenton McFarland, d. 

Binghampton, N. Y., April 26, 1900. 
Augustus G. Merritt. 
William Parmenter, A.B. (Oberlin) 

'64, A.M. (ihid) '58. 

Vermontville, Mich. 
fHENRY Peabce. Assist. Surg. 150th 

N. Y. Inf. Pawling, N. Y. 

Samuel J. Redfield. 
♦tJoHN B Rice, Surg. 72d Ohio Inf. 

1861, Rep. from Ohio in the 48th 

Congress (1881-83), d. Fremont, 

Ohio, Jan. 14, 1893. 
•fSAMUEL Arthur Sarin, Surp. 9th 

N. Y. Heavy Art. 1862, d. Palmyra, 

N.Y., April 3, 1871. 
♦DwiQHT Sayles, A.B. (West Res.) 

'51, A.M. (ihid) '56, d. Tallmac^e, 

Ohio, July 24, 1863. 
•fCYRUS Smith, Surg. 9th. Mich. Inf., 

d. Jackson, Mich., Feb. 10, 1899. 
*t James Weeds, Surg. U. S. 

Army, d. Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 1, 

•fGEORGE Byron Willson. Assist. 

Surg. 3d Mich. Inf. 1861, d. Port 

Huron, Mich., Dec. 23, 1862. 
•George D. Wilson, d. St. George, 

Ont., about 1872. 
•fMiLTON Case Wood worth, Surg. 

51st Ohio Inf., d. Ellsworth, Wis., 

Jan. 30, 1897. 


Andrew Lewis Anderson, A.B. 

(Franklin Coll., Tenn.) '50, A.M. 

(ihid) '60. Rhea Springs, Tenn. 

William P. Baird. 
William Bovie. Augusta, Mich. 

tiRA Brown, M.D. (Vanderbilt) '76. 

Surg. 65th 111. Inf. 1862. 

Milford, 111. 
tSAMUEL Farnum Chapin. Surg. 

139th Pa. Inf. 1862. Surg, in Chief 

of Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. 

Erie, Pa. 
tJoNATHAN Jones Comfort, A.B. 

(Haver ford) '56, M.D. (Jefferson) 

'59. Surg. 121st Pa. Inf. 1862. 
1620 Clarion St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William (teroe Cox. Miami, Fla. 
THURI.OW Cunningham. 
•Horace Madison Dari.ino, I 66-67, 

d. Pine City, N. Y., June 21, 1900. 
William Arnold DA\qs. 

Grand Ledge, Mich. 
•William Charles Fisher, d. Te- 

cumseh, Mich., May 10, 1879. 
Charles Hancock. Denmark, Iowa, 
•f Albert Miller Helmer, Surg. 28th 

N. Y. Inf., d. Milwaukee, Wis., 

April 20, 1896. 
•fCvRUs Hosack, d. Fredericktown, 

Ohio, Dec. 8, 1889. 
tMoRGAN Lewis Leach. Assist. Surg. 

9th Mich. Cav. 1862. 

Traverse City, Mich. 




*James Monroe Lord, d. Chestenille, 
Ohio, Aug. 13, 1869. 

Thomas Lothbop, M.D. (Niagara 

Univ.) '84, Ph.D. (ibid) '93, A.M. 

( Hobart ) '96. Prof. Univ. of Buiralo. 

163 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

•William M Lyon, d. Salem, Ohio, 
June 30, 1871. 

tWiLLiAM Jackson McHench. Act. 
Assist. Surg U. S. Vols. 

Brighton, Mich. 

•MoBDECAi Loins Meads, d. Olivet, 
Mich., Nov. 8, 1891. 

•James Hebvey Miller, d. South 
Dansville, N. Y., May 10, 1868. 

Sidney S. Smith. 

David Spalding. Lyons, Mich. 

•DwioHT Delavan Stebbins, A.B.'66. 

Daniel Eben Thomas. 

Constantine, Mich. 

♦fWiLLiAM Enoch Thompson, Surg. 
U. S. Vols. 1863, d. Indianapolis, 
Ind., May 31, 1865. 

*Edoab Bubt Wabd, d. Laingsburgh, 
Mich., May 12, 1899. 

•Enoch Maroellus Winslow, d. 
Springport, Mich., April 12, 1898. 

t [Eugene] Halsey Wood, A.B. (La- 
fayette) '55, A. M. (ibid) '68. As- 
sist. Surg. 8th Cal. Inf. 1866. 

(29) Westport, Wash. 



fWiLLiAM Fleming Bbeakey. Assist. 

Surg. 16th Mich. Inf. 1862. (See 

Faculties, p. 17.) Ann Arbor. 

•fBTBON S. Chase, Surg. 63d U. S. 

Colored Troops, d. Akron, Ohio, 

Feb. 23, 1878. 
fELi Holm AN Colleb. Surg. 12th 

Mich. Inf. 1866. Battle Creek, Mich. 
•David Sandebs Elliott, d. Rich- 
mond, Ind., April 4, 1869. 
♦fRoBERT Augustus Evbbett, Surg. 

16th Mich. Inf., 1863, d. HiUsdale, 

Mich., Oct. 20, 1897. 
•CoBNELius Flower, d. Princeton, 

Me., April 24, 1890. 
•fCHABLES Saftord Fbink, M.D. 

(Jefferson) '70, d. Elkhart, Ind., 

July 9, 1893. 
•fHENRY Clay Hnx, Surg. 129th N.Y. 

Vols., d. Lockport, N. Y., Feb. 8, 

•f Andrew Jackson Hobart, Surg. 

1st Mich. Inf. 1862, d. Clinton, 

Iowa, Dec. 6, 1896. 
tPHiNEAs A. Jewell. 

••fWiLLiAM Longshaw, a 58-59, As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. Navy, was killed 
in action off Ft. Fisher, Jan. 16, 

•fPARK Holland Loring, a 57-58, 
Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols., d. March 
16, 1865. 

John Duboise North. Jackson, Mich. 

•Elijah Holmes Pilcher, I 60-61, 
A.M. (Ohio Wesl.)'48, S.T.D. (ibid.) 
'65, (see Regents, p. 4,) d. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., April 7, 1889. 

•Jonas Bevington Randolph, d. Pax- 
ton, 111., Dec. 16, 1867. 

•fMAHLON Harrison Raymond, M.D. 
(Bellevue) '69, Surg. 26th Mich. 
Inf. 1863, d. Grass Lake, Mich., Oct. 
21, 1896. 

•Charles Rynd, (see Regents, p. 4,) 
d. Adrian, Mich., Aug. 20, 1884. 

tWnxiAM Theodore Sherwood. As- 
sist. Surg. 18th U. S. Inf. 


•fJoHN M Shoemaker, Act. Assist. 
Surg. 1st 111. Light Art., d. Na- 
poleon, Ohio, Dec. 27, 1891. 

tHENRY Smith, M.D. (Victoria Univ.) 
'61. Act. Assist. Surg, U. S. Vols. 
1863. Norfolk, Va. 

Samuel Stevenson, M.D. (Detroit 
Med. Coll.) '74. Morenci, Mich. 

Gregory Torgason. 

•Dean Merrill Tyler, LL.B. '76, d. 
Ann Arhor, Dec. 10, 1900. 

fjAMES Caldwell Willson. Surg. 
8th Mich. Inf. 1862. Flint, Mich. 


tGEORGE Washington Bowen. Surg. 
5th U. S. Colored Cav. 1864. 

Toledo, O. 

•Solomon Clay Brown, d. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Mich., Oct. 14, 1894. 

tALViN Janes Cole, a 55-57. Assist. 
Surg. 14th Mich. Inf. 1862. 

Fort Madison, Iowa. 

♦Nathan F. Comstock, d. 1862. 

•fMiLTON Alexander Fellows, As- 
sist. Surg. 101st N. Y. Inf. 1862, d. 
Blmira, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1863. 

•Johnson Ephraim Foye, d. San 
Francisco, Cal., May 4, 1884. 

tMOSES RUMSEY Gilmore, I 60-61, 
M.D. (Indianapolis Central) '84. 
Act. Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1862. 

Wellston, Mo. 

•Edgar Haun, d. Napa, Cal., Jan. 23, 



Bebnhabd Hesse. Saginaw, Mich. 
'Frederick Augustus LoRD,A.B.(Be- 

loit) '66, d. Chicago, III., Sept. 13, 

Darius Williams Lobee. 

Ridgeway, Mich. 
•fHENBY Francis Lyster, A.B. '68. 
•f William Tomlinson Plant, As- 
sist. Surg, in U. S. N. 1861, d. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1898. 
tSAMUEL Kalzaman Pratt. Surg. 

12th Ind. Cav. 1864. 

Crown Point, Ind. 
•fOBADiAH Rogers, Assist. Surg. 40th 

N. Y. Inf. 1861, d. Brockport, N. 

Y., July 6, 1889. 
tGEORGE Sadler. Assist. Surg. 99th 

Ohio Inf. 1864. Ravenna, O. 

*James Matteson Shewmacker, d. 

SanU Fe, Ind., about 1880. 
* Ambrose R Tickner, d. 1862. 
tSAMUEL Da VIES Tobey, 1898 (nunc 

pro tunc). Assist. Surg. 8th Mich. 

Cav. 1862. Oakland, Iowa. 

•fEDWARD Twiss, Surg. 15th Kan. 

Cav. 1864-65, d. Union Citv, Mich., 

May 12, 1896. 
*George Washington Voorheis, d. 

Ann Arbor, Sept. 2, 1867. 
•fM. Calvin West, d. Rome, N. Y., 

Oct. 20, 1891. 


Abu AH Marvin Allen. Assist. Surg. 
7th Mich. Inf. 1862. Adrian, Mich. 

•f Albert Lanodon Allen, A.B. (An- 
tioch) '59, A.M. fihid) '62, Acting 
Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1861, d. 
Hannibal, Mo., Feb. 3, 1896. 

t William Worth Bailey. Surg. Ist 
Mo. Cav. 1865. Fort Smith, Ark. 

*Georoe Barnes, d. Kalamazoo, Mich., 
Oct. 18, 1873. 

t Joseph Eixis Barrett. Surg. 194th 
Ohio Inf. Wooster, O. 

t William Herod Beck, M.D. (Cin- 
cinnati) '60. Major and Surg. 145th 
Ind. Inf. 1865. Hartsvillc, Ind. 

IElias Leavitt Bissell. Surg. 22d 
N. Y. Inf. 1862. Buffalo, N. Y. 

•fCASWKLL R. BuRTox. H.S. (Indiana) 
'58, 2d Lieut. 50th Ind. Inf., d. at 
Woodsonville, Ky., Sept. 30, 1862, 
of wounds received in action at the 
battle of Mumfordsville. 

tWiLLTAM Anderson Burton. Assist. 
Surg. 67th and 24th Ind. Inf. 1863- 
65. Druggist. Mitchell, Ind. 

fANDREW Bliss Ciiapin. Assist. Surg. 

U. S. Vols. 1862. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich, 
t Milton Chase. Assist. Surg. 6th 

Mich. Inf. 1862. Otseg:o, Mich. 

fANSON Timothy Clark. Assist Surg. 

23d Pa. Inf. 1863. Greenville, Pa. 
IHenry Alexander Cleland. Assist. 

Surg. 2d Mich. Inf. 1861. 

Detroit, Mich. 
tSAMUEL BLnox Crawford. Surg. 

50th Ohio Inf. 1863. 

100 State St., Chicago, 111. 
•fEDWARD Stokoe Crosier, a 56-57, 

d. New Albany, Ind., June 9, 1891. 
Warren Blair Curtis. 

Mayville, Mich. 
•William Henry Emerson, d. Craw- 

fordsville, Ind., 1863. 
William F. Fisher. 
tWiLLiAM Edwin Fraser. Assist. 

Surg. 15th Mich. Inf. 1862. 

5490 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
t Franklin Benjamin Galbeaith, 

M.D. (Columbia) '61. Assist. Surg. 

10th Mich. Inf. 1861. Pontiac, Mich. 
•Boyd Milo Gilkeson, d. Orwell, 

Ohio, July 15, 1865. 
tCHARLES Howell. Assist. Surg. 13th 

Mich. Inf. 1864. Ann Arbor. 

William Lewis Hutchinson, Z 81-82. 
*tJoiiN Harmon Hutchison, d. De 

Witt, Ark., Jan. 7, 1897. 
•f James Thomas Jones, d. Franklin, 

Ind., Oct. 14, 1898. 
•John Kennedy, d. Columbus, Ohio, 

Oct. 18, 1878. 
•Dennis Kimberly, a 54-56, d. Port- 
age City, Wis., Jan. 19, 1864. 
•fSiiERMAN Jacob Koon, d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., Aug. 22, 1891. 
Seth C Lacey. Aberdeen, S. Dak. 
Austin La Monte. Carmel, N. Y. 
tRoBERT LeBaron. Assist. Surg. 4th 

Mich. Inf. 1864. Pontiac, Mich. 

tJosEPH Morris. Assist. Surg. 173d 

Ohio Inf. 1864. Columbus Grove, O. 
'fBoBERT P. MuENSCHER, d. Helena, 

Ark., Oct. 2, 1862. 
tEowiN Phillips. Surg. 6th Vt. Inf. 

1864. Minneapolis, Minn. 

• tGEORGE Rawson Richards, a 55-57, 

d. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 6, 1895. 
•Ebenezer Foss Severance, d. Lim- 
erick, Me., Sept. 6, 1886. 


Arbor, March 9, 1899. 
•fELEAZER Cary Stanoland, d. Wi- 
chita, Kan., Oct. 1, 1888. 




t Justin Gloyd Thompson. Surg. 7 let 

N. Y. Inf. 1864. Angola, N. Y. 

*£oMUND Roche Travebs, d. Amboy, 

111., April 13, 1899. 
Joseph Michael Tweedale. 

Langton, Ont. 
•fSAMTJEL Whittemore, d. Friday 

Harbor, Wash., Nov. 20, 1890. 
Frederick H. Young. 


*Thomas Henry Briggs, 1894 (nuno 

pro tunc), d. Battle Creek, Mich., 

April 7, 1899. 
fANDREW Jackson BRocKErrr. Assist. 

Surg. U. S. Vols. 1864. 
32 Hawthorne, Ave., Cleveland, 0. 
f James Penrose Bubghfield, A.B. 

(Jefferson) '57. Surg. 83d Pa. Inf. 

1863. Clearfield, Pa. 

fNoAH Fuller Chafee, 1864 (nunc 

pro tunc). Assist. Surg. 14th HI. 

Inf. 1862. Shelbyville, 111. 

fALMON Clark. Surg. 1st Vt. Cay. 

1865. Surg, of SolcUers' Home. 

National Home, Wis. 
^tJEBOME Bonaparte Cory, d. Den- 
ver, Colo., Jan. 24, 1892. 
•Linus DePuy, d. Grand Rapids, 

Mich., Jan. 10, 1880. 
•Ransom Dexter, A.M. (Chicago) 

'73, LL.D. (ibid) '81, d. Chicago, 

111., April 2, 1801. 
•Titus Duncan, Surg. 29th Mich.Vol. 

Inf. 1864-65, d. East Saginaw, 

Mich., Oct. 4, 1900. 
fGEORGE Washington Green, A.M. 

(Kalamazoo) '81. Assist. Surg. 

28th Mich. Inf. 1864. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
tJoHN Newton Gregg. Assist Surg. 

25th Mich. Inf. 1862. 

Whittaker, Mich. 
tJAMES Welch Guthrie. Assist. 

Surg. 20th Ohio Inf. 1862. 

Bedford, Iowa. 
•Oscar Harrington, d. Elkhart, Ind., 

Aug. 29, 1891. 
Archibald Nesbitt Johnson. 

Detroit, Mich. 
tTiioMAs Stuart Johnson. M. E. 

missionary to India since 1862. 

Jubbalpur, India. 
•fJoHN Warner Mason, d. Dundee, 

Mich., Dec. 22, 1884. 
Joseph Moffat, A.B. (Antioch) '68, 

A.M. {ibid.) '61. 

Washingtonville, N. Y. 

•fPATRiCK William O'Toole, ABsiat. 

Surg. 3d Mich. Cav. 1863, d. San 

Francisco, Cal., Feb. 14, 1891. 
Samuel Perkey. 

393 S. Leavitt St., Chicago, 111. 
Horatio G. Pope. • 
Robert Henry Preston, M.D. 

(Queen's) '64. Ncwboro, Ont. 

•William Henry RANDOLPH,d. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., March 17, 1893. 
tCHARLES Augustus Reed. 

Eureka Springs, Ark. 
. •fMARTiN Ebenezer Rider, A.B. 

(Oberlin) '59, d. Nov. 16, 1865. 
tWnxiAM Walter Root, M.D. ( Belle- 

vue) '66. Surg. 75th N. Y. Inf. 

1865. Mason, Mich. 

tPRESTON Benjamin Rose. Assist. 

Surg. 5th Mich. Inf. 1863. (See 

Faculties, p. 19.) Ann Arbor. 

•George Ruthven, d. Clearville, Ont., 

March 27, 1867. 
Peter Livy Schuyles. 

Evansville, Ind. 
^ James Edwin Selfe, d. Jackson, 

Mich., Jan. 19, 1873. 
•fJAMES Francis Smiley, d. Mar- 
shall, Mich., Sept. 29, 1899. 
fWiLLiAM Palmer Sweetland, M.D. 

(Bellevue) '76. Act. Assist. Surg. 

U. S. Vols. 1863. Picard, Cal. 

•fWiLLiAM Harrison Thagker, d. 

Denver, Colo., July 30, 1876. 
•George Martin Trowbridge, A.B. 

(Kalamazoo) '59, d. Centreville, 

Mich., Feb. 7, 188r>. 
fAuGUSTUS CoE VanDuyn, A.B. 

(Hamilton) '57. 
4760 Champlain Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•Godfrey Vivian, M.D. (Bellevue) 

'76, d. Alexandria, Minn., Aug. 26, 

Isaac Ralph Walker. Ingersoll, Ont. 
•Alfred (iREen Ward, d. Fairfield, 

Iowa, March 25, 1889. 
tWiLLiAM Wallace Whitney. Act. 

Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1804. 

Union, N. Y. 
•Joseph R. Wigle, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Nov. 4, 1866. 
•William Wood, d. Grand Rapids, 

Mich., Jan. 13, 1895. 
•RiCHATm Woods, d. Quincy, Mich., 

Dec. 4, 1880. 

tCLARENCE Marshall Baker. Assist. 

Surg. 47th N. Y. Inf. 1864. 

43 Sixth Ave., New York, N. Y. 



tCHABLES Edwin Beabdslet, M.D. 
(Bellevue) 70. Surg. U. S. Vols. 
1863. Ottawa, O. 

•James Avery Brown, a 65-58, d. 
Rock Ledge, Fla., May 1, 1885. 

Jonah Morlan Bye. * Canton, Ohio. 

Elijah Bennett Chapin,M.D.( Belle- 
vue) *76. Jackson, Mich. 

John Davis. Comer, Ohio. 

t Edward Hookeb Dewey. Act. As- 
sist. Burg. U. S. Vols. 1864. 

Meadville, Pa. 

tJoHN Henry Doughty, A.B. (Wil- 
liams) '58, A.M. (ibid) '61. 8urg. 
U. 8. Vols. Matteawan, N. Y. 

WiLLARD Eddy. Waterloo, Iowa. 

•Elias Forbes, d. Belleville, Mich., 
April 20, 1887. 

George Howell. Tecumseh, Mich. 

fHiRAM Howland. Assist. Surg. 98th 
N. Y. Inf. Plattekill, N. Y. 

•Alexander Montgomery Johnson, 
d. Harbor Beach, Mich., Nov. 29, 

tGEORGE Whitefield Johnson, M.D. 
(Harvard) '65. Act. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. Vols. Savanna, III. 

tSAMUEL Kitchen. Assist. Surg. U. 
S. Vols. 1864. Saginaw, Mich. 

John McLean. Berlin, Ont. 

tCiiARLES Steele Merrill. Act. As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 1863. 

Marshallville, O. 

Samuel Lemmy Nasu, M.D. (Vic- 
toria Univ.) '65. Milford, Ont. 

•Albert Lewis Padfield, d. St. Clair, 
Mich., May 27, 1900. 

George Washington Ramage. 

Jennings, La. 

tOEoroE Emery Ranney. Surg. 
136th U. S. Colored Troops. 

Lansin<?, Mich. 

Robert Harvey Rice. Fremont, 0. 

•fJoiiN Francis Uobinson, d. Feb. 3, 

•fSoLOMON Carr Salteui, d. r^ena, 111., 
July 31, 1895. 

Thomas Sanderson. Kent, Ind. 

t Robert John Sloan. 

tORRiN Barnes Thompson, A.B. 
(West. Res.) '60. Assist. Surg. 
44th Iowa Inf. 18(>4. .lerscv, O. 

•Jacob Bright Van Velsor, d. Vank- 
ton, S. Dak., June 17, 1890. 

•James Walker, d. Fisherville, Ont., 

•fRoBERT Alvin Wiiedon,M.D. (Univ. 
of Pa.) *QQ, Assist. Surg, in U. S. 
Navv. 1863, d. Clinton, Mich., May 
8, 1876. 

•f William Henry Young, d. New 

Y'ork, N. Y., 1897. 
William Thompson Young. Fruit 

grower. Landisville, N. J. 



•John Anderson, o 54-56, d. Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1867. 

tTHOMAs William Anderson. Farm- 
er. Cassopolis, Mich. 

t Samuel Bell. Assist. Surg. 15th 
Wis. Inf. 1864. Beloit, Wis. 

•t William Allen Chandler, A.B. 

Cyuemt's (t. Clark. Maumee, O. 

tAxBERT Harris Daniels. Asiist. 
Surg. 17th Mich. Inf. 1862. 

Mitchell, S. Dak. 

fOwEN Ellison. Assist. Surg. 30th 
Mich. Inf. 1864. Ironton, Ohio. 

•fCHARLEs Clark Eply, d. Palo, 
Mich., May 27, 1900. 

•CoRWiN B. Fbazer, d. East Saginaw, 
Mich., Oct. 6, 1871. 

•George Edward Frothingham (see 
Faculties, p. 10), d. Detroit, Mich., 
April 24, 1900. 

•f Willi am Fuller, a 55-56, 57-58, 
Surg. 1st Mich. Inf. 1863, d. Cherry- 
vale, Kan., Dec. 31, 1896. 

Alexander Gunn. New Haven, Mich. 

tMoRRis Hale. Act. Assist. Surg. U. 
S. Vols. 1864. Orificial Surgeon 
and Electro-Therapeutist. 

Hot Springs, Ark. 

tDwiGHT James Harris, a 60-61. 
Banker. 204 Dearborn St., 

Chicago, IlL 

•John Stuart Harris, d. Fountain 
City, Ind., July 23, 1890. 

•f James Power Hassler, A.M. (Alle- 
gheny ('oil.) '58, d. Meadville, Pa., 
Sept. 1899. 

tDAMEL Roberts Hibbard. Act. As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. Vols. Sturgis, Mich. 

Frederick W. Inman. 

•f Benjamin Franklin Jacobs, d. U. 
S. Hospital, Chicago, 111., during 
the Civil War. 

•Samuel Large Jones, d. Deerfield, 
Mich., 1865. 

Clark Leavitt. Danville, 111. 

George Washington Ling, M.D. (Vic- 
toria Univ.) '66. Dutton, Ont. 

tWiLLiAM Brown Lund, A.B. (Ver- 
mont) '61, A.M. (ibid) '64. 

Burlington, Vt. 

•tRouKRT Law McCluhe, d. Jacks- 
boro, Tex., Oct. 16, 1896. 




•William B. ;Malony, d. Wyoming, 
Del., Feb. 0, 1881. 

•fJoHN Calvin Miles, d. Sworm- 
viUe, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1894. 

Silas Herbebt Moore. 

Rensselaer, Ind. 

•fABTHUB O'Neill, d. Knoxville, 
Tenn., Feb. 26, 1899. 

•fEDWARD Leland Page, d. Jackson, 
Mich., July 14, 1891. 

tELHOBE Palmes. Surg. 29th Mich. 
Inf. 1865. Buffalo, N. Y. 

♦fCHABLES H PiNNET, M.D. (Univ. of 
Pa.) '66, Assist. Surg. 9th Ohio 
Cav. 1864, d. Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 9, 

Benjamin Herbert Pittman. 

Hillsdale, Pa. 

tALBERT Benjamin Prescott, Ph.D. 
'86, LL.D. '96. Pres. of Am. Asso. 
for the Advancement of Science 
1891; Pres. of the Am. Pharma- 
ceutical Asso. 1899. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. Vols. 1864. (See Faculties, 
p. 9.) Ann Arbor. 

•William Harmon Putt, d. Rogers- 
ville, Ohio, Feb. 6, 1869. 

Alvin Zelotes Randall. Erie, Pa. 

John Henry Rheinfrank, a 60-61. 

Perrysburg, O. 

•Ansel Russell, d. Homer, Mich., 
March 28, 1867. 

•Duncan Gillies Ruthven, M.D. 
(Victoria Univ.) '67, d. Dutton, 
Ont., 1897. 

tJAHES Saunders. Orange, Tex. 

Lauohlin Sinclair. Walkerton, Ont. 

sist. Surg. 66th 111. Inf. 

Petersburg, 111. 

•John Thomas Strong, LL.B. (N. W. 
Christ. Univ.) '64, d. Plainfield, 
Ind., Sept. 10, 1895. 

t Anderson Dana Tewksbury. As- 
sist. Surg. 155th Pa. Inf. 1864. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 

tALBERT Thompson. Colton, Cal. 

tDANiEL Webster Tindall, B.S. (Il- 
linois Coll.) '59. Act. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. Vols. 1864. Taylor, Mo. 

tLEVi Tbacy. Assist. Surg. U. S. Vols. 
1864. Chillicothe, Mo. 

tRiCHARD Swanton Vickery. Assist. 
Surg, and Surg. 2d Mich. Inf. 1862- 
64. Surg. U. S. A. since 1867. 

National Soldiers' Home, Va. 

IDelos Walker. Maj. 137th Pa. Inf. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 

•fRoBEBT Colter Walker, d. Central 
City, Neb., Feb. 8, 1000. 


(50) Fremont, Mich. 


•Alonzo H. Ames. d. Richfield 

Springs, N. Y., 1866. 
•fABiEL Wood Kennedy Andbews, d. 

Chicago, 111., Feb. 18, 1891. 
William Marr Barber. 

Waver ly, Iowa, 
t William Henry Bartran. 

Green Bay, Wis. 
Michael Ogilsbee Bentley. 

Weed sport, X. Y. 
•f James H. Biteman, d. San Antonio, 

Tex., Sept. 26, 1866. 
♦fELBERT Leroy Blakeslee, I 67- 

68, d. Montrose. Pa., May 3, 180.3. 
•Eli E. Book, d. Niagara Falls, Ont., 

March 27, 1889. 
fRiCHARD BoswoBTu. Asslst Surg. 

36th Ind. Inf. Winchester. Ind. 

William Horace Burr. Editor. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•David Riley Caldwell, A.B. 

(Miami) '69, d. Montrose, Mo., 

April 10, 1883. 
Henby Case. San Joa§, Cal. 

fRoLLiN Seward Case. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

•Charles W. Chaffee, d. Chicago, 

111., Nov. 21, 1884. 
•Charles Osoab Clark, d. 1866. 


Youngstown, Ohio. 
•Daniel Frederick Cridler, d. Hor- 

nellsviUe, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1892. 
•fDEXTEB Val\'erd Dean, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., Aug. 26, 1900. 
Edmund Nelson Dundass. 

Ludington, Mich. 
William Harrison Evans, B.S. (Mi- 
ami) *61. Sanford, Fla. 
William Amyr Fallas. 

Horton, Mich. 

tADAM Patterson Farries. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. Vols. 1866. 

Florida, N. Y. 

Frank Edward Fletcher. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
fHAYES Clifton French, M.D. (Ben- 
nett) '68. San Francisco, Cal. 


132d Ohio Inf. 1864. 

East Liberty, O. 

fEDWARD W. Goodwin. 
George Henry Greene. 

Marshall, Mich. 



"tJoHN Alexander Hall,M.D. ( West- 
ern Homoeo.) '66, d.Vaughan,Waah., 
May 4, 1895. 
John Fullebton Hicks. 

Menominee, Mich. 
•Jacob Brenneman Hough, d. 

Waynesville, 0., Deo. 2, 1897. 
Amzi F. Jackson. 

IBruno Jaehniq. Act. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. Vols. 1865. Red Wing, Minn. 
Henry Sayles Kilbourne. Maj. and 
Surg. U. S. A. 

Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 
Albert Mason Knapp. 

259 Carpenter St., Providence, R. I. 
Gboboe H. Kurtz. 
•John Canfield Lacet, d. Millers- 

ville. Wis., Oct. 6, 1878. 
tHENRY Bishop Landon, A.B. '61. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Lewis Whitney Lorino, 

Holden, Mass. 
David Harmon Ix)vejoy, A.B. '62. 

Weldon, Pa. 
tJoHN McCoy. Surg. 139th Ind. Inf. 
207 Temple St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
•George Jamison McHenry, d. Mar- 
ion Centre, Pa., July 10, 1801. 
•fORViLLE Marshall, d. North Lan- 
sing, Mich., Dec. 5, 1889. 
•Patrick Martin, M.D. (Bellevue) 
'67, d. Carson City, Mich., May 8, 
•Cyrus Mather, d. Howell, Mich., 

May 31, 1878. 
Martin Samuel Mayhew. 

Cortland, O. 

•Charles Widgery Milliken, A.B. 

(Bowdoin) '62, d. Limerick, Me., 

June 14, 1880. 

•fJAMES A. Milne, d. Fruit Valley, 

N. Y., Dec. 8, 1886. 
Thomas Samuel Murdock, A.B. (Un- 
ion) '63, A.M. (ibid). 

Northville, Mich. 
tFRANK Dana Newberry, A.B. (Wil- 
liams) '63, A.M. (ibid) '66. ('apt. 
30th U. S. Inf. 1898. Lawyer. 

Cold water, Mich. 
•George Culver Palmer, a CO r.2, d. 

Flint, Mich., Aug. 17, 1894. 
Jesse Lombard Parmeter. 

Concord, Mich. 
tRoBERT Patterson. 

Cassopoliri, Mich. 

tEMMEHT WiLLiN Pricf. Assist. Surg. 

184th Ohio Inf. 180.5. Kent. O. 

tWiLLiAM H. Ralston. 

Oliver Perry Reese. Merchant. 

Kylertown, Pa. 
Robert Crosby Risk. 

George Rowland, M.D. (Med. Coll. of 
O.) '66. Covington, Ind. 

Abiram Duane Salisbury. 

Midland. Mich. 
William Henry Saunders, A.B. '61. 

Kenosha, Wis. 

tWALTER Dean Stannard. Assist. 

Surg. 2d Mich. Cav. 1866. Lodi, Cal. 

fDwiQHT Strickland. Act. Assist. 

Surg. U. S. Vols. Niles, O. 

George Philander Sweet, A.B. '58. 

Eminence, Mo. 
•George P. Taylor, d. Loveland, 

Colo., April. 1882. 
George Todd. Jeddo, Mich. 

•Myron Habley VanRiper, d. Kanka- 
kee, 111., Jan. 29, 1900. 
•Hugh Lawson Wallace, Assiit. 
Surg. 33d 111. Inf. 1865, d. Kings- 
ville, Mo., Oct. 14, 1868. 
George James Ward Druggist. 

St. Clair, Mich. 
Alvah F Whitman. St. Paul, Minn. 
•Cutting Bagley Wiley, d. Brighton, 

Mich., Sept. 2, 1888. 
James Wilson Williams. 

Chester ville, O. 
Lindley Murray Williams. 

(71) Pasadena, Cal. 


James Faithful Aris. Toledo, Ohio. 
*Charlb8 Truman Akm8TRono, n .'>4- 

55, d.Corunna, Mich., March 21. 1889. 
•Julian Harrison Axtell, d. Mt. 

Clemens, Mich., Oct. 16, 1872. 
Noah Bates. Flint, Mich. 

*t Willi AM Robert Berry, Assist. 

Surg., d. Gallatin, Mo., Nov, 26, 

* William Jasox Brewington, d. St. 

Marys, 0., Jan. 3. 1890. 
Chauncy L. Brock. 
fPETER Lander Brown. 

Jaci -"onville. 111. 
Daniel A. Burrell. cL ^^ rt 4' .', 


207 North St., Buffalo, X. Y. 
•Henry Sylvester Cheever, A.B. '63. 
•Robert W. Christie, d. Lakeport, 

Mich., Jan. 7, 1879. 
tOwEN Churchill. Three Oaks. Mich. 
Francis Alfked Comfort. 

Omaha, Neb. 




•William Henry Daly. Chief Surg, 
on Staff of Gen. Miles, U. S. A., 
1898, d. Pittsburgh Pa., June 6, 

tLEWis Darling. Lawrenceville, Pa. 

fJuLius Charles Dickinson. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•fBENjAMiN Homer Fairchild, d. 
Pomona, Cal., Oct. 16, 1893. 

Melancton Hooeboom Fisk. 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 

tWiLLiAM Alexander Gibson. 

Jackson, Mich. 

•James W. Hadley, d. Hesper, Kan., 
Nov. 5, 1872. 

•William Henry Haoadoen, d. Wil- 
son, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1898. 

•Eleazab Hall, d. Traverse City, 
Mich., Feb. 8, 1890. 

•fCnARLES Alexander Hamilton, 
A.B. (Oberlin) '59, d. Washington, 
D. C, Jan. 13, 1000. 

•fHENRY Alfred Hawley, d. Sud- 
bury, Vt., March 1, 1897. 

tSAMUEL AIills Holton. Assist. 
Surg, and Surg. 2d Mich Inf. 
1864-05. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Alfred Burqe House. 

Memphis, AGch. 

•fEDWARD Morris Hume, d. Dear- 
born, Mich., June 15, 1877. 

Henry Mills Hurd, A.B. '63, A.M. 
'70, LL.D. '95. Baltimore, Md. 

John Fletcher Jenkins. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 

Augustus F. Jenninos. 

tJoHN Keys Johnston. 

1638 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

•William Brown Jones, d. Newark, 
N. J., Feb. 26, 1869. 

fHAMiLTON Carlos Kibbie. 

Oblong, 111. 

Joseph Kingham. Rocky Ridge, O. 

fXiiOMAS Cato Kinmont. Capt. 44th 
Ind. Inf. 1861-63. Hicksville, O. 

Charles Edgar Knapp. 

St. Johns, Mich. 

William Barnabas Knapp, M.D. 
fh) 78. Druggist. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Charles Henry Lewis, A.B. '62. 

Jackson, Mich. 

•Julian Virinoldi Loweu., d. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., April 18, 1893. 

James Washington McCraoken. 

Sulphur Springs, Ark. 

William McFerran. * 

•t J AMES Brown McLean, 2d Lieut, 
and Capt. 4th Midi. Inf. 1862, d. 
Anoka, Minn., Jan. 18, 1876. 

George William McPherson. 

Lancaster, N. Y. 
Allen Clark Manley. Leslie, Mich. 
tHiRAM W Marsh. Winfield, Kan. 
•William Henry Martin, d. Chi- 
cago, III., Dec. 17, 1884. 
LiTTHER I. Matthews. Joplin, Mo. 
t Hiram Rollin Mills, A.B. '61. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Hosea Hartwell Moore. 

Fairfield, 111. 
Herbert Augustine Morse. Physi- 
cian to N. Y. State School for the 
Blind since 1897. Batavia, N. Y'. 
t Robert Woolsey Odell. 

63 W. Milwaukee Ave., Detroit, Mich, 
t Arthur Montgomery Pelton. 

Matagorda, Tex. 
fLEWis Stephen Fisk Pilcher, A.B. 
'62, A.M. '63, LLJ). 1900. 

Bro<*lyn, N. Y. 

Robert Thomas Porter. 

Walkerton, Ont. 

t James Alexis Post, B.S. '61. 

Detroit, IkGch. 

tOscAR Jay Price. 

638 Adams St, Chicago, 111. 

tWARREN F Reed. Physician and 

Banker. Ottawa, O. 

•Bernard Sylvester Reilly, d. Rio 
Grande, Tex., Sept. 29, 1867. 


William Hayley Robinson. 

Fresno, Cal. 

John S Rooms. Calmar, Iowa. 

Charles Russell. Allegan, Mich. 

•Myron Clark Scullby, d. Vernon, 
Mich., March 15, 1899. 

•Amos Sellers, d. Waynesville, O., 
Nov. 17, 1879. 

*Elias Smith, d. Whitmore Lake, 
Mich., March 6, 1902. 

•fCHARLES Henry Stooking,A.B.'61. 

tDAVID Williams Van der Buboh. 
Assist. Surg. 10th Mich. Inf. 1863. 

Fall River, Mass. 

tRoBERT Melville Weir, A.B. (In- 
diana) '63. Bloomington, Ind. 

Chablbs Russell Wells. 

James Smith White. 

t Albert Mortimer Wilbeb. 

West Unity, O. 

Wesley Wight. Manufacturer. 

Wilson, Wash. 

•John Francis Young, M.D. (Co- 
lumbia) '69, d. Douglas, Mich., 
Oct. 20, 1886. 





tGiLES Bebtbam Allen. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Louis I<*redebick Arensrero. 

Heifltersburg, Pa. 
•Homer Eliianan Aylsworth, A.B. 

(Union) *63, A.M. (ibid.) '66, d. 

Rose\ille, 111., Jan. 30. 188"). 
•fCHABLES Bates, Ist Lieut. 125th 

Ohio Inf., d. Nettle Lake, Ohio, 

May 23, 1881. 
William Smith Beebe. 

Kirkwood, N. Y. 
•fHENBT Rawson Benjamin, Capt. 

39th Iowa Inf. 1864, d. Tampa, 

Fla., May 6, 1893. 


Owatonna, Minn. 
Samuel Aquila Bonesteel, M.D. 

and CM. (McGill) '81. 

902 14th St., Denver, Colo. 
Robert Booth. Millbury, Mass. 

Augustus C. D. Bradshaw. 

Fairfield, Iowa. 
•Samuel Houston Brown, d. Denni- 

son, O., March 27, 1882. 
♦fZENAS Bullock, d. New York, 

N. Y., March, 1882. 
Dewitt Clinton Carpenter. 
Pierre Jacque Chavey. Farmer. 

Clarenceville, Mich. 
•Byron William Cheever, A.B. *63. 
Theodore Alfhed Collett, M.D. 

(Long Island) 77. 

Ida Grove, Iowa. 
John M. Creamer. 
fFRANcis Flanbqin Davis. Assist. 

Surg. 168th Pa. inf. 1862-63; 121st 

Pa. Inf. 1863-05. Oil City, Pa. 

Rhodes D. Davis. 
Daniel M. Dill. 

541 Orange St., Newark, N. J. 
Dan L Dumon. Evart, Mich. 

Archibald Stewart Dunlap, A.B. 

(Miami) '57, A.M. (ibid,) 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
tTiioMAS Jefferson Katon. 

> Kansas City, Mo. 

Daniel Mann Edwards. 

Woonsooket, R. I. 
Fred Walter Fanning. Butler, Ind. 
•Stephen Sonora Farrington, d. 

Oconto, Wis., April 27, 1872. 
♦.£\j.bert Edward Foote, a 64-65, d. 

Atlanta, Oa., Oct. 10, 180.1. 
•Alonzo W. Oarlock, d. Dayton, 

Iowa, March 2, 1898. 

Joseph Basil Girard. Major and 

Surgeon U. S. Army since May 14, 

1867. St. Louis, Mo. 

George H. Granger. Bay City, Mich, 
•f James (Iuinan, d. Chicago, 111., 

March 24, 1900. 
•Reuben Haines, d. Plymouth, 

Mich., June 13, 1879. 
Robert H. Harcourt. 
•John Frank Hawley, d. Cleveland, 

Ohio, Aug. 1, 1870. 
Harvey Daniel Hill. 

Augusta, Kan. 
t John Samuel Hood. Nepton, Ky. 
♦William Wallace Hotciikiss, a 58- 

61, d. Springport, Mich., July 3, 

James Hueston, 1891 (nuno pro 

tunc). Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Edward Homer Hurd. 

Union City, Mich. 
tOEORGE Washington Jackson. 

Dundee, Mich. 
Colonel D. Johnson. 
tHENRY Johnson. Assist. Surg. 6th 

Mich. Cav. 1864. Caseville, Mich. 
•George Sproson Jones, A.M. (De 

Pauw) '80, d. Covington, Ind., 

Aug. 1897. 
•Nathan Davis Jones. 
Ira Young Kezartek. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
William Little. 
•fDAviD Randall Lyon, d. Soldiere* 

Home, Sandusky, Ohio, July 3, 

•fFnEDERicK Lawson Matthews, 

M.D. (Rush) 1809, d. Springfield. 

111., Dec. 24, 1891. 
tJAMES Brown McGauohey. 

Winona, Minn. 

Donald Alexander McLean. 

Fort Collins, Colo. 

Ryan (Joudy Mendenhall, M.D. 

(Bellevue) 72. La Cygne, Kan. 
tSELDEN Miner. Surg. 11 1th U. S. 

Col. Cav. 18U5. Oberlin, Kan. 

(rEORGE Obamex Moore, a 57-58. 

Banker. Worthington, Minn. 

John Sabert Mott. Kansas City, Mo. 
Dennis Cornelius O'Brien. 

Lexington, Mich. 

Sylvester Charles Jones Ostrom. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Henry C. Parker. Winthrop, Wash. 
Lewis Prichaud, M.D. (Bellevue) 
76. Banker. Charleston, W. Va. 




*tlBA Beman Read, A.B. (West. 
Res.) '62, A.M. (ihidj '65, M.D. 
(Bellevue) '68, d. New York, N. Y., 
July 4, 1897. 
AURELIU8 O Revenauoh. Portrait 
painter. Louisville, Ky. 

Georoe Rensselaer Reynolds. 

Plymouth, Ind. 
t Jerome John Robbins. Assist. 
Surg. 2d Mich. Inf. 1865. 

Boyne Falls, Mich. 
James S. Rogers. 

WiLLLAM Frederick Roome. Mem- 
ber of the House of Commons of 
Canada, 1890. London, Ont. 

Ezra Albert Scammon. 

Columbus, Kan. 
Alexander Hamilton Scott. Assist. 
Surg. 12th Mich. Inf. 1864. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Robert Stuart Simpson, A.B. 

(Baker) '69. McPherson, Kbjl 

•Sumner TmoTHY Smith, A.B. 

(Norwich) '60, d. Athol, Mass., 

March 26, 1892. 

Thomas Kesrins Smith. 

San Diego, Cal. 
John Willard Southworth. 
William Wallace Speirs. 

Glencoe, Okl. 
Lyman Bebcher Sperry, A.M.(Ober- 
lin) '83. Public lecturer. 

Oberlin, O. 
Alexander Stephens. 

Forestville, Mich. 
Jacob Stickel. Williamsport, Pa. 
•Benjamin Thompson, d. Plainwell, 

Mich., Jan. 12, 1887. 
•Daniel Webster Tingley, a 01-62, 

d. Ogden, Utah, Aug. 11, 1875. 
Joseph Augustus Treat. Physician 
and Pharmacist. Stuart, Iowa. 

John Bennett Tyler, A.B. (Am- 
herst) '66, M.D. (Columbia) '68. 

Billerica, Mass. 
•William Emery Vaughan, d. Bay 

City, Mich., Sept. 20, 1889. 
Jackson Walker. Bethany, Mo. 

•John Wiest, d. York, Pa., April 10, 

•Warren Gray Wilkinson, d. Far- 
well, Mich., Jan. 18, 1877. 
♦Henry Hebbard Wines, a 62-63, d. 
Adrian, Mich., July 2, 1868. 


tCARLOS James Adams. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. Vols. 

856 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Aikman. Fort Scott, Kan. 
•Andrew Ashton Alleman, d. Wat- 
erloo, N. Y., June 7, 1872. 
t Austin White Alvord. Capt. 109th 
N. Y. Inf. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Rolla Silas Akmstronu. Druggist. 

Chelsea, Mich. 
Ezra Hardin Ballard. 

Estherville, Iowa. 
Jeremiah Cook Bartlett, M.D. 
(Med. Coll. of O.) '65. 

Cambridge, O. 
Charles Hazard Berry. 

1161 N. Clark St., Chicago, III. 
John H. Booart. Clinton, Ind. 

tDwioHT Bobbins Burrell, A.B. 
(Oberlin) '63, A.M. {ibid.) '80. 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 
tIsoM Burton. Mitchell, Ind. 

tEDMUND Francis Xavier Cleve- 
land. P. E. clergyman. 

Dundee, 111. 
Stephen Henry Clizbe. 

Tekonsha, Mich. 
tISAAC Newton Coohran. 

Delphi, Ind. 
tAARON W Cooper. Postmaster. 

Fowlerville, Mich. 
Allen Lilbern Corey. 

Stanton, Mich. 
Francis Ed>vin Corey. 

Westboro, Mass. 
tGARDNER Cox. 2d Lieut. 16th Vt. 
Inf. 1863. Holyoke, Mass. 

tHENRY Major Cox. 

Washington, N. J. 
•Edward C. Davison, d. at Ann Ar- 
bor, Dec. 28, 1874. 
Samuel Edmonds. Alexander, III. 
•Selby Evans, d. Saginaw, Mich., 

Dec. 8, 1869. 
•Frederick Gurley Fuller, a 61-62, 

d. Lincoln. Neb., April 10, 1888. 
•Charles Lucius Garner, d. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Sept. 22, 1870. 
William Ruley Gifford. 

Toledo, Ohio. 
Andrew Jackson Goodwin. 

New Smyrna, Fla. 
Miles Dennison Goodyear. 

Groton, N. Y. 
Clark Chandler Griffin. 

Vinton, Iowa. 

Walter S. Griffin. 

•John Cloud Grubbs, was drowned 
in the Willamette River at Cor- 
vallis. Ore., Nov. 10, 1878. 

Richard Fuller Harris, M.D.( Belle- 
vue) *69. Marion, Kan. 



Howard Malcolm Haskell. 

Weedsport, N. Y. 
*t«TESSE Hawes, M.D. (Long Island) 
71. d. Greeley, Colo., Aug. 4, 1901. 
•Malcolm Hill, d. Fulton, Mich., 

March 27, 1897. 

William James Hill. Petoskey,Mich. 

John Hood, A.B. (Dickinson) *64, 

A.M. {ibid.) '67. Baltimore, Md. 

tLEVi Ormsby Johnson. 1st Lieut. 

44th U. S. Col. Inf. 1865. 

4848 State St., Chicago, 111. 
Jonathan K. Jones. 
John Kapp, D.D.S.(Ohio Dent. Coll.) 
'69 Ann Arbor. 

William Hamilton Kirk. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Granville Liberty Knapp. 

Mt. Vernon, Mo. 
•George Saladay Lanterman, d. 

Bellevue, O., Jan. 29, 1900. 
Charles Henry Lincoln. 

Armada, Mich. 
Albert Brown Lyons, a 95-96, A.B. 
(Williams) '05, A.M. fihidj. Con- 
sulting chemist. 

72 Braincrd St., Detroit, Mich. 
•Mason R. Lyons, d. Earlham, Iowa, 

about 1871. 
Dugald McMillan. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Frederick Dey Marshall, M.D. 
(Columbia) 'G8. Prof, of Obstet- 
rics in Harvey Med. Coll. 

679 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
•Elton Thomas Martin, d. Silver 

Creek, Mich., April 26, 1891. 
James 6. Maynahd. 
tWiLLiAM Francls Mftciiell. Eye 
and Ear. Lancaster, Mo. 

John Portuous Mobison. 

2960 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Harrison A. Nichols. 

Whitmore Lake, Mich. 
John North, A.M. (Western Coll.) 
Ph.C. (Iowa Wesl.). Prof, of Dis- 
eases of Nose, Throat, and Lungs 
in the Northwestern Ohio Medical 
College. Toledo, Ohio. 

Alexander O'Neil. Howell, Mich. 
Byhon J Ormsby. Norwich, N. Y. 
Thomas Simpson Parr. 

Indianola, Iowa. 
Anthony Dimock Patten. 

72 Dale St., Boston, Mass. 
•Sidney Pearl Phelps, d. Big Rap- 
ids, Mich., Jan. 19, 1880. 
tHoRACE Henry Phillips. 

Cassopolis, Mich. 

•Henry Rice Pratt, d. Hamilton, 

N. Y., Jan. 10, 1894. 
Isaac Watson Prichard. 

Aurora, 111. 
John Upton Riggs. Bryan, Ohio. 


Watertown, N. Y. 


Jacksonville, 111. 

tBELA Philander ScoviLLE. 2d Lieut. 
12th Pa. Cav. Constantine, Mich. 

William Henry Shaw, A.B. (Ohio 
Wesl.) 72. Monroe, Iowa. 

♦Uriah Mebwin Short, d. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., Dec. 12, 1899. 

Andrew Slaoht. Grand Blanc, Mich. 

*Stillman Hiram Smith, d. Warren, 
Ohio, Aug. 21, 1890. 

Jacob Charles Spoun. 

4400 Washington Boulevard, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

•John C. Starkey, d. Owego, N. Y., 
Oct. 10, 1879. 

Thomas Harris Stewart, A.B. (Jef- 
ferson) '63; A.M. (ibid.) '66. 

Church Hill, O. 

Erastus Test, M.S. (Earlham) '66, 
M.D. (Indiana) 72. Prof, of 
Mathematics in Purdue Univ. since 
1888. Lafayette, Ind. 

tHENRY Franklin Thomas, A.M. 
(Albion) '82. Repr. from Michi- 
gan in 53d and 54th Congresses 
( 1893-97 ) . Allegan, Mich. 

Abraham Leonard Van Horn. 

Otsego, Mich. 

Charles W. Vrooman. 

•Eltham Watson, d. Ann Arbor, 
Oct. 6, 1879. 

•Frank Webb, d. Alma, Mich., Jan. 
16, 1875. 

♦Klavius Myron Wilder, d. Chicago, 
111., Jan. 13, 1892. 

John Knox Williams. Lumber and 
Mining. Galena, Kan. 

*Eli Woodman, d. Farmington, Mich., 
Nov. 20, 1892. 


Hannibal Luther Ambrose. 

Purdy, Mo. 
•George Palmer Barnes, I 66-67, d. 

Dresden, G^ermany, Oct. 4, 1885. 
tiRA Barton. Sanborn, N. Dak. 

•John Mortimer Besley, d. Palmyra, 

N. Y., Oct. 17, 1890. 
William Grabill Binkley. 

Washingtonboro, Pa. 




fEoMUND Marshall Bloomfield, 

Ph.C. '69. Peru, Ind. 

tEuQENE [Philip] Boise, Ph.C. '69, 

A.B. (Oberlin) '67, M.D. (Ck)lum- 

bia) *70. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

•Andrew Borrowman, d. Amherst- 

burg, Ont., Oct. 9, 1880. 
Andrew Jackson Bostater. 

Montpelier, O. 

Jacob Eton Bowers, A.B. (Toronto) 

'66, A.M. (ibid.) '66. Duluth, Minn. 

Henry Clark Brainerd, B.S. ( Mount 

Union) '67, M.S. (ibid) '70. 

89 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 
•Francis Richard Brown, d. Madera, 

Cal., April 4, 1898. 
William Edmond Burtch. 

Fillmore, Mo. 
•Alonzo William Cantwell, d. Dav- 
enport, Iowa, Nov. 22, 1899. 
•Elbert Emmons Carrier, d. Wol- 

cott, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1870. 
Frederick Castle. Lowell, Ind. 

Alfred Henry Champlin, A.B. (Ham- 
ilton) '65. 

350 W. 6l8t St., Chicago, HI. 
•Hknry Wonton Chase, d. Tunkhan- 

nock, Pa., Oct. 20, 1889. 
fNELSON Henry Claflin, M.D. (Co- 
lumbia) '69. Capt 12th Mich. Inf. 
1862. Woodstock, Ore. 

Charles Bissell Cody. 

Sheboygan, Wis. 
Theodore Cole. Lansing, Mich. 

Jasper Creaoh. 

Tucuman, Arg. Rep., S. A. 
Benjamin Franklin Crummeb, M.D. 
(N. Y. Univ.) '74. Prof, of Prac- 
tice of Medicine in Creighton Med. 
Coll. since 1897. Omaha, Neb. 

Calvin Knox Davison. 

Stanhope, N. J. 
Richard Smith Dewey, a 64-66, A.M. 
(hon.J 1900. Physician in charge of 
Milwaukee Sanitarium. 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 
t James Shaw Dodge, LL.M. (Notre 
Dame) '98. Lawyer. Elkhart, Ind. 
John Richardson Dodge. 

Hudson, Mich. 
•MoRDECAi CLE^^:LAND Ellis, d. Fre- 
mont, Mich., Dec. 6. 1878. 
William Edward Everett. 

White Lick, Ind. 
James Mitchell Ford, Ph.C. '69. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 
William Henry George. 

Canton, Kan. 
Samuel Edward Gillam, M.D. 
(Bellevue) '78. St. Johns, Mich, 

Robert David Glasgow. Real estate. 

Casselton, N. Dak. 
John Golden. Ridgetown, Ont. 

•Hugh Crawford Graham, d. Au- 
burn, Ind., Feb. 9, 1871. 
Franklin Leroy Green. 

Kangley, HI. 
fRoBERT Newton Greenfield. 

Penn Line, Pa. 
•Peter Noble Hagle, Ph.C. '70, d. 

New Haven Mich., Aug. 19, 1889. 
tWiLLiAM Bruce Hamilton, A.B. '66. 

Almont, Mich. 
David Starbbtt Hatfield. Manufac- 
turer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Truman Ck)RNELius Hendryx. 

39 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O. 
*Bybon Delbert Hershey, d. Got- 

ham, N. Y., July 5, 1885. 
Le Grand Hale Hollon, Ph.C. '69. 
Druggist. Herkimer, N. Y. 

John Wesley Jarvis. Ph.C. '69. 
Edward Henry Kelley. 

Ironwood, Mich. 

Charles H. Kennedy. Sylvania, O. 

Harry McBride Kier, M.D. (St. 

Louis) '74. Woodland, Cal. 

* George Washington Langford, d. 

Williamston, Midi., Oct. 28, 1897. 
*James Daniel Leslie, d. Susque- 
hanna, Pa., Nov. 7, 1881. 
Didymus Lewis. 

•Goodwin Thomas Loomis, d. Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Oct. 30, 1891. 
•fOcTAvius C. Lyon, d. Dearborn, 

Mich.. Feb. 20, 1894. 
George Fancette McDowell. 

Clear Lake, Iowa. 
•Levi Franklin McKENNA,d. Omaha, 

Neb., July 18, 1892. 

James D. McKenzie, M.D. (Wooeter) 

'81. Milnor, N. Dak. 

tWiLLiAM Francis Maltbie, Ph.C. 

'69. M. E. clergyman. lima, O. 

tCHARLEs Franklin Marsh, B.S. 

(Iowa Wesl.) '69. Pensecola, Fla. 

tOEORGE Andrew Matthews. 

Anniston, Ala. 
t John Nelson Merrill. 

Skowhegan, Me. 
Sylvester Woodruff Mereitt. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
John Whiten Merry. Mt. Ayr, Ind. 
Seth Mills, M.D. (Indiana) '76. 

Valley MUls, Ind. 
Peter James Morrison. 

Hillsdale, Kan. 
John Joliffe Mulheron, M.D. (To- 
ronto) '69. 
73 High Street, E., Detroit, Mich. 



*tJAHES Clinton Neal, Ph.C. '69, d. 

Stillwater, Okl., Dec. 22, 1896. 
David M. Packafu). 
Denham Dabius Palmeb. Locke, N. Y. 
felMMETT Newton Palmer. 

Brooklyn, Mich. 
tPmLO David Patterson. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
*IsAAo Marshall Patton, M.D. 

(Bellevue) 73, d. Trenton, Mo., 
• Aug. 30, 1877. 
Robert John Peare. 

Canon City, Colo. 
Willis Horton Pratt. 

Stillwater, Minn. 
tDANiEL Mahlon Priest, A.B. (Wil- 

Uams) '67. Druggist. 

203 W. 23d St., New York, N. Y. 
Henrt R. Quinn. 
*WiLLiAiL M Ruea, d. Lamed, Kan., 

April 3, 1899. 
^fWiLLiAM Rogers, d. South Gibson, 

Pa., Dec. 28, 1897. 
EsTELL H RoRicK. Supt. of State 

Hospital. Athens, O. 

•William Henry Rouse, Ph.C. '69, 

d. Detroit, Mich., May 27, 3889. 
•Isaac Wadhams Russell, d. Mount 

Vernon, Ohio, April 12, 1876. 
OsoAR SciiOFF. Vassar, Mich. 

James Greenfield Scott, M.D. (Vic- 
toria Coll.) 70. Seaforth, Ont. 

Christopher Seymour. 

Northampton, Mass. 
Allen A. Suepard. 
William Henry Short. 

Lagrange, Ind. 
Geoboe Washington Snyder. 

Sebewa, Mich. 

•Fbedebick Austin Spalding, d. De- 
troit, Mich., March 25, 1895. 
Llotd Elwyn Speab. Shirley, 111. 


'70, M.D. (Bellevue) '76. 

Defiance, Ohio. 

Wilbub Riley Thompson. Troy, Ohio. 
Hibam Smith Thobne. 

Fort Hamilton, N. Y. 

•Elliott Gove Thorp, d. Newton, 

Mass., Nov. 22, 1895. 
fOscAR North Tindall. 

1306 Adams Street, Toledo, O. 


Fairland, Ind. 

Horace Jerome Turner. 

Wayland, Mich. 
George Nelson Vail. 

Farlinville, Kan. 

•Elijah Phelps VanVelsob, d. Ber- 
lin, Mich., Aug., 1880. 
William Young. 


George William Adaib. Major and 
Surg. U. S. Army since 1879. 
Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 
tCHABLES Ambbook. 1st Lieut. 5th 
U. S. Col. Heavy Art. 1865. 

Boulder, Colo. 

t William Allen Bakeb, '89 {nunc 

pro tunc), M.D. (Rush) '82. Mich. 

Le^slature, 1887-91. Real Estate 

and Railway management. 

Coloma, Mich. 
•Caspab Volnet Beebe, d. West Su- 
perior, Wis., Jan. 8, 1896. 
George Mathias Bell, M.D. (Belle- 
vue) '75. Benton Harhor, Mich. 
Geobge Wellington Bistlink. 

Bly, Tex. 
tSAMUEL Henby Clay Bixleb. 

Greencastle, Pa. 
•Thomas Smith Blaokbubn, d. Ev- 
anston. 111., Jan. 21, 1877. 


MAN, d. Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1898. 

Geobge Dallas Boon. Chetopa, Kan. 

Darius FRE>roNT Bouohton. a 66-68. 
32,3 W. Madison St., Chicago. TIT. 

♦Wn.LiAM Wn.MOT Bowes, d. Nash- 
ville, Tenn.. Jan. 10, 1898. 

SAi^ruEL Bbough, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) 
71. Helena Station, Ky. 

Hebman Ebastus Bbown. 

Stockhridge, Mich. 

Fbancis Joel Canedy. 

Shelbume Falls, Mass. 
Calvin Almond Case. Oakdale. Cal. 
Gideon Sewabd Case. St. Louis. Mich. 
tMABViN Tbuman Case, Ph.C. '69. 

Attica, Ind. 


Oil City, Pa. 

•f Joseph Peteb Couse, Capt. 33d N. 
J. Inf. 186.5. d. Hamburcf, N. J., 
April 13, 1900. 

•Samuel Covebt, Ph.C. '69, d. Lon- 
don, Ont., June 5, 1870. 

•Hobatto NEI.SON Cbane. d. Frank- 
ford Tp., N. J., March 13, 1875. 

Joseph P Cren', 'A.M. (Mary- 
ville Coll.). Repents* Examiner 
aince 1890. Auburn, N. Y. 

Geobge Athebton Cbookeb. 

Edwin Tyleb Doty. Anderson, Mo. 




Jaoob Vandegrift Eccles, a 67-68. 

Melbourne, Australia. 
fFBANK EwiNQ, Ph.C. 70. Farmer. 

Lima, 0. 

t James Kelley Farnum, A.B. (Wes- 

leyanUniv.) '66. Port Huron, Mich. 

•John Northrop Farrand, was 

drowned at Oronoco, Minn., June 23, 


Aba L Fox, Ph.C. '69. 

Bloomington, 111. 
Ira Kilboubne Gardner. Secr'y Iowa 
State Asso. of Ry. Surgeons. 

New Hampton, Iowa. 
•Franklin George, d. Roanoke, Fe- 
male College, Va., Dec. 15, 1897. 
William Greaves. Northfield, Minn. 
Johnson William Hagadorn. 

Lansing, Mich. 
♦Arthur G. Hall, d. East Fairfield, 

Vt., Aug. 4, 1877. 
♦fCHARLES J. Hall, M.D. (Bellevue) 
'82, d. Glen Cove, N. Y., March 29, 
t Alfred James Hamilton. 

Cassville, Pa. 
Horace J Harding. Medina, N. Y. 
David Harper. 
♦William McClure Hathaway, d. 

Olmsted, 111., October 18, 1888. 
Charles Dean Hews. 

11100 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
♦George Washington Lafayette 
Rowland, d. Flint, Mich., Dec. 27, 
William Miles Ikeler. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

GusTAVUs Jackson. 
Halsey Barnes Jenoks. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Henry Smith Jewett, A.B. '68, Ph.C. 
>70. Dayton, Ohio. 

•James McAdory Lewis, d. Mexia, 
Tex., Dec. 27, 1889. 

George Stickney Lockwood. 

Rome, Wis. 

♦Thomas Conner McHexry, d. Ben- 
ton, Pa., Sept. 7, 1892. 

Andrew MacInnes, d 94-96. Surgeon 
for Argentine Central R. R. 

Rosario, Arg. Rep., S. A. 

William Robert Mackenzie. Surg, 
of South. 111. Penitentiary since 
1897. Chester, 111. 

Peter Manson. Virginia City, Nev. 

t Alexander Ross Matheson. 

37 7th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Babcock Maxson. 

Orson Millard. Flint, Mich. 

William Pass Morrison. 
Adam Overfield, A.B. (Union) '62, 
A.M. (ibid.) '65. Houghton, Mich. 
•Robert Plbssner, d. Salzburgh, 

Mich., Feb. 2, 1872. 
Emmet Hall Pomeroy, A.M. (hon.) 
1900. Calumet, Mich. 

^Wilson Rakey, d. Strathroy, Ont., 

March 1, 1874. 
Elias Smith Richardson. 

Reed City, Mich. 
Alexander Patrick Robebtson. 

691 E. 65th St., Chicago, DI. 

Robert Emmet Robinson. Albany, III. 

John Orland Roe, Ph.C. 70, M.D. 

(Columbia) 71. Rochester, N. Y. 

•John Allen Rutan, Ph.C. '69, d. 


*tHENRY Parker Seymour, Capt. 

29th Mich. Inf. 1864, d. Manistee, 

Mich.. June .'5. 1885. 

Thomas Shaw. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

*JoHN Sheehy, d. Clinton, Iowa, Jan. 

4, 1887. 
James Manoah Swetnam. 

PhcBnix, Ariz. 

Wallace Taylor, Ph.C. 70, A.B. 

(Oberlin) '67. A.M. (ibid.) 71. 

Medical missionary. Osaka, Japan. 

Charles Marsh Thompson. 

176 Newberry St., Boston, Mass. 
Ebenezer Ta>D. Clark, Pa. 

*tCHARLES Foster Titus, d. Joplin, 

Mo., Aug. 2, 1883. 
Orson Wilson Tock. Flushing, Mich, 
t Joshua Emanuel VanCamp. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Simeon Odell Whaley. Osceola, Neb. 
Alden Hebbard Wight. 

New Hampton, Iowa. 
HoTT RoMEO Wilder. Burlington, Vt. 
♦fWiLLiAM Henry Wilkinson, d. Ox- 
ford, Mich., March 21, 1890. 
fTHOMAS Jefferson Williams, M.D. 
(Long Island) 73. Sunbury, O. 
George Warren Wilson. 

Montezuma, Iowa. 
Andrew Winslow. 

Grand Rapids. Mich. 
Nelson S. Witting. Marinette, Wis. 
James Anderson Work. Elkhart, Ind. 
* Peter Salesberby Wright, d. Lib- 
erty Centre, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1871. 
Arthur C Yengung. Salem, Ohio. 

tEowiN Kirk Abbott, A.B. (Hills- 
(l:ilo) '(•.!). A.M. [ibki.) 73. 

Salinas, Cal. 




Adam Adams. 

Albert Samuel Amebman, Ph.C. '71. 

Rockford, S. Dak. 
Alexander Thater Abklry. 

Essex Junction, Vt. 
Smith Baker, A.M. (Colgate) '84. 

Utica, N. Y. 
RuFUS Franklin Barton. 

Altamont, N. Y. 
Charles Tanner Bennett. 

38 Winder St., Detroit, Mich. 
•Robert Hamilton Boyd, d. Ogdens- 

burg, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1882. 
Wallace Alvin Brigos. 

Sacramento, Cal. 
•James Bukey, d. Hanover, Ohio, 

June 6, 1885. 
Archibald B Campbell. 

Canal Fulton, O. 
Maloolm Munboe Campbell, M.D. 

(Bellevue) 76. Albany Mo. 

Robert Beatty Carey, M.D. (Long 

Island) 71. Glenloch, Pa. 

Thomas J Carpenter. Waterloo, Ind. 
Frederick C. Churchill. 
Robert Washington Clark. 

7225 Meade St., E., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
t Joseph Harris Co well, A.B. 

(Brown) '69. Member of State 

Board of Registration in Medicine. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Elijah Culver. Suamico, Wis. 

♦Albert Lewis Davis, d. Tontogany, 

Ohio, Jan. 5, 1877. 
•Cyrus Griswold Davis, d. Milford, 

Mich., Nov. 20, 1899. 
♦Spencer Dills, d. Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 

22, 1872. 
♦Thomas Johnson Dills, d. Pomona, 

Cal., June 3, 1899. 
LuiGi Galvani Doane. 

352 W. 28th Street, New York, N. Y. 
William Murray Douglass. 
Flavius Josephus Downer. 

Hancock, Mich. 

Colin Leitoh Downie. 

Carpenteria, Cal. 
James Alexander Duncan, M.D. 
(Bellevue) 72. 

1107 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio. 
Richard Woolsey Ellis. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Perry Enqle, M.D. (Long Island) 
71. Newton, Iowa. 

Eugene Augustus Goodwin, M.D. 
(Long Island) 71. Baxter, Iowa. 
Thomas Hamilton Gray. Erie, Pa. 
John David Greenamyer. 

Nilcs. Mich. 


Alexander Dunlap Hag adorn. 

Lansing, Mich. 
•Habvey Alexander Harris, d. Pet- 
ersburg, III., June 11, 1877. 
Theodore Lincoln Hatch. 

Owatonna, Minn. 

•Edward Cutler Henriques, a 67-68, 

d. Las Vegas, N. Mex., Jan. 23, 


•Hampton Eugene Hill, d. Saco, 

Me., Jan. 9, 1894. 
"Marl Estus Hobabt, Photographer, 

d. Pomona, Cal.. Feb. 6. 1893. 

Redlands, Cal. 
Richard Monroe Johnson. 

Northville, Mich. 
•Augustus Kaiser, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Oct. 27, 1894. 
Benjamin KLinyon. Cincinnatus, N. Y. 
•Charles Silas Lacy, d. Portland, 

Ore., Feb. 2, 1899. 
Emery Herschell Leyman. 

Patmos, O. 
Arthur S. Lovett. 
Charles Hubert Lovewell. 

6058 Wentworth Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•Duncan James McGeaohy, d. Pros- 
pect, Ohio, June, 1882. 
Oliver Henry MoMichael. 

Vernon Centre, Minn. 
Lewis Mennig. 

2901 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
•fSANFORD Squires Messenger, d. 

Grand Ledge, Mich., June 8, 1890. 
Cornelius A&lls. Richmond, Mich. 
John Lewis Mills, a 68-69. 

Featherston, Ind. Ter. 
Marshall Roblin Morden. 

Adrian, Mich. 
Charles Augustus Morgan. 

Pokagon, Mich. 
Daniel Henry Muir. Lincoln, Neb. 
Devillo John Nichols, a 68-69. 

West Plains, Mo. 

William Addison Nicholson, M.D. 

(Bellevue) 76. Franklin, Pa. 

Samuel Moses Post. St. Johns, Mich. 

•Robert George Rex, Ph.C. '69, d. 

San Francisco, Cal., 1887. 
William Richardson. 

Carson City, Mich. 
•John Eli as Rockwell, d. Troy, Pa., 

Aug. 5, 1876. 
•Franklin Willoughby Root, d. 

Cleveland. O., Feb. 26, 1M)8. 
•Amanda Sanford, (Mrs. Patrick 
Hickev,) d. Auburn. N. Y., Oct. 17, 
1894. ' 




RuEH Jesse Shaiyk. Lansing, Mich. 
Christian Sihleb, Ph.D: (Johns Hop- 
kins) '81. Cleveland, O. 
t William F Silver wood. Ist Lieut. 
43d U. S. Col. Inf. 

2637 Vine St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Manly Hale Simons. Surg. U. S. N. 
since 1887. 

331 Brackett St., Portland, Me. 
Jared Spooner, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) 
'90. Peru, Ind. 

John Tyler Sullivan. Banker. 

Summitville, Ind. 
David Byron Todd. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
James Turner, Ph.B. (Univ. of Wis.) 
'68, M.S. (ibid.) 74. Waupun, Wis. 
Robert Turner. Flat Rock, Mich. 
John Laton Tuttle. Clinton, Mich. 
•Henry Uriah Upjohn, d. Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., Jan. 2, 1887. 
Martin Franklin VanBuren. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Samuel Hyatt Wellinqs. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Marshall Whinery. 
Samuel Whitehall. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Harvey Williams, a 68-69. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Martin Leroy Williams. 

Warren, Ohio. 

•fJAMES Arthur Wilson, Sergt. 3d 

Mich. Inf., d. Hanover, Mich., Aug. 

22, 1891. 

Francis Henry Wisewell. Druggist. 

(82) Phelps, N. Y. 


Albert Wilfred Adams, Ph.C. 1871, 

M.D. (Bellevue) 73. 

Bellevue, Mich. 
•Elsie Fowler Anderson (Mrs. John 

Anderson), d. Valparaiso, Ind., 

April 29, 1895. 
•Ann Ayres, d. Fort Plain, N. Y., 

March 17, 1876. 
•f Joseph Howard BACHELER,d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., Nov. 7, 1899. 
Elfred Rowe Barney. Wattsburg, Pa. 
•Walter Axline Boor, d. Newcastle, 

Ind., May 24, 1897. 
•Robert Elbeut Boyd, d. Dunlap, 

Iowa, Sept. 11, 1878. 
Madison Eugene Boynton, A.B. 

(Hamilton) *64. Farmer. 

Canton Bend, Ala. 

•John Fosdick Burdick, d. Oakland, 
Cal., July 31, 1886. 

Samuel Wooster Chandler. 

Saline, Mich. 
Samuel Chafin, a 67-68. Milan, Mich. 
Henry Humphreyville Cook. 

57 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
•fOLiVER Peter Daly, d. Smith Cen- 
tre, Kan., Aug. 4, 1891. 
William Remma Ditmars. 

North Adams, Mich. 
Charles Park Donelson. U. S, 
Surg. 1884-90. 

126 State St., Chicago, 111. 
Ethelbert Ernest Dunganson. 

Ontario, C&l. 
Francis Powell Esterly. 

Dodgeville, Wis. 
•Mark Francis Fasquelle, A.B. '60. 
Edward Combie Fisher. 

Lyons, Kan. 
Henry Fitzbutler. Dean of Louis- 
ville National Med. Coll. 

Louisville, Ky. 
•Otis Clay Flick, Ph.C. '71, d. Che- 
shire, Mass., Feb. 22, 1890. 
Isidore Freund, a 66-67. Butte, Mon. 
James Henry Fuller. Farming. 

Dayton, N. Y. 
•John Jacob Galentin, d. Cleveland, 

Ohio, Feb. 5, 1881. 
Conrad Georo. (See Faculties, p. 23.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Alexander Chambers Gibson, A.B. 

(Ohio Univ.) '68, A.M. {ibid,) '72. 

1223 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

•Joseph Green, d. Ann Arbor, March 

27, 1872. 
Philander Abbey Harris, M.D. (Co- 
lumbia) '73. Paterson, N. J. 
tSAMUEL Duff Hartman. 

Tippencanoe City, O. 
Henry Steiner Haskin. 

Highland Park, 111. 
•Alvin Charles Henderson, d. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 6, 18P9. 
•Simon Herres, d. Westphalia, Mich., 

Jan. 25, 1885. 
•John Emery Hewitt, d. North Madi- 
son, Ohio, May 14, 1881. 
William Ellis Hill. 

Bridgeport, W. Va. 
Patrick Francis Hoqan. 

318 50th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tLoREN Alphonzo Houghton. 

Blanchard, Mich. 
Benjamin Rush Hoyt. 

935 Vinewood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
tHENRY Hull. Ravenna, Mich. 

Ruth Emma Hull. 
William Clark Huntington. 

Howell, Mich. 



*IsAiAH Johnston, d. in Wisoonsin 

about 1880. 
Franklin B Jones. Petersburg, Mich. 
John Robert Jones, Ph.C. 70. 

2299 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Lafayette Jones. St. Johns, Mich. 
Davh) William Jump. Plainfield, 111. 
JosiAH Raymond KLelly. Quincy, 111. 
Charles Anselm Kersey, a 66-67. 

Western Springs, 111. 
fjAMES Thomas Lawless. 

1205 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio. 
^Charles J. Lundy, A.M. (Notre 
Dame) '82, M.D. (Bellevue) 75, d. 
Detroit, Mich., May 24, 1892. 
CJoLiN McOoRMiGK. Owosso, Mich. 
•fJoHN Crayton McIlvaine, d. Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, March 4, 1899. 
•Dennis Mahanna, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Aug. 28, 1875. 
fGEOROE Alben Meredith. 

Crawford, Neb. 
•Charles Nathan Metcalf, d. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., March 10, 1896. 
Joshua Miller. Phoenix, Ariz. 

•Archibald Mitchell, d. Los An- 
geles, Cal., May 17, 1900. 
•Frederick Langdon Morse, d. Wind- 
sor, Vt., June 12, 1888. 
•Annie News, d. Newport, R. I., Feb. 

?, 1896. 
Jasper Pierce Newton. Benson, Vt. 
Anthony Oldfield. 

Harbor Beach, Mich. 
Frank King Owen. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Stephen Elmer Palmer. 

116 S. Main St., Elmira, N. Y. 

•Edgar Parker, d. Osceola, Mo., 1888. 

Ora Levant Pblton, M.D. (Bellevue) 

74. Elgin, 111. 

Oscar Samuel Phelps. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Thomas George Rainey. 

609 Century BIdg., St. Louis, Mo. 
•Albert Henry Reed, d. Napoleon, 

Mich., April 1, 1893. 
Watson Emmons Rice. 

Stamford, Conn. 
Samuel Vincent Romio, Ph.C. 70, a 
66-67. Rogers Park, 111. 

Wakeman Ryno. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Anna Hutchinson Searing. 

Escondido, Cal. 
George Heather Shelton. 

643 4th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
•Bowles Colgate Smith, d. St. Elmo, 

ni., Sept. 4. 1883. 
Sparrow A. Snow. 

North Branch, Mich. 

John Shaffer Sprowl, M.D. (Fort 
Wayne) '84. Warren, Ind. 

George Willard Stevens. Toledo, O. 
Milton Dan Stiles, Ph.C. 71. Com- 
mercial salesman. Athens, Pa. 
Charles Henry Stowell. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 12. ) Lowell, Mass. 
William James Taylor. 

Bumside, Mich. 
•Joshua Tennant, d. Carson City, 

Mich., Aug., 1899. 
Alexander Smith Truman. 

1114 W. 69th Ct., Chicago, 111. 
Hi-XEN Maria Upjohn. (Mrs. Hugh 
Kirkland.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 

tSAMUEL Carter VanAntwerp. 

Vicksburg, Mich. 
Helen Frances Warner, A.B. (Vas- 
sar) '68. Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas McMullin Weadock. 

Lima, Ohio. 
William Richard Willcox. 

St. John, Kan. 
Julius Wise. 

324 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Joel Fitz Wright. 

Barton Landing, Vt. 
fNATHAN David Yale, A.B. (Middle- 
bury) 76. Deerfield, Mich. 


William Aitcheson. Ortonville,Mich. 
Oliver Madison Atwood, Pliar.D. 
( Howard Univ. ) Washington, D. C. 
Sarah Gertrude Banks. 

17 Sproat St., Detroit, Mich. 
•Lafayette Batson, d. Wakelee, 

Mich., Nov. 21, 1880. 
Henry Bertrand Bessac. 

Forbes town, Cal. 
•Robert Bruce Best, d. Holland, 

Mich., 188-. 
tCHARLES Sumner Bigelow. 

Dodge Centre, Minn. 
•Isaac Ellsworth Brown, d. De- 
troit, Mich., Nov. 9, 1890. 
John Wing Brown. Mottville, N. Y. 
Sara Elizabeth Brown. (Mrs. Mah- 
lon G. Bailey.) San Jos6, Cal. 

William Nelson Burdick. 

Denver, Colo. 
Homer Bushnell. 

North Adams, Mass. 
Emma Louisa Call. 

42 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
William W Campbell, M.D. (Long 

Tftlnnd) 73. 

Atchison, Kan. 

•William Edward Choate, p 73-74, 
d. Detroit, Mich., Oct. 21, 1892. 




Glabence Fletcher Cochran, a 67- 
68. Omer, Mich. 


Hutchinson, Kan. 
•Josephine Marie Copf, d. Plainwell, 

Mich., Feb. 8, 1874. 
•William Henry Cotton, d. Kansas 

about 1875. 
John Calvin Craig. Ola, Ark. 

John Wesley Culley, A.B. (De 
Pauw) '67, A.M. (ibid) 70. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
John Anderson Davis. 

Farmer City, 111. 
Lambert LeRoy Doty. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Emmet Sewabd Elmer. 
•Epiiraim Beverage Evans, d. Far- 
well, Mich., Jan. 7, 1902. 
•Thomas Robison Evans, d. Pitts- 
burg, Pa., March 15, 1896. 
Louis Adelbert Foote. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
George Erskine Fullerton. 

Marion, Iowa. 
Joseph Edward Gandy. 

Spokane, Wash. 
James Edward Gee. Denver, Colo. 
•William Reuben Grannis, d. Til- 
ton, Ky., July 27. 1873. 
•Arthur Sherman Hall, d. Syracuse, 

N. Y., April 4, 1876. 
Edmund Murray Hall. Travel inpr 
Agent. 221 19th St., Toledo, O. 

•Nathan Christopher Hall, d. Chi- 
cago, 111.. Jan. 19, 1889. 


Juneau, Wis. 
Virginia Harley. (Mrs. George Mc- 
Knight. ) Lima, 0. 

John Davis Hartley, a 69-70. 

7840 Emerald Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hattie Jean Tift Hilton. 

1051 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Louis Eugene Hollister. Surg. L. 
V. R. R. 

138 Clinton Ave., Newark, N. J. 
George Wiley Holmes. 

Hotel Cadillac, New York, N. Y. 
tMiLLARD Fillmore Hudson. 

Osborne, Kan. 
•EusEBiA Neville Huntley, d. Rock- 
ford, 111., Sept. 28, 1894. 
Charles Ethelbebt Huxley. 

Guthrie Centre, Iowa. 
Philo Milton Jewell. 

Decorah, Iowa. 
Thomas Augustine Kay. 

Shaftsburg, Mich. 
Charles Kelltron. Plvmouth. Ind. 

Josephine Kingsley. 

San Antonio, Tex. 
t James Gibson Leffingwell. 

Conneautville, Pa. 
Oscar LeSeure, M.D. (Bellevue) 74. 
(See Faculties, p. 15.) 

Detroit, Mich. 
•Mary Elizabeth Little, d. Nevada 

City, Cal., Aug. 9, 1899. 
Anna Julia Lore. (Mrs. George H. 
McGrew. ) 

715 Case Ave., Cleveland, O. 
John Alva McCobklk, a 70-71, M.D. 
(Long Island) 73. Prof, of Prac- 
tice of Medicine in Long Island Coll. 

149 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Owen McGregor, M.B. (To- 
ronto) 75. Watertown, Ont. 
•Robert McIntyre, d. Bay City, 

Mich., 1882. 
William Henry Martland. 

1138 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 
Laureston Alphonso Mebriam. 

Omaha, Neb. 

John Millington. Greenwich, N. Y. 

Henrictta Milsom. (Mrs. Alfred B. 

McChesney. ) 

742 W. Harrison St., Chicago, 111. 

tALBERT Lewis Morgan. 

Dexter, N. Y. 

James Decker Munson. Medical 

Supt. of the Northern Mich. Asylum 

for the Insane. (See Faculties, p. 

1 8. ) Traverse City, Mich. 

Frank Hall Murdock. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Almon Wesley Nicholson. 

Newberry, Mich. 
Denis Nun an, M.B. (Univ. of Trinitv 
Coll. ) 75. Guelph, Ont. 

Edward Everett Pease. 

Nichols, N. Y. 
Thomas Abram Pebkin. 

San Jos^, Cal. 
Abel Mix Pjielps, A.M. fhon.J 1900. 
62 E. 34th St., New York, N. Y. 
Henry DeWitt Clinton Phelps. 

Oswego, N. Y. 
Bradford Franklin Plews. 
•John James Porter, d. Kearnev, 

Neb., Feb. 12, 1897. 
William Henry Porter. 

Calistoga, Cal. 
De La Motte Potter. 
•Edwin West Raynor, d. Utica, 

N. Y., March 26. 1803. 
•Noah Sohenk, d. Southwest City, 

Mo., March 21, 1880. 
John Larimer Short. T^ Grange, Ind. 




Samuel Finley Smith. 

Indian Orchard, Mass. 
Samuel Leiqu Southard Smith, a 
66-67. San Angelo, Tex. 

Jebome Marvin Snook. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
•William Henry Solis, d. Allouez, 

Mich., Oct. 21, 1885. 
Benjamin CkyrroN Stevens. 

Logansport, Ind. 
•Charles Gregor Stuart, d. Alexis, 

111., Dec. 22, 1886. 
•Abram Reynolds Turner, d. Morley, 

N. Y., June 9, 1879. 
Joshua Mearne Wardeix. 

Cadillac, Mich. 
♦fEDWARD Watson, a 60-61, d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., June 17, 1901. 
Thomas Hudson Weibioh,MJ). (Long 
Island) 73. Wellsburgh, W. Va. 
Cornelia Elizabeth Whitbeck. 

Pittsford, Mich. 
•Clarence Melville Whiting, d. 

Polo, 111., Oct. 12, 1884. 
♦Charles Howard Whitney, d. Du- 
buque, Iowa, about 1880. 
•Samuel James Wightman, d. Saddle 

River, N. J., April 12, 1900. 
•James Harvey Wilson, d. Plymouth, 

Ind., Oct. 10, 1899. 
Peter Wesley Wright. 

Wyandotte, Mich. 

Hal Clement Wyman, M.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '87. Prof, of Surgery in 

the Mich. College of Medicine and 

Surgery since 1888. Detroit, Mich. 



James Morris Barrett. 

Owego, N. Y. 
JuDSON Beach. Etna, N. Y. 

*Ethel Cushman Beebe, d. Qconta, 

Wis., Aug. 21, 1886. 
Frank Adelbert Ben ham. Court Re- 
porter. La Grange, Ind. 
•i^ANK Ellis Bodemann, Ph.C. 73, 
A.M. (Notre Dame) 79, d. Detroit, 
Mich., 1884. 
William Mervin Bonnet. 

808 16th St., Denver, Colo. 
tWiLLiAM Henry Harrison Bordner. 

Shamokin Dam, Pa. 
•David Kreps Broucher, d. Walla 

Walla, Wash., 1890. 
John Drake Chambers, B.S. 71. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
John William Chambers. 

Oketo, Kan. 

Charles Edward Davis. 

Eureka Springs, Ark. 

Dontague Desnoyers, M.D. (Vic- 
toria, Montreal) 78. 

Kingsey, P. Q., Canada. 

tORLANDO Alger Dimmiok, p 69-70. 

Chardon, Ohio. 

Olive Jane Emerson. (Mrs. Horatio 
Morrow. ) Missionary. 

Tavoy, Burma. 

John Henry Flagg, C.E. 72. 

94 Goethe St., Chicago, 111. 

Harrison Ford. 

t Fairfield Goodwin. Capt. 8th Mich. 
Cav., 1862. Cassopolis, Mich. 

John Wesley Greenfield, M.D. 
(Univ. of Pa.) '85. Springboro, Pa. 

Austin Kent Hale, Ph.C. 73. 

Ann Arbor. 

JosiAH Heller. Grand Rapids, Ohio. 

Samuel George Higgins. 

•Frank Clair Hill, a 67-68, d. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Oct. 17, 1892. 

Nancy Maria Hill. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Charles Robinson Hume. U. S. In- 
dian Service. Anadarko, Okl. 

Charles Beaney Humiston. 

Cleveland, O. 

William Hutton, M.D. (N. Y. Univ.) 
79. Elizabeth, 111. 

Gertrude Jones, Ph.C. 74. (Mrs. 
John A. Cuscaden. ) Omaha, Neb. 

•Mary Bjcnyon, d. King Ferry, N. Y., 
July 26, 1899. 

George Washington Kerr. 

Karoma, Okl. 

•Harriet Margaret Kollogk, d. Pea- 
body, Kan., Nov. 26, 1883. 

TiNNiE Sarah Lawrence. 

♦Mary Victoria Lee, d. Oswego, N.Y., 
July 25, 1892. 

George Washington Lowry. 

Hastings, Mich. 

•RuFus Halsey McCarty, Ph.C. 73, 
A.B. (Notre Dame) 71, d. Key 
West, Fla., April 12, 1890. 

William Aijf*red McCaslin. 

Homestead, Pa. 

Archibald M. Maclean, M.D. (Royal 
Coll. of P. and S., Kingston, Ont. ) 
79. Leadville, Colo. 

*t Seymour Arzeno Manzer, d. Wa- 
cousta, Mich., May 19, 1886. 

William Lawrence Marb. 

4730 State St., Chicago, 111. 

George Martin. Baldwin, Wis. 

•Thomas Owens Miller, d. Riverton, 
111., March 21, 1888. 

Frank Pierce Moore. Lisbon, Ohio. 




Maitland Feathebson Newkibk. 

Bay City, Mich. 
•William Thomas Northup, was 

killed at Haverhill, Ohio, April 27, 

Addis Emmet Pabkeb. 
fHERBERT Charles Phelps. Private 

1 1th Vt. Inf. Alburgh Centre, Vt. 
John Fields Place. 

Binghampton, N. Y. 

Jehu Z Powell, Ph.C. 71. 

Logansport, Ind. 
fliORENzo Sylvanus 1*utney, M.D. 
(Chicago Med. Coll.) '81. 

Norfolk, N. Y. 
Emmet Camelio Rhodes. 

Wahiawa, Oahu, H. I. 
Marion Tx)insE Rice. (Mrs. John G. 
Bemeike.) Santa Ana, CaL 

Tyleb Websteb Richmond. 

Bear Lake, Mich. 
•Thomas Riley, d. Northampton, 

Mass., March 4, 1901. 
Lafayette Rinkle. Boonville, N. Y. 
Frank Taylor Seeley, B.S. 72, M.S. 
75, I 69-70. La Motte, Iowa. 

Alfred Senier, Ph.C. 74, Ph.D. (Ber- 
lin) '87, F.C.S. (London) 75. 

Queen's College, Galway, Ireland. 
tCHARLES Weed Shepard. 

La Rose, 111. 
•William Patterson Shoemaker, d. 

Cambridgeboro, Pa., Jan. 28, 1889. 
Samuel Hoffman Sidlinqeb. 

Hutchinson, Kan. 

Walteb Winslow Smith. Erie, Colo. 
•Thebon Augustus Spabhawk, d. 

Webberville, Mich., Dec. 4, 1884. 
William Cobning Stevens. Prof. 
Mich. Coll. of Med. and Surg. 

385 14th Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
AsHEB Columbus Taylob. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Jaspeb Tidball. Grafton, 111. 

Leandeb Tidball, M.D. (N.Y. Univ.) 

'83. Monticello, 111. 

fFLAVEL Benjamin Tiffany. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Rachel Abbie Undebwood. 
John Solon Walbbidge, M.D. (N. Y. 

Univ.) *81. Berlin, Wis. 

Clarence Stanton Wabd, M.D. (Bel- 

levue) 75. Warren, Ohio. 

♦Geoboe Welsh, M.D. (N. Y. Univ.) 

'80, d. Renton, Wash., Feb. 4, 1899. 
William Whitfield White. 

Bridgewater, Me. 
John Young. Onaway, Mich. 



Joseph Judson Alleman. 

Union Springs, N. Y. 
Maby Augusta Allen, A.M. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '61. (Mrs. Mary Wood- 
Allen.) Author and publisher. 

Ann Arbor. 
HiBAM William Austin. Surg. U. S. 
M. H. S. 

410 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mabtin Weight Bacon. 

6817 Wentworth Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Geobge Gbiswold Bakeb, A.B. (West. 
Res.) 71. 

624 14th St., Denver, Colo. 
Newton Baldwin, a 70-71. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 17.j Coldwater, Mich. 
Josephine Shaw Bbiqgs. (Mrs. So- 
lon Briggs.) Pasadena, Cal. 
Solon Bbiggs, M.D. (Albany) '69. 

Pasadena, Cal. 
Oltveb Boyeb Campbell. 

Ovid, Mich. 
William Newton Case. 

Marengo, Mich. 
Robebt McKown Higley Cotton, 
Ph.C. '74. Tyndall, S. Dak. 

Geobge Sylvesteb Dabling. 

Tawas City, Mich. 
Sylvesteb Bybon Davis. 

Stockton, Cal. 
David Fbench Dayton. 

Trinidad, Colo. 
^Elisabeth Lobd Deuel, d. Detroit, 

Mich., July 31, 1900. 
Fbank Habbis Dubstine, p 70-71, 
B.S. (Mt. Union) 71, A.M. (ibid,) 
79. Cleveland, O. 

RuFus ALvm Eobebt. 

Foster Brook, Pa. 

Daniel William Finlayson, M.D. 

(Bellevue) '80, LL.D. (Drake 

Univ. ) '93. Prof, in Medical Dept 

of Drake Univ. Dea Moines, Iowa. 

•Edmund Fttzpatbick, a 70-71, d. 

Hudson, Mich., March 20, 1880. 
Mabvin Fosdick. Williams, Mich. 
Sebaph Fbissell. Springfield, Mass. 
Elizabeth Hatt Gebow. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Adele Amelia Gleason. 

376 Hudson St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
•Clinton Rogebs Gbeen, d. Milton 

Junction, Wis., Feb. 26, 1894. 
John Alexandeb Gunn. 

McCook, Neb. 
Allen F Hagadobn. 

West Bay City, Mich. 



George Martin Harrison. 

Auburn Centre, Pa. 


John D. Hartley.) Ann Arbor. 

•George Harvey, Ph.C. 74, B.S. 

(Iowa AfTT. Coll.) 73, d. Valley 

City, N. Dak., Nov. 24, 1802. 

William James Herdman, Ph.B. 72. 

Ann Arbor. 
Lewis Edward Higbee. 

Potterville, Mich. 
Marion Holland, D.D.S. 77. 

Cassopolis, Mich. 
Caroline Amelia Hollister. (Mrs. 
Jerome Millard.) 
406 30th St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Joseph Barzella Hosken. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
•Charles Wallace Hubbard, d. 

Davisburg, Mich., May 22, 1900. 
Guy Hutch iNGS. Eustis, Fla. 

Frederick Decimus Jenkins. 

1050 W. 24th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Colonel Manfred Johnson. Surg.- 
in-Chief, Cottage Hospital. 

Harvard, 111. 
John Calvin Keeney. Johnson, Ark. 
Louis Lorenzo Kelley. 

Farwell, Mich. 
♦Martin Crocker Keixy, a 68-70, 
Ph.C. 71, d. Mt. Clemens, Mich., 
Dec. 22, 1898. 
William John Ketcham. 

Dowagiac, Mich. 
Edwin Leroy Kimball. 

Spokane, Wash. 
•John Hillis Kirk, d. Union City, 

Pa., Jan. 14, 1898. 
Robert Richard Lawrence. 

Hartford, Mich. 
Henry Drummond Livingstone. 

Santa Maria, Cal. 
•Neil A. McCallum, d. Yuma, Ariz., 

about 1890. 
•Morris Dexter McCandless, d. 

Youngs town, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1892. 
Henry McCrea, M.D. (Bellevue) 
76. Marlette, ISIicK 

Frank Stewart McKibben. Druggist. 

Tamora, Neb. 
Leander Erastus Maddox. 

Montpelier, Ind. 
Eliza Maria Mosher. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 15.) Ann Arbor. 
•Richard Murphy, d. Detroit, Mich., 
Jan. 20, 1894. 


Santa Maria, Cal. 
•George Chancy Pease, d. Fulton, 
Mich., Jan. 25, 1895. 

Richard Joseph Piper. 

540 Washington Blvd., Chicago, IlL 
Charles Virgin Porter. 

Viroqua, Wis. 
Justin Ellis Post, D.D.S. 76. Den- 
tist. Barnwell, S. C. 
John Underwood Raymond, Ph.C. 
(Howard Univ.) *88. 

Washington, D. C. 
*A. Adelaide Richardson, d. South 

Hadley, Mass., Sept. 15, 1885. 
Edwin James Rothwell. 

3021 Lawrence St., Denver, Colo. 
•Edward Jackson Rowe, d. Gentry- 

ville, Mo., Dec. 17, 1897. 
George Elmer Sanford. York, Mich. 
•George Gordon Shannon, d. San 

Francisco, Cal., Aug. 4, 1900. 
Eliza Ann Shaw. 
•Henry Lewis Steiner, d. Kenton, 

Ohio, Sept. 21, 1880. 
Martha (Cochrane Strong. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Edwin Augustine Swan. 

Belief on taine, O. 

John F. Thomson. Garrett, Ind. 

Robert Haines Tremper, D.D.S. 76. 

Dentist. Ontario, Cal. 

Clifford Afton Turner. 

16 Church St., Cleveland, O. 
Charles Ultes, M.D. (Bellevue) 
78. Springfield, O. 

William Cyrenus Upjohn. 

2411 Cuming St., Omaha, Neb. 
William Erastus Upjohn, p 72-73. 
Manufacturing pharmacist. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Mary Lucinda Vincent. 

70 State St., Chicago, 111. 
*Marie Josephine Walker, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., April, 1882. 
•Clark Watson, d. Milwaukee, Wis., 

Oct. 5, 1899. 
Freeman Simmons Williams. 

Kalida, O. 
OuN Seymour Wright. 

(79) Plant City, Fla. 


James Anderson, Ph.B. (Mt. Union) 
74,M.D. (N.Y.Univ.)77. Salem, O. 

MiNA Annette Baker. (Mrs. Charles 
D. Mitchell.) Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Elbert Eugene Barnum. 

Pine City, Minn. 

•Charles Ephraim Beoel, d. Jack- 
son, Mich., Feb. 3, 1901. 

•William Randall Birdsall, M.D. 
(Columbia) 77. d. New York, 
N. Y., June 7, 1892. 




Henry Patrick Birmingham. Maj. 
and Surg. U. S. A. 

Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 

Don Alvabado Bisbee. Bristol, Vt. 

Idbis Helen Bbiogs. (Mrs. Clark L. 

Gregory. ) Ontario, Cal. 

*Albebt Bbook, d. Holland, Mich., 

Dec. 7, 1876. 
•Gboboe Alson Bbundaoe, d. Pick- 

ville. Pa., Sept. 9, 1887. 
*Phcebe Delinda Bullock, (Mrs. 
Howell), A.B. (Lawrence Univ.) 
'66, A.M. {ibid.) '69, d. Burlin- 
game, Kan., May 17, 1880. 
JosEPHUs Martin Burgess. 

Northville, Mich. 
Reed Bubns. Scranton, Pa. 

Alexandeb X Campbell. 

Horton, Kan. 
John F. Campbell. 
John Oscab Campbell. 

Louisville, Ky. 
Howard Maxwell Casebeer. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Charles Sumneb Chambeblin. 

Kinsman, Ohio. 
H Dewey Chambeblin, A.B. (Ober- 
lin) 72, A.M. {ibid.) 75. 

Nevada, Iowa. 
•Clement Long Chandleb, d. Rich- 

tmond, Mich., Nov. 20, 1892. 
•RiCHABD CoisENS, d. Dodgcville, 

Wis., Nov. 1, 1895. 
Chables Glanville Cbuiokshank, 
Surg. Ist La. Inf. 1898. 

San Marcial, N. Mex. 
Clifford Lavbga DeVinny. 

Stockton, Cal. 
*Amasa John Dickinson, d. Huron, 

S. Dak., Nov. 10, 1888. 
Ulrich Duehb, D.D.S. 76. 
Eliza Mabia Ellinwood. 

Rome, N. Y. 

John Maynard Emeby. 
Maby Jane Fobsyth. 
Iba Mesick Gabbison. 

Bast Greenbush, N. Y. 
•John Georg, d. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 
19, 1888. 

WiLLOuoHBY Lyman Godfbey. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Daniel Howabd Gbbgoby. 

West Depere, Wis. 

HoBACE William Hammond. 

Luther, Mich. 
David Scott Hanson. 

1419 Broadway, Cleveland, O. 
Henry Bishop Hatch. Hart, Mich. 

John Walkeb Hauxhubst. 

West Bay City, Mich. 
Alonzo Wabd Hill. Milton, Oregon. 
Leonora Annette Howabd. (Mrs. 
King.) Medical AOssionary. 

Tientsin, China. 
Chables Cabboll Hyde. 

Addison, Mich. 
Merrill James Hyde. 

Brandon, Iowa. 
*Michael Hamilton Kerwin, d. 

Milwaukee, Wis., March 7, 1891. 
Mabel Beeches King. (Mrs. Robert 
L. King.) Flint, Mich. 

RoBEBT John Kingston, M.D. (Co- 
lumbia) 77, Ph.G. (N. Y. Coll. 
Phar.) 77. Newburgh, N. Y. 

HsNBY Kbemebs, A.M. (Hope) '84. 

Holland, Mich. 
Fbank Newton Latimeb. 

Ludington, Mich. 
John Lee. Dexter, Mich. 

•Joseph Mabvin Lewis, B.S. 73. 
Cathebine Lindsay. 

Sanitarium, Hildebran, N. C. 
RoBEBT Logan, Ph.C. 77, M.D. 
(Columbia) 77. Ionia, Mich. 

Habmon Yebkes Lonqacbe. Druggist, 
and Bookseller. St. Charles, 111. 

Chables Edwin Luscomb, B.S. (Oli- 
vet) 74, M.S. {ibid.) 77. 

San Diego, Cal. 
Donald Alexandeb McDonald. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
PsTEB McGbeoob, D.D.S. 77. 

Quimby, Iowa. 
Duncan McKellab. Osseo, Mich. 
William Michael Edwabd Mellen. 

Chicopee, Mass. 
Joseph Gillespie Millspaugh, A.B. 
(Hope) 74, A.M. {ibid,) 77. 

Little Falls, Minn. 
Joseph James Moobe. 

Farmington, Mich. 
Fbank Cabpenteb Moulding. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. Vols. 1898. 

Water town. Wis. 


Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
Caboline Nielsen. (Mrs. Charles 
Conner.) St Ignace, Mich. 

Mabtha Mabcella Nobbis. 

Pompeii, Mich. 
Daniel O'Donovan. Detroit, Mich. 
Gbobge Cydbo DeLozen O'Neill. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Thomas P. Oven, M.D. (N. Y. Univ.) 
77. Brookfield, Mo. 

Emoby Clark Palmeb. 

Charlotte, Mich. 



Ezra Augustin Palmer. 

Hartford, Mich. 
George Calder Palmer. 

Burnip's Corners, Mich. 
Abbt Pease. (Mrs. Richard Ck)sen8.) 

Dodgeville, Wis. 
Edward C. Prindle, M.D. (Colum- 
bia) 77. Lorin,Cal. 
•Samuel David Radley, d. Constan- 

tine, Mich., Nov. 20, 1883. 
•Cyrus Strigkler Rice, d. Disco, 

111., Dec. 28, 1899. 
Mary Jane Rising. (Mrs. Francis 
J. Young. ) Bridgeport, Conn. 

Perry Schurtz. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Reuben Schurtz. Streator, 111. 

John Sanford Seeley. 

Faribault, Minn. 
John Rings Shaffer. 

Elm Uall, Mich. 
Henry Lane Snodorass. Buffalo, Pa. 
Jerome Daniel Stocking. 

Clarendon, Tex. 
Sarah Fowler Stockwell. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Joseph Hume Taylor. Lapeer, Mich. 
•Will Gaylord Terry, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Nov. 8, 1885. 
James Albert Thompson. 
tRiCHARD Cunningham Traver. 

Somerset Centre, Mich. 

John Jacob Travis. Akron, 0. 

MnxiE ELiRBY Upjohn. (Mrs. Henry 

U. Upjohn.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 

•Henry V> VanVelsor, d. Omaha, 

Neb., Jan. 12, 1896. 
Daniel James Wallace. 

Sparta, Mich. 
Sylvia M. Ward. (Mrs. Nelson Ward.) 

Naponee, Neb. 
Albert Ernest Weed. 

North Branch, Mich. 
Charles Franklin West. 

Cleveland, O. 
Homer Harvey White. 

Earlville, N. Y. 

Levi O Williams, Ph.B. (Mt. Union) 

'74. East Liverpool, O. 

•Elisha Mason Young, d. Kalkaska, 

Mich., 1880. 



•Charles Beckwith Allyn, d. Or- 
ange City, Fla., Feb. 8, 1885. 

•William Walter Anderson, d. 
Denver, Colo., Oct. 20, 1890. 

Albion Alexander Andrews, a 
66-67, B.S. (Cornell) 70. 

Fargo, N. Dak. 

Oscar Samuel Armstrong. 

University Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
•George Byron Ayres, M.D. (Long 
Island) 76, d. Fort Omaha, Neb., 
Aug. 19, 1890. 
Eveline Phebe Ballentine. 

State Hospital, Rochester, N. Y. 
Ransom Moore Barrows, B.S. (Oli- 
vet) 70, M.S. {ibid.) 73, M.D. 
( Chicago Hahn. ) '84. Prof, in Dun- 
ham Med. Coll. 

6413 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, HL 
Orville Benjamin Batchelder. 

Tilton, N. H. 
Emma Louise Benham, D.D.S. (N.W. 
Dent. Coll.) '88. Dentist. 

Chicago, 111. 

Harriet Virtue Bills. (Mrs. George 

B. Brooks.) Saginaw, Mich. 

•Charles Black, A.B. (Syracuse) 

75, d. Pittsburg, Pa., 1884. 
Benjamin Dean Bradfield.' 

Logansport, Ind. 
Alexander Clarkson Burns. 

Huntington, W. Va. 
♦Daniel St. Clair Campbell, d. De- 
troit, Mich., Dec. 17, 1901. 
Harris Ansel Canfield. 

Bradford, Pa. 
John Edward Clark. Dean of 
Dept. of Phar. since 1892, in the De- 
troit Coll. of Med. 

18 John R. St., Detroit, Mich. 
•Amanda Conkling, d. Red Lake 

Falls, Minn., April 15, 1891. 
John J. [Hardin] Conner. Pana, III. 
Jeremiah Coughlin, Ph.C. 70, a 73- 
74, MJ>. (Columbia) 78, A.M. (St. 
Francis Xav. Coll.) 78. 

Bogota, Columbia, S. A. 
•John Franklin Curry, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, March 22, 1877. 
Edgerton Clapp David. Picton, Ont. 
Julius Worthinoton David. 
Henry William Dennis. 
Alfred Desjardins, A.B. (Montreal) 
72. Baraga, Mich. 

John Benjamin Dudley. 

Bath, N. Y. 

John H. Dumon. Central ia. Wash. 
tGuiLFORD Dudley Elder. 

Bloomington, 111. 

Stephen Fugate. DuBois, Pa. 

CIeorge Whitefield Furey. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

•Leslie Medard Goodrich, d. Cor- 

runna, Mich., July 28, 1880. 
Frederick Eugene Grant. 

Kansas City, Mo. 




Thomas Edward Walton Gboveb, 
M.D. (Louisville) '83. 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Henry Powell Halsted, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) 71. Perry, Mich. 

*D. Claude Hawxuurst, D.D.S. *76, 

d. Paris, France, Feb. 16, 1882. 
Ada J. Healey. (Mrs. Albion A. An- 
drews.) Fargo, N. Dak. 
•George A. Hendricks. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 23.) 
Mary Lee Hoagland. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam C. Upjohn.) Omaha, Neb. 
Isaac Walker Houston. 

Marshall, Mich. 
EupiiEMiA Jane Howell. (Mrs. Al- 
bert Howell.) Osakis, Minn. 
Aaron Rood Ingram. Fenton, Mich. 
John Smith Ingram. Bailey, Mich. 
George Henry Jones. 

Fowlerville, N. Y. 
George Weirs King. Helena, Mon. 
James Johnson Lyon. 

Zilwaukee, Mich. 
John McLean McDonald. 
William Hamilton MgKenzie. 
Alexander Campbell Maclean. 

Salt l^kc City, Utah. 
♦Jeremiah Lynch Maloney, d. Ma- 
dera, Cal., April, 1885. 
Juliet E[lfridaJ March ant. 

LaPorte, Tex. 
Eliza Mitchell, h 77-78. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
•Arthur Howard Moss, d. Kent 

City, Mich., Nov. 30, 1880. 
Moses Newkirk. 

Mercedes, Arg. Rep., S. A. 
George Adolphus Newton. 

Springfield, O. 
LuciAN Gregory North. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
Georoe William Orb, p 70-71. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
George William Palmer. 

Chelsea, Mich. 
Duncan Paterson. Capac, Mich. 

Clarence Edward Persons. 

Marshall, Minn. 
Wilbur Fisk Reed, A.B. 74. 

Cheboygan, Mich. 

Edward Adams Romio. Capt. and 

Assist. Surg. 40th U. S. Vols. 1899. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 
George Irwin Royce. 

Cannon Falls, Minn. 
William Russell. 
Randall Schuyler. Ann Arbor. 

Fanny Seabls, B.S. (N. W. Univ.) 
70. (Mrs. Henry Gradle.; 

Waukegan, 111. 
Jacob Danford Sherrick. 

Puyallup, Wash. 
•Elisha Townsend Shoemaker, d. 

Los Angeles, Cal., May 13, 1895. 
HoLLis Fred Sioler. 

Pinckney, Mich. 
Stewart Whedon Smith, A.B. 75. 

Denison, Tex. 
Julia Evelyn Sparr. (Mrs. J. Au- 
guste Coffin.) Foo Chow, China. 
Samuel Seymour Stearns. 
Lafayette Stuck. Allegan, Mich. 
Clarence Fletcher Swift. 

Harlan, Ind. 

Frances Augusta Tenny. (Mrs. 

Livius Tenny.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 

•Elnora a. Upham Totten (Mrs. 

William W. Anderson), d. Denver, 

Colo., Aug. 19, 1882. 

James Henry Travis. Elsie, Mich. 

•Abbie Everest Vaill, d. New York, 

N. Y., April 2, 1897. 
Ashman Henry Vandivert. 

Bethany, Mo. 
•Sophia [Dean] Volland (Mrs. 
Jacob Volland ) , d. Ann Arbor, July 
10, 1897. 
Franklin Eugene Walbbidge. 

141 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Watson. Auburn, 111. 

Henry Mason Wheeleb, M.D. (Co- 
lumbia ) '80. Grand Forks, N. Dak. 
George James Wilder. 

443 Englewood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lettie Helen Woodruff. 

17 Tremont St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Charles William Wooldridge, B.S. 
76. Cleveland, O. 



George Washington Allyn, A.B. 72. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Robert William Alton, p 73-74. 

Portland, Mich. 
Fbank Eugene Andbews, p 75-76. 

Adrian, Mich. 
Chables Obbin Bakeb, A.B. 72. 

Fort Madison, Iowa. 
Henby J. Banta. Logansport, Ind. 
•Jennie S. Babnabd, d. Joseph/ Ore., 

July 25, 1897. 
Jebome William Babnabd. 

Joseph, Ore. 
Howabd Malcolm Bennett. 

Wellsville, Kan. 




Asa. Lapham Blanchard. 

Northville, Mich. 
fPATRicK R. Brennan. Wysox, Pa. 
Phebe Bbooks. 

Centre Road Station, Pa. 

Nellie Aones Bbown. (Mrs. Charles 

S. Beadle. ) Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

James Neelands Buckuam, Ph.C. 

76, a 73-74. Flint, Mich. 

tWiLLiAM Eablet BuRTLESSjO 71-73. 

St. Clair, Mich. 
John Dalgliesu Campbell. 

Pioche, Nev. 
•Tareh H. Choolhalan, d. in Turkey, 

about 1890. 
Thomas Canning Church. 

Valley Falls, N. Y. 
John Ed>vin Coni^an. Munith, Mich. 
Richard Warren Cobwin. 

Pueblo, Colo. 
Carter James Crippen. 

Trout River, N. Y. 
Thomas Allin Cullis. Vassar, Mich. 
Charles Edward Dampieb. 

Crookston, Minn. 
•John Davidson, d. Colorado, about 

•Edward Van Ness Davis, d. Platte- 

ville, Colo., 1897. 
Ltman L. Deck. Salamanca, N. Y. 
Emma Adams Decker. (Mrs. Wil- 
helmus Decker. ) Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
•WiLHELMus Decker, B.S. 73. 
Alexandrine Eoeroff, Ph.C. 78. 
(Mrs. Jay Fuller.) Detroit, Mich. 
Clara M. Ellsburt. ( Mrs. Huggins. ) 
1083 Bryden Road, Columbus, O. 
William Brown Ely. 

Ainsworth, Neb. 
Henry Augustus Fitch, Ph.C. 71. 

Utica, N. Y. 
John Richard Francis. 

Washington, D. C. 
•Charles Walter Gardner, d. Bel- 

laire, Mich., Jan. 26, 1899. 
Julius Gabst, p 75-76. 

Worcester, Mass. 
Lowell Mason Gates, B.S. (Hills- 
dale) 76, M.S. {ibid.) 79. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Frank Benjamin Golley, M.D. (Bel- 
levue) 79. Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Garrett Gordon. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Herbert Gumaer. 

Evansville, Ind. 
Lucy Mabel Hall. (Mrs. Robert G. 
Brown. ) 
158 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hamlet Hart. Eureka, Mich. 

George Nicholas Hartwell. 

Jamestown, Kan. 
Robert Henderson. Buchanan, Mich. 
Frank Pierce Herr. Ridgely, Md. 
James Simpson Herries. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
•fHoRACE Rodney Hitchcock, d. De- 
troit, Mich., Aug. 28, 1892. 
•Franklin C. Horner, d. Belleville, 

Mich., Oct. 16, 1882. 
OuvER NrxoN Huff. 

Fountain City, Ind. 
Omar Persha Huston.« 

Lexington, Okl. 

Victor Hugo Jackson, D.D.S. 77. 


240 Lenox Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Absalom Win field Jones, A.M. 

( l)ost.-grad. ) 77. Westerville, O. 

Titus Dixon Keillor. 

Clifford, Mich. 
Elbridge Olin Kinne, Ph.B. (Syra- 
cuse) 76, Ph.M. {ibid.) 79. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
William Frederick Knapp. 

Monroe, Mich. 
Charles Sumner Knigut. 

Wcstboro, Maps. 
John Joseph Lawless. 

New Bavaria, 0. 
Edgar Dudley Lewis. 

Otisville, Mich. 
[William Herbert] Denslow Lewis, 
Ph.C. 77. Surg. Cook Co. Hosp., 
Lakeside Ho«p., etc., 

5100 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Adelaide Lewitt. 

500 Van Ness Ave., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Damon Morgan Little. 
George Henry Littlefield, A.B. 
(Dartmouth) 71, A.M. {ibid.) *93. 

Matfield, Mass. 
James Harvey Lyon. 

4229 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Robert McGurk. Standish, Mich. 
Charles Henry McKain. 

Vicksburg, Mich. 
Norman Lamont McLachlan. 

Findlay, O. 
John A. McLbod. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Neil McLure. Lenox, Mich. 

Duncan Fenwick McMillan. 

London, Ont. 
Thomas Monroe Marcellus. 

Overton, Va. 

Alfred George Mays, Ph.G. (Phila. 

Coll. of Phar.) 73. Victor, Colo. 




Eugene Henbt Mead. 

Hamden, Conn. 
Alpheus Goodman Mesic. 

Milan, Mich. 
Qbobge Granville Monroe, 

7004 Stoney Island Ave., 

Chicago, III. 
Allan Nelson Mooue. 

Lockport, N. Y. 
Ltman Sanderson Osborne. 

Fitzgerald, Ga. 
Charles Doolittle Parsons. 

Burr Oak, Mich. 
•Levi Augustus Proper, d. Orion, 

Mich., Aug. 27, 1897. 
George Henry Randell. 

Pioneer Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
•Alexander McCandless Kjcid, d. 

Clarion, Pa., April 10, 1890. 
Delbert Edgar Robinson, M.D. (N. Y. 
Univ.) *81. Jackson, Mich. 

Benjamin Levan Saegeb. 

Nordhoflf, Cal. 
tJoHN Chester Salmon. 

Shelby, Mich. 
William Lewis Souoales. 

St. Clair, Mich. 
Floyd Preston Sheldon. 

223 W. 122d St., New York, N. Y. 
Warren Hobabt Sherman. 

Sterling, Neb. 
Charles Gilbebt Smith. 
Eli James Smith. Neenah, Wis. 

George Wabben Spenceb. 

Cleveland, O. 

Ransom Humphrey Stevens, Ph.C. 

'77. Bakersfield, Cal. 

*George Mitchell Swain, d. Great 

Bend, Kan., Dec. 3, 1882. 
•Lavinia Todd, d. Michigan City, 

Ind., Jan. 24, 1897. 

Charles C Van Valkenburgii. Princ. 

of High School. Hauford, Cal. 

ViCTOB Clarence Vauohan, M.S. 

(post-grad.) 75. Ann Arbor. 

John William Was. 

2622 111th St., Chicago, 111. 
William Joshua Webb. 

1438 Cornelia Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Silas Addison Wessels. 

Canajoharie, N. Y. 
♦John L. White, Ph.B. '73. 
Nathan Hall Williams. 

Jackson, Mich. 
William Elwood Ziegexfuss. 

327 W. Hancock Ave. Detroit, Mich. 


Chablotte Allen. Valparaiso, Ind. 

Gboboe Pbeston Allen. 
1272 Fulton St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Maby Ann Abmstbong. 

Santa Cruz, Cal. 

*£dgab John Ashmore, d. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., June, 1895. 

Herman Augustus Bailey. 

* Francis Luther Bardeen, d. Bern- 
hard's Bay, N. Y., May 10, 1897. 

^Joseph Allen Bean, d. Oconomo- 
woe. Wis., Dec. 3, 1889. 

James Marshall Bell. Real estate. 

Rochester, 111. 

Charles Fremont Bennett. 

Inkster, Mich. 
^Francis Eugene Bortree, d. Ledge- 
dale, Pa., May 3, 1887. 
Maby Lavinia Briggs. Dryden N. Y. 
John Campbell, M.D. (Rush.) *82. 

Powell. O. 
Lafayette Ziba Com an. 

Boulder, Colo. 
Henby Ellis Combackeb. 

Osceola, Wis. 
Elizabeth Jane Cobbett. 

606 Sutter St., San Francisco, CaL 
Henby Jacob Cobdieb. 

Rockford, O. 
William Rodebick Cullen. 

Lake Crystal, Minn. 
John Thomas Davis. 

Independence, i^an. 
Helen Elviba Deane. (Mrs. Frank 
E. Brown.) Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Lyman Cabboll Dexteb. 

Newport, N. Y'. 
Chablbs Fbemont Dight. Prof, of 
Physiology in Hamline University. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Chables Isaac Ebeble. 

Webster City, Iowa. 

Matthew Henby Ellis. Maj. and 
Surg. 2nd Ore. Inf. 1898; Brigade 
Surg, in Philippines, 1899. 

Albany, Ore. 

Benjamin Logan Euans, B.S. (No- 
tre Dame) 76, M.S. {ibid.) 78. 

Watseka, HI. 

Lewis Alfbed Flexeb. Delano, Pa. 
Edwin Lawton Fosdick. Lawyer. 

Butler, Ind. 

Fbank Albebt Foster. 

Waltham, Mass. 

*Samuel Degraw Frederick, d. Sa- 
lem, Mich., Sept. 27, 1890. 




Louis C Fuller, Ph.C. 76, a 72-74. 
Ill E. 12th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Pierce Joshua Fullerton. 

Irving, 111. 
Daniel Geib. Groton, S. Dak. 

Wilbur Gillett. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles D. Goodrich, a 73-74. 

Elkhart, Ind. 
Cepha Celinda Hall. (Mrs. George 
Hall.) Retired. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 
Ernest Elbert Hamilton. 

Wichita, Kan. 
•George Austin Harding, d. Sault 

Ste. Marie, Mich., Nov. 20, 1884. 
George William Harris, M.D. (N. 
Y. Univ.) '87. Port Huron, Mich. 
Charles Everett Hebard. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Albert Benjamin Herrick. 

Santa Rosa, Cal. 
•Calvin Joy Hilliker, d. Canandai- 

gua, Mich., May 3, 1886. 
•WiLLARD Holt, d. Newport, N. Y., 

Jan. 17, 1894. 
•James Porter Howard, d. Blunt, 8. 

Dak., Dec, 1885. 
Frank Jackson Hubbard, Ph.C. 77. 
Business. Battle Cfreek, Mich. 

•John Jones Hudson, d. on Board Pa- 
cific Mail Steamer New York, of 
which he was Surgeon, in the sum- 
mer of 1879. 
•Luther Holmes Hulburd, d. Orton- 

ville, Minn., Oct. 1, 1879. 
Edgar S Johnston, C.E. '68. 

Gibsonburg, 0. 
•Joshua Jones, d. Auburn Park, 111., 

March 5, 1891. 
•Douglas Arad Joy, M.E. (Colum- 
bia) 75, d. Omaha, Neb., June 15, 
Patrick Henry Keefe. 

257 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 
Michael William Kelly. Joliet, 111. 
William Henry Keyes. 

West Bay City, Mich. 
George William King. 

Jorsoy City, N. J. 
•Emmet Haines Kirk, d. Cleveland, 

Ohio, May 10, 1897. 
Reynold Jerome Kirkland. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
E Wirt Lamoreaux. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
•Edward Miller Lindley, d. What 

Cheer, Iowa, Aug. 14, 1882. 
MiNA LoGUE. (Mrs. Francis E. Ful- 
ler). Adrian, Mich. 

Julius Crawford McCormick. 

Iosco, Mich. 
Thomas Hays McDonald. 

Petersburg, Mich. 
Alexander McLeod. Spokane, Wash. 
Ora Manly. Davisburg, Mich. 

*Albert G. P. Mantino, d. Fillmore 

Centre, Mich.^ April 30, 1897. 
iliRAM Manuel Martin. Oculist. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 
James Curtis Miller. Journalist. 

Springfield, Neb. 
Sidney Mitchell. Saranac, N. Y. 

•George Arnold Munshaw, d. West 

Bay City, Mich., Jan. 16, 1887. 
Virginia C. Murdock. Medical Mis- 
sionary under American Board. 

14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Albert Rose Nicholson. 

Oleander, Cal. 
tJAMEs Patterson Orr, 

White Ash, Pa. 
Byron Hesten Ovenshire. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Henry Clay Paddock. 

667 Edenwood Ave., New York, N. Y. 
•James Hugh Patton, d. Trenton, 

Mo., Jan. 13, 1900. 
Louis Michael Plessner. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Lawson Henry Recker. 

Morocco, Ind. 
Thomas Jefferson Ritter. 

Wadsworth, O. 
•Frank H. Rorick, d. Indianapolis, 

Ind., fTov. 22, 1889. 
•Orville Lemon Rowe, d. Tuscarora, 

N. Y., Jan. 20, 1881. 
William Edgar Rowe. 

Allegan, Mich. 
Mary Adeline Sanford. 
Ellen Amelia Sherman, A.B. (Ober- 
lin) 74» National, Iowa. 

Henry Albert Shurtleff. 

Partello, Mich. 
ALlry Ione Slade. Castile, N. Y. 

tWiLLiAM Henry Smith, A.M. (post- 
grad.) '73. St. Clair, Mich. 
Ralph Tenney Sowden. Slatedale, Pa. 
Alice Martha Stabk. 

Ottumwa, Iowa. 
Anna Hall Stewart. (Mrs. Charles 
C. Flatt.) Corydon, Pa. 

George Washington Stockton. 
Melvin Watson Taylor. 
Thomas Elwood Taylor, A.B. 75. 

Denver. Colo. 
Franklin Clark Terrill. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 




♦Archibald John Thomson, d. Cad- 
illac, Mich., Jan. 27, 1900. 
Jennie Mary Turner. Lyons, N.Y. 
•William McDermand Van Velsor, 

d. Tracy, Minn., Dec. 24, 1895. 
Karl Von Ruck. Asheville, N. C. 
fWYLLYs Seaman Walkley. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 

Dallas Warren. Mil ford, Mich. 

Eber Kinney Watts, B.S. (Adrian) 

77. Richmond, Ind. 

Emily Frances Wells. Physician 

to Sanitarium. 

Hot Springs, S. Dak. 

BioN Whelan, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 

Coll.) 77. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Thomas Herman Wilcox, M.D. 

(Long Island) 78. Real Estate. 

785 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

•Antoinette Williams, d. Lawrence, 

Kan., July 28, 1898. 
•William Anglin Scarlett Wil- 
liams, d. Petoskey, Mich., May 11, 
Franklin Worthinoton Wilson. 

Shelby, Mich. 
Abthxjb Leland Woroen, a 73-76. 

11 30 3d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


NoBMAN William Andrews. 

6828 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•Charles Anson Babcock, d. Detroit, 

Mich. Jan., 1886. 
Frank Dymond Baker. Flint, Mich. 
Fred Baker, B.S. (Cornell) 78. 

San Diego, Cal. 
Jos6 Celso Barbosa, M.D. (Univ. of 
Havana) '90. Member of the Exec- 
utive Council, 1900. 

San Juan, Porto Rico. 
William Thomas Batterson. 

Springfield, O. 
•James Addison Beebe, d. Tacoma, 

Wash., Sept. 26, 1898. 
Ralph Palmer Beebe. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 


Soldiers* Home, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Strong Mosher Bennett. 

Mexico, N. Y. 
Harlan Jackson Brown. Farmer. 

West Batavia, N. Y. 
Ralph Alton Brown. 

Waukomis, Okl. 
Donald W Campbell. Atchison, Kan. 
John Luther Campbell. 

Birmingham, Mich. 

William Pitt Carpender. 

Roann, Ind. 
William Bayard Carroll. 

130 Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 
•Thirza Ellen Clark, (Mrs. William 
Kollock,) d. Denison, Texas, Nov. 
10, 1883. 
Granville James Coller. 

Brookings, S. Dak. 
•Samuel Le Count Cook, d. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Jan. 23, 1890. 
Edward Clinton Davisson, M.D. 
(Jefferson) '82. Dayton, O. 

Sarah Johnson Dean. (Mrs. Mar- 
tin Dean.) Seattle, Wash. 
•David Noble De Tar A.B. 78. 
Chalmers McCall Dickson. 

Flint, Mich. 
Margaret Viola Covey Doane. ( Mrs. 
Charles L. Kimball.) 

Healdsburg, Cal. 
William T. Dodge. Big Rapids, Mich. 
Henry Mitchell Downs. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
FRi^NCES Arvilla Drew. 
Reuben Allen Dunkelberg. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
•Orville Steinberg Ensign, d. Liv- 

ermore, Cal., June 20, 1899. 
•Charles Augustus Entrup, d. Sha- 

kopee, Minn., May 28, 1893. 
•Mary Catherine Evans, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, April 12, 1894. 
Nellie Wheeler Fairfield. (Mrs. 
William J. Fairfield.) 

Anderson, Ind. 
John Campbell Fleming. 

Shirleysburg, Pa. 
Charles Tillson Fox. 

GilberUville, N. Y. 
Bradford S. Galloway. 

Leadville, Colo. 
Francis Graham Gardiner, A.M. 
( Westminster Coll. ) '90. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mason Wilbur Gray, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) 77. Pontiac, Mich. 

Flavius Josephus Groneb, B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 74. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Albert Adams Hallock, Ph.C. 77. 

Massilon, O. 
Emily Almen a Hammond. ( Mrs. Lu- 
ther. ) 
Isaac Marion Harrison. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Orrin Barnum Hayden. 

635 W. 63d St., Chicago, III. 
James Daniel Huxis. Lafayette, Ind. 



Maby Anna Holbbook. 

Montreat, N. C. 

•Timothy Lewis Holland, d. La 
Gro, Ind., July 14, 1880. 

William Jilson Huff. 

Stewardson, 111. 

Mabtha Paul Hughes, B.S. (Univ. 
of Pa.) '82. (Mrs. Angus M. Can- 
non. ) Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Fbancis Sidney Hull. 

Gettysburg, S. Dak. 

LoviAS FnxMOBB Inoebsoll, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 74. 

Grand Junction, Colo. 

John Sebbebt Johnson. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Fbank C. Jones. Pasadena, Cal. 

Sabah Feix Kenfield. Retired. 

7206 Euclid Ave., Chicago, HI. 

•ViEBLiNo Kersey, d. Redlands, Cal., 
Nov. 3, 1892. 

RUFUS Robert Kime. Atlanta, Ga. 

MoBBis Clayton Lutz Kitchen, I 66- 
66. Prof, in Saginaw Valley Med. 
Coll., since 1890. Saginaw, Mich. 

Obson Ford Lewis. llepler, Kan. 

Gbobge Babclay McCallum, a 74-76, 
MJ>. (Columbia) '81. Monroe, Mich. 

*Geobue a. Marietta, d. Clarion, 
Iowa, May 14, 1899. 

Willis Willard Mather. 

1633 Barry Are., Chicago, HI. 
Walter Stevens Morden. 

Macon, Mich. 

Patrick Eugene Naole, p 75-76. 

312 R St., N. E., Washington, D. C. 
•John O'Heabn, d. Grand Rapids, 

Ohio, May 1, 1881. 
Bethena Angelina Owens. (Mrs. 

John Adair. ) North Yakima, Wash. 
•J. Habbis Oxneb, d. Rome, N. Y., 

June 8, 1900. 
Edgab Allen Peck. Kankakee, 111. 
Theodore Calvin Peterson. 

Wilmerding, Pa. 

Alvin Jay Rosenberby. 

Oak Park, 111. 

Gerby Weedon Ross. Ousted, Mich. 
Elizabetth Staffobd Samm. (Mrs. 
Bartlett.) Richmond, Va. 

Fbedebick Schebmebhorn. 

Montrose, Colo. 

Pebby Schoonmakeb. 

161 W. 126th St., New York, N. Y. 
Albebt E Shimmel. Berlin, Mich. 
Altbed William Suton. 
*Robebt Stevenson, d. Three Rivers, 
Mich., Dec. 3, 1892. 

Thomas John Sullivan. Maj. and 

Surg. 7th 111. Inf. 1898. 
4709 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Celia Williams Taylob. (Mrs. 

Reverdy J. Goodman.) Prof, in 

Saginaw Valley Med. CJoll. since 

1896. Saginaw, Mich. 

•Charles Augustus Terhune, LXi.B. 

75, d. Petoskey, Mich., June 12, 

•John Edmund Totten, d. Attleboro, 

Mass., Nov. 3, 1887. 
Frank Albert Towsley. 

Midland, Mich. 
•Franklin Vandawarker, p 80-83, d. 

Ann Arbor, Sept. 21, 1901. 
John Van der Laan, A.M. (Hope) 

*93. Muskegon, Mich. 

•Hiram Walter, d. Eaton Rapids, 

Mich., May 20, 1898. 
Gbiffy Benjamin Ward. 

Fairbank, Iowa. 
Prudence Belle Warner. (Mrs. 

Frank P. Reynolds. ) Detroit, Mich. 
•David Eaton Websteb, d. Columbia 

City, Ind., Oct. 10, 1897. 
fALLEN Sidney Whetstone. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
George John White. Jackson, Mich. 
William Reid Whitelaw. Lodi, Wis. 
Henby Valentine Wildman. 

Bellevue Hospital, New York, N. Y. 
Anna Mary Wilkin. 

South Framingham, Mass. 
Pierre De Everette Witherspoon. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
•Habvey H Ziegleb, d. Ayersville, O., 

April 9, 1900. 


•William Livingston Axfobd, Ph.B. 

James Hanley Baohe. 

309 W. 51st St., New York, N. Y. 
Agnes Barry Barlow. (Mrs. Isaac 

M. Harrison.) Seattle, Wash. 

•fLuKE Newton Beagle, d. Flint, 

Mich., Dec. 24, 1897. 
•Sarah A. Beardsley, d. Valley 

Falls, N. Y., April 28, 1886. 
•Anna Lobdell Benson, d. Omaha, 

Neb., April 21, 1884. 
Joshua Stfa-ens Blanghard. 

Jackson, Mich. 
David Edward Bowman. Prof, in 

Toledo Med. Coll. since 1890. 

Toledo, O. 
James Brady. Leland, Mich. 




Geobqe Edward Bbown. 

Box 48 G, Cincinnati, O. 
William B Campbell. Troy, Kan. 
George Henry Chaffee. 

226 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Frank Chappell. 

Granite Falls, Wash. 
John Chase, A.B. 79. Denver, Colo. 
Charles Fuller Clark. 

Omaba, Neb. 
Alta Fremont Cook. A. A. Surg. 
Marine Hosp. Service. Sandusky, O. 
Cyrenus Gavitt Darling. 

Ann Arbor. 
Frank Wellington Dennis. 

Unionville, N. Y. 
John Francis Denslow. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Alfred Aldis Dunton, Ph.B. (Hills- 
dale) 79, Ph.M. {ibid.) '82. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Alpheus Beemer Fitch. 

Factory ville. Pa. 
Edward Henry Flynn. 

Marquette, Mich. 
William Jackson Gamble. 

Gastonville, Pa. 
Arthur Alfred Gillette. 

Rome, N. V. 

Schuyler Colfax Graves, a 77-78. 

Maj. and Brigade Surg. U. S. Vols. 

1808. Grand Rapids, .Mich. 

David Milton Greene. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
George William Hartmann. 

Wauseon. O. 

Edwin Noah Hawley. Norwalk, 0. 
Bertram Hazen. Helena, N. Y. 

George Francis Heath. 

Monroe, Mich. 

George Josiah Hill. 

North Yakima, Wash. 
*George Tilton Hine, d. Warne, X. 

C, Nov. 10, 1894. 
DeWitt Clinton Howell. 

East Tawas, Mich. 
Everett Adelbert Hoyt. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Thomas Garritt Huizinga. 

Zeeland, Mich. 

Charlotte LeBreton Johnson, A.B. 
(Vassar) 77, A.M. (ibid.) '88. 
( Mrs. Fred Baker. ) San Diego, Cal. 
William Mapes Johnson. 

1 Richmond Street, Newark, N. J. 
Robert Emmett Jones. 

110 E. Leigh St., Richmond, Va. 
Donald ^Ierouan Kelley. 

Brookston, Ind. 

John Perry Kelly, Ph.C. 79. 

Golden, Colo. 
•John Gardiner Kennan, A.B. 

(West. Res.) 79, d. Springfield, 

Ohio, Sept. 5, 1897. 


Adrian, Mich. 
1*]dward Wallace Lee. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Lena Cornelia Leland. 

Rockford, 111. 
Dana Carter Lewis. 

235 W. 15th St., New York, N.T. 
Lorenzo John Locy, B.S. 79. 

Davison, Mich. 

*Georoe Walter Long, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) 74, d. Dearborn, Mich., 

Oct. 29, 1881. 

* Samuel Long, d. Ransomville, N. Y., 

July 22, 1894. 
John Jacob Louis. Youngstown, O. 
William McCarroll, A.B. 77. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Hiram McGowan. 

Angus J McIntyre. McLeansboro, 111. 
.Tames Byron Martin. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Rosa Kline Martin. ( Mrs. Victor E. 
Liebig.) Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Levi Emerson Miley. 

870 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 
John Hamilton Moore. 
""John Aaron Morey, d. Cadillac, 

Mich., May 21, 1896. 
J AY Were Morrison. Detroit, Mich . 
David Wallace Mott. 

Santa Paula, Cal. 
John Joseph Murphy. Lima, O. 

*RoRERT Johnson Neal, d. Aintab, 

Turkey, Nov. 16, 1884. 
John Nugent. Southampton, N. Y. 
Frank Henry Olin. 

Southbridge, Mass. 
Albertus Taylor Parrish. 

Byron, ^lich. 

William Bruce Payton. Perris, Cal. 

George Williams Peckham, LL.D. 

(Univ. of Wis.) '94. City Librarian. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Edgar J Pendell. Marshall, Mich. 
•Charles Philip Pengra, Ph.C. '83, 

d. Boston. Ma»«»., Jan. 30, 1892. 
Robert Samuel Phillips. 
John Levant Ramsdell. 

Albion, Mich. 
Daniel Washington Reddin. 

North Baltimore, O. 
Maly Emanuel Renneb. Urbana, Ind. 
[Square] Albert Francis Rich- 
mond. Onekama, Mich. 




Sidney Bennett Rolison. 

Hesperia, Mich. 

Peteb D Rothwell. Denver, Colo. 

Julia Adelaide [Shebman] St. John, 
A.B. (Oberlin) 73. (Mrs. Philo 
D. St. John. ) Wichita, Kan. 

Andrew Jackson Cbosbt Saunieb, 
Ph.B. (Illinois Wesl.) '89. 

431 Spruce St., New York, N. Y. 

•John Stanford Satre, A.B. (Prince- 
ton) 78, M.D. (Bellevue) '84, 
Passed Asst. Surg. U. 8. Navy, d. 
Monticello, Mo., Nov. 29, 1899. 

•Edward Meredith Scarlett, d. 
Ridgetown, Ont., Feb. 23, 1884. 

•Frank Henry Seidell, d. Chester, 
Pa., Nov. 28, 1889. 

Fred Douglas Shepard. Professor 
and Medical Missionary. 

Aintab, Turkey. 

Aaron J Smith. Spencer, 0. 

Ary Bryant Smith. (Mrs. Walter J. 
Huntington. ) Blue Island, 111. 

Fletcher Stillman Smith, Ph.G. 
(Chicago) 75. Saginaw, Mich. 

Isaac Adoniram Smith. Horticultur- 
ist. Warren, Ind. 

Mary J Snoddy. (Mrs. Allen S. 
Whetstone. Minneapolis, Minn. 

John Freeman Summerville, B.S.' 
(McCorkle Coll.) 78. Monroe, Pa. 

Frederick Brakeman Sutton. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Goodman Suylandt. 

Gladwin, Mich. 

Martin Jellette Taylor. 

Janesville, Minn. 

Henry Harrison Turner. 

Northfield, Minn. 

Fred William Vincent. 

Pendleton, Ore. 

James Swaze Watson. Aurora, 111. 

John Elmer Weeks. 

46 E. 57th St., New York, N. Y. 

Charles Weir. 

Martin Weller. St. Johns, Mich. 

Walter Wilbur. Lynden, Wash. 

•Herbert James Williams, d. Ta- 
coma, Wash., Aug. 14, 1892. 

Frederick Elijah Woolsey. 

Plainwell, Mich. 

Austin Charles Wright. 

•fEoGAR Garrison Young, d. San 
Diego, Cal., Aug. 17, 1893. 


Fanny Perkins Andrews. ( Mrs. Fred 
D. Shepard.) Aintab, Turkey. 


Thomas Jefferson Andrews, Ph.B. 

(Oskaloosa) 78. Fairbury, Neb. 

"William Alexander Aubrey, d. 

Palmer, Tex., 1882. 
•Charles Hudson Avery, d. Perry- 

ville, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1883. 
William Henry Aylesworth. 

Hanna City, 111. 
Orla Starr Bailey. Hoytville, Mich. 
Charles Harper Baker, Ph.B. ( Hills- 
dale) '80, Ph.M. (ibid) '83. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Eugene Baker, B.S. (Cornell) 78. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Elmer Irving Balcom. 
•Sarah Collins Baldwin (Mrs. Wil- 
let B. Stickney), d. Savanna, Ind. 
Ter., June 19, 1883. 
Arthur David Banoham. 

Homer, Mich. 
•Nellie J. Bell, d. Denver, Colo., 

Feb. 16, 1892. 
Frederick Darius Bickford. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Benjamin Davis Bond, A.B. (Am- 
herst) 79, A.M. (ibid.) '83. 

Kohala, Hawaiian Islands. 
Mary [Isabella Elizabeth] Brown, 
(Mrs. Frank H. Winslow.) 

Seattle, Wash. 
*Henry Herbekt Bucknum, p 76-77, 

d. Denver, Colo., March 13, 1899. 
William Joseph Byrnes. Prof, of 
Surgery in Hamline Univ. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Aulls Campbell, B.S. 

(Bio.) '93. (See Faculties, p. 20.) 

Muskegon, Mich. 
John Henry Carty. Fair Haven, Vt. 
Herbert Elwood Cary, A.B. 77. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Wright James Chittock. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Edmund Adolph Christian, A.B. 79. 

Pontiac, Mich. 

•George Christie, d. Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1893. 

George Henry Cleveland. Editor of 
The Clinical Review. Chicago, 111. 

•James Blackmer Cole, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, June 19, 1898. 

Robert Woods Colville. A.B. (Ken- 
yon) 77. Mt. Vernon, O. 

Arthur Windes Condict. 

Dover, N. J. 

Lewis Reeves Dawson. Maj. and 
Surg. 1st Wash. Inf., 1898. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Albert Bela DeLiptay. 




Elias DeSpeldeb, A.B. (Hope Coll.) 
79,A.M. (t6ui.)'82. Drenthe, Mich. 
Ebeb Heman Deyoe. La Grange, 111. 
Obion Jonathan Fay, DJD.S. '81. 

Carleton, Mich. 
John Leandeb Fiebstone. 

1963 Arapahoe St., Denver, Colo. 
William B Finneqan. 

Edwardsville, N. Y. 
Benjamin Fbanklin Fobbey. 

Bath, ltd. 
Fbed Wabben Fbeeman. 

Saginaw, Mich. 


Jacksonville, Fla. 
Habold Giffobd, B.S. ( Cornell) 79. 

1810 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Neb. 
William Fbedebick Hake. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
*WiLLis Elmeb Hallowell, d. St. 

Paul, Minn., April 4, 1896. 
Willet Jebemiah Hebbington. 

Bad Axe, Mich. 
Denison J Higley, A.B. 76. 

Grand View, Iowa. 
Matthew Stewabd Hosmeb. 

Ashland, Wis. 
Alice Pebmelia Howes. (Mrs. Daniel 
L. Howes.) Detroit, Mich. 

Geobge Alvin Hughes. 

South Haven, Mich. 
William Augustus Hunt, A.B. ( Carle- 
ton Coll. ) 78. Northfield, Minn. 
Matthew Bevebidge Hutton. 

Valley Falls, N. Y. 
Paul Chbisten Jensen, Ph.C. 79. 

Manistee, Mich. 
*Geobge Lawbence Jobdan, d. Johns- 
town, Ohio, Jan. 17, 1890. 
Myatt Kyau. Rangoon Burmah. 

Oliveb Hoixingeb Lau. 

25 Piquette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
James Fbanklin Lemon. 

Dansville, Mich. 
Hugo Lupinski, Ph.C. 78. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
•Chables Henby McGobbay, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., Nov. 30, 1892. 
Obvil Owens McKioe. Caldwell, O. 
•Bunyan Andebson McLain, d. Val- 
paraiso, Neb., Nov. 28, 1883. 
*Levi James Magee, d. California, 

Staffobd James Meek. 

' Winsted, Minn. 

Fanny Isham Messengeb. (Mrs. 
Rees W. Edwards. ) Ottawa, O. 

Howabd Davidson Mills. Farmer. 

Sprague, Wash. 
Abthub Osbobne. M. E. clergyman. 

Mecklenburg, N. Y. 


Somerset Bridge, Bermuda Islands. 
Mabgabet Emily Paqelson. (Mrs. 
Herbert B. Howard.) Mass. Gen- 
eral Hosp. Boston, Mass. 
•Ella Mabtha Patton, d. St. Louis, 

Mo., Feb. 16, 1899. 
•Juliet E. Pebkins, d. Castleton, Vt., 

Dec. 29, 1898. 
RiCHABD Ralph Petitt, a 77-78. 

Dayton, O. 
•Claba Elizabeth Pope (Mrs. Wil- 
liam H. Richards), d. Benton Har- 
bor, Mich., March 13, 1896. 
Samuel John Poweb. 

Evansville, Ind. 
Albert Lycubous Rhea. Physician 
and Druggist. Modena, Mo. 

Albebt James Rice. 

116 Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Chables Habvey Rodi, Ph.C. '80. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Flora Hubbabo Ruch. (Mrs. Charles 
L. Ruch.) Lestershire, N. Y. 

John Ross Russel, A.B. 79. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Alfred James Scott. 

2617 Vine St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ford Wylus Sellabs. 

Pinnebog, Mich. 
Habry Sheldon Sevey. Naoo, Ariz. 
Fbank Tbesteb Smith, B.S. (Beth- 
any) '80, A.M. {ibid.) '88. Prof . of 
Chemistry in the Chattanooga Med. 
Coll. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Abthub Howe Southwick. 

Bradford, Pa. 
Albebt Lincoln Spanoole. 

Altoona, Pa. 
John Augustus Stbatton. 

Healdsburg, Cal. 
Elihu Duane Tallman. 

838 W. 87th St., Chicago, 111. 
William Wakefield. 

Lake Benton, Minn. 

Willabd Miles Welleb, M.D. ( Belle- 
vue) '87. Ithaca, Mich. 

John Edmunds White. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Stanley E Woodbuff. 

Painesville, O. 

James Ney Weight. Johnstown, O. 
William Thomas Weight, A.B. (Ken- 
yon ) '78. Denison, Iowa. 
Fbank Asbuby Wygant. 

Cohocton, N. Y. 

Lilian Babbaba Yeomans. Evan- 
gelist. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
William Edwabd Young. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 



Samtjkl Zimmebman. Wayne, Mich. 



*Jame8 Buchanan Abbot, d. Clayton, 

Mich., Feb. 10, 1890. 
Josephine Fulleb Alben. 

1708 5th Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
John Elmeb Allaben. Rockford, 111. 
£^A Allen. (Mrs. David R. Travis.) 
The Riverview, 148th St., 

New York, N. Y. 
John Henbt Amebland. 

2739 Chippewa St., St. Louis, Mo. 
*OsoAB Kempeb Abdeby, d. Anderson, 

Ind., Sept. 6, 1897. 
Addison Alexandeb Abmstbonq. 

Fair Haven, N. J. 
John Cableton Bacuop, A.B. (West- 
minster Coll. ) 73. 

Sheakleyville, Pa. 
Fbed Clabk Bailey, Ph.C. '81. 

Adams Centre, N. Y. 
Hebschel DeLos Bakeb. 

Springfield, Mo. 
Habby Clay Baum. Maj. and Surg. 
2d N. Y. Inf. 1898. Syracuse, N. Y. 
Habbtet Caboline Berinoeb, A.B. 
(Vassar) '80. (Mrs. Horace C. Al- 

34 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Gbobge Moobe Bbaden. 

Scotts, Mich. 
Anna M. Bbockway. (Mrs. Willard 
E. Gray.) Detroit, Mich. 

Augustus Ibvinq Bubdeno. 

Delray, Mich. 
Fabquhabd Campbell. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
*Lewis Chables Cabmeb, d. Lancas- 
ter, N. Y., July 11, 1892. 
Will Woloott Cabpenteb. 

221 Fulton St., Chicago, 111. 


Syracuse, N. Y. 
Pkbby Jacob Clabk. Herman, Neb. 
Benjamin Clyne. Yale, Mich. 

David Sylvesteb Conley. 

Streator, 111. 
J. Sylvesteb Cobooban. Ubly, Mich. 
Kathebine Anne Cobey. ( Mrs. James 
H. Ford. ) 

1062 W. New York St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Chester Emoby Coulteb, a 78-79. 

Ogden, Utah. 
Walteb Coubtney. Chief Surg. N. P. 
Ry. Brainerd, Minn. 

Ltman Samuel Cbotseb. 

Edmore, Mich. 

Lewis Bbush Denison. Sayre, Pa. 
Austin Fillmobe Denlinoeb. 

Lansford, Pa. 

James Alexandeb Dickson, M.D. 

(Jefferson) *89. Youngstown, O. 

James Donnelly. Toledo, O. 

John Jay Encke, Ph.B. (Albion) '78. 

Aurora, 111. 
Edwabd Clinton Fish. Mosinee, Wis. 
Chables Mabshall Fbye. 

Lowell, Mass. 
John Milton Galleby. 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
Melvin Newton Gabdneb. 

Greenleaf , ELan. 
*Habbiet Angell Gebby, d. Detroit, 

Mich., May 26, 1899. 
Reuben Shebwood Gilbebt. 
Chables Edwin Goodwin. Pharma- 
cist and Physician. Ithaca, Mich. 
*Gboboe Stanley Gould, d. Walker- 
ton, Ont., June 28, 1883. 
M. Clayton Gbeen. Lowell, Mich. 
Addison Davis Habd, M.D. (Jeffer- 
son ) '84. Wentworth, S. Dak. 
Habbiet Louise Habbington, Ph.C. 
'8 1 . Dorchester, Mass. 
Haeold Willis Habtwell,M.D. (N.Y. 
HorooBo.) '84. St. Louis, Mo. 
Mabietta Haslep. 

224 N. Meridian St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Heney John Heusinkveld. 

Fulton, 111. 
Abbam Nathaniel Hixson. 

Grand Ledge, Mich. 
Lucy H. Hoag, B.S. (Albion) 72. 
Medical Missionary. 

Chinkiang, China. 
James Habvey Hudson. 

Merrill, Mich. 
*Albina Hunteb, d. Ithaca, N. Y., 

Ebnest Ruel Jellison. M. E. Mis- 
sionary to China, 1889-1900. Ocu- 
list. 428 Central Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Collins Hickey Johnston, A.B. '81. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Peteb Kavanauoh. Schuyler, Neb. 
*Dennis James Keabns, d. Alpena, 

Mich., May 13, 1899. 
Eugene Loein Ketghum. 

Independence, Ore. 
Virgil Corydon Taylor Kingsley. 

Danville, 111. 
'Joseph Michael Kleetuss, d. De- 
troit, Mich., July 30, 1898. 
Leonard Leboy Knapp. 

New Richmond, Wis. 




Helena Knattf. (Mrs. Mathias 
Wink.) Jamestown, N. Dak. 

John Milton Latta. Millerton, ELan. 
Vilas Everett Lawbenoe. 

Ottawa, Kan. 
Frank Duanb LeValley. 

Vassar, Mich. 
Jacob Kinosland Lewis. 

Kansas City, Mo. 


School at Montevideo, under M. E. 
Board of Missions. 

Montevideo, Uruguay, 8. A. 
Frank P MoCk)RMicK. 
Mart Uancook McLean. 

3880 Washington Blvd., 8t. Louis, Mo. 
Ralph McNees. Whittier, Cal. 

John Duncan MoPherson. 

Akron, N. Y. 
Franklin Paine Mall, A.M. (honj 
1900. Prof, of Anatomy in Johns 
Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, Md. 

William James Mato, A.M. (honJ 
1900. Rochester, Minn. 

William Clark Marsh, Ph.B. (Al- 
bion) '80. Albion, Mich. 
James Nelson Martin, Ph.B. (Hills- 
dale) '80, Ph.M. {ibid.) '83. (See 
Faculties, p. 13.) Ann Arbor. 
Willis Henrt Maxson. -^ 

Oakland, Cal. 
William Francis Mills. 
*£dward Geddes Minor, d. Streator, 

III., Aug. 23, 1887. 
Robert Haldane Mttohell. 

Bowie, Tex. 
McRoME Morse. Harvey, III. 

Frank Clark Mters. 

ELalamazoo, Mich. 
Enoch Neft. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Clarence Sumner Norton. 

Killmaster, Mich. 
Arthur Gordon Oven, A.B. '75. 

Petoskey, Mich. 
♦Frank Ira Packard, d. Cheboygan, 

Mich., Feb. 8, 1888. 
Adoniram Judson Parker. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
DeLos Leonard Parker, Ph.B. '81. 

Detroit, Mich. 
•William David Perry, d. Butternut 

Ridge, N. B., Sept. 23, 1888. 
William Addison Phillips. 

Kildare, Okl. 

Cora Lou Pope. (Mrs. Stuart F. Ga- 

nung. ) Lansing, Mich. 

Frank Pierce Pratt. Jackson, Mich. 

Benjamin Ptle, A.M. (Hope) '86. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Alvin H Rockwell. 

ELalamazoo, Mich. 
Charles Wesley Rook, (^ncy, HI. 
Orielle Schuyler, a 78-80, d 83-84. 

(Mrs. James Curtis.) 
•Jason DeWitt Shafer, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, May 4, 1883. 
Jacob S. Shoemaker. 

New Lothrop, Mich. 
James Buchanan Siggins. 

Oil City, Pa. 
Talbert Slenou. Jackson, Mich. 

Frederick Kinsman Smith, A.B. 
(West. Res.) '79. Warren, O. 

David William Steiner. Lima, O. 
*RoBEBT Douglas Stephens, a 78-70» 

d. Austin, Tez., Feb., 1883. 
T Selden Stewart. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Benjamin Grinnell Strong. 

Long Island City, N. Y. 

Bishop Burtch Sudworth, M.D. 

(Victoria Coll.) '63, M.D. (Eel. 

Med. Coll., Pa.) '66. Ann Arbor. 

•Jay Irving Sweezey, d. Lyndon, 

Kan., July 10, 1897. 
Margaret Telford. 
Francis Joseph Todd. Oakland, Cal. 
William A. Buckingham Treadwat, 
D.D.S. '82. Stamford, Conn. 

John Sunderlin Van Vechten. 

Chateaugay, N. Y. 
John Daniel Walthall. Paola, Kan. 
Walter £ Ward. Owosso, Mich. 

James Albert Watson. 

122 Adams Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
*JoHN Francis Wayman, Ph.B. (Mt. 
Union) '76, d. Modesto, Cal., 1887. 
Albert M Wheeler, Ph.C. '81. 

Houghton, Mich. 
Frank Carlton Williams. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
NoRRis Afton Williams. 

Bangor, Mich. 
Samuel Alexander Work. 

Vandalia, Mich. 

Cornelius Morford Wright, A.B. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '68, A.M. (ibid.) 72. 

DeSoto, Iowa. 
Amelia Le Sueur Yeomans. 

(117) Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


Edwin X. Amoss. St. Paul, Minn. 
Belle Evans Anderson. (Mrs. Rob- 
ert C. Gemmell. ) 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Zachart Taylor Arnold, A.B. ( Univ. 
of Mo.) '68, A.M. {ibid.) '84. 

Amity, Mo. 




James Anthony Bach. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
JuDSON Henby Bennett. 

Boyne, Mich. 
Habvey Ebwin Blagksten. 

Excelsior, Mo. 
Asa Pbiob Booth. Merchant and 
farmer. Hematite, Mo. 

Ida Rebecca Bbiohah. 

626 Main St., Charlestown, Mass. 
Benjamin Isaac Goman Buckland. 

Fleming, N. Y. 

*Almond Euqene Calkins, B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 72, d. Bath, 

Mich., Aug. 27, 1888. 

Hugh Caby. Delray, Mich. 

Calvin Suvebill Case, D.D.8. (Ohio 

Dent. Coll.) 71. Dentist. 

Stewart Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Albebt Eugene Coy. 

6961 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Mabion Cbaig. (Mrs. Ezra B. Potter.) 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Saba Cbaig. ( Mrs. Edmund Buckley. ) 

301 56th St., Chicago, 111. 

Minnie A. G. Cbawfobd. (Mrs. 

Charles F. Dight) 

10 Bull St., Newport, R. I. 
Geobge Willis Cbosby. 

Sheboygan, Wis. 
Austin Pittengeb Culbebtson. 

Vickeryville, Mich. 
Sidney Hollisteb Culveb, p 77-79. 

Mason, Mich. 
Henby Clay Doan. Humboldt, Iowa. 
Chables Willcox Dodd, Ph.C. '82. 
Neave Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 
William Milan Edwabds. Medical 
Supt. Michigan Asylum for the In- 
sane. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Febdinand Thomas Field. 

Elroy, Wis. 
Fbank Mabion Foote. 

Marshall, Mich. 
John Willis Fowleb. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Albebt Theodobe Getchell. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Frank Mobtimeb Gieb. 

Hillsdale, Mich. 
Mabcia Gilmobe, Ph.B. '82. 

Pasadena, Cal. 
John Lincoln Gish, D.D.S. '85. 

LaPorte, Ind. 
John Feed Gbiese. 

249 Case Ave., Cleveland, O. 
CuNTON Clay Hall. North East, Pa. 
John William Handy. Flint, Mich. 
John Kennedy Hanna. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Fbancis Albebt Habgbave. 

Palo, Mich. 
Geobge Stephen Hatch. 

36 Hancock St., Boston, Mass. 
Geobge Albebt Haynes. 

Homer, Mich. 

•Lucy May [Rayhill] Heath (Mrs. 

George F. Heath ) , d. Monroe, Mich., 

July 15, 1895. 

Lydia Higgins. Ithaca, Mich. 

Wilbebt Abthub Hobbs. Maj. and 

Surg. 8th Ohio Inf. 1898. 

East Liverpool, O. 
Edwabd Hofma. Grand Haven, Mich. 
William Bailey Hunteb. 

Fortuna, Mo. 

Woods Hutchinson, A.B.(Penn Coll.) 

'80, A.M. {ibid.) '83. Prof . in Univ. 

of Buffalo since 1896. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Thompson Linn Iddings. 

Manchester, Mich. 
William Wabben Johnson. Book- 
seller and publisher. Groshen, Ind. 
tJoHN Kelly, A.B. '81. 

Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
James Asahel King. Manistee, Mich. 
Richabd Willis Kitchen. 
William Whiting Lathbop. 

Jackson, Mich. 
*Robebt Chables Leaooce, d. Wat- 
ford, Ont., Oct. 5, 1889. 
Lauba Lucy Liebhabdt. 

Denver, Colo. 
•Clyde Clabk Lovin, Ph.C. *81, d. 

Lakin, Kan., Aug. 23, 1897. 
Stephen Ludlum. Howell, Mich. 

*Fbedebick Geobge Lundy, d. Fargo, 

N. Dak., April 19, 1896. 
James Henby Lyons. 

North Webster, Ind. 
James Wesley MoGbboob. 

Denver, CJolo. 
John Madden. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fbedebick Williams Main. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Andbew Babolay Mebceb. 

Alexandria, Ind. 
Emma Wilson Moobbs. 

Northampton, Mass. 
Albebt Ibvin Moobe. 

Fayetteville, Ark. 
*Hebman Websteb Mudgett, d. Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., May 7, 1896. 
William Geobge Muib. 

Harper, Kan. 
Mabie Thecle Obglebt. 
•Adelbebt Obton, d. Ewen, Mich., 

Jan. 31, 1891. 
Daniel Edwabd Osbobne, Ph.C. 70, 
a 79-81. St. Helena, Cal. 




Hebman Ostbandeb. Assist. Phy- 
sician in the Mich. Asylum for the 
Insane since 1888. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Ridley Cole Paine. Bethel, N. Y. 

*On£Sime Frank Pab6, d. Brunswick, 
Me., Jan. 3, 1887. 


Lieut. 2d N. J. Cav. Library, Pa. 
Chables William Pipeb. 

Wurtsboro, N. Y. 
John Powebs. Benzonia, Mich. 

AuousTA Louise Rosenthal. (Mrs. 
T. A. Thompson.) 

Traverse City, Mich. 

Relief B. Seeds. (Mrs. George D. 

Harding. ) Hillsdale, Mich. 

Mabt Smith. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Walteb Ebastus Spiceb. 

62 Charlton St., New York, N. Y. 
Newton I Tibbits. Peshtigo, Wis. 
Fbank Adelbebt Tinkeb. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
Julia Tolman, A.B. (Vassar) 76. 

Arlington, Mass. 
Obville Cbam Tbace. 

Little Falls, Minn. 
William G Wheeleb Tuppeb. Prof, 
of Therapeutics in Hamline Univ. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ibis Jones Vauohan. Topeka, Ind. 
* James Glidden Vinino, d. Texas, 

James Ellswobth Walters. 

San Miguel, Cal. 
Frank D. Whitacbe. Druggist. 

Romulus, Mich. 

William Hallogk White, Ph.C. '82. 

(85) Grand Rapids, Mich. 


Wallace Calvin Abbott. 

2666 N. Hermitage Ave., 

Chicago, III. 
John Hebman Andbus. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
John Monboe Abmstbono. 

920 Pasadena Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
John William Bosman, A.B. (Hope) 
'82. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

^Abraham Lewis Bouqhneb, d. Ches- 
ter, Pa., Jan. 16, 1900. 
Geobgb Haylett Bbett. 

Williamston, Mich. 
LeRot Bbown. St. Paul, Minn. 

Walteb Seymoub Bbown, B.S. '82. 

Dorrance, Kan. 
Mabt Alice Bbownell. 

Newark, N. Y. 

Howabd Cabet. Harbor Beach, Mich. 
Robebt Geoboe Cavanaoh. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Charles Gilbebt Chaddock, a 79-80. 

Prof, in Marion-Sims Coll. of Med- 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Habvet Spbaoue Chapman. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Chables Eugene Chappell. 

Berlin, Mich. 
Alva Nicholas Collins. 

630 Baker St., Detroit, Mich. 
James Henbt Dawson, Ph.C '83. 

North Ontario, Cal. 
John William Denison. 

Parsons, Pa. 
*Albebt Edwabd De Witt, d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., Jan. 15, 1890. 
William James Duff. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Daniel Chauncy Dye. Utica, N. Y. 
•Mabtin Lutheb Eaton, A.B. (Iowa 
Coll. ) '82, A.M. (ihid.J '86, d. Fair- 
bury, Neb., Feb. 14, 1894. 
William Edwabd Ely. Surg. B. C. R. 
& N. R. R. Ocheyedan, Iowa. 

William Albebt Fisheb. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 
Ebnest William Fleming. 

Bradbury Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Francis Albebt 1«ost£B. 

East Jordan, Mich. 
Maby Celinda Fosteb, a 81-82. ( Mrs. 
William H. Brenton. ) 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Anna Maby Goebel. Lima, O. 

Habbis Gbaham. Missionary. 

Beirut, Syria. 
Andbew Jackson Hosmeb. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Samuel Wilbub Hoveb, A.B. (Mt. 
Union) '82, A.M. (ihid.J '88. 

Fayette, O. 


Manistee, Mich. 
Flobence Huson. 

506 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Sophie Bethena Jones. 

717 Brooklyn St., 

W. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Celia S. Cubticx Kuhbt. 
Guy Leland Labaway. 

Boyne Falls, Mich. 
Joseph Milton Lawson. Sidney, III. 
•Geobqe W. Lilly, d.Winthrop, Minn., 

June, 1891. 
Daniel Websteb Loney. Norwalk, O. 
Frank Mansfield Lobino. 

Artesian, S. Dak. 
Henby Keep Lum. Stanwood, Wash. 




*HoMEB Seldon Lynn, d. Ann Arbor, 

Feb. 16, 1886. 
John Babtlet March. 

Berwick, Nova Scotia. 
Harriet Phena Sanderson Maxson. 
(Mrs. Willis H. Maxson.) 

Oakland, Cal. 
William Edward Holmes Morse. 

Algona, Iowa. 

Hannah Leah Nichols. (Mrs. Charles 

T. Schmaling.) Fulton, 111. 

Julius Noer. Stoughton, Wis. 

Chester Arthur Norconk. 

Bear Lake, Mich. 
Charlotte Moore Norton. 

Merritt, Fla. 
Frank Stiles Owen. Omaha, Neb. 
Giles Ripley Pease. 

Redwood Falls, Minn. 
Theodore Wing Peers, Ph.B. '83. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Olney Galen Place. 
James Martin Posixe. Hinckley, 111. 
John William Rand. 

Amesbury, Mass. 
Charles Everett Rankin. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
John William Ringer. 

Byesville, Ohio. 
Arthur Jay Rorerts. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Jacob Charles Rothenburo. 

Springfield, Minn. 
Jacob Lincoln Schoch. 

New Ulm, Minn. 
Frank Barton Schurtz. 

Spring Valley, 111. 
*James Hiram Scott, d. Los Angeles, 

Cal., Oct. 16, 1889. 
*Fred Romaine Seger, d. Adrian, 

Mich., Nov. 2, 1893. 
*David Gregg Sharpe, d. Cassopolis, 

Mich., April 10, 1895. 
John Strickler Shrader. 

Delano, Minn. 
Samuel Bernard Snyder. 

Fulton, Mich. 
William Addison Stone, Assist. 
Supt. Michigan Asylum for the In- 
sane. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Oba Carlton Strickler. 

New Ulm, Minn. 
Gboboe Lyman Taylor. 

Holyoke, Mass. 
Philander B Taylor. Clio, Mich. 
William Herbert Taylor. 

Ludington, Mich. 
Lafayette Van Amburg. Ada> Mich. 
Abthur Van Deb Velpen. 

359 Alfred St, Detroit, Mich. 

Louisa Van Vleet. (Mrs. William C. 
>Spicer. ) Camas, Wash. 

Cornelius Van Zwaluwenburg. 

Riverside, Cal. 
Oliver Richard Venable. 

Winchester, Ky. 

Stanley Abbott Warner. Building 

Supt. Shelton, Conn. 

•Virginia Jane Watts, a 78-80, d. 

Ann Arbor, July 23, 1891. 
Fred Hamilton Weir, p 81-82. 

LaPorte, Ind. 
Oscar Fitzgerald Wilson. 

Shabbona, 111. 
Benjamin Pomeroy Wright. 

(80) Syracuse, N. Y. 


•Frank Seth Armitaoe, d. Millbrook, 
Mich., Feb. 3, 1897. 

Acubor Jehu Baker, A.B. (Iowa 
Coll.) '81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. 

Grafton, W. Va. 

Florence Adell Belknap. 

1025 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 

*JoHN Albert Bobb, Assist. Surg. 
64 th Mich. Vol. Inf., d. on board 
Olivette J en route from Santiago 
de Cuba to Montauk Point, Aug. 19, 

Fred Nathaniel Bonine. 

Niles, Mich. 

Teunis Ardenne Boot. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Edward Lincoln Bower. 

Guthrie Centre, Iowa. 

Esther Clara Herrick Brooks, h 
83-84, A.B. (Smith) '82. 

Lincoln, Neb. 

•Belno Addison Brown, a 67-69, 
B.D. (Nashotah) '72, d. Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., May 11, 1900. 

Heman Hampton Brown. Sec*ry and 
Prof, in 111. Med. Coll. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 

Rose Standish Wright Bryan. 

Lawrence Byron. Pittston, Pa. 

Rosalie Edith Armstrong Chad- 
bourne. (Mrs. Osboume F. Chad- 
bourne.) Syracuse, N. Y. 

Edmund Conley. Columbiaville, Mich. 

Mary Catherine Cook. (Mrs. Ben- 
jamin P. Wright. ) Syracuse, N. Y. 

Mary Helen Cullinqs, M.D. (N. Y. 
Univ.) '92. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Byron Francis Dawson, Ph.C..79, 
M.D. (Jefferson) '97. Ca3aicoB, Cal. 

Charles Richard Dewey. 

Keeler, Mich. 




Wkaltht Desibe Dibble. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Hablet Mitchell Dunlaf. 

Battle Greek, Mich. 
*Jagob Asheb Fink, d. Pontiac, 

Mich., Feb. 8, 1894. 
Ghables Gbobge Fobbes. 

Washburn, N. Dak. 
John Galvin Fbets. J)eed8vilie Ind. 
MiBiAM Gabdneb. 

Sanitarium, Glifton Springs, N. Y. 
Geoboe Walteb Habdino. 

North Manchester, Ind. 
Elmeb Ellswobth Hendebshot. 

Britton, Mich. 
Emily Alice Hux. Bowling Green, O. 
Sabah G Hills. Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
WiLMEB Bbown Hooe, Ph.G. '84. 

Grand Island, Neb. 

William Henbt Hood, B.S. (Adrian) 

'83. Battle Mountain, Nev. 

*Fbank Howe Hovet, d. Indianapolis, 

Ind., June 16, 1898. 
•Edwin James Howe, I 76-77, d. 

Belding, Mich., May 6, 1891. 
Ends John Hughes. Garrett, Ind. 
Jesse Butleb Hull. With L. Grune- 
wald Co. New Orleans, La. 

•Samuel Adams Jackson, d. Muske- 
gon, Mich., July 12, 1892. 
Thomas Smith Kingston. 

Groswell, Mich. 
Oliveb Almond La Gbone. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Fbedebick Lohbstobfeb. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Mabtha Elizabeth Lough. 
HoBACE Mandel Lowe. 

927 E. St., N.E., Washington, D. G. 
Maby Simpson McGabty. (Mrs. 
George C. Palmer. ) Detroit, Mich. 
Daniel McEacheban. 

Stanwood, Wash. 
Henby Abthub Mabch. 

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 
Fbank Wilson Mabtin. 

Portland, Mich. 
Edwabd L iVlooNEY. Syracuse, N. Y. 
William Phipps Munn. 

2801 Colfax Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Fbank Neely. Alleghenv. Pa. 

Loins DEI.EVAN Niles, LL.B. *89, a 

86-87, B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) '76. 

Ann Arbor. 
Ghables Eugene Nobbis. Akron, O. 
John Edward Ottaway. 

Charlotte, N. Y. 
Johannes Abraham Otte, A.B. 
(Hope) '83. Missionary. 

Amoj, China. 

Edwabd Blanchabd Pattebson, A.B. 
(Oberlin) '80, A.M. {ibid.) '83. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Ghables Bibdsall Peabson. 

Rankin, Mich. 
William Gbosby Riddell. 

Helena, Mon. 
William Henby Riley. Boulder, Colo. 
Dana Chapman Rood. Hibbing,Minn. 
Fbank Lisle Rose. 

5262 Halsted St., Chicago, 111. 
Hannah Cullombine Rous. 

Vevay, Ind. 
John Henby Seilbb. Akron, O. 

Wabben Bbadfobd Sexton. 

Sidney, Australia. 
Nobyoshi H. Shibafji. 

Kyoto, Japan. 
Fbancis Edwabd Viotob Shobe. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
♦William Fobsyth Shobts, d. De- 
troit, Mich., April 12, 1899. 
Habby Austin Sifton. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Lois Hepsy Stoddabd. (Mrs. Leon- 
ard C. Backus.) Fayette, O. 
Thomas A. Stoddabd. 
Maby Elizabeth Stbain. 

196 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, HI. 
John Hubebt Swanson. 

Weston, Iowa. 
Feed Adelbebt Swabtwood. 

Waseca, Minn. 
Geobge Robebt Taylob. 

Clinton, N. Y. 

James Bbickeb Tedbow, Ph.B. (Mt. 

Union) '82. Williams, Iowa. 

Maby Gloveb Thompson. (Mrs. 

Charles E. Lowrey.) 

Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 
*Maby Rosetta Thompson, d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., March 31, 1889. 
•Feed Abthub Todd, d. Chicago, HI., 

Sept. 30, 1898. 
GoBA Alfabetta Tubner. (Mrs. Jol- 
lie N. Saxe. ) Delavan, Wis. 

Albebt Mason Tyleb. 

29 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass. 
James Townley Upjohn. Manufac- 
turing Pharmacist. 

E^lamazoo, Mich. 
•Glenn Bee Venable, d. Cassville, 

Ga., Jan. 17, 1888. 
Joseph Adam Weitz,A.B. (Hillsdale) 
'76, A.M. {ibid.) 79. 

Montpelier, O. 
♦Jacob Wile, a 81-83, Alma, Mich., 

March 13, 1896. 
Floba Belle Williams. (Mrs. Will- 
iam H. Mastin.) Frankfort, Ky. 




Harbt Almon Wood. 

2200 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Scott Pkbcy Woodin. 



*JoHN Fbedebick Abbott, (L Escan- 

aba, Mich., April 13, 1900. 
Justin A Soxtthqate Anderson . ( Mrs. 
Joseph McIntTre.) 
6420 Kentucky Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Oliveb Elmeb Ellsworth Arndt. 

Easton, Pa. 


Marlette, Mich. 
Leonard Chester Backus. 

Fayette, O. 
James Kleckneb Bartholomew. 

498 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, III. 
RoxiE Ellen Bates. Oak Shade, O. 
Arthur Bennett. Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Samuel Blair, A.B. (Alle- 
gheny Coll.) '84. Wayne, Neb. 
Josephine Dorr Blake, A.B. (Vas- 
sar) *80. Dansville, N. Y. 
Henrt Boss. Fillmore Centre, Mich. 
•Augusta Louisa [Mulfordj Brew- 
er. (Mrs. Francis W. Brewer.) d. 
Logan, Utah, Nov. 17, 1897. 
Ltman Augustus Brewer. 

617 Madison St., Toledo, O. 

Arthur Hamilton Brownell, A.B. 

(Hamilton) *84, A.M. (ihid,) '87. 

Oneonta, N. Y. 
William Edward Buschman. 

836 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Mart Euzabeth Clark, B.L. '85. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

Miles Hartson Clark, A.B. (Will- 
iams) '84, A.M. {ibid.) '87. 

605 Jackson St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Smith Coller. 

Vicksburg, Mich. 

William Jacob Coppernoll. 

Newark, N. Y. 

Walter Armstrong Cowie. 
Lancelot B. Dawson. 

46 Henry St., Detroit, Aiich. 
John Webb Decker. 

Lake City, Mich. 

Homer George Emert. 

Norwalk, Iowa. 

'Elizabeth Martha Farrand, d. 
Port Huron, Mich., Aug. 17, 1900. 

*AsHBLE Howard Fassett, d. Alford, 
Pa., Nov. 14, 1891. 

Charles Mark Freeman. Ada, Mich. 

Louis Albert Fritsche, M.D. (Ber- 
lin) '90. New Ulm, Minn. 

John Clark Gauntlett. 

Elk Rapids, Mich. 
Edward Branitobd Gibson. 

Ann Arbor. 
Leon Michael Gillette, a 80-81. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Mart Edna Goble. Gobleville, Mich. 
George M Gundlach. 

East St. Louis, 111. 
Adeline Emma Gurd. (Mrs. George 
Gurd.) Detroit, Mich. 

George Clinton Hafford. 

Albion, Mich. 

George Andrew Hare, M.S. (Iowa 

Wesl.) '89. Fresno, Cal. 

Jessie Blanche Daniells Hare. 

( Mrs. George A. Hare. ) Fresno, Cal. 

Leonard Francis Hatch, a 83-84. 

Lynn, Mass. 
Katharine Annabelle Hathaway, 
(Mrs. Pomeroy L. Salmon.) 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Grant Sumner Hicks. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Homer Dwight Hodge. Jackson, Mich. 
Charles John Hood. Elko, Nev. 

Benjamin Franklin Horner. 

Lake Odessa, Mich. 

GoTTHELF Charles Hxtber, a 88-89. 

(See Faculties, p. 19.) Ann Arbor. 

Philo Hull. Hombrook, Cal. 

Gilbert Bastedo Johnston. 

Abbotsford, Wis. 

William Murrat Johnston, A.B. 

(Univ. of New Brunswick) '80. 

1016 W. Pico St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Frank Miner Kerry, B.S. (Hillsdale) 

'84, M.S. {ibid.) '87. 

Beoiton Harbor, Mich. 
June Kichi Kimura. Tokyo, Japan. 
George Washington Lacea, B.L. '85. 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Otto Landmann, Ph.B. '84. Toledo, O. 
George McInttre. Mayville, N. Dak. 
Jennette Matilda McLaren. 

589 Endicott Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
David Decker McNaughton. 

Argyle, Mich. 
Ella Marx. 

505 N. Theresa St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Burton Albion Meacham. 

Fort Jackson, N. Y. 
George Leonard Meter. 

Stone Arabia, N. Y. 
WiLMOT Frederick Mh.t.eb. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Daniel Myers. 

Slate Hill, N. Y. 

Otto Negelspach, B.S. (Ohio State) 

'85. Holmesville, O. 




Henry Palkeb, Ph.C. '85. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
Thomas Chables Phillips, B.S. '86. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Edwaju) Joseph Price, d. Rochester, 

N. Y., March 7, 1897. 

John Abbot Prince. Springfield, 111. 

Eugene Van Valkenburgh Rikeb, 

A.B. '84. Detroit, Mich. 

*Alpheus Worley Rinoer, d. Ann 

Arbor, April 24, 1887. 
Edward Alexander Run y an. 

. Harbor Springs, Mich. 
*Albert Franklin Schafer, d. Cleve- 
land, Ohio, Oct. 16, 1898. 
Minnie Elizabeth Sinclair. (Mrs. 
Isaac T. Headland.) 

Peking, China. 
Peter Franklin Smith. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
William Hoffman Stauffer. 

4353 Finney Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Frederick Charles Thompson. 

East Tawas, Mich. 
Edward Reed Wagner, A.M. ^84. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
*MiCHAEL Eugene Whalen, d. Paw 

Paw, Mich., May 26, 1896. 
Almond Henry Wicks. 

Hopkins, Mich. 
Esther Gilbert Wellouohby, a 93- 
94, 96-96. Owosso, Mich. 

William Henry Winslow. 

Lawrence, Kan. 
Thomas Michael Winters. 

Dansville, Mich. 
Frank Paine WrrrER. 

Rockford, Wash. 

Helen Ida Woodworth. 

The Cluny, Boston, Mass. 
Charles D'Abbs Wright. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Wilbur Clarence Wright. 

(81) Unionville, Mich. 


Christine K. Anderson, B.S. (Knox) 
'83. Detroit, Mich. 

James Henry Anderson. 

Butte, Mon. 

Haoop B. Asadoorian, M.D. (Central 
Turkey Coll. ) '86. Castlegate, Utah. 
Louis John Carrick Bailey. 

Stonega, Pa. 
Coryadon Orlan Beardsley. 

Ottawa, O. 
Lewis Jerome Belknap. 

San Jos^, Cal 

Alexander Jay Braden. 

Duluth, Minn. 
*Francis Williams Brewer, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., Jan. 10, 1899. 
Fred Lionel Burdon. London, Ont. 
Frank Chaffee, D.D.S. (Chicago) 
'91. Pueblo, Colo. 

Joshua Monocton Chesebro. 
*Oramel Ozro Chesebro, d. Detroit, 

(Mich., May 10, 1889. 
Arthur Hamilton Coe. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Frantz Hunt Coe, A.B. 79. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Madison James Conant. 

Tawas City, Ifick. 
George Hall Conklin. 

West Superior, Wis. 
Mary Maria Cutler. M. E. Mission- 
ary. Seoul, Korea. 
Mary Gage Day. 

Kingston-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
*Celia Louise Dowse, A.M. (Alfred 
Uniy.) 78, d. Central Lake, Mich., 
May 10, 1897. 
John Whalen Doyle. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Herbert Philander Ewell, Ph.C. 

'85. Rochester, Mich. 

Earl Fairbanks. Luther, Mich. 

JosA Theresa Fleming. (Mrs. James 

E. Childs.) 
Charles Augustus Fletcher, B.S. 
(Kalamazoo) '83, M.S. (ibid,) '86. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Zeri Huff Fodrea. Westfield, Ind. 
Paul Smith Fox. Athens, Mich. 

Benjamin Nathan Gardner. 

Toledo, O. 
Elmer Daley Gardner. 

Hancock, Mich. 
Jefferson Gould. Fenton, Mich. 

James Grassick, M.D. (Rush) '85. 

Buxton, N. Dak. 
Will Lyman Griffin, B.S. (Albion) 
'84. Shelby, Mich. 

Frederick Smith Heller. 

Oak Harbor, O. 
Nellie Anna HoLLiSTER. Norwalk, O. 
'Clementine Lord Houghton, B.L. 

Henry Hulst, A.B. (Hope) '83, A.M. 
(ibid.) '86. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
James Gordon Jackson. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
*Marcus Whitfield Jewell, d. Pon- 

tiac, Mich., April 6, 1891. 
Adrian Reginald Karreman, M.D. 
(Rush) '89, M.D. (Univ. of HI.) 
'90. 634 W. 63d St.,Chicago, HL 



Horace Manley Lane. 

LiDA Powers Lbabure. Angola, Ind. 

Bradford Cuxtrchill Lovelakd. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
James Gdtford Lynds. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 16.) Ann Arbor. 
Charles Wesster McDade. 

Ceylon, Minn. 
William Francis Metcalf. 

636 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Delbert Joseph Miller. 

North Benton, O. 
Mart Howell Miller. (Mrs. Will- 
iam P. Battels.) Ashtabula, O. 
John Isaac Newcomb. West Unity, O. 
•Zbovia Owen, (Mrs. Charles W. Mc- 
Dade,) d. Kenyon, Minn., Jan. 19, 
Frances Peele. 

115 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Archibald P^ebson. 

St. Charles, Mich. 
Ida Mat Porter. Rochester, N. Y. 
•Vernet Edward Prevost, d. Toledo, 

Ohio, Sept. 10, 1889. 
Bert Bessac Rowe, a 82-84. Prof, of 
Surgery in Saginaw Valley Med. 
Coll. since 1898. Saginaw, Mich. 
Henrt William Schmidt. 

Chelsea, Mich. 
•Douglas Sewall, a 84-85, d. Balti- 
more, Md., May 14, 1889. 
John Frederick Siefert. 

811 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Belle Hamilton Smith. (Mrs. Al- 
bert D. Baldwin.) 

3910 Lakeside Terrace, Chicago, 111. 
Kate Sntder, A.B. (Indiana) '83. 
(Mrs. Edward P. Busse.) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Willis Edward Sterrs. 

Decatur, Ala, 
Mart Strong. Omaha, Neb. 

Edith Estella Tatlor. (Mrs. Alex- 
ander J. Braden. ) Duluth, Minn. 
Thomas Henrt Trainob. 

Ransom, 111. 
Bertha Van Hoosen, A.B. '84. 

Chicago, 111. 
Amos Solon Wheelock, a 83-84. 

Goodrich, Mich. 
Setmour Stria Williams. 

(65) Mound City, Mo. 


Chribtophkr Adamson. 

Bemidji, Minn. 
Adrian Richard Alfred. Pharma- 
cist, U. S. N. Manila, P. I. 

Leighton Pine Allen. Oshkosh, Wis. 
BiON Arnold. D^iton, Mich. 

*EuNiCE Jemima Avert, d. Hiteman, 

Iowa, July 26, 1895. 
Thomas James Avert. 

Hiteman, Iowa. 
Thomas Stewart Blair. 

218 Locust St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
*JoHN Alexander Blake, d. Beau- 
mont, Cal., Aug., 1892. 
Carroll Osborne Botce, M.D. (Mo. 
Homoeo.) '86. Marquette, Mich. 
George Johnston Botd. 

Elwood City, Pa. 
George Alfred Bradburn. 

Center, Colo. 
James Ritchison Breaket. 

Alma Centre, Wis. 
*Mart Brown, d. Samia, Ont., Can- 

Hda, Aug. 14, 1900. 
Mathilde Buck. 

1520 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henrt Clat Burcham. Albany, Ind. 
Charles Newell Burton. 

Elmore, Minn. 
Francis Henrt Callow, B.S. (Hills- 
dale) '86, M.S. {ihid.) '89. 

Mt. Morris, Mich. 
Harrt Lee Canright. Medical Mis- 
sionary at Chentu, W. China. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Charles Ogden Cartwright. 

Sacramento, Cal. 
Elizabeth Janette Child. 

Bethel, Vt. 
James Edward Childs. 
Cassius Mentor Coldren. 

Milford, Iowa. 
William Sutherland Connert. Sea- 
man U. S. S. Yoaemite, 1898. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
David Goldthwatt Coolidge. 

Athol, Mass. 
George Lannino Cramer. 

Baraboo, Wis. 
Charles Stanlet Crane. 

Racine, Wis. 
John Sedgwick Dean. 

Wheatland, Iowa. 
Will Harrt Dodge. Hancock, Mich. 
Presca Isaac Edwards. 

Jackson, Mich. 
William Charles Elliott. 

Holly Springs, Miss. 
*Fred Wilbub Essig, d. 93-94, d. Dri- 
ver, Colo., Sept. 22, 1899. 
Jessica White Findlat. 

Castile, N. Y. 
Charles Henrt Fowler, A.B. (Lin- 
coln Univ.) '84. Baltimore, Md. 




Chbistian Seehuusen Fbies. 

Racine, Wis. 

James Skiffinoton Gbant. Baptist 

missionary. Ning Po, China. 

John Nathaniel Gbeen . Lesl ie, Mich. 

* Fanny Sarah Cbossett Hall, d. 

Boston, Mass., Oct. 21, 1890. 
Franklin Pierce Hannon. 

138 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ernestine Jxtlia Higks. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur S. Garl.) Lake Greneva, Wis. 
Elden William Hills. 
Andrew John Hoenes. 

Magdeburg, Germany. 
Katherine Quane Holden. 

Helena, Mont. 
Peter William Holleman, A.B. 
(Hope) '86. 

2555 111th St., Chicago, HI. 
Alexander Francis Irwin,M.D.,C.M. 
(McGill) '90. Minneapolis, Minn. 
John Linn Irwin, Ph.C. '80. 

230 3d St., Detroit, Mich. 
George Orlo Jefferson. 

Portland, Ore. 
Cornelius Adrian Johnson. 

Mancelona, Mich. 
•Walter James Johnson, d. Au 

Sable, Mich., Oct. 1, 1889. 
Lewis Hasbrouck Kemble. Maj. and 
Surg. 1st Colo. Inf. 1898. 

200 Jackson Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
♦Frances Elizabeth Kyle, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., July 24, 1895. 
Andrew Stewart Lobinoier, A.B. '86. 

JDenver, Colo. 

Willis Allen McConkie. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Archibald McEacheran. 

Mcintosh, Minn. 
Charles MacGreoor, M.D. (Colum- 
bia) '90. Dayton, O. 
Harry McKennan. Paris, 111. 
♦George Stewart McPherson, d. 

Chicago, 111., Dec. 6, 1899. 
Andrew Milton Miller. 

29 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Perry Harris Mxtnger. 

St. James, Minn. 
Walter Starnes Nash. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Mary Anna Norton. (Mrs. F. W. 

Winters.) Herkimer, N. Y. 

Clara Augusta Oswald. (Mrs. 

Charles Dedrick. ) Ann Arbor. 

Ernest Henry Parker. 

Portland, Ore. 

♦John Allen Parks, d. Utica, Ohio, 
Jan. 22, 1893. 

Edward Peiroe. 

44 5th St., New Bedford, Mass. 
♦Samxtel Lee Probert, d. Longmont» 

Colo., Oct. 18, 1892. 
Frank Rainie. Manistique, Mich. 
Sylvanus W. Kobillard. 

650 York St., St. Paul, Minn. 
George Austin Rowe. 

Stockbridge, Mich. 
George John Schneider. Elgin, 111. 
Scott Searles. Lakefield, Minn. 

Albert William Sherman. 

Burlington, Iowa. 
BoGHOS Tevan Simonian, A.B. (Ar- 
menia Coll.) '82. 
William Milton Slaght, A.B. (Oli- 
vet) '86, A.M. (ibid,) '89. 

Grand Blanc, Mich. 
George Slocum. Genoa, N. Y. 

•Fred Heman Spaulding, d. Bowling 

Green, Mo., April 18, 1894. 
Minnie Ellen Stacks. (Mrs. Leon- 
ard Parker ) 

348 E. 54th St., Chicago, 111. 
Hugh Seymour Townsend. 

1890 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Wads worth Warren, A.B. (Olivet) 
'86, AM. (ibid.) '89. 

57 W. Fort St., Detroit, Mich. 
William Bennajah Watts. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Emanuel Sherman Wenger. 

Brookfield, Mo. 
Horace Wilcox. Wakefield, R. I. 
Samuel Ellsworth Yoder. 

(82) Wymore,Neb. 


Edwin Sawyer Antisdale, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '85. 

103 State St., Chicago, III. 
LoTTA Ruth Arwine. (Mrs. John 
W. Suverkrup.) Columbus, Ind. 
Lyle Cholwell Bacon. 

Lowry Arcade, St. Paul, Minn. 
Oscar Baert. Zeeland, Mich. 

John Adams Barnette. 

Watertown, N. Y. 
Merritt Grant Bassett. 

Ashley, Mich. 

George Bates. Kingston, Mich. 

Thekla Natalie Bengel. (Mrs. 

David B. Porter.) Seattle, Wash. 

Joseph D. Bennett. 

Pikes Peak, Mich. 
Joseph Estabrook Bennett. 

Wayne, Mich. 
Ada Fenimore Bock. Akron, O. 

John Aokley Boylan. Ann Arbor. 
Milo Jason Bradley. Toledo, O. 




Frank Holmes Brown. 

Newaygo, Mich. 
Delia Luoretla Ghapin. 

Springfield, Mass. 
Daniel Conlet. Golumbiaville, Mich. 
William Cleland Conley. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 

George Clinton Crandall, B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '87. Prof, of 

Gen. Medicine in Marion-Sims Coll. 

of Med. 4287 Olive St., 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Elmer Arpad De Liposey. 

Tissza Fiired, Hungary. 
Charles Faber. Toledo, O. 

Robert Cleland Fair. Durand, Mich. 
George Hill Ferguson. 

Redlands, Cal. 

Mart Graves Finch. (Mrs. James 

S. Locke. ) Gladwin, Mich. 

Arthur Ferdinand Fischer, B.S. 

( German-English Coll., Galena, III. ) 

'86. South Lake Linden, Mich. 

Willie Clarence Gates. 

Rockland, Mich. 
*George Clifton Gat, d. Waterbury, 

Conn., March 22, 1895. 
Charles Augustus Gottman. 

1356 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John Gould, a 86-87. Lake City, Colo. 
Samuel Hathawat Graham. 

West Richfield, 0. 
Mart Theresa Greene. 

Castile, N. Y. 
Elmer Ellsworth Hagler. 

Springfield, 111. 
•Emmett Austin Hall, d. about 

Delphine Hanna. Oberlin, O. 

John Daniel HARE,M.S.(IowaWesi.) 
'88. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Emma Wheat Hastings. (Mrs. Rob- 
ert T. Gillmore.) 

460 E. 63d St., Chicago, 111. 
WiLBER Stephen Henderson. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Minnie Agnes Howard. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam C. Elliott.) 

Holly Springs, Miss. 
John Gerrit Huizinga. 

6225 Halsted St., Chicago, 111. 
George Malcolm Huli.. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Albert Milton Humber. 

751 Wabash Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John H Hunt. Glendive, Mon. 

George William Ingham. 

Olympia, Wash. 
Joseph Phujp Jones. 

Adrian, Mich. 

Napoleon Dudley Kean. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
George Frederic Keiper, A.B. (De 
Pauw) '87, A.M. (ibid.) '90. 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Mart Knauf, (Mrs. William R. Mc- 
Coy. ) Duluth, Minn. 
Milton Jennea Longs worth. 

St. Marys, O. 

AsBURT Nelson Loper, M.S. (Iowa 

Wesl.) '87. College View, Neb. 

Frank D Ltdick. Paris, 111. 

Rose Ettie McCauqhna, a 83-84. 

4000 Cottage Grove Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Mart McConaht. 

8668 Vincennes Road, Chicago, 111. 

Allan J McDonald. Leadville, Colo. 

Lilt MacGowan. (Mrs. H. C. Fel- 

lows. ) 

210 W. 9th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Eva Elizabeth McKnight. 

Oswego, N. Y. 
William Goldsmith MacLachlan, 
A.B. (Toronto) 79. 

McFarland, Wis. 
Malcolm Graeme McNiven. 

Butte, Mon. 

Elizabeth McNutt, (Mrs. George B. 

Simpson ) . Sheridan, Wyo. 

John Jacob Marker. Eloise, Mich. 

Louis KxncHUNG Mezger. 

Rochester, N. Y. 
•David Henrt Miller, d. Lacey, 

Mich., Nov. 1, 1892. 
Robert Eugene Miller. 

Lansing, Mich. 
William Levi Moore. Honolulu, H. I. 
Mart Elizabeth Newcomb. 

Lowell, Mass. 
Edgar Warren Oswald, D.D.S. (De- 
troit) '97. Dentist. Detroit, Mich. 
JuDSON Albert Palmer. 

Arcadia, Wis. 
William Mason Patne. 

Suttons Bay, Mich. 
Francis Malcolm Phillips. 

Kildare, Okl. 
ADEI.LE Priscilla Pierce, A.B. (Al- 
bion) '77, A.M. (ibid.) '80. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
John David Riser, B.S. (Chem.) 
'88. Pontiac, Mich. 

Arthur Sidnet Rogers, Ph.C. *85. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Arthur Shoudt Rowlet. Assist. 

Supt. Northern Mich. Asylum since 

1895. Traverse City, Mich. 

Walter Neale Salisburt. 

Ann Arbor. 




Abthur W Scidmobe. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 
HowABD Mebbitt Sedqwigk. 

Peoria, 111. 
Chables Shickle. Owosso, Mich. 
Roland Edwabd Skeel. 

1156 Pearl St., Cleveland, O. 
James Ephbaim Smedlxy. 

390 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Patrick Joseph Sullivan. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
*WiLLiAM Sherman Taylor, d. De- 
troit, Mich., June 9 1893. 
^William Evabt Visscher, A.B. 
(Hope) '86, A.M. (ibid.) '89, d. Al- 
tona, Mich., Dec. 12, 1899. 
James Henry Watte. Owosso, Mich. 
Fred Eugene Warren. 

Denver, Colo« 
AoNES Clara Weaver, Ph. B. '84. 

Chicago, 111. 
Stephen Achrist Whinery. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Everett Jerome Whitehead, A.B. 
'81. Columbiana, O. 

Curtis Carrington Williams. 

Niles, O. 
Clarence Benjamin Wilson. 

Bradford, Vt. 
William D Wood. Hillsboro, Ore. 
Henry Middleton Woolman. 

100 13th Ave., Newark, N. J. 


Nelson Abbott. Moorestown, Mich. 
Mary Louise Ambbook. 

Boulder, Colo. 
Lizzie Daniel Rose Atkinson. 

West Newton, Mass. 
Henbi Stranahan Babgock. 

Jamesbiirg, 111. 
* James Otis Ballard, Ph.B. (I^fay- 
ette) '86, d. Tarlton, Ohio, Oct. 22, 
Joseph Gbant Babtow. 

Shaftsburg, Mich. 
William Russell Bates. 

Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 
Mabtin Lutheb Belseb. Ann Arbor. 
Francis Rand Blanchard. 

*Ray Martel Bradford, d. Carthage, 

Mo., May 24, 1900. 
Burton Clabk Bbadshaw. 

Majrville, Mich. 
Abthub McKimmon Bbown, A.B. 
(Lincoln Univ.) '88, A.M. (ibid.) 
'91. Assist. Surg. U. S. A., 1898. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

*Hugh MacDebmed Bbown, d. Dana- 

villo, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1896. 
Ruth Ophelia Bbyant. 

162 Reid Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Henby Cattebmole. Prof, oi 

Diseases of Children, Univ. of Colo. 

Boulder, Colo. 
William Cobpbon. 

Minnesota Lake, Minn. 
John Gabneb Cbaig. 

6900 S. Halsted St., Chicago, HI. 
Annie Wood Cboacheb. 

New Bedford, Mass. 
Edward Cuement Davidson. 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Chables Edwy Deckeb, a 85-86. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Pedro del Valle. U. S. Quarantine 

Service. San Juan, Porto Rico. 

William Le Roy Dunn, Ph.C. '89, 

B.S. ( Bio. ) '94. Aaheville, N. C. 

Fbedebick B. Dunnigan. 

Maumee, Ohio. 
Daniel Dwyeb. Forest City, Pa. 

William Henby Fisheb. 

816 Erie St., Toledo, O. 

Maby Hopkins Fletcher, (Mrs. 

Luther M. Perkins.) St. Louis, Mo. 

William Lucas Fobd. Salesman. 

With Murray Furnace Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Reese Fostix. Hospital, 111 
William Joseph Fubness. 

744 St. Nicholas Ave., 

New York, N. Y. 
Fletcheb Gabdner. Bloomington, Ind. 
Lucius Obange Gibson. 

Laurium, Mich. 
Dennis Fbed Goo. 

229 E. 28th St., Chicago, lU. 
Fbank Millabd Gowdy. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
Fbedebic Joseph Gbaham. 

Sumner, Mich. 
Habby Edmund Gbeene, B.S. (Wa- 
bash) '88. Crawfordsville, Ind. 
*John Gbeenshields, A.B. '89. 
Howabd Albebtus Gbubb. ABsist. 
Surg. 48th U. S. Inf. Manila, P. I. 
Van Henby Gwinn. Brooksville, Fla. 
Edwabd Wabben Hendebson. 

846 13th St., Detroit, Mich. 
Joseph Jeftebson Hendebson. 

813 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Della Hebtzsch. 

112 E. College St., Louisville, Ky. 
Geobge Jacob Hibth, Ph.C.'89,MJ).S. 
(Berlin) '92. 

883 Cambridge Ave., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 



Ralph Oliyeb Hollisteb. 

Hammond, La. 
Jamss Hobkinq. Kearsarge, Mich. 
LoBON Whitney Howk, A.B. (Ro- 
chester) 'ST. 

370 West Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
CLnvTON Db Witt Hubbabd. 

Parma, Mich. 
Fannie Bubton Hubd. (Mrs. Hugh 
M. Brown.) Water Gap, Pa. 

Edwin August Jabecki, Res. Phjs. 
of Jewish Hosp. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Addie Gapitola Johnson. 
Jay Ellswobth Johnston. 
Thomas ap Rooeb Jones, A.B. (Beth- 
any) *87. Knoxville, Tenn. 
Chables Edwabd Kebney. Dayton, O. 
Guy Lincoln Kiefeb, A.B. *87, A.M. 
'91. Detroit, Mich. 
John Henby Kimble. 
Lewis Ghaujus Knapp. 

Monroe, Mich. 
Dbyden Hemingway Lamb. Act. 
Assist. Surg. U. S. A., 1898-1901. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Abbaham Leenhouts. 

Holland, Mich. 
Ghables Hebman Lettebman. 
RoBEBT Ebnest Lewis. Macomb, 111. 
Emma Louise McGollum, (Mrs. Les- 
lie E. Glawson.) 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
GouN Bancboft McKenzie. 

Harbor Beach, Mich. 
James Abohibald McNiven. 

Gibbonsville, Idaho. 
Donald Macbae. 

CJoimcil Bluffs, Iowa. 
David Powbib Mattland. 

Jackson, ^f inn. 
James Ralph Montgomery. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
WiLLET Abraham Mumbrue. 

Athens, Mich. 

Fbedebick Geoboe NovY,B.S.(Chem.) 
'86. Ann Arbor. 

Julia Alice Petebson. Ruth, Mich. 
Samuel Febdinand Pbice. 

Saratoga, Wyo. 

Maby Hannah Ratcliffe. 

Medina, N. Y. 

William Giffobd Rice. Muncie, Ind. 
John Henby Rishmilleb. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

*Mabk Rockwell, Ph.C. '89, d. Ben- 
ton Harbor, Mich., April 22, 1894. 
James Newton Saint. 

East Liverpool, O. 

Fbank Ladd Saylob. Elwood, Ind. 

John Scuubb, A.B. (DePauw) '93. 

Forestville, Gal. 
Yusnto Senshu. Tokyo, Japan. 

John Henby Shapeb, Ph.G. '88. 

Herkimer, N. Y. 
William Shaw. Morrice, Mich. 

Gassius D. Silveb. 

Plattsburg, N. Y. 
Helen Smith. 
Maby Goffield Smith. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Walteb Hamilton Snydeb. 

211 Ontario St., Toledo, O. 
WnxABD Ralph Stabks. 

Ghatham, N. Y. 
Ghables Spuboeon Stewabt. 

Garrett, Ind. 
Peteb Stewabt. Hadley, Mich. 

Ghables Augustus Stimson. 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
Ghables Milton Stobch. 

Grand Rapids, Minn. 
Eugene Silas Stbout. 

3046 Stevens Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
May Belle Stuokey. ( Mrs. Harry R. 
Reynolds. ) Glinton, Iowa. 


Glarkston, Mich. 
John Glifton Taylob. 

New London, Gonn. 
Fbank Meltin Thoms. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Fbank Bubb Tibbals, A.B. (Yale) 
'88. 99 Gass St., Detroit, Mich. 

Jacob S. Tbiplett. 

Harrisonville, Mo. 
Edwabd Henby Tboy, a 85-86, 88-89, 
93-94. 267 6th St., Detroit, Mich. 
Aldbed Scott Wabthin, A.M. (post- 
grad. ) '90. Ann Arbor. 
Maby A. Whitakeb Williams. 

Bay Gity, Mich. 
*Albebt Howe Wishabt, d. East 

Galais, Vt., April 12, 1897. 
Lnxis Adoba Wood, (Mrs. John A. 
Starr. ) Battle Greek, Mich. 

Pbbcy Ruttan Wood. 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 
Simon Menno Yutzy. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 25.) Ann Arbor. 


*EzBA Thubbeb Abbott, d. Redlands, 

Cal., Oct. 4, 1894. 
Joseph L. Abt, M.D. (Univ. of 111.) 

'93. 701 S. Halsted St., Chicago, 111 
Abvid Ajtdebson. New Britain, Gonn. 




Clayton Wkbb Abmitagb. 

Port Hope, Mich. 


182 £. Ganfield Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Nettie Estella Bainbbidoe. (Mrs. 
Albert E. Powell. ) Marion, Ind. 
£mil Fred Baub. 

1488 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, 111. 
*Thomas Eowabd Bbaxtfbb, d. in 

Georgia, April 26, 1897. 
Bebtbam Henbt Bsokwith. 

Clio, Mich. 
William Herman Bell. Bellevue, O. 
•Emily Augusta Benn, A.B. '83. 
l^OMAs Blaib. Lyons, O. 

James Henby Bogan. 

Mackinac Island, Mich. 
William Knapp Bbanoh. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Geobge Henby Bbash. Beatrice, Neb. 
John Aaron Broberg. 

Blue Earth City, Minn. 
Thomas Earl Burgess. 

416 Indiana Ave., Toledo, O. 
*George Washington Burrier, d. 

Clare, Mich., June 6, 1899. 
Wilson Canfield. Springport, Mich. 
Henrietta A. Cabb. 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
Angus Raymond Cabton. 

Britt, Iowa. 
John Baptist Casello. 

627 W. 8th St., Cincinnati, O. 
•Shadrach Chaffin, d. Santa Maria, 

Cal., July 13, 1897. 
Stabb King Chubch, Ph.C. *89. 

Marshall, Mich. 

Lemuel Churchill, M.S. '92, B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '89. Druggist. 

Butte, Mont. 
Orton Horace Clark. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Charles Dewitt Colby. Maj. and 
Surg. 31st Mich. Inf. 1898. 

Albion, Mich. 
Joseph Franklin Condon. 

Breckenridge, Colo. 
Emma Diantha Cook. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Norman Kershaw Cox, D.D.S. '90. 

Timaru, New Zealand. 
Daniel Devine Cunningham, LL.B. 
'88. Coldwater, Mich. 

George Robebt Cubban, B.S. (Carle- 
ton) '87. Worthington, Minn. 
George Smith Davenport. 

Garfield, N. J. 
John Halvor Dent. 

East Helena, Mon. 

Fred Norton Dewey, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '87, AJL (ibid.) '90. 

Elkhart, Ind. 
John William Dobson. Arthur, 111. 
Stewabt McLellan Dohebty. 

Fortuna, Cal. 
Chables Edoab Dobbange. 

Bishop, Cal. 


965 Folsom St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Chables Howabd Emeby. 

Bedford, Ind. 
Edwin Robert Esfie. 

Potterville, Mick. 
Edwabd Norton Eweb. Oakland, Cal. 
Royal Twombly Fabband, a 86-89. 

Niagara, Wis. 
Anna Maria Flynn. San Jos6, Cal. 
Augustus William Foy. 

Howard City, Mich. 
Lucy Woodward Gabdneb. 

Bloomington, Ind. 
Howabd Bishop Gabneb. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Hugh William Graham. 

Mount Morris, Mich. 
Geobge Willabd Gbeen. 

2766 Lincoln St., Chicago, 111. 
Ebnest William Haass. 

335 St. Aubin Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Clarence Wilkie Harris. 

Allen, Mich.^ 
Charles Meigs Harrison, p 86-^7. 

Napoleon, O. 
•John Henry Hauptmann, d. Erie, 

Pa., March, 1898. 
George Stanton Hollister, Ph.G. 
(N. W. Univ.) '89. Culver, Ind. 
William Amos Holt. Calumet, Mich. 
James Eldrid Hosmer. 

Robinson, Utah. 

Lulu MayHudson, B.L. (OhioWesl.) 

'85. (Mrs. Charles H. W. Channer.) 

131 Maybury Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Blair Humphreys. 

Angola, Ind. 
James Walter Irwin. 

Warriors Mark, Pa. 
Henby Milnob Joy, a 89-90. 

Calumet, Mich. 

Leo Ray EIeeney. Lamont, Mich. 

Maby Anna Kimball. ( Mrs. Charles 

W. McDade. ) Ceylon, Minn. 

Juuus James Klein. 

539 School St., Chicago, 111. 
Theophil Klingmanw, Ph.C. '90. 

Ann Arbor. 
Thebesa Knauf. (Mrs. Joseph L. 
Abt.) 701 S. Halsted St., 

Chicago, m. 




Peter Joui? Livingstone. Caro, Mich. 
Edward Carter Lyman. Flint, Mich. 
Patrick Francis Lyons. 

21 W. 12th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
David McCluro, Portland, Mich. 

William Arthur MacGugan, a 92- 
95, B.S. (Kalamazoo) '99. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Peter Duncan MacNauohton, Maj. 
and Surg. U. S. Vols. 1898. 

Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Webster Clark Martin. 

Scottville, Mich. 
Reuben Maurits. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
James Edward Maxwell. 

Decatur, Mich. 
George Washington Moran, B.S. 
(Iowa Coll.) '88. 
406 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John Hermon Mowers. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Herman George Niermann, Ph.C .'90. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Peter Juul Noer, B.S. (Wisconsin) 

'87. Menominee, Mich. 

•Walter No yes, d. Butte, Mon., Feb. 

2, 1894. 
James Donaldson Parker, A.B. (Up- 
per Iowa Univ.) '89, A.M. {ibid,) 
91. Fayette, Iowa. 

Wallace Asahel Parker, A.B. ( Har- 
vard) '91. Dedham, Mass. 
Albert Summerfield Payne. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Clyde Phillips Platts. 

Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Henry John Poppen. 

Forest Grove, Mich. 
Albert Eugene Powell. 

Marion, Ind. 
Frank Randolph, LL.B. '96. 

Elkhart, Ind. 
Augustus Walter Reed. 

Cleveland, O. 
Samuel Beatty Robb. 

Leonard, Mich. 
•Don Alphonso Root, d. at sea, April 

6, 1897. 
William Anderson Royeb. 

Mendon, Mich. 
Frank Ernest Ruggles. 

Bay City, Mich. 

W1L1.IAM Issachar St. John, Ph.C. 

'84. Highland, Mich. 

John Schee, Ph.G. (Wisconsin) '89. 

Blanchardville, Wis. 

Edwin Elmer Sheffield, Ph.B. 

(Denison) '87. Elyria, O. 

Henry Stults Sheffield. Elyria, O. 


Rachel Anna Groff Smith. (Mrs. 
Albert H. Smith.) 

1309 Utah St., Toledo, O. 
Richard Root Smith, a 88-90. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Jeanne Cady Solis. Ann Arbor. 

LeRoy Southmayd, a 88-89. 1st 

Lieut, and Assist. Surg. 1st Mont. 

Inf. 1898. Great Falls, Mon. 

Julia Ione Stannard. 

Petoskey, Mich. 
Herbert Otto Statler, a 87-88. 

Gk)shen, Ind. 
George William Stewart. Prof. 
Saginaw Valley Med. Coll. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
George Frank Suker. 

914 Jefferson St., Toledo, O. 
John Nelson Swartz. 

Hamburg, Mich. 
Herbert Thurtell. Manitowoc, Wis. 
Henry Charles Valentine. 

Lexington, Mass. 
William P. Walter. 

103 State St., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Crawford Warren. 

Standish, Mich. 

John Davis Watterson. Kalida, O. 

Dirk John Werkman, A.B. (Hope) 

'89, A.M. [ibid.) '92. Hull, Iowa. 

William Walter Wertknberger. 

St. Joseph, Mo. 
Jacob Frederick Wesch. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Joseph Burgess Whinery, Ph.C. '88. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Annie Wells Williams. Assist. 
Physician State Insane Asylum. 

Pueblo, Colo. 
Hubert Wallace Wilson. 

Michigan City, Ind. 
John Graham Wilson. Montrose, Pa. 

William Coleman Armstrong. 

Redbank, N. J. 
Samuel Howard Arthur, D.D.S. '92. 

Scranton, Iowa. 
James Meade Atkinson. Eaton, Ind. 
Herbert Edwin Baright, B.S. (Cor- 
nell) '89. Clifton Springs, N. y. 
Frances Lewis Bishop, a 93-94. 

516 N. Garrison Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
William Blair, a 88-89. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 25.) Ann Arbor. 


Fairport Harbor, O. 
Anna Joy Clapperton. Assist. Phy- 
sician to Eastern Mich. Asylum. 

Pontiac, Mich. 




LuKLLA Sophia Cleveland. 

Honolulu, H. I. 
Katharine Richards Collins. 

Atlanta, Qm. 
Anna Craio. 

King's Park, Long Island, N. Y. 
Nicholas DeHaas. Fremont, Mich. 
Frederic Campbell Gillen. 

164 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harrt Lawrence Hall, a 94-96, d 

88-90. Toledo, O. 

Alice Hamilton. Prof, of Pathology, 

N. W. Univ. 

336 S. Halsted St, Chicago, 111. 
Kosemond Luella Hathwat. 

East Liverpool, O. 
George Edgar Hoffman, A.B. (Mon- 
mouth) '86, A.M. (ibid.) '89. 

Rochester, Ind. 
William Fremont Hubbard. 

Portland, Ore. 
LbRot Bromwell Humphrey. 

Akron, O. 
Aleck Franklin Hutchinson. 

Nashville, Mich. 
Maria P. de Booij Ingram. 

196 Joralemon St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Henry Jones. Dowagiac, Mich. 
Harry James Kennedy, A.B. '90. 

4306 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Stella Kirby, B.S. (Washburn Coll.) 

'84. Scranton, Kan. 

Alvena Mauerhan. (Mrs. Alfred H. 

Bailey. ) Marshall, Mich. 


Junction City, B^an. 
Archibald Lawrence Muirhead. 

Central City, Neb. 

*James Perry Odell, d. Fremont, 

Mich., July 17, 1894. 
Frank Dean Patterson, A.B. (Cor- 
nell) '90. Florence, Wis. 
William Wilson Pearson. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

Frank Beckham Powers, A.B. (Univ. 

of Tenn.) '91, A.M. (Georgetown, 

Ky.) '97. Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

George Roberts. Adjunct Prof, of 

Pathology, Univ. of Buffalo. 

379 William St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Henry Rudolph Roetheb. 

Perrysburg, O. 

Charles Whitall Root, a 86-90. 

Charlestown, W. Va. 
Mary Sanderson. Amherst, Mass. 
William Oscar Sauermann. 

Burlington, Mich. 
Frederick Glazier Smith. 

Somerville, Mass. 

Sarah Ameija Wiloox Sool^. (Mn. 
Charles A. Soal^.) » 

271 £. 57th St., Chicago, IlL 
Charles Newton Sowers, a 89-90. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Cora Lane Stoner. (Mrs. John A. 
Lichty. ) 

4634 5th Ave., Pitteburgh, Pa. 
William Grant Tucker. 

Port Townsend, Waali. 
James Curtis Twitchell. 

Rosebnrg, Ore. 

Frank Alsworth Wafles, B.S. 

(Bio.) '89. Battle Creek, Mich. 

William Adam Wehe. Topeka, Kan. 

Emma Hammond Wheeler. 

New Bed! ordy Mass. 
Rorert Henry Woloott, Bi. '90, 
A.M. (Nebraska) ^95. Lincolii,Neb. 
Truman Norton Ybomans. 

(47) Bancroft, Ifioh. 


Ernest Marion Adams. 

Augusta, Wis. 
Minnie Maud Allen. Missionary. 

Jagraon, Punjab, India. 
Rorert Bruce Armstrong, Ph.C. '90. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 

James Rae Arneux, A.B. (Lawrence 

Univ.) '90. (See Faculties, p. 28.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Merritt Moses Aters. 

Continental, O. 
Frtthiof Emil Berge. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Clarissa Sophia Bigelow, Ph.B. ^89. 

Chicago, ni. 
Vacil Demetroff Bozovskt. 

Dunkirk, N. Y. 
James Fleming Breaket, a 88--91. 

Ann Arbor. 
Christopher Brogan. 

Stockbridfle, Mich. 
*George Warner Burleigh, d.Bloom- 

ington. Neb., Oct. 28, 1899. 
Edgar Robert St. John Caro. 
Sanitarium, Gower St., Sumner 
Hill, New South Wales, Australia. 
Theodore Linooln Chadbournb, B.S. 
'91. Vinton, Iowa. 

Willis Earle Chapman. 

Cheboygan, Mich. 
Augustus Warren Crane, a 89-90. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
John Alexander Donovan. Oculist 
and Aurist. Butte, Mon 

Calvin R. Elwood, d 90-91. 

Menominee, Mich. 



John William Folst. Leadville, Colo. 
Joseph Foster, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) '90. Lansing, Mich. 

John Henry Frost, Ph.C. *89. 

Rockford, 111. 
Jo6£ Ramon Gallbqos. 

Caxtago, Costa Rica, C. A. 
William Aaron George. 

Little Rock, Ark. 
John Evans Gernand, B.L. '90. 

Rossvillc, 111. 
Stephen Cletton Glidden, a 89-90. 

Danville, 111. 
James Louis Heard. North Ea8t,Pa. 
Clarence Burke Hernam. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Howard Herrinoton. 

467 Geary St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Frederick William Hetsett. 

Freesoil, Mich. 
*Brainard Spencer Higlet, Assist. 
Surg. U. S. A., d. on Corregidor Is- 
land, P. I., Feb. 3, 1900. 
Minnie Hoaoland. Pueblo, Colo. 

Elijah Mark Houghton, Ph.C. '93. 
(See Faculties, p. 18.) 
270 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Annie Ives. (Mrs. Stephen C. Gl id- 
den.) Danville, 111. 
Herbert Perry Kellogg. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Leverge Knapp, Ph.B. '88. 

Ouleout, N. Y. 
Daniel Hartman Kress. 

Gower St., Summer Hill, 

N. S. Wales, Australia. 
Lauretta Kress. (Mrs. Daniel H. 
Kress.) Summer Hill, 

N. S. Wales, Australia. 
Charles Thomas McClintock, Ph.D. 
'92. Detroit, Mich. 

Julian Turnbull McClymonds. 

Lexington, K7. 
Orianna McDaniel. 

912 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Robert McGregor. Prof in Saginaw 
Valley McmI. Coll. Saginaw, Mich. 
George Edwin McKean. 

436 Putnam Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Edward Everett MgKnight. 

Alpena, Mich. 
Edward Lowrt Martindale, a 89-90. 
Assist. Surg. 49th Iowa Inf. 1898. 

Clinton, Iowa. 
EtoAR Calvin LeRot Miller. Mis- 
sionary in India, 1895-1900. 

66 Rosedale Court, Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Benjamin Moran, '95 {nunc 

pro tunc), Med. Supt. Los Angeles 

Sanitarium. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Carlton Dolphin Morris, I 90-91, a 
95-96. Assist. Physician in Eastern 
Mich. Asylum. Pontiac, Mich. 

Frank Edwin Mover. 

Pennville, Ind. 
Edvon Andrew Murbach, A.B. (Hei- 
delberg Coll.) '90. Archbold, O. 
Stephen Grant Olmsted. 

Kawkawlin, Mich. 

Alfred Berthier Olsen, B.S. (Bio.) 

'95, M.S. '96. London, Eng. 

Fred Wheeler Palmer. Assist Surg. 

U. S. A., 1898. Brooklyn, Mich. 

Norton Hills Pardon. 

Whiteford Center, Mich. 
John Abraham Pratt. Aurora, 111. 
Howard Frederick Hand. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

William Henry Rheinfrank, a 89- 

90. Perrysburg, O. 

Delia Maud Rice, A.B. (Knox) '84. 

Galesburg, 111. 
•Albert Phujp Steinhart, d. Gar- 

deau. Pa., Oct. 10, 1894. 
Edith Sturges, A.B. (Wellesley) *90. 
(Mrs. Russel M. Heller.) 
5318 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Adolph Tyroler. Williams, Ariz. 

Peter Martin van den Berg. 

Graafschap, Mich. 
Clark Randolph Willcoxson. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Albert Stotut Wilson. 

Belleyue, Mich. 
Ephraim Harrison Winter. 

Augusta, Wis. 
•Walter George Wright, d. Ionia, 
Mich., Nov. 9, 1894. 


Florence Almeda Amidon. (Mrs. 
Oscar K. Richardson.) 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Richard Selden Anthony, M.D. 
(Cooper Med. Coll.) '94. 

Cape Town, So. Africa. 
Adam John Baumhardt, Ph.C. '87. 

Lorain, O. 
LomsA Teresa Black. 

Pueblo, Colo. 
Henry Harlow Brooks. 

44 W. 9th St., New York City. 
William Elliott Brown. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Sidney Payne Budoett. Prof, of 
Physiology in Washington Univ. 

1806 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo. 
William Thomas Burke. 

47 Ontario St., Toledo, O. 




Chables Amos Burbitt. Toledo, O. 
David R. Clark. Dearborn, Mich. 
Edwin Oscar Colvin, h 91-94. 

Buchanan, Mich. 
Jean Mottbam Cooke. 

1824 Diversey Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Thomas Benton Coolet, A.B. '91. 

Ann Arbor. 
Bernard Joseph Downey. 

Ottawa, 111. 
Charles Peteb Dotle. 

Millbrook, Mich. 
Hiram Marcellus Farnham. 

Midland, Mich. 
Charles Edmund Fisher. 

816 Erie St., Toledo, O. 
Byron Sinclair Gailey. 

Jacksonville, 111. 
Dirk Gleysteen, A.B. '93. 

Holdrege, Neb. 
•William Benjamin Govan, d. Ox- 
ford, Mich., Nov. 9, 1896. 
Maria Loxhse Graham. 

4 Montello St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Harriet Louise Hawkins. 

489 Third Ave., Detroit. Mich. 
Harry Ashford Haze. Act. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. A. 1899. Lansing, Mich. 
Abthub Wallace Hebb. 

230 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 
William Silas Hewitt. 

249 Superior St., Cleveland, O. 
John Ebnest Hinkson, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '92. Wacousta, Mich. 
Chables Eggleston Hookeb. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Geobge Fbanklin Inch. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Fbank Jacobi. 

708 Madison St., Toledo, O. 
Abthub Henby Johnson. 

Portland, Ore. 
William Alfbed Kickland, B.S. 
(Bio.) '92. Fort Collins, Colo. 

Flavius Josephus Knight. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Minebva M. Knott. Sedalia, Mo. 

Herbebt Geobge Lampson. 

Washburn, Wis. 
Eliza Ellen Leonabd. Preab. Mis- 
sionary. Pekinof, China. 
William Swift Loomis, a 86-87. 

Ann Arbor. 
Henby H. Lucas. 

192 Van Houten St., Paterson, N. J. 
•RoBEBT Julius Lynn, d. Monticello, 

Wis., Jan. 13, 1806. 
Neil Suthebland McDonald. 

Rockland, Mich. 
Rodebick J. McDonald. 

Leadville, Colo. 

RoscoE Belden Mabtindale, A.B. 
(Hamilton) '90, A.M. (ibid,) '93. 

Worthington, Iowa. 
Samuel Alexandeb Matthews. 

4700 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Cleburne, Texas. 
John Chables Maxwell, Ph.C. '94. 

Paw Paw, Mich. 
Lewis Cbaig Milleb. 

Twelve Mile, Ind. 
Lillian Belle Milleb. Missionary 
in India, 1895-1900. 

66 Rosedale Court, Detroit, Mich. 
Fbed Hopkins Moobe. 

Worthing, S. Dak. 
John Andbew Mobbisey. Lima, N. Y. 
Ellen Bbadfobd Mubbay. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Eabl Stimson Niblack. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Emoby Leboy Niskebn. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Geobge Gallahyeb Bbatten Nusum. 

Honey Creek, Iowa. 
Henry Edwabd Odell. Assist. Surg. 
U. S. N. Care of Navy Department, 

Washington, D. C. 
Fbank Albebt Olms. 

South Elgin, HI. 
Philip Henby Quick. Olivet, Mich. 
John Fbanklin Ritteb. 

Maquoketa, Iowa. 

Eugene Hebbebt Robebtson, Ph.B. 

'91. Boulder, Colo. 

John Randolph Rooebs, B.S. 

(Chem.j '90. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Abthub James Sandebson, M.D. 

(Cooper Med. Coll.) '91. 

St. Helena, Cal. 
Duncan Chables Shields. 

Bernard, Iowa. 
Claude LeBabon Sigleb. 

Pinckney, Mich. 
Chables Eugene Stewabt. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Geobge W. Tobbey, D.D.S. (Chicago) 

'99. 558 W. 79th St., Chicago, 111. 

Andbew Uben. Hurley, Wis. 

Cabl Clbghobn Wabden, Ph.B. '92. 

M.D. (Univ. of Nashville) '97. 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Fbances Tudob Weed. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Jacob Butleb White, '96 {nunc pro 
*unc), B.S. (Nebraska) '92. 

Huntington, Ore. 
Geobge Henby Williamson. 

Mattoon, Wis. 
William Jebemiah Woodun. 




Frances Mobton Allen, A.B. (Univ. 
of N. Dak.) '89. 

333 E. 4l8t St., Chicago, 111. 
Gabdneb Jabez Bioelow. 

Sandusky, O. 
Chesteb Bradley Bliss. 

Springfield, O. 
Allen Lewis Borden. 

Gowanda, N. Y. 
Frank Swift Bourns, B.S. '90. 

Manila, P. I. 
Charles Francis Boyden. 

Evans ville, Ind. 
Joseph Brayshaw. 
James Ernest Browne. 

Howell, Mich. 
Arthur H. Burleson. 

Tekonsha, Mich. 
Gertrude Dart Campbell. 

Mason, Mich. 
Charles Henry Carlin, h 92-94. 

Torrington, Conn. 
George Willis Clarke. 

48 Bagley St., Detroit, Mich. 
Sarah Ellen Conner. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

David Murray CowiE. Ann Arbor. 

Arthur Victor Doud. Bristol, N. H. 

•Thomas John Doughty, a 88-90, p 

90-91, d. Matteawan, N. Y., Aug. 2, 


Eleanora Sophronia Everhard, B.S. 

(Ripon) '90,A.M. {ibid.) '93. Prof. 

in Presb. Coll. for Women, 1897-. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Penelope McNauohton Flett, *97 

(nuno pro tuno)j A.B. (Vassar) 

'92. Waver ley, Mass. 

Gilbert Bird Furness. 

Mandan, N. Dak. 
Caroline Lella Garlock. 

Ames, N. Y. 

Katherine Eliza Geioer. (Mrs. 

Jesse G. Yont.) Victor, Colo. 

George Adam Geist. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Lawrence Chamberlain Grosh, a 


344 W. WoodruflF Ave., Toledo, O. 

Theodore Charles Guenther. 

283 48th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mary Cornelia Heilesen. 

College View, Neb. 
Frances Hulbebt. (Mrs. Charles E. 
White.) Rome, N. Y. 

Ida Kahn. Kiu Kiang, China. 

Samuel Michael EInoop, A.B. ( Indi- 
ana) '92. 
With Beyer Brothers, Providence 3-I. 

Caspeb K. LaHuis. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
James Joseph LaSalle. 

228 Michigan Ave., Toledo, O. 
LuciEN Gex Locke. Haverhill, O. 
Charles Samuel McIntyre. 

Woodland, Mich. 


Montpelier, Vt. 
David Porter Mayhew, Ph.B. '93. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Hiram Beach Morse. 

Elk Rapids, Mich. 
Saxe WniTTiER Mowers, A.B. (Wa- 
bash) '91, A.M. {ibid.) '93. Assist. 
Surg. 1st Minn. Inf. 1898. 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Christian Peter Nelson. 

Westbrook, Minn. 
Ethan A. Nevin. 

St. Lawrence State Hosp., 

Ogdensburg, N. Y. 
RoBEBT Henby Nichols. 

Onondaga, Mich. 
Anna Louise Pbeston. Marietta, O. 
Ebnest Hinsdale Ryobs. Linn, Mo. 
HoMEB EB¥aN Saffobd, Ph.B. '92. 

Detroit, Mich. 
MuBBAY Maywood Seabs, M.D. {h) 
'97, B.S. '97. Detroit, Mich. 

HoBACE Watson Shebwood. 

Bel more, O. 
MEiYn Shie [Maby Stone]. 

Kiu Kiang, China. 
Clabk Fbancis Tuomy. 

St. Peter, Minn. 
James Wallace Van Dusen. Assist. 
Surg. U. S. A. 1899. Vigan, P. I. 
Fbedebick Thomas Van Ubk. 

51 Hudson Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Maby Eloise Walkeb, A.B. '93. 

Hudson, N. Y. 
Fbancis Joseph Welsh, LL.B. '92. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Chables Edwabd White. 

Waterville, N. Y. 
John Zieg. 

516 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Otto Carl Ahlers. Sherman, Tex. 

Susan Anderson. Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Harry Brown Britton. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Alice Cratntord Brown, A.B. (Vas- 
sar) '93. Hackensack, N. Y. 

Hortense Valentine Bruce, a 91-94. 
Supt. of House of Refuge for 
Women. Hudson, N. Y. 




John Fletohsb Btinoton, A.B. '95. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Mabt Kate Btinoton. (Mrs. Charles 

C. Nicola. ) South Lancaster, Mass. 

Claudius Babbabd Chafin, B.S. 

(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '93. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Albebt Ambler Chubch, A.B. (Ober- 
lin) '92, A.M. {ibid.) '97. 

Chicago, Ohio. 
Abbott Lathbop Coolet. 

Chicopee Falls, Mass. 
Abthub Samuel Cornell, B.S. (To- 
ronto) '89. Union City, Mich. 
Mabt Agnes Dangel. 

39 Broad St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Hesteb S0PHL4 Antoinette Dayies. 

Cape Town, So. Africa. 
Joseph Tboweb Davibs, D.D.S. '98. 

Cape Town, So. Africa. 

Herman Russell Dewey, Ph.B. 

(Hillsdale) '92, Ph.M. (ihid,) '96. 

Bellevue, O. 
Stowell Barnard Dudley, Ph.B. 
(Oberlin) '93, A.M. {ihid.) '97. 

Monroeville, O. 
Edward Samuel Fogg. 

1605 Jackson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Orrin Henry Freeland. Hosp. Stew- 
ard 3l8t Mich. Inf. 1898. 

Mason, Mich. 
Neil Alexander Gates. Dexter, Mich. 
Charles B Gauss. Palo, Mich. 

Ralph Nevin Gorden, a 92-93. 

North Yakima, Wash. 
Albert Culver Hammett. 

2520 N. 41st Court, Chicago, 111. 
Charles William Hartloff, A.B. 
(Indiana) '02. Evansville, Ind. 

Edward Palestine Hawkins. 

Montrose, Minn. 
Rudolph Bernhard Hoermann, A.B. 
(N. W. Univ.) '93. 

Watertown, Wis. 

George Aloysius Hofstetter, a 92- 

93. Corsicana, Tex. 

Mary Myrtle Pennington Hunter. 

28 33d Place. Chicago, 111. 

Howard Aiken I jams, B.S. (Univ. of 

Tenn.) '94. 

307 Clinch St., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Noah Harrison Jackson. 

Hicksville, O. 

Benjamin William Kelly. 

Aitkin, Minn. 
John Henrt Kincaid. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

James Rollin Kinosley. 

Sheboygan, Wis. 

Lewis Frank Ladd, a 91-93. 

Murtin, Mich. 
David Herman Lando. 

Moore Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 
Frederick Percy Lawton. 

Traverse Citv, Mich. 
Anna Willard Locke, A.M. '97, 
A.B. (Wellesley) '92. 

129 W. 26th St., New York, N. Y. 
Homer Garrison Long. Piedmont, O. 
William Beatty Lunn. 

Marquette, Midi. 
* Jessie Fremont Rudy McNeal, B.S. 

'96. (Mrs. Harry McNeal.) 
John Aldert Mafes, B.S. (Olivet) 
'93. Dimondale, Midi. 

Albert Beekman Mills, a 92-93. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Morris Morrison. La Crosse, Wis. 
Hugh Mulheron. Assist in National 
Hosp. for Epileptics. 

London, England. 

Charles Chesterfield Nicola, B.S. 

( Bio. ) '96. South Lancaster, Mass. 

Charles Hannibal Nims, A.B. 

(Oberlin) '93, A.M. {ihid,) '97. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Marion Nute. Dorchester, Melss. 
George Drinan Perkins. 

With Parke, Davis A Co., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Carlin Philips, a 90-93. 

39 W. 27th St., New York, N. Y. 
Ferdinand Henry Pirnat. 

921 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, 111. 
George Hampton Putney. 

Missoula, Mon. 
Henry Christian Schoepfle. 

Sandusky, O. 
Raymond Duane Sleight. 

Maple Rapids, Mich. 
Georgia Smeallie, B.L. '93, B.S. '94. 
(Mrs. Charles H. Nims.) 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Paul Smits. Aberdeen, Wash. 

William Albert Spitzley, A.B. '96. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Isaac Franklin Steiner, p 92-93. 

Lima, O. 
Willard Stiles Stevens. 

Sheldahl, Iowa. 
John Benjamin Thielen. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 
•William Raymond Turner, Assist. 
Surg. U. S. A. 1898, d. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Aug. 18, 1901. 
George Barclay Wallace. 

Ann Arbor. 
Harry Clark Watkins. 

Aberdeen, Wash. 



Abthxtb Eddt West. 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
JxAN Gausta Hasbis Whitney. 

Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich. 
Edwabd Patton Wilbub. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
William Henbt Witteb, a 92-93. 

West Branch, Mich. 
James Rupebt Wolfenden, B.S. 
(Bio.) '95. 

749 Evanston Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Caboline Jane Young. 

129 W. 96th St., New York City. 


John William Amesse. Ist Lieut, 
and Assist. Surg. U. S. Marine 
Hosp. Service since 1899. 

Manila, P. I. 
William Richabdson Bagley. 

Duluth, Minn. 
HowABD BiGELOW Bakeb, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '92. Lansing, Mich. 

Fbedebick Amos Baldwin. 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Thomas Stone Bubb, A.B. (Bowdoin) 
'91. Ann Arbor. 

Ellen Rose Canney. 

New Bedford, Mass. 

Chables Abthxtb Cattebmole, 1st 

Lieut., and Assist. Surg. 47th U. S. 

Inf. Virac, P. I. 

Lobetta Kathebine Cavanaugh. 

New Bedford, Mass. 
Cabbie Simpson Coleman. (Mrs. 
Thomas S. Burr.) Ann Arbor. 

Clabxndon James Combs. 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
NoBTON Dusenbuby Coons, D.D.S. 
1900. Ann Arbor. 

Alexandeb Cobpbon. 

Fairmont, Minn. 
John Mabtin Cbaio. 

Sanitarium, Dansville, N. Y. 
Kathebine Louise Cbawfobd. 

Toledo, O. 

Samuel Conway Cbow. Sharon, Pa. 
Thomas Levi Dago. 

W. Bay City, Mich. 

Lydia Mabia Adams DeWitt, B.S. 
'99. (Mrs. Alton D. DeWitt.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Hugh William Dicken, a 93-94. 

Cross Village, Mich. 

Fbed Stbaykb Ddefendobf. 

Argusville, N. Y. 

Viotob Chables Dohebty. 

Grand Marais, Mich. 

Fannie Almaba Dunn. 

Bismarck, N. Dak. 
Abthub Ebnest Gale. 
Henby Bennett Gammon, A.B. '96. 

Hastings, Mich. 
Clarence Allen Good. Assistant in 
Pharmacology. Ann Arbor. 

Newton Henby Gbeenman. 

Fairmount, N. Dak. 
Fbed Hopkins Habbis. 

Marshall, Mich. 
Corydon Fobd Heabd. North East, Pa. 
Rhoda Gbace Hendbick. 

Jackson, Mich. 
RoBEBT Stephenson Ingebsoll. 

51 Park St., Calcutta, India. 
William S. Jackson. 

Houghton, Mich. 
Andbeas Johannes. Peoria, HI. 

Joseph Alphonsis Kelly. 

430 35th St., Chicago, 111. 
Mark Stevens Knapp, B.S. '95. 

Flint, Mich. 
Will Mao Lake, a 93-94. Assist. 
Physician Eastern Michigan Asy- 
lum. Pontiac, Midi. 
Solomon S. Lee. Calumet, Mich. 
WiLMEB Sanfobd Lehman. Mission- 
Batanga, Kamerun, West Africa. 
William James Little, A.B. (Hast- 
ings 0)11.) '94. Madison, Neb. 
George Munboe Livingston. Assist. 
Physician Mich. Asylum. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Nelson Febguson MoClinton. 

Alma, Mich. 
Jesse Kbekore Mabden, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth) '95. Missionary. 

Aintab, Turkey. 
William August Mogk, A.B. '97. 

1210 Jefferson Ava, Detroit, Mich. 
Joseph Robebt Mountain. 

Connersville, Ind. 
Maby Josephine Naghtbieb. 

Pueblo, Colo. 

May Fonda Nadeau. Seattle, Wash. 

HoBACE Newhabt, A.B. (Dartmouth) 

'95. New Ulm, Minn. 

George Henry Norris. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Albebt Patbick O'Leaby. 

Butte, Mon. 
James Willis Pabkeb, A.B. '95. 

Parshallville, Mich. 
Olive Gbace Pebby. (Mrs. Roberts. 

51 Park St., Calcutta, India. 
Ebnest Reginald Pike. 

Metlakahtla, Alaska. 




Abthur David Pollock. 

Macomb, 111. 
•Joseph Crocket Scarbokough, d. 

Prescott, Ariz., Nov. 22, 1901. 
Annie Marqabet Stevens. (Mrs. 
Warren S. Rundell.) Physician at 
Mich. School for Deaf. Flint, Mich. 
Abraham Franklin Strickler. 

New Ulm, Minn. 
Archie Adelbert Swinton, B.S. (Oli- 
vet) *94. Charlevoix, Mich. 
William Henry Tkbtt. 
Sharon John Thoms. Missionary. 

Bahrein, Arabia. 
Christian van der Veen. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Thomas Van Urk. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Ernest Maxwell Vardon. 

Hanover, Mich. 
John Oloff von Zellen. 

L'Anse, Mich. 
Walter Miller Warren. Hosp. 
Steward 31st Mich. Inf. 1898. 

Chateaugay, N. Y. 
Mary Wetmore. Allegan, Mich. 

Mary Blanche White. 

1033 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Charles Henry Williams, Ph.C. '94, 
M.D. (Jefferson) '99, Ph.B. (Ad- 
rian) '92. Adrian, Mich. 
Robert Dwight Wilson. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Leroy John Wisman. Peoria, 111. 
Walter John Wright. 

Gregory, Mich. 
Alois Lawrence Ziliak. Olney, 111. 
Joseph Edward Ziliak. 

(70) Haubstadt, Ind. 


Florence Elizabeth Allen. Assist. 
Physician a£ Mich. Asylum. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Miranda May Aixen. 

297 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Alfred Wickham Balsley. 

Findlay, O. 
Frances Elizabeth Barrett, B.S. 
(Kalamazoo) '96. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Lester Hayes Beals, A.B. '95. Mis- 
sionary. Y. M. C. A., Madras, India. 
Lena Adell Benjamin. 

Bradford, Pa. 

Philip Daggett Bourland, B.S. 

(Chem.) '95. Calumet, Mich. 

Robert Collyer Bourland, A.B. '97. 

(See Faculties, p. 28.) Ann Arbor. 

Samuel Robert Boycb, Ph.C. *90. 

Madison, Wis. 

Isabel Agnes Bradley. Assist. Phy- 
sician in State Hosp. Columbus, O. 
Frederick William Brown, B.S. 
(Bucknell) '97, M.S. {ibid,) 1900. 

Franklin, Pa. 
Robert Clayton Buck. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
John Everett Bubnette. 

East Pepperell, Mass. 
James Francis Canavan. Assist. 
Physician at Northern Mich. Asy- 
lum. Traverse City, Mich. 
Roy Bishop Canfield, A.B. '97. 

Boston, Mass. 
Daniel George Castell. Holly, Mich. 
Oscar Ellas Chase. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Edwin M. Chauncey. Girard, Mich. 
Clarence George Clabk. 

317 E. 89th St., New York City. 
Willis Gubdon Cook, B.S. '97. 

Fort Worth, Texas. 
Harold Dunbab Corbusieb. Act. As- 
sist. Surg. U. S. A. 

Care of Surgeon General, 

Washington, D. C. 
John DeLamateb Covert. 

Fort Worth, Tex. 

Galen Greenfield Crozieb, B.S. 

(Bio.) '94. Tura, Assam, India. 

William Ralph Cunningham, A.B. 

(Grove City Coll.) '94. 

Bourbon, Ind. 
•Arthur James Dresser, B.S. (Dart- 
mouth) '95, d. Tewksbury, Mass., 
June 12, 1901. 
Amos Driver. Carrollton, HI. 

William Sylvio Durand. 

Everett, Wash. 
Halle Laura Ewing. State Hosp. 

Norristown, Pa. 

Albebt Douolas Foster. A. A. Surg. 

U. S. Marine Hosp. Cleveland, 0. 

Raynor Spalding Freund, a 92-95. 

Butte, Mon. 
Stuart Eugene Galbratth, B.L. '96. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Conrad Georg, A.B. '96. Ann Arbor. 
Milton Lowrie Glenn. 

Livermore, Pa. 
James Gostanian. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
George Fbank Gbeenleaf, a 92-95. 

Brazil, Ind. 
OviDUS Abthub Gbiffin. Ann Arbor. 
Walteb Elmo Gbiffin. 1st Lieut, 
and Assist. Surg. U. S. A. 

Manila, P. I. 
William Page Hablow. 

Greenland, Mich. 



Downey Lamab Harris, a 94-95. 
ABsist. Physician at Worcester 
(Mass.) City Hosp. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
iRMA Irene Heller. 

539 9th St., S.E., Washington, D. C. 
Levi St. John Hixt. Borden, Gal. 
WiLLARD Hunter Hutchinos, B.L. 
'96. Ann Arbor. 

Herbert Elias Kelly. Ida, Mich. 
LeRoy Wendell Kino. 

Lowville, N. Y. 
Cabot Lull. Birmingham, Ala. 

Theodore Charles Lyster, Ph.B. '97. 

Washington, D. C. 
Calvin Fenwick McDowell. 

New Castle, Pa. 
Mary Crouse McKibbin. 

McKeesport, Pa. 
Jackson Lee Martin. Fresno, Cal. 
Maude [Ethelyn] Burt Martin. 
vAssist. Physician of State Hosp. 

Newberry, Mich. 
EuHU Arthur Martindale, Ph.B. 
(Hillsdale) '95. Jackson, Mich. 
Wiluam Hampton Matchett. 

Hancock, Mich. 
Clarence Warren Mehlhop. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
John Josiah Mersen, A.B. (Hope) 
'95, A.M. (ibid.) '98. 

Holland, Mich. 
William Robert Morrison. 

Bemidji, Minn. 

Martin Alvin Mortensen. Studying 

in Europe. Battle Creek, Mich. 

William Daniel Mueller. Assist. 

Physician at Asylum. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Hiram Winnett Orr. Lincoln, Neb. 
Jesse Ooed Parker. Owosso, Mich. 
John Leon Parker, B.S. '98. 

Charles City, Iowa. 
Emma Pearson. Van Wert, O. 

Harvey Newton Peck, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '92. Jackson, Mich. 

John Ross Petty. Au Ores, Mich. 
Charles Banning Porter. 

Bannister, Mich. 
William Gilbert Povey, B.L. '97. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Floyd Hamilton Randall, B.S. *97. 

W. Bay City, Mich. 
William Bernard Richmond. 

Brazil, Ind. 
Elizabeth Pond Rindlaub. 

Fargo, N. Dak. 
Francis Albert Scott. Davis, Mich. 
Joseph Pearle Seale. 

Fair mount, Ind. 

.iOSEPH Sill, A.B. '97. 

879 Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Bert Granville Snow. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Andrew Lester Swinton, B.S. 1898. 

Ontonagon, Mich. 
SzYMON SzuDRAWSKi. Manistce, Mich. 
Wesley Ewinq Taylor, B.S. '97. 

Wheel ersburg, O. 
Clarence A. Traphagen. 

Armada, Mich. 
Edward Camillo Van DeWalker. 

Suttons Bay, Mich. 
Aart Van Westrienen. 

Kenosha, Wis. 
Felice von Autenried. (Mrs. John 
L. Bobbins.) Olive Hill, Ky. 

Frank Stanley Wasielewski. 

684 Mitchell St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alanson Weeks. U. S. R. C. Surg. 

Washington, D. C. 
Reud a. White. Virginia City, Mon. 
Ross Chauncey Whitman, A.B. '94. 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 
Alden Humphrey Williams. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Mary Moore Wolfe, A.B. ( Bucknell ) 
'96, A.M. [ibid.) 1900. Assist. Phy- 
sician at State Hosp. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Charles Martin Wood, a 94-95. 

Decatur, III. 
Frederick Thompson Wright, A.B. 
'86. Calumet, Mich. 

Georoe Frank Young. 

(88) South Haven, Mich. 


Arthur Robert Adams. 

Peotone, 111. 
Helen Emelia Affeld. 

1826 Diversey Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Harriet Virginia Baker. 

Greenwich, Conn. 
Carl Hardin Ballard. 

Estherville, Iowa. 
Thomas Charles Barnhart. 

Germania, Iowa. 
Edgar Bates, B.S. (Bio.) '97. 

Nettle Lake, O. 

Emil Frederick Baur. Student at 

Vienna, Austria. Manistae, Mich. 

Henry H. Brevoort. Lodi, N. J. 

Jeannette Marshall Brigham. 

Howell, Mich. 
Ray Haddock Burrell, B. L. '97. 

Ashland, Neh. 
William Paul Caffey. 

Castle Gate, Utah. 




Earl Heitbt Campbell. 

Dollar Bay, Mich. 
Sara. Thomasina Chase. 

Otsego, Mich. 
Rot William Chivebs. Jackson, Mich. 
Geoboe Wentwobth Clabk. 

Maumee, O. 
Helen Fbanoes Taft Cleaves. 

W. Qouldsboro, Maine. 
Henbt Walkeb Clouchek. 

Ann Arbor. 
Cabolute Bennett Colveb. 

State Hospital, Massilon, O. 
Hebbebt Rot Conklin. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
Clifton Able Coopeb. Racine, Wis. 
Wilbeb Henbt Coopeb. Knoxville, O. 
William Albebtus Coventbt. 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Andbew Linn Cotle. 

171 N. 7th St., Newark, N. J. 
Ebnest Crockett. 

Ashtabula Harbor, O. 
Harriet Phoebe Cutteb. Utica, N. Y. 
Walteb den Bletkeb. 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Andbew Jackson Detweiler, A.B. 
(Missouri) '96. Washington, Mo. 
Louise Mabt Dithbidoe. 

1393 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
James Abthtjb Dubbent. 

Marysville, Wash. 
Btbon Cobtdon Eaoes. 

Conneaut, O. 
Samuel Reed Eaton. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Thomas Flournot. Moberly, Mo. 

Walter Eugene Foster. Elgin, 111. 
Jed Burt Freund, e 93-96. 

Butte, Mon. 
Burt Francis Green, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '94. Hillsdale, Mich. 
David S. Grim, A.B. (Bucknell) '97. 

Kutztown, Pa. 
George Trton Harding. Marion, O. 
Louis Moffat Henderson. 

Homer, Mich. 
James Henrt. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Benjamin Simms Herring. 

Wilson, N. C. 
Sue Emma Hertz, M.D. (N. Y. Med. 
Coll.) '99. 

102 W. 44th St., New York City. 
WiLET DeBarr Hickst. Leipsic, O. 
Martin Luther Hindlet. Patholo- 
gist of State Hosp. Massillon, O. 
Theodore Augustus Hoch. 

Worcester, Mass. 
Frank Holdsworth. 

Williamsburg, Mich. 

Mabia Kibbt Hopkins. Castile, N. Y. 
Fbttz Cableton Htde, B.S. (Bio.) 
'98. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Susan Baxter Jabbett. Quincy, HI. 
Kate McClubb Johnson, Ph.B. 
(Wooster) '91. Detroit, Mich. 

Ralph Kinnet Johnson. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
John Fbanklin Jobdan. 

Haverhill, Mass. 
Chbist William Kanne. 

Owatonna, Minn. 
MiNTA Pbootob Kemp. Assist. Phy- 
sician at Asylum. ^ 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Cabl Seabs Kennsdt, B.S. (Bio.) '98, 
e 95-96. Detroit, Mich. 

Aabon Flotd Kingslet. 

Centreville, Mich. 
William Jobdan Laket. 

487 K 42d St., Chicago, 111. 
Eva Mat Locke, A.B. '99. 

Nashua, N. H. 

John Alva Lonqmobb, Ph.B. (Hiram 

Coll.) '97. Warren, O. 

Cabl Hates Lund, A.B. (Marietta 

Coll. ) '96. MarietU, O. 

James Leo Ltnch, a 94-98. 

Wisooy, Minn. 

Harry McNeal, B.L. '83. Ann Arbor. 

Reynolds Cornelius Mahanet, a 

9 1-92. Owosso, Mich. 

Jay Elmer Mallette. 

226 Turner St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Philip Emanuel Marsh. Ann Arbor. 
Ernest Lafitt Martin. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
James Acker Mattison, A.B. ( Nash- 
ville) '95. Anderson, S. C. 
John Arthur Miller, A.B. (Will- 
iams) '96. Vicksburg, Miss. 
Charles Madison Mooney, h 96-97. 

Waverly, O. 
John Harris Forster Mulleft, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) *90, M.D.C. (Chi- 
cago Veterinary Ck)ll.) *93. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
John Francis Murphy, U. S. Marine 

Hospital., Cleveland, O. 
Edwin Harrington Musson. 

Norborne, Mo. 
Frank Wesley Nagler, B.S. '92. 

Atlanta, QtWL, 

Andrew Nelson. Escanaba, Mich. 

William Wilmon Newcomb, B.S. 

(Bio.) '97. Wooster, Mass. 

Anna Odell, A.B. (Vassar) '96. 

681 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Geobge Ratmond Pbat. 

Ionia, Mich. 




Julia Ktmratx Qua. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Albebt RowLAin). Lodi, O. 

Leal Kknnt Slote. 

Gonstantine, Mich. 
Shiblet Holmes Smith, Ph.B. (Hills- 
dale) '90, PhJi. {ibid.) 1900. Mis- 
flionaiy. Midnapore, India. 

Alice Gray Snyder. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 27.) Ann Arbor. 
Samuel Bliss Stegeman. 

Vermontville, Mich. 
John Stoddard. Silver Creek, Neb. 
Herbert Warren Stoughton. 

Chateaugay, N. Y. 
Pringle George Tait. Toledo, O. 
Ebwin Hartwell Taylor. 

Winchendon, Mass. 
Charles Ernest Tompkins, B.S. 
(Bio.) '98. Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Lawrence Northcote Upjoh.n. In- 
structor in Human Anatomy, Univ. 
of Oklahoma. Norman, Okl. 

Bert Ketchum Van Naten. 

Coperstown, Pa. 
Paul Van Riper. Champion, Mich. 
Walfred Archimedes von Zellen. 

L'Anse, Mich. 
Edward George Weadock. Lima, 0. 
Freeman £. Wilson. Marl ette, Mich. 


Frank Paul Anzinger, A.B. (Wit- 
tenberg) '97, A.M. (ibid J '01. 

Springfield, O. 
Ultsses Grant Aiter. 

Batch town, 111. 
Frank Edward Baker, a 9.5-96. 

Koyal Oak, Mich. 
Rush Banks, B.L. '97. 

Uniontown, Wash. 

Alfred Castle Bartholomew, a 96- 

97. LaFayett«, Ind. 

George Bowman. Irwin, Pa. 

Earle Mason Brown, B.S. '99. 

Battle Croek, Mich. 

Harry Renick Brown. 

rhillicothe. O. 

Cassie LaVerna Carvin. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

WnxiAM Sarin Chase, A.B. (Prince- 
ton) '89, A.M. (ibid.) '00. Akron, O. 

Glt Clifton Conkle. Assist. Physi- 
cian E. Mich. Asylum. 

Pontiac, Mich. 

Elvia Clair Derickson. 

Bedford, Mich. 

Fbank C Diver. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Charles Wallis Edmunds. 

Richmond, Ind. 
Geoboe Edwards Fat, B.S. '99. 

Chicago, 111. 
Gertrude Felker, A.B. (Rockford 
Coll.) '94. New England Hosp., 

Boston, Mass. 
Lela Nell Swarthout Fiiench. 

St. Joseph, lifich. 
Nathaniel Hall Fuller. 

Friendship, N. Y. 
Rot Henrt Garm. Beardstown, 111. 
Clarence Samuel Gorsline, a 95-96. 

Ann Arbor. 
Charles Courtnet Grieve. 

Shepherd, Mich. 
Christian Frederick Grimmer. 

Ionia, Mich. 
James Hampton Hats. 
Augustus Holm. Ashton, Mich. 

Herbert Bradford IIobton, A.B. 
(Brown) '06. 

E. Providence Centre, R I. 
Charles Samuel Hosmer, M.D. 
(Ru>h) '93. Detroit, Mich. 

Mayhurn Howard. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
ToMO Inol^te, M.D. (Cleveland Ho- 
mceo. ) '98. Fukuoka, Japan. 

Gardner Johnson. 

2475 Broadway, Cleveland, O. 
Demeter Kalinoff, B.S. '99. 

Shiroka-Liika, Roiipcheskaok, 

James Henrt Kelset. 

Cartsopolis, Mich. 
WiLiJAM Thomas King. 

Calumet. Mich. 
Willis Joseph Kirkhkide. On staff 
of N. Mich. Asylum. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
George Milton Kline. On staff of 
Worcester Insane Hosp. 

Worcester, Mass. 

Ralph Frederick Koons, Ph.B. 
(Bucknell) '98. 

Huntington Mills, Pa. 

Harrt Bohumil Ktselka. 

Traverse City, Mich. 

George Samuel I^aird. 

Elizabeth, N. J. 

George Henut Lamlet. Ann Arbor. 


Greenland, Mich. 

Simon Levin. Michigamme, Mich. 
Ir.v Dean Loree. Ann Arbor. 

Albert Ltnch. Flint, Mich. 

Marshall Bidweix McCausland. 

Ann Arbor. 




Joshua Gboboe Ross Manwaring. 

Ann Arbor. 
Adeubebt Wesley Martin. 

Howard City, Mich. 
Emma Josephine Mineb Mitchell. 

LaFayette, Ind. 
William Horace Morley, Ph.B. '96. 

Ann Arbor. 
Thomas Alvin Neal, B.S. '99. 

Ann Arbor. 
Albert Noordewier, B.S. '98. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Guy Lincoln Noyes, M.D. (Vermont) 

'94. Assistant in Ophthalmology, 

etc. Ann Arbor. 

Herbert Smith Olney. Fresno, Gal. 

Walter Thomas Parker. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
Flora May Phelps. 

East Orange, N. J. 
William Oscar Pou. Ann Arbor. 
Fred John Pratt. Sparta, Minn. 

Herbert Matteson Rich, B.L. '97. 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 
John W Rigterink, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) '97. Freeport, Mich. 

Earl Adam Rogers. 
Russell Sturgis Rowland, B.S. '98. 
City Hosp., Boston, Mass. 
George Harris Searcy, A.B. (Ala- 
bama) '97. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Francis Frederic Shilling. 

Nashville, Mich. 

Jacob Harrison Shxtford. 

Hickory, N. C. 
Abthub Augustus Spoor. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 

Ouveb Silas Steiner, Ph.B. (Woos- 
ter) '97. lima, O. 

Willard John Stone, B.S. '99. 

Jennings, Mich. 

John William Trask. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Fred Milton Tbyon. 

Parshallville, Mich. 

Herbert Harold Watte, A.B. (Am- 
herst) '92. (See Faculties, p. 26.) 

Asheville, N. C. 

Frederick Rice Waldron, Ph.B. *99. 

Ann Arbor. 

Luther Wall. Berwick, Iowa. 

Clarence Ban jay Wasson, A.B. 

(Rochester) '93. Bellevue, Mich. 
Charles Franklin Watkins, Ph.C. 

'98. Brainerd, Minn. 

Roy Francis Wiest. Pueblo, Colo. 
Allan Marshall Wilkinson. 

Atwood, Mich. 

Arlo Ray Williams, B.S. '98. 

Brookfield, Mich. 

Theodore Zbinden, A.B. '99. 

Toledo, O. 

Thomas Zelinsky. 

(77) Battle Creek, Mich. 



•O'Brien Joseph Atkinson, d. Port 

Huron, Mich., July 9, 1901. 
Enoch Banckkb. Jackson, Mich. 

Stephen Dewet Bingham. 

103 Miami Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
*t£DWABD Payson Clask, A.B. '65. 

•Jay W. Ck>WDERY, d. West Haven, 

Ck>nn., Feb. 4, 1889. 
*Gboboe Montgomery Danfobth,B.S. 

♦Peter Eaton, d. Detroit, Mich., Oct 

27, 1876. 
fHENBY Hamilton Finley. Brevet 

Maj. U. 8. Vols., 1866. 

320 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
John Graves, A.B. '68. Detroit, Mich. 

Austin Cravath Hbwett, M.D. (Gin. 
E. M. Inst. ) '53. Metallurgist. 

491 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

♦fliAWRENCE HoRRiOAN, Brevet Maj. 

1866, d. Memphis, Tenn., March 14, 

Samuel Lount Kilboubne. 

Lansing, Mich. 


Adrian, Mich. 
Henry Martyn Newcomb. 

1607 T Street, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 


Mich. Vet. Cav. 1864. Ann Arbor. 

tEowARD Powell Pttkin, A.B. '59. 

Denver, Colo. 
•Oscar Fitzallen Price, A.B. *58. 

•Charles Kingsley Robinson, A.B. 
(Antioch) '67, A.M. (ibid.) 60, d. 
Oakland, Cal., Nov. 21, 1887. 

•tOzoRA PiERSON Stbarns, B.S. '68. 

•fCHARLEs Dennis Stevens, d. De- 
troit, Mich., Jan. 13, 1896. 

tBRADLEY Martin Thompson, B.S. '68. 

Ann Arbor. 

•Daniel Saw an Twitchell, d. Kan- 
sas City, Mo., April 1, 1901. 

•tNoRVAL E. Welch, Col. 16th Mich. 
Inf. 1863, was killed in action at 
Peeble's Farm, Va., Sept. 30, 1864. 

•fMoRRis B. Wells, a 66-57, Lieut.- 
Col. 2l8t Mich. Inf. 1863, was killed 
in action at Chickamauga, Tenn., 
Sept. 20, 1863. 


tANDREW Jackson Abbey. Capt. 8th 
Mich. Cav. 1862. 

Thomas Jefferson Anders. Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of 
Washington 1889- 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

•Dan Juan Arnold, d. Washington, 
D. C, April 7, 1892. 

•Byron D. Ball, d. Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Feb. 4, 1876. 

•Charles Elmer Barker, d. Dead- 
wood, S. Dak., Jan. 24, 1885. 

•fJosEPH T. Brown, d. Dundee, 111., 
Oct. 6, 1867. 

tJAMES Montgomery Burlingame. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
George Daniel Chafee. 

Shelbyville, 111. 
John Robert Champion. 

Cold water, Mich. 
Mason Daniel Chatterton, M.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) *87. Lansing, 
John Belmont Daoue. Business. 

Osceola, Iowa. 
•Hamilton James Dennis, A.B. '68. 

Douglas Nichols Duxa. 

2223 Peralto St., Oakland, Cal. 

tJAMES Samuel Fisher. Capt. Ist 
Mich. Cav. 1861. Utica, Mo. 

George Arthxtr Foster. 

666 Van Buren St., Chicago, 111. 

^ Gridaatea from tbli Dcpartmont recolve the degree of Bachelor of Lawa. Beclnnlni; wltb 
1890, the degree of Maator of I^awn la conferred on Kradnat«*8 of thla Department or of other 
Bebooliof Law who complete a con rae of advanced atndj: a lint of theae followa the claaa of 1901. 





RoBEBT Emmet Fbazkb, B.S. '69. 

Detroit, Mich. 

*J0HN Manning Frbngh, d. Lansing, 
Mich., Oct. 26, 1878. 

John LaPobte Gibbs. Lieut. Gov. of 
Minn., 1896-98. Retired farmer. 

Owatonna, Minn. 

*tGBOBGE Clifton (jobdon, d. Red- 
ford, Mich., Aug. 27, 1878. 

•William (jobdon, a 65-68, d. Ur- 
bana. 111., Aug. 24, 1864. 

*tNEWELL Gbace, Ist Lieut. 24th 
Mich. Inf., was killed in action, at 
Gettysburg, Pa., July 1, 1863. 

Henby Jat Hebbick. Houston, Mo. 

Alexandeb Hood. Chester, 111. 

•fHENBT Habbison Jeffebds, Col. 4th 
Mich. Inf. 1862, was killed in action 
at Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863. 

Abchibald McDonell. 

Bay City, Mich. 

•Chables MoKinlet, d. Oil City, Pa., 

May 27, 1888. 
*I8AAC Mabston, Justice of the Su- 

Sreme Court of Michigan, 1876-83, 
. Bay City, Mich., Oct. 31, 1891. 

fWiLLiAM Asahel Martin. Capt. 3d 
Mich. Cav. 1864. 
749 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

•E^WABD Lewis Maynabd, a 67-68, d. 
Ann Arbor, Feb.27, 1869. 

tJoHN D Pabkhttbst. Capt. 2d Ky. 
Inf. 1864. Charlotte, Mich. 

*Andbew Jackson Reeves, d. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., Oct. 17, 1899. 

tCTBUs Dust AN Roys, A.B. (Adrian) 
'61, A.M. (ibid.) '64, A.M. (Hills- 
dale) '71. Ist Lieut. 1st Mich. 
Light Art. 1862. Elkhart, Ind. 

•Jacob Camp Sawyeb, d. Medina, 
Mich., July 5, 1898. 

Alexandeb Shand, m 61-62. 

•fCHABLES Shieb, Capt. Ist Mich. 
Cav., d. Oct. 31, 1864, of wounds re- 
ceived in action at Cedar Creek, 
Va., Oct. 19, 1864. 

Lesteb a. Smith. 

*t William Wibt Spenceb. 


A.B. '60. 

•Joseph Habdcastle Vance, (See Li- 
brarians, p. 28), d. Ann Arbor, Dec. 
23, 1900. 

Daniel Henby Whittemobe. 

318 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 
tABTHUB Tappan Wilcox, A.B. '69. 

Chicago, 111. 

•Lyman Root Williams, d. Angola, 
Ind., July 6, 1889. 

•Howard W. Wiltsb, d. Big Rapids, 

Mich., Sept. 19, 1862. 
•fJoHN MooBE Wibts, a 66-67, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., March 16, 1884. 



•Hibam T Aixjbn, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Aug. 7, 1866. 
•fWiLLiAM R. Andbus, lieut.-Col. 3d 

Mich. Inf. 1866, d. Almont, Mich., 

May 16, 1873. 
•fJoHN Atkinson, Lieut.-Col. 3d 

Mich. Inf. 1864, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Aug. 14, 1898. 
John Danes Boylan. Ann Arbor. 
•Joseph Chubb, d. Ray Centre, Mich., 

April 27, 1892. 
Chables Ashley Clabk. Confec- 
tioner. Burlington, Kan. 


Coldwater, Mich. 
fALBEBT Eugene Cowles, a 69-60. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Thomas Riley Denison. 

Asheville, N. C. 
•Hibam Madison Dickinson, A.B. 

(Williams) '69, d. 1866. 
Wallace Delos Dilla. 

Alameda, Cal. 
•James B. Dutton, d. Lapeer, Mich., 

Dec. 14, 1864. 
David E Earl. Bronson, Kan. 

•fJoHN Wesley Emebson, Maj. 47th 

Mo. Inf. 1864, d. Ironton, Mo., June 

20, 1899. 
Nelson L. Fbisbie. 
•William H. Oobbill, d. Oakland, 

Cal., Sept. 11, 1874. 
•William Fbanklin Haioleb, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., May 12, 1866. 
Nelson B. Hall. Hicksville, O. 

James Elliott Hawes, a 68-69. Judge 

of Court of Common Pleas, 1879-89. 

Xenia, O. 
Pebby Hawes. 
♦fLEWis S. HoLDEN, d. Alexandria, 

Va.. March 23, 1869. 
Geobgb Kinosley, a 68-69. 

Paola, Kan. 
•fSAMUEL Miles Kneeland, d. 

Springfield, Mo., Sept. 8, 1870. 
•Joseph G. Lodge, d. St. Louis, Mo., 

Jan. 16, 1890. 
•Donald McDonell, d. Erie, Kan., 

about 1876. 
Andbew McEvoy. 
Albebt Edwabd Macombeb. 

Toledo, O. 




JoHH W Nelson. Lumber and ranch 
supplies. Cody, Neb. 

*HsNBT Alonzo Nichols, d. Chicago, 
III., Dec. 4, 1891. 

*Levi Riohabds Peibson, d. Colum- 
bus, O., Jan. 13, 1899. 

Danikl Webster Perkins. 

Ill 6th Ave., New York, N. Y. 


Howell, Mich. 
William Henrt Porter, A.B. (Kala- 
mazoo) '59. Marshall, Mich. 
Leyi RmoELL. Civil engineer. 

Xenia, 0. 
*tMoRKis Roberts, d. Alezandria,Va., 

Sept. 14, 1864. 
Daniel Riiwwat Shier. M. E. clergv- 

man. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

•fJoHN 8. Smith, MJ). (West Res.) 

'46, d. Armada, Mich., Sept. 19, 

Charles Henry Taylor, a 69-60. 

South Orange, N. J. 
Cyrus Josiah Thompson. 

330 Pleasant Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
•tBETHUEL Addison Virden, d. Jeffer- 

sonville, 111., March 1, 1873. 
Ezra Carpenter Walker, h 76-76, 

Farmer. Dansville, Mich. 

Henry Clay White, A.M. (Hiram) 

'79. Jud^e of Probate for Cuyahoga 

Co., C, since 1888. Cleveland, 0. 
•fWENDELL D. WiLTSiE, Capt. 20th 

Mich. Inf. 1862, d. Nov. 27, 1863, of 

wounds received in action at Knox- 

ville, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1863. 
*IiEVi L. WixsoN, d. Caro, Mich., Aug. 

2, 1889. 


Chilion Brown Allen, m 74-76, A.B. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '61. 
Oeoroe Washington Ambrose. 

3 Oakland Crescent, Chicago, 111. 
Marcus Lafayette Anderson. Fruit 

grower. Verdugo, Cal. 

Wesley Clark Barr, A.B. (Ohio 

Wesl.) '61, A.M.riWd.;'64. Farmer. 

Bloomfleld, 0. 
Edwin Ellis Benedict. Florence, Ore. 
William Thompson Bennett. 
William Henry Blennerhasseit. 

Fullerton, Cal. 
Philip Volney Miles Botsford. Real 

estate. Pittsburg, Mich. 

*Willaed Judd Bowen, d. Pleasonton, 

Tex., Jan. 16, 1892. 
•Aletandeb Franklin Campbell, d. 

Fort Wayne, Ind., April 16, 1896. 

Edward Ransom Campbell. Farmer. 

Dryden, Midh. 

Jefferson Chandler. 

Washington, D. 0. 

'William Daglish, d. Bay City, 
Mich., Dec. 12, 1882. 

Edwin Stanton DeLany. 

Cleveland, Tenn. 

*tJAMES Madison Edmunds, A.B. '69. 

David Davy Evans. Danville, IU. 

* James Hagar Fairghild, d. Chicago, 
111., Feb. 22, 1897. 

John McLouth Fuller. 

•William Gillette, B.S. '61. 

Judd Hayden. Horse dealer. 

Streator, IlL 

•Walter Ingalls Hayes. Repr. from 
Iowa in the 60th and three succeed- 
ing Congresses (1887-95), d. Mar- 
shall, Mich., March 14, 1901. 

Arthur David Haynes. Perry, Kan. 

tLEvi Andrew Humphreys. 

•James Kingsley, a 55-58, d. Rose- 
dale, Kan., Jan. 6, 1887. 

Cholwell Knox, a 67-59. 

679 Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn. 

fPHiLip Henry Kumler. 

Cincinnati, 0. 

Wright LeRoy. 

Patrick McKernan. Ann Arbor. 

tHENRY H Markley. Mining. 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

John L. Miller. 

•Seth Crittenden Moffatt, a 60-62, 
Repr. from Michigan in the 49th 
and 50th Congresses (1885-87), d. 
Washington, D. C, Dec. 22, 1887. 

Franklin Embury Morgan. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

•John Byron Plato, d. Geneva, 111., 
July 28, 1881. 

HoYT Post, A.B. '61. Detroit,Mich. 

•Mark Rice, d. Bay City, Mich., July 
17, 1863. 

Edward Francis Riley. 

Portland, Ore. 

Henry Robertson Robbins. 

Knox, Ind. 

Washington Saunders. Farmer. 

Ringgold, Ga. 

•Julius Bronson Searles, d. Pea- 
body, Kan., March 4, 1876. 

•fWiLLiAM Henry Sherman, A.B. 
(Hillsdale) '61, A.M. (ibid.) '66, d. 
St. Louis, Mo., May 7, 1882. 

•Bradford Hewlett Skinner, M.D. 
(St. Louis) '70, d. Shawnee, Okl., 
April 12, 1897. 

•fABRAM Herr Smith, a 60-61, d. 
Memphis, Mo., Dec. 10, 1893. 




Sibley Geouoe Tatlob. M. E. clergy- 
man. Vernon, Mich. 

*OsGAB TuoMAS TuTHiLL, cL Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., Oct. 22, 1895. 

*Thomas Owen Wabd, d. Kalamazoo, 
Mich., Oct. 11, 1876. 

Julian Williams. Waterford, Mich. 

*DuNOis Wood, d. St. Louis, Mo., 
about 1868. 

Caspeb Enoch Yost, a 69-61. 

(48) Omaha, Neb. 


Habold Emobt Abbott. Merchant. 

Geneva, 111. 

Gideon Winans Allen, Ph.B. (Univ. 
of Wis.) '62. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

[W^dlliam] Watson [England] Am- 
brusteb, B.S. '62. Philadelphia, Pa. 

*tHuQH Andrews, Capt. 109th 111. 
Inf. 1862, d. Anna, 111., June 12, 

•Francis Ellsworth Bakeb, d. Wood- 
land, Cal., May 6, 1898. 

Alfred Green leaf Babnett. Real 
estate. Lawrence, Kan. 

•John Willis Babnhart, a 60-62, d. 
St. Paul, Minn., March 7, 1899. 

Oscar Fitzgerald Bean. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

•Seth Bean, d. Adrian, Mich., Aug. 
22, 1900. 

•James Franklin Billings, d. Pu- 
eblo, Colo., Sept. 6, 1898. 

Calyin Abmstbono Bbeweb, A.B. 
(Union Coll.) '62. 

Abthub Brown, A.M. (post-grad.) 
'63. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

•fCHARLES Benton Butler, d. Den- 
ver, Colo., Aup. 9. 1870. 

tH ALBERT Brioham Case, A.M. (U. S. 
Grant Univ.) '88. Capt. 84th Ohio 
Inf. 1862. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Chauncey Jerome Chaddock. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

William Lovel Cobb. 

Middleville, Mich. 

*0tis Adams Critchett, A.B. '62. 

•William Wirt Dedrick, A.B. *61. 

Charles Halbert Dkmson. A.B. '01. 

New York, N. Y. 

•Albert Dennett, d. Denver, Colo., 
Jan. 7, 1870. 

Nelson Buainerd Fassett, a 61-62. 
0843 Parnell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

James Gamble. Detroit, Mich. 

*Edwin Brewster Gidley, d. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., March 1, 1896. 

George Johnson Gillham. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Reuben Jl^lius Goddabd. States At- 
torney. Sparta, 111. 

Gobdon iouNO Gkat, a 60-62. Real 
estate. San Diego, Cal. 

William Mobdbcai Hates. 

West Chester, Pa. 

fGBOBQE Washington Hebbigk. Capt. 
5l8t Mo. inf. 1865. 

Farmer City, 111. 

Ashbel Habbison Hebbon. 

Joseph Thatcher Hoke, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '60, A.M. (ibid J '63, LL.D. 
(ibid.) 71. U. S. Consul at Wind- 
sor, N. S. Elingwood, W. Va. 

Thomas Caswell Holmes. County 
Atty. GlendiTe, Mon. 

Hobace Newton Hopkins. 

William Searight Jackson. 

164 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

tFBANCis Mabion Johnson. Farmer. 

Princeton, 111. 

John Meadeb Jones, Ph.B. (Univ. of 
Wis. ) '66. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Habbison Kellt. Burns, Ore. 

John A Kumleb, A.B.(Otterbeiii)'62, 
A.M (ibid.) *65, D.D. (111. Wesl.) 
'96. Chancellor of 111. Wesl. Univ., 
1898-. Springfield, 111. 

Sylvanus H. C. Lanoworthy. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Emmet Lockabd. Real es- 
tate and mines. Denver, O>lo. 

Geobge Newell Lovejoy. Author and 
Musician. Geneeeo, N. Y. 

•Augustus Spboul McAujsteb, d. 
Memphis, Tenn., 1885. 

James Stormont MoIntybe. Insur- 
ance. 61 1 E. 55th St., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Cox Matheb. 

•Chables Elisha Nobth, d. Pontiac, 
Mich., Nov. 24, 1896. 

John Henby O'Neall, B.S. (Indiana) 
'62. Repr. from Indiana in the 50th 
and 51st Congresses (1887-91). 

Washington, Ind. 

•Elijah Jameson Osbobne, A.M.(A1- 
leghenv) *61, d. New Creek, W. Va., 
Dec. 25, 1868. 

•Cassius Marcus Osgood, a 53-65, d. 
Ann Arbor, Jan. 22, 1899. « 

Stacy Whitney Osgood. 

Winnetka, 111. 

John Robbins Pabsons, a 61-62. 

Denver, Colo. 

tEMEBY Davis Potteb. Toledo, O. 

•f Willi AM Henby Harbison Rus- 
sell, d. Brighton, Mich., Julv 31, 

Daniel Pebry Sagendorph. 

Jackson, Mich. 




Gboboe Salisbuby, A.B. (Union) '62. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 
James Quinn Slauohteb. Planter. 

Nolin, Ky. 
•Thomas Jay Slatton, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '62, A.M. (iWd.) '66, d. Grat- 
tan, Mich., July 15, 1875. 
♦Fbancis Smith, d. San Diego, Cal., 

Feb. 13, 1900. 
*Gn)EON Bablow Stites, d. Niles, 

Mich., Nov. 5, 1864. 
tWiLLiAM Story. U. S. Dist. Judge, 
1871-74; Lieut. Gov. of Colorado, 
1891-93. Ouray, Colo. 

•Kthan Allen Sturtevant, A.B. 
(Middlebury) '62, d. Middlebury, 
Vt., June, 1878. 
John Henry Tatem. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
John Ashmound Townsend. 
John Lyman Turbell, a 61-62. 
Bartow Adolphus Ulrich. 

47 Koslyn Place, Chicago, 111. 
Solomon Thorn Underhill. 

365 S. 42d Ave., Chicago, III. 
Andrew Jackson Utley. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Francis Bennett Van Hoesen. 
Banker. Alexandria, Minn. 

James Ibvin Van Keuben, A.B. '62. 

Howell, Mich. 
Henby Spauldinq Warner. Manu- 
facturer. Rockford, 111. 
DwiGHT Locke Wilbub. 

Riverside, Cal. 
* James Milton Wilkinson, a 60-61, 

d. Marquette, Mich., Jan. 24, 1898. 
Chakles Weston Weight. 

(71) Tucson, Ariz. 


Dabwin Pabkeb Andrews. Fanner. 

Green Valley, Minn. 
Georoe Washington Andrews, a 
62-63. Murphysboro, HI. 

Andrew Beaumont Apple. 

1 107 Florida St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
•fFBANKLiN JosiAH Baibd, a 62-63, 
d. Kansas City, Mo., June 26, 1895. 
fssn Lewis Babboub, A.B. '63. 

Detroit, Afich. 

Cablton Edwabd Babstow. 

Fbedebick Llewellyn Babtlett, 

M.D. (Homoeo. Med. Coll. of Mo.) 

'68. Retired Physician. Aurora, Til. 

Samuel Lobenzo Bean. Mining. 

El Paso, Tex. 
•Jacob Janeway Belville, A.B. 
(Jefferson) '62, d. Dayton, Ohio, 
Jan. 24, 1887. 

•CoBNELius Bennett, d. Mount Plea- 
sant, Mich., May 2, 1896. ^ 

*James Monboe Beboen, a 62-63, d. 
Decatur, 111., 1887. 

*tJEB0ME BowEN, d. Hillsdale, Mich., 
Feb. 1893. 

Chables Boylan. Ann Arbor. 

tGiLES Tyleb Bbown. Ithaca, Mich. 

•Levi Jay Bbown, A.B. '63. 

Miles Habbison Cablton, B.S. '63. 

Broken Bow, Neb. 

Stephen Milfobd Chapman. 

Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Noah Wood Cheeveb, A.B. *63. 

Ann Arbor. 

Henby Clay Clabk. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

William Wallace Clemens. 

Marion, III. 

Isaac Stephen Coe, A.B. (Ohio Weal.) 

William Cope. 

tDENSMORE Cramer, o 53-55, A.B. 
(Hanover) '66. Ann Arbor. 

•Edward Thtjblow DeLany, d. Co- 
lumbus, 0., July 28, 1894. 

tCHARLES William Diehl, A.B. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '63, A.M. (ihid.) '66. Real 
estate. Cleveland, O. 


Detroit, Mich. 
Elisha Chapman Field. 

Custom House Bldg., Chicago, HI. 
Andrew Grimes. County Auditor, 
1879-87; State Senator. 1889-93. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Lawrence Woodruff Halsey, a 

61-63. Milwaukee, Wis. 

David Habry Hammer. Judge of the 

Municipal CJourt of Chicago, 1879- 

87. 185 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

*Henry Hart, Judge of the 2l8t Mich. 

Circuit 1875-99, d. Midland, Mich., 

Jan. 25, 1899. 

*JoHN Ward Hill, d. Newton, Kan., 

June 24, 1875. 

Frank Arthur Hooker. Justice of 

the Supreme Court of Michigan 

since Jan. 1893. Lanainpr, Mich. 

•William Henry Watson Horner, d. 

St Louis Mo., Oct. 22, 1886. 
Augustus Wellington Hough. Min- 
ing. Carthage, Mo. 
•Charles Boynton Howell, LL.B. 
(Columbian Univ.), d. Detroit, 
Mich. Oct. 2, 1888. 
•John Henby Hyde, d. Springfield, 

Mo., May 24, 1891 
William ifiLLEB Johnston. 

232 Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 




Harvey Alston Jones. Sycamore, 111. 

EiM^iN William Ejhohtley. Repr. 
from Michigan in the 45th Con. 
(1877-79). ConsUntine, Mich. 

John Edwabd Kellet. 

*JoHN MoNamaba, d. Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Aug. 1882. 

Henry P. Mather. 

Edgar William Maxson. 

Ravenna, 0. 

Nathaniel Prentiss Merrill. 

Henry Harrison Metcalf. Journ- 
alist. Concord, N. H. 

Thomas James O'Brien, '99 (nuno 
pro tvno). Grand Rapids, Mich. 

t William Paqb. Monett, Mo. 

•fSiNCLAiR Dinwiddie Parks, d. 
Bourbon, Ind., Feb 5, 1892. 

Joseph Tucker Patch. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Charles David Phelps, a 61-62. 

•Edward Ladd Plympton, d. Hudson, 
Mich., Oct. 14, 1874. 

tTnoMAs Griffith Prickett. 

Springfield, HI. 

George Washington Ready, A. B. 
(Allegheny) '58, A.M. (iWd.) '61. 
Supt. of Schools. Sedalia, Mo. 

John Auixander Ready, A. B. (Alle- 
gheny) '58, A. M. (ibid) '61. Banker. 

Greenfield, Mo. 

Frederick RicrBROCK, a 61-63. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

*Almond Ball Riford, d. Benton 
Harbor, Mich., July 10, 1884. 

'Nathaniel Parker Robinson, LL. B. 
(McKendree), d. Marshall HI., July 
5, 1887. 

•Urbane Ewino Robinson, d. Cafion 
City, Colo., May 1, 1872. 

Albert ELnox Roof, a 59-62. Fanner. 

Lyons, Mich. 

Charles Washington Sappenfield, 
B.S. (Indiana) '63. Lumber. 

Rockville, Ind. 

•Eusebius Marion Sappenfield, d. 
Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 1881. 

•fRiCHAKD Henry Schooley, d. Roch- 
ester, N. Y., April 21, 1895. 

George Washington Seevers. A. B. 
(Oskaloosa) »63, A. M. (ibid) '67. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

James Wesley Smith. Grocer. 

Truitts, Mich. 

Allan M. Stearns, Judge of Probate 
1885-89. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Jefferson Monroe Stewart. 

tEoGAR Clay Stoddard, a 62-63. Min- 
23 First St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Cassius Eugene Stubbs. 
Roswell Bayard Taylor, B. S. '61, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tWiLLiAM Jones Terrell. Retired. 

Burlington N. J. 
WnuAM Blackford Thompson, a 
'62-63. St. Louis, Mo. 

George Meach Walker. 

Flint, Mich. 
tCHARLES Leach Watrous, B.S. '62. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
•fDAViD Hoffman White, B. S. '60. 
JosiAH Leonard Wines. Butte, Mon. 
'Charles Ingersoll Withkrell, a 
61-62, d. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 18 
Flavius Josephus M<»timer Wonseb. 

Tama, Iowa. 
Albebt Lyon Woboen, a 63-64, 

245 Greenbush st., Milwaukee, Wia. 
George Chauncey Worth. 
Donne Lloyd Wyman. Insurance. 
(81) Painesyille,-0. 


*JoHN Washington Alexander, d. 

Sterling, 111., April 22, 1898. 
James Clement Ambrose, A. B. '63. 

Eranston, 111. 
Charles Smith Andrews. 

2112 13th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Edward Eyerett Afpleton. Druggist. 

Detroit, Such. 
* Walter Harwood Armstrong, A.B. 

(DePauw) '64, A.M. (ibid.) '67, d. 

New Orleans, La., 1870. 
'Walter Omar Balch, d. Kalamazoo, 

Mich., Dec. 22, 1876. 
*James Clifford Baldwin, d. near 

Fort Scott, Kan., 1869. 
fJAMES Knox Barnd. Editor. 

Ness City, KasL 


Lieut. 79th Ind. Inf. 1863. Judge 
of the 6th Judicial Circuit of In- 
diana, 1888-94. Vernon, Ind. 

tLuciAN Caleb Blanchabd, A. M. 
(Iowa Coll.) '78. Circuit Judge 
of the 6th Judicial Dist. of Iowa, 
1869-1881. State Senator. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

•Henry E. H. Bower, d. Ann Arbor, 
April 30, 1888. 

tSAMiTEL M. Bower, B.S. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '61. North Baltimore, O. 

Lewis DeLano Boynton. Elyria, O. 

Washington Bartholomew Brand. 

William Henry Breece. 

Michigan Citv. Ind. 




*Gbobgs Osgood Brown, d. at Cold- 
water, Mich., Nov. 2, 1866. 
Habyey C. Brown. With Illinois 

Steel Co. Chicapfo, 111. 

Rbqenald Francis Buller. Banker. 

Hailey, Idaho. 
Noah Portis Bullock. Farmer. 

Stillwater, OkL 
Qeorob Chandler. First Assist. Secy. 

of the Interior 1889-93. 

Washington, D. C. 
•Henry Newell Clement, d. San 

Francisco, Cal., Nov. 17, 1901. 
•Benjamin Elliott Coffeen, d. 

Homer, 111., March 1, 1898. 
Michael D Coffeen. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
tPHUJP WiNO Coleman. In the IT. S. 

Pension Office since 1883. 

Washington, D. C. 
Robert Collitt, A. B. (Denison) '63. 

Farmer. Harveysburg, O. 

•William Philip Cotter, d. Belle- 

fontaine, 0., Jan. 20, 1878. 
•Milton B. Coulter, d. in Southwest- 
em Indiana, about 1884. 
Eugene Beauharnais Crane. 

Austin, Minn. 
•John Petrous Crew, d. Maryville, 

Mo., July 9. 1869. 
tDANiEL Webster Crousb. 

Wallingford, Pa. 
fBYRON M. Cutcheon, a. B. '61. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Charles Carroll Dawson. Author. 

1229 Dorr St., Tole<lo. 0. 

•Thomas Jefferson Dent, d. Chilli- 

cothe, Mo., April 1, 1879. 
•ZiNA Doty, P. E. clergyman, d. New 

York, N. Y., March 6, 1886. 
John Wilhelmus DuBois. Merchant. 

Wallkill, N. Y. 
•Lawrence Peterson Eddy, A. B, 

(Hobart) '63, A.M. {ibid,) '66, d. 

City of Mexico, May 9, 1900. 
Charles Eyans, A.B. (Ohio Wesl.) 

'63. Cincinnati, O. 

David D. Evans. 
•Parker Doole Fay, d. Richfield 

Springs, N.Y., April, 1891. 
•fOBORGE Augustus Flanders, A. B. 

•Harmon Dewey Follett, A.B. '62. 
Charles Frost Gibson. Immigrant 

Inspector. Detroit, Mich. 

•Frank Montaine Graham, d. Jonee- 

ville, Mich., June 14, 1874. 
LuciEN Feury Hale, a 63-64. 

Omaha, Neb. 

•fHANNiBAL Hart, Judge of 20th 
Mich. Circuit 1893-94, d. Allegan, 
Mich., March 18, 1900. 
•Joseph Healy, A. B. (Notre Dame) 

'61, d. Elgin, 111., Sept. 14, 1871. 
•fJAMES Lambert High, LLJ). '87, 
A.B. (Univ. of Wis.) '64, AJii. 
(ibid.) '67. (See Faculties, p. 17.) 
Johnson Neal High. Kanchman. 

Arlington, Kan. 
HuMPHMTY Edward Howell, B. 8. 
(Dartmouth) '63. Springfield, Mo. 
Lucius Hubrard. Circuit judge. 

South Bend, Ind. 
tJoHN Cyrus Johnson, B. S. '61. 

Emporium, Pa. 
•David Calvin Jones, d. Tippecanoe 

Co., Ind., Nov. 29, 1874. 
LoFTus Nano Keating, B. S. (Hills- 
dale) '64, M.S. {ibid.) '74. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
tEzRA Keeler. Denver, Colo. 

William Marvin Kilpatrick. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Alonzo Lumsden Kimball, a 02-63. 

Mason City, Iowa. 
Charles Knox Ladd. Kewanee, lU. 
James Sherman Lambertson. 

Yonkers, N. Y. 
•Edwin Constant Luce, d. Monroe, 

Mich., Oct. 17, 1870. 
Edson Wells Lyman. Insurance. 

189 La Salle Street, Chicago, HI. 
•James Thomas McMillan, A. B. 
(Union) '63, d. Jacksonville, 111, 
May 24, 1894. 
•fWiLLiAM Marshall, B. S. '59. 
tWiLLiAM Wallace Martin. 

Fort Scott, Kan. 
Frank Work Merrick, A. B. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '64, A.M. {iUd,) '67. 

Columbus, O. 
tMARC A. Merrifield, M. S. (Hills- 
dale) '85. Union City, Mich. 
tHENRY Dwiqht Mierrill, a 57-60. 
Ranchman. Florence, Cal. 
Joseph Engleberger Metzger. 
John Delamater Miracle. 

Victoria, Tex. 
Edward Dexter Moore. 

1902 Jefferson St., Toledo, O. 

•fGEORGE Espy Morrow, A. M. (Univ. 

of Wis. ) '82, Pres. of Univ. of Okla- 

homa, 1894-99, d. Paxton, 111., 

March 26, 1900. 

Veeder Bertrand Paine. Loans. 

Guthrie, Okl. 
•William Allen Palmer, d. South 
Bend, Ind., Feb. 22, 1877. 




•William Brisbane Parker, d. 
Zante, Greece, May 30, 1872. 

tWATSON Parrish. San Diego, Cal. 

*JoHN GiLLiLAN Pabsons, d. Cando, 
N. Dak., April 22, 1896. 

tHoRAGE H. Pope. Capt. 3d Mich. 
Cav. 1862. Allegan, Mich. 

Edwin Spencer Pratt. 

Traverse City, Mich. 

fSAHUEL Sylvester Prigs. Police 
Judge, 1896-. ^ Santa Barbara, Cal. 

John West Ranstead. Elgin, 111. 

fjAHES Montgomery Rioe. 

Peoria, 111. 

•John Newton Rtitee, d. Battle 
Creek, Mich., Feb. 8, 1896. 

John Elisha Roe. Livonia, N. Y. 

Randolph Randall Rogers. 

Nelson Lancelot Rood, A. B. (Wil- 
liams) '64. Webster City, Iowa. 

•Samuel Royse, d. Terre Haute, Ind., 
April 3, 1894. 

John Wesley Sale. County Jud{^ 
of Rock Co., 1886-. Janesville, Wis. 

William Norton Severance. 

James Madison Severens. County 
Auditor, 1872-^7; Judge of Pro- 
bate, 1897-1901. Montevideo, Minn. 

Verome B. Short, d. Cleveland, Ohio, 
not long after graudation. 

Eugene Rudolph Smalley. Merchant. 

Moran, Okl. 

fBENjAMiN Noble Smith, a 61-62, 63- 
65, Judge of Superior Court since 
1890. Los Angeles, CaL 

fMiLo Pbttibone Smith, A. B. (Cor- 
nell CoU.) '61, A.M. [ihid.) '64. 
Capt. 31st Iowa Inf. 1862. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

fLEVi Smoyer, LL. B. (Albany) '67 
Capt. 176th Pa. Inf. 1862. 

AUentown, Pa. 

fCHARLEs Edward Soule, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '65, A.M. (ihid,) 71. 1st 
Lieut, and Adit 10th Mich. Cav. 
1863. Grand Haven, ^ch. 

•Benjamin Franklin Staoe, a 62- 
64, d. Columbus, C, May 7, 1876. 

Charles Milphau Stark. Photogra- 
pher. South Lyon, Mich. 

tMiLTON Tagqabt. ' Cadiz, 0. 

♦fJosEPH William Taylor, d. Den- 
ver, Colo., Feb. 28, 1901. 

•fSTEPHEN Lincoln Taylor, d. Lead- 
ville, Colo., Nov. 16, 1880. 

•William B Thomas, d. Ravenna, 
Ohio, Sept. 12, 1886. 

•Charles Horr Thompson, d. Albu- 
querque, N. Mcr., Nov. 28, 1868. 

Samuel Harper Thompson. 

Henry Clay Thornton, B.S. (Miami) 
'63,AJd. (i6id.) '68. Newtown, Pa. 

•Daniel Borden Van Syckel, d. 
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 22, 1899. 

•John Rolph Van Velsor, d. Hast- 
ings, Mich., Jan. 9, 1874. 

•Jabez B. Waldron, d. Port Huron, 
Mich., July 11, 1877. 

fRoBERT Lyon Wabben, a 60-61. 2d 
Lieut. 27th Mich. Inf. 1863. Editor. 

Charlotte, Mich. 

William Josiah Weaver. Retired. 

Ravenna, O. 

Allen Zollebs, A.B. (Denison) '63, 
A.M. (iWd.) '67, LL.D. (ihid,) '88. 
Justice of the Indiana Supreme 
Court, 1883-1889. 
(109) Fort Wayne, Ind. 


tEDWARD Payson Allen. Capt. 29th 
Mich. Inf. 1866. Repr. from Michi- 
gan in the 60th and 61st Congresses 
( 1887-91 ) . Ypsilanti, mch. 

•RuFus William Bailey, d. Marion, 
Ind., Aug. 21, 1890. 


St. Johns, Mich. 
tJoB Babnabd. 

600 6th Street, N. W., 

Washington, D. 0. 
flSAAO Edwin Babnum, m 67-68. 

Denver, Colo. 
tWiLUAM Oswnx Bartholomew. 

Omaha, Neb. 
James Albert Babtlett. 
•fABTHUB Douglas Basnett, d. Lock- 
port, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1897. 
twnxiAM Henby Beadle, A.B. '61. 

Madison, S. Dak. 


69 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Gboboe Washington Beeman. Judge 
of 44th Indiana Circuit, 1886-. 

Knox, Ind. 
Fbank Beninghausen. 
David Jackson Bissell. 

Le Roy, N. Y. 


24th Iowa Inf. 1864. Toledo, Iowa. 

Jeffesson Hunsakeb Bboady. Dis- 
trict Judge, 1884-92. Lincoln, Neb. 

Gborqe Washington Bbowning. 

Willis Almond Buobee. 

South Bend, Ind. 

•Edwabd Bull^ d. Lamar, Mo., Dee. 

28, 1891. 
QoBLE G. Bubgess. Wayne, W. Va. 




tALONZo D'EoALVAS Cadwalladeb. 

Hastings, Mich. 

tJAMSS Henbt Cartwbiqut. Capt. 
140th 111. Inf. Judge of the 13th 
Circuit of 111. 1888-96; Justice of 
Supreme Court, 1895-. Oregon, 111. 


Duluth, Minn. 

Fbedesigk Jultds Castelhun, A.B. 
(Washington Univ.) '65, A.M. 
{ibid.) '69. San Francisco, Cal. 

•Edwin Mobbis Clapp, d. Cirand Rap- 
ids, Mich., Nov. 12, 1894. 

John Samuel Clxtfoiid. 

Clarksville, Mo. 

Chablbs Ephbaim Clouoh. R^ired. 

Alliance, Neb. 

Edmund Rilet Connelly. 

1032 W. 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

James Wesley Cbaio. Mattoon, 111. 

Samuel Alfobd Cbaio. Commercial 
traveler. Ida Grove, Iowa. 

tRoBEBT Dobins Cbameb. Major 30th 
Iowa Inf. 1863. Memphis, Mo. 

fjAMES Fbank Davidson, A.M. (Eu- 
reka) '60. 1st Lieut. 108th 111. Inf. 
1862. Farmer and stock breeder. 

Hannibal, Mo. 

Geobge Pebbin Davis, A.B. (Will- 
iams) '64, A.M. (ibid.) '67. 

Bloomington, 111. 

*Sanfokd Clark Davls, d. Terre 
Haute, Ind., April 17, 1897. 

tALBEBT Augustus Day, a 61-62, 63- 
64. Brevet Maj. U. S. Vols. 1865. 
La^'yer. President Ideal Fuel- 
Feeder Co.; Cor. Secry. and Gen. 
Agt. Brooklyn Association for Im- 
proving the Condition ot the Poor. 
104 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Andbew Jackson Day. Farmer. 

Ainger, Mich. 


Judge of 2d Colorado Circuit 1887- 
91. Denver, Colo. 

Isaac Nicholas Delamater. 
Elon Wheeleb Denton. Journalist. 
628 Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Donald McDonald Dickinson. Post- 
master-General, 1888-89. 

Detroit, Mich. 
tFKANK DuMON. Big Rapids, Mich. 
tSTLVESTEB F DwiOHT, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '65, A.M. {ibid.) '71. 

Hillsdale. Mich. 
*tGB0B0B Fletcheb Fish, A.B. '63. 
Chables Lewis Fitch. Clerk U. S. 
Circuit Court, 1887-. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

•Philip Monboe Footb, d. Fowler, 0., 
April 19, 1872. 

Elijah C. Fosteb. In the Depart- 
ment of Justice. Washington, D.C. 

John Reynolds Fosteb, A.B. (Hills- 
dale) '66,A.M. {ibid.) '74. Farmer. 

Merriam, Kan. 

•Newton Tbumbull Fosteb, a 58-60, 
d. Paw Paw, Mich., Oct. 8, 1877. 

tHENBT Pabham FmcKEB, m 58-59, 
M.D. (National Med. Coll.) '60. 
Surg. 20th Ohio Inf. 1862. Supt. 
of the Ohio Institution for the 
Blind, 1885-92. Ashtabula, 0. 

Reuben Alonzo Gibson, a 64-65. 

*Clabk Wesley Glasgow, B.S. ( Hills- 
dale) '65, M.S. {ibid.) '74, d. La 
Grange, Ind., March 30, 1886. 

tOzBO Babnes Gould. Capt. 55th 
Ohio Inf. 1865. Winona, Minn. 

Samuel Steele Gbay. Hamilton, 111. 

•Alvin Pbeston Gbeen, d. North Ver- 
non, Ind., Sept. 10, 1884. 

tHuBLBUT E. Gbiswold. Insurance. 

Atlantic, Iowa. 

tWnjJAM Shakespeabe Habbebt, a 
61-63. 1st Lieut. 85th Ind. Inf. 
1863. Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

•David Saub Habley, a 61-62, d. 
Manistee, Mich., June 16, 1900. 

Fbancis Alexander Hoffman, A.B. 
(Knox) '66. 

125 So. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

William Hooe. Moms, 111. 


Lieut. 37th Wis. Inf. 1805, Repr. 
from Iowa in the 48th, 49th, and 
50th Congresses (1883-89), Sergt.- 
at-arms in the U. S. House of Repr., 
1889-91, d. Clarinda, Iowa, Jan. 22, 

Obadiah Pellet Howell. Surrogate 
of Orange Co. Port Jervis, N. Y. 

Thomas Dues Hubbabd. 

tJAMES Flenniken Huohes. Judge 
of the 4th Illinois Circuit, 1885-91. 

Mattoon, HI. 

tHABBisoN Hume, M.S. (Dartmouth) 
'88. Adjt. nth Me. Inf. 1861. 

108 Water St., Boston, Mass. 

tHowABD James Huntington. County 
Judge since 1887. Green Bay, Wis. 

Elias W. James. Coshocton, O. 

George Jameson. Ada, 0. 

♦Edward Payson Johnson, d. Chey- 
enne, Wyo., Oct. 3, 1879. 

James Owen Jones. Retired farmer. 

West Lafayette, Ind, 




*Jamss Monboe Justice, B.S. (Han- 
over) '65, d. LoganBport, Ind., Aug. 
19, 1889. 

Znf A PiTOHEB King, A.B. '64. 

Ann Arbor. 

•fHoBACE Vinson BLnight, a 60-62, d. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 19, 1867. 

tGuiLFOBD Alyin Lbavitt. 2d Lieut. 
29th Mich. Inf. 1865. Houston, Mo. 

John Pebbt Lewis. Rockport, Mo. 

*JoHN Newell Luoas, d. Red Moun- 
tain, Colo., Feb., 1895. 

William Hidybt Lutz. 

*James Johnson MgBbidb, d. To- 
ronto, Kan., Oct. 24, 1885. 

*Aabon a. McCandlsss, d. linooln, 
Neb., Sept. 26, 1874. 

Robebt McCabt. Fort Worth, Tex. 

Thomas McCk)BD. 

Samuel McClellan MoCutghen. 
Farmer. North Manchester, Ind. 

William Cbaio MgFabland. 

Solomonsville, Ariz. 

Fbank A. C. Macmanus. 

1493 Stewart PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

•John Hobabt MgMubdt, LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia) '67, d. Carson, Nev., June 
6, 1875. 

t James C. McQuigg. Pana, 111. 

Emebson Atkins Mebbiman. 

Meriden, Conn. 

fJoHN Jeffebson Miles. 

Ashland, Wis. 


Lieut. 8th N. Y. Cav. 1865. 

Little Falls, N. Y. 

David Mills, LL.B. (Victoria Univ.) 
'73, LL.D. (Toronto) '88. Prof, of 
International and Constitutional 
Law in Toronto Univ. Member of 
the Canadian Parliament since 
1867 ; of the Queen's Privy Council 
since 1876; Minister of Jiistice 
since 1897. London, Ont. 

fFBEDEBicK Daniel Mills. 

3304 E. 10th St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Springfield, Mo. 
Lewis Cass Mobehouse, B.D. (Mor- 
gan Park) '78. Baptist clergyman. 

Wyoming, 111. 
•fNATHANiEL West Nelson, d. Man- 
istee, Mich., Aug. 28, 1894. 
Henry Holmes Norton, d. Wauke- 
sha, Wis., Aug. 2, 1869. 
tSEYMOUB Francis Nobton. Capt. 2d 
Berdan's Sharpshooters, 1861-65. 

544 Ogden Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•William S. Palmeb, a 64-65, d. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1883. 

Edwin Alanson Pabsons. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frank W. Penwell. Danville, lU. 

•Thomas Asbubt Pebbine,A.B. (Jef- 
ferson) '65, d. Highlands, Colo., 
July 21, 1890. 


Wesl.) '64. Capt. 73d Ohio Inf. 
Repr. from Kansas in the 48th and 
three succeeding Congresses (1883- 
91). Newton, Kan. 

John Lewis Pratt. With C. & G. W. 
By. St. Paul, Minn. 

•William Andebson Pratt, d. Pon- 

tiac, Mich., Oct. 27, 1886. 
Sebra Kathborn Proper. 
George Kaleioh. 

John E Raymond. Girard, Kan. 

LoBAN Waldo Reynolds. Boone, Iowa. 
•John Lord Richardson, d. Tuscola, 

Mich., June 15, 1894. 
•James Polk Robinson, a 64-65, d. 

Green River, Wyo., April 7, 1888. 
•Thaddeus Sobdcski Rollins, A.B. 

(Hanover) '65, AM. {ibid.) '71, d. 

Indianapolis, Ind., April 18, 1898. 
Chables Isidobe Roskoph, a 64-65. 

Car builder. 

136 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 
•Jacob H. Runkle, d. Columbia, S. 

C, about 1878. 
•fJoHN GiLMOBE Safley, A.B. (Cor- 
nell Coll.) '69, d. Traer, Iowa, July 

12, 1879. 

•fGEORGE S. Sandebcock, d. Chicago. 
111., April 19, 1891. 

tJoHN Allen Shauck, A.B. (Otter- 
bein) '66, A.M. {ibid.) '69, LL.D. 
{ibid,) '95. Judge of the 2d Ohio 
Circuit 1885-95; of the Ohio Su- 
preme Court since 1895; Prof, of 
Law in Ohio State Univ. 1898-. 

Dayton, 0. 

tEDMUND Shaw. Altoona, Pa. 


Judge of 9th Circuit of Kan. since 
1897. McPherson, Kan. 

Hablan Page Smith, a 64-65. Real 
estate. Saginaw, Mich. 

tWiLLARD Stearns. Editor and pub- 
lisher. Adrian, Mich. 

•Richard Ross Stephenson, d. Xo- 
blcsville, Ind., April 17, 1899. 

William Wesley Sullivan. 

Peru, Ind. 

•James Albert Sumner, was drowned 

in Lake Huron, July 22, 1872. 
Washington Monroe Sutton. 
John Swindley. 




Moses Taogart. Attv.-Gren. of Mich. 
1885-89. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

tJAMSS B Taylob, A.B. (Westmina- 
ter) 61. Capt. 120th Ohio Inf. 
1863. Wooster, O. 

•Wilbur Fisk Thomson, d. Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis., March 2, 1870. 

Hknbt Saboent Towle. 

Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Albebt Tbask. Saginaw, Mich. 

Charles Tubbs, A.B. (Union) '64. 

Osceola, Pa. 

*Jakes Alexander Tyleb, d. Deca- 
tur, 111., Feb. 26, 1876. 

tPHiLip Taylob Van Zile, Ph.B. (Al- 
fred Univ.) '63, LL.D. {ihid,) *95. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Benjamin Vospeb. Ionia, Mich. 

•Sidney Fbank Walejs, B.S. '64. 

Edmund Bubke Walkup. Editor and 
publisher. Delphos, O. 

Sidney Walkeb Walton. 

Imlay City, Mich. 

*Geoboe Habbison Weeden, d. Cor- 
unna, Mich., Oct. 0, 1871. 

•Jacob Teterick Wells, d. Peru, 
Ind., June, 1877. 

James Wabben Whiffin. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Lewellino Wempije Whiting. 

Alfbed Fbeeman Wilcox. 

Detroit, Mich. 

tEu Wilkin. Brevet Maj. U. S. Vols. 
1865 Purity, 0. 

fCoNsiDEB Heath Willett. 

84 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

Chables L. Wilson. Judge of Pro- 
bate since 1897. Saranac, Mich. 

•Mabk Sibley Wolcott, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Jan. 5, 1899. 

fTHOMAS Jeffebson Wood. Repr. 
from Indiana in the 48th Cong. 
(1883-85). Crown Point, Ind. 

•Abchelaus Newton Yancey, d. Car- 
linville. 111., Sept. 18, 1896. 

Jackson Young, a 63-65. 


Edoab Aldbich, A.m. (Dartmouth) 
'91. U. S. Dist. Judge for New 
Hampshire, 189 1-. Littleton, N. H. 

John Babclay Alexander. Editor. 

Oswego, N. Y. 

•Alexander Dwioht Anderson, A.B. 
(Yale) '66, d. Mt. Vernon, Va., Nov. 
24, 1901. 

•Alexander S. Anderson, d. Sharon, 
Pa., Oct. 16, 1872. 

fRoBEBT BuBNs Abchibald. Capt. 
42d U. S. Colored Inf. 1866. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

*WiLLiAM Albert Atchison, d. Ne- 
osho Falls, Kan., Sept 3, 1883. 

tALBEBT Habbison Babcock. Capt. 
18th Mich. Inf. 1864. Judge 1st 
Judicial Dist. of Neb., 1892-96. 

Beatrice^ Neb. 

DwiOHT Bybon Backenstose. 

Geneva, N. Y. 

Sferby Bakeb. Paola, Kan. 

•Alonzo L. Babdin, d. Rockford, 
Mich., Oct. 6, 1868. 

*WiLLiAM H. Bablow, d. Effingham, 
111., Sept. 1, 1883. 

tCHABLES G. Barnd. Capt. 99th Ohio 
Inf. Mining. 

Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

James Wilson Beach. 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 

•Edward L. Bedford, d. Hamilton, 
Bermuda Islands, March 27, 1895. 

•Arthur Stall Bell, d. Kokomo, 
Ind., March 15, 1877. 

•Robert Clabk Bell, d. Fort Wayne, 
Ind., Jan. 21, 1901. 

tJOHN COMLY BlOGEB, a 65-67. 

Dallas, Tex. 

•John Dixon Boabdman, was killed 
near Tombstone, Ariz., 1876. 

Frank Bracelin. St. Joseph, Mich. 

John Brioham. West Bay City, Mich. 

•fMARRioTT Brosius, Repr. from 
Pennsylvania in the 51st and suc- 
ceeding Congresses (1889-1901), d. 
Lancaster, Pa., March 16, 1901. 

tMiCHAEL Brown, A.M. (Wabash) 
'76. Judge of the 14th Mich. Cir- 
cuit, 1876-82. Big Rapids, Mich. 

John Jay Browne. . Spokane, Wash 

t John Wesley Burton. Dentist. 

Gallatin, Mo. 

Roger Williams Buttebpield, A.B. 
(Princeton) '66, A.M (ibid.) '69. 
(See Regents, p. 5.) 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

t J AMES Cameron. Beaver, Pa. 

fGEORGE Carson. 1st Lieut. 68th Ind. 
Inf. Judge of Iowa Dist. Court, 
1887-91. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Joseph Newton Carter, B.S. (Illi- 
nois Coll.) '66, LL.D. (ibid.) '98. 
Justice of Supremo Court of Illi- 
nois, 1894-. Quincy, 111. 

Robert Walpole Carter. Retired. 

Cro\vn Point, Ind. 

tMoRDECAi Franklin (^iiilcote. Capt. 
48th Ind. Inf. Renj<selaer, Ind. 





Elgin, 111., Feb. 7, 1889. 


(Wittenberg) '63. Decatur, 111. 

fGEOBOE PoMEBOT Ck)BB. Judge of 

the 18th Mich. Circuit, 1888-94. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Leandeb Deyine Condee, LL.B. (Chi- 
cago) '99. 

Portland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
* Sidney Cooke, d. Natchez, Miss., Oct. 

16, 1871. 
Lawrence Cuarles Cooper. 

The Temple, Chicago, 111. 
Charles L. Cobwin. 
Justus Baldwin Cbane, A.B. (Ham- 
ilton) '06. 331 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Franklin Dean. Wahoo, Neb. 

Mabtin Andbew DeLanet. 

537 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
tSELWYN Douglas. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
•Henbt Sidney Dow, a. Detroit, 

Mich., Feb. 4, 1874. 
^William C. Dubkee, d. Columbus, 

Kan., Oct. 27, 1882. 
*HoMEB C. Elleb, d. St. Paul, Minn., 

Nov. 3, 1896. 
James F Eluott, B.S. (DePauw) '68. 

Kokomo, Ind. 
Mabshall Davis Ewell, LL.D. '79, 

A.M. (N. W. Univ.) 79, M.D. 

{ibid.) '84. (See Faculties, p. 17.) 

Dean of Kent Coll. of Law. 

59 Clark St., Chica^, 111. 
tWiLLiAM Fabbell. Paoli, Ind. 

^Oblando Jacob Fast, A.B. (Mount 

Union) '61, d. Mendon, ^ch., March 

16, 1888. 
•fALBERT H. Fenn, d. Allegan, Mich., 

Sept. 29, 1882. 
fNiMBOD G. Ferguson. 1st Lieut. 

29th U. S. Colored Inf. 
•Augustus Williams Fioklin, d. 

Austin, Tex., Feb. 19, 1876. 
•fGEORQE Washington Field, A.B. 

(Iowa Wesl.) '64, A.M. (ibid.), d. 

Omaha, Neb., Feb. 27, 1897. 
William Daniel Fritts, a 64-66. 

Fruit-Grower. Broderick, Gal. 


Traverse City, Mich. 

Baldwin Bebbt Gill. Chillicothe, Mo. 

Joseph John Gn.L. Repr. from Ohio 

in 56th and 57th Congresses 

( 1899- ) . Manufacturer. 

Steubenville. 0. 
fALDEN Hebbebt Gillett, A.B. (Wit- 
tenberg) '65, A.M. {ibid.) '68. 

Springfield, 0. 

fWiLLiAM Benjamin Glasse. Capt. 
170th Ohio Inf. 1864. 

Columbus, Kan. 

fEDWABD EEeistand Gbeen. Capt. 
107th Pa. Inf. Charlevoix, Mich. 

Edwin Bush Groveb. Stenographer. 
Ashland BIk., Chicago, 111. 

•William Wallace Harrki.l, d. New 
Orleans, La., Oct. 26, 1870. 

fWiLLiAM Henrt Harries. Capt. U. 
S. Vet. Inf. Repr. from Minnesota 
in the 52d Cong. (1891-93). 

Caledonia, Minn. 

•Henbt Hatden, d. Centralia, Wis., 
Oct. 9, 1879. 

Henbt Thomas Hazard. 

Los Angelee, Cal. 

fBsNJAMiN Franklin Heckebt. 
Judge of Probate 1889-97. 

Paw Paw, Mich. 

•Reuben P. B. Hewitt, d. Burling- 
ton, Vt., March 16, 1877. 

•Avebt Sedgwick Hill, d. Toledo, 0., 
Sept. 18, 1891. 

David Elihu Hinman. Judge of Pro- 
bate 1885-93. Buchanan, Mich. 

•Eugene Ibvin Holden, d. Terre 
Haute, Ind., Nov. 23, 1871. 

*Daniel Holland, d. Detroit, Mich., 
Feb. 27, 1873. 

t Alfred S. Hollenbeak. Genoa, 111. 

SiDNET Luke Holman. Insurance In- 
spector. Michigan City, Ind. 

Emmons F. Htde. 

Albert Jennings, B.S. *65. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

fRoBEBT Jat Kellet. Judge of the 
26th Mich. Circuit 1888-1900. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

*t James Holmes Kellogg, Capt. 6th 
Mich. Cav. 1865, d. Jacksonville, 
111., April 29, 1891. 

William Hubbard Kernan. Jour- 
nalist and author. Chicago, 111. 

*tELBERT E. Kimball, d. Kansas City, 
Mo., Oct. 16, 1889. 

•William D. Kinqeby, d. Buchanan, 
Mich., Aug. 18, 1875. 

La Vega George Kinne. Judge of 
the Supreme Court of Iowa, 1894- 
98. Den Moines, Iowa. 

William Henry Krome, A.B. (Mc- 
Kendree) '63, A.M. {ibid.) »66. 

Edwardsville, 111. 

Austin Landis Kumler. 

La Fayette, Ind. 

*Emmet S. Lattt, d. Defiance, Ohio, 
April 25, 1871. 

John Fuller Lawrence, A. B. *66. 

Ann Arbor 




fMiCHAKL A. Leahy, Ph.B. (Univ. of 

Wis.) '61, A.B. iihid.) '62, A.M. 

{ibid,) '65. Capt. 35th Wis. Inf. 

1863. Grand Rapids, Minn. 

•Edwin Hooan Lemkn, d. Pinckney- 

ville, 111., May 14, 1888. 
Cassitjs H. Lindenberoeb. Teacher. 
29 Adelaide St., Detroit, Mich. 
robebt a. mocxjllooh. 
Tkbxnce Joseph McDonnell. 

108 Summit Street, Toledo, 0. 
tWnxLAM Henby McDowell. 

Cincinnati, O. 
Edwabd McGintie. 
t Jon AS Habtzel McGowan, B.S. *61. 

Washington, D. C. 
John Wesley McGbath. Justice of 

the Supreme Court of Mich., 1801- 

95. Detroit, Mich. 

tDouoAL MoKenzie. Petoskey, Mich. 
*tJAMES Wheeler McKenzie, d. 

Hampton, Iowa, Jan. 15, 1882. 
•La Fayette Emebson McReynolds, 

d. Delphi, Ind., Feb. 24, 1880. 
Egbebt J Mapes, a 65-66. 

Marquette, Mich. 

tALONZO 6. Mabkham. 

Mayville, Mich. 
Asa F. Matheb. Joliet, 111. 

Caleb H. Nobbis. Marion, O. 

tWABBEN Olney, a 65-66. Capt. 65th 

U. S. Col. Inf. San Francisco, Cal. 
fN. Augustus Pabkeb. Capt. 20th 

Mich. Inf. Frankfort, Mich. 

Abdiei. Campbell Pausons, A.B. 

(Oberlin) '63, A.M. {ibid.) '66. 

Teacher. Duhith, Minn. 

Henby Fbank Pennington. 

Chamb. of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 
WnjJAM L. Perce. Banker. 

Williamsville, 111. 


(Adrian) '64, A.M. (Ohio Wesl.) 
'81, 8.T.D. (ibid.) *94. Capt. U. 8. 
Col. Inf. 1865. M. E. clergyman. 

Tiffin, O. 

•William W. Pitzer, d. Clarksville, 
Mo., April 27, 1878. 

•William W. Pollock, d. Belle Cen- 
tre, Ohio, Aug. 26, 1873. 

Julius Gbapton Pomerene. 

Cleveland, O. 

•Allen James Pobteb. d. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., April 10, 1880. 

•William A. Rafteb, d. Monroe, 
Mich., Nov. 21, 1871. 

Geobge C. Rawlins. Springfield, O. 

Geobge BRADroBO Remick, A.B. '66. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edwabd Henby Rhoades. 

2063 Franklin Ave., Toledo, 0. 
William Hablow C. Rice. 
•James Madison Ritchie, d. Boonea- 

boro, Iowa, June 4, 1879. 
tREUBEN Zenas Robebts. Manufac- 
turer. Kiioxville, Tenn. 
James E. Robinson. 
Henby Fisheb Rodney. Teacher. 

Portland, Ore. 

JosiAH Hemmingway Rogebs, A.B. 

( Victoria Univ. ) '66. Portage, Wis. 

tMAHLON C. RoucH. Wooster, O. 

tIsAAC Henby Clay Royse. 2d Lieut. 

115th 111. Inf. 1863. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Chables Spenoeb Salisbuby. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Benton H. Scoyille. 

Constantine, Mich. 
John Henry Sharp^ B.S. (DePauw) 
'63. Columbus, 0. 

Clarence Leslie Sheldon. 

Sterling, 111. 
John Howell Slaoht. 

Grand Blanc, Mich. 
•Edwabd Reed Slawson, A.B. *63. 


tAiXEN Smalley. Judge of Common 
Pleas, 1890-1900. 

Upper Sandusky 0. 

tLucAS F. Smith. Judge of the Su- 
perior Court 1897-. 

Santa Cruz, Cal. 

Walteb Stageb, a 62-65. State's 
Att'y since 1880. Sterling, 111. 

Royal D. Steabns. Lincoln, Neb. 

Hebmon Walteb Stevens, A.B. '66. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

t Willi AM Colin Stevens. Maj. 3d 
Mich. Cav. 1864. Auditor-General 
of Michigan, 1883-87. Ann Arbor. 

Chables Paddock Storrs, A.B. (Ala- 
bama) '62. Richmond, Va. 

Abraham H. Stutsman. Judge Ist 
Judicial Dist. of Iowa, 1879-87. 

Burlington, Iowa. 

•Edward Irving Sutfin, d. Dundee, 
111., April 4, 1898. 

* Jesse Miller Tate, d. Memphis, 
Tenn., Sept. 30, 1878. 

Joseph Henry Taylor. 

Pierceton, Ind. 

Bobbins Beckwtth Taylob. 

Bay City, Mich. 

•Alfbed B. Tucker, d. Aurora, 111., 
Oct., 1873. 

Mabshall M. Tubneb. 

*Henby Van Fleet, d. Pinckney, 
Mich., Sept. 10, 1874. 




tJAMES Robert Vauohan. 

Springfield, Mo. 
•Benjamin Franklin Wagner, was 
drowned in the Delaware River near 
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 8, 1895. 
Bennett Thaddeus Wakehan. 

Lockbox 2625, New \ork, N. Y. 
Theodore Mortimer Walker. 

Des Moinee, Iowa. 
Edward M. Williams. 
tGEORGE Rodney Williams. 

Milan, Mich. 
Henry T. Wright, A.B. (Beloit) '66, 
A.M. {ibid.) 75. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
tCHABLES Myron Yocxjm. 

(152) Woo8ter,0. 


Herbert Thomas Ames. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Stephen Bacon, a 64-66. 

Washington, D. C. 
Ambrose Everett Ball. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Tracy Barntjm. (leneva, O. 

Sidney H. Baylis. 
tJoHN Jackson Bell. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
John D. Bennett. San Diego, Cal. 
John P. Bennett. 

♦Russell Henry Bishop, d. Flint, 
Mich., July 6, 1882. 


Pittsburg, Kan. 
George H. Briggs. 
tFRANCis Lester Brown. Capt. 24th 

N. Y. Cav. Shortsville, N. Y. 

John Fletcher Brown. 
•Henry Clay Buckingham, a 63-64, 

d. Lawrence, Kan., May 11, 1870. 
Harvey D. Burch. 
Edwin Adolpiius Burling ame. Judge 

of the Superior Court, 1887-99. 

Grand Rapids. Mich. 
•Stephen A. Burroughs, d. Abilene, 

Kan., Nov. G, 1886. 
William Buyan Carlock, B.S. (Lom- 
bard) '67. Bloomington, 111. 
Clement D. Carpenter. U. S. Sec'ry 

of Legation to Cliili, 1884-80. 

Toledo. O. 
Nelson Case. Oswego, Kan. 

•Charles Cornelius Chamberlain, 

d. Muskegon, Mich., Sept. 22, 1892. 
William Clark Chubb. 

Corning, Iowa. 
Washington Spencer Cilley, A.B. 

(Univ. of Vt.) '67. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

George F. Colby. 

William I^erciyal Coolbauoh. 

724 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 

Cornelius Correll. Farmer. 

Sheldon, Mo. 

•William Oryille Crawford, A.B. 
(Wash, and Jeff. Coll.) '67, d. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Jan. 1, 1886. 

•George T. Cresswell, d. BrookYille, 
Ind., Aug. 23, 1877. 

Alfred Alonzo Crippen. Real es- 
tate. Grand Rapids, Mich. 


100 Washington St, Chicago, IlL 

t William Edwy Dawson. Clergy- 
man. Blaine, WasL. 

•Leonard Rows Delamatib, d. Nor- 
walk, O., Feb. 24, 1876. 

Patrick Callan Dooley, a 66-67. 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Anderson L. Drew. 

Lorenzo Thurston Durano. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

•Chablbs H. Durban, d. ZanesYille, 
O., Oct. 1/, 1871. 

Samuel Brown Eason. Common 
Pleas Judge since 1898. Wooster, O. 

*Samuei. Mansfiei.d Eddy, d. Cleve- 
land, O., Oct. 5, 1891. 

tBuRTON Barnum Edwards. Lumber- 
man. 5 Elm St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William John English, A.'B. '67. 

Chicago, 111. 

tIsAAo Newton Eyerett. 

Santa Ana, Cal. 

•Thomas A. Ferguson, d. Manton, 

Mich., Aug. 22, 1882. 
Henry Clay Firebauoh. 

325 Montague St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Edmund Ross Fisher. Music teacher. 

Springfield, 111. 

•Lafayette Fisher, d. Los Angeles, 
Cal., April 22, 1897. 

•William A. Fleming, d. Hunting- 
don, Pa., Feb. 27, 1889. 

George Ford. Repr. from Indiana in 
the 49th Cong. (1885-87). 

South Bend, Ind. 

♦fDEMPSEY William Fountain, d. St 
Louis, Mo., Oct., 1891. 

•John Wesley Fox, was kilted at 
Forrest City, Ark., Feb., 1874. 

Christian F. France. Toledo, O. 

tEnwARD L. French. 

Joseph Moss Gaige. Banker. 

Croswell, Mich. 

Newton Pietice Garretson, a 64-67. 
Capitalist. Topeka, Kan. 




Gtbus Gordon, B.S. (Pa. State Coll.) 
'66, M.S. {ibid.) '69. Pres. Judge 
46th Judicial Diet, of i'a., 1893-. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
James P. Gbovb. 
tTHOMAS Wkntwobth Harbison. 

Topeka, Kan. 
*Geobqb SHJmwooD Hastings, A.B. 

*JoHN Gkoohshan HnxsoN, a 65-66, 
d. Louisville, Ky., April 5, 1894. 
fCHASLES P. HooAN. St. Albans, Vt. 
Jamss T. Holland. 

Lewisville, Tejf. 


Watts Shebman Humphbet. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Basil Jaboshinski. 

Edden Mobbis Johnson, B.S. (Illi- 
nois Wesl.) '67. Editor. 

Pontiac, 111. 

De Witt Clinton Justice. 

Logansport, Ind. 

John Wobth Kebn. Reporter of Ind. 
Supreme Court, 1885-89; State 
Senator, 1893-97; City Solicitor, 
1897-1901. Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Henbt Ejngsbttbt. Clerk in 
Treasury Dept. Washington, D. C. 

RiENZi Knox. Photographer. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 

•Daniel Bearie Kumleb, a 66-67, d. 
Evansville, Ind., May 30, 1893. 

Alfbed Wabd Lam son. Judge of 4th 
Judicial Dist. of Ohio, since 1885. 

Cleveland, 0. 

tSAMUEL Fbanklin Leib. Trustce of 
Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. 

San Jos6, Cal. 

Henbt Lincoln. 

Daniel Wilcox Losey. 

Aabon Vance McAlvay, A.B. '68. 

Manistee, Mich. 

Abchibald McAbthub, A.B. (Law- 
rence) '67. Dodgeville, Wis. 

♦Henby McKey, A.B. (Racine) '67, 
A.M. (ibid.) '70, d. Chicago, 111., 
Jan. 20, 1892. 

James McNamaba. Detroit, Mich. 

•William McPherbin, d. Los Ange- 
les, Cal., Jan. 9, 1884. 

Andbew Huston McVeigh. Farmer. 

Bremen, O. 

John Joseph Mahon. 

•Stephen Melancthon Marsh, A.B. 
(Knox) '67, d. Bloorainp^ton, 111., 
April 4, 1899. 

Aabon F. Martin. Atchison, Kan. 

James Michael Martin. Ann Arbor. 

•Abthub J. Mellon, d. Eondout, N. 

Y., Sept. 20, 1877. 
William Mebedith. 

145 La Salle St., Chicago, IlL 
Melvin Whitson Mills. 

Springer, N. Mex. 
John W. Mitchell. 
Daniel Davis Moody. Auburn, Ind. 
*tLYMAN Culveb Moore, d. Stanton, 

Mich., March 21, 1895. 
t Jonathan W Newman, B.S. '62. 

Richmond, Ind. 
William Bibney Nobton. Mining. 

Rico, Colo. 
tHENRY Charles Noyes. 

Unity Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Charles Kirkpatrick Offield. 

379 Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Owen Patton. Albany, Mo. 

Reuben Frrz Randolph, a 65-66, A.B. 

(Allegheny) '68, A.M. (ibid.) '71, 

D.D. (ibid.) '86. M. E. clergyman. 

New Castle, Pa. 
James Reardon. Romeo, Mich. 

William H. Resor. 
t William Preston Roberts. 1st 
Lieut. 45th U. S. Col. Inf. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
* Edward Burgess Sackrider, was 
drowned in Lake Huron, May 27, 
fjASPER Newton Searles. Capt. Ist 
Minn. Inf. Stillwater, Minn. 

William Seui'ert. ( Changed to Wil- 
liam Seafert.) Editor. 

161 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
fHARVEY B. Shively. Circuit Judge 
since 1890. Wabash, Ind. 

William Henry Sisson. 

95 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
II. Oscar Sprague. Fort Scott, Kan. 
•John Stahl, d. Fort Wayne, Ind., 

Aug. 17, 1878. 
Edwin B. Steele. Traveling sales- 
man, Adrian, Mich. 
•Henry Warner Stevenson, a ^9-62, 

d. Galveston, Tex., Oct. 16, 1872. 
*JoHN A. Talbot, d. Cassopolis, Mich., 

Sept. 25, 1878. 
tJoHN C. Tarsney. Repr. from Mis- 
souri in the 51st and three succeed- 
ing Congresses (1889-97). Judge of 
Supreme Court of Oklahoma 1897- 
1900. Kansas City, Mo. 

David Brainerd Tayix)R, A.B. *67. 

Mason, Mich. 
Charles Edwin Thomas. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
David C. Thomas. 

Watcrtown, S. Dak. 






Gideon Tiffany. Eureka, S. Dak. 
^Chaklss W. Tindall, d. Detroit, 

Mich., July 11, 1882. 
James C. Turner. 
*Thomas Edwin Tubneb, d. Chadron, 

Neb., Nov., 1880. 
RoBEBT David Updbqbaff, a 65-68. 

Cleveland, O. 
tJoHN Oliveb Walkeb. Kenton, O. 
*Qeobge Alvin Watebbuby, d. Iiex- 

ington, Mich., May 6, 1895. 
Jabez B. Wateins. Banker. 

Lawrence, Kan. 


627 W. 6l8t St, Chicago, 111. 
William S. Whittlbsey. 

Stanton, Mich. 
*Geoboe Wade Wilmabth, d. Colusa, 

Cal., May 20, 1870. 
Leo Wise. Publisher. Cincinnati, 0. 
Robert Emmet Withebs. 
Lewis Lionel Wood, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth) '66. River Forest, 111. 
John Young. San Francisco, Cal. 


EuBGENE Edwabd Allen, o 67-68. 
Lemon grower. San Diego, Cal. 

Fbank Lobenzo Allen. 

White Bird, Idaho. 


Little Rock, Ark. 
•fWALTEB Whipple Ames, d. Ridge- 
way, Pa., Feb. 19, 1901. 
MuNSON Deckeb Aybes. Merchant. 

St. Joseph, Mo. 

James Williams Barnum. County 

Judge, 1896-. Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

Samxtel Oscab Bayless. With C. 0. 

C. & St. L. Ry. Co. Cincinnati, O. 

WiNFiELD Scott Beebe. 

Portland, Ore. 
Oboboe Anthony Blackstock. 
Chables Leavitt Botsfobd. 

Norman, Okl. 
*JoHN Deane Bbadfiei.d, d. Logans- 
port, Ind., July 17, 1870. 
Addison Thomas Brown. 

Beaverton, Mich. 
tWnxiAM Nathaniel Bbown. 

Ann Arbor. 
Alfhonso Hunt Bryan. 

Champaign, 111. 
Benedict Roswkll Burnett. Farmer. 

River Falls, Wis. 
Edwabd Payson Burnett. News- 
paper Publisher. Sutton, Neb. 

Eugene Cabfsnteb. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
John Ramsey Cabb. Judge of 36th 
Mich. Circuit, 1900-. 

Cassopolis, MicL. 

David Wabben Chandleb, a 70-71. 

M. E. clergyman. Ann Arbor. 

Fbank Wesley Claff, B.S. (Olivet) 

'68, M.S. {ibid.) 71. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Addison Joseph Ck)MST0CK. Baker 
and confectioner. Toledo, 0. 

David Manson Cook. Ck>al dealer. 

Everett, Wash. 
John Clabkson Covebt. 

Brooklvn, Mich. 
*Fbank Benjamin Cbane, a. Marys- 

ville, Cal., Jan. 8, 1900. 
*RiCHABD Augustus CuBBAN,d. Hunt- 
ington, Ind., Jan. 28, 1873. 
*Gborge Albert Cutting, d. Cleve- 
land, 0., May 21, 1881. 
Oliveb Hays Dean, A.B. *68. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
tWnxiAM Cbawfobd Denning. Mer- 
chant. Baldwin, Kan. 
t John Monboe Doubleday. Farmer. 

Blackstone, Kan. 
Fletoheb Wesley Dunlap. 

Manistee, Mich. 

t Wilson Abbam Fast. Sedalia, Mo. 
Louis FocKLEB. Traveling Salesman. 
735 St. Peter St., Lincoln, Neb. 
John Hale Fowleb. Ottawa, HI. 

tHuGH Ramsey Fulton. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Abthub Dodge Gilmore. 

Blissfleld, Mich. 
Henby Mabtyn Goodell, A.B. 71. 

Kalida, 0. 

WiLUAM Henby Govebt, B.S. (Illi- 
nois Coll.) *67. Quincy, 111. 

•Ace Gregg, d. Washington, Ohio, 
April 8, 1894. 

•John Haooerty, d. South Bend, Ind., 
Dec. 25, 1889. 

•Mabtin Luther Hamblet, d. Lowell, 
Mass., March 13, 1899. 

Gabbiel Fbanklin Habgo. 

*Gborge Harris, d. Ridgefield. III., 
Jan. 25, 1900. 

Alexander Morgan Harbison. Judge 
of District Court, 1898-. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Louis Maurice Habtwick. 

Hart, Mich. 

Alfbed Ebnest Hawes. 

Mapleton, Minn. 

WnxABD Pobtkb Hazbn. 




*JosiAH David Hilleqass, d. Fort 

Wayne, Ind., April 2, 1876. 
Louis B. Hilliabo. With Bradstreet's 
Commercial Agency. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Edwabd Austin Holbbook, a 65-66. 
6 W. 102d St., New York, N. Y. 
Jamss Edwabd Howell. 

260 Riverside Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Mabsh ALL Laban Uowell, B.S. ( Kal- 
amazoo) '67. Cassopolis, Mich. 
tBENJAMiN Fbanklin Hudson. Adjt. 
46th U. S. Col. Inf. 1864. 

Atchison, Kan. 
LoziNE Abnold Hublbut, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '67. Crescent City, Fla. 
Alonzo Hutsinpilleb. Ranchman. 

Philipsburg, Mon. 
*tALBEBT Jackson, d. Lowell, Mich., 

March 27, 1894. 
James White Johnson. 

Wilmington, 111. 

M. Fontaine Jones. Rosedale, Miss. 
*Albebt Louis Kavelaoe, d. Janes- 

ville. Wis., Jan. 23, 1899. 
Albebt ELebn. Dayton, 0. 

Willabd Abno Kingslet, B.S. '68. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 


107 Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 
John Fbankun Kuicleb. Toledo, O. 
Fbanklin Kutts. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Gbobgb Latton. Seattle, Wash. 

John Stbang Lee. Flgin, 111. 

tNEWELL Lbonabd. St. Louis, ^ch. 
Oblando Bell Lester. In the War 
Department. Washington, D. C. 

Joseph Hampton Lethebman, a 67- 

69. Journalist. Pureell, Ind. Ter. 

EzBA Dayton Lewis. Perry, Mich. 


21 7 St., S. E., Washington, D. 0. 

•Orson Hopkins Look, d. Lowell, 
Mich., June 10, 1879. 

Henby Lafayette Lobenz, a 66-68. 

1314 F St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
•fEDWARD Coultas Loveix, A.B. '68. 

*LoYD Leadbettteb Majobs, d. Oak- 
land, Cal., May 23, 1884. 
Calvin Cate Mabch. 
Peteb Mitchell. 
Abthub McAbthur Monteith. 

Belton, Tez. 

Joseph Roberts Mobbis. Mining. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

tELDBiDGE MoBSB. Market gardener. 

Snohomish, Wash. 

*Gabbiel Monboe Ovebstbeet, d. 
Franklin, Ind., Nov. 2, 1897. 

fBuBTON Pabkeb. Agent U. S. Treas- 
ury Dept. Monroe, Mich. 

tCHABLEs M. Pabkeb. Lincoln, Neb. 

Isaac Hakwood Pedbick, a 67-68. 

164 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Eleazab Deforest Price, m 67-68. 
Manager of New Manhattan The- 
atre. New York, N. Y. 

*t Abraham Root Pugh, d. Murphys- 
boro. 111., April 12, 1882. 

Theodore Donahue Robb. Probate 
Judge, 1894-1900. Lima, O. 

•Samuel Chubch Robison, A.B. 
( Bethany ) '68, d. Paris, Ky., Sept. 
5, 1878. 

Fleming Rogebs. 

Horace Denison Sarin. Xenia, O. 

*JuLius Abbaham Schuyleb, d. Bir- 
mingham, Mich., Jan. 12, 1881. 

Henry Setter, B.S. (McKendree) '70. 
Broker. E. St. Louis, 111. 

James Mitchell Skinneb. 

Bad Axe, Mich. 

John Wilson Smith. Rochester, Ind. 

*tPALMEB WoBTH Smtth, A.B. (Mi- 
ami) '64, A.M. {ibid.) '67, d. 
Tampa, Fla., May 24, 1896. 

Thomas Cuthbert Snodobass, m 72- 

John L. Stabkweatheb. 

Romeo, Mich. 

Maubice Stabne. Leadville, Colo. 
Joseph Beal Steebe, A.B. '68. 

Ann Arbor. 

Jacob Liebeb Steinmetz, A.M. {h<m,) 
'71. Lancaster, Pa. 

•fWALTEB Stephenson, d. near Green- 
ville, 0., April 19, 1898. 

•RossLYN Conway Stone, d. New 
York, N. Y., July 16, 1888. 

tALBERT Montgomery Sweettland. 
State's Attorney since 1872. 

Newark, 111. 

•fRANDOLPH Sinks Swing, d. New 

Richmond, Ohio, July 8, 1880. 
DeWitt Holbrook Taylob, a 67-69. 

Detroit, Mich. 

•fPABKE Edwin Temple, d. Indianap- 
olis, Ind., 1898. 

tDEXTEB Ladd Thomas. Capt. 88th 

Ind. Inf. Banker. Omaha, Neb. 

Fbank Thomas. Wyoming, 111. 


Bourbon, Ind. 

Pliny Hudson Van Buben, a 63-66. 
James Van Kleeck. Bay City, Mich. 




fCHAKLES Elliott Vbooman. In De- 
partment of Justice. 

Washington, D. C. 
Jacob Henry Wallikeb. 

Clinton, Iowa. 
Gbobgs Washington Wanamakeb. 

Bethany, Mo. 


Spokane, Wash. 
Fbedebick Fox Wendell. 

Fort Plain, N. Y. 
James Henbt Williams. Mineral 
lands. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Zenas Leandeb Wise. 

Hutchinson, Kan. 
tAMOS Wolfe, A.B. (Wittenberg) '68, 
A.M. {ibid,) '70. Springfield, O. 
♦Isaac Willabd Wood, A.B. (Am- 
herst) '68, d. Grand Rapids, Mich., 
May 24, 1889. 
James Cobtdon Woodbubn. 

(120) Byron, 111. 


Isaac Holland Andbews. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 
♦William Oscab Axfobd, d. Los An- 
geles, Cal., March 28, 1883. 
Justin Badoebow. 
♦James Bubbill Beals, d. St. Paul, 

Minn., Dec. 31, 1888. 
Allen Bleaklet. Carmi, 111. 

John Rosoob Bond, a 68-69. Circuit 
* Judge since 1892. 

Brownsville, Tenn. 
Febdinand Bookwalteb. 

Danville, HI. 
fMELViN Mobelli Boothman. Repr. 
from Ohio in the 50th and Slst Con- 
gresses (1887-91). Bryan, O. 
Li^ANT Fbedebick Bbown. 

40 Exchange PL, New York, N. Y. 
Geobge Edwin Bullock. Importer. 

204 Green St., New York, N. Y. 
Fbank Wilbub Bubnett. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
VicTOB Cousin Bubnham. 

Alpena, Mich. 
•Fbank Sylvesteb Bubton, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '68, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich., Jan, 5, 1897. 
Walteb Balfbey Butt. 
Fbank Buttebwobth. Mines and 

19 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 
tWiLLIAM Bybnes. 

214 E. 14th St., New York, N. Y. 
Gboboe William Caswell. 

Birmingham, Mich. 
•Henbt Allen Chaney, A.B. '69. 

Edson Edwy Chapman, a 68-69. Min- 
ing. Spokane, Wash. 

John Bbtson Cleland. Judge of 4th 
Judicial District of Or^n since 
1898. Portland, Ore. 

Edwabd Beach Clements. Farming 
and insurance. Ada, Mich. 

Philip Macy Coffin, a 67-68, p 68- 
69. Hodges Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

*GuY Wabben Cole, d. Portland, Ore., 
about 1885. 

*James Madison Coleman, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., 1893. 

*Jebome Coleman, d. Decatur, Mich., 
July 23, 1884. 

Lewis Collins. 

Geobge Washington Coomeb. 

Wyandotte, Mich. 

♦Emib John Coon, a 67-68, d. Blue 
Rapids, Kan., May 29, 1889. 

fAxvAH Bunnell Cooper, a 67-68. 

Osage City, Kan. 

Rtan Babbeb Cowlbs. Agriculture. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

John Benjamin Cbeaset. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

tWiLLiAM Van Buben Cbosket. 

Steubenyille, O. 

Jacob Reese Dayies, A.B. (Denison) 
*69. Newark, O. 

•Nelson DeLono, d. Traverse City, 
Mich., Oct. 4, 1900. 

•Wabben Chaunoey Dewey, B.S. 
(Adrian) '70, A.M. (ibid.) 73, d. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., June 3, 1898. 

Andbew Jackson Dovel. 

Manistee, Mich. 

•William Robert Edgab, B.S. (Lin- 
coln Univ.) '69, d. Hutchinson, 
Kan., March 8, 1879. 

•Edwabd Egbert, d. South Bend, Ind., 
Dec. 10, 1875. 

♦fEMEBSON Hiempsel Egoleston, 
Capt. 2d Ohio Cav., 1865, d. Cleve- 
land, O., Sept. 4, 1901. 

James Boynton Ebwin. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thaodeus Seymoub Fanoheb. 

Crown Point, Ind. 

Lockhabt Bbooks Fabbab. M.D. 
(Berkshire) '48. Paxton, 111. 

James Riley Flandebs. Joliet, 111. 
Fbancis Mabion Fobt. 

Sioux City, Iowa. 

Michael Morgan Gibney. Actor, au- 
thor, and theatrical manager. 

725 Forest Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Lucius Ebenbzeb Gould. 

Owosso, Mich. 




William Daniel Gould. 

Temple Block, Los Angeles, Cal. 


(Cornell) 70, d. Cowesett, R. I., 

Jan. 28, 1901. 
William Flavius Leicester Hadley, 

A.B. (McKendree) '68, A.M. (ibid,) 

'98. Kepr. from Illinois in 54th 

Cong. ( 1895-97 ) . Edwardsville, 111. 
Patbick Columbus Haley. Joliet, 111. 
Thomas William Heatlet. 

Cleveland, O. 
Daniel B. Hibbabd. Jackson, Mich. 
*Albebt E. Hiestand, d. National 

City, Cal., April 15, 1890. 
Robebt Jebome Hill. Austin, Tex. 
Lucius Pebbt Hills. Author and 

reader. Atlanta, Gra. 


Maj. and Assist. Adjt. Gen. U. S. 
Vols. 1898. Manufacturer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

John Mabion Howabd, A.B. (Mon- 
mouth) '69, A.M. {ibid.) '72. 
Farmer. Pleasant Plains, 111. 

*Mi0HAEL Daniel Howabd, was 
drowned in Milwaukee Bav, Sept. 
10, 1875. 

fGiDBON Spbaoxte Ives. lieut. Gov. 
of Minn. 1890-92. St Peter, Minn. 

•Robebt Stuabt Jabvis, d. New York, 
N. Y., about 1890. 

GoBDON Jackson EIeenet. Real es- 
tate. Fargo, N. Dak. 

Hugh Clinton Kellebman. Supt. 
Metrop. St. Ry. Kansas City, Mo. 

Hoeace Kendall. Lake Village, Ark. 


County Judge, 1894-96; State's 
Atty. '1896-98. Woonsocket, S. Dak. 

Sabah Killoobe. (Mrs. Jackson S. 
Wertman.) Toledo, O. 

*James Laibd, Repr. from Nebraska 
in the 48th and three succeeding 
Congresses (1883-89), d. Hastings, 
Neb., Aug. 17, 1889. 

Alonzo M^k Lefitngwell, a 67-69. 

Henderson, N. Y. 

tCLAY Hardin Lynch. 

Edwardsville, 111. 

•James Stratton McKay, d. DeviPs 
Lake, N. Dak., Nov. 14, 1884. 

tOLiVER Pebby Mahan. Capt. 72d 
Ind. Inf. Lebanon, Ind. 

tJoHN Scott Maltman, B.S. '70. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

•James Young Marshall, d. Rico, 
Colo., May 22, 1894. 

Thomas Alexandeb Marshall. Mer- 
chant. Seattle, Wash. 

William Cotter Maybuby, A.M. 70. 

Detroit, Mich. 

ISamuel Robebt Miller. Capt. 14th 

Minn. Inf. 1898. Olivia, Minn, 

•Mautin Mobbis, d. Denver, Colo., 

Feb. 22, 1890. 
Ira (Jr. MosuEB. Charlevoix, Mich. 
Charles W. Munn. Joliet, 111. 

Richard Sampson Norval. 

Seward, Neb. 
Theophilus Lincoln Norval. Jus- 
tice of the Supreme Court of Ne- 
braska since Jan., 1890. 

Seward, Neb. 
James Smith Nottingham, a 68-70. 

Pleasant Plains, 111. 
James William CKsden. 

Washington, Ind. 
Walter Horatio Palmer. 

Gainesville, Fla. 
Harvey Pasco. Decatur, 111. 


(Bowdoin) *69, was drowned in 
Lake Huron, about Sept. l", 1873. 

tGusTAvus Demmon Pieboe. 1st 
Lieut. 41st U. S. Col. Inf., 1862-65. 

Enid, Okl. 

Oblando Woodworth Powers. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Erwin Paul Raymond. Toledo, O. 

•Joseph Dease Ronan, d. Monroe, 
Mich., March 19, 1886. 

Sbth B. Rowland. Lawrenceville, 111. 

James Freeman Salsbury. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 

•Theodore LeHuray Schick, d. 
Brownville, Neb., Aug. 9, 1881. 

•flsAAc Casper Seeley, B.S. (Olivet) 
'68, M.S. f ibid. J 71, d. Minneapolis, 
Minn., Oct. 18. 1901. 
•John Welleb Shephebd, d. St. 
Louis, Mo., Oct. 30, 1872. 

tLuTHER Short, B.S. (Indiana) '69. 
U. S. Consul General to Constanti- 
nople, Turkey, 1893-98. 

Franklin. Ind. 

QuTNCY A. Smith. Judge of Probate, 
1885-91. Lansing, Mich. 

Horace Greeley Snover, A.B. '69. 

Port Austin, Mich. 

Edwin Spencer. Ocala, Fla. 

•Frederick Samuel Staff, d. Frank- 
lin, Ind., Feb. 4, 1895. 

tMoRTiMER Hiram Stanford, a 66- 
67. Duluth, Minn. 

Samuel Thomas Stapleton. Judge 
of Criminal Court of Wood Co. 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

•Valentine White Steei.e, d. Ann 
Arbor, June 12, 1874. 




* Milton RHRf.DoiT Htrwabt, d. Santa, 

Barbara, Cal., May 6, 1891. 
TiiKODOBB La Fatette Stipp. Clergy- 
man. RosBville, 111. 
Fbancih Htofflet. Newsdealer. 

Ann Arbor. 

JouN Thomas Strinoeb. Mining and 

loanH. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

f.loiiN Smith Stull. Jud^e of the 

Ut Judicial Dist. of Neb. since 

18U6. Auburn, Neb. 

CiiAKiJCM MiNEB Swallow. 

Danville, 111. 
Clinton Kino Tharf. 

Washington, Ind. 
CiiAULEH Spaldinq Thomas. Gover- 
nor of Colorado, 1809-1901. 

Denver, Colo. 
William Krazier Thomas. 

Sioux City, Iowa. 
*Hamiikl Van Blaroom, d. Omaha, 

Neb., Nov., 1878. 
•Kdwaiuj Tinker Watte, A.B. (Yale) 
•«U. d. Toledo. Ohio, Dec. 23, 1889. 
t William Webster Warner. 

Allegan, Mich. 
tC'AHH Williams. RoohcHter, N. Y. 
(^iiAiiLKs Hascall Wisneb. Judge of 
7th Mich. Circuit since 1894. 

Flint, Mioh. 


(117) Atchison, iCan. 


Oabtolo Baxx. 

•Milton Carlton Barnard, d. Wash- 
ington. D. C. Nov. 21. 1901. 

(^■DRuu Henry Barrvtt. B.S. (Bald- 
win) '70. Cleveland,©. 

William IIknry Barrows. 

IMielan Hldg., San Frandsoo, Cal. 

•Uuuu Wilson Beatty, M.D. (How- 
ard) 'HU, d, Washington, D. 0., 
April 27, 1897. 

Mari'in LiTTiiER Brisker. Lima, O. 


Napa City, Cal. 

•Alvah [Aijinson] Benjamin, A.B. 
(Oberlin) 70, d. Cleveland, O., May 
23. 1898. 

Charijcs Merkley Bice, A.B. (Albert 
Univ.. Ont,) '70. Denver. Colo. 

tWrnxER Dean Bisuopp. A.B. (Hills- 
dale) 71, A.M. (ibid J 74. 

3652 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

* Hiram Powell Blackburn, d. Kan- 
kakee. 111., May 21, 1895. 

James Harrison Blanchard, A3. 
70. Loe Angeles, Oal. 

Jesbus Jabius Bbuicbach. Saperior 
Coort Commissioner. Hwaoo, Wash. 

* James Henry Buchanan, a 70-71, 
d. Moberly, Mo., Jan. 7, 1873. 

fCuBTis Buck. Judge of Probate, 
1890-1900. Ironwood, Mich. 

Charles Henbt Budd. Banker. 
Presidential Elector for Minn, 1900. 

Montevideo, Minn. 

Charles Fbancis Burton, A.B. 70. 

Detroit, Mich. 

*Charles Tatbm Burton, a 70-71, d. 
Burlingame, Kan., Sept. 17, 1881. 

tJosEPH Wilson Caldwell, A.B. 
(Kalamazoo) '66, A.M. {ibid.) '69. 

Allegheny, Pa. 

Clarence Louis Campbell. 

Zachary Taylob Cason. Butte, Mon. 

Jasper Jerome Caulkins. Farmer. 

Naples, N. Y. 

Worth Chamberlain. Canton, N. T. 

tOERRiT Smith Conger. County 
Judge of St. Lawrence Co., N. T., 
1881-97. Gk)uvemeur, N. Y. 

William Lawrence Conley. 

Pabst Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur Corse, a 68-70. Rolla, Mo. 

Qeoroe Whipple Corwin, A.B. (Den- 
ison) 70. Norwalk, O. 

Hale Odin Benedio Cowley. 

Samuel Benjamin Davis. 

Amos Denison. Cleveland, O. 

Benjamin Henry Derby. 

*Charle8 Worman Debr, d. Freder- 
ick, Md., Aug. 9, 1883. 

Crines Hardbnbeboh DuBois. Jour- 
nalist. Minneapolis, Minn. 

* Benjamin Franklin Eason, d. 
Wooster, 0., Aug. 21, 1895. 

*John Alison Edoet, d. Flint, Mich., 
Feb. 10, 1894. 

tJoHN Barb Elam, A.B. (Miami) 70, 
A.M. (ibid,) 73. IndianapoUs, Ind. 

Gbokqe Seeley Enole. 

♦MiLO Ebwin, d. Forrest City, Ark., 
Dec., 1894. 

Lemuel Albert Esteb. 

Enterprise, Ore. 

Silas Stone Fallass. 

67 Clark St., Chicago, HI. 
tCHABLES William Farrand. 

Oalesville, Wis. 

*JoHN Hiram Fedewa, d. St. Johns, 

Mich.. Jan. 27, 1901. 
Elam Fisher. Judge of Common 

Pleas. Eaton, O. 

Warren Washington Fibhdl 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

John Fitch, a 69-70. 




♦Jacob Landis Flickingeb, B.S. (Ot- 

terbein) 70, d. Westerville, O., 

April 7, 1899. 

Thomas Hood Frazeb. Morrison, 111. 

Edward French. Battle Creek, Mich. 

George Gartner. Judge of the 3d 

Mich. Circuit 1888-94. 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Ball Gilbert, A.B. (Will- 
iams) '68, LLJ). {ibid.) '98. U. S. 
Circuit Judge since 1892. 

Portland, Ore. 
♦Robert Mitchell Gray, d. Washing- 
ton, D. C, Aug. 3, 1884. 
Charles Franklin Grow. 

Neillsville, Wis. 
Samuel Uiram Gruber. 

Portland, Ore. 
♦Edward Champlin Hagar, A.B. 
(Northwestern Coll.) '67, A.M.rt6id.; 
72, d. Joliet, 111., Feb. 7, 1902. 
Robert Johnson Haire. 

176 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
James Edward Hazell. Circuit 
Judge, 1900-. California, Mo. 

Henry Marcus Hill, B.S. (Syra- 
cuse) *72. Rochester, N. Y. 
Samuel Whaley Hopkins. 

Mount Pleasant, Mich. 
John Adam Hostetler. 

Canal Dover, O. 
♦Edward Hoverson, d. St. Louis, Mo., 

Nov. 15, 1890. 
William Hoyne. 

♦Newton Jasper Hubbard, d. Hills- 
dale, 111., Jan. 1, 1883. 
fAMOS Grove Ruber. With P. R. R. 
3207 Turner St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
fWiLLiAM Taylor Hughes. 

Denver, Colo. 
Washington Hyde, Ph.B. '70. 

Warren, O. 
Edwin Marshall Irish. Col. 3oth 
Mich. Inf. 1 898. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Oscar Thomas Jannasch. With G. 

R. & I. R. R. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

♦David Augustus Jay, a 68-69, d. 

Jonesboro, Ind., March 23, 1873. 
•John Hamilton Johnston, d. Find- 
lay, Ohio, Dec. 31, 1887. 
William Oscar Keffer. 

Pittsburg, Kan. 
Lucius Knight. Court Stenogra- 
pher. Kansas City, Mo. 
William Robert Lacey. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
Charles Kellogo Latham, A.B. 71. 

Detroit, Mich. 


Warren Lee Livingston. 

Corydon, Iowa. 
♦Daniel Carr Lyle, d. Cedar Springs, 

Mich., Oct. 28, 1898. 
♦Alfred Phineas Lyon, d. Bay City, 

Mich., Nov. 24, 1899. 
Robert Donald McDonald. Banker. 

Danville, 111. 
Donald McIntyre. Cadillac, Mich. 
Arthur Wellesley Madden. 

Wilmington, O. 
Harvey White Maoee. 

Call Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
MiLo Elijah Marsh, B.S. 70. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Charles Eugene Miller. 

Ironwood, Mich. 
♦Luke Salisbury Montague, d. How- 
ell, Mich., Sept. 29, 1895. 
George William Moore. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Stephen Wilson Morris, a 68-69. 
Clerk in U. 8. Pension Office. 

Washington, D. C. 
Robert Edward Murrell. 

Meridian, Tex. 
fFRANCis De Sales Neale. Mechan- 
ical Engineer. 

1209 U St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Alfred Henry Nelson, a 69-70. 

Ogden, Utah. 
Burt C. Newport. Princeton, 111. 


Detroit, Mich. 
Harriet Ada Patton. Ann Arbor. 
John Colvert Pearson. County 
Judge 1884-88. Aberdeen, Wash. 
Henry Southard Pettingill. Or- 
ange grower. Redlands, Cal. 
tJoHN Alfred Pickler, Ph.B. (Univ. 
of Iowa) 70. Major 138th U. S. 
Col. Inf. Repr. from S. Dakota in 
the 51st and three succeeding Con- 
gresses (1889-97). 

Faulkton, S. Dak. 
Othniel Preston. Manufacturer. 

Homellsville, N. Y. 
Samuel Brttton Price, A.B. 70. 

Scranton, Pa. 
George Washington Prichabd. Dist. 
Atty. White Oaks, N. Mex. 

William Ramsey. Proprietor of Ma- 
chine Shop. 
3434 Indiana Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
fARNOTT Chaney Ricketts, A.B. 
(Adrian) 71. Lincoln, Neb. 

James Edward Riddick, A.B. (Ma- 
con Coll.) *68. Justice of Supreme 
Court of Arkansas, 1894-. 

Little Rock, Ark. 




John R. Rowlen. Publisher. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
fBYBON Randolph Russexl. 

Crawford8"ville, Ind. 
•John Lawrence Ryan, d. Marshall, 

lU., June 11, 1877. 
♦William LaFayette Ryan, d. 

Greenup, 111., Feb. 25, 1897. 
Alfred Bates Sager, a 67-69. 
Byron Henry Sawyer. Ithaca, Mich. 
John Herschel Serrels. Bryan, O. 
•John Calhoun Shields, d. Fowler- 

ville, Mich., April 30, 1892. 
Aaron William Sindlinger. 

Denver, Colo. 
William Redwood SMrrn. Justice of 
Supreme Court of Kansas. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Leon Steffler. 

George Marsden Stevens. Master 
in Chancery. 

21 Best Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•Mallory Napoleon Stick:vey, d. La- 
peer, Mich., June 18, 1882. 
Samuel Cary Stimson, A.M. (Wa- 
bash ) '80. Judge of Superior Court 
of Vigo Co., 1897- 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
•David A. Stout, d. Dayton, Ohio, 

April 19, 1875. 
William James Stuart, A.B. *68. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Hiram Buel Swartz, A.B. 72. 

Wooster, O. 
•fMARcus George Barker Swift, d. 

^all River, Mass., Feb. 23, 1902. 
Timothy Edward Tarsney. Repr. 
from Michigan in the 49th and 50th 
Congresses (1885-89). 

Detroit, Mich. 
Merritt Alonzo Thompson. 

Cassopolis, Mich, 
t Alexander Thomson, B.S. '70. 

Clackamas, Ore. 
♦John Gilrert Tucker, d. Welling- 
ton, Kan., June 6, 1877. 
William Shelp Tucker. Real es- 
tate. Pawnee, Okl. 
William Harrison Turner. Retired. 

Lincoln, 111. 
Marshall Henry Underwood. Loans. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

•Jared Antony Van Auken, A.M. 

(Adrian) 74, d. Central City, Colo., 

June 2, 1894. 

Henry Clay Waldron, a 60-61. 

Stockman. Ann Arbor. 

Lewis Walker. Fruit Raiser. 

Ventura, Cal. 

Festus Walters, Ph.B. (Cornell) 
'70. Judge of Common Pleas since 
1895. Circleville, O. 

Darius Clark Warner. 

Detroit, Mich. 

fAuGUSTUs Gordon Weissert. 
107 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

•John Ford Welch, d. Morend, 

. Mich., July 6, 1891. 

Hamilton Kinkaid Wheeler. Repr. 
from Illinois in 53d Cong. ( 1893- 
95). Kankakee, 111. 

John Daugherty White, m 72-73. 
Repr. from Kentucky in the 44th, 
47th, and 48th Congresses ( 1875-77, 
1881-85). 351 5th St., 

Louisville, Ky. 

•Lewis Taylor Williams, was killed 

at Belton, Tex., 1885. 
Henry Clay Wills. Lebanon, Ind. 
•John Quincy Wing, d. Savanna, 111., 

June 17, 1884. 
James Harvey Winters. 

Middlesboro, Ky. 

Willis Wilcox Woodruff. 

Franklin Park, 111. 

Wayland Worth Woodworth. 

210 Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
•Charles Dirrle Wright, d. Los An- 
geles, Cal., 1897. 
Julius William Youche, A.B. (Indi- 
ana) 70, A.M. (ibid.) 73. 

(142) Crown Point, Ind. 


Edwin Fletcher Arhott. 

120 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 
Frederick Herman Achauer. 

Zanesville, O. 

Hiram Allen. 

Alrert Anderson. Lebanon, O. 

Frank Pierce Andrus. 

Almont, Mich. 

Stephen Andrew Armstrong, a 71- 
72. Common Pleas Judge, 1899-. 

Celina, O. 

Aaron D wight Baldwin. Journal- 
ist. 428 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 111. 
Edson Burton Bauder, A.B. (Ohio 
Wesl.) 70, A.M. (ibid.) '80. 

249 Kennard St., Cleveland, O. 
Oscar Cissna Beechler. Bryan, O. 
Arthur Alexis Birney. U. S. Att*y 
for Diet, of Columbia, 1893-97. 

Washington, D. C. 
MiLO Alonzo Boynton. 

Muskegon, Mich. 




John Calvin Broadt. Judge of 8th 
Illinois Circuit since 1807. 

Quincy, 111. 
Dennis John Brown. Merchant. 

North Adams, Mass. 
Qeoboe Wright Buckley, a 69-70. 
Minister and writer. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
VoLNEY Emmet Burke. 
John Habsh Camprell. 
OsoAB James Campbell, A.B. 70. 

Cleveland, O. 
George Wyllis Cass, A.B. (Kenyon) 
100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
tWiLL A. Chamberlin. 
William Halsey Cook. 
Solon David Coon, m 70-71. 

Frankfort, Mich. 
Thomas Jefferson Corkery. 

Toledo, O. 
*Charles Augustus Cornwell, B.S. 
(Hillsdale) '69, M.S. (ibid.) 72, d. 
Peoria, 111., Nov. 3, 1898. 
tEDGAR Alonzo Crane. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
•Andrew Dunn Cruickshank, d. 

Charlevoix, Mich., July 18, 1900. 
James Cruickshank. Montreal, P. Q. 
*James Robert Davis, d. Cincinnati, 

O., Sept. 18, 1886. 
t William Newton Davis. 

Mt. Vernon, Mo. 

Chauncey Bainbridge Dean. County 

Judge, 1877-89. Belvidere, 111. 

John Thomas DeLany. Farming 

and dairying. 

Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 
Peleg Sylvester Dodge. Optician. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
•fMoRGAN Erasmus Dowling, d. De- 
troit, Mich., July 26, 1896. 
•Samuel Howard Doyal, d. Frank- 
fort, Ind., Jan. 18, 1897. 
tHAFTAN Alfred Eokholdt. 

Rochester, Minn. 
John Daniel Evans. 
Orris Wellington Farrar. 

Gaylord, Mich. 
Lemuel Samuel Fawcett, A.B. (Al- 
legheny) 71, A.M. (ibid J 75. 

Houston, Tex. 
Jeremiah Tracy Finnegan. 

Hancock, Mich. 
John James Flannery. 

6936 Yale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
RuFUS Fleming, a 69-71. U. S. Con- 
sul to Edinburgh. Cincinnati, O. 
Thomas Jefferson Frank, a 70-72. 

Urbana, O. 

Alexander M. Funkhouser. 

Osceola, Ark. 
Thomas Howie Gault, A.B. (Mon- 
mouth) 70, A.M. (ibid.) 76. 

108 LaSalle St., Chicago, IlL 
Orson Harris Gillmore. County 
Judge, 1882-90, 1898-. Judge Pen- 
sion Board of Appeals, 1890^96. 

Woodstock, 111. 

Frederick Dennis Grove. 
William Allen Hall. Delaware, O. 
Samuel Hambleton, B.S. (Mount 
Union) 70. Columbus, O. 

John Martin Harris, a 70-71. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Robert Harmon Hazlett. Banker. 

El Dorado, Kan. 

Henry H. Herr. Altoona, Pa. 

*Edward Martin Hoffman, d. San 

Jos6, Cal., June 8, 1880. 
Lawson Carroll Holden. Judge of 
Probate for Saginaw Co., 1885-89. 
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Frank Marr Houts. 
Emma Lucretia Hubbard, A.B. ( Vas- 
sar) '69, A.M. (ibid.) 73. Teacher. 

Holyoke, Mass. 
John Barr Hussey. Bookkeeper. 

1727 Buchanan St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Louis Clair Johnson. 
*Teqard H. Jones, d. Marshall, 111., 

April 23, 1880. 
James Bradford Judson. Real es- 
tate. Lansing, Mich. 
Malcolm Kelly. Judge Common 
Pleas, 1891-97. Sandusky, O. 
William Thomas Ejelsey. County 
Judge of Sauk Co., since 1892. 

Baraboo, Wis. 

Samuel Eden Kemp, A.B. (Otter- 
bein) 70, A.M. (ibidj 73. 

Dayton, O. 
William Russell Kendrick. Cir- 
cuit Judge, 1896-97. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

♦fEuGENE Floyd Lane, d. Butte, 
Mon., Nov. 3, 1898. 

•John Fred Lauman, d. Xenia, O., 
Dec. 21, 1891. 

Gilbert Liddle, a 69-71. Horticul- 
turist. Riverside, Cal. 

LuDO BuRRiLL Little. 

George Washington Mann. 

Duluth. Minn. 

fMARcus Augustine Markham, a 
62-63. 54 Tuscola St., Detroit, Mich. 
Amos Wilson Martin. 

Tacoma Building, Chicago. 111. 




John Alpheus Mebsick. Farmer 
and stockraiser. Forest, Ind. 

William Johnston Mnj.AR. 

lUiopolis, 111. 
Thomas Jefferson Mitchell. 
John Edwabd Moore. Kokomo, Ind. 
Samuel Smith Morehouse. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Henrt Judson Morris. 

68 Montgomery St., 

Jersey City, N. J. 
[Christopher] Columbus Nave, A.B. 
(Indiana) 71. Famer. Attica, Ind. 
tHENRY Augustus Neal. 

Charleston, 111. 
Joseph Thomas O'Neal. 

Louisville, Ky. 
De Forest Paine, a 70-71. 

52 Putnam Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
MiLFORD Clement Palmer. 

Virginia, Minn. 

Labanna Franklin Portser. Car 

repairer. Springfield, Mo. 

Charles Nelson Potter. Justice of 

the Supreme Court of Wyoming, 

1895-97; Chief Justice, 1897-. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 
William Harvey Potts. Mining. 

Apex, Colo. 
James Henry Pound. Detroit, Mich. 
Perry Anthony Randall, A.B. 71. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Susannah Rafer. 
•John Mason Reynolds, d. Belmont, 

Mich., Dec. 6, 1891. 
EncNEZER Wanzer Rider. Manufac- 
turer. Detroit, Mich. 
William Osweld Robinson. 

Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111. 
Alonzo Artemas Rowley. Editor. 

Washington, D. C. 
John Ryan. Druggist. 

Chapel Hill, Ark. 
Eugene Frederick Sawyer. 

Cadillac, Mich. 
♦John Cameron Simonds, d. New 

York, N. Y., July 14, 1896. 
William Nicholson Skinner. 
George Washington Sloan. 

Juneau, Wis. 

•fHiRAM Smith, A.B. (Middlebury) 

*71, d. Cameron, Mo., June 28, 1899. 

Stearns Fisher Smith. Judge of 

35th Mich. Circuit, 1895-. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Wesley Atwill Sperry. 

Owatonna, Minn. 
Albert Clark Steck. 

Ottumwa, Iowa. 
George Monboe Stebce. 

Alonzo Scott Stephens. 

1198 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Lansing Stone, a 70-71. 
Judge of Probate, 1897-1901. 

Baraga, Mich. 
Hiram Arthur Sturges. Omaha, Neb. 
Edward Blake Sumner, B.S. 71. 

Rockford, 111. 
James Ten Eyck, A.B. (Hope) 71, 
A.M. (ibid.) 74. Fairview, 111. 

James Finley Thomas. Business. 

O'Fallon, 111. 
Charles Edward Thornton. 

LaGrange, 111. 
•fCHARLES Kino Turner, Ph.B. 72. 
Lucius Don Turner. Belleville, 111. 
Eli Bacon Vincent. Farmer. 

Waterford, O. 
John Graves Waples, B.S. (Univ. of 
Mo.) '69. Wholesale Grocer. 

Denison, Tex. 
James Franklin Ware, B.S. (Law- 
rence) 71. West Superior, Wis. 
William Hunter Washington. At- 
t'y General of Nashville Dist. 1878- 
96. Nashville, Tenn. 

John Cicero Watson. Prof, of Law 
in Univ. of Neb. since 1892. 

Nebraska City, Neb. 
Thomas Addis Emmet Weadock. 
Repr. from Michigan in the 52d 
and 53d Congresses (1891-95). 

Detroit, Mich. 
Joseph Heck Wendell. 

Buffalo, Minn. 
Isaac Chamders Wheeler. 

Manton, Mich. 
Charles Rudolphus Whitman, A.B. 
70. Chicago, 111. 

tRoBERT Baxter Windham. 

Plattsmouth, Neb. 
fCHARLES Gordon Wing, Ph.B. 70. 

Ludington, Mich. 
Jacob Polk Winstead, B.S. (Miami) 
'69. Judge of Probate, 1891-97. 

Circleville, O. 

Charles Marius Woodruff, a 69-70. 

191 Canton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

James Nicholas Young. Railway 


10652 Prospect Ave., Chicago, HI. 


Charles Asaph Allen. 

Hoopeston, 111. 

* Willis Blair Allen, B.S. (Hills- 
dale Coll.) 72, d. Longmont, Colo., 
May 8, 1875. 




James Wallace Allison. Erie, Pa. 

Walter Mask Appleby. 

Ltman James Basejn. 

Starkey, N. Y. 

John Lutheb Beyan, A.B. (Brown) 
72. Atlanta, 111. 

John William Bleb. Lawyer and 
Banker. Sandwich, 111. 

Charles Henrt Brady. Farmer and 
stockman. Waldo, Kan. 

*Thomas Maxwell Brady, d. Bed- 
ford, Mich., Oct. 7, 1898. 

Samuel L. Brigham. 

West Bay City, Mich. 

AuiiON Clarence Brown. 

Frank Buchanan. Probate Judge, 
1890-94. El Paso, Tex. 

Clarence Monroe Burton, B.S. 73. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Gboroe Abraham Byrd. 

Lemcke Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Qranger Canfield. 

1952 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Randall Cassem. Aurora, 111. 

William Henry Castle. 

St. Johns, Mich. 

Franklin Baldwin Clark. 

55 W. Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Stephen Leland Clark. 

Youngstown, O. 

Frank Edward Cleveland. Secr*y 
of State Board of Education for the 
Blind. Hartford, Conn. 

Lowell Colburn. 

Richard Tydinos Colston. 

Louisville, Ky. 

tPEFER Napoleon Cook. Capt. 10th 
Mich. Cav. 1863; Mai. 1865. (See 
Regents, p. 5.) Corunna Mich. 

George E. Coryell. Mining. 

Whitehall, Mon. 

Clarence Curtain. Cirdeville, O. 

Samuel EvERinrr Custer. 

*James Buchanan Denworth, d. 
Santiago de Cuba, Oct. 9, 1898. 

•Howard Douglass, d. High Forest, 
Minn., Dec. 5, 1876. 

James Story Drake. Gk)shen, Ind. 

tSoLOMON Draper, A.B. (Shurtleflf) 
72. Niobrara, Neb. 

James Trask Eaman. 

Moses Branson Earnhart, A.B. (Mi- 
ami) *72. Columbus, O. 


Youngstown, O. 
Henry Egbert Eldridoe. 

Gainesville, Tex. 
Thomas Emmett Ellison. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Daniel Burtis English. 

1304 Chapel St., Cincinnati, O. 
Alonzo Asher Exline. 

59 Clark St., Chicago, lU. 
Adelbert Canedy Fanning. Judge 
42d Judicial Dist. of Pa. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Thomas Shoales I^rouson. 
Irving Raphael Fisher. P. O. In- 
spector. Denison, Tex. 
John Franklin Flower. 
Chase Fowler. Ottawa, 111. 
Griffith Henry Francis. Judge of 
Probate. West Bay City, Mich. 
John Milton Fraze, A.B. (Mt. 
Union) 71. Rushville, Ind. 
John Thacker Gardner. 

Clay City, Ind. 
Charles Burton Gates. Lumber 
merchant. Worcester, Mass. 

Robert Clark Glassco. Manufac- 
turer. Anderson, Ind. 
Edward Septimus Grece. 

684 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Charles William Griffin. 

Sheridan, Ind. 
John Wesley Group. 
Edward D Haines. Muskegon, Mich. 
James Henry Hall. 

Port Austin, Mich. 
Joseph Harold Harper. 
Nils Pederson Haugen. Repr. from 
Wisconsin in the 50th and three 
succeeding Congresses (1887-95). 

River Falls, Wis. 


Chicago, 111. 
•Frank Chase HiLDRETH,d. Wheeling, 

W. Va., Sept. 22, 1895. 
Robert Strong Hill. 

4243 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Robert Daniel Willis Holder. Mas- 
ter in Chancery. Belleville, 111. 
Thomas Howard Hoyt. 

Merrimac, Mass. 

Del C. Huntoon. 

Charles Ezra Lovett. Real estate 

broker. Duluth, Minn. 

•fWoLFRED Nelson Low, d. Chicago, 

111., Jan. 28, 1895. 
John Edwin Lydeoker. 

Kingman, Kan. 

John McBride. Bookkeeper. 

Austin, 111. 

fPATRiCK Hamilton McBride. 

Holland, Mich. 

fALFRED Elliott McDonald. Ranch- 
man. Mold, Wash. 




•Edward Louis McDonaij), B.S. (Il- 
linois Coll.) 71, d. Jacksonville, 
111., Feb. 2, 1894. 

Thomas Bybon McGee. Judge of 
Probate. Kingfisher, Okl. 

*TuoMAs Fbanois MoK£NNA,d.Cafion 
City, Colo., Dec. 21, 1874. 


(Princeton) 72, A.M. {ibid.) 75, 
Ph.D. (N. Y. Univ.) '91. Princ. of 
Public School No. 18. 

17 W. 119th St., New York, N. Y. 
Joseph William Mabtin. 
KoBEBT Wilson Maxwell. Farmer 
and stockbreeder. 

Northville, S. Dak. 
Francis DeWitt Mebkitt. 

La Grange, Ind. 
•Willis Mebbitt, d. Tecumseh, Alich., 

Sept. 8, 1883. 
John Thomas Miohau. Writer. 

St. Joseph, Mo. 
Joseph Dicket Melleb. Franklin, O. 
Louis Edward Mobbis. 

Manistee, Mich. 
tJoHN Gillham Mobbison, B.S. (Il- 
linois Coll.) '67. Lincoln, Neb. 
Chables Wellabd Mubpht. 

Cirdeville, O. 
fCoLosTiN DeKalb Myers. Judge of 
Circuit Court. Bloomington, 111. 
HE31BEBT Mitchell Nobbis. 

Bessemer, Mich. 
♦Philip O'Fabbell, d. Leadville, 

Colo., July 3, 1899. 
Alfbed Paffenbaboeb. 

Portland, Ore. 
♦Fbank Martin Pfister, d. San Jos6, 

Cal., Jan. 26, 1890. 
Samuel Morse Porter. Caney, Kan. 
Simeon Taylor Price. 
4238 Westminster PI., St. Louis, Mo. 
Stephen Pbiest, a 68-70. 

Washington, D. C. 
James London Pugh. Somerset, Pa. 
Eugene Randall. Sandwich, 111. 

tSEin CooK Randall, a 68-70. 

Ann Arbor. 
DwiGHT Cabveb Rexfobd, A.B. '72. 

Detroit, Mich. 
♦John D Rice, d. Mapleton, Iowa, 

Dec. 4, 1890. 
Dana Belknap Richabdson. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Thomas Fbanklin krrcHEY. 

Tionesta, Pa. 
♦Richard Madison Robinson, d. 

Crystal Falls, Tex., Jan. 30, 1879. 
Dennis Lucretius Rogers. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Ephraim Edward Russell. 

Welshfield, O. 

Henby Custis Sellbok. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Benjamin Fbanklin Shankland. 
Publisher. Pontiac, UL 

George W. Shabp. Millersbur^, O. 

Geoboe Shibts. Noblesville, Ind. 

BuBNETT Milton Shobt, B.S. (Indi- 
ana) '73. Ogden, Utah 

Jane Mabia Slocum. Lecturer and 
teacher. Weiser, Idaho. 

♦David Wabben Staib, d. North Ya- 
kima, Wash., April, 1895. 

Maby Phcebe Stockbbidoe. "* 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Gbobge Styles. Union City, Mich. 

Edwin Fobbest Sweet, A.B. (Yale) 
'71. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

♦Thomas Albebt Taylob, d. Kansas 
City, Mo., June 27, 1882. 

Albert O. Terby. St. Louis, Mo. 

Ransom James Thaokeb, a 69-70. 

Houston, Tex. 

♦Geoboe Fbancis Tinoheb, d. Los An- 
geles, Cal., Sept. 23. 1894. 

Geobge Philemon Voobheis, A.B. 
72. Toledo, O. 

Cybus Packard Walbridge. Mayor 
of St. Louis, 1893-97. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

James Wilkeson Warrick. 

Albert Wassell. Manufacturer. 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Isaac Nathaniel Wattles. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

fJoHN Horace Greeley Weaves, B.S. 
(Hillsdale) 72, M.S. {ibid,) '76. 

Eurdca, Cal. 

Wallace Rowell White, A.B. (Bow- 
doin) 71. Ogden, Utah. 

♦Burton Carpenter Whitfobd, d. 
Ottawa, Kan., Aug. 17, 1876. 

Oscar Sidney Wiley. 

Little River, Kan. 

James Henry Wilkinson. Carpen- 
ter and builder. Rapid City, S. Dak. 

NoRRis Babzillai Wilkinson. Ist 
Lieut. 6th Mo. Inf. 1898. 

Willow Springs, Mo. 

Edward Winslow Wiujams. Manu- 
facturer. Winona, Minn. 

Manford E WnjJAMS. El Paso, Tex. 

Henry Mabtin Wiltse. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

tELiSHA B Wood, A.B. (Ridgeville 
Coll.) 72, A.M. (ibid.) 76. 

Long Prairie, Minn. 
LeGband Young. 

( 127 ) Salt Lake aty, Utoh. 





Nathan James Aldbich. Aurora, 111. 
Thebon Wilson Atwood. Caro, Mich. 
•Frank Lawton Axtell, A.B. *74. 
Edwin Ibvino Ayer, A.B. '72. 

Manistee, Mich. 
*Charl£S Fbedebick Baird, d. Ma- 
rine City, Mich., Oct. 24, 1880. 
♦Samuel Pttoheb Babstow, a 70-71, 

d. Detroit, Mich., Dec, 1877. 
RoGEBS Wilson Bebbt. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
•Mybon Edgab Bishop, d. Ithaca, N. 

Y., April 9, 1879. 
Edwabd Peter Blickensdebfeu. 

101 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Andbew Hobacb Bowman. 
William Thomas Bbooks. Banker. 

Huntsville, Ark. 
Andbew Jebome Bbown. 

Newton, Kan. 
James Perry Webtz Bbown, a 72-73, 
A.B. (Oberlin) 75. 

48 Walnut St., Chicago, 111. 
♦CoBNELius Maquibe Buboess, B.S. 
(Missouri) '71, was killed at Hen- 
rietta, Tex., May 20, 1883. 
•Berthemus Mabcellus Cade, d. 

Pomeroy, Ohio, April, 1882. 
John Pobteb Camebon. Defiance, O. 
Isaac Pennington Campbell. 

Wichita, Kan. 
Lucius Junia Capps. Hastings, Neb. 
Geobge Washington Chalender. 
Music teacher. Buda, 111. 

♦Byron William Cheever, A.B. '63. 
Charles Carroll Cheney. 

Plaistow, N. H. 
John Bertrand Claybero. (See Fac- 
ulties, p. 17.) Helena, Mon. 
♦Joseph Clinton Coffman, d. Okla- 
homa Territory, about 1895. 
Charles Ogden Coleman, A.M. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '73. County Judge since 
1880. Florence, Wis. 
Rauseldon Cooper, B.S. (Lombard) 
'69. County Judge since 1890. 

Oquawka, 111. 
Griffin Covey. Rogers City, lifich. 
Isaac B. Craig. In Illinois Legisla- 
ture, 1889-99. Mattoon, 111. 
George Johnson Cummins. Prose- 
cuting Attorney. Harrison, Mich. 
Charles Henry Dane, A.B. '73. 

Tx)n^ Beach, Cal. 

Isaac Delano, A.B. (Yale) *68, A.M. 

(ibid.) '67. Saginaw, Mich. 

•William Edgar Depew, a 71-73, d. 

Harrisville, Mich., Sept. 21, 1898. 

Wallace Barton Douglas. Att'y 
Gen. of Minn. Moorhead, Minn. 

David Eldls Dozer. Defiance, O 

Robert Emmet Dunn. Gallipolis, o' 

Joel Milo Eaton. Charlevouc, Mich. 

John Homer Eckles. Harlan, Ind. 

Lewis Mitchell Estabrook. 

Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Henry Brown Fallass. 

.„ Grand Rapids, Mich. 

♦Harry H Francis, d. Michigan Citv. 
Ind., Sept. 15, 1891. 

Eugene Koelbing Frueauff. Jour- 
nalist. Ann Arbor. 

John Galloway. Detroit, Mich. 

Cromwell Galpin. 

Edward R. Gelday. Monroe, Mich. 

William Barnes Given. 

Columbia, Pa. 
Clark Hough Gleason, Ph.B. 73. 

Grand Rapids, Mich, 
t James Riley Goss. Billings, Mon. 
John Conlon Greening. 

Wheeler, Ind. 

Abbaham Gbidley, B.S. (Cornell) 

'73. Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Levi DeGraff Groom, B.S. (Knox) 

'69. Fire Insurance. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Senega Haselton, A.B. (Univ. of 

Vt.) '71, A.M. {ibid,) 74. (See 

Faculties, p. 22.) Burlington, Vt. 

Sinclair Johnson Hatfield. 

Sidney, O. 
William Miles Hawkins. 

Potsdam, N. Y. 
Wayne Hayman, A.B. 73. 

Denver, Colo. 
Frank Herald. Kansas City, Kan. 
Ernest Clarence Herrick. 

Cherokee, Iowa. 

William J. Hill. 

•Edwin Craig Howe, d. Little Rock, 
Ark., Dec. 19, 1878. 

Charles Patrick Huey. Editor of 
The Sentinel Hoopeston, 111. 

Isaiah Hunsberger. 

Columbus, S. Dak. 

Alexander Thomas Hurst. 

410 3d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

George King Ingham. Clinton, 111. 

•Philip Augustus Inglesby, d. Rog- 
ers City, Mich., June 19, 1900. 

James Oscab Jeffreys. 

Joel Bradford Jennings. 

Moravia, N. Y. 

Edward Mead Johnson. 

Ephraim Morgan Jones. 

•Swan Judy, d. Greenville, O., Feb. 
16, 1892. 




Edward James Kennabd. 

102 E. Lexington St., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Alvin Withbow Kumleb. Dayton, O. 
•Robert Laidlaw, d. Detroit, Mich., 

June 6, 1801. 
William Henby Leas. Waterloo, Ind. 
fKoswELL Leavitt. Mich. State Sen- 
ate, 1889-91. Bellaire, Mich. 
Andbew Tatlob Lewis. 

Portland, Ore. 
Hood Pbatt Loveland. Peru, ind. 
♦John William McGindley, d. St. 

Joseph, Mo., Feb. 22, 1878. 
Albert Maldon Mackebley, A.B. 
(Miami) 71, A.M. (iWd.) '86. 

Greenfield, O. 
Lesteb McLean, B.S. '72. 

Denver, Ck)lo. 
Anthony Dyeb Mabshall, a 68-70. 

Gaylord, Mich. 
Ellen Annette Mabtin. 

84 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
William Payson Meixen. 

El Paso, Tex. 


Fargo, N. Dak. 
James Beatty Muib. 

Merchants Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Louis Kossuth Myebs. Grain. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
John Seaman Nelson. 
•John Cbane Obb, d. Columbus, Ind., 

April 27, 1893. 
Theobald Otjen. Repr. from Wis- 
consin in the 54th and three suc- 
ceeding Congresses ( 1895- ) . 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Jame8 Albebt Outland, d. Dan- 
ville, 111., Iklarch 5, 1881. 
William Carroll Outten. 

Decatur, 111. 
Peteb Neily Pagkabd. 

Gardnerville, Nev. 
Charles James Pailthorp. Judge 
33d Michigan Circuit, 1891 -94. 

Petoskey, Mich. 
Lowell Holden Pabkeb. Banker. 

Beloit, Wis. 
John William Pabks. State Sena- 
tor. Plymouth, Ind. 
Aaron Perry, B.S. 70. Detroit, Mich. 
•Mary Fredbrika Perry, d. Lom- 
bard, 111., June 3, 1883. 
Mark Wabd Phelps, a 71-73. 

Ravenna, O. 
•George Edgab Putnam, d. Fitch- 
burg, Mass., April 23, 1892. 
John Chables Rabaut. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Daniel Kei.t.eb Ramey. 

Fbank Henby Reshobe. Florist. 

Dowagiac, Mich. 
Geobge Haywood Reynolds. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
Elisha J. Richmond. Manistee, Mich. 
•William Abthub Rose, d. De Land, 

Fla., Feb. 5, 1879. 
Geobge Carlos Ross, B.S. (Illinois 
Coll.) 73. Belmont, Cal. 

Elbebt Wabben Rossman. 

Chatfield, Minn. 
Henry Russell,A.B.73. Detroit, Mich. 
Alexander Sampson. Galveston, Tex. 
Clark Bates Samson, a 69-71. 

Metropolitan Blk., Chicago, 111. 
Pebley KniouBN Scott. 
Thomas Francis Shields. 

San Antonio, Tex. 

Barton Smith, B.S. 72, Toledo, 0. 

George Wiqhtman Smith, B.S. 
(Hillsdale) 74, M.S. (ibid.) 77. 
Judge of 6th Michigan Circuit 
.since 1896. Pontiac, Mich. 

Horace Lee Smith, A.B. (Wooster) 

72. Judge of Conmion Pleas, 1889- 
99. Xenia, 0. 

John Henry Smith. Insurance and 
Mining. San Francisco, Cal. 


301 Claremont Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Zera L. Snow. Portland, Ore. 

Job South, A.B. (Waynesburg Coll.) 

George Harvey Southworth. 

Marshall, Mich.. 

Frank Vance Sowles. Lumber. 

212 Pikes Blvd., Cincinnati, O. 
Charles Anderson Manly Spencer. 

Grafton, N. Dak. 
•John Wesley Stanley, d. Sumner, 

111., July 15, 1895. 
Gilbert Montague Stabk. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

William Richabd Starr. 

Charles Cummings Stewart, A.B. 

73. Detroit, Mich. 
•Henry Clark Stewart, A.B. ( Illinois 

Coll.) 73, d. Jacksonville, 111., Jan- 
uary 7, 1877. 

Habry John Stimpson. 

William Rush Taooart, A.B. (Woos- 
ter), 71, A.M. (ibidj 74. 

195 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

•Chables Augustus Tebhune, MJ). 

Abthub Rollin Tripp. In Mich. 
Legislature. 1891-95. Pontiac, Mich. 
•Dean Merrill Tyler, M.D. '69. 




William Henby Utt. 

Stock Exchange Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Qbdbge Milton Valentine. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Arend Vissoheb, A.B. (Hope) *72, 

A.M. (ihidj 75. Holland, Mich. 

Qeobge Peter Lewis Wenzell, a 70- 

Leboy Hibbard White. Real estate. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Eugene Q. Willison. Massillon, O. 
Eugene B. Woodruff, A.B. 73. 

(136) Glenwood, Iowa. 


George Sidney Aldrich. 

*Ernest Lanorishe Allen, d. New 

York, N. Y., June 1, 1898. 
Thomas Martin Allen. Banker. 

Cassville, Mo. 
Lemuel True Atwood. 
Ezra Castle Barnum. 

Petoskey, Mich. 


Tremont City, O. 
John Wesley Baxter. Auburn, Ind. 
Robebt Allyn Bill. 

Carrington, N. Dak. 
James Little Blaine. 

London, England. 
Chables Bluim. 

Egfobd Bly. De Land, Fla. 

Joel Christopher Booth. 
William Thomas Bofe. 

Bad Axe, Mich. 
David Locke Boynton, a 72-74. 

Denison, Iowa. 

Thomas Ira Briscoe, B.S. (McKen- 
dree) 73. County Judge 1896-99. 

Buena Vista, Colo. 

Cyrus Angell Bryant. 

Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

George Henry Buckman. 

Winfield, Kan. 

William Harvey Burchabd. Grain 
and hay. Grant Park, 111. 

John Lansing Burleigh. 

26 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tCHARLES William Bxtbnham. Ranch- 
man. Steamboat Springs, Colo. 

Fbank Buttebfield. De Witt, Iowa. 

Robert Stuart Campbell. 


Wesl.) 76, A.M. (ibid. J 79. Prof. 
West. Res. Univ. Law School. 

Cleveland, O. 
Francis Wilfred Chase. 

Lafayette, Ind. 

John H. Chase, A.B. (Olivet) 74, 
A.M. (ihidj 77. Lansing, Mich. 
Thom^vs Abbott Cheshire. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
*Dallas M. Clapsaddle, d. Huron, 8. 

Dak., June 24, 1888. 
Aaron Clark, m 70-71. Banker. 

Middleville, Mioh. 

Gilbert Marsh Cleveland. (IJounty 

Judge, 1881-83; Citv Atty., 1896-. 

Hot Springs, S. Dak. 
Lyman Bates Coe. 

192 Van Buren St., Chicago, 111. 
Fbank Habvey Colbath. Holt, Mich. 
Edwabd Fenton Colbobn. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
William Seymour Coman, a 73-74. 

234 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Washington L Cooper. 

Burlington, Iowa. 
* William Henry Harrison Cooper, 

d. Gaylord, Mich., Feb. 1, 1897. 
*JuDS0N Clement Cornwell, d. Ann 

Arbor, May 19, 1886. 
Powel Crosley. Cincinnati, O. 

William Henry Daniels. 

Denver, Colo. 
Michael Devereaux. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich, 
t Joseph Leonard Dobbin. 

Temple Court, Minneapolis, Minn. 
WnjBUB i<*iSK Dbuby. 

Hamline, Minn. 
James Fbanklin Duff. 

Princeton, Mo. 
Jacob Piatt Dunn, B.S. (Earlham) 
74, M.S. (ihidJ *86. Author. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Henby Fbanklin Dusing, A.B. (Ol- 
ivet) 73. San Jos6, Cal. 
Mabtin Lutheb Easterday. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Addison Joseph Edgerton, B.S. 71. 

Missoula, Mon. 
Chables Edward Emanuel. 

Auburn, Ind. 

Franklin Sheldon Foote. 
Mary Elizabeth Foster. 

35 Fayette St., Watertown, Mass. 
William Albert Eraser, a 64-66. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Charles Louis Frederick. 

Duluth, Minn. 

William Wallace Fry. Mexico, Mo. 
Charles Augustus Golden. 

Monroe, Mich. 

Benjamin Gore. Judge of Probate 
since 1897. Lamed, Kan 




James Sedgwick Gorman. Repr. 
from Mchigan in the 52d and 53d 
Congresses (1801-95). 

Chelsea, Mich. 
fAMANDUS Newton Grant, A.B. (De 
Pauw) 74. Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Franklin Griffin. 

Old Frame, Pa. 
Lorenzo Dow Haoerty. Probate 
Judge 1891-97. Columbus, O. 

•Joseph Milton Hance, d. Coving- 
ton, Ky., Nov. 10, 1878. 
James Louis Hannett. County 
Judge, 1891-93. Mitchell, S. Dak. 
Benjamin Franklin Harness. 

Kokomo, Ind. 
George Leonard Harnsberoer. Civil 
engineer. Spyngfield^J^ll. 

Ariel Charles Harris. titUJ'^ 
Samuel Joseph Hats. Bremen] Ind. 
Addison Stehman Hershey. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Harry Holland Hill. 

Union Depot, St. Paul, Minn. 
Joseph Foreman Hobbs. 

Nome, Alaska. 

Charles Clark Hopkins. Clerk of 

the Supreme Court of Michigan 

since 1882. Lansing, Mich. 

Frank Marion Hubbard. 

Frederick Arthur Hunt. 

Detroit, AGch. 
Frank Wilse Ingessoll. 

Denver, Colo. 
Frank M. Ish. 
Albert Poole Jacobs, A.B. 73. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Sherman Jennings. Sheriff. 

San Di^o, Cal. 

Walter Denney Jones. 

William Edward Jones. General 

Claim Agent of the Missouri Pacific 

Railway. St. Louis, Mo. 

Milton Fhxmore Jordan. 

Middleville, Mich. 

*£uGENE Merrill Joslin, d. Saginaw, 
Mich., April 5, 1898. 

•Charles Abbott K^iler, d. Cincin- 
nati, O., Nov. 23, 1887. 

Konald Kelly. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Llewellyn Kennedy, a 69- 
70, 71-72. Toledo, O. 

Lewis Henry Kent. Omaha, Neb. 

Moses Pierce ICinkaid. Judge of the 
12th District of Neb. 1887-1900. 

O'Neill, Neb. 

Johannes Kopelke. Presidential 
Elector, 1884; State Senator, 1890- 
94. Crown Point, Ind. 

*James R Laing, B.S. '80. 

*Louid Hanes Landon, d. Kankakee, 

111., May 29, 1896. 
Harry Kichard Lewis. 
Nicholas Thompson Lindsay. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Joseph Juuus Lloyd. 

Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 
Albert McCall. Port Huron, Mich. 
Aden Marsh McConoughey, A.B. 
(Oberlin) 74, A.M. (ibid,) '88. 

Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Samuel Patterson McDivitt. Re- 
tired banker. Asheville, N. C. 
Michael McHugh. Saginaw, Mich. 
Fred Augustus Maynard, A.B. 74. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Frank Edward Mead. Lima, O. 

Eneshia Meebs. Joliet, 111. 

Charles Mobtimeb MmtPTTT. Pro- 
bate Judge since 1893. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
Charles Austin Mbsbiman. 

Alamosa, Colo. 
Jambs Gardner Miller. 

Newberry Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Samuel Moyeb Mnj.ER, Hardware. 

Rossville, ni. 
•John Orlando Moffatt, d. Traverse 

City, Mich., Jan. 24, 1879. 
John Alexander Moninoer, B.S. 
(Bethany) 73. Kansas City, Mo. 
Benjamin Franklin Montgomery, 
B.S. (Waynesburg) 74. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
John Elliott More, A.B. (Cornell) 
71. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

RxTFUs Belmont Myers. 

Oakland, Cal. 
Jason Earl Nichols. Lansing, Mich. 
John Edward Nolan. Saginaw, Ifich. 
Russell Cowles Ostrander. 

Lansing, Mich. 

•Augustus Alfred Parkinson, B.S. 

(McKendrce) 74, d. Highland, 111., 

May 18, 1884. 

Wilbur Russell Pearcb. Flora, HI. 

Livingstone Babcock Peasleb. 

Defiance, O. 
John Nicholas Perrin. Lecturer. 

Lebanon, HI. 
James Edwin Phillips. 
John Albert Phillips. 

Dunlap, Iowa. 
George Watt Poland. Urbana, O. 
Edward Wayland Porter, B.S. (Hills- 
dale) 75, M.S. (ibid.) 78. 

Bay City, Mich. 
John Qoats worth Post. 

Holland, Mich. 




AuRED BixfiT QuiNTON. Probate 

Judge 1887-91. Topeka, Kan. 

•John Rufus Ran key, d. Cleveland, 

0., June 4, 1901. 
George Milton Reid. 
Leonard Charles Reynolds. 
*James Melville Rioketts, d. Salt 

Lake City, Utah, May 20, 1901. 
John Ferdinand Rodabaugh. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
William Henrt Russell. 

Owego, N. Y. 
Gamaliel Cyrus St. John. Prcs. 
N. Y. Steam Co. 

201 W. inth St., New York, N. Y. 
George Wallace Salmans. 

Danville. 111. 
John Henby Schneider. 

Cleveland, O. 
•Robert Albert Scott, d. Bryan, O., 

Sept. 5, 1886. 
Linus Homer Seaver, B.S. (Lavr- 
rence Univ.) '75. Ellsworth, Kan. 
Charles Clinton Selfbidoe. 

Cleveland, O. 
Oscar Melvin Seward. 

Winfield, Kan. 

James Frazer Seybolt, B.S. (Cornell 

Univ.) 73. Huguenot, N. Y. 

Eugene Siebert, A.M. (Notre Dame) 

Mazzini Slusser. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Dix Wilberfobce Smith. 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Peter Oman Sproul. Printer. 

De Land, Fla. 

Marion Steele. 

•Abraham Tausio, d. Harrisburg, 

Pa., Sept. 13, 1883. 
John Martin Taylor. 

Pine BluiT, Ark. 

Jonathan Gibson Taylor. 

Pine Bluff, Ark. 

•Charles Edwin Thomas, d. San Di- 
ego, Cal., Nov. 2, 1886. 

William Wallace Thomas. Secr*y 
Black Hills Copper Co. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Wheeler Thornton. Au- 
thor. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Frank Albert Tioknor. 

Rockford, 111. 

Clarence Tinker. Fenton, Mich. 

•William Harrison Tulleb, d. Lan- 
sing, Mich., July 2, 1897. 

Nathan Enoch Utt. 

108 La Salle St,. Chicago, 111. 

Jerome L. Vanderwerker. 

•Robert Henry Vickebs, d. Cliicago, 

111., April 3, 1897. 
Louis Fkancis Wade. Baker Wandelohr. 

Sherman, Tex. 

Frank Wellington Waring. Secr'y 

Board of Trade. Detroit, Mich. 

James Willard Watts. Dixon, 111. 

James Amos Willoughby, B.S. (Mc- 

Kendree) 74. Publisher. 

Belleville, 111. 
Emmet Wakeman Wilson. Judge 
of Superior Court. Eureka, Cal. 
Justice Appleton Wilson. Journal- 
ist. 578 Fullerton Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Theodore Winningham, A.B. (Trin- 
ity, N. C. ) 73. Kansas City, Mo. 
•Edward William Withey, A.B. 74. 
Arthur Woodcock. 

1318 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


Morris Abeles. El Dorado, Kan. 

Truman Edson Ames. County Judge 

1887-97; Circuit Judge since 1897. 

Shelbyville, 111. 
Oscar Edward Anostman, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) 75. Detroit, Mich. 

John Henry Baker. Sullivan, 111. 
Frank Augustus Baldwin. Manu- 
facturer. Grand Kapids, Mich. 
Alton William Bennett. Fire In- 
surance. Big Rapids, Mich. 
James Winch Bucklin. 

Grand Junction, Colo. 
Thomas Bernard Buckner, B.S. 
(Westminster) 75. Presidential 
Elector, 1896. Kansas City, Mo. 
Albert Burgess, a 74-75. 
Otto Charles Butz. Winnetka, 111. 
Silas Horatio Callender. 

Harvard, 111. 
FitANCis Griosby Carpenter. 

Washington C. H., O. 
James Wellington Carr. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Edwin Thomas Cass. 

Whitewater, Wis. 
*Ira Wallace Castle, d. Stillwater, 

Minn., Sept. 30, 1888. 
George Warren Chamberlin. Supt. 
of Continental Commercial Agency. 
7850 Bond Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Asbury Chase. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
William Tucker Coad. Pres. Fed- 
eral R. R. Co. Rapid City, S. Dak. 
Alfred James Coates. 

Bolivar, Tenn. 




Charles Loins Ck)LyiN. 

Oakland, Gal. 

*JoHiT Ck)NNOB, d. Iosco, Mich., Feb. 
13, 1881. 

Thomas C. Conbad. 

Chables Wilkins Cox. 

Conwav, Ark. 

John William Cbevelino, A.B. (La- 
fayette) *75. BloomsbuiT, N. J. 

*Thomas Kalph Crisup, d. I>etroit, 
Mich., Nov. 30, 1895. 

Adelbebt Culyer. Albion, Mich. 

William Tsxl DeBann. 

Charles Nunit Dolson. Areola, 111. 

•Melville Cox Ebbioht, d. Ashland, 
O., April 13, 1879. 

James Clabenoe Ellis. Pratt, Kan. 

Abnold William Esohenbubo. 

172 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

William Henbt Faibchild. 

Fairfield, Vt. 

Fbank Levi Fales. Bay City, Mich. 

Stephen Olin Foster. Turin, N. Y. 

Lucius William Fbazeb. 

176 W. High St., Detroit, Mich. 

Isaac Andrew Gilbebt. 

Bay City, Mich. 

William Dennis Gilbert, A.B. 
( Kan. Agr.CoU. ) '74. Atchison, Kan. 

Charles Pierce Gilchrist, A.B. '75. 

Cleveland, O. 

Daniel Viroil Gore. Carlisle, Ky. 

Edward Alonzo Gott, Ph.B. 76. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Darwin C Griffen. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Gerald Griffin. San Antonio, Tex. 

Hugh DeLos Griosbt. Pittsfield, 111. 

Matthew Franklin Guinon. Prose- 
cuting Atty. Petoskey, Mich. 

Franklin Dabius Hale. State Audi- 
tor of Vermont, 1892-98. 

Lunenburg, Vt. 

William Irving Hamilton. 

William Henry Harris. 

Whitman Tanner Hines. 

William Theophilus Hodson. Coun- 
ty Judge since 1887. Galena, 111. 

Charles Riplet Hopson. Elgin, 111. 

•Robert Hovenden, A.B. (Oberlin) 
'67, A.M. (ibid J '60, d. East Tawas, 
Mich., Feb. 17, 1899. 

David Darwin Hughes. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*Lucius Daniel Johnson, d. Lan- 
sing, Mich., Feb. 25, 1891. 

Francis Everett Jones. Ann Arbor. 

•William Scott Judy, d. Tallula, HI., 
Dec. 16, 1893. 

Francis Marion Landram. livery- 
man. Rising Sun, Ind. 

Frank A. Larzet.erb. Quincy, Mich. 
Mtron Chatham Lingle. Insurance. 

Lock Haven, Pa. 
Richard Lewis McDougal. 

Maryville, Mo. 
Cassius Dixon MgEwen, a 73-74. 

Escanaba, Mich. 
Joseph James McKee. Officer Illi- 
nois State Reformatory. 

Lebanon, 111. 
•Francis Rush McEjsnnon, d. Guth- 
rie, Okl., Jan. 6, 1893. 
Ellzlt William Loren McLaugh- 
John Andrew McMahon. 

Florence, Ore. 

Donald McPherson, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '74, LL.M. (National 

Univ.) '86. 1102 N. Y. Ave., N. W. 

Washington, D. C. 
•Medart Dale Mann, d. Los Gratoe, 

Cal., March 6, 1892. 
Nathan Abu ah Mann. Timber mer- 
chant. Annapolis, Md. 
Ralph Nobris Marble. 

Duluth, Minn. 
•Reuben Henrt Markham, A.B. 

(OberUn) '74, d. May 15, 1885. 
♦Hattie Mason, a 78-80, (Mrs. Jesse 
M. Willard,) d. Long Beach, Cal., 
April 10, 1899. 
Erastus Fletcher Mearkle, A.B. 
'77. MinneapoUs, Minn. 

John Michell. The Dalles, Ore. 

Charles Bruce Mooreb, A.B. (Wil- 
lamette) '70. Raster U. S. Land 
Office. Salem, Ore. 

tSAMUEL Murphy. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
Samuel Johnson Nelson. 

Red Wing, Minn. 
Henbt Ohrns. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Wallace Pebry. 

Clare, Mich. 
•Charles Leonidas Phelps, d. Mount 

Morris, 111., Sept. 5, 1878. 
Frederick Brtan Phillips. 

Belleville, 111. 

Herman Pistorius. Saginaw, ^ch. 
Walter Scott Powers. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

Frank Augustus Reid. 

Bowling Green, O. 

Frank George Reynolds. 

6411 Normal Ave., Chicago, 111. 

James Chadwick Riboer. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Millard Fillmore Riggle, A.B. 
(Smithson Coll.) '76. Chicago, 111. 




Claudius Mattock Ritebs. 

Seattle, Wash. 

•Reuben Roof, d. Frey's Bush, N. Y., 
Sept. 27, 1886. 

•Dudley Philandeb Saffobd, A.B. 
(Racine) 73, d. Topeka, Kan., 
March 9, 1885. 

Theodore Stanfield Shaw. 

John Evans Simonson, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) 74. Bay City, Mich. 

Seymoub Chapman Spengeb. 

George Milton Sprout. Banker. 

Benzonia, Mich. 

Calvin C. Staley. Judge of County 
Court, 1890-. Champaign, 111. 

•AsHBEL Greene Steiner, d. Sioux 
City, Iowa, June 25, 1898. 

Robert W. Stewart. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 

Louis Frederick Stifel. 

1315 Market St., Wheeling, W. Va. 

Samuel Calvin Stough. Circuit 
Judge since 1897. Morris, 111. 

Frank Hammond Sweet. Manufac- 
turer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

James Tait. Sac City, Iowa. 

John Lafayette Talbot. 

Arthur Bruce Taylor. 

William Brodhead Taylor. Jour- 
nalist. Kansas City, Mo. 

Louis Bruner Tuller. 

John Augustus Turner. 

Wayland, Mich. 

•Frank Bortle Tuttle, d. Great 
Falls, Mon., April 1, 1894. 

John Buorbss utt. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Samuel Waldo Vandivert. 

32 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Jeremiah Green Wallace. Circuit 
Judge, 1890-98. Russellville, Ark. 

William Watts. Judge of 14th 
Minn. Dist. since 1899. 

Crookston, Minn. 

William Henry Wells, A.B. 74. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Franklin Emory Wheaton. Lum- 
ber and coal. Wheaton, 111. 

•fGEOROE Frank White, d. Chicago, 
111., Oct. 13, 1898. 

Girden 0. Williams. Rockford, 111. 

William Brown Williams, A.B. 73. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

•Ariel Newton Wilson, a 74-75, d. 
Glenwood, Iowa, March 16, 1878. 

Arion E. Wilson. Toledo, O. 

George Adolphus Wood. 

Springfield, 111. 

Florentine Clark Woodwori'h, B.S. 
(Adrian) 76. 
6949 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 111. 

John Watson Yebkes, A.B. (Centre 
Coll.) 73, A.M. (ibid J 77. Col. 
lector of Internal Revenue for Ky. 
since 1897; Prof, of Law in Centre 
Coll., since 1894. Danville, Ky. 

Bertrand De Alton York. 

231 Hancock Ave. W., Detroit, Mich. 
Alfales Young. 

Salt Lake City, Utoh. 
l^'RANK E. Young. 


•Andrew Buchanan Allen, d. Mus- 
kegon, Mich., Feb. 17, 1884. 

James xvIacGrbqor Ashley, B.S. (Cor- 
nell) 76. Toledo, 0. 

Warren Ashley. 

LoRAiNB Ashman, a 72-73, 74-76. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Charles Albert Barnes, A.M. (Il- 
linois Coll.) 76. County Judge, 
1897-. Jacksonville, fll. 

Robert Pollock Barr. 

Kendallville, Ind^i 

Morris C. Baum. 

Carlton Abbey Beardsley. 

Detroit, Mich. 

George Frederick Belford. 

Streator, 111. 

* William James Black, M.S. (Scid 
Coll.) 74, d. Dell Roy, Ohio, Nov. 
28, 1899. 

Frank Gilbert Bohri. County 
Judge 1883-99. Clark, S. Dak. 

Burroughs Frank Bower. Propri- 
etor of The World. Cleveland, 0. 

James McCampbell Boyd. 

Goliad, Tex. 

Archer Brioos. Stanton, Mich. 

Henry Munroe Campbell, Ph.B. 76. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Frank L Carpenter, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) 73. Grand Rapids,Mich. 


(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 76. Judge 3d 
Michigan Circuit, 1894-. 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Carter. Indiana^lis, Ind. 
Jacob Catlin Clark. Pine lands 
and lumber. Duluth, Minn. 

Joseph Burton Connell, B.S. (Illi- 
nois Coll.) 76, M.D. (Kansas City) 
'87. Physician. Kansas City, Mo. 
Charles Conner, B.S. 76. 

St. Ignace, Mich. 
Eugene M. Converse. 
Warren J. Cook. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 




William Henry Cook, a 79-80. 

Des Plaines, 111. 
ZiMBi LoNZO Ck>0PER. Niles, Mich. 
Btbon Jat Cobbin. Dundee, Mich. 
Chablbs Abthttb Couillabd. 
WiLLLAj£ Alfbed Cbandall, h 95-98. 
Physician. Grand Ledge, Mich. 

John Milton Davis. Huron, S. Dak. 
Fbank Fbemont Dawlet. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Lee Bubqet Des Voiones. Judge of 
Probate 1896-. Cassopolis, Mich. 
Edwabd Donovan, B.S. 76. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
•Andebson Simpson Dwybe, d. Shel- 
don, HI., Jan. 10, 1900. 
Elizabeth Eaglesfield, A.B. '76. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Hebbebt Van Allen Ferguson. 
John Evebett Finke. Clinton, Iowa. 
John Owen Gabbett, B.S. (Scio 
Coll.) '72, M.S. (iUd.) 75. 

Massillon, O. 
General Geoboe Gates. 

Modesto, Cal. 
*Jebemiah Wbight Gladish, d. 

Petersburg, Ind., Aug. 30, 1889. 
Louis P. C. Godfboy. 
William GtOODell. Stock-raiser. 

Cokeville, Wyo. 
Fbedebick Habby Gould, C.E. (Pa. 
Military Coll.) 76. Owosso, Mich. 
Thubston Piebce Hackleman. 

Albany, Ore. 

Henby Allyn Haigh, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) 74. Detroit, Mich. 

fCHABLES Edwabd Hale, A.B. (Mid- 

dlebury) 72, A.M. (ibid J. 

Logansport, Ind. 
Joel Wabben Hamilton. Banker. 

Eaton, Ind. 
Henby Hanaw. Mobile, Ala. 

Habry Philip Hancock. Presiden- 
tial Elector, 1892. 

West Union, Iowa. 
•John Hanitch, d. Dayton, O., Oct. 

27, 1898. 
Abneb Kellogg Haywabd. Real es- 
tate. Conneaut, O. 
Joseph Hidy, Ph.B. (Buchtel) 76. 
Judge of Common Pleas 1899-. 

Washington C. H., Ohio. 
Walteb Bunyan Hill. 

Bowling Green, Ky. 

Henby Hoffman. St. Ignace, Mich. 

Clayton John S. Hooveb. Farming 

and stockraising. Rifle, Colo. 

Abbam F Hostetteb, a 73-75. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Enoch Thatcheb Howes. 
Eugene Ralph Hutchins, Ph.B. 76. 

Chicago, 111. 
Chables Sumner Inoebsoll, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. CoU.) 75. 

Pond Creek, Okl. 
Fbedebick Gebabd Inoebsoll. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
WoosTEB MoBBOW Ibeland. Mer- 
chant. Roberts, 111. 
James Washington Johnston. 

461 E. 42d St., Chicago, 111. 

WnjjAM Allen Johnston, A.B. 

(Univ. of the Pacific) 76, A.M. 

(ihidj 79. San Jo86, Cal. 

Samuel Clabk Jones. Conmiercial 

Traveler. Columbus, 0. 

John Culbebtson Keith. Teacher 

in High School. Seattle, Wa^h. 

John Caldwell Kibkpatbick. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
WiLFBED IvANHOE Klein. Barrv, 111. 
Jebome Cybil BLnowlton, A.B. 75. 

Ann Arbor. 
Elbebt LeRoy Lampson. 

Jefferson, 0. 
•Nathaniel Benjamin Landon, d. 

Oxford, Mich., June 1, 1881. 
Viotob Hugo Lane, C.E. 74. 

Ann Arbor. 
Chables Newcomb Lauman. 

425 LaSalle Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Fbank Babboub Lay. Manufacturer. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
•Mybon W Lee, d. Tekamah, Neb., 

Jan. 1, 1889. 
•Henby Lindneb, d. near Bay City, 

Mich., Dec. 22, 1897. 
•Thomas Cobnelius Logan, d. Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Jan. 9, 1888. 
Alfbed Edward Lucking. 

Detroit, Mich. 
James Henby McDonald, A.B. 76. 

D^roit, Mich. 
J. Bob. McGuffin. Coal and coke. 

Dunloop, W. Va. 
Ambbose Peteb McGuibe. 

Davenport, Iowa. 
•Patbiok William Magbath, d. near 

Kansas City, Mo., July 10, 1888. 
Albebt Eugene Mason. Merchant. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 
Ovid Lutheb Matthews. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Calvin Leonidas May. 
William NEVinBUBY Moobe. 

East Jordan, Mich. 

Justus Tillman Neff. Princ. of 

High School. The Dalles, Ore. 




Charles Campbell Nelson. Farmer, 

Bowdoinham, Maine. 

Fbedebigb: Thomas Nunn. 

Julius Sinclaib Ooan, A.B. (Ober- 

lin) 76. Ottawa, 0. 

WnxLAM O'Reilly, m 78-79, LX..B. 

(Univ. of Iowa) 77. 
Heeiman [Henby] Osthaus, A.B. 
(Allegheny) 74, A.M. (ibid.) 77. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Joel Webster Page. Bristol, Vt. 

^Geoboe Evert Pawtlind, C.E. 75. 
Alfred Noble Paxton. Loveland, 0. 
Franklin Pierce Payne. 
Eugene Douglass Peirson. 

Hudson, Mich. 
•Edwin Zina Perkins, d. Washing- 
ton, D. C, Jan. 16, 1899. 
•Syrus G. D. Phelps, d. Lake Mills, 

Iowa, Sept. 13, 1892. 
James McMillan Powers. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Franklin Henry Pray. 
Daniel Edward Prescott, o 75-76. 

Denver, Colo. 
Eugene Ernst Prussing. 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 
Charles Morgan Randolph. 

Lead City, S. Dak. 
Herbert Stanley Reed. Publisher. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Daniel Clark Remick. Lawyer and 
Manufacturer. Littleton, N. H. 

Daniel Smith Remsen, a 75-76. 

69 WaU St., New York, N. Y. 
Henry Kendall Rhoades. Farmer. 

Carrollton, Mo. 

Thomas Rinaker, A.B. (Blackburn) 
74, A.M. (ihidj '98. 

Carlinville, 111. 

Herman Ritter. Edwardsville, 111. 
Charles Humphrey Roberts. 

Roanoke Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Hans Frederick Rohde. 

Schiller Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Joseph Charles Royon. Sidney, O. 
Frank Finley Rozzelle, B.S. (Univ. 
of Mo.) 76. Kansas City, Mo. 

Wilbur Fremont Rudy, A.B. (Prince- 
ton) 76. Stockman. 

82 Bertram St., Cleveland, O. 
Kjngpay Saito. Presiding Judge of 
Dist. Court of Hakodato. 

Tokyo, Japan. 

Charles James Sawbkidoe. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Horace Bigelow Sciiaeffer. 

Oskaloosa, Kan. 

George Henry Sleatob. 

Alpena, Mich. 

Benjamin Franklix Smith. 

Charles William Smith, A.B. (Kan- 
sas) 76, A.M. (ihid.J *81. Judge of 
the 34th Judicial District of Kan- 
sas since 1889. Stockton, Kan. 

•George Smith, d. Bowling Green, O., 
Aug. 12, 1890. 

Howard Burnham SMrrn, A.B. 76. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Samuel William Smith. Repr. from 
Michigan in the 55th and two suc- 
ceeding Congresses (1897-.) 

Pontiac, Mich. 

•James Alonzo Stacy, a 73-75, d. 
Adrian, Mich., April 9, 1881. 

Howard Stephenson. Insurance ad- 
juster. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Jekemiah Lewis Suddarth. 

English, Ind. 

William Dawson Talbot. 

Henry Gee Taylor. 

John Warren Taylor. Cleveland, O. 

Alden Stewart Thomson. 

John Alexander Tindall. 

Shelbyville, Ind. 

Henry Stever Tremper, A.B. (Kan- 
sas) 76, A.M. (ibid.) 79. 

Seattle, Wash. 

JuNiCHi Ukizumi Tsuda. 

Nakatsu, Japan. 
•Isaac Munoaster Turner, d. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Feb. 5, 1895. 
•Samuel William Vance, Judge of 
the 31st Michigan Circuit, d. Port 
Huron, Mich., April 3, 1900. 
Claudius Damont Walker. 

Atchison, Kan. 
Myron Hamilton Walker. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Warren Edward Walker. Builder. 

Ann Arbor. 
•Willis Shotwell Walker, A.B. 76. 
George Proctor Wanty. U. S. Dis- 
trict Judge for Western Michigan. 

Grand Rapids, ^lich. 

Alvin Clark White, B.S. (Hiram) 

73, M.S. (ibid.) 77. Jefferson, O. 

•John Stewart Whttford, d. Gar- 

nett, Kan., May 19, 1883. 
Smith Newell Wilbur. 
Frederick Potter Wilcox, A.B. 
(Rochester) 76, A.M. (ibid.) 79. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John Henry Wishek. 

Ashley, N. Dak. 

Gu stave Adolpii Wolf. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 




Henbt Woixman. 27 Williams St., 

New York, N. Y. 
James Robert Wylie. Banker. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
William Yost, A.B. (Monmouth) '76, 
A.M. (ihidj '79. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


William Lucus Aaron. Joplin, Mo. 
William Henry Adams. 
Ethan Belden Allen. 

Maquoketa, Iowa. 
Joseph N Amor. Cleveland, O. 

Frank Davis Andrus, A.B. 72. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frederick Charles Arbenz. Manu- 
facturer. Chillicothe, O. 
Edwin Herod Ashley. Ithaca, Mich. 
William Andrew Ault. Farmer. 

Wadsworth, O. 
Henry Edgar Baker. Ogden, UtsJi. 
Gustave Charles Bartels. 

1401 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 
Theodore Melzo Bates. 

7C Mayfield St., Cleveland, 0. 
James William Bedell. 

Wakefield, Mich. 
Edward Howard Bentley. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Thomas Benton Blackwell. 
Millard Fillmore Blaine. Manu- 
facturer. Geneva, N. Y. 
George Matthew Blake, M.D. (Buf- 
falo) '74. Rockford, 111. 
Frank Eugene Bliss, C.E. '73. 

Cleveland, 0. 
James Herbert Blood. Denver, Colo. 
Eugene Bodel. 

Charles Elliott Boston, A.B. (De 
Pauw) *76. Farmer. 

Pendleton, Ind. 
William Logan Brackenridge. 

Rochester, Minn. 
William Henri Browne. 

Harrison, Mich. 

Obville Sanford Brumback, A.B. 

(Princeton) '77. Toledo, 0. 

♦Joseph Cornelius Burk, d. Keokuk, 

Iowa, Feb. 12, 1897. 
Walter Percy Butler. 

Cape Nome, Alaska. 
JuDsoN Eugene Callender. 

Scranton, Pa. 

Charles Edward Carpenter. 

Laramie, Wyo. 

Warren Carpenter. 
♦John Smeeton Carter, d. Pueblo, 
Colo., Sept. 4, 1889. 

William Paulding Cabuthers. Edi- 
tor and publisher. 

Newark, N. J. 
LiYY Chamberlain. Elkhart, Ind. 
Chables Chandler, A.B. '62. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Clarence Eugene Chapman. 

Redlands, Cal. 
Alphonso Richard Claxton. Farmer. 

Ruthven, Iowa. 

Charles Simeon Cobb, B.S. (Cornell) 

'77. Banker. Denison, Tex. 

John D Coleman. Portland, Ore. 

Chables Fbemont Collieb. 

Holly, Mich. 
Homer Hodge Colvin. Pontiac, Mich. 
Reuben Donaldson Coy. 

269 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
William John Cbawford. 

Cleveland, 0. 
William Holm an Crow, A.B. (Cen- 
tre Coll.) '77. 1926 Wabash Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
William Isaac Cumminos. Mining. 

Lost River, Idaho. 
Thomas Daniel Danner. 
•George Asa Dickey, d. Bradford, 

Vt., April 6, 1899. 
Thomas Albebt Dickson. 

Leadville, Colo. 

James Fbederic Drake, B.S. (Univ. 

of 111. ) '76. Pueblo, Colo. 

*Jude Emmet Dunlap, d. Kansas 

City, Mo., July 6, 1897. 
Frank Andrew Durban. 

Zanesviile, O. 
John Columbus Eldeb. 

Moscow, Idaho. 
Joseph Lillobd Elliston. 

Covington, Ky. 
♦Edward Geobge Embleb, d. Howell, 

Mich., Aug. 16, 1886. 
Carl Edwin Epler, A.B. (Illinois 
Coll.) '76, A.M. (Yale) '78. Coun- 
ty Judge, 1894-. Quincy, 111. 
•Free Estee, d. Toronto, Ont., Oct. 

27, 1897. 
•John Vigers Eustace, d. Chicago, 

111., Sept. 13, 1895. 
Willis vVirt Fay. Sales agent. 

Elyria, O. 
Oscar John Fiebing. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Henry Clay Finch. Galena, Kan. 
Solomon Thompson Finch. Flora, 111. 
John Eugene Fishbubn. Banker. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Fbank M. Ford. Probate Judge, 

1894-1900. Zanesviile, O. 




Charles Gatlobd Fowleb. Mining. 

Forty Mile, B. A. 
*JoHN HntAM Fox, d. Ypsilanti, 

Mich., May 30, 1886. 
Willis Walteb 0. FRAm?z. Manufac- 
turer. Waynesboro, Pa. 

Justus Liebig Qable. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
*JoHN Pabkeb Gale, d. Redlanda, 

Cal., May 11, 1892. 

William Donald Gordon. U. S. 

Atty. for Eastern District of Mich., 

1898-. Midland, Mich. 

Hamer Hersohel Green. Pharmacist. 

Bloomington, 111. 
John Wesley Gregory. 

Waitsfield, Vt. 
George Grimm. County Judge since 
1896. Jefferson, Wis. 

Edward Holmes Guyer, A.B. 77. ^ 

Rock Island, 111. 
*Elmer Jay Hale, d. Marion, Ind., 

Nov. 27, 1898. 
William Tileston Hall. 

3519 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Henry Clay Hanna. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Edward Florence Hays. 

508 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Franklin Hays. 
George Haywood. Clinton, Iowa. 
•Wnxis Gaylord Hemenway, d. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., August, 1887. 
Charucs Roswell Henry. 

Alpena, Mich. 
Cass E. Herrinoton. Denver, Colo. 
David Morgan Hertzoo. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
EuoE.XE Faic Hickernell. Erie, Pa. 
Arthcr Sterrett Hiogins. 

Butte City, Mon. 

William E Higgins, B.S. (Dart- 
mouth) 72. 2022 Wabash Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Hugh Matthew Hinds. Salesman. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Shannon Buntin Hubbard. 

Sandusky, O. 

Martin M. Hugo. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Benjamin T. Hutchins. 
Daniel Carpenter Hyde. 

Strafford, Vt. 

Arthur Hancock Ingraham, A.B. 
(Yale) 77. Bay City, Mich. 

Syi^vester Benjamin Isenhart. 

Topeka, Kan. 

Clarence Lindley Jacobs. 

Goodland, Ind. 


Albert Price Johnson, A.B. (Arkan- 
sas) *76. Winfield, Kan. 

Asa Giles Judd. Dixon, HI. 

John Perry Kellas. Malone, N. y! 

Edward C. Kelly. 

John Justus Kerr, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) 71. Glasgow, Mon. 

Winfield Scott Kerr. Repr. from 
Ohio in 54th, 65th, and 56th Con- 
gresses (1895-1901). Mansfield, O. 

•Joseph Morris Kinnaird, A.B. 
(Univ. of Va.) 73, d. Spokane, 
Wash., Feb. 18, 1894. 

Dana Spalding Lander. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Charles David La Tourbtte. 

Oregon City, Ore. 

Gustav Adolph Laubscher. 

Cleveland, O. 

William Spencer Lee. 

Michael John Lehman. Ann Arbor. 

Henry Rudisel Lennard. Manufac- 
turer. Metamora, Ind. 

Elbridoe Emerson Lewis. 

Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Robert At wood Long. Denver, Colo. 

John McDevitt. Jackson, Mich. 

Henry McGrew. Kansas City, Kan. 

William Barnard McGborty. 

Asylum, Rochester, Minn. 

Frank Tompkins McHenry. 

1231 Myrtle St., Oakland, Cal. 

•Robert Bishop McKnigut. Judge 
10th Mich. Circuit, 1894-95, d. at 
sea, Nov. 27, 1895. 

Joseph Rogers McLaughlin, B.S. 
77. Detroit, Mich. 

Robert C. McNamara. Bedford, Pa. 

John Elias ALlgers. County and 
Probate Judge, 1894-98. 

McMinnville, Ore. 

Samuel Maher. Kansas City, Kan. 

John Alexander Mansfield. Judge 
of Common Pleas since 1892. 

Steubenville, 0. 

Lee Knowlton Mihills. Akron, O. 

William Oscar Miller. Reading, Pa. 

Charles Jay Monroe. Banker. 

South Haven, Mich. 

Fritz Morris. Journalist. 

142 W. 19th St., New York, N. Y. 

William Erven Myler. 

434 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

Henry Wirt Newkirk. Judge of Pro- 
bate, 1897-1901. Ann Arbor. 

Alphonso Cain Norton. Pontiac, 111. 

JosiAH J, NuNN. Electrical Engi- 
neer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Emil Nusbaumer. Oakland, Cal. 




William Habbison Ooborn. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
•Lyman Adelbebt Obb, d. Caro, 

Mich., July 28, 1896. 
Chables Alvin Obth. Trenton, N. J. 
Edwin Shelby Palmeb. 
Elmer Alton Palmeb. Editor and 
publisher. Napoleon, 0. 

*Lyman De Esse Palmeb, d. Black 

Lick Station, Pa., March, 1885. 
Ralph Phelps. County Treasurer, 
1887-91. Butler Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
WiNSLOw Shelby Piebce. 

120 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Stephen Mabion Reynolds, A.B. 

(Lafayette) 77. Terre Haute, Ind. 

*Thomas Babton Rhodes, d. Anna, 

111., April 10, 1897. 
John Evan Righabds. 
John Alden Rineb. U. S. District 
Judge for Wyoming, 1890-. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Hen BY FnxMOBE Rizeb. Banker. 

Eureka, Kan. 
James Thompson Robison. Manu- 
facturer. Willoughby, O. 
Alison Crestus Roe. 

Buchanan, Mich. 

Claibobne Sohuyleb Rohbeb. 

Iron River, Wis. 
Chables Henby Rose. Evart, Mich. 
*Cybus Eobebt Rosenkbans, d. Che- 

banse. 111., Aug. 27, 1884. 
Geobge Fbedebick Ross. 

Palmer House, Chicago, 111. 
*Albert Flobian Rouse, d. Lsmsing, 

Mich., Jan. 9, 1895. 
Albebt Conbad Runkel. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry Wayne Russell. Mining. 

Magdalena, N. Mex. 

Louis Chables Schwerdtfegeb. 

County Judge, 1894-98. Bank 

cashier. Lincoln, 111. 

John Granville Scoutbn. Publisher. 

Dushore, Pa. 

•John Ciirysostom Sheridan, d. Pa- 
ola, Kan., Dec. 6, 1899. 

Pbeston Fremont Simonds. 

Nevada City, Cal. 

Thomas Shreve Boyce Slaughter. 

C-attle business. Greenton, Mo. 

Adoij>h Sloman. Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence Whittieb Smith. County 

Judge 1884-90. Johnstown, N. Y. 
JFrederic Eustace Smith. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Chables Eloott Sous. 

St. Clair, Mich. 
George Washington Somebville. 
State Senator. Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
William Andbew Staley. 

Frankfort, Ind. 

Edwin Fobbesp Steebs. Ry. Mail 

Clerk. Adrian, Mich. 

Eowabd Ives Stimson. Real estate. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Eldls Cephas Stone, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth) '76. East McKeesport, Pa. 
Melville Stone. JacKson, Mich. 

•Chables Edgab Sutton, A.B. 
( Smithson Coll. ) , d. Bozeman, Mon., 
Nov. 14, 1899. 
James King Taylob. Journalist. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
•Otis David Thompson, d. Elkhart, 

Ind., Aug. 27, 1895. 
William Henby Townsend, A.B. '74. 

Herman, Minn. 
WILLLA.M Squibe Tubneb. Distiller. 

Cincinnati, O. 
Edwin Smith Van Deusen. 

Fort Plain, N. Y. 
George Allen Van Dyke. Paris, 111. 
Benjamin Fbanklin Wade. 

Cleveland, O. 
Napoleon Wagneb, M.D. (St. Louis) 
*84. Physician. Denver, Colo. 

Bbyant Walkeb, A.B. '76. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Henby Gibson Wanty. Editor and 
publisher. Muskegon, Mich. 

Isaac Benjamin English Wabd. 
Clabence Besheb Wabdle. Insur- 
ance. Ionia, Mich. 
Delos Nicholas Weaveb. 

Elkhart, Ind. 
LovELL Hastings Webb. 

Winfield, Kan. 
Walteb Websteb. Farmer. 

Gardenville, Mich. 
Otway Cubby Weesneb. Deputy Sec- 
retary of State. Lincoln, Neb. 
Henby Ed wabd Weiskopf. 
Dudley Morris Wells. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Charles Alvah Wideneb. 

Rochester, N. Y. 
•David John Williams, d. Cairo, 111., 

Aug. 14, 1882. 
William Henby Habbison William- 
son. Portland, Ind. 
Louie Babney Winsob, B.S. (Hills- 
dale) '77, M.S. (ibid.) '80. Judge 
of Probate 1893-97. 

Reed City, Mich. 




William Seaburn Wise. Hilo, H. I. 
Chables Allan Withey. 

Reed City, Mich. 
•Thomas Jefferson Wolff, d. Pi- 
erre, S. Dak., June 27, 1887. 
Emery Thomas Wood. 

148 Jay St., Detroit, Mich. 
William Robert Wooden. Manufac- 
turer. Battle Creek, Mich. 
Henry Madison Woodford, A.B. 
(Kentucky) 76. Mt. Sterling, Ky. 
George William Wurzell. 

Englewood Park, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
John Otto Zabel. Petersburg, Mich. 


Frank Christian Alger. 

Lowell, Mich. 
Alvord John Althouse. 

Cameron, Mo. 
Alexis Caswell Anoell, A.B. *78. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Clarence Wilder Ashford. 

Honolulu, H. 1. 
•William Lamond Axford, d. Flint, 

Mich., April 12, 1900. 
Alfred Jesome Babcock. 

307 E. 66th St., Chicago, 111. 

Stephen Milburn Bailey, A.M. (Mc- 

Kendree) '77. Fairbury, Neb. 

*James Wesley Bateman, d. Pontiac, 

Mch., Sept. 7, 1886. 
Joseph Hamilton Bayes. 
William Davidson Beckett. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Cora Agnes Benneson, A.B. 78. 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Frank Ellis Berdan. Contractor 
and Builder. Northfield, Minn. 

George Greenwood Bingham. 

Salem, Ore. 
Oliver Hazard Bogub, B.S. (Earl- 
ham) 74. Wabash, Ind. 
Samuel Martin Brenneman. Banker. 

Orville, 0. 
David Brickles. 
Daniel Edgar Brong. 

Lockport, N. Y. 
t Andrew Brown, A.B. (Oberlin) 72. 

Newark, 111. 
•David Browne, d. Birmingham, Ala., 

April 24, 1884. 
KoBEBT Emmet Bunker, A.B. 72. 

Ann Arbor. 
Isidore Sumner Burnstine. Tax As- 
sistant to Surrogate's Court. 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

John Henry Lewis Busby. 

Lebanon, Ind. 
Hiram Horace Calvin. 

3337 Monroe St., Toledo, 0. 
♦Alexander Camp, d. Daytona, Fla., 

April 18, 1885. 
William Carpenter, Ph.B. 77. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
•William Luke Chapman, d. Ray- 
mond, 111., Jan. 3, 1900. 
Samuel Thompson Cochran. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Earl Benjamin Coe. Denver, Colo. 
Sylvester Cole. Pontiac, Mich. 

•George Edward Coleman, d. Berg- 

holz, O., March 16, 1897. 
George Matthew Cone. 
Oliver Ritchey Cooke. 

405 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
•Roscoe Laforest Corbett. Judge 
13th Mich, arcuit, 1894-98. Acci- 
dentally shot while hunting near 
Ozark, Mich., Nov. 6, 1898. 
James Franklin Cox. Columbus, Ind. 
William Edgeston Cox. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
•Henry Justin Curran, £ Fresno, 

Cal., May 8, 1900. 
Andrew Lord Deuel. 

Harbor Springs, Mich. 
Francis Henry Dodds, B.S. (Olivet) 
'82, M.S. (ihidj '85. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Allen Harry Donham. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Charles Thomas Donnelly. 

Ann Arbor. 
LuciAN Fred Easton. 

La Crosse, Wis. 
William Jenkins Elliott. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Kirke Hart Field. Redlands, Cal. 
Charles Sumner Finch. Editor. 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Frank Emerson Fogo. 

Grangeville, Idaho. 

William Henry Freeman. 
Fremont Frank French. Banker. 

East Tawas, Mich. 

Myron Hela French. 

1329 Greeley ATe., 

Kansas City, Kan. 
William Lewis Dayton French. 

Freeport, 111. 

Fred R Gartner, Contractor. 

225 Garfield Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Remus Upton Gay. Sacramento, Cal. 
Charles Elwin George. 




John Henry Glade. Railroading. 

47 Congrees St., Chicago, III. 
George Washington Godfboy. Rail- 
road Contractor. St. Paul, Minn. 
James Calvin Gbay, B.S. (Muskin- 
gum) *77. Martin's Ferry, O. 
WiLLABD Elihu Gbay. Probatc Judge 
since 1896. Lake Linden, Mich. 
Jerome Bonaparte Griog. 

Mount Holly, N. J. 
Philo Hamilton Hackett. 

Rochester, Minn. 
Abram Stephenson Hall. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Lewis Theodore Hamilton. 

Fargo, N. Dak. 
Jesse Davis Hamrick. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Henry Wilson Hanntjm. 

Denver, Colo. 
Almon Fremont Hanson. Toledo, O. 
Francis M. Harbaugh. Sullivan, III. 
t Anson Church Harding. 

Leavenworth, Elan. 

Ralph Denison Harris. 

Almont, Mich. 

Jesse Monroe Hatch. 

Marshall, Mich. 
William Beasley Hayes. 

Dunellcn, N. J. 
Sumner Watson Haynes. 

Portland, Ind. 
Thomas Lorenzo Heaton, B.L. *80. 

Berkeley, Cal. 

John Henry Hill. 

West Superior, Wis. 
Isaac Lea Hillis, A.B. (La Grange 
CoU.) 73, M.A. (ibid.) 76. 

Des Moines^ Iowa. 
•Henry Hinds, d. Shakopee, Minn., 

Dec. 9, 1883. 
♦Almon Cassius Hiscock, d. Loe An- 
geles, Cal., Feb. 21,1898. 
Christopher Columbus Holland. In 
Department of Justice. 

Washington, D. C. 

John Alexander Houlahan. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Newberry Julius Howe, A.B. ( Frank- 
lin) 77, A.M. (ibid.) '80. 

Delphi, Ind. 

William E. Howells. 

Wilford Cusic Hudson. Manufac- 
turer. In Ohio Legislature, 1886- 
90. Athens, 0. 


Julius MacLain Jamison. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 

Fletcher Webstkb Jewell. Manu- 
facturer. 15 Court Sq., 

Boston, Mass. 
Solomon Johnson. Farmer. 

Stryker, O. 
Charles Johnston. 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Russell Marion Kellogg. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 
*Maud Annie Kelsey, (Mrs. Will- 
iam J. Howard), d. Toronto, Ont., 
May 6, 1890. 
Clarence Alvabo Kenton. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
*Henry B. Kidd, d. Louisville, Ky., 

Feb. 27, 1889. 
John Kin raid. State Senator. 

Bois6, Idaho. 
George Onslow Eonsman. 

Oxford, Mich. 
Rodman H. Lanpherb. 
Marion Franklin Leasure, B.S. 
(Kan. Agr. Coll.) 77. 

La Cygne, Kan. 
Henry Llewellyn. 
James Parmelee Logan. Editor. 

Newark, N. J. 
Charles Adelrert Lyon. 
Allen Robert McBroom. Logan, O. 
Isaac Thomas McCarty. Journalist. 

Qreenca.4tle, Ind. 
William Turbett McClenaghan. 

Lancaster, O. 
Daniel Marion McClung. 

Hamilton, O. 

D Stuart McClure. Judge of Pro- 
bate 1889--93. Marlette, Mich. 
Porter James McCumber. U. S. 
Senator from N. Dakota, 1899-. 

Wahpeton, N. Dak. 
William Lincoln McBLay, A.B. (Cor- 
nell) 78. Nurseryman. 

Geneva, N. Y. 

Matthew Meredith MacMillan. 
Lumber and banking. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Robert Henry McMurdy, a 7^77, p 
77-78. LL.M. '95. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
John Wallace Maher. 

Devil's Lake, N. Dak. 
Frank L. Maine. Manliua, N. Y. 
Horace Harrison Markham. 

Detroit, Ifich. 

Alfred Foote Maynabd. 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

George DeRub Meikeljohn. Repr. 

from Nebraska in 53d and 64th 




Congresses (1893-97.) ; Assist. Sec- 
retary of War, 1897-1901. 

Fullerton, Neb. 
John Gerhabt Henbt Melcheb. 

Cleveland, O. 

Alexandeb Howard Melick, A.B. 

(Muskingum) 77, A.M. (ibid J 79. 

Stockman. Sego, O. 

Ben J AHiN Franklin Mickey. Farmer. 

Keithsburg, 111. 
Mortikeb Craio Miller. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
•Arthur Parker Mitchell, was 
drowned near Missoula, Mon., June 
26, 1883. 
Franklin Petter Monfort. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Charles Edwin Monroe, A.B. (Ober- 

lin) 77. Milwaukee, Wis. 

•Jay Randolph Monroe, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) 78, d. Kalamazoo, 

Mich., June 10, 1888. 

James William Murphy. 

Platteville, Wis. 
James Nugent. 
William S. O'Rourke. 
Francis Marion Osborn. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
Walter Dallas Ouzts, M.D. (Univ. 
of Ga. ) '87. Physician. 

Elmwood, S. C. 
Frank Wilson Parker. Assoc. Jus- 
tice Supreme Court of N. Max., 
1898-. ffillsboro, N. Mex. 

Alanson Lloyd Parsons. 

Keokuk, Iowa. 
George Fremont Peabody. 

Gardner, Mass. 
Almon Adolphus Pearsall. 

East Sharon, Pa. 
Jacob J Ptttman. Stockman. 

Big Spring, Ind. 
William Andbew Pobter. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
•Pitt Potter, d. Fostoria, Mich., 

Sept. 11, 1894. 
William John Rainey. Ann Arbor. 
William Randall Ramsey. 

London, Ky. 
Eli AS Christy Redman. 
Edmund Phares Rice. Midland, Mich. 
Charles Benson Bobbins. 

Freelandville, Ind. 
Andbew Cant Robebtson. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
DwioHT DoBR Root. 

120 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 
William Evebett Ross. Farmer. 

Dublin, Mich. 

John Milton Russell. Lumber. 

Flint, Mich. 
Walter Bell Scaife, A.B. (Johns 
Hopkins) '87, Ph.D. (Vienna) '87. 
Writer. 614 North Ave., 

Allegheny, Pa. 
Frank Revere Sedgwick. 

Martin's Ferry, O. 

Frank Holmes Shaffer, A.B. (Yale) 

'77. Cincinnati, O. 

Victor E Shaw. San Diego, Cal. 

Allen Roswell Sheffer. Bond 

Broker. 63 Wall St., 

New York, N. Y. 
•Elroy Delos Sherman, B.S. (Cor- 
nell) '77, d. Cleveland, Ohio, March 
15, 1884. 
*JoHN Neil Sinclair, d. Spokane, 

Wash., Feb. 22, 1900. 
Thomas Morrison Sloane, A.B. 
(Harvard) '77. Sandusky, O. 

Henry Adelmon Smith. Oregon, 111. 
William Foster Smythe. 
Ole Lynn Snyder. BuflFalo, N. Y. 
Charles Henry Soper, A.B. (Mt. 
Union) '78, A.M. (ibidj '90. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Lynn Tew Spraoue. 

Jamestown, N. Y. 
Milton Moses Starr. 
*Georoe Henry Stevenson, d. Platte 

Centre, Neb., May 14, 1889. 
Will John Stevenson. Aurora, Neb. 
•Hernando DeSoto Stover, d. West- 

ville, O., April 29, 1880. 
William Galloway Strannahan. 
Manufacturer. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Walter Harford Taylor. Merchant. 

Shenandoah, Iowa. 
George Washington Tharp. 

Houston, Tex. 
Charles Thaddeus Thompson, a 77- 
79. Journalist. Washington, D. C. 
Lee Valley Tucker. 

73 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Newet James Vick, A.M. (Southern 
Univ.) '77. Planter. 

Anguilla, Miss. 

tIsAAC Clinton Wade, a 69-70, 80- 

81. Land agent to Southern Ry. Co. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Aki'hur Guernsey Waterman. 

261 Webster Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Elmer Randolph Webster, A.jB. '79. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
William Arnold Weeks. 

West Branch, Mich. 

Richard Opdyke Welts. County 

Treasurer. Mt. Vernon, Wash. 




•Geordie Zeno Whitney, A.M. (post- 
grad.) '82. 
•Claude Lorraine Williams, d. Pue- 
blo, Colo., Dec. 8, 1884. 
Nathan Stone Williams, A.B. (Am- 
herst) 77. County Solicitor. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cyrus Edwin Willouohby. Book- 
keeper. Colfax, Wash. 
James Winans. Xenia, 0. 
Edward Emil Witchie. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
*1srael Long Witmyer, d. Minne- 
apolis, Minn., May 10, 1881. 
Oliver Russell Wood. Traveling 
Passenger Agent, C. L. & W. Ry. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
John Warren Woody. 


*Fred Daniel Allaben, was drowned 

at La Salle, 111., June 15, 1883. 
Wilson Houoh Anoeny. 

1725 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Hardin Atterbury, A.6. (Mc- 
Kendree) 79, A.M. (ibid.) *82. 

Litchfield, 111. 
Walter Wheaton Auqur, A.B. 78. 

Chicago, 111. 
Walter Barlow. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Adolph Babtcher. 
Thomas Boyd Ellis Beall, M.D. 
(Pulte) '83. Physician. 

Worthington, 0. 
Gboroe W Benham. Genl. A^t. Penn 
Mutual Life. St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles William Bertch. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Hiram Otis Bliss. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

Irving Henry Blythe. Carrollton, 0. 

Frederic Hathaway Borrodaile, p 
89-91, 99-00, A.B. (Albert Univ.) 
76. Chemist. Ann Arbor. 

Emmet Ambrose Bratton. 

Angola, Ind. 

Frank William Briggs. Farmer. 

Fields, O. 

Augustus Franklin Allen Brown. 

Ferdinand Brucker. Repr. from 

Michigan in 55th Cong. (1897-99). 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Lewis Brucker. Judge of Probate, 
1891-97. Mansfield, O. 

Eddy Morris Campbell, A.B. (De 
Pauw) 78. Banker. 

Indianapolis, Ind 

Homer Levi Castle. 

440 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
J. ALlrshall Chatterson. 

Louisville, Ky. 
John McDowell Cochrane. Su- 
preme Court Reporter since 1889. 

Lecturer in Law Dept., Univ. of N. 

Dak. Grand Forks, N. Dak. 

Roger Cope. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

•Simpson Cornick, d. Uvalda, Tex., 

Dec. 18, 1885. 
•Jay Corson, d. Green Oak, Mich., 

May 24, 1887. 
•Frank Mortimer Cowles, was 

drowned in Lake Huron, Sept. 24, 

Albert Milton Crisler. Eaton, O. 
Jesse David Crow, A.B. (Bethany 

Coll. ) '80. Editor. Temple, Tex. 
Harry Micajah Dauoherty. 

Washington C. H., O. 
Frank Allison Davis. 

40 W. 4th Ave., Columbus, O. 
William Sharon Davis, B.S. (Santa 

Clara Coll.) 77. Secr> Kelly 

Laundry Co. San Jos^, Cal. 

Albert Dodge, B.S. (Mich. Agr. Coll.) 

77. Manufacturer. Condersport, Pa. 
William Henry Donahue. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
AzARiAH LoRAiNE Doss, Ph.B. (De 

Pauw) '83, A.M. (ibid.) *85. 

Princeton, Ind. 
John Wesley Dunkle. Warren, Pa. 
Samuel Houston DuShane. Fire in- 
surance. Connellsville, Pa. 
Marion Read Elliott, B.S. (Corval- 

lis Coll.) 78. Prineville, Ore. 

William Frederick Eixiorr, Ph.B. 

(Butler) '80. Author. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Lewis Finley. St. Francis, Kan. 
George Moore Flxtcheb. 

Concord, N. H. 
William Monroe Fooler, A.B. (Ot- 

terbein) 78, A.M. (ibid.) '81. 

Vandalia, III. 
William Gates Forrest. 

200 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
John Steele Francisco. Judge of 

Probate 1887-91. Butler, Mo. 

•Simeon P. Francisco, a 78-79, d. 

Butler, Mo., Nov. 5, 1898. • 
•Charles Albert Fritchle, d. 

Omaha, Neb., 1882. 
•Gideon Sheldon Fuller, A.B. 

( Univ. of Vt. ) 79, d. Denver, Colo., 

Jan. 22, 1883. 
.Jay Fuller, Ph.B. '80. Detroit, Mich. 




♦Noah H Gabner, d. Central College, 
O., Oct. 14, 1899. 

•John Gibeeison, d. Clare, Mich., 
Sept. 23, 1898. 

Solomon Ginsbubg. Iron and Steel. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Alfred Grabeb. Findlay, O. 

•Howard Gbanoeb, d. San Francisco, 
Cal., Nov. 4, 1887. 

•Geoboe Philip Gbaveb, d. Pitta- 
burgh, Pa., Dec. 9, 1895. 

Nye Gbbgg. Washington C. H., 0. 

Henby Hobatio Guentheb. 

174 Dearborn St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fbemont C Hamilton, B.S. (Buch- 
tel) 77. Banker. East Liberty, O. 

Edwabd Henby Hart. Genl. Agt. 
Penn Mutual Life. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

CoBNELius Lawbence Habvey. Mer- 
chant. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

William Emil Henze. Detroit, Mich. 

Habtwio Habby Hebbst. Ann Arbor. 

Walteb Raleigh Hinckley, A.B. 
(Washington Univ.) 79. Book- 
keeper. National Stock Yards, 111. 

Fbank Willis Hine. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Thomas Hislop. Detroit, Mich. 

Gilbert Mobbell Hitchcxx:k. Ed- 
itor. Omaha, Neb. 

Henby Geobgb Holmes. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Daniel Chables Hopkins. 

Madelia, Minn. 
Hebbebt Harlow Howe. With N. 
Pac. R. R. Seattle, Wash. 

Feed Fluella Huntbess. 
William Jason Huse. 
Samuel Thomas Jeftbeys, A.B. (Cor- 
vallis) 78. Portland, Ore. 

William Hall Jenkins. 
Jay Johnson Jennings. Banker. 

Columbus, 0. 
Thomas Jeftebson Johnson. 
William Henby Johnston. 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Emanuel Boswobth Kobns. 

Tracy, Minn. 
John Henby Gottlieb Labimeb. 

Topeka, Kan. 
James Law. Tacoma, Wash. 

Fbedebick Piebce Leon abd, A.B. ( In- 
diana) 79. Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
Da\id Wilfobd Le Valley. 

East Saginaw, Mich. 
*Fbedebick William Lobd, Ph.B. 
(De Pauw) 79, d. Springfield, III., 
Jan. 11, 1895. 

•John Wesley Lounsbuby, d. San 

Antonio, Tex., May 7, 1889. 
Edgab Henby Loyhed. Hardware 
merchant. Faribault, Minn. 

John Emmet McGill, o 78-79. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Sanfobd Emeby McGinnis. 

Whatcom, Wash. 
Benjamin Hammond McGbew. In- 
surance and fruit. Bois6, Idaho. 
Kit McKean. Elkhart, Ind. 

•Thomas Joseph McLaughlin, d. 

Chicago, 111., Dec. 6, 1892. 
Edwabd McNamaba. Detroit, Mich. 
Mabvin Emoby Mathews. 

Marshall, Minn. 
Fbedebick Wylie Mayne. Judge of 
13th Michigan Circuit, 1899-. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 
LoBEN Hebman Mershon. Pres. Am. 
Bond & Mortgage Co. 

15 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Chables Robert Middleton. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
John Hipple Mitchell, A.B. (Mt. 
Union ) 78. St. Paul, Minn. 

Geobge Lemon Moobe. 
RoLLiN John Mobse. 

Safety Harbor, Fla. 
John Fbancis Mubphy. 

Harbor Beach, Mich. 
George Mabius Nelson. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Theron Clabe Nobth, a 77-78. Supt. 

of Schools. Dansville, Mich. 

Chables Nusbaum, B.S. (Illinois 

Coll.) 79. Petersburg, 111. 

John Joseph O'Bbien. Commission 

business. San Francisco, Cal. 

Joseph Gebald Orb. South Bend, Ind. 

Edwabd Henby Ozmun, a 78-79. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

•Cassius Mabcellus Clay Petebs, 

d. Galesburg, 111., April 14, 1900. 
HoBACE Edwin Powebs. 

Scranton, Iowa. 

Bebt Cobbyn Pbeston. Banker. 

Armada, Mich. 

Emebson Williams Price. Court Re- 
porter. Lima, O. 
William Clay Pubdum, a 78-79. 

Kokomo, Ind. 

William Mitchell Rathbone. 

27 Baker St., Detroit, Mich. 
Clement Reidleb. Mining. 

Mt. Savage, Md. 

Gabbison Chables Reynolds. 

Beaverton, Mich. 




Alden Lothrop Roadarmoub. 

Gallipolis, 0. 
Andrew Cooper Robesox, Ph.B. '85. 

Greenville, O. 
Francis Scott Komio, A.B. (Frank- 
lin) '79. New Philadelphia, 0. 
Joseph Francis Sabtori, B.S. (Cor- 
nell Coll.) 79. Banker. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
•WnxiAM Henry Scudder, d. Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo., Nov. 12, 1899. 
William Graves Sharp. Presiden- 
tial Elector 1892. Capitalist. 

Elyria, O. 

Thomas Keese Shaw. Lima, O. 

John Marion Sheets, B.S. (Baldwin) 

79. Att'y General of Ohio, 1900-. 

Columbus, O. 
•John Andrew Shepherd, d. Cumber- 
land, Ind., July 16, 1887. 
Cassius Clay Shirley. Kokomo, Ind. 
William Clark Shumway. 

Mexico, N. Y. 
Charles Sumner Smith. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
David Smith. Tarentum, Pa. 

Horace Greeley Smith. Emerson, O. 
William Cadid Smith. Delphi, Ind. 
Franklin Henry Squires. Mining. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Willet Backer Stickney. Live 
Stock. National Stock Yards, 111. 
Jacob Seymour Stimmel. 
John Clay Struble. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Arthur Hay Swarthout. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Levant Reuben Swift. Traveling 
Collector. St. Cloud, Minn. 

Leona R Taylor. (Mrs. John W. 
Lounsbury. ) Omaha, Neb. 

William Watson Tinkham. 
William Pin'EB Van Winkle. 

Howell, Mich. 
John Palestine Vaughan. Com- 
mercial adjuster. Dallas, Tex. 
Bazel Wells Veirs. 

179 Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
BuFFON Stewart Walker. Mgr. S. 
Des Moines Lumber Co. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
Edwin Wakd. 
Edwin Alonzo Warren. Vocalist. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Zadok Senter Washburn. 
tWALLACE Wesley Weatherly. 

Sturgis, Mich. 
Richard Sherman Wheeler. Farmer. 

Shelby, O. 

John Barcklow White. Bryan, O. 

Arthur Andrew Wilson. Convey- 
ancer, and Business Manager of Til- 
bury Times, Tilbury, Ont. 

Jambs French Winn, B.S. (Beth- 
any) '79. Winchester, Ky. 

Purl Greene De Witt Woodrufp. 
Cong, clergyman. Westville, Fla. 

Greenbury Wilson Allen. 

Portland, Ore. 
Robert Barnwell Allison. 

Lancaster, S. C. 
Edward Emil Anneke. Seaman U. 
S. S. Yosemite, 1898. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Henry Franklin Auten. 

Little Rock, Ark. 
John Huff Bain. Murphysboro, III. 
William W Baker. 

Walla Walla, Wash. 
•Frank Edwin Ballard, d. Findlay, 

O., July 10, 1892. 
Henry Fisher Barnard. 

Coronado Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Louis Frederic Bartels. 

Denver, Colo. 
Hector Baxter. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Singleton Bell. Clearfield, Pa. 

William Seward Bemis. 

Spencer, Iowa. 
Albert Outhwatte Blackwell. 

La Porte, Ter. 
Chester Gamber Blaine. 

Lyons, N. Y. 
Matthew Clay Bonney. 
George B Boone, A.B. (Oberlin) 79. 

Toledo, O. 
Charles Francis Bough. 

East Liverpool, O. 
Spencer A Bowes. Santa Ana, Cal. 
Harry Ellas Bradford. 

Palo Pinto, Tex. 
DwiGHT Chauncey Bbanoh. 
Marcy Kent Brown, a 80-81, LL.B. 
(Univ. of Iowa) '80. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Aaron Rutherford Bryan. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Isaiah Burrey. Sp<^cane, Wash. 

Charles Sumner Cairns, A.B. (Mus- 
kingum) 76, A.M. (ibid.) 79. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Robert Neil Campbell. 
Joseph Henry Chamberlin. 

170 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Ira Washington Christian, a 78-81. 

Noblesville, Ind. 




John Wesley Clarke. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Edwin Chables Clifford. Farmer. 

Northville, 8. Dak. 
Au BED Henrt Cobb. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
William Sceptimus Cobb. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Chauncey Ferris Cook, A.B. '79. 

Hillsdale, Mich. 
William Wilson Cook, A.B. *80. 

New York, N. Y. 
Philip Corbett. Asylum. 

Richmond, Ind. 
William Ebastus Crane. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
William Le Rot Crissman. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Ctrus Edgar Davis, A.B. (Indiana) 

'80. Bloomfield, Ind. 

ISAAG Newton Deck. Judge of 

County and Probate Court. 

Pond Creek, Okl. 
William Ira Drum. Topeka, Kan. 
*Asbuby Duglay, d. Bluffton, Ind., 

Aug. 4, 1891. 
Joe Lbonidas Elliott, banker. 

Middletown, Ind. 
Albert Milton Ensminger. Journal- 
ist. Bucyrus, 0. 
Thomas Jefferson Eveland. 

Mayville, Mich. 
Willis Henry Everett. Life Insur- 
ance. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
WiLLARD Carl Feld. Real Estate. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
•William Henry Fellows, d. Ful- 
ton, 111., May 24, 1892. 
Neil Byron Ferguson. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry Power Field, A.B. (Amherst) 

'80. Northampton, Mass. 

Thomas Geyer Fitch. Col. 2l8t 

Kan. Inf. 1898. Wichita, Kan. 

John Spencer Flanders. Editor and 

publisher. Sturgis, Mich. 

Frank Henry Foster. Topeka, Kan. 

David Spear Frackelton. 

Fenton, Mich. 
•Edwin Graham Frampton, d. Chi- 
cago, III., March 14, 1899. 
Jesse Adelbert Fbye. 

New Whatcom, Wash. 
Edward George. Rochester, Minn.. 
Henry Clay Gesford, LL.B. (Univ. 
of Iowa) '81. San Francisco, Cal. 
Fred Henry Gile. Scituate, Mass. 
Frank Howard Goodman. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Victor Michael Gore, B.S. (Black- 
burn) '80. Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Charles Lawrence Grannis. 

P. O. BIdg., Cincinnati, 0. 

Myron J Gub. Midland, Mich. 

Charles Sumner Guile, B.S. (Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '79. Bellaire, Mich. 

Nat Gunter, a 77-80. Planter. 

Gunter, Tex. 
Charles Homan Hamlin. 

Port Arthur, Teac 
Stephen Van Rensselaer Hayes. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
George Patterson Hopkins. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
William Banfux Hord. 

44 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Walter Shurts Horton, A.B. 
(Princeton) '80. Peoria, 111. 

Walter Henry Hughes. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Ormond Fremont Hunt, A.B. '81. 

Detroit, Mich. 
•Henry E. Jeffres, d. Luverne, 

Minn., Feb. 2, 1887. 
William Benjamin Johnson, A.B. 
(Ghent) '79. U. S. Diet. Atty, 

Ardmore, Ind. Ter. 
John Martin Kane. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Thomas Young Kayne. 

Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111. 
Thomas Joseph EIelly. Bookseller 
and stationer. St. Thomas, Ont. 

Peter Frank Koontz. 

Saint Louisville, O. 
Walter Joseph Lamson. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Johnson Hill Lane. 

McLeansboro, 111. 
Jeremiah Boyle Larimer. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Richard Briggs Latham. Mining. 

Joplin, Mo. 
Charles Gray Lawrence. 

St. Paul, Minn. 


72-73. Woodville, O. 

*Edwabd Bruce Lemmon, d. Duluth, 

Minn., June 12, 189C. 
De Witt Clinton Lewis, LL.B. 

(Univ. of Iowa) '81. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
George Ernest Lindsley. 

Mexico, N. Y. 
•Henry Ward MacArthur, d. El 

Paso, Tex., Aug. 24, 1894. 
*Gbor6E Comyn McCrone, d. Quincy, 

111., Nov. 20, 1896. 





Rockford, 111. 
Addison Guyeb McKean. Journalist. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Willabd McMahan. 

Hammond, Ind. 
Archibald Watson MgNauohton. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
William Patbick McOskeb. 

Elgin, 111. 
Fbedebick Albebt Mann. 

Rochester, N. Y. 
William Fbankun Mann. Civil En- 
gineer. Jerome, Ind. 
James Franklin Mann. 

Muncie, Ind. 

John Patbick Mann. Elgin, 111. 

Samuel Whlabd Maboebum, B.S. 

(Adrian) '80. Middletown, O. 

Edwabd Hobace Mabsh. 

Rockford, 111. 
Mebton Meekeb, B.S. (Hillsdale) '80, 
M.S. (ibid.) '83. York, Neb. 

David Henbt Mebceb, B.L. (Ne- 
braska) '80. Repr. from Nebraska 
in 63d and three succeeding Con- 
gresses (1893-1901.) Omaha, Neb. 
Oeobge Weaves Mebriman. 

Hartford, Mich. 

Louis Cobnelius Milleb. 

Marshall, Mich. 

Austin Mibes. Ellensburg, Wash. 

•William Habold Mubphy, d. Salt 
Lake City, Utah, Jan. 21, 1888. 

•John Alexandeb Mubbay, B.S. (Par- 
sons Coll.) '80, d. Nueva Topeka, 
Mex., July 29, 1894. 

Habvey Musseb, A.B. (Franklin and 
Marshall) '79. Akron, 0. 

Mason Jenks Niblack, a 78-79. 

Vincennes, Ind. 

Mark Nobris, Ph.B. '79. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Sheldon Parks, A.B. (West. Res.) 

'79. Cleveland, 0. 

•Elam Harvey Patterson, d. Shel- 
don, 111., Dec. 26, 1884. 

Joseph Robert Patton, Ph.B. (Univ. 
of the Pacific) '79. San Jos6, Cal. 

•William Franklin Paxton, d. near 
Areola, Miss., July 14, 1884. 

William Oscar Pealer. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Curtis Emerson Pierce, A.B. (Ohio 
Central Coll. ) '80. Bay City, Mich. 
Charles Lyman Pike. 
Edward Isaac Prickett. 

Edwardsville, 111. 

George Willits Pursel. 
Samuel Albert Ramsey. Member S. 
Dak. Const. (Convention, 1889; 
World's Fair Commissioner, 1893; 
Referee in Bankruptcy; Col. on 
Gov.'s Staff. Woonsocket, S. Dak. 
William Frederic Reed. Banker. 

Syracuse, Kan. 
Charles Stephen Reeves. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
James Waldbon Remick. U. S. At- 
torney for the District of New 
Hampshire, 1890-94. Littleton, N. H. 
Chables Geobob Renneb. 

Martinsville, Ind. 
Frank B. Richabds. 
Benjamin Fbankun Roach, A.B. 
(Central Univ.) '79. Judge of 
County Court 1896-. 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 
James Edwabd Bobbins. Lumberman. 

Westport, Pa. 

David Evan Robebts. (Dounty Judge 

since 1889. Superior, Wis. 

Willis Asa Rogers. Dental Supplies. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Charles Lutheb Rombeboeb. 

Dwight, ni. 
Bybon Newton Rooks. 
Eugene Lesteb Rooks. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
David Sanfobd. St. Paul, Minn. 

Otto Edwabd Sauteb. Judge of 7th 
Judicial Dist. of N. Dak., 1896- 
1901. Grafton, N. Dak. 

Robebt Theakeb Scott, B.S. (Mus- 
kingum) '79. Cambridge, O. 
George William Shabp. 

Millersburg, O. 
William Emmett Shephebo. 

Huron, O. 

Thomas David Shibket. Ironton, O. 

Thomas Wistab Shbeve, A.B. (West. 

Res.) '79. Martin's Ferry, O. 

♦Henry Smith Slauohteb, B.S. 

(Hanover) '80, A.M. (ibid.), d. 

Hamburg, Iowa, Feb. 14, 1894. 

Kenneh^h Russell Smoot, A.B. '79. 

Highland Park, 111. 
Frank Holcoicb Snyder. 

Portland, Ind. 
Zechariah Spitler. Real estate. 

Aberdeen, S. Dak. 
•Joseph Snowberoer Stayer, d. Bed- 
ford, Pa., Nov. 29, 1886. 
William Melvine Stephens. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
William Ward Sutton. Ottawa, O. 
George L Swain. Middletown, Ind. 




Almon Nicholas Taylor, a 78-80. 
Principal of Normal School. 

Flagstaff, Ariz. 
Charles Edward Temple, a 78-80. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Charles Fawcettt Teter. 

Philippi, W. Va. 
Cassius Thayer. Clerk. 

Qrand Rapids, Mich. 
Fred Thomas. 

John G Thompson. Assist. Att'y 
General U. S. 1897-. 

Washington, D. C. 
Edward Francis Tierney. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
•Samuel Clay Tiheiley, d. Napoleon, 

Ky., March 28, 1899. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson Twitchkll. 

Las Vegas, N. Mex. 
•Christopher Harrison Van Arman, 

d. Hastings, Mich., Jan. 12, 1890. 
John Thomas Walterhouse. 

Muncie, Ind. 
Frank Rutherford Warner. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Irvine Watson. 

Isaac Hill Webb. McLeansboro, 111. 
Ellswobth Ellebo Weir. 

La Porte, Ind. 

Charles Ransley Wheeler, a 78-79, 

A.B. (Hillsdale) '82, A.M. (ibid J 

'85. Muskogee, I. T. 

Orlando Winfield Whitelock. 

Huntington, Ind. 
Benjamin Elijah Williams, a 82- 
83. Albion, N. Y. 

James Oren Wilson. 
Charles Nelson Wood. Banker. 

Logan, Iowa. 
W' iLLiAM Robert Wood. 

La Fayette, Ind. 
Laura Anna Woodin. (Mrs. David 
W. Le Valley. ) Saginaw, Mich. 

Americus Hodge Woodward. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
William Andrew Wright. 

San Angelo, Tex. 
•Charles William Zane, d. San An- 
tonio, Texas, Sept. 9, 1889. 


•James Ransom Ads it, d. Traverse 

City, Mich., Feb. 10, 1892. 
William Guthrie Alexander. 

Denver, Colo. 
David Menzies Alston. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Belmont Anderson. 

Winona, Minn. 

Henry Andre Armstrong. 

Williamsport, N. Dak. 

Joseph Bailey. 

William Barrett. Pratt, Kan. 

Eluah Barton. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Samuel Willard Beakes, a 78-80. 
Editor. Ann Arbor. 

George Christian Beis. Probate 
Judge, 1891-95. Sandusky, 0. 

George Luther Bennett. Manufac- 
turer. Adrian, Mich. 

Louis Berka. Omaha, Neb. 

•John W Billmire, d. Monroe, Mich., 
Oct. 26, 1899. 

Samuel Cooper Blake. 

Savings Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Harlow Horace Bonniwell, B.L. 
(Minnesota) '81. Hutchinson, Minn. 

*Allen Douglas Boyer, d. Dolson, 
111., 1884. 

Thomas Henry Truro Bray, A.6. 
(Victoria Univ.) 75, A.M. (ibid.) 
78, LL.B. (ibid.) '83. 

Abraham Lincoln Brick. Repr. from 
Indiana in 56th and 57th C/on- 
gresses (1899-.) South Bend, Ind. 

George Francis Brownell, LL.B. 
(Albany) '82. 21 Cortland St., 

New York, N. Y. 

David Calvin Burrey. 

Temple Blk., Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Sorency Byram. 

Harrisonville, Mo. 

Hermon Abram Carmer, LL.M. (Na- 
tional Univ.) '88. 

Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Eugene Carmichael, a 89-90. Pub- 
lisher. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

*Newton Babe Carskadon, d. Kan- 
sas City, Mo., June 10, 1901. 

Le Roy Julius Chapman. School 
supplies. Seattle, Wash. 

Frank Jacobs Cheek, A.B. (CJentre 
Coll.) '76, A.M. (ibid.) 79. Presb. 
clergyman. Paris, Ky. 

William Radclitfe Clarke. 

Grand Ledge, Mich. 

Elliot John Clements. 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Jay Comstock. Cleveland, 0. 

Nathaniel Parrish Conrey, A.B. 
(De Pauw) '81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Cowing. 

John Robert Coyle. Shenandoah. Pa. 

Will Dickey Crosby, Ph.B. (Lafay- 
ette) '81. Phillipsburg, Pa. 




Hugh Dale. Q. M. S., U. S. A., 1898. 

Salesman. Kansas City, Mo. 

Watebs Davis. El Paso, Teoc. 

Albert De Camp, Ph.B. (Albion) '80. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Abthub Carteb Denison. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Gerbtt John Diekema, A.B. (Hope) 
'81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. 

Holland, Mich. 
Chables Sumneb Dodge. 

405 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Jebemiah Donahue, B.S. (Illinois 
Coll. ) '79. Editor. Decatur, 111. 
Peteb Leavens Dobland, A.B. (Al- 
bert Univ. ) . 
Oliveb Nobviel Downs. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
Edgab Hampton Eckert. With To- 
ledo Traction Co. Toledo, O. 
John Snydeb Evans, a 80-81. 

Coldwater, Mich. 
Chables Wesley Fbanklin. 

Denver, Colo. 
EzBA Haldemann Fbisby. 

Bethany, Mo. 
WiLLLAM Abmoub Gardneb. Capital- 
ist. Paducah, Ky. 
Edward Fuli^eb Giddings. Ann Arbor. 
Fbank Mobton Gilmobe, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth) '80. Elk Point, S. Dak. 
John Henby Grant, A.B. '82. 

Manistee, Mich. 
Edwin Stuart Grauel. 

Wick Blk., Cleveland, O. 

William Albert Griffith. With C. 

F. Adams Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Sutherland Gbimes, B.S. 

(Minnesota) '81. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Claus Jebemiah Gunderson. 

Hally Haight. Naperville, HI. 

William Washington Hannan, A.B. 

'80. Detroit, Mich. 

William Edmund Harrington, B.L. 

(Minnesota) '81. Banker. 

Hutchinson, Minn. 
John Whitfield Harris. 

Yellville, Ark. 
Henry Haskell. Clerk. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Isaac Walton Hassell. Railroad 

business. Lexington, Ky. 

•Austin Hawley, d. Girard, Kan., 

March 24, 1898. 
•John Francis Hayes, d. Fort Fet- 

terman, Wyo., Sept. 24, 1886. 
Edwabd Dingle Heabne, Ph.B. (Dela- 
ware Coll.) '80. Georgetown, Del. 
Patbick Henahan. Toledo, 0. 


Guthrie Centre, Iowa. 
Robert [Thompson] Hollowell. 

Danville, Ind. 
Henby Hallbck Hosmer. 

Nashville, 111. 
Frank Wilson Hull. With U. P. Ry. 

Denver, Colo. 
John Gilmeb Hutchison. 

Emporia, Kan. 
Champe Jameyson. Ry. Postal clerk. 

La Junta, Colo. 
William Louis Januaby. 

196 Avery Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
•Albert Westlake Johnston, Ph.B. 
(Cornell Coll.) '82, Ph.M. (ibid.) 
'85, d. Pierre, S. Dak., Oct. 3, 1892. 
Perry Maoee Keen. Pueblo, Colo. 
Arthur Keithley. Peoria, 111. 

Virgil Kenyon Kellogg. 

Watertown, N. Y. 
William Ansel Kinney. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Isaac Dickinson Laferty. Treas. 
Samuel M. Shimer Co. Cleveland, O. 
Frank Willis Lamey. 
Charles Lawyer. Jefferson, O. 

Frank Fuller Leland. lima, O. 
Charles August Lindbergh. 

Little Falls, Minn. 
Chables Edgebton Linton. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Harry Albert Logkwood. 

Monroe, Mich. 
Thomas Jefferson Logan. U. 8. 
Commissioner. Fort Wajme, Ind. 
Rawson Taft Lovell. Climax, Mich. 
David Rose Lusher. Peone, Wash. 
•Jebemiah Lynch, d. Detroit, Mich., 

Oct. 27, 1895. 
Thomas Jeffebson Lynch. Mer- 
chant. Ottawa, 111. 
Leman Aabon Lyon. 

Carson City, Mich. 
William Collett McCune, a 80-81. 
Real estate. Kokomo, Ind. 

Willis Abel McDowell. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Philip Richabd McKebnan. 

L'Anse, Mich. 

James Campbell McLaughlin, a 78- 

79. Muskegon, Mich. 

William Abmstbong Mabsh, A.B. 

(Univ. of the Pacific) 79. 

Grand Junction, Colo. 
Chables Obville Milles. 

Marshall, Mich. 
Jenneb Eugene Mobse. 

Saginaw, Mich. 




Edoab Eugene Moss, A.B. (Hillsdale) 
'81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Thebon Manlt Nesbitt. Ionia, Mich. 

Edward Thomas Noonan. Repr. from 

Illinois in 56th Cong. (1899-1901). 

Chicago, 111. 
Willis Emerson Noxon, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth) 77, A.M. (ibid.) '80. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
James Buchanan O'Connor. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Horace Mann Oren, A.B. *81. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Gibson David Packer. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Theodore Benedict Pape. 

Quincy, 111. 
Elmer Ward Park hurst. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
Sidney James Parsons. 

Wilcox Blk., LoB Angeles, Cal. 
*Martha Kellam Pearce, d. Chi- 
cago, 111., June 6, 1900. 
Isaac Pearson. In Dept. of Interior. 

Washington, D. C. 
Willis Barnes Perkins. Judge of 
17th Michigan Circuit, 1900-. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Edward Whitefield Peterson. 

San Diego, Cal. 
Leonidas T. Pilchard. 

Point Pleasant, W. Va. 
Marcus Pollasky. Detroit, Mich. 
Francis Henry Reqister, A.B. (La- 
fayette) '81, A.M. (iUd.) '84. 

Bismarck, N. Dak. 
Jacob Harlin Reioner. Canton, 0. 
•William Myron Reynolds, d. South 

Byron, Wis., Jan. 20, 1893. 
•Thomas Albion Roberson, B.S. ( St. 
Louis Univ.) '79, d. FUrth, Ger- 
many, Feh. 5, 1889. 
Frederick. Austin Robinson^ A.B. 
'82. Detroit, Mich. 

WooDFiN D Robinson, A.B. (Indiana) 
'79. Judge of Indiana Appellate 
Court 1897-. Princeton, Ind. 

Frank Elmer Robson, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll. ) '78. Detroit, Mich. 

Eugene Avery Roby. Furniture. 

1104 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Arthur Raymond Rood, Ph.M. '81. 

Grand Hapids, Mich. 
John Jay Ryan. Medina, N. Y. 

William Hines Savidge, B.S. (Min- 
nesota) '81. Boisfi, Idaho. 
William Ellsworth Schofield. 

Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Adolphus Hawxhubst Searing. 
County Judge since 1889. 

Auburn, N. Y. 
George Elmer Shaw. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Russell Easton Shepherd. 

Austin, Minn. 
Charles Moulton Sherman. 

95 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Frederick William Smith. 

Caas Lake, Minn. 

Michael Joseph Smith. Dairy and 

Food Dept. Lansing, Mich. 

William Snearer, M.D. ( Cleve. 

Homoeo.) '97. Physician. 

Cleveland, 0. 
•Herbert Montgomery Snow, a 79- 
80, d. Ypsilanti, Mich., Oct. 27, 
Charles Henry Stanley. 

Steele, N. Dak. 
Richard Schiller Steiner. 

Waterville, Wash. 
John Franklin Steward. 

Wheatland, Mich. 
Martha Helen Strickland. (Mrs. 
Sheldon C. Clark.) Lecturer. 

Denver, Colo. 
John Sinclair Tatt. Farmer. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 
Benjamin Franklin Taylor. 

Welcome, Minn. 

John Eugene Thomas. Belleville, 111. 

Morton Wright Thompson. County 

Judge since 1897. Danville, 111. 

•Frank Trussell, d. Milan, Mich., 

Oct. 14, 1897. 
William Tone Valentine. 

Winona, Minn. 
Alfred Robert Voss. Real estate and 
live stock. St. James, Minn. 

William Ogden Wallace. 

Shelbyville, 111. 
Frank G. Warden, B.S. (Denison) 
*80. Hotel Proprietor. Newark, 0. 
Dwiqht Glezen F. Warner. 
Edward Mansfield White. 

Munde, Ind. 
Elbert Clarence Wicks. Meriden,Ill. 
Andrew Jackson Williard. 

Homeworth, 0. 
Charles Moseman Wilson, Ph.B. 
'80. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Walter Smith Wixson. 

326 Indiana St., Chicago, 111. 
Frank H. Woodcock. 
Colin Wilson Wright. Monroe, Wis. 
Charles I York. Port Clinton, 0. 
Robert Young. Stimson Blk., 

(155) Los Angeles, Cal. 





Willis Joux Abbot, a 81-83. Au- 
thor and publisher. Ann Arbor. 
Leonard Algeb. Farmer. 

Birch Run, Mich. 

George McCluro Anderson. Probate 

Jugde since 1896. Akron, 0. 

Fred Holmes At wood. Presidential 

Elector 1892. Tacoma Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
George Washington Ayers. 

Adrian, Mich. 
Edward Mack Bailey. 

New Philadelphia, O. 
Herbert Wells Baird, Ph.B. (Buch- 
tel) 78. Cleveland, O. 

Harry Julius Baker. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Eben Clark Barton. 

Burlington, Mich. 
Philander Ephraim Berry. 

Bakersfield, Cal. 
Charles Willis Blake. Pharmacist. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Hugh Pierce Borden, a 80-82. Farmer. 

New Carlisle, Ind. 
William Howard Biustol. Farmer. 

Almont, Mich. 
John Holton Brown. Buffalo, N. Y. 
•Norman Buck, was killed at Lords- 
burg, N. Mex., June 21, 1888. 
Lincoln Eugene Buell. Assoc. State 
Secy. Y. M. C. A. Ann Arbor. 

Vernon Alvord Bullard. 

Burlington, Vt. 

William Henry Burgess, B.S.(Mich. 

Agr. Coll.) '81. Judge of Probate, 

1893-97. Sanilac Centre, Mich. 

Charles Elmus Buroker. 

Saint Paris, O. 
Eckstein Case. Secry. and Treas. of 
Case School. Cleveland, O. 

James Cavanaugh. Hotel Proprie- 
tor. Ottawa, Ont. 
George Hill Ciiaffin. Detroit, Mich. 
*Caius Adrian Chapman, d. Wood- 
ward, Okla., March 9, 1895. 
Preston Warren Charles. Stock- 
man. Fort Worth, Tex. 
Frank Herbert Clark. Windsor, Vt. 
Charles James Conlon. 

Atchison, Kan. 

John Considine. Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Freeman Cooling, A.B. (Be- 

loit) '82. Unity Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

William Franklin Costello. 

Maysville, Mo. 
George Jesman Cowing. Joliet, 111. 

John James Creiohton. Ubly, Mich. 
John Walsh D'Arcy. Joliet, 111. 

John C. Donnelly. 

65 Moffat Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Richard Millard Dott, a 81-82. 

Sioux City, Iowa. 
Edward Francis Duffy. 

437 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Thomas John Dundon, B.S. (Notre 
Dame) 73. Ishpeming, Mich. 

William Henry Eastman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Reuben Willets Edwards. 

Valparaiso, Chili. 
John Pratt Elkin, A.m. (Lafayette) 
'92. Atty. Gen. of Pa., 1899-. 

Indiana, Pa. 
*HoMER Clark Fancher, d. Phoenix, 

Ariz., June, 1900. 
George Washington Fowler. Farmer. 

North Yakima, Wash. 
Takanori Fujikawa. Public Pro- 
curator of Nagasaki Appeal Court. 
Muramatsumachi, Echigo, Japan. 
James Allen Fullenwider, B.S. (Il- 
linois Weal. ) '82. Fisher Bldg., 

Chicago, UL 
Lucius Willard Gosselin. 

Bjairstown, Iowa. 
•James Luther Greeley, d. Burling- 
ton, Mich., Jan. 27, 1885. 
John Andrew Guttery. 

Santa Barbara, Cal. 
William David Guttery. Physician. 

North Bend, Neb. 

•George Miller Hartman, d. Park 

Ridge, 111., Feb. 15, 1888. 
Frank Healy, A.B. (Minnesota) '82. 

City Attorney. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Hartley Eugene Hendrick. 

Middleville, Mich. 

John Callahan Hessian. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Lainie Higgs. 

Charles Pomeroy Hill. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

George Lemuel Hilliker, a 81-82. 

Manistee, Mioh. 
David Rudolph Hirschler. Book- 
seller. San Diego, Cal. 
Edwin Alexander Hogg, B.S. (Hills- 
dale) '81, M.S. (ibid J '84. 

Trenton, Neb. 

John Harry Holmes. Builder and 

contractor. Bay City, Mich. 

Paul Hutchinson, A.B. (Penn) '82, 

A.M. (ibid.) '85. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 




William Thomas Jamison. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
RiCKARD Habtwell Johnson, 6.L. 
(Minnesota) '82. Banker. 

Dickinson, N. Dak. 
Abthub Jones, B.S. (Mich.Agr. Coll.) 
'81. Muskegon, Mich. 

Thomas Calvin Jones. 

426 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Albert Laurens Joyce, A.B. (Bow- 

doin) '81. Merchant. May field, Cal. 

Henry Saint Julian. Maj. 6th Mo. 

Inf., 1898. Kansas City, Mo. 

Charles Watson Kellogg. 

1103 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Austin N Kimmis. Midland, Mich. 
James Henry Kinnane. 

Dowagiac, Mich. 
William Lawson. Kewanee, 111. 

Frank Bruce Leland, A.B. '82. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Benjamin Lindsay. Pierce, Neb. 

Thomas H. Lollee. Dennison, O. 

Charles William Long, m 85-86, 

M.D. (Univ. of 111.) '90. Physician. 

Denver, Colo. 
Charles Jay Lowrie. Cleveland, O. 
James Joseph McCarthy. 
James Lawrence McClear, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '82. 

Menominee, Mich. 
George B. McLane. 
Henry Symes Mahon, Ph.B. '82. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Jacob Manheim. 302 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 

•Enoch George Mauritzon, was 

drowned in Lake Michigan at South 

Chicago, Aug. 6, 1885. 
•James William Meiklejohn, d. 

New London, Wis., Dec. 3, 1899. 
Caleb Stabler Miller. 

1441 Binney St., Washington, D. C. 
Charles Wesley Miller. 

Groshen, Ind. 

Allen Mitchell. 
Charles Henry Mitchell. 
Edward Joseph Nadeau. 

Anaconda, Mon. 

•Frederick Folgier Ninde, d. Cam- 
den, Ind., Sept. 22, 1891. 
Francis Joseph O'Conner. 

Johnstown, Pa. 

Carroll Hathaway Parmelee, A.B. 

(Hiram) '81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. U. 

S. Commissioner. Buffalo, Wyo. 
John Wakeley Patchin- 

Traverse City, Mich. 

William Thomas Perkins, A.B. 
(Bates) '81. Gen. Auditor N. W. 
Commercial Co., at Seattle, Wash. 

Bismarck, N. Dak. 
Joseph Kirk Persons. Duluth, Minn. 
John Phelan. Ludington, Mich. 

Edward Wood Phelps. 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Arthur Lincoln Preston, A.B. ( Iowa 
Coll.) '83, A.M. (ibid J '86.- 

Avoca, Iowa. 
Jacob Tome Preston, a 81-82. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
•Harvey Abbam Price, B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '81, d. Detroit, Mich., 
March 8, 1888. 
Fred Reynolds, m 82-83. 

Duluth, Minn. 
IssiE Joseph Ringolsky, a 8-5-86. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Henry Hermann Rolapp. Judge of 
2d Dist. of Utah. Ogden, Utah. 

Edson Madison Rowley. 

Vancouver, Wash. 
Edmon D Sackett. New London, 0. 
Thomas Clovis Sawyer. Banker. 

McPherson, Kan. 

William Richard Sawyers, A.B. 

(Carson Coll.) '80, A.M. (ibid.) '82. 

Fort Worth, Tex. 
Bishop Hovey Schriber. 

Pioneer Press BIdg., St. Paul, Minn. 
William Weller Shearer. 
Leon M. Sherwood. Medina, N. Y. 
Edwin Thomas Smith, M.S. (Olivet) 
'91. Lakefield, Minn. 

Harry H Smith. 

New Richmond, Wis. 
Richard Washington Smith, a 80- 
81. Manistee, Mich. 

W^illiam Hamilton Spence. 

Lisbon, O. 
Henry Frederick Stapel. Editor. 

Rockport, Mo. 
•James Lewis Stewart, d. Louisa, 

Ky., July 18, 1884. 

Mark Alston Stiver. Walnut, III. 

William M Sturgeon. With the A. 

French Spring Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

David Hathaway Swaim. Publisher. 

Bluffton, Ind. 
•William Thomas Toy Swaim, d. 

Bluffton, Ind., Oct. 6, 1895. 
Homer Milton Swope, A.B. (Car- 
thage) '79, A.M. (ibidj '82. 

Quincy, 111. 
Edward Thomas Taylor. State Sen- 
ator, 1896-1901. 

Glen wood Springs, Colo. 




Nicholas Van Epp. 

James Franklin Van Voorhees. 

Chrisman, 111. 
George Henry Vauohan. 
William Hosea Vbset. RanchmaxL 

Winfred, S. Dak. 
Jesse Vickery. Bellevue, O. 

Leon Hazelton Wadsworth. Manu- 
facturer. Wellington, 0. 
Thomas Perkins Weir, B.S.( Purdue) 
'81. Teacher. Parkville, Mo. 
Zachariah Fletcher Wharton. 

Sacramento, Cal. 
♦Walter Adelbert White, d. New- 
port, Me., July 12, 1890. 
James Edgar Wilson, a 82-83. Repr. 
from Idaho in 64th and 56th Con- 
gresses (1895-97, 1899-1001). 

Bois^, Idaho. 
Frederick Bissell Wood, a 78-79. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
Samuel Kline Woodworth. 

Seneca, Kan. 
•Edgar Bruner Wright, d. Spring- 
field, 111., May 2, 1895. 
Richard Yates, A.B. (Illinois CJoll.) 
'80, A.M. (ibid.) '83. Governor of 
Illinois, 1901- Jacksonville, 111. 
John Hampden Yoell, A.B. (Santa 
Clara Coll.) '82. San Jos6, Cal. 

William Christian Yost. 

(134) Wooster,0. 

Lemuel M. Ackley, A.B. ( West Univ. 
of Pa.) 79. 59 Clark St., 

Chicago, 111. 
Harry Stoddard Ames, A.B. '83. 

Orange, Mass. 
Adrian Wilson Annes, Ph.B. (Kala- 
mazoo) '77. Windom, Minn. 
Henry Avant, A.B. (Rust Univ.) '81, 
A.M. (ibid.) '84. Helena, Ark. 
Eugene Nimrod Baer. 

New Castle, Pa. 
George Washington Barker. 

14aywood, ni. 
Walter Bascom, A.B. (Missouri) *81, 
LL.B. (ibid.) '82. Odessa, Mo. 

Charles Bechhoefeb. U. S. Commis- 
sioner. St. Paul, Minn. 
Whitney Craig Bbokwith, a 83-84. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Lawrence Frederick Bedford. 

Mexico City, Mex. 

Truman Thaddeus Bell. 

St. Paul, Neb. 
John W Bennehtt, A.B. *82. 

Ann Arbor. 

William Clarence Bicknell. County 
Judge since 1895. Morris, Minn. 
George Dandsl Blake. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Moses G BLoch. Toledo, O. 


St. Johns, Mich. 
John Harvey Brioham. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Joseph Alvarado Brubacher. 

Wichita, Kan. 
Nathaniel Lyons Bryan. Hotel 
manager. Gallipolis, 0. 

George Edward Budd. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Rousseau Angelus Burch. 

Salina, Kan. 
Frank Estil Burrouoh. Common 
Pleas Judge, 1897-1901. 

Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Milton Green Cage. 
Richard Vincent Callan. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
William Alexander Cant. Judge of 
Dist. Court, 1897-. Duluth, Minn. 
WiLKiE Waverley Chapman. 

Findlay, O. 

Henry Clothier. Alpena, Mich. 

Silas Cobb. A.B. (Central Univ.) '81, 

A.M. (ibid.) *86. Omaha, N*. 

George Churchill Cook. 

7251 Euclid Ave., Chicago, HI. 
John McMullan Core. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
Benjamin Franklin Cummings. 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 
Frank Henry Cutting. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Lyttleton Marion Day. 

Greensburg, Kan. 
Ezra Dean. Ironton, O. 

James Ren wick Dean. 

Broken Bow, Neb. 

♦Howard Washington Dickinson, d. 

Wheeling, W. Va., May 17, 1896. 
Franklin Mansfield Doane. 
WnxiAM Van Auker Doods, B.S. 
( Iowa Agr. Coll. ) *82. Grain dealer. 

Beatrice, Neb. 
George Henry Dole. Clergyman. 

Bath, Maine. 

Horace Benjamin Doughty. 

LangdoU; N. Dak. 

DoRON Stephenson Downing. 

Jefferson, O. 

Thomas Francis Drew. Mining. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Vincent Joseph Duncan. Ottawa, 111. 




WiNFiELD ScxxTT EssEX, LL.B. (Mis- 
souri) '82. Rockport, Mo. 


A.B. ( St. John's Coll. ) *83. 
John Wujliam Febdon. Lumberman. 

Hazelhurst, Wis. 
Uabbt Corwin Flovheb. Pres. Fidel- 
• ity Trust Co. Kansas City, Mo. 

William Edwabd Flynn. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
H Robebt Fowleb. Elizabethtown, 111. 
John Chbistian Fbank. Akron, O^ 
Walteb Alzeba Funk. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Mabt [Ann] Claba Geigus, a 82-83. 
(Mrs. Chester E. Coulter.) 

Ogden, Utah. 
Philip Gilbert. St. Paul, Minn. 

Fbank Maboellus Goddabd. 

Breckenridge, Colo. 
Joseph Fbanklin Greene. 

Uhrichsville, 0. 
RosGOE Clabk Gbifftth. Muncie, Ind. 
Richabd WnsT Gboom. Director of 
Music. Orchard Lake, Mich. 

Cabl Gbosse. Two Harbors, Minn. 
Henbt Hebmann Haines. 

Hamilton, O. 
NoBMAN Washington Haire,A.B.*80. 

Ironwood, Mich. 
James Lyon Hamill, A.B. ( Pa. State 
Coll.) '80, A.M. (ibid.) '86. 

Bellefontaine, Pa. 
David Dickebson Habgeb. 

Howell, Mich. 

Daniel [Melville] Habbison, a 82- 

83. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Galen Campbell Habtman, a 82-83. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Michael Fbancis Healy, LL.B. (No- 
tre Dame) '82. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
Fbanklin Piebce Hettinger. 

Hutchinson, Kan. 
James Hettinger. Hutchinson, Kan. 
Henry Benjamin Hill. 

Faribault, Minn. 
Joseph David Hill. Carpets. 

Denver, Colo. 
Hebbert Augustus Hodge, B.L. '82. 

Jackson, Mich. 
James Michael Holland. Farmer. 

Clare, Mich. 
Cassius Hollenbeck. Detroit, Mich. 
Ralph Randolph Horth. 

Grand Island, Neb. 
•William Garland Hughes, d. Kan- 
sas City, Kan., Sept. 20, 1886. 
Lewis Cass Hunt. Hardware and 
mining. Victor, Colo. 

William Ross Hutchinson, B.S. 
(Muskingum) '83. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Henry Wallace Ingersoll. 

Elyria, O. 
William Warren Irwin. Railroad- 
ing. El Paso, Tex. 
William Allen Stanley Keirstead, 
A.B. (Univ. of New Brunswick) '82. 

Superior, Wis. 
Henry Herbert Kennedy, A.M. 
(Iowa Coll.) *83. The Temple, 

Chicago, ni. 
Henry James Killilea. 

343 3d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Henry Lewis King. 

437 Grand St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bradford A Knight. Rockford, 111. 
Frank Roy Lander, Ph.B. (Baldwin 

Univ.) '83. 
Hiram S. Laney. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Calvin Leavitt. Danville, HI. 

* Jesse Ross Lee, d. Ida Grove, Iowa, 

Feb. 14, 1893. 
Elmer Nelson Leonard. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Wilmer Leonard. Fort Wayne, Ind. 
John Othello Licey. River Styx, 0. 
LoRiNG R. LooMis. The Albion, 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Thomas McEnerny. 

110 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
William McEniry. Rock Island, III. 
Charles Greer McIlvain. 

Monongahela, Pa. 
Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, 
A.B. '82. Ann Arbor. 

James McDonald McLennan, a 82- 
83. Ashland, Wis. 

John Alfred Magoon. Honolulu, H. I. 
•James Clarke Maltby, d. Minne- 
apolis, Kan., April 27, 1893. 
Adam Hetzler Meeker, a 80-81. 

Greenville, O. 
James Henry Moyle, a 82-83. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Elmer Els worth Mummert, A.M. 
( Ft. Wayne Coll. ) '89. Goshen, Ind. 
Charles Eugene Oliver. 

Rochester, Mich. 

David Curtiss Parker. 

Upper Sandusky, 0. 
Burton S. Parsons. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Harry Lewis Pierce. Music teacher. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Samuel J Platt, A.B. '83. 

Saginaw, Mich. 





William Harbison Roose. Toledo, 0. 
Duncan James Rose. 

Livingston, Mon. 
*Edward Adolphus Rosenthal, A.B. 

Chakles Gaston Ryan. 

Grand Island, Neb. 
Frank Sangster. Wabigoon, Ont. 
Otto Kessleb Sauer. 
Francis [Eldon] Slattery, a 82-83. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Charles Osmer Smedley. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Frank B Smith. Judge of 4th Judi- 
cial Circuit of S. Dak. since 1895. 

Mitchell, S. Dak. 
Osmond Hubert Smith. 

Harrisville, Mich. 
Samuel Henderson Smith. 

Baxter Springs, Kan. 
John Davis Spinney. Alma, Mich. 
Louis Alphonso Springer, a 82-83. 
Newspaper writer. 

62 West 9th St., New York, N. Y. 
•Charles Coburn Stevenson, d. 

Bois^, Idaho, Feb. 28, 1898. 
William Herbert Strickland, A.B. 
(Rust Univ.) '81, A.M. (ibid.) '84. 
Teacher. Pine Bluflf, Ark. 

*WiLLiAM Harvey Strong, d. Cleve- 
land, O., Dec. 16, 1892. 
Williamson Shaw Summers, B.S. 
(Iowa Agr. Coll.) '82. U. S. Atty. 
for Nebraska, 1899-. Omaha, Neb. 
William Grant Sutfin. Dundee, 111. 
Kadzu Tomo Takakashi. Journalist. 

Tokyo, Japan. 
Charles William Taylor. 

Leadville, Colo. 
Johnson Thurston, A.B. (Baldwin) 
'83. Toledo, O. 

Richard Hull Thurston. 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Thomas Jefferson Tooley, B.S. (Hes- 
perian) '83. 

George Damon Tu^nicliff. 

Macomb, 111. 

Thomas Van Buskirk. 

« Bloomfield, Ind. 

Waldemar Van Cott. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

John Burton Wallace. 
Eugene Alvin Woodward. 

Iron Mountain, Mich. 

*JoHN Sanford Wright, d. Dayton, 

Wash., Oct. 2, 1888. 
Clement Charles Yerkes. 

(136) Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 


Ralph Leonard Aldrich. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Michael Edward Ames. 

69 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Stanley Corwin Andrews. 

Conneaut, Q. 
Asahel George Avery. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Lincoln Avery, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) '82. Port Huron, Mich. 

Patrick Joseph Bannon. 

Portland, Ore. 
Archibald Mechlino Blakeley. 

206 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Franklin Lord Boyd, a 83-84. 

125 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
George Andrew Callinan Brady. 
John Irwin Breck, B.S. (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) '84. Jackson, Mich. 

Noah Harrison Browning. 

Hudson, N. Y. 
William Henry Brunson. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
•Lettie Lavilla Burlingame, d. 

Joliet, 111., Dec. 12, 1890. 
Charles Henry Carlson. 

Placerville, Cal. 
Louis Grant Carpenter. Press Club. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
John Wharton Clark, A.B. (Iowa 
Coll. ) '84. Washington, D. C. 

William Millian Clary. 

Nebraska City, Neb. 
James Albert Crawford. 
George Boyer Creveling. Advertis- 
ing Agent of Medical Record. 

203 W. 91st St., New York, N. Y. 
James Edmund Cross. 

1406 Millard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Alfred Owen Crozier. Stocks and 

Bonds. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

George Zophar Dimmitt, A.B. 

(Centre Coll.) '84. Denver, Colo. 

Alpheus Edwin Doe, a 82-84. U. S. 

Commissioner. Stillwater, Minn. 

Charles Dresbach. Circleville, O. 

Benjamin Woodbury Driggs. 

Driggs, Idaho. 

Charles Henry Dudley, C.E. (Cor- 
nell Coll.) '84. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Francis Edward Durning. 

Minden City, Mich. 

John Myers Edgerton. 

Negaunee, Mich. 

Robert Emory Evans. 




Alfred Wallingfobd Farbab. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
John Adam Gallup, A.B. (Olivet) 
'84. Pomona, Cal. 

Leonard Burtin Gardner. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Edwin Clendenin Garrigues, a 81~ 
82. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Henrt Clarke Gilbekt. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Joseph Buckner Gill. Lieut. Gov. 
of Illinois, 1892-6. Lumber busi- 
ness. San Bernardino, Cal. 
John Wesley Gillespie. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Delbert James Haff, A.B. '84. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
William Henri Haggertt, Ph.B. 
(Hillsdale) '81, Ph.M. (ibid.) '84. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
*Charles Brook Hamble, d. Holton, 

Kan., June 16, 18»4. 
James William Hamilton. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Elias Napoleon Hartman, a 82-84. 
Thomas Davis Healy. 

Fort Dodge, la. 
Ambrose Edoel Helmick, a R2-84. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
George Everard Hibner. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Francis Grant Higgins. Lieut. Gov. 
of Montana. Butte, Mon. 

Edward Everett Hogg. 

Booneville, Ky. 
Frank Lingle Hooper. 

Watseka, III. 

Frank M Hostetter. Ry. Postal 
Clerk. South Bend, Ind. 

Jacob Warren Houder. With Head 
Clerk of Modern Woodmen of Amer- 
ica. Rock Island, 111. 

* Edward Everett Hull, d. Flagstaff, 
Ariz., July 7, 1894. 

Charles Mark Humphrey. 

Ironwood, Mich. 

Isaac Newton Huntsberger, A.B. 
(Wooster) '82, A.M. (ihid.) '85. 

Toledo, 0. 

Yasnoskeh Ishu. 

Fukuyama, Binpo, Japan. 
James Gladstone Jolly. B.C.L. ( Mc- 
Gill) '85. Rockburn, P. Q. 

WiNTHROP Reed Kendall, a 86-87. 

Oak Park, 111. 

Charles Henry Kline, a 85-87. 
Milton Kraus. Peru, Ind. 

Jason Gordon Lamison. Lima, 0. 

James Marshall Lawson, A.B. 
(Princeton) '84, A.M. (ihid.) '87. 

Aberdeen, S. Dak. 
Roger Miller Lee. Cleveland, O. 

Frank Nathaniel Lufkin, A.B. '84. 

Mexico City, Mex. 
George Alexander Lukehart. 

Du Bois, Pa. 
Harry Silvis Lydick. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Archibald McDonald, a 
83-84. Lumberman. 

Seattle, Wash. 
John Webster McKenzie. Electri- 
cian. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Alonzo B MoMillen. 

Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
James McNamara. Alpena, Mich. 
Tom Henry McNeil, A.B. '85. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
William Lewis Marquardt. 

Port Angeles, Wash. 
James Charles Martin, A.B. '84. 

Chicago, 111. 

Norman Thickstun Mason, A3. 

(Cornell Coll.) '83, A.M. (iUd.) '86. 

Deadwood, S. Dak. 
William Luther Mason. 
Calvin Dexter May, Ph.B. '84. 
Banker. Clinton, Iowa. 

William Arthur Frank May. 

Dardanelle, Ark. 
Walter Scott Meeker. 

Greenville, O. 
Henry David Mertthew. Ann Arbor. 
Mary Merrill. 

908 E. 11th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Charles Frederick Miller. 
Edward Charles Miller. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Volney Miller. Business. 

Union City, Ind. 

John T Moffttt, A.B. (Cornell Coll.) 

'84, A.M. (iUd.) '87. Maj. and 

Lieut. Col. 50th Iowa Inf. 1898; 

State Senator, 1900-. 

Tipton, Iowa. 
George Ladd Munn, A.B. (Rochester) 
'83. Seattle, Wash. 

Henry William Nieman, a 83-84. 

Elmore, 0. 
•Robert Allen Nye, d. Winamac, 

Ind., Jan. 25, 1894. 
RoLLO Blakesly Oglesbee, a 78-80. 
1st Lieut. U. S. Signal Corps, 1898. 

Plymouth, Ind. 
John Michael Opsahl, a 82-84. 

Menominee, Mich. 
William Claiborne Overton. 

Kokomo, Ind. 




*Chables Edward Peele, d. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Nov. 22, 1889. 
RupoBT Tarpley Pickens, A.B. (Yad- 
kin Coll. ) 78. Lexington, N. C. 
Gbobge Gay Prewitt. Farmer. 

Richmond, Ky. 
Henry Saint Rayneb. Portland, Ore. 
Charles Matloche Rice. 

Bentonville, Ark. 
Granville Addison Richardson. 

Roswell, N. Mex. 
John Charles Richter, a 83-84. 
Circuit Judge, 1898-. La Porte, Ind. 
James Robinson Scouton. 

Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Kelly Stephen Searl. 

Ithaca, Mich. 
Charles Edward Servis. 

La Crosse, Wis. 
John Clarence Shaw, a 82-84. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Frederick Bemister Shepherd. 

Oswego, N. Y. 

Allen Shewmon. Kokomo, Ind. 

Benjamin Franklin Shively. Repr. 

from Indiana in the 50th, 51st, and 

52d Congresses (1887-93). 

South Bend, Ind. 
Brown Sylvester Smith. 
Ezra Lawson Smith. St. Johns, Mich. 
James Gabriel Smith, A.B.( Kansas) 
'83. Kansas City, Mo. 

William James Spears. 

Vassar, Mich. 
Marlin Bingham Stephens. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Joseph Henderson Stewart. 
1012 R. St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
John Emmett Sullivan, A.B. (De- 
troit) '84. Detroit, Mich. 
William Harvey Talcott. 

Ox Bow, Mich. 

Oris Columbus Tarpennino. County 

Judge, 1888-92. Wahoo, Neb. 

Zebulon Vance Walser A.B, (North 

Carolina) '84. Atty. General of 

North Carolina, 1896-1900. 

Raleigh, N. C. 
William Worth Wendell. 

Ontonagon, Mich. 
Thomas Burchard White. Judge of 
Probate, 1897-1901. 

Escanaba, Mich. 
Augustus W. Wolfe. 

Gladstone, Mich. 
Arthur Creighton Wright. Hard- 
ware merchant. 

34 Wabash Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Francis Wright. Probate Judge, 
1901-. McBain, Mich. 



Thomas Adams, a 87-88. 

Salt Lake City, Uteh. 
Cassius Alexander. 

Grand Ledge, Mich. 
George Butler Andrews. 

79 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
*Georoe Edgar Arbury, d. Durand, 

Mich., July 13, 1901. 
•Reuben Ensign Babcock, d. Willis- 
ton, Ohio, July 10, 1889. 
Hiram Hubbard Bacon. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Charles Nathan Banks, a 83-85. 
•John David Barkalow, d. Fort 

Scott, Kan., July, 1888. 
John Grant Barnes. Seattle, Wash. 
William Alexander Barnes. 

187 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
•John Daniel Barry, d. Ironwood, 

Mich., April 20, 1898. 
Richard Martello Bates, B.S. ( Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '85. Farmer. 

Hastings, Mich. 
Edward Davison Black. 

Flint, Hfich. 
Franklin Pierce Blackman, A.B. 
*85. Chicago, 111. 

George Morton Bleecker. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Charles Blanchard Boyce. Clerk of 
Dist. Court, since 1889. 

Gardner, Mass. 
•James Walter Brannum, d. Clin- 
ton, Mo., Jan. 8, 1896. 
Elmer Eixsworth Brooks, A.B. 
( West. Res. ) '85. Cleveland, O. 

Edwin Newton Brown, A.B. '83. 

Jonesville, Mich. 
George Fawcett Brown. Flint, Mich. 
John Brown. Cleveland, O. 

William Ellis Brown. 

Lapeer, Mich. 
George Brinton McClellan Bubd. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
WoLCOTT Hackley Butler, Ph.B. '91. 

Ann Arbor. 
Clinton Lee Caldwell. 

Chemical Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Daniel Fisher Campbell. 

Fort Scott, Kan. 
William Owens Campbell. 

Hamilton, O. 
•Charles Lunt Carter, a 85-86, d. 
Honolulu, H. I., Jan. 7, 1895. 




Howard Williamson Cavanaoh. 

Homer, Mich. 
William Clinton Chadwick. 

Hillsdale, Mich. 
Chables Shebwin Chase. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Fred Ives Chichester. Banker. 

Allegan, Mich. 
William Alexander Clark. 

Virginia City, Mon. 
Anton Henry Classen, a 87-88. 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 
John Quincy Cline. 

Huntington, Ind. 
Harry Godfrey Clock. Islip, N. Y. 
John Francis Connor. 

Mount Morris, N. Y. 
Oliver James Cook. St. Paul, Minn. 
Edwin [A.] Corbin. New York, N. Y. 
John Clinton Coveney. Farmer. 

Buchanan, Mich. 
•Edward Leverett Curtis, d. Bois^, 

City, Idaho, Jan. 9, 1890. 
Webster William Davis. Assist. 
Secr'y of the Interior, 1897-1900. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

William David Davis. Kokomo, Ind. 

Corinne Williams Douglas. (Mrs. 

Hamilton Douglas. ) Atlanta, Ga. 

[Henry] Hamilton Douglas, Ph.B. 

(Wooster) '83, Ph.M. (ibid.) '86. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Frank Edward Duncan. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
George Dysart. Centralia, Wash. 
Albert Danner Elliot, A.B. ( Frank- 
lin and Marshall) '81, A.B. (Har- 
vard) '82, A.M. (Franklin and 
Marshall) *84. Acting Gov. of 
Alaska, 1898. Washington, D. C. 
Byron Ransom Erskine. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

John Alaric Fairchild, A.B. (Univ. 

of the Pacific) '84. San Jos^, Cal. 

Lucius Matlock Fall, B.S. (Otter- 

bein) '83. Hutchinson, Kan. 

Leonard Sumner Ferry, A.B. (De 

Pauw) '86, A. M. {ibidj '91. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Jay Elisha Gladding. 

Rock Creek, 0. 
Joseph Montgomery Glasgow. 

Seattle. Wash. 
•Oliver Anson Goss, d. Bangor, 

Mich., July 8, 1891. 
Louis Edward Gossman, B.L. '90. 

Crookston, Minn. 
•William Emory Gross, d. Kensing- 
ton, Ohio, May 2, 1889. 

Wilfred Rudesill Guy. 

San Diego, CaL 
Bayard Taylor Hainer, B.S. (Iowa 
Agr. Coll.) '84. Asso. Justice Okla- 
homa Supreme Court since 1898. 

Perry, Okl. 
Grant Earl Halderman. 

Longmont, Colo. 
James Preston Hall. 
James Grant Hays, A.B. '86. 

Swissvale, Pa. 
Samuel Franklin Henderson. 
Charles Gilbert Hinds. 

Shakopee, Minn. 
Oscar James Hood. Lansing, Mich. 
Clinton Woodbury Howard. 

New Whatcom, Wash. 
Joseph Henry Ingwersen. Banker. 

Clinton, Iowa. 
William Jefferson Inman. Mer- 
chant and manufacturer. 

Rainier, Wash. 
•Kakutaro Itaya, a 87-88, d. Kuma- 

moto, Japan, 1892. 
Fred William Job, Ph.B. '85. 

Chicago, 111. 
Adna Romulus Johnson. 

Ironton, O. 
Thomas D Kearney. Ann Arbor. 

Austin McCreary Keene. 

Fort bcott, Kan. 
Frank Herman Kennedy. 

Oakdale, Pa. 

William Henry King. Repr. from 

Utah in 55th and 56th Congresses 

(1897-1901). Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Charles Willibald Kuhne. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Charles Carney Lee. 

Charleston, 111. 
James Leazure Loar. 

Bloomington, 111. 
Charles Albert Loomis. 

Chillicothe, Mo. 
Ubald Loranger. Bay CJity, Mich. 
Austin Clark Loveland. Farmer. 

Bonsall, Cal. 
Albert Hurd Lowman. 

298 12th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Oscar Charles Lungerhausen. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
William Culp McEldowney. 

433 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Wilson McNair. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Charles Robert Mains. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
George Culley Manly, A.M. (post- 
grad.) '87. Denver, Colo. 




*AsA Edson Mattice, Ph.B. (Aloion) 
'91, killed by a falling tree near 
Concord, Mich., March 21, 1900. 
James David Mat. Detroit, Mich. 
Rebexx;a Mat. Teacher. 

Larned, Kan. 
Charles Wabben I^Iilleb. 

Portland, Ore. 
Elmeb Ellswobth Mit.t.eb. 
William Henbt Mohbmann. 

Waukegan, 111. 
[Florence] Fbank C. Mobiartt. 

60 McGraw Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Tadao Nakamuba. Tokushima, Japan. 
DuRBiN Newton. Detroit, Mich. 

Edmund Cone Xordtke. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Francis Joseph 0*Brien. Peoria, 111. 
Ellsworth E Otis. Akron, O. 

James Beattt Owens. 

GreenBburg, Pa. 
Frank Sparrow Parker, a 80-81. 

Marine City, Mich. 
Thomas J Peach, B.S. '85. 

Laurium, Mich. 
Edwin Deppen Peifer, A.B. '86. 

Chicago, 111. 
Edward Fitch Pettis. Lincoln, Neb. 
Jat Eugene Pickard. Perry, Okl. 

Charles Sl^mner Pierce. 

Oscoda, Mich. 
Frank Alvin Rasch, a 84-85. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Louis Oliver Rasch. Judge of Su- 
perior Court. Evansville, Ind. 
Charles Reed, a 79-80, B.S. (Cornell) 

James Edgar Ricketts. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles Perry Roberts. 

Whatcom, Wash. 
Absalom Rosenbebgek, A.B. (Earl- 
ham) '76. Pres. of Penn College 
since 1890. Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

•Frank Henry Rutter, m 82-83, d. 

Romulus, Mich., July 22, 1894. 
George Washington Saulsberry. 

Middlesboro, Ky. 
James Newton Saunders. 

Stanford, Ky. 

Edward Jay Scofield. 

Elbow Lake, Minn. 
John Vincent Sheehan. Bookseller. 

Ann Arbor. 
Timothy Daniel Sheehan. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Francis Giles Shumway. Banker. 

Chatfield, Minn. 

Samuel Ira Slade. MuBician. 

278 Park Place, Detroit, Mich. 
*Charles Milton Smith, d. in Texas, 

Henry Isaac Smith. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Welcome Johnston Smith. 

Winona, Minn. 
Frederick Waeir Stevens. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Wesley Mayo Stewart. U. S. 
Commissioner. Ashland, Ky. 

Charles McCleixan Strickler. 

Lancaster, O. 
Lyman Beecheb Sullivan. 

Peru, Ind, 
Elvin Swarthout, Ph.M.( post-grad.) 
'87. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Jacob Bowman Swettzeb. 

842 Beech Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 
Habvey Tappan. Yale, Mich. 

Obla Benedict Taylob, A.B. *86. 

Detroit, Mich: 
Sidney Stockton Taylob. Queen*8 
Counsel. Nelson, B. C. 

•Waltis Augustus Thieme, d. Cleve- 
land, O., Sept. 22, 1897. 
Albebt Mabtin Thomas. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Isaac Samuel Thompson. 

Nome, Alaska. 
Carl Andbew Wagneb. Capt. 33d 
Mich. Inf. 1898. Police Justice. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
William Edward Walsh. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Henry Ward. Portland, Ore. 
Francis Louis Weaver, Ph.B. '86. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Frank Wells. Seneca, Kan. 

James Henry Wendorff. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
•Ernest Willard Whipple, d. 

Friendship, N. Y., May 8, 1891. 
John Jefferson Whitacre. 

Canton, O. 

Avery Claborn White, A.B. (San 

Joaquin Valley Coll.) 85, A.M. 

(ihidj *88. Stockton, Cal. 

Fbederick Pattebson Whiteley. 

Findlay, O. 
Mary Collins Whiting. ( Mrs. Ralph 
C. Whiting.) Ann Arbor. 

William Tyre Whittington. 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Levi Peet Wilcox, B.L. '85. 

Chicago, ni. 
Margaret Lyons Wilcox, A.B. '85. 

Chicago, 111. 




Lytle Wilkinson. 

•George Rodden Willard, d. Chicago, 

111., Sept. 22, 1808. 
Otis Andrew Williams. 

Neligh, Neb. 
Charles Bramble Wilmot. 

Gladwin, Mich. 
Emmet Daniel Wiltse. Farmer. 

(154) Byron, Mich. 


Charles Alling, A.B. (Hanover) *85, 
A.M. (ibid.) '89. 

Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Sumner Simpson Anderson. County 
and Probate Judge, 1894-98. 

Charleston, 111. 
John Allen Bagley. 

Montpelier, Idaho. 
William Weller Baylor. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Norman James Beane. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Henry Clay Beitler. 

120 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Edward Bell. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Lee Benedict, Ph.B.(De Pauw) 
'87. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Harvey Lee Benschoten. 

Belding, Mich. 
Thomas Ashford Bogle. (See Facul- 
ties, p. 15.) Ann Arbor. 
Daniel Robert Burke. Ottawa, 111. 
Thomas Glashan Campbell, A.B. 
(Toronto) '83. Gladwin, Mich. 
Thomas Capek. 

300 E. 72d St., New York, N. Y. 
Frederic Cavanagh. Marshall, Mich. 
Charles Upham Champion, a 85-86. 

Cold water, Mich. 
Addison Braden Clark, a 84-85. 

Frankfort, Ind. 
Elmer Els worth Clark. Banker. 

Hamilton, Mo. 
Russell Smith Clark. 

Chamb. of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 
Robert Fremont Clever. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Harrison Dygert Cole. 

Clayton, N. Y. 
James Thomas Cooley. 

De Smet, S. Dak. 
Allen Foster Cooper. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
William Francis Crockett. 

Montgomery, Ala. 
LoDowicK Fitch Crofoot. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Daniel Devine Cunningham, M.D. 
'92. Physician. Coldwater, Mich. 
Oliver M Cunningham. City Attor- 
ney. South Bend, Ind. 
Charles Brookman Cushman, B.S. 

(Knox) '86. 
Peter John Danhoff. 

Grand Haven, Mich. 
C*lyde C. Dawson. Caiion City, Colo. 
David Barnes Day. Canton, 0. 

David Brown Decker, a 83-86. 
Banker. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

Lewis Lincoln Dennett, A.B. (Univ. 
of the Pacific) '86. Modesto, Cal. 
Lee De Vries, A.B. (San Joaquin 
Valley Coll.) '86. Seattle, Wash. 
Marion De Vries, Ph.B. (San Joa- 
quin Valley Coll.) '86. Repr. from 
California in the 55th and 66th Con- 
gresses (1897-1901). 

Stockton, Cal. 
William Pitt Dewey, a 85-86. 

290 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
John Duff. Oak Harbor, 0. 

John Herbert Duffie. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Clarendon Bennett Eyer. 

Evanston, 111. 
Matthew Hale Finn. Detroit, Mich. 
Alfred Stillman Frost. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
William ^^impson Frost. Broker. 

Bristol, Tenn. 
Jacob Burger Furry. Topeka, Kan. 
George Harvy Gable. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

William Cornelius Gallagher. 

Peter J Galle. McPherson, Kan. 

Perley Francis Gosbey, A.B. (Univ. 

of the Pacific) '80, A.M. (iUd.) '83. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
Franklin Israel Gosser. 

411 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Henry James Grannis, A.B. (Min- 
nesota) '86. Duluth, Minn. 
Austin Edwards Griffiths. 

Seattle, Wash. Leslie Hagerthy. 

Andover, S. Dak. 
Edmon Grant Hall. Fowler, Ind. 
Theodore Daniel Halpin. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

William DeZeng Heise. Joliet, 111. 

John Maurice Herbert. Presidential 

Elector, 1900. Murphysboro, 111. 

Hardin Helm Herr. Ivouisville, Ky. 

Edward Charles Higgins. Professor 

of Law in Lake Forest Univ., 1895-. 

59 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 




Almeda Eliza Hitchcock. Hilo, H. I. 
Ralph Whidden Hobart. 
Michael Henry Hoey. 

6601 Yale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Howley, a 88-89. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
William August Huneke, A.B. (Ger- 
man Wallace Coll. ) '86. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Charles Montgomery Irwin. 

Wichita, Kan. 
Ernest Herndon Jackson. Teacher. 

Greenleaf, Kan. 
Alexander Johnson. 

Salt Lake aty, Utah. 
Henry Zacharias Johnson. * 

BoisC', Idaho. 
William Lemuel Joyce. Paola, Kan. 
Edward Henry Kennedy. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Patrick Kirk. Maj. 3 1st Mich. 
Inf., 1898. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Elmer Kirkby. Jackson, Mich. 

Frank Herbert Knapp, A.B. (Acadia 
Coll.). Dawson City, B. C. 

Ellery Elmer Kribbs. 
♦Peter John Lehman, d. Ann Arbor, 

Oct. 4, 1901. 
James Thomas Locke. 

Cafion City, Colo. 
William Osbert Lowden. 

St. John, N. Dak. 
Vincent Sn.As Lumley. 

Woodstock, 111. 
Fred Hamlin McDermont. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Michael Edward McEnany, Ph.B. 

'87. Tenana, Alaska. 

Matthew James McEniry, B.S. 

(Notre Dame) *81. Moline, 111. 

Oscar Beaufort McGlasson. 

23 Market St., Chicago, 111. 
JosiAH Slutts McKean. Graduate 
of the U. S. Naval Academy, 1884. 
Lieut. U. S. Navy. 

Washington, D. C. 
Francis McNulty. Sioux City, Iowa. 
Ulysses Grant Martin. Bookkeeper, 
with Mich. Telephone Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
George Hamilton Mason. 
Frank ^Ialvern Mather. 

Hartford, Conn. 
Yasukuni Matsudaira. 

Tokyo, Japan. 
John Barton Mecham. Prof, in Chi- 
cago Law School. Joliet, 111. 
Benton Middlekauff. 

Baltimore, Md. 

*Warrew French Mills, B.L. '90. 
Byron Clyde Mitchner. 

St. Mary's, Kan. 
Chilton Monroe. Dallas, Tex. 

Frank Latham Moore. 

Moscow, Idaho. 

William Hickman Moore. Judge of 

Superior Court of Wash. 1897-1901. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Hugh Coventry Morris, A.B. (Al- 
bion) '85. Mar lette, Mich. 
•Daniel Lawrence Morrison, d. 

Springfield, Neb., June 17, 1894. 
Henry Mervale Morrow, a 82-83, 
84-85. Lieut. 32d U. S. Inf. 1900. 

Omaha, Neb. 
John William Mowen. Lima, 0. 
August Edward Muenter. 

Lathrop, Cal. 
John Allen Murphy. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Monreith Murphy. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles Solomon Northup, a 88-89. 

Toledo, O. 
Charles Vincent O'Connor. 

Victor, Colo. 
Frederick Clayton Olney. 

Wakefield, R. I. 
Wilbur Owen, B.S. (CoeColl.) '86. 

Sioux City, Iowa. 
Horace Mann Paget. 

Fort Smith, Ark. 
William Lewis Parmenter. 

Lima, 0. 
Newton Austin Phelps. Farmer. 

Llewellyn, Ore. 
•Samuel Lawrence Philbrick, d. 
Watrousville, Mich., Feb. 18, 1892. 
Robert Frank Porter. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Wilbur Byron Reading. 

Whiting, Ind. 
James Marion Reed. Mansfield, 0. 
Alexander Frederick Reichmann. 

2155 Clarendon Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Frederick Remy, A.B. 

(Franklin) '86, A.M. (ibid, J '89. 

Reporter of Indiana Supreme Court, 

1897-. Indianapolis, Ind. 


William Henry Rote. 

221 Cass St., Detroit, Mich. 
John Rezin Sapp. Galena, Kan. 

William Devore Scott. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Charles McCorn Simpson, a 85-86. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Wiley Edward SoRelle. 

Denver, Colo. 




Gboboe Boubdillon Stewart. 

Fort Madison, Iowa. 
Amzi Wood Strong. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
William 1<banz-Struckmann. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
♦Kiyotoshi Sugimoto, d. Kochi Tosa, 

Japan, 1891. 
Jesse Taber, A.B. (Wabash) *85. 

Logansport, Ind. 
Alonzo Solon Thomas, m 84-85, 
M.D. (Rush) '86. Teacher. 

Ansonia, O. 
Alexander Rankin Thompson. Stock- 
man. The Dalles, Ore. 
Charles William Thomson. Salt 
manufacturer. St. Clair, Mich. 
Cyril M Tifft. Glencoe, Minn. 
Mfrrtt.t. C Tifft. Judge of Probate 
since 1891. Glencoe, Minn. 
Benjamin Johnston Tillai:, A.B. 
(Ark. Indust. Univ.) '86. 

Fort Worth, Tex. 
Tracy Lay Towner. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Fred Towiwend. Albia, Iowa. 

Bap. Cfi.) '86, M.S. (ihidj '90. 

Bolivar, Mo. 
Leander Theodore Turner. 

Seattle, Wash. 
William Harvey Turner, a 85-86. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Mark Dayton Norfolk, Neb. 
John Quinct Van Swearingen. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
Meade Vestal. Noblesville, Ind. 

Ernst Ludwio von Suessmilch. 

Delavan, Wis. 

Theodosius Wade. Fcnnville. Mich. 

Price Donner West, A.B. (De Pauw) 

'85. Auburn, Ind. 

Nicholas Patrick Whelan. 

Cleveland, O. 

QabdjCer Knight Welder. Circuit 

Judge. Hilo, Hawaii. H. T. 

Mn.TON MnxARD Wildman. County 

Judge since 1896. York, Neb. 

Harvey Arlando Wilkinson. 

Havre, Mon. 
Henry Sigismund Woolner. 

Peoria, 111. 
George Bassett Yerker. 

(146) Detroit, Mich. 


Thomas Jay Adams. 

Grand Blanc, Mich. 
William Grant Adams, a 84-86. 

Oak Park, HI. 

Armand Albrecht. St. Paul, Minn. 
James Douglas Armstrong. 

506 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
James Jaquess Ashworth. 

Mattoon, 111. 
Robert McLaren Barnes. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lloyd Warfield Bassett. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Carl Louis Baumann. Dayton, O. 

Vincent Earle Bayless. 

Raymond Walter Beach, B.S. (Civ. 

Eng.) '86. Chicago, 111. 

Abraham Benedict. Capt. U. S. V. 

1898. Rochester, N. Y. 

Franklin Bennett. Detroit, Mich. 

William Blincoe. Guthrie, Okl. 

Louis Claire Boyle, a 85-87. Atty. 

General of Kansas, 1896-98. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Lincoln Ellison Bradt. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Arthur Wolfe Brady, A.B. (Y^ale) 
'87. Muncie, Ind. 

Fordyce Wiswell Briqgs. 

Greenville, Mich. 
Frederick Anson Brown. 

Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Anderson Burton. Mer- 
chant. Hastings, Mich. 
Joseph Beatty Burtt, A.B. '88. 

Chicago, 111. 
Robert Milligan Carothers. Judge 
of Probate, 1891-1901. 

Grand Forks, N. Dak. 
Henry Manson Carr. 

Pauls Valley, Ind. Ter. 
Silver Chaney. Sullivan, Ind. 

Charles Cameron Chappelear. 

Circleville, O. 
Luke Henry Cheney, A.B. (Ne- 
braska) *87. Stockville, Neb. 
James Alexander Chiles, A.B. (Lin- 
coln Univ.) '87, A.M. (ibid.) '90. 

Lexington, Ky. 
James Hannibal Clancy. 

Escanaba, Mich. 
*Peter Daniel Connolt,y, d. South 

Bend, Ind., May 22, 1893. 
James Lyons Cooper. Countv Judge, 
1896-99. Cafion City, Colo. 

•John Harrod Couch, d. Fort Soatt, 

Kan., Jan. 13, 1897. 
•John Henry Coyne, d. New York, 

N. Y., May 3, 1900. 
Sanders Brownlow Cox, A.B. (Ken- 
tucky Univ.) *87. Sherman, Tex. 
WnxiAM Elijah Cox. Jasper, Ind. 
Kopert Emmet Cress weix. 

Johnstown, Pa. 




Francis Mabion Crum. Palmyra, 111. 
William Harvey Dailey. 

Van Wert, O. 
August Bengtson Darelius. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Elbert Russell Dean. Chicago, O. 
John Charles Dooling. 

St. Johns, Mich. 
•Melvin Loring Douglass, d. Groton, 

Conn., Feb. 27, 1893. 
*James Nicholas Edmonson, d. San 

Antonio, Tex., Dec. 27, 1899. 
Earle Edmundson. 
♦Frederick Stewart Fish, d. Great 

Falls, Mon., Nov. 3, 1891. 
Charles Clifton Forry. Newark, 0. 
Frederick Debow Fulkersox. Cir- 
cuit Judge, 1898-. Batesville, Ark. 
Joseph Lawrence Glover. 

Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 
George Brenton Greening. 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Wick ware Griffin, a 86- 
87. 834 Am. Tract Bldg., 

New York, N. Y. 
Milton Samuel Gunn. Helena, Mon. 
Justice Uhler Haley. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Charles Martin Hammond. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Datxas Haroer. 

59 Cherry St., Detroit, Mich. 
James Adelbert Hai{RIs. 

Watertown. N. Y. 
Charles Harshman, LL.M. '93. 

Gilby, N. Dak. 
Charles Henry Hart. Judge of 1st 
Utah Dist., 1896-. Logan. Utah. 
Harry Cltstin Hayman. Merchant. 

Fabius, Mich. 
Henry Ward [B.] Hicks, a 84-85. 
Seward Higby. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
VoLNEY Omeara Hildreth. A.B. 
(Kentucky) '86. Fort Worth, Tex. 
John McClellan Hoel. 

Greenville, 0. 
Otho Ruby Hopson. Farmer. 

Macon, 111. 
IjOuis Edgar Howlett. 

Howell, Mich. 

George Washington Huston, a 83- 

85. Morris, 111. 

Samuel Robb Ireland. U. S. Secret 

Ser^^ce. Rochester, N. Y. 

William Hutchinson Jamison. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
WiNFiELD Scott Johnson. 

Van Wert, O. 
•William Patrick Kearns, d. Met- 
calfe, Ont, Jan. 14, 1891. 

George Lincoln Keeleb. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Ernest Robert Keith. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
William Carroll Henry Keough. 
John Albion Kimball. 

819 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. 
John Claus Kleist, B.S. (Lawrence 
Univ.) '82, M.S. (ibid.) '85. Lec- 
turer on Medical Jurisprudence in 
Milwaukee Med. Coll. 

Sentinel Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
James Fremont Knight. Lumber- 
man. Petoskey, Mich. 
Moses Barnett Lairy. 

Logansport, Ind. 
James Porter Leasure. Ottawa, O. 
Grant Everett Lilly. 

Richmond, Ky. 
Charles Whitfield McAnn. 

Kaslo, B. C. 

James Francis McElroy, B.S. (Univ. 

of Wash.) '86. Seattle, Wash. 

*tJosiAH Wheeler McIntyrk, d. Fort 

Collins, Colo., Oct. 6; 1892. 
Albert Edward McManus. 

Duluth, Mina 
James Allen Martin. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
Loyal Johnston Mariin. 

Arkansas City, Kan. 
John Wilbur Mathews. 

Pullman, Wash. 
Emil Adolphus Meyer. 

70 LaSalle St., Chicajro, 111. 
James Miles. Monadnock Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Charles William Miller. 

Newark, O. 
Fred Hiram Mills. 

Klamath Falls, Ore. 
Charles Manley Moffet, a 86-87, m, 

Deane Stockton Monahan. 

1342 York St., Denver, Colo. 
James Guthrie Montgomery. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
James Archibald Muir. 

Port Huron. Mich. 
James Buchanan Murphy, B.S. 
(Univ. of the Pacific) '85. 

Seattle, Wash. 
•Taijiro Nakagawa, d. Tokj^o, Ja- 
pan, 1893. 
Jaml's Carson Needham, Ph.B. 
(Univ. of the Pacific) '86. Rcpr. 
from California in 56th and 57th 
Congresses (1899-.) Modesto, Cal. 
William Edwin Newlin. 

McKeesport, Pa. 




LoxTis Delevan Niles, M.D. '86. 

Ann Arbor. 
•Stephen Robert Nisbet, d. Tawas 

City, Mich., March 2, 1891. 
John McFabland Obmond, Ph.B. 
(Wooster) '87. Toledo, O. 

GuNBOCK Otsubo. Kyoto, Japan. 

John Hamilton Patten, B.S. (Iowa 
Agr. Coll.) *82. Denver, Colo. 

Edmond Kimball Penderqast. 

Waterville, Wash. 
Habvey Abthub Penney, LL.M. *90. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Fred Pennington, a 85-87. 

Chamb. of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 
Earl Henry Prince, B.S. (Norwich 

Univ.) '86. 
James Maxwell Proudfit. 

1678 Fultx)n St., Chicago, 111. 
Frank Adgate Quail, A.B. (Wash- 
burn) '87. E. Cleveland, O. 
•John Francis Quinlin, d. near 

Loramie's, O., March 17, 1890. 
Jesse Albert Rapley. Yale, Mich. 
Calvin Edgar Reed. Prof, of Law in 
Univ. of Colorado. Denver, Colo. 
RoBiE Lewis Reid. 

New Westminster, B. C. 
Crawford Scott Reilley. 

Cheboygan, Mich. 
Oliver Samuel Riggs. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
William Vance Rinehart, LL.M. '90. 
1st Lieut. Ist Wash. Inf. 1898. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Will E Ryan. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Fred Alfred Sarin. La Junta, Colo. 
Charles Alexander Salyer, a 85-86. 
Baptist clergyman. Caro, Mich. 
Archibald S Sands. Wilber, Neb. 
Albert Edward Seaman. 

Marshiield, Ore. 
Mark Roger Sherman, A.B. '87. 

Chicago, 111. 
Robert Lee Simpson, A.B. ( Westmin- 
ster) '87, A.M. (ibid.) '90. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
George Preston Smith. 

125 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Will Jackson Stanton, a 85-87. 
City Editor of Legal News. 

Detroit, Mich. 
LaVerone Belden Stevens. 

Bluffton, Ind. 
Morton Edwin Stevens. 
George John Stoneman. Globe, Ariz. 
Douglas Jerrold Sullivan. 

Roodhouse, 111. 
Rettaro Takano, LL.M. '90. Teacher. 

Tokyo, Japan. 

Samuel Lennon Thompson, A.B. 
(Buchtel) '86. Brinkhaven, O. 

Richard Marvin Turner. 

Burns, Ore. 
Nathan Edwin Van Tuyl. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
Charles William Vermilion. 

Centreville, Iowa. 
Charles Winfield Waterman, A.B. 
(Univ. of Vt.) '85. Denver, Colo. 
Morris Benjamin Wells. 

Portland, Ore. 
Thomas Henry Wheeler. 

Coshocton, O. 
Albert Stanton White. 

Pittsburg?, Kan. 
•Charles William White, a. near 

Canton, Mo., Oct. 29, 1890. 
Orlando Blodgett Willcox, a 85-87. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Samuel Law Wilson, A.B. (Lenox) 
'85, A.M. (ilna.J '89. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
•Melvin Leonard Wines, d. Butte, 

Mon., Sept. 22, 1900. 
Alva Firman Wingert. County 
Judge since 1894. Mt. Carroll, 111. 
Edward Emmert Wingert. 

Dixon, 111. 
Frederick William Wollner. 

Stockton, Cal. 
Richard Shedrach Woodliffe. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Samuel Marshall Wright. Capt. 

U. S. V. Inf. 1898. McLean3boro, 111. 

•William Trott Wynkoop, d. Du- 

luth, Minn., June 25, 1893. 
Henry Martyn Young, a 85-87. 

2020 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Oscar Robert Zipf. 

( 147 ) Salt I^ike City, Utah. 


John Craig Abel. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Charles Edward Adams, B.S. (Hes- 
perian) '88. Machinist. 

885 Capp St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Fred Lewis Alger. Forman, N. Dak. 

David Roscoe Anderson. Morris, 111. 

John Wendell Anderson. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Allan Beham Angney. 

501 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Perry John Ashdown. Adrian, Mich. 

Wilber Edwin Bailey. Ann Arbor. 

•Henry Ward Baird. B.S. (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.) '83. d. Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Nov. 4, 1892. 




James Everett Ball, A.B. '87. 

Marquette, Mich. 
John Bareow. Little Roc-k, Ark. 

Henbt James Babton. 

Union City, Mich. 
RoscoE Charles Babton. 

Avoca, Iowa. 
Lavebne Bassett, Ph.B. '88. 

Dallas, Tex. 
William Theodobe Behne. Banker. 

Seneca, Kan. 
Fbank Allison Bell. 

Negaunee, Mich. 
RuFUS Henry Bennett, LL.M. '91. 

lola, Kan. 
James Edwin Bohabt. 

Plattsburg, Mo. 
Perry Calahan Booth. Ironton, O. 
Benjamin Jones Boittwell. Min- 
ing. Hillsdale, Mich. 
Van Rensselaer Brown. 

Arvilla, N. Dak. 
John Franklin Buckner. 

Vienna, 111. 
Benjamin Wade Burleigh, A.B. 
(Yankton) '88, A.M. (ibid.) '97, 
B.D. (Chicago) '96.^ Cong, clergy- 
man. Yankton, S. Dak. 
Ulysses Grant Botoier. 

Astoria, 111. 
James Paul Byrne. Bathurst, N. B. 
Robert Joseph Byrne. 
John Francis Calhoun. 

McKeesport, Pa. 
Henry Ward Canfield. 

Colfax, Wash, 
John Mousley Cannon. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
William Edward Carroll. 

Bntte, Mon. 
William Francis Carter. 

Equitable Bldg., St. Lonis. Mo. 
John Benjamin Chaddock. 

Ionia, Mich. 

Hannibal Greenwood Cobttrn, a 84- 

86. Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Oi.ivER Darling Com stock. Atty. 

Gen. of N. Dak. 

Minnewaukon, N. Dak. 
Jerome Franklin Cooke. 

Denver, Colo. 
John Leonard Copeman. 

Lewi st on, Idaho. 
Elmer Ellsworth Corf^i an. 

Provo City, Utah. 
Linton Alden Cox, B.R. (Earlham) 
'88. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Anthony Michels Crafton. 

Muskogee. Ind. Ter. 
George Louts Chocker. Shasta, Cal. 

Daniel Websteb Crockett. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Dailey. Peoria, IIU 

Bkode Bedford Davis. 

Calumet Club, Chicago, 111. 
David Jones Davis. Scranton, Pa. 
HiBAM Gbiswold Davis. 

Eveleth, Minn. 

Anthony Deahl. Goshen, Ind. 

Louis August Dennebt. County 

Clerk. Elkhart, Ind. 

Simon Peteb Dombb. Sp<^cane, Wash. 

Albebt Abthub Dobn, LL.M. '91. 

Shoe Merchant. Cleveland, O. 

Fbancis William Duha, LL.B. (N. 

W. Univ.) '89. Borden Blk., 

Chicago, 111. 
Daniel Edwabd Dwyeb, B.L. (Univ. 
of Notre Dame) '89. 

Albert Lea, Minn. 
Evebett E. Ellinwood. 

Prescott, Ariz. 
Hallie C. Ellis, a 90-91, LL.M. '92. 
1C4 La Salle St., Chicago, III. 
William Shebman Emmons. 

Salem, O. 
Chables Place Evans. Lumlierman. 

Evergreen, Colo. 
Joseph Feltwell. Santa Monica, Cal. 
John Alexandeb Febguson. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba 
William Shebidan Ferguson. 
Farmer. Pendleton, Ore. 

Leo Helfrich Fisher. 

Huntingburg, Ind. 
John Perry Flournoy, A.B. (Mis- 
souri) '88. Kansas City, Mo. 
Joseph R. Foltz. Fort Smith, Ark. 
William Henry Foster. 

Traverse City, Mich. 

•Tomosaku Fitkuda, d. Tokvo. Japan, 

April 23, 1900. 
CoRBUs Plummer Gabdneb. state 

Senator, 1899-. Mendota, 111. 

Albert Eugene Gebhardt, A.B. *88. 

Portland, Ore. 

Hugo Peter Geisler. Pres. Commer- 
cial Exchange. Saginaw, Mich. 
Samuel Nelson Gerber. 

Medaryville, Ind. 

Sue a. Getchell, 

Samuel Henry Good all. LL.M. '91. 

Marion, 111. 

James Willis Gtoodwin. 

331 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Wnj.iAM Amasa Grace, A.B. '88, 

A.M. '91. Kansas City, Mo. 

James Knox P. Grider. 

Shelbyville, 111. 




Michael Fbancis Griffin, A.B. (St. 

Bonaventure's Coll.) '87. 
John Washington Hall. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Robert Gerby Harman. 

Wilmington, Del. 
James Ellingham Hart. Clerk of 
Court. Paris, Idaho. 

OiSAN Hashimoto. Farmer. 

Saitama-Ken, Japan. 
Robert Hess, M.D. (Med. Coll. of 
Ohio) '95. Physician. 

Washington C. H., O. 
Charles Hioley. Cleveland, O. 

James Robertson Hile. 

West Superior, Wis. 
•GoNTARO HoRio, d. Tokyo, Japan, 

Frank Oliyeb Housken. 

Stockton, Cal. 
Thomas Webster Hoyt. 

Denver, CJolo. 
Mortimer Leonard Hudson. Lum- 
berman. Ashland, Wis. 
Edward Albert Huene. Barberton, O. 
BuRDOE Hamilton Hurd. 

Parker, S. Dak. 
Charles Hotchinson, Ph.B. '81. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
•Silas Paul Hutchinson, d. Stand- 

ish, Mich., April 5, 1899. 
Thomas Wesley Hutchison. 

Brazil, Ind. 
Daniel Henry James. Genoa, O. 

Anderson Bartleit Johns. 

Oakland, Iowa. 
Elias Finley Johnson, LL.M. '9L 
(See Faculties, p. 15.) 

Manila, P. I. 
Franklin Charles Johnson. 

Winfield, Kan. 
George Austin Johnson, B.S. 
( Waynesburgh ) '85. 

McKeesport, Pa. 
•Bamlet Edward Johnston, d. Kan- 
sas City, Kan., July 19, 1803. 
RoDOLPHUS Waite Joslyn, LL.M. '91. 
3010. Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
♦KiicHiRO Kambe, LL.M. (Cornell) 

*91, d. Tokyo, Japan, 1891. 
George Anthony Katzenberoer. 

Greenville, 0. 

Camden Warren Keen, Ph.B. (San 

Joaquin Valley Coll.) *88. 

214 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Edgar Elmer Kelsey. Sergt. Maj. 

160th Ind. Inf. 1898. 

Huntington. Ind. 

George Marshall Kendall, a 87-88. 

125 S. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Edward Joseph Kent. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
James Wilson Kern, A.B. (Eureka) 
'87, A.M. (ibidj '90. Watseka, 111. 
Charles Theron King, a 87-88. 
Charles Allee Kinnear, B.S. (Univ. 
of Wash.) '88. Seattle, Wash. 

Lee Rockwell Kinnear, a 87-88. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Kinsella. Hotel Keeper. 

Two Harbors, Minn. 
Julian Ambar Knight. 

Virginia City, Mon. 
Seth Wells Knight, a 85-88. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

* Edgar Frederick Koeiilek, 1st 

Lieut. 9th U. S. Inf., was killed by 

Filipino insurgents, in Luzon, March 

4, 1900. 

Brick Pomeroy Kuhn. Mining in 

Alaska. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Shigetame Kumai. Tokyo, Japan. 

Thurlow Weed Lane. 

Wainwright Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Washington Drennen Latimeh. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Raymond Learned. 

Port Austin, Mich. 
Edmund Lockwood. Harlan, Iowa. 
Edwin Foushee McCausland, B.S. 
(Westminster) '86. 

West Superior, Wis. 
Tom Elwood McClelland. 

Arapahoe Bldg.. Denver, Colo. 
Marshall Gwinn McCluno. 

Salem, Va. 
•James Shields McCreary, d. Olean, 

N. Y., Oct. 4, 1893. 
John Morton McDonald. 

Seymour, Ind. 
Richard James McNally. 

Lewiston, Mo. 
.W1L1.IAM Charles Malley, LL.M. *91. 
6045 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Albert Marsh. 
Edward Cooke Mason, A.B. (Univ. 
of Colo.) *88. Boulder, Colo. 

Wade Watts Meloan. Macomb, 111. 
Clarence Mercer. Lewistown, 111. 
George Edward Miller, a 87-88. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 
John Hunter Miller. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Taro Miosh. Kudan, Tokyo, Japan. 
Frank D Miracle. Helena, Mon. 

John Ausburn Mitton. 

Ridgetown, Ont. 
ToRAJiRO MoGi. Manager South Sea 
Emigration Co. 

Thursday Island, Australia. 




•Clabence Monaghax, d. Los Ange- 
les, Cal., Aug. 9, 1898. 
Chables Marion Morgan. 

De Soto, 111. 
John Vincent Morgan. 

Nebraska City, Neb. 
Llotd Walker Moultrie. 

331 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Thomas Mulvihill. Detroit, Mich. 
Orrice Abram Murdoch. 

Beaver, Utah. 
George Murray. Sherbrooke, N. Dak. 
Shotaro OzAWA, LL.M. *91. Prof, in 
Tokyo Law School. 

Kanagawa-Ken, Japan. 
Charles Anson Palmer, Ph.B. (San 
Joaquin Valley Coll. ) *87. 

San Luis Obispo, Cal. 
Lewis Wallace Parker, B.L. '89. 

Chicago, 111. 
Walter Cornelius Parmenter. 
Printer. Lima, O. 

Horace Edwin Partridge, a 87-88. 

61 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Henry Frank Pennington, a 87-88. 

Chamb. of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 

Carl Siofrid F^erson. (Carl J. Sig- 

frid.) Ouray, Colo. 

William Wallace Phelps, LL.M. 

(Yale) '91, D.C.L. (ihidj '94. 

734 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Edward White Philhrick. 

61 Court St., Boston, Mass. 
Byron Luther Pierce. Farmer. 

Pewamo, Mich. 
Frank Pierce. Seattle, Wash. 

Waldo Theodore Potter, a 87-88. 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
Arthur Eugene Pratt. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

U Grant Race. Detroit, Mich. 

George Quayle Rich. Logan, Utah. 

Daniel Brigham Richards, LL.M. 

*91, LL.D. (Univ. of Geneva) '94. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Benjamin Franklin Richardson. 
Lumber. 5944 S. Carpenter St., 

Chicago, 111. 
Jesse Winfield Riddle. Supt. of 
Schools since 1895. Corydon, Ind. 
Francis Marion Rorles. 

Tampa, Fla. 
George William Roth. 

Sheldon, Iowa. 
William Richard Rummler, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '86. 

McVicker's Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Nestor Rummons, A.B. (Central 
Wesl.) '88. 

John Charles St. Clair. 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
Francis Aloysius Schilling. Dep- 
uty County Clerk. San Jos^, Cal. 
William Sohlaoenhauf, B.S. (Ger- 
man Coll. ) '87. Quincy, 111. 
John Welton See, LL.M. '91, LL.M. 
(Minnesota) '93. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Thomas Wheatly Shackleford, A.B. 
( State Coll. of Ky. ) '87. 

West Superior, Wis. 
'George Brace Shattuck, LL.B. 
(Lake Forest) '91. Unity Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Frank Marion Sheridan. 
Jesse Hiram Sherman. 

Denver, CJolo. 
*Charles J Shoemaker, d. Duluth, 

Minn., Dec. 16, 1890. 
Alvah Grinnell Smith. 

Lake City, Mich. 
Andrew Jackson Smith, LL.'M.( Cor- 
nell) '93. 320 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 
Byron Franklin Smith. 
Alvin Curtis Spindler. 

431 4th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hiram Emery Starkey. 

Jefferson, O. 
RosERT Lee Stephens. 

164 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Lamrert Sternberg, B.S. (Univ. of 
Colo.) '88. Boulder, Colo. 

William Alexander Stolts. 
Edgar Ellsworth Stone. 

Sterling, O. 
Edmund Sullivan. Berlin, N. H. 

Edmund Eugene Sullivan. 
John Robert Sutton. 

Hillsdale, Mich. 
James Swan. 

George Adam Sweigert, B.S. (Univ. 

of the Pacific) '88. San Jos^, Cal. 

'(Dlarb Palmer Tallman, d. Ann 

Arbor, June 28, 1890. 
William Robert Taylor. 
Jacob John Thomas. County Judge 
since 1898. Seward, Neb. 

•Guy Bradley Thompson, LL.M. '91, 
d. CJolorado Springs, Colo., Nov. 16, 
William Mitchell Thompson. 

Columbus, O. 
Flora Virginia Woodward Tibbits, 
LL.B. (Lake Forest) '91. 

4204 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Newton Tillett, B.S. (Wa- 
bash) '88. Peru, Ind. 




Philip Hamilton Travis. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
William Hendricks Tkook, LL.M. 
'91. Marion, Ind. 

Henry Clinton Van Meter. 

Stockton, Cal. 
Edward Minock Vinino. 

Wayne, Mich. 
Orlando Chester Volkmor. 

Masdillon, O. 
William Hatch Waijjen. 

524 Park Row, New York, N. Y. 
Percy Ansel Waluno. 

Circleville, O. 
Arthur James Waters. 

Manchester, Mich. 
Archie E Watson. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
John David Wendorff. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Frederick Cl^rtenius Wetmore, 
LL.M. '91. Cadillac, Mich. 

Samuel Williams Widney. 

1261 York St., Denver, Colo. 
Philip Wilkinson. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Charles Albert Wilson. Clergyman. 

Dawson, Pa. 
Horace Duke Wilson. With the Ar- 
mour Packing Co. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
George Webster Wiltse. 

Randolph, Neb. 
Conrad Wolf. Kokomo, Ind. 

Joseph Chi^rcii Wood. 

Breckenridge, Minn. 
JuDD Yelland. Howell, Mich. 

John Frank Ziegler. Undertaker. 
(212) Peoria, 111. 


Fred Hull Abbott, A.B. '89. 

Crystal Falls, Mich. 
Howard Town send Abbott, a 88-89. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Lysle Ivor Abbott. Omaha, Neb. 
WiLLARD Aldrich. M. E. clergyman. 

Saranac, Mich. 
William Frederick Allen. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Daniel Read Anthony, a 88-89. 
Publisher. Leavenworth, Kan. 

William Allen Applegate. 

McKeesport, Pa. 
Charles Alvin Arand. Merchant. 

Marysville, Kan. 

John Bunyan Ayres. Adrian, Mich. 

Charles Ebenezer Babcock, a 87-89. 

Banker. Necedah, Wis. 

Nathaniel Holley Bacon. 

Niles, Mich. 
Terry Ligon Baker. Stock raiser. 

Crawford, Tex. 
Linnaeus Sumner Baldwin. 

Noblesville, Ind. 
Richard Bannasch. Clerk with M. 
C. R. R. Jackson, Mich. 

August Bauer. Clerk. 

San Bernardino, Cal. 
Charles Dave Beardsley. 

Columbus, O. 
Charles Albert Bejeck. 

Wick Blk., Cleveland, O. 
FoRDYCE Belford. Tolcdo, O. 

George Elmer Benson. 

94 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Frederick William Benz. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Jacob Blackford Bergen. 
Verne Lile Bevington. 
Harlan Martin Bird. 

Marinette, Wis. 
William Addison Blakely, Ph.B. 
(Chicago) '86, Ph.D. (ibid.) '89. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
John Charles Boevers, B.S. (Ger- 
man-English Coll.) *88. Galena, 111. 
John Nelson Boyd. Clerk. 

Denver, Colo. 
Charles Albert Boynton. 

Waco, Tex. 
George Arthur Brown. Flint, Mich. 
George Westfall Brown. 

Avonmore, Pa. 
George Kime Browning. 

Zanesville, O. 
Lueppo Dedrick Buenting. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John Elmer Bunting. 
Arnold Henry BrROER. 
Augustus Seymour Butler, a 87-89. 

Allegan, Mich. 
Charles Cicero Butler. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 
Ora Elmer BuTTERriELD. Ann Arbor. 
William Frederick Samuel Cairns. 

Williamston, Mich. 
Llewellyn Link Callaway, a 86-87. 

Virginia City, Mon. 
W^iLLiAM Clark Campbell, B.S. *91. 
Wroe Leon Carpenter. Farmer. 

Quitman, Mo. 
Charles Michael Cassin, B.S. ( San- 
ta Clara Coll.) '88. 

Santa Cruz, Cal. 
Lav ANT Z. Caukin, a 87-88. Banker. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Ulysses Grant Caulk. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 




Thomas James CAVANAuon. 

Paw Paw, Mich. 
Benjamin Franklin Chase. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
Frank Livingston Christie, A.B. 
(Univ. of New Brunswick) '89. 

Sandon, B. C. 
William Henrt Churchill. 

Pabst Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William Duffdeld Cochran. 

Maysville, Ky. 
Solomon Cohen, a 86-87. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Thomas Condon, LL.M. (N. W. 
Univ.) '92. Seattle, Wash. 

Samuel Sterritt Cooper. 

Bessemer, Mich. 
William Eisaman Cort. 

Lewistown, Men. 
Patrick James Cosgrave, LL.M. '92. 
Capt. 1st Neb. Inf. 1898. 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Seward Cramer, B.S. (C.E.) '87. 
Journalist. Ann Arbor. 

Riley Leonard Crane. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 
Edward Alexander Cress. 

Hillsboro, 111. 

Albert Morris Cross, A.B. (111. 

Coll.) *88. The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

John Cummisket. Escanaba, Mich. 

Jesse William Curtis, Ph.B. (Univ. 

of Southern Cal.) '87. 

San Bernardino, Cal. 
Asa Hamilton Danforth. 

Washington, 111. 
Alfred Job Davis, LL.M. '92. With 
Hastings Industrial Co. 

Chicago, 111. 
Brayton Eugene Davis. 

St. Joseph, Mo. 
Elmer E Davis. Toledo, O. 

Ferman Enes Davis. Riverside, Cal. 
*James Robert Davis, d. Atlanta, 

Ga,, May 5, 1894. 
Ora DeLos Davis. Terre Haute, Ind. 
Walter Reuben Dedrick. 

Denver, Colo. 
Berkley Albert Deyob, D.D.S. 1900. 
Dentist. Coshocton, O. 

Wesley Fillmore Dinius. Travel- 
ing collector. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Jeremiah Donovan. Escanaba, Mich. 
Thomas Joseph Dowlino. Toledo, O. 
Harry Finis Downing, B.S. (Knox) 
'90, A.M. (ihid.) '93. Virginia, 111. 
Guy Dale Duncan, Ph.B. '90. 

Boulder, Colo. 

Charles Lewis Dundey. With U. P. 

R. R. Omaha, Xeb. 

Samuel Duvall. Terre Haute, Ind. 
John Dwan. Two Harbors, Minn. 
Frederick Eberhabdt. 
John Murray Edson, a 88-89. Capi- 
talist. Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
Hudson Pomeboy Ellis. Ann Arbor. 
Elmer Evans. Mill foreman. 

Catskill, N. Mex. 

Olen Lee Everts. Fresno, Cal. 

Pierre Pyre Ferry, LL.M. '92, a 88- 

89. Seattle, Wash. 

Ulysses Grant Foreman. 

Muscogee, Ind. Ter. 
Henry Allen Forkner. 

Columbus, Kan. 
Robert Bruce Francis. Peoria, 111. 
Walter Charles Fbazer. 
Abram Lynn Free, LL.M. '92, a 88- 
89. Paw Paw, Mich. 

James Willis Freeman. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
William Hayes Fuller. Wau&eon, O. 
Walter Joseph Gamble. 

Caro, Mich. 
Parmius Calvin Gilbert. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Norman Edgar Goodrich, A.B. 
(Hillsdale) '86, A.M. (ihid.) 1900. 

409 Pearl St., New York, N. Y. 
Austin Carlos Gormley, a 88-89. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
AuRELiAN Bruce Gouoh. 

Salmon City, Idaho. 
•Lawrence Peck Gould, d. Nogales, 

Ariz., July 16, 1897. 
Harry Samuel Haines. 
Patrick J. M. Hally, A.B. {Detroit) 
'88, A.M. (ihid.) '92. Detroit, Mich. 
[Rolland] Burbitt Hamilton. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Franklin Thomas Hammerle. 
Charles Mason Hamper. 

Owosso, Mich. 
Sherman Theodore Handy. 

Crystal Falls, Mich. 
Jacob Leonard Haner, A.B. *90. 

London, O. 
Daniel Harrington. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Solomon Parker Harris, A.B. (Rust 
Univ.) '88, A.M. (ihid.) '93. Book- 
keeper. Nashville, Tenn. 
Williams Cooper Harris, a 83-84. 

Detroit, Mich. 
George Heffeban. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Francis Neff Henley. Muttoon, 111. 

Frederick Augustus Henry, A.M. 

'91, A.B. (Hiram) '88. Cleveland, O. 




Joseph Louis Hepburn. 

7 Buena Vista Ave., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Herman Solomon Hepner. 

Helena, Men. 
George Henry Hester. 

New Albany, Ind. 
Henry Axonzo Hickman. 

Monadnock Blk., Chicago, 111. 
WiLLABD Ward Hindman. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Christian Gottix)b Hirschi. 

Watseka, 111. 
Virgil Isaac Hixson . Probate Judge, 
1894-96; Pros. Atty., 1900-. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Frank Lewis Holleran. 

Clinton, Iowa. 
Arthur Kingsley Holmes, LL.M. 
*92. Menominee, Mich. 

Harry Eugene Hooker, LL.M. '92. 

Lansing, Mich. 
George Mechlin Hosack, a 88-89. 

Park Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lorenzo Dow Hubbard. 

Colorado Springn, Colo. 
Richard Langdon Hubbard. Banker. 

Caseville, Mich. 
Thomas Welbxtbn Hughes, LL.M.'92. 
( See Faculties J). 26. ) Urbana, 111. 
John Clarence huntoon. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
John Thomas Inghram. Quincy, 111. 
Duncan George Inverabity. 

Seattle, Wash. 
George Irving. Ketchikan, Alaska. 
Harry D. Irwin. 

88 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Harry Dimick Jewell, LL.M. '92. 
Judge of Probate, 1897-. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Henderson Franklin Johns. 

Woodbine, Iowa. 
Fred Homer Johnson, Ph.B. (Hills- 
dale) '87. Hillsdale, Mich. 
George Samuel Johnson, Ph.B. (La- 
fayette) '90. 
Lincoln Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Henry Lincoln Johnson. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Oliver Morton Jones, B.S. (Purdue) 
'89. Danville, 111. 

William Kaufman. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Willie Bullard Keoley, A.B. (Mil- 
ligan Coll.) '88. Wytheville, Va. 
John Kelleher, a 85-86. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Frank Henby Kelly. 

Rock Island, 111. 
John Henby Kelley. St. Joseph, Mo. 


Arthur Jay Kendall, LL.M. '92, a 
87-89; 92-93. 

125 S. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
George Abiathab Kendall, LL.M. '92. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Julius William Knipp, A.B. (Indi- 
ana) '94. Toy manufacturer. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Charles Oscar Knudson. 

Canton, S. Dak. 
Herbert Thomas Landaueb. 

Peoria, 111. 
William Landiss. Fruit grower. 

Fairmount, Tenn. 
Henry Lardner. Niles, Mich. 

John Amby Largent. 

Great Falls, Mon. 
Ulysses Samuel Lesh. 

Huntington, Ind. 
Thomas David Lewis, a 88-89, B.S. 
(Utah) '86. Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Irenaeus Cory Lindley. 
William Orville Lindley. 

Auditorium Annex, Chicago, 111. 
Washington Ellsworth Lindsay, a 

79 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Downs Long, Ph.B. ( Cornell ) 

'88. Helena, Mon. 

* Samuel Elliott Low, d. at Las 

Cruces, N. Mex., March 26, 1899. 
Francis James Lynch. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Arthur Johnson McCabb, B.S. 
(Washburn) '85, A.M. fihid.) '92. 
Judge of Court of Topeka. 

Topeka, Kan. 

Edward David McCabe. Peoria, 111. 

Herbert McCoy. Bloomingburg, O. 

Joseph Samuel McGeaoh, A.B. 

(West. Univ. of Pa.) '89, A.M. 

(ihidj '91. 

506 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George B. McTntyre. 

New Albany, Ind. 

•Frank Edgar McMasteb, Ph.B. 

(Cornell Coll.) '90, d. Sioux City, 

Iowa, Jan. 18, 1895. 

James Cliffobd McNaixy. U. S. 

Consul-General. Guatemala, C. A. 

Amos Colin Maple, A.B. (DePauw) 

'89, A.M. (ibid.) '92. Princ. of 

High School. Winchester, Ind. 

Yaichiro Masumoto. 

Hiogo-Ken. Japan. 
WiLLARD Weston Maughan. 

Loffan, Utah. 
Jehu Baker Middlecoff, lL.M. '92. 
Judge of Probate 1899-. 

Duluth, Minn. 




Charles Wilbur Middlekauff, a 
87-89. Lanark, 111. 

Charles Vernon Miles, a 88-89. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Charles Frederic Miller. 
Hugh John Miller. 

Liyingston, Mon. 
John Marshall Miller. 

Jacksonville, 111. 
•William Manning Miller, d. Pasa- 
dena, Cal., Feb. 20, 1896. 
James Lewis Mitchell, A.B. (In- 
diana) *89. Indianapolis, Ind. 
U. S. Grant Mitchell. Holton, Kan. 
John Henrt Mour. 
Stephen Blacejcar Monroe. Banker. 

South Haven, Mich. 
Ira More. 
Roland Fowler Moselet. 

230 E. Ontario St., Chicago, 111. 
Alexander McGlashan Mxtir. 

New Whatcom, Wash. 
Charles Werster Munoer. County 
Recorder. Lebanon, O. 

Sanju Muramatsu. 

Kanda, Tokyo, Japan. 
•William Blain Murrell, d. St. 

Louis, Mo., Jan. 3, 1896. 
John Nicholas Mtler. 

Cleveland, 0. 
John Rush Newcomer. 

702 S. California Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Benjamin Frederic Ninde. 

Stock Exch. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
William Murray Ninde. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
George Lowe Nte. 

Salt Lake aty, Utah. 
Daniel O'Byrne. Kansas City, Mo. 
[Odie] Odell Oldfather. 

Warsaw, Ind. 

•Walter Bernard O'Neill, A.B. (De- 
troit) '88, d. Washington, D.C., 
Aug. 10, 1893. 

Henry Louis Ottemeier. 

Hopeville, Iowa. 

Eber Ward Owen. Bookkeeper. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
James Alexander Park, Ph.B. 
(Wooster) '88, Ph.M. fihid.) '91. 

Pueblo, Colo. 

Charles Borromeo Pavlicek. 

1526 W. 19th St., Chicaj;o, 111. 
•Harry Allen Peirsol, d. Peoria, 111., 

May 10, 1900. 
Melville Emerson Peters. 

Denver, Colo. 

Jesse Connell Petherrridge. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 

Norman Arteb Phillips. Banker. 

New Castle, Pa. 

George Washington Pierson, LIi.M. 

'92. Red Lodge, Mon. 

Ralph Platt. 2d Lieut. 2d Ore. Inf. 

1898. Manila, P. I. 

Ora Herbert Porter. 

Princeton, 111. 
•Dwight Alfred Pray, a 87-89, d. 

Redlands, Cal., Dec. 3, 1900. 
Enoch Jones Price, A.B. (Denison) 
'88. 145 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Lawrence Francis Puter. 

Eureka, Cal. 
Emery Clinton Pylb. 

St. Paul Bldg., ancinnati, O. 
Harry Nelson Qihgley, A.B. '90. . . 

Marion, O. 
•William Butterfield Ramsey, A.B. 

Harry Dalton Rankin. 

17 Maple Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Charles Marshall Reader. Clerk 
6th U. S. Cav. 1900. 
31 Auburndale Ave., Cleveland, 0. 
Levi Branson Reeder, a 88-89. 

Pendleton, Ore. 
Allin Lee Rhodes. 

141 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. 
•Michael Roach, LL.M. '92, MJ). 
(Milwaukee P. & S.) 1901, d. Rozell- 
ville. Wis., Nov. 26, 1901. 
Leslie Baker Rorertson. 

Adrian, Mich. 
John RomaiK Rood. (See Faculties, 
p. 27.) Ann Arbor. 

Miles Rosenrluth. 

Tribune Bldg., New York, N. Y. 
Frank Jackson Ross. Traveling 
salesman. Atchison, Kan. 

Leopold G. Rothschild. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John William Rouderush, A.M. 
(Wooster) '87. Mason City, Iowa. 
John Joseph Rudkin, A.B. (Alle- 
gheny) '89. North Yakima, Wash. 
Harmon Chamrerlin St. Clair, B.L. 
'89. New York, N. Y. 

Simon Morris Sapinsky. 

922 3rd St., Louisville, Ky. 
John Henry Schrider. Probate 
Judge, 1900-. Bryan, O. 

Morgan Clement Shafer, a 87-88. 

Findlay, O. 
George Frederic Sherman. 
Dudley Morton Shively, LL.M. 
(Notre Dame) '92. South Bend, Ind. 
Louis Jacob Siemon. Detroit, Mich. 
William Herbert Slack. 

79 Dearborn St., Chicago, lU. 




John Davis Smith. Ottawa, IlL 

Sprasus Ernest Sniyelt. 

Windom, Minn. 
Edwin Robinson Spotts. 

Uouston, Tex. 
John bTANSsusT. Braidwood, 111. 
Fbedisio Rollin Stabk. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Edward John Stebick. Braddock, Pa. 
William Du Bose Steele. 
Presley Faris Stillings. 

London, Ky. 
Horace Ck>NWELL Stilwell. 

Anderson, Ind. 
John Elwin Strong. Bookkeeper. 

Qrand Rapids, Mich. 
Alexanoeb Sinclair Sutherland. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Martin Ralph Si^therland. 

La Porte, Ind. 
Eli Ransom Sutton, B.S. '92, LL3L 
'92. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Elliott Sweet. 

Dowagiac, Mich. 
Ira Holland Tabor. 

Davenport, Iowa. 
Frank James Taylor. St. Paul, Neb. 
Harold Taylor. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Hkdixy Clarence Taylor. 
David Bellingeb Tewkesbuby. U. S. 
Commissioner. Nome, Alaska. 

William Edward Thompson, A.B. 
(Detroit) '88, A.M. (ibid.) '92. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Theodobe Walteb Todd, A.B. (Mon- 
mouth) '88, A.M. (ibid.) '91. 

Monmouth, 111. 
Wnxis Leboy Townsend. 

Gaylord, Mich. 
Emsby Bbainebd Tyleb. 

Nome, Alaska. 
William Henby Umlob. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
Edwin Francis Van Vechten. 

Pabet Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Duncan MaoAbthur Vinsonhaleb. 

County Jud^ 1900-. Omaha, Neb. 

Jesse Lesteb Walleb, A.B.(Oberlin) 

'88, A.M. (ibid J '91. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Wnx Fbank Wanless, LL.M. '92. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Belmont Waples, A.B. '86. 

Ironwood, Mich. 
Hango Watanabe. 

Kagawa-Ken, Japan. 
Herman Henby Wetel. 

Seneca Falls, N. T. 
William Jesse Whitakeb. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Abthub Pebcival Will, LL.M. '92. 
Editor Daily Lato Bulletin. 
5726 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Stephen Douglas Williams. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
Hugh Edwabd Wilson. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Joseph Richabd Wilson. Book- 
keeper. Pueblo, Colo. 
Thomas Jeffebson Wilson. 

422 6th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Geobge Evebhabt Wissleb, A.B. 
(Franklin and Marshall) '88. 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Charles Bishop Wood. Houston, Tex. 
Henby Dubland Wood. 


James Henby Adams, A.B. (Coe) 
'88. Omaha, Neb. 

John Jabvis Aldbich, LL.M. '93. 

186 5th Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Robebt Andebson, LL.M. '93. 

Provo City, Utah. 
Loms Armstbong. Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Flob Ashbaugh. County Judge 
1899-. Central City, CoU>. 

William Asheb Atwell. 
Joseph Thomas Atwood. County 
Judge, 1899-. Boulder, Colo. 

Edwabd William Austin, BJj. (Wis- 
consin) '89. 

Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 
Qeobge Edwabd Aybes. 

Springfield, HI. 
Edwin Gbeen Babgock. 

Ravenna, O. 
*OsMOND TowEB Babnes, d. louia, 

Mich., April 2, 1895. 
Hebbebt Ellwood Baskebville. 
William Abthub Beasly. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
John Jebome Bennett. 

5922 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Clabenoe Vandjebbubgh Benson, B.S. 

(Colo. Act. Coll.) '90, M.S. (ibid.) 

'96. Banker. Loveland, Colo. 

Geobge Viley Bebby. Clinton, Mo. 

Patrick Austin Bebby. 

Mt. Vernon, O. 
William Abthub Bitheb. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, HI. 
John A. Bolabd. Waterford, Pa. 

Fenton Whitlock Booth. 

Marshall, HI. 

William Pattebson Bobland. Dean 

of Kansas City School of Law, 

1895-. Kansas City, Mo. 




Camden Bbetz. Great Falls, Mon. 
John Daniel Ross Bronson. Travel- 
ing s£„lesman. Terre Haute, Ind. 
Elmer DeWitt liuoTiiEUs. 

171 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Lee Nathan Brown, LL.M. '93. 

Yp^ilanti, Midi. 
Jeremiah Watson Browning. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Theodore Bruere. St. Charles, Mo. 
Alfred Budge. Paris, Idaho. 

George Horatio Burchard, A.B. 
(Uiiiv. of S. Dak.) '90. Areata, Cal. 
James Francis Burke. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jean La Rue Burnett. 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 
David Edward Burns. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Edward AL^yo Burst. 

Sycamore, 111. 
Thomas W. Butler. 

Marine City, Mich. 
Henry Maonus Butzel, Ph.B. *01. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Franklin Wilberforoe Callam. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Andrew Lamar Campbell. Farmer. 

Rod elm. Tenn. 
William Jay Carbauuh. 

Portland, Mich. 
William Stanton Card. Teaclier. 

703 W. 9lh Ave, Denver, Colo. 
Mark Ciiamberijn. Dentist. 

(^ody. Wyo. 
Fred Llewkliyn Chappell, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '85. 

Kalama/.oo, Mich. 
Fenimore Chatterton. 

Rawlins, Wyo. 
Herbert Ward Childs. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Edwin Alonzo Church. 

Albert Lea, Minn. 
Heijrert Ralph Clark. Adrian, Mich. 
♦Elmer Hinkley Clement, d. Wind- 
sor, Ont., Aug. 7. 1899. 
Benjamin Franklin Clouoh. 

Sisterville, W. Va. 
Aylmer Cole. Belleviie. Iowa. 

Edwin Grant Coleman. 

Flandrean, S. Dak. 
John Archibald Coleman. 

Pittsbiiigh, Pa. 
Frank Combes. Secy. Public Health 
Dept. * Cleveland, O. 

Almon Ward Copley. 

26 MoflFat Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
William Joseph C-oulson. Farmer. 

Cypress Top, Tex. 

David Aij>heus Cball. Agt. U. 8. 

and Pac. Expr. Co. Springfield, 111. 

•George Oren Crane, a 85-86, d. 

Fenton, Mich., July 16, 1899. 
John Quincy Adams Crosby, LL.M. 
'93. Duluth, Minn. 

George Herbert Cross, 

Traverse City, Mich. 
William Perry Crotser. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
George M. Da>'is, B.S. (Rose Poly- 
technic) *88. Terre Haute, Ind. 
William Davis. Ebensburg, Pa. 

*JoHN William Dawson, d. Heppner, 

Ore., Jan. 12, 1895. 
Clinton Leroy Dayton, A.M. 

(Hope) '92. Leland, Mich. 

Frank Thomas Dempsey. 
Michael Anoelo Dempsey. 

Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Dennis Sullivan Donahue. 

Detroit, Mich. 
James Eugene Duffy. B.L. '90. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Charles Pinckney Dunbaugh. Agt. 
Columbia Screw Co. 
4908 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Benjamin Charles Durall. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
John William Dwyer, LL.M. '93. 

(Soo Fjunlties. p. 26.) .Ann Arbor. 
George Agler Eberly, LL.M. '93. 

Stanton, Neb. 
Monroe Justus Echols, A.B. (Alle- 
gheny) 93. Erie, Pa. 
Osmond Ellingson. 

Webster City, Iowa. 
Victor Moreau Eltino, A.B. (Col- 
umbia) '91. Master in Chancery. 

The Rookery, Chicago,* HI. 
John Gfx)rge Erdlitz. 

Marinette, Wis. 

*CoLSTON Williams Estey, d. New- 
ark, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1899. 

Waltei; Hennktt Evans. Traveling 
Collector. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alvin Enoch Ewino. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Anthony Thomas Faber. 
Eli.tah Farr. LL.M. '93. 

Ogden, Utah. 
D wight Henry Fitoh, a 87-88. 

Charlevoix, Mich. 
Elmer Sherman Follmer, a 92-93. 
Lumber and shingles. Seattle, Wash. 
Frank Lincoln Fowleb. 

Manistee, Mich. 

Thomas Francis Fox, B.S. (Santa 

Clara Coll.) '90. liOmpoc, Cal. 




Nelson Elwood Freer. 

29 State St., Detroit, Mich. 
John George Friedmeyer. 

Springfield, 111.' 
Takenosuke Furuta. Mgr. N. Y. 
Branch Office Japanese Tea Co. 
Yokosuka, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan. 
Thomas Joseph Gaffet. 

Watsonville, Cal. 
Franklin Henrt Gale, LL.M. (Ohio 
State) '93. Ck>lumbu8, O. 

Horatio Vallandigham Gard. 

West Superior, Wis. 
Will Henry Giltner, A.B. (Emi- 
nence Coll.) '89. Cattle breeder. 

Eminence, Ky. 
James Thomas Gordon. 
William Charles Gottman. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Francis Lester Grant. 

Equitable Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Alexander William Gravelle, a 89- 
90. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lewis Henrt Greenwood. 

Topeka, Kan. 
Schuyler Adam Haas, A.B. (De 
Pauw) '87, A3i. (ibid.) '92. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Charles Maltravis Haft, a 89-90. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, HI. 
Jesse Eddy Hall. Alexandria, Ind. 
Richard Addison Hall. Journalist. 

Weston, W. Va. 
Thomas Hallett. Teacher. 

Corydon, Ind. 
Fred David Hammond. Casper, Wyo. 
Herbert Lincoln Harley. Editor. 

Manistee, Mich. 
John Albion Harmoit. O'Neill, Neb. 
Edward Patrick Harney. 

Momence, III. 
James Harrington. Keokuk, Iowa. 
Edward E. Harriott. 

Redwood Falls, Minn. 
Charles Kellogg Hart. 

Brookfield, Mo. 
George Maurice Harton. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Walter Miles Harvey. 

Tftcoma, Wash. 
Frank Bellows Hawk. Sutton, Neb. 
Ralph Edward Heard. Buffalo, N.Y. 
John Henry Herley. 

Whittaker, Mich. 
*Oeoroe Hoadly, d. Streator, 111., 

Dec. 23, 1897. 
Frederick William Hoebel. Banker. 

Xobraska City, Neb. 
Franklin James Hole. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

William Tell Hollenbeck. 

Marshall, lU. 

John Stuart Williams Hollow ay, 

a 89-90. Winchester, Ky. 

WiLLLiAM Lawson Holloway. Dist. 

Judge. Bozeman, Mon. 

Charles Orlando Holly. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
* Francis Triplett Houd, B.S. (Rose 
Polytechnic) '88, d. Indianapolis, 
Ind., May 16, 1901. 
William Thomas Horden. 

115 D^rbom St., Chicago, Ul. 
Eber Perley Hotchkiss. 

Mankato, Kan. 
Fred Allison Howe. 
George Erasmus Howes, a 89-91. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
John Warren Hunter. 

25 Maple Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
John Courtney Hurspool, Ph.B. 
(Lafayette) '90, M.S. (ibid.) '93. 
With West Publishing Co. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
AoHiRAH Ito. Ehime-Ken, Japan. 

Robert Ross Jamison. With 32d U. 
S. Inf. 1899-. (Greenwood, Mo. 

(fEOROE Alba Jeffkks. County Attor- 
ney, 1899-. I^Iars, Iowa. 
Willis Valentine Jefferson. 

108 Washington St., Chicago. 111. 
Julie Reoula Jenney. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Robert Francis Jess. Dubuque, Iowa. 
George Clark Johnson. Cleveland, O. 
Ernest Fen wick Johnstone, L.L.M. 
*93. Dentist. Norwich Town, Conn. 
Isaac Lincoln Jones. 

Bakewell Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
*Geoboe LiBNi Kelley, d. Duluth, 

Minn., April 24, 1897. 
Maris T. Kendig, LL.M. '93. 
John Francis Kennedy, L.L.M. '93. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Philip Markham Kerridge, a 90-91. 
P. E. Clergyman. Providence, R. F. 
Guy Byron Khxen. 

Columbus Grove, O. 
Joseph Kirwin. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
John Knauf. County Judge 1895-99. 

Jamestown, N. Dak. 
Will Alanson Koon. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Joseph George Kral. Editor. 

Racine, Wis. 
LiNTORD Els worth Krotz. 
Elmer Leamond Lane. Mining. 

Alpine, Colo. 

Eugene Francis Law, B.S. (HfOch. 

Agr. Coll.) '83. Port Huron, Mich. 




Thomas Lawbt. Homestead, Pa. 

Clarence Asa Lawson. Manufactur- 
ing Mining Machinery. 

Denver, Colo. 
Charles Miller Lemmon, A.B. (Mt. 
Union) '90, A.M. (iltid,) '93. 

Cleveland, 0. 
Wilson David Lett. Marion, Ind. 
Milton Eusha Lewis, A.B. (Univ. 
of Omaha) '89, A.M. (ihidj '95. 

Cleveland, O. 
Frank Albebt Lindbergh, 

Little Falls, Minn. 
Albebt Isadobe Loeb. Helena, Mon. 
♦William Dbvinney Lukehabt, d. 

Du Bois, Pa., March 16, 1899. 
William Pitt Lutheb. Brazil, Ind. 
Thomas Riohabd Lyons. 

Skag\^'ay, Alaska. 
Samuel McKean McCalmont, a 89- 
90. Morrison, 111. 

Alexander Donald McCartt. 

Canton, O. 
Thomas Shepard McClure, a 89-90. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
John Hemphill McCorkle. 

Pueblo, Colo- 
Russell Trall MacFall. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
John M. McGill. Oil CHty, Pa. 

Newton Jasper McGuire. 

Ind. Trust Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Alexander Charles Mackenzie, 

Ph.B. ( 111. Wesl. ) '00. Cleveland, O. 

Angus Ausander McLaughlin, B.S. 

(Iowa Agr. Coll.) '89. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
Harry L. McNeil. Paw Paw, Mich. 
John Maley. Galesburg, 111. 

John Michael Manlet. 

300 7th St., Cincinnati, O. 
Waiter iRAnNO Manny. State's At- 
torney, 1897-. Mt. Sterling, 111. 
Body Patterson Marshall. 

506 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Albert Martin, A.B. (Ky. Wesl.) 

'89. Royal Ins. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Martin. Atty. Gen. of Idaho. 

Bois^, Idaho. 
William Jesse May. 
Walter Dale Meals. Cleveland, O. 
Sherman Tecumseh Mears, B.S. 
(Cornell Coll.) '88. 

La Porte City, Iowa. 
James Franklin Meeker. 

Crown Point, Ind. 
William Edgar Menoher. Editor. 

Lincoln, Kan. 
♦Alhion Frederic Merchant, d. Uki- 
ah, Cal., Sept. 15, 1899. 

William Wallace Merritt. 

Red Oak, Iowa. 
Le Grand Theodore Meyer. 

Hammond^ Ind. 
Charles Richard Moore. 

719 W. Congress St., Chicago, 111. 
Frank Cleveland Moore. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
George Emanuel Morgan. 

Rock Island, 111. 

Thomas Arthur MoRRiN. Butte, Mon. 
Aaron William Morris. Farmer. 

Cedar Rapids, Neb. 
Cramer Bismarck Morris. 

San Bernardino, Cal. 
Oscar Wood Moyle, Ph.B. '90. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Clayton Loren Murphy. Toledo, O. 
Hugh Ayers Myebs, B.S. (Hillsdale) 
'83, M.S. (ihidJ '86. Omaha, Neb. 
Mack Nichols. Icmia, ^ch. 

Ernest Dudley Nickeeson. 

Findlay, O. 
Simon Alexander Niebuhs. 

Peoria, HI. 
I'HOMAS Nolan. Publisher. 

Scranton, Pa. 
George Morris O'Connor. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Eugene Olver. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Lester Samuel Overholt. Sunt, of 
Schools. Rochester, Wnn. 

Alvin Julian Padgett. 

Washington, Ind. 
Geoboe Enoch Pardee. Owosso, Mich. 
[Melvin] Benjamin Parmely. 

Cleveland, O. 
George Rorert Patterson. 

Tully, N. Y. 
James Lafferty Patterson. Editor. 

Findlay, O. 

Newton Henry Peer. Tacoma, Wash. 
♦John Wesley Pennington, d. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Oct. 26, 1899. 
Pierce Jeremiah Phelan. Toledo. O. 
Howard W. Philups. Axtell, Kan. 
Frank I^Idlton Pierce. Farmer. 

Clark Lake, Mich. 

William Monroe Pindell. 

1606 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Thomas Polkinghorit. 
Bookkeeper. Galena, 111. 

Hervey Meek Porter. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

Lyman Theodore Powell. 

West Superior, Wis. 

Walter Harriman Prescott. 

Laconia, N. H. 




Albert Reinhold Pudewa, LL.M. 
(Lake Forest) *93. 

484 S. Paulina St., Chicago, 111. 
Morgan Bates Pulcipher. 
Miles James Purcell. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Abraham Jay Bandall. Caro, Mich. 
George Jost Reiner. Mining broker. 

Spokane, Wash. 
James Washington Reynolds. 

Louisiana, Mo. 
William Henry Reynolds. 

Lincoln Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Jesse Elmer Roberts. 

97 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Horton Clifford Rorick, Ph.B. (Ad- 
rian) '90. Toledo, O. 
Gentaro Sabata. Kobe, Japan. 
Elias Daniel Salsbury. Capt. 157th 
Ind. Inf. 1898. Goshen, Ind. 
Albert Edward Sanderson. 

Ro88land, B. C. 
Hazen Irwin Sawyer. Keokuk, Iowa. 
Joseph Sears. Oregon, 111. 

Arthur Henry Seymour. 
Walter LaForest Shank. 

Red Oak, Iowa. 
Peter Sharpe, B.S. (Univ. of N. 
Dak. ) »90. Ada, Minn. 

Ralph Martin Shaw, A.B. (Ken- 
tucky) *88, A.B. (Yale) '90. 

Monadnock Blk., Chicago, 111. 
Frederick Arthur Sheldon. Pub- 
lisher. 215 Wabash Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Elmer Ellsworth Shields. 

Aberdeen, Wash. 
Herbert Bradish Shoemaker, A.B. 
'91. New York, N. Y. 

Albert Phillips Simpson. 

Red Bud, HI. 

Howard Jay Slagle, B.S. (Knox) 
'90, M.S. (ihid,) '93. Rockford, 111. 
Hiram Alma Smith. * 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Horatio Buck Smith, A.B. (Lenox 
Coll.) '89. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Leon Albebti Smith. Journalist. 

324 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Perry Smtih, A.B. (Ohio Wesl.) '90. 

Zanesville, 0. 

William Andrew Smith. 

52 Sears Ave., Detroit, Afich. 
Frank Albert Spies. Manufacturer. 

Menominee, Mich. 

Victor Deforest Spraoue. 

Cheboygan, Mich. 

Howard Dexteb Stannard. 

Petoskey, Mich. 

Grant Steele. Editor. 

Athens, Mich. 
William Shekman Steele, A.B. 
(Hamilton) '89, A.M. (ihid,) '92. 
Princ. of Griffith Institute. 

Springville, N. Y. 
Isaac John Stewart. 

Richfield, Utah. 
Samuel White Stewart. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Ralph Stone, A.B. (Swarthmore) 

'89. Detroit, Mich. 

D Storms. El Paso, Texas. 

Daniel Edward Storms. 

LaFayette, Ind. 
Will Parker Story. 

45 Buhl Blk., Detroit, Mich. 
John Jones Street. 

McPhee Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Edward Albert Stricker, B.S. ( Mich. 
\^T. Coll.) '90. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Elmer Sturtz. 
Dennis Parnell Sullivan. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Patrick William Sullivan. 

120 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 
George Andrew Sutherland. 

Sherburne, Minn. 
Genko Tanaka. 

Yamagata-Ken, Japan. 
Charles Howard Thomas. 

Hastings, Afich. 
Robert Foster Thompson, LL3f. '93. 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 
WiLLARD Dawson Thompson, Ph.B. 
(California) '95. Mining. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
•Robert Gurdon Thomson, A.B. 
(Missouri) '87, A.M. (iUd) '91, d. 
Slater, Mo., March 27, 1897. 
Harry Montford Ticknor. 

Jacksonville, HI. 
Samuel Treby. Port Angeles, Wash. 
Victor Allen Trook. Converse, Ind. 
Frank Pierce Tscharner. 

Okawville, HI. 
William Arthur Turner. Merchant. 

Carthage, Mo. 
John Arthur Van Arsdale, A.B. '91. 

Buflfalo, N. Y. 
Edwin Hudson Waite. 

Woodstock, m. 
John Henry Walker, LL.M. '93. 

Ix»mont, 111. 
Neil Richard Walsh. Owosso, 3fich. 
Clarence Griffin Washbxtrn. 

Elyria, O. 
John C. Waters. Top^a, Kan. 

Joseph Fred Webb. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Daniel Webeb. Benton Harbor, Mich. 




Abtuub WEB8TEB. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Maury Wells, LIj.M. '93. 

68 Pine St., New York, N. Y. 
Francis Joseph Welsh, M.D. '96. 

Kalamazoo, ]Mich. 
Frank Lewis Welsheimeb. 

Auburn, Ind. 
Alvin Fernando Wentwobth. 

Plymouth, N. H. 
Robert Cochran Wertz. 

Trenton, N. J. 
James Harvey Whitely. 

Dulutb, Minn. 

Qboboe Pentzer Whitsett. 1st 

Lieut. 32d U. S. Inf. 1900. Judge of 

Provost Court. Manila. P. 1. 

Kirk Edward Wicks. 

Grand Rapidn, Mich. 
Edwin John Wilber. 

Atwood BIdg., Chicago, III. 
George Orville Williams, a 90-91. 

Peoria, 111. 
George Bruce Wilson. Mining. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Matthew Raleigh Wilson. 

Livingston, Mon. 
William Luther Winn. 

White Hall, HI. 
Benjamin Bourdett Wood. 

Norwalk, O. 
Henry Lester Wood. Lumber. 

Sheffield, 111. 
Herbert Leonard Woodwobth. News- 
paper work. Devall BlulT, Ark. 
Daniel Wright Yancey. Butte, Mon. 
William Elmore Young. Akron, 0. 


William Tell Aooeler. 

San Jos6f Cal. 
Eva Jane Akers, (Mrs. C. C. 
Mead.) Lansing, Mich. 

Gerrtt Henry Albers, A.B. '93. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Elton Clyde Armitage. 

91 Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. 
Albert Mahlon Ashley. 

145 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Lloyd L Axford. Detroit, Mich. 

Arthur Henry Babcock. 

North Loup, Neb. 
Joseph Edward Baird. 

Bowling Green, 0. 
Loms Leroy Baker. Tooele, Utah. 
Frank Elmer Baldwin. 

Austin, Pa. 
Sylvester William Barker. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Frederic Rochou Barney, B.S. 
(Olivet) '91. Merchant. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Marvin Elmer Barnhart. 

Atwood Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Alpha Charles Barbas. 

Escanaba, Mch. 
William Artemas Bateman. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Lafayette Hosmer Bates, a 87-88. 

Romeo, Mich. 
Fred Wesley Beal. 

Terre Haute. Ind. 
Edwin Justus Bean. 

Hillsboro, Mo. 
William Melville Beggs. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
Willis Clayton Belknap, A.B. 
(Dartmouth) '92. Journalist. 

Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Ernest Paul Bennett. 

Fitzhugh, Fla. 
Mary Estella Benson, LL.M. '94. 

106 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Henry Kropp Bente. Sedalia, Mo. 
Ulysses Fulton Bickley. 

Hamilton, O. 
Joseph Anthony Bierd. Mining. 

Auburn, Mich. 
William John Bierd. Auburn, Mich. 
Harley Dehart Billings. 

Williamsport, Ind. 
Ernest Fawcett Binford. 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Edwin Henry Bither. Madelia, Minn. 
IsiDOR Darius Blair. 

45 Baldwin Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Clayton Becker Blakey. 

Louisville, Ky. 
Albebt Newton Blessing. 

Columbus, Ind. 
Edwabd Joseph Bodwell. 

Lyndonville, Vt. 
tfAMEs Anthony Bordeaux, a 90-91. 

Palestine, Tex. 
Frank Leslie Bowen, LL.M. '94. 
Journalist. Joliet, III. 

Nicholas Milton Bradley. 

Warrensburg, Mo. 

William Frederick Brickman. 

McComb, O. 
Joseph Clark Brittain. Manufac- 
turer. Beaver Fall8» Pa. 
Willis Melvin Brooks. 

Creston, Iowa. 

Bernard Franklin Brouoh. U. S. 
Commissioner. Toledo, O. 

Alfred Holmes Brous. 

Dea Moines, Iowa. 




Darius Alvin Bbowx. 

Heist Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Otto James Bruce. Crown Point, Ind. 
Frank Robert Buchanan. Travel- 
ing salesman. Hartford, Wis. 
William John Bulow. 

Beresford, S. Dak. 
Eugene Marvin Bumphret. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Harrison Van Del Calkins. 

Kearney, Neb. 
♦Frederick Grove Campbei.l, d. De- 
troit, Mich., May 4, 1899. 
Gordon Rennie Campbell. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Robert Campbeli., a 83-84, 85-86. 

Jackson, Mich. 
Robert Lachlin Campbell. 

Imlay City, Mich. 

Ltman Judy Carlock, A.B. (Eurdca) 

'91. U. S. Judge to the Philippine 

Islands. Manila, F. I. 

Oliver Howard Carson, A.B. (De 

Pauw) '87, A.M. (ibid.) '96. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edwin Elber Chandler, A.B. (Wil- 

lian Jewell Coll.) '91. Student at 

Univ. of Chicago. Chicago, 111. 

John Whedon Clark. Joplin, Mo. 

Thomas Milo Clough. 

Sisters vi lie, W. Va. 
♦William John Conroy, d. Omaha, 

Neb., May 6, 1896. 
Beverly Brant Crawford. 

Redding. Cal. 
Frank Crawford, A.B. (Yale) '91. 

Omaha, Neb. 
James Jackson Crosby. Supt. of 
Schools. Mackinaw, 111. 

Edwin Sheddan Cunningham, A.B. 
(Maryville Coll.) '89. U. S. Con- 
sul to Aden, Arabia. 

Maryville, Tenn. 
Terence Bramble Cunningham. 

Kontland, Ind. 

James John Danhof, A.M. (Hope) 

'84. Grand Haven, Mich. 

♦HoLLis Field Dauoherty, d. Treaty, 

Ind., Oct. 1899. 
Miner Levant Davis. Erie, Pa. 

Charles Edward Dedrick. 

Soulsbyville, Cal. 
Harry Thomas Dedrick. 

Wichita, Kan. 
William Henry Dellenback, B.L. 
'92. 612 Reaper Blk., Chicago. 111. 
Archie Walker Deming. 

Olympia, Wash. 

Grant Alder Dentler, a 90-91. 

Prosecuting Attorney. ^Marion, Ind. 

Benjamin De Vries. Salesman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Charles Melvin Dial. 

Olympia, Wash. 
John Leander Duffy, A.B. '88. 

Ann Arbor. 
Jesse J Duncan. Farmer. Olney, Mo. 
Zeph Gershom Dunn. Railway busi- 
ness. Chicago, 111. 
George Edwin Snyder Eckert. 

Hodges Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Griffith Ooden Ellis. Vice Princ. 
Sprague Law School. Detroit, Mich. 
James Green Estep. Redding, Cal. 
William Henry Evans, a 90_91. 
Journalist. Marble Cliflf, O. 

Alonzo Jay Falknor. 

Olympia, Wash. 
Philip Vanderbyl Fennelly. 

Morgan Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 
George Edward Ferguson. Jolict, 111. 
George Marion Fields. 

Dowagiac, Mich. 
William Hosea Fields. 

Graytown, O. 
Ernest Albert Fink. Detroit, Mich. 
John Finney. Joliet, 111. 

WiLLARD Clinton Fitzer, B.S. (Pur- 
due) '90. Lqgansport, Ind. 
Porter William Flemming. Copper 
Mining. Black Warrior, Ariz. 
Ernest El wood Ford, a 93-94. 
Chemist. Phoenix, Ariz. 
Emory Duffield Frazer. 

721 Morse Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Charles Knox Friedman, LL.M. '94. 

Toledo, O. 
Henry Malbie Gardner. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Lawrence Luroy George. 

323 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

John Andrew Gerlash, B.S. (Tarkio 

Coll.) '89. Tarkio, Mo. 

Andrew Els worth Gibson, a 86-91. 

Ann Arbor. 

Fred Edward Glk^k. Traveling sales- 
man. Boone, Iowa. 
James William Good, B.S. (Coe) '92. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
William Gordon. Port Clinton, O. 
Eben Bailey Gower, a 89-91, 93-94. 
County Judge since 1897. 

Kankakee, 111. 

Charles Henry Graves. 

Oak Harbor, O. 

•John Sherman Greer, d. Friends- 

ville, Tenn., May 24, 1900. 
Franklin Jay Grtffen, LL.M. '94. 

Omaha, Neb. 




Thomas Patrick Gbiffin. 

Carrollton, Mich. 
William Edoab Griffin, Ph.B. '91. 
171 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Alexakdex Joseph Gboesbeck. 

Majestic Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Frank Clinton Gbonenoer, A.M. ( In- 
diana) '91. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Delo Coeydon Grover, Ph.B. (Ober- 
lin) '91, S.T.B. (Boston Univ.) '98. 
M. E. clergyman. Woodsfield, O. 
Lyman Gaston Grundy. County 
Judge 1894-98. Taylorville, 111. 
Joseph Coat Hadley, A.B. (Wil- 
mington Coll. ) '80, A.M. (ibid.) '93. 
Clergyman. Zanesfield, 0. 
Edgar Moore Hall. Prosecuting At- 
torney, 1898-. Big Timber, Mon. 
WiLUAM Robert Hall. 

Breckenridge, Mo. 
Lloyd Frederick Harms, LL.M. '94. 
586 Superior St., Cleveland, O. 
Gilbert Newton Harrison. 

Brownwood, Tex. 
Edwin Bates Harts, B.S. (Prince- 
ton) '91. 

Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Metcalf Bradley Hatch, B.L. (Cor- 
nell) '91. 

204 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Tennie Ethan Haynes. 

Skidmore, Mo. 
Hermann Leopold Hbgner, a 90-91. 

Sewickley, Pa. 
Horace P. Henderson. 
James Stanhope Henton, a 90-91, 
LL.M. '94. Assist. Supt. New Liver- 
pool Salt Co. Salton, Cal. 
Omar Eugene Hermingh ausen, LL Jd. 
'96. Ft. Madison, Iowa. 
Ambrose Cooper Hindman. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Arthur K. Hitchcock. 

Oelwein, Iowa. 
Edward Hollinoshead. Farmer. 

Capitola, Cal. 
♦William Henry Houren, was killed 
in a railway accident near Lom- 
bard, 111., Oct. 10, 1901. 
Robert Albert Howard, LL.M. '94. 

Ann Arbor. 
Charles Arthur Howell, B.S. 
(M.E.) '92. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Morgan Howell. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

WiLiJAM Howell, B.S. (Franklin) 

»91. Cleveland, O. 

♦John Bernard Hoy, LL.M. '94, a 

90-91, d. Denver Colo., Sept. 9, 


Harvey Hiram Humfhbet. 

Aberdeen, S. Dak. 
John Sapinoton Huntee. 

120 Randolph St., Chicago, IIL 
Paul Hurd. Abilene, Kui. 

John Hough Jambs, A.B. (Urbana) 
'91. Urbana, 0. 

Horace Moss Jabbett. Stroud, Old. 
Henry Whiting Jabvib, A.B. (Bow- 
doin) '91. Tremont Bld^r., 

Boston, Mass. 
Albert Webb Jeeteris. 

2512 Caldwell St., Omaha, Neb. 

Louis Weston Jefferson. Law and 

Mining. Hollister, Cal. 

Thomas John. Provo City, Utah. 

Edwin Levi Johnson. 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Milton Johnson. Maysville, Ky. 
John Edward Johntz. Banker. 

Abilene, Kan. 
Datus Rue Jones. Bowling Green, O. 
Francis Goewey Jones, LL.M. '94. 
Pres. Am. Electr. Fuse Co. 

345 S. Canal St., Chicago, 111. 
Louis Cornelius Jones. 

212 Randolph St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Walter Edgar Kitict.icr, Denver, Colo. 
Addison A Reiser. Ludington, Mich. 
Samuel Andrew King. 

Provo City, Utah. 
George S. Kistler. Logansport, Ind. 
Frank Henry Kleekamp. 

Ft. Wajme, Ind. 
Otto Gustave [Valentine] Knbcht. 
145 La Salle St., Chicago, HI. 
Jesse Jasper Knight. Mining. 

Stateline, Utah. 
John Henry Koenig. St. Marys, O. 
Axel Hjalmar Kohler. Moline, HI. 
George Edward Kollen, A.B. '93. 

Holland, Mich. 
Gelmer KurPER, A.B. (Hope) '89, 
A.M. (ibidj '92. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
J. Marshall Lamer. 

Cape Town, South Africa. 
Thomas Arthur Lane. Victor, Iowa. 
Sidney Benton Laune. 

Woodward, Okl. 
John Alvin Lee, A31 (Monmouth) 
'92. Horticulturist. 

Cation City, Colo. 

Benjamin Franklin Lester, A.B. 

(Lincoln Univ.) '91. 

21 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, Md. 

Richard Levey Lewis. Hersey, Mich. 

John Hnxis Liggett. 

601 K. St., Sacramento, Cal. 
Harry Curtis Lillie. Viaalia, Cal. 




JuDsoN Reuben Linthicum. 

Napoleon, O. 
Isaac Bebnabd Lipson, LL.M. '94, a 

3311 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 
*Henry Guy LiyiNOSTON. Private, Ist. 
Neb. Inf. Was killed in action be- 
fore Manila, Feb. 5, 1899. 
James Mobton Lockhabt. 

Park City, Utah. 
David Lookton. Raymond, Cal. 

Habvet Thompson Lovett. 

Huntington, W. Va. 
Iba Benjamin Lucas. Rancher. 

Peckham, Colo. 
Henby Wadswobth Lung. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Clinton Pebham McAllasteb, a 
88-91. 108 Montgomery St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
James McCabdell. 
James Walteb McCaughey, A.B. 
(Univ. of the Pacific) '90. 

Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Andbew Phelps McCobmick, A.B. 
(Hanover) *92. Waco, Texas. 

Fbanklin Paulding McCobmick. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Thomas Alfbed McCoy. 

Heist Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Hugh Boyd McCullougu. 

Brockwayville, Pa. 
Dominic Doyle McDonald. 

Galveston, Texas. 
Michael Chables McEnebny. 

Napoleon, 0. 
James Livingston McIntosh. 

Sidney, Neb. 
Abchibald McIntybe. Merchant. 

Strathclair, Manitoba. 
Chables Gbobge Macklin. 

Morrison, 111. 
Stephen Eugene McMahon. 

Algona, Iowa. 
Chabnock Boyd McNay. 

Greencastle, Ind. 
William Elisha McReynolds, a 90- 
91. 71 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Samuel McRobebts, A.B. (Baker) 
'91. 205 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Anton Maresh. Cleveland, O. 

Ebnest Whitwobth Mabland. 

426 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Alfbed Habbison Mabtin, A.B. (Ge- 
neva Coll.) '89. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ellswobth Thomas Mabtin, B.S. 
(Kan. SUte Agr. Coll.) '90. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
Francis Pubvis Midlam. 

William Lee Milleb. 

Jacksonville, Ore. 
Leon Keck Montoomeby. 

Bolckow, Mo. 
Wabben Stone Mobey. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
NoBMAN Blake Mobbell. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
William Oliveb Mobbow. 

Union City, Pa. 
William Edwabd Mullen. 

Sheridan, Wyo. 
John Wales Mubdogh, a 90-91. 

Wabasha, MiiiTi, 
Geobge Willis Nattingeb, a 90-91. 

Lyons, Iowa. 
*Geoboe Robebt Neil, d. Jacksonville, 

Ore., March?, 1896. 
James Bbannan Nelson. 

Greencastle, Ind. 
Richabd Voobhees Newton. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Fbancis Alvobd Noble, B.S. (Univ. 

of Wash.) '91. Seattle, Wash. 

WiLLABD Devalson Nobton, a 88-90. 

84 Washington St., CMcago, 111. 

Stephen A. Nowlin, LL.M. '94. 

Edgerton, Mich. 
Edwabd Sidney Osbobn. 

Powers Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 
Mack Hull Osbobn. Manufacturer. 

Minster, O. 
Geobge Cole Otto. 

1 Park Row, Chicago, 111. 
Lewis Henby Paddock, A.B. (Trinity 
Coll.) '88, A.M. (ibid.) '92. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Leo Joseph Palda. Kenmare, N. Dak. 
Jonathan Palmeb. Detroit, Mich. 
John Gabbett Pabk. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Geobge Jacobs Pabker, A.B. ( Prince- 
ton) '91. Media, Pa. 
Chables Fbancis Pabsons. 

Hilo, Hawaii, H. I. 
Fbedebick Pynsent Pabtbidge, A.B. 
'81. Ann Arbor. 

James Estelle Patbick. 

St. Joseph, Mo. 
Mabion Geobge Paul, a 88-89. 

Thompsonville, Mich. 
John Albebt Pebcy, A.M. (Univ. of 
the Pacific) '96. Mills Bldg., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Jesse Snydeb Phillips. N. Y. Legis- 
taure, 1901-. Andover, N. Y. 

Claude Hebbdit Pobteb. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 
HiBAM PowEBS. Buffalo, N. Y. 




George Grufin Prentis, B.L. '92. 

Chicago, 111. 
Richard Francis Purcell. ^ler- 
chant. Streator, 111. 

Edwin Thomas Reed. 

Rogers City, Mich. 
Herbert Henrt Reed. 

Reaper Blk., Chicago, 111. 
Henry Allen Reese, B.L. (Ne- 
braska) '91, L.L.M. (ibid.) '95. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 
William Albert Reeves. 

Bethany, Mo. 
D Joseph Renihan. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
John Young Rice. Merchant. 

Temple, Texas. 

George Frank Rich. Berlin, N. H. 

Charles Prentice Richardson, a 90- 

91. Newsome, Idaho. 

David Oliver Rideout. Merchant. 

Draper, Utah. 

Frank J. Riggs. Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis Rinaker, B.S. (Blackburn) 

'88, M.S. (ibid.) '99. 

Chamb. of Commerce, Chicago, 111. 

George Casebere Rings. 

West Unitv, O. 
Simon B. Roe. Lansing, Mich. 

Charles Frederick Roehrig. Edi- 
tor. 879 S. Corona St., Denver, Colo. 
John Aix)ise Rooney, A.B. (St. Fran- 
cis Xavier) '86. Nebraska City, Neb. 
A Dan Rose. Martinsville, Ind. 

Marvin B. Rosenberry. Wausau, Wis. 
Champ Ross. Houston, Tex. 

John Soxjthworth Rountree, A.B. 
(Ripon) '95. Ripon, Wis. 

Purcell Rowe, LL.M. '94. 

Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Harvey Thomas Rucn. 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Fritz Rudin, LL.M. '94. Elyria, O. 
Clement Lucian Russell. 

Durango, Colo. 
Mark Sands. Roanoke Bldg., 

Chicago, III. 
Benjamin Franklin Scanlon. 

Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Eugene Gardiner Schoonover. 

Pocahontas, Ark. 
George Gifford Scott. 

Buhl Blk., Detroit, Mch. 
Charles William Scrutchin, LL.M. 
'94, A.B. (Washington Univ.) '90. 

Bcmidji, Minn. 
Samuel Howe Seccombe, A.B. (Am- 
herst) '79. Cong, clergyman. 

Hillsboro, 111. 

Joseph Henry Servatius. Manufac- 

121 N. Desplaines St., Chicago, 111. 
Oscar Ferdinand Sessinghaus, LL. 
M. '94. St. Louis, Mo. 

Alfred Arthur Sessions. 

Sutton's Bay, Mich. 
Charles H Shamel, B.S. (Univ. of 
111.) '90, M.S. (ibid,) '91. 

Taylorville, 111. 
John W. Sheehan. Little Rock, Ark. 
Richard Asbuby Shipp, B.L. '93, 
A.M. (Harvard) '94. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Gideon Moshier Sipe, A.B. (Ohio 
Wesl.) '90. Utica. O. 

Thomas Whttten Slick. 

South Bend, Ind. 
William Nicholas Smelser. 

Emporia, Kan. 
Frank Carpenter Smith, A.B. '92. 

Chicago, 111. 
Hinckley Smith, A.B. (Miami) '91, 
A.M. (ibid.) '93. Hamilton. O. 

Klmer Sneably. 

Reuel Somebville. Patton. Pa. 

Timon J. Sp angler. Mitchell, S. Dak. 
Jesse De Witt Spitzer. Newspaper 
work. Detroit. Mich. 

Edward Frederick Spurney. 

Cleveland, O. 
Wade Stanton Stanfield. 

Vinita, Ind. Ter. 
John Lincoln Stetleb. Farmer. 

Nottawa, Mich. 
Charles Biekley Stewart. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Gborqe Cope Stewart, B.S. (Geneva 
Coll.) '91. Butler, Pa. 

Warren Sanford Stone. 

Richmond, Mich. 
Samuei. L. Stricler. Marion, Ind. 
William Cyrus Swan, LL.M. '94. 

31 State St., Detroit, Mich. 
Ulysses Simpson Sykes. 

Clarinda, Iowa. 
James William Tamplin. Editor. 

Hull, Iowa. 
Clifford Thaxton. 
Arthur George Thompson, a 90-91. 

Nome, Alaska. 
George Washington Thompson. 

Marion, Ind. 
Charles Cassius Thorington. 

Romeo, Mich. 
Howard A. Thornton. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Byron Clement Thorpe. 

Reaper Blk., Chicago, 111. 




William TICHE^'OB. Terre Haute, Ind. 
John Applixjate Tits worth. 

Rushville, Ind. 
•WiLUAM Lavaun Tracy. Merchant. 

Hale, Mo. 
Francis Nathaniel Trevor. Manu- 
facturer. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Charles Qtt Trimri^. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Preston Marion Troy. 

Olympia, Wash. 
George A. True. Port Clinton, O. 
Andrew Brink Tucker. Teacher. 

Otsego, Mich. 
Harry Otis Tunihon. 

White Hall, 111. 
George William Tupper, Ph.D. (Bos- 
ton Univ.) *98. Clergyman. 

Newburyport, Mass. 
Alrert Gi\t:n Turnipseed. 

1510 Gilpin Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
John Joseph Tweddle. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
David Ryan Twomey. 

Unity Bldg., C:hicago, 111. 
Archie Hoagland Upton. 

San Joft4, Cal. 
Orlie Babbitt Van Horn. Gen. Sec'y. 
Y. M. C. A. Asheville, N. C. 

Habby Holbrook Van Sellar. 

Paris, 111. 
Frederick Eato.x Van Tassel. 

Rockford, 111. 
Joseph Henry Van Tassel, LL.M. 
'94, a 94-96. Probate Judge. 

Manistique, Mich. 
Earl Jewell Vickery. Detroit, Mich. 
Berton Ellsworth Vickrey. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Campbell Marion Voorhees. 

Columbus, O. 
William Borgardus Voorheis. With 
St. I^uis Transit Co. 

St. Ijonis, Mo. 
Richard Thomas Waddle. 
Bestband Alfred Walker. A.B. 
(Harvard) *90. Home Ins. Bldg., 

Chicago, III. 
Fred William Walker. 

Hastings, Mich. 
Charles Clinton Walsh. Author of 
" Student's Quiz Book." 

Qonzales, Texas. 
Frederick William Walter. 

Joliet. III. 
Charles Ernest Walters, Ph.B. 
(Cornell Coll.) '91. Toledo, Iowa. 
William Thomas Webb, LL.M. *94. 

Williamston, Mich. 

Edwin Forrest Weil. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

•Clement William Wells, was 

drowned in Lake Eric, June 3, 1894. 

James J. Welsh, B.S. (Lombard) '90. 

Galesburg, 111. 

Charles Thomas Wetherbt. 

Sherman Tecumseh Wiggins, Ph.B. 

(Ohio WesL) '97, LL.M. (Ohio 

SUte) '94. Ist Lieut. 8th U. S. V. 

Inf. 1898. Wewoka, Ind. Ter. 

Edwin Augustine Wilcox, A.B. 

(Univ. of the Pacific) '90. 

San Jos6, Cal. 
Edward Holland Williams. 

135 Broadway, New York City. 
Harry Linn Williams. 

Washington, Pa. 
Robert Jones Willis. Detroit, Mich. 
William Gilbert Wilson. 

Valencia, Pa. 
John Artemas Wood. 

Traverse City, Mich. 
I*AUL Wood worth. Pigeon, Mich. 

Verne Adelbert Wright. 

Teutonic Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
James Edward Youno. 


Ned Abercrombie. Rushville, Ind. 
Charles Francis Adams. Lorain, 0. 
Jacob Black Adams, A.B. (Waynes- 
burg) *87. Uniontown, Pa. 
James Morris Adams. Jackson, Mich. 
Fergus Lincoln Anderson. 

Marion, Iowa. 

Fritz Edgar Anderson. 

Everett, Wash. 
Richard Apperson, A.B. (Centre 
Coll.) '91. Credits. 

The Hampden, Chicago, 111. 
Frederick William Asiiton, B.S. 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) '91. 

Grand Island, Neb. 

Elmer Sylvester Avery. 

Lansing, Mich. 

Sewell Lee Avery. Manufacturer. 

Alabaster, Mich. 
Earl D. Babst, Ph.B. '9.3. 

Detroit, Mich. 

George Howard Bailey. 

Red IxKlge, Mon. 

Edward Burgoyne Baker, a 91-92, 
1)4-95. Newspaper writer. 
212 W. 135th St., New York. N. V. 

•Joseph Edmund Barrell, a 90-92, 
d. Middleville, Mich., Aug. 8, 1900. 




Eugene Bat a via, a 91-02. 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas aty. Mo. 
Arthxtb Dugal Bate, a 92-93. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 
Allen Samuel Beach. Mansfield, O. 
Aabon Joseph Bessie, LL.M. '95. 

Wahpeton, N. Dak. 
Chaunget Rolla Bishop. 

Hastings, Mich. 
Alfred Fbanklin Bissell. 
Milton Eowabd Blake. 

2616 Woodbury PL, Denver, Colo. 
Abthxtb Bbovtn. Ann Arbor. 

MiLO Menoah Bbuce. Hammond, Ind. 
Milton Dbapeb Bbtob. 
Daniel John Bucklet. 

420 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Charles Albdit Bull. Stockman. 

Sun River, Mon. 
*Geobge Jaffrat Bundat, a 90-92, d. 

Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 16, 1897. 
Archibald Forbes Bunting. Prose- 
cu£ing Attorney, 1899- 

Empire, Bfich. 

Charles Wilkes Bubch, Ph.B. (Kan. 

Wesl.) '91. Salina, Kan. 

Charles Williams Burdick. State 

Auditor ol Wyoming, 1891-95; 

Secr'y. of State, 1895-99. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Alexander George Burr. 

Bottineau, N. Dak. 

William Henry Bxtbtner. 

Marion Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
Alvah p. Cady, B.S. (Olivet) '90. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Richard Lee Cameron. Marysville, O. 
.Henry Ernest Candler, B.S. '92. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Eugene Carr. 
Rex Ronald Case, a 91-92. 

178 Harper Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Erehart Chadman, TJi.M. 
'96. Conneaut, O. 

Frank Edgar Chamberlain. 

Manistee, Mich. 
John F. Chambers. Cheboygan, Mich. 
Charles Whitney Chapman. Sea- 
man U. S. S. Toaemite, ib\)S, 
Home Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Robert Clowby Chapman. Lecturer 
in Law Dept. of N. W. Univ. 

Ashland Blk., Chicago, 111. 
Leslie Howard Chattebson. 

108 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Ira Albert Clark. Clay Centre, 0. 
Milton Lee Clawson, LL.M. '95. 

Lemcke Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

HoLBROOK GiLSON Clxaveland, A.B. 
'93. Chemical Bldg., Si. Louis, Mo. 
Habvky Kn.MTO Clock. 

616 Superior St., Cleveland, O. 
Charles Edgar Cochran. Unicm, Ore. 
Fred James Cochran. Detroit, Mioh. 
Charles John Cole, LL.M. '95, A.B. 
(Oberhn) '86. Bloomington, IlL 
Matthew Francis Coleman. 
Michael Leo Coleman. 

Warsaw, N. Y. 
Edward Garland Coll. 

406 Atwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Victor Otho Coltrane, A.B.(Drury) 
'^2, A.M. (ihidj '95. 

Springfield, Mo. 
Oscar Bradbxtry Conant. 

Glenville, 0. 

Herbert Thomas Condon, B.S. (UniY. 

of Ore.) '92. Secr'y. and Registrar 

of Univ. of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho. 

Grant Conkun, Ph.B. (Hillsdale) 

'92. Farmer. Scipio, MiclL 

John Peck Conbick. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
^Norman Bruce Gountbtman, d. 

Berkley, Pa., May 5, 1898. 
Oliver Ellsworth Cbamsb, A.B. 
(Augustana Coll.) '88. 

Rock Island, HI. 
Thomas Graham Crothkbs, A.B. 
(Leland Stanford) '92. 

Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

James Hallbok Cbowell, Ph.B. 

(TrinityCoU., N. C.) '92. Teacher. 

York, Pa. 
Frank Crozier, B.S. (Hanover) '92, 
A.M. fihidj '95. 

107 Dearborn St., Chicago, III. 
Alonzo Lbonidas Curtis. 

Belton, Tex. 
Thomas Whitfield Day. Omah